Dan Weiskotten's Recommended Cazenovia Research Resources
Dan Weiskotten's Recommended
Cazenovia Research Resources
Posted by Daniel H. Weiskotten      September 29, 1998
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         As a "student" of Cazenovia and vicinity, I have scoured the countryside and libraries far and wide in search of materials that would help me learn about Cazenovia's past.  History is not my only subject, and over the years I have dabbled in Geology, Geography, and many other fields of similar nature.  I don't presume to know all the sources (I'm always finding new ones) but when I do find them I try to make note of them so I can use them again.  Here are a few subject headings with which get started.  I'll add things as the occasion arises.

Doing Historical Research in Cazenovia
How to Research an Old House in Madison County
Local History Texts (this is mostly completed so check it out anyway)
Good General History Texts and Recommended Reading (NY State stuff) (still working on this one)
Prehistory and Native American Resources (still working on this one)
Geology References (still working on this one)