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When ordering one of the following, please mention that you got the address from the Neff Genealogy Homepage

AMERICAN HERITAGE Magazine, Vol 48, No 2, April, 1997, page 97, contains a story of Hannah Dustin and Mary Corliss Neff (T-Line). It discusses their ordeal and subsequent fame, but gives no new genealogical info. US$6.95, ppd from American Heritage, Forbes Building, 60 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10011 USA (also see Yankee Magazine, below)

FROM THE RHINE TO SHENANDOAH - Vol. 2, by Professor Daniel W. Bly of Bridgeport College. His second, published volume about the Eighteenth Century Swiss and German Pioneer Families who settled in the Central Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Professor Bly has devoted an entire chapter to the family of Hans Heinrich Neff (John Henry Neff) of our "A21" line. His research adds considerably to our knowledge of this family who settled by 1750 at the North Fork of the Shenandoah River by the mouth of Holman's Creek. If you have ancestors from the Shenandoah Valley area, you will want this book. The book, hardcover, is 238 pages with a comprehensive index and footnotes as to sources. Currently out of print.  No more copies are available.  Daniel W. Bly, P.O. Box 242, Mt. Sidney, VA 24467 USA

HALBERT'S WORLD BOOK OF NEFFS,    THE NEFFS SINCE THE CIVIL WAR,   and   THE NEFFS IN AMERICA: FROM 1790 TO 1998 by "Joe E. Neff" are three books which have been offered for sale by Halbert's of Bath, OH., through direct mail solicitation. The company has twice refused our request to provide advance copies to review for our members. Reports from those who have purchased these books say there is nothing of genealogical importance contained in them. The bulk of the content is a listing of current same surname and addresses.  

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ILLINOIS STATE GENEALOGY SOCIETY QUARTERLY Magazine, Vol. 25, No. 3, Fall, 1993, page 151, contains an article about the family of Henry Abraham Neff (Rk-Line) of Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., IL. Footnotes give the sources of the information in the article. Obtain from ISGS, P.O. Box 10195, Springfield, IL 62791-0195 USA, no price given for back issues.

LETTERS TO TOM AND HALCY, by Don Neff, 1993. A collection of letters written to Halcyon Neff (Rk-Line) by her Neff, McNett, Nelson, etc., relatives during 1888 - 1900. Gives a picture of life and society in IL and MI during the last years of the 1800s. Hardcover, 150 pages with footnotes and genealogy index. Can be purchased from the author; Don Neff, 41818 Independence Drive, Novi, MI 48377-1587 USA , for US$20.00 ppd.


My German (Swiss) Ancestors II, by Clifford R. Canfield.  The book is about Neff, Frey and allied families.  Other names:  Ringger, Zimmerman, Lussi, Donner, Saur.  Also, in America, the Stupp family (wife of George Neff) and the Kapps.  The author traces his background from Felix Naf (the earliest confirmed C line ancestor) in Switzerland to himself.  There are some 130 pages, soft bound.  The price is $20, a pittance, considering the material that it contains.  Clifford R. Canfield, 26176 Frazier St., Hemet, CA  92544.

NÄF-NEFF, by Elizabeth Clifford Neff, reprint of the 1886 edition is a chronicle of Rudolph and Jacob Näf (H-Line), from Zell, Canton Zürich, Switzerland, and their descendants. These men arrived in Philadelphia on Sept 11, 1749 aboard the ship "Priscilla."   They settled in Frankfort just north of Philadelphia near Germantown, PA. Their descendants are said to have settled in the Philadelphia as well as the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  Much of this material is inaccurate, including a section on the B-Line in Huntingdon County, PA.  This book should not be used for reference.  Neff News has published updates and corrections in the Feb 1998, May 1998, Feb 1999 and Sept 2001 issues.

