Northeast PA Photos of Individuals and Groups
Northeast PA Photos of Individuals and Groups
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1939 Graduating Class of Duryea High School
Thanks to Carmen Dibiasi, the President of this class, we now have all the names of these classmates.  Scroll down this page to see a larger version of this photo and the names of each student.  I will also be adding photos of this classes various reunions.

This section contains photos of individuals as well as groups of people from the Northeastern Pennsylvania past.  Anything from a portrait of an unknown ancestor to group class photos, etc. 

Send in any you may have today.  Please include as much info about the photo as you can, especially names of any people or locations shown.  Also let us know if we should include your email address so others can contact you directly if they think they have a connection.

If you can identify someone or someplace in any of these photos, please Email Me with any info you can provide.


Pittston, Duryea, PA Searching for Lithuanian Relatives Looking for Marcelonis, Kazakevicius, Kazakavage, Kopochus, and Remas families that lived or do live in the Greater Pittston Area of Pennsylvania. They originally came to America from the Pasventupys, Pakuonis, and Taurakemis Regions of Lithuania. Click the link for more info.

Description Year Submitter
Thoma, Frank Jr. at Kirby Park genepool933
Thoma, James in his home, Church St. Wilkes-Barre 1872 genepool933

Thoma, James , Frank, and Ralph,  Dorrence School

Thoma, John in his Vineyard, Wilkes-Barre 1902
Hunlock Creek School,  Sheila Malenovitch
Hunlock Creek List of Students
Clifford Moss, Daniel Rittenhouse, Paul Sorber, Earl Dodson, John Lipka, Peggy Cragle Bower, Eleanor Meeker Lamoreaux, Leo Fink, Donald Davis, Holden Hunter, Chas. Platt, Jr, Albert Hartman, Donald Cumberland, Dean Hunter, Alberta Hartman Roberts, Mildred Wildoner Hughes, Mildred Simon Roberts, Betty Griesmer ?, Althea Koons Lattimer, Nora Sutton Long, Pearl  Scofield ?, Vera Harry Sorber, Elmina Rittenhouse Sheilds, Eleanor Wildoner Mazie, Leah Wildoner Blannett, Esther McMichael Cliver, Charles Huggman, Vera Koons Huffman, Dorothy Moss Shultz, Elizabeth Platt Covert, Helen Sorber Holmes, Velton Koons, Eleanor Platt Morgan, Ethel Cragle ?, Mrs. Hilda Crop Rummage, Floyd Sutton, Dayton Hartman, Dorris Scofield, Carl Rittenhouse.
Sheila Malenovitch
Consolidated Telephone Work Crew 1900 tcf02
1915 Koonsville School 
Wilma Hobbes  Teacher, Miss Smith, Irene Baer, ? Hartman, Archie Winans, Harold Scott, Muriel Bower, Leah Hartman, Walter Hobbes, Frank Hobbes, Russel Hartman, Miss Hazel Smith Teacher, Rev. Archie Ridall, United Methodist Pastor, RD 4 Dallas.
Pittston High School First Faculty

Smith, Arthur  czyckie
Smith, George
By trailer that says R A. Davis

Pollock Picture #1 with Names


Sheila Malenovitch

Pollock Picture #2 with Names Sheila Malenovitch
Pollock Newspaper Article 
Tom and Laine Lewis, Route 118 in Lehman, Pa. Gas and Water Company, Alice Walsh, Sweet Valley, William Pollack, Scotland, Irish, Harvey's Creek Road, Thomas Cease, Ceasetown, Jackson Township, Dallas, Mrs. Irene Ehret, Pikes Creek, Colt Company, Hendrick B. Cease, 1944, Cook's Store, Lehman Center, Hilary 6, Mollie 15 months, Vern Cease.
Sheila Malenovitch

Hazleton, Vine St. School ,7th Grade


1895 -1896 Ross Township Center School 
Lee Wandat, David Benscoter, Ray Wandet, Gene Sutliff, Lola Benscoter, Ed Moss, Nina Moss, Laura Wantel, Calvin Birth, John Harned, Charles Birth, Benjamin Kahler, and some I can't read.  These might not be spelled right.

1895-96 Sheila Malenovitch
Baraszewski, Elsie   Kuzner, Marion,   & Families Judy Horton

1939 GAR High School Band & Majorettes


Coal Breaker Workers 

Early 1900s

Scranton Railroad Workers, I think where Steamtown now is.


