Northeastern Pennsylvania Photo Collection

Northeastern Pennsylvania Photo Collection

2002 New Additions

Images from 1910-40s

1910 Plains High School Yearbook

West Pittston PA High School 1924 Class and Faculty

1935 Coughlin High School Yearbook Wilkes Barre, PA

1940 Meyers High School Yearbook, Wilkes Barre, PA

1941 Meyers High School Yearbook, Wilkes Barre, PA

1946 Coughlin High School Yearbook, Wilkes Barre, PA

1948 Hazleton High School Yearbook, Hazleton, PA

1949 Hazleton High School Yearbook, Hazleton, PA

1960 Hazleton High School Yearbook, Hazleton, PA

2002 Nov. Update 2

2002 Nov. Update 3

Feb 2003 Update 1

Feb 2003 Update 2

Feb 2003 Update 3

Feb 2003 Update 4

March Update 1

April 2003 Update
1895 Civil War Roster Company G Pittston PA and surrounding towns. Lots of info here for Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties.

May 2003 Update
Ransom, PA Cemetery Listings

Duryea, PA SS Peter and Paul Cemetery Listings

Pittston, PA St. Joseph's Cemetery Listings Part One

Pittston, PA St. Joseph's Cemetery Listings Part Two

Miner's Time Book Shows the miner's name and hours worked and job performed.

September 2003 Update 2


William Fahey driving Mine Motor Car and workers up from Mine Shaft.
Photo of Miners coming up from Mine Shaft on Mine Motor Car

Welcome to the Northeastern Pennsylvania Photo Collection.

This is a collection of photos, many of which have been sent to us by our visitors, of the past of Northeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.  Our goal is to make this the largest collection of photos showing life as it was for our ancestors.  Feel free to view all the photos in the various categories and if you have any photos you would like to share, please Click Here to Contact Me and we will add them to this site for everyone to enjoy.  Please send along as much information as you know about the photo including names of people shown, what event was transpiring, and approximately when and where the photo was taken if you know.

Only if everyone contributes, will this page become a wealth of treasured memories of our ancestors.  If you have any photos of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we would love to add them here.  You may have one that some person doesn't even know exists.  By sharing your photos here, you are helping connect our visitors with images from their family's past.  These photos are like a window to the days when our ancestors walked these very same roads and can better help us understand what their daily lives were like.

That group photo you have sitting around somewhere may very well contain a face of someone's ancestor that they have never seen before.  It is amazing how many people have pictures and don't realize how much these might mean to others.

So sit back, relax and chose a destination from the menu on the left to enjoy the views from Days Gone By in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

PLEASE NOTE!  These photos are to be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY!  Under no circumstances are they to be included in any "FOR PROFIT!" Venture.  The owners of the original photos retain all copyrights to these photos.  If you wish to use them for profit, contact the listed owner.  If you see a photo here that you own the copyright to and want it removed, Click Here to Contact Me with the details and we will remove it.

Duryea, PA now has a website with tons of info. Duryea, PA has a website with loads of pictures and other info to help genealogists find their ancestors. Check it out!!!
Duryea, PA Searching for Lithuanian Relatives Looking for Marcelonis, Kazakevicius, Kazakavage, Kopochus, and Remas families that lived or do live in the Greater Pittston Area of Pennsylvania. They originally came to America from the Pasventupys, Pakuonis, and Taurakemis Regions of Lithuania. Click the link for more info.
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