NEFF FAMILIES AND THEIR DESCENDANTS IN THE 1700s AND 1800s, by Rev. John Murray, 1991. Rev. Murray, one of the best known Neff researchers, developed the Murray alpha-numeric numbering system used exclusively in Neff genealogy research. This booklet gives the Murray numbers and known data for the earliest Neff families and their lines of descendants. Corrections and updates are published in NEFF NEWS, so the information remains current with the continuing research. This booklet is now out of print and no longer available.  But updates on each line are available and several new lines have been added.  John can be contacted at

NEFF NEWS, Newsletter of the Neff Family Historical Society, Inc. This 20-page newsletter is devoted entirely to genealogy information of the Neff surname and all its variations, including Näf, Nave, Naeff, etc. All the articles are very well researched with original sources often listed in footnotes. Subscribers may have their queries printed in this newsletter for free. Subscriptions are US$10.00 in North America, US$12.00 outside N.A. from: NEFF NEWS, PO Box 6664, Harrisburg, PA 17112-6664 USA

NEFF-NÄF FAMILY, by William A. Neff, 1991. Covers the descendants of Henry Neff (B-line), a 1718 emigrant to Lancaster Co., PA., Manor and Hempfield Twps. His descendants migrated to Huntingdon Co., PA in the 1780's. The book has details on the Swiss Näfs as well as an introduction to the other 1718 Neff arrivals through Philadelphia: Dr. Frances Neff, Dr. Hans Heinrich Neff and Jacob Neff, who settled in Frederick Co., MD. The book is hard cover, 467 pages printed by Princeton University Press. Available from William A. Neff, PO Box 6664, Harrisburg, PA, 17112-6664 USA; US$42.50 postpaid. NJ residents add $2.55 sales tax.

THE NEFFS OF THE CIVIL WAR,   from U.S. Information Bureau, NUMA, 3220 N St., N.W., Ste 1400, Washington, D.C. is actually a book from "Halbert's" mentioned above. Read More About Halberts' Books

OUR NEFF HERITAGE, by Barbara Neff English and Miriam Remington. Traces the family of Johann Michael Neef and his wife Eva Rosina Thayler, who arrived in Philadelphia, PA from Moehringen, Germany in 1818. After a brief stay in Germantown, they traveled northwest to their new home in Blooming Grove, Lycoming Co., PA. This family belonged to the Church of the Brethern and one reason for leaving Germany was to practice their beliefs. Section one traces Caspar Neef through Joseph Neff, 1540-1917; Section two follows the descendants of Joseph and Sophia Dorothea (Yeiter) Neff. Section three includes collateral lines of Wagner, Yeiter; John, David, Gottlieb Neff and Catherine Neff Durr families. The book is hardbound, 116 pages, indexed. Order from Barbara N. English, 19919 Redwing Lane Lenore, ID   8354.  Price is US$24.79 ppd. CA residents add $1.77 sales tax.

PENNSYLVANIA MENNONITE HERITAGE, Quarterly magazine published by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. While this magazine is not devoted to Neff genealogy, it often covers Neff families and collateral lines. At least two back issues are of great interest to Neff researchers. Vol. 8, No 4 contains the article "The Family of Henry and Barbara Neff of Lancaster County, PA" by Rev. John Murray. Vol 9, No 3, contains the article "Descendants of John Neff of Bald Eagle Creek, Howard Township, Center County, PA." Back issues are US$8.00 ppd, subscription/memberships are US$25.00 per year from Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 2215 Millstream Road, Lancaster, PA 17602 USA.

RECORD BOOK OF THE RADER LUTHERAN CHURCH, TIMBERVILLE, VA; 1762-1889, Contains many Neffs. $12.00 from Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, 115 Bowman Rd., PO Box 716, Dayton, VA 22821 USA


SOME DESCENDANTS OF JOH. JACOB AND ELISABETH (KURTZ) NEFF, by Eugene Neff, 1999.  (C-Line) The 755 page book (including index) covers more than 10,500 family, 16,500+ total persons.   There is also an Appendix which includes three of Christopher Neff's descendants whose data was not available The Family of Christopher and Elizabeth Neff was published in 1991.  Contact Eugene J. Neff, 3715 East Lupine DFN, Phoenix, AZ 85028-2123 USA.  Price is US $47 ppd.


TETER NAVE - EAST TENNESSEE PIONEER: His Ancestors and DescendantsBy Robert Tipton Nave M.A. and Margaret W. Hougland Ph.D, c.2001.

This book was published to record and preserve the Nave family heritage. The history of the family history is presented in sequence beginning with Hans Näf (1599-1667) of Zürich to 1734 American immigrant Dr. Conrad Näf\Nave to Detrich "Teter" Nave who married Ann Vanderpool and their descendants.  This genealogy presents five generations of the direct Swiss ancestral line and eight generations of Teter Nave's descendants.  Locations include Carter and Washington Co., TN, MO, Switzerland Co., IN, and Effingham and Macon Co., IL.  Major related family names include: Bowers, Buckles, Crow, Hardin, Oliver, Pearce/Pierce, Stout, and Williams.