GAR HS Yearbook The Garchive


1958 Meyers High School Yearbook The Colophon


Coatesville Fire Dept


Burkes of Shickshinny 



Burkes, Thelma & Dorothy of Shickshinny


Burkes, Frank & Sarah of Shickshinny


Rocky Mountain Ramblers Band  



Governor Arthur H. James from Plymouth Served in 1939


Duryea Wilson School 1957 Kindergarten Class Graduates with Names 
Pat Ratchford, David Herron, Jim Morris, Mike Lizonitz and more.


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Dupont High School 1941 Group Photo 
Marge Hudick Kidell, Helen Hudzinski Tetlack, Josephine Terrance Logan, Mary Pasquariello Pietras, Florence Solanic Stontikinis, Helen Plisga Romanko, Jane Zondlo, Clair Cocco Chmiel, Josephine Kuna Bryk, Stella Troynacki Carroll, Lottie Gill Sodol, Edward Sudol, Walter Wrazien, John Gemeczko, Edward Hudzinski, Andrew Hoban, Bertha Konicki Kubik, Irene Mayhoff Myers, Margaret Golya Anderson, Cyrus Frank Ewasz Edward Redicka, Thomas DePietro, Edmund  (Edward) Marsh, John Satkowski, John Koza, Walter Kurzewa, Edmund (Edward) Malinowski, Ambrose Panuski, Frank Stupik, Josephine Konicki Antol, Valentine Troynacki, Stanley Troynacki, Cassie Bryk Markey, Joseph Kulick, Frank Liska, Michael Szot and absent from photo was Frances Chipula Milewski.


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St Michaels Greek Catholic Church Pittston 1961 1ST Holy Communion Mike Lizonitz is last one on right on bottom.


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Cease Family History
Thomas E. Cease of Franklin Street in Dallas, Jackson United Baptist Church, Sarah Ann Kitchen from Harvey's Lake, Hendrick Cease, Ceasetown Dam, Pikes Peak Reservoir, Plymouth, Hunlock Creek, Sarah Myrtle Evarts, Thomas E. and Elwin Evarts, Calvin Cease, Josephine Cease Cornell, Musetta Cease VanHorn, Isador Cease Redman, Ether Cease Nelson, Hendrick B. Cease and John Cease.  Also Russell Nelson of West Nanticoke, Marjorie Nelson Davidson of Bethlehem, Charolette Nelson Scurry of Bethlehem, Elwin I. Cease of Plymouth, and Ruth Nelson Murphy of Muhlenburg Corners.
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
1909 Laurel Run School (Frisbie School)  
Ross Township, Sweet Valley, Sam Edwards, Mrs. Bessie Roberts Waterstipe was the teacher, Elmer Masters, Viola Kitchen, Ethel White, Wilbur Lord, Charles Lord, Dana Lord, Arthur ??? Devens, Whie ???  Devens, Lizzie Edwards, Eva Grefory, Herman Roberts, Ivan Morris, James Lord, Ray Edwards, Edith Masters, Bertha Lord, Loral Kester, Doyle Roberts, Mrs. Jessie Edwards.
1909 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Oakdale Grade School  
Sweet Valley, Chat Roberts, Luke Lamoreaux, Hulsizer, Leon Darling, Ken Miller, Claud Cragle, D. Whitesell, Grant Whitesell, Warren Gregory, David Roberts, Nettie Sador, Ruth Lamoreaux, Evelyn Rittenhouse, Merle Cragle, Lillian Baed, Marian Miller, Shirley Wassel, Glendora Hummel, Lillian Hulsizer, Charles Shonk, Joe Malanoski, John Malanoski, Ronal Cragle, Dayton Lewis, Robert Nevel, Miss Rachel Pratt, Edward Roberts, Hunlock Creek.
1932 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Pleasant Hill Academy  
Clarence Crispell, Stanley Rummage, Walter Prichard, Beulah Austin, Ethel Wolfe, Blanche Gregory, Guy Bair, Roy Bronson, Otis Allen, Lena Thomas, Bessie Oliver, Mollie Gregory, Lissie Westley, Clara Benscoter, Eva Iper, Stella Edwards, Addie Roberts, Otis Mullison, Prof. Joal P. Lord, Nellie Diamond, Mattie Cease, Andrew Hontz, Prof. Asa Lewis maybe, Eugen Naugle, Retta Wesley, Otis Rood, Wm. Montgomery, Arthur I. Gregory, Archie Stone and Josiah Bonham maybe.
1900 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Retreat School-Mooretown  
Ross Township, Moortown School, Teacher was Basil Steele, Neta Smith, Dorothea Steele, Coral Kyttle, Warren Hontz, Ronald Kyttle, Helen Risehimer, Minnie Kyttle, Natalie Kyttle, Myrtle Kyttle, Emil Demarat, Melvin Rosencrans, Lucy Riley, Ione Riley, Earl Kyttle Jr, Gertrude Rosencrans, Elsie Rinehimer, Dorothy Rinehimer, Dale Keller, Norval Blaine, Alton Steele, Mildred Blaine, Wayne Smith, Helen Demorat, Ammetta Keller, Phyllis Smith, Mildred Kyttle, Faith Kittle, Wayne Seager, Ruth Seager, Belva Blalae, Robert Kyttle, Donald Perrin, Phillip Perrin, Basil Steele (Teacher), Ord William Blaine, Francis Keller, 
1934-35 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Dallas Borough School  
Dorothy Verfaille, Eleanor Murphy, Millicent Rustine, Dorothy Moore, Beatrice Rustine, Eva Culp, Samuel Brace, Ernest Culp, Sophia Fronsic, Lavinia Storey, Madge Oliver, Caroline King, Kenneth Besteder, Calvin McHose-Principal, Richard Disque, Clarence LaBar, John Jeter, Varian Felter, Lawrence Cragle, Robert Lewis.
1934 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
7TH Grade, Hook School on Main Road Sweet Valley  
Carl Englehart of Collinsville, Illinois, Doris Lang, Marian Farver, Leroy Callender, Harold Freeman, Wilbur Repp, Edna Englehart, Paul Farver, Edward Williams, Robert Lynn, Charles Long, ? Callander, Ben Jackson, Freda Osborn, Leroy White, Frances Farver, Leona Farver, June Repp, June Lynn, Mary Hoover Naugle-Teacher, Beulah Farver, Carl Englehart, Floyd Hontz, Arthur Lynn, Irvin Farver, Edna Farver.  Charles Long Building. Odd Fellows Hall.
1928 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Huntington Valley Campground Picnic 
Union Sunday School, Clark Benscoter, Bertha Lord, Lizzie Donegal maybe, Dora Dougal maybe, Lillian Farver, Adda Benscoter, Beluah Benscoter, Anna Hudzik, Mary Dudzik, Josephine Naugle, M. Moss maybe, Lina Bonham, Lizzie Long, Clara Long, Mildred Bonham, George Long, Bert Brink, Jake Krink, Charles Long, Boyd Bonham, Russell Farver, Willard Benscoter, Katie Benscoter, Betsey Benscoter, Mrs. Henry Benscoter, Harry Benscoter, Iva Benscoter, Henry Long, David Benscoter, John Kayler Sunday School Superintendent, Ellen Benscoter, Clara Bonham, Ellen Moss maybe, Myrna D. Moss maybe, Ellen Benscoter, Sussana Kayler, Betsy Moss, Claude Brink, Elizabeth Moss Brink, Warner W. Moss, Esq., Henry Cragle, Eugene Sutliff, Roscoe Benscoter, Lois Benscoter, Rachel Donegal and baby maybe, Mrs. Erra Calver, Erra Calver, Joseph Brink, Sara Brink, Mrs. Clark Benscoter, Anna Benscoter, Jennie Brink, Shickshiney Lake, Tabernacle Auditorium.
1906 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Rock Grammar School-Hunlock Township 
Alex Rutkowski, Osborne Benscoter, Paul Brader, Clyde Whitesell, Zelda Benham, Mildred Bonham, Mildred Balavage, Donald Brader maybe, Gladys Bonham, Paul Brader, Vana Gregory, Zelda Rittenhouse, Kathryn Dorshefski, Oswals Benscoter, Ester Whitesell, Amber Bonham, Francis Bonham, Teacher Cora Wilcox Gregory, Kingston, Roaring Brook Baptist Church, Van Gregory. 
1926 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Shavertown Grade School 
Betty Carey, Bertha Pealer, Vera Morgan, Irene Belford, Ruth Landers, Betty Bilbow, Betty Fink, Bertha Riley, Eugene Simonds, Harry Beck, Olive Anthony, Eugene Gray, Herbert Hill, Walter Dereemer, Charles Chapple, Mae Warden, Jean Hughes, Lorraine Fitzgerald, Jane Hines, Wellington Shaver, Francis Dunham, Allen Ockengouse, Kenneth Goss, Emerson Evans, Carl Remley, Robert Garris, Wilson Evans, Lee Andrews, Wilson Honeywell, Nickolas Sosik, Almon Altemus, John Layaou, George Bone, Teacher Ruth Lamoreaux, Clara Mae Evans, Sheldon Fitzgerald, Emily Preston, and Ruth Evans. 
1928 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Grandpa Nicholas Gaylets 
Nicholas