A family photographic chapter includes a special section from unpublished books compiled by Luella Bouton Barron.  A full name index and extensive bibliography are provided for documentation and further research.

The book is 415 pages, 8½"x11", soft bound-vinyl cover.  Price: US$35.00 includes USPO shipping by book rate.  For priority mail, add US$5.00.  Inquire regarding shipping to UK & EU.

This book is now available from Margaret W. Hougland, 131 Hillmont Dr., Johnson City, TN 37601 USA.
E-mail:  Make CHECK or MO in US$ payable to MARGARET HOUGLAND.

Robert T. Nave began work on his Nave family genealogy in 1946.  A native of Tennessee, he earned a MA in History and taught for several years.  His research expertise includes a span of years as an archivist with the Tennessee State Archives.  This genealogy by Robert Nave spans 53 years of research.  The book was compiled and edited by Dr. Hougland.

THE FAMILY of CHRISTOPHER and ELIZABETH NEFF, by Eugene Neff, 1991.   This branch of Neff's begins with Christopher Neff (C-Line) who died 17 April 1824 in Tuscarawas Co., OH. The book is based on excellent research and is well documented and indexed. Contains 268 pages, bound in a printed binder.  Presently out of print, but copies may be available later.  The publisher: Eugene J. Neff, 3715 East Lupine DFN, Phoenix, AZ 85028-2123 USA. Price is US$32.00 ppd.

THE JACOB SNYDER FAMILY TREE, by Loucile Heckman, 1991. Covers the family and descendants of Jacob Snyder who married Anna Neff, daughter of John Neff (B5 line) and Elizabeth Kauffman (1723-1753). This family was originally thought to descend from the "A" line. Both were born in Lancaster Co., moved to Washington Co., MD in 1786. Soft cover, 360 pages, may be ordered from Loucile Mayhew Heckman, 180 Apollo Drive, Prescott, AZ 86310 USA, for US$20.00 ppd.

THE NEFF TIMES, Neff genealogy newsletter published by The John Neff Historical Organization, of Salt Lake City, Utah, (Hosts of the 1997 International Reunion) for the descendants of John Neff and Mary Barr, Utah pioneers of 1847. US$5.00 in North America, US$10.00 outside NA, from The Neff Times, 832 Grenoble Drive, Midvale, UT 84047 USA
THE STORY of BEAVER RUN FARM 1737-1990, by Dale and Carolyn Leaman, 1991. The history and genealogy of their home in Lancaster Co., Strasburgh., PA. The fifth owner of the property was John Neff, Sr. (A165) and his wife Barbara Herr. Having inherited a portion of his father's estate which was adjacent to Beaver Run Farm, he added this property to his holdings in 1795. His son John Neff, Jr. (A1651) and wife Mary Barr purchased the property about the year 1832. These Neffs were quite prosperous as the property included five houses, a grist mill, and a distillery. The present home was built by John Sr. in 1816 and was open for tours during our 1993 Neff Reunion in Lancaster, PA. The book details John Neff Jr.'s Conversion to the Mormon faith in 1842 and his family's departure from Lancaster to join Prophet Joseph Smith and the Mormon Pioneers of 1847 at Nauvoo, IL. The book is hardcover, 73 pages, well documented with numerous photographs including color. May be ordered from the author; Mr. Dale Leaman, 603 Weaver Road, Strasburg, PA 17579 USA, for US$25.00 ppd.

YANKEE Magazine, Vol. 59, No. 1, January, 1995, page 50, contains an article about the ordeal of Mary Corliss Neff (T-Line) and Hannah Dustin, written by a descendant of Hannah. These two pioneer women were captured by indians in Haverhill, Mass, March 1697 and were forced to walk to Canada in the snow to be sold as slaves. The article gives the details of their capture, their brutal treatment by the Indians, and their equally brutal escape method. The family relationship between the Neffs and Dustins is explained too. Obtain from: Yankee, P.O. Box 10539, Des Moines, IA 50340-0539 USA, no price given for back issues. (also see American Heritage, above)

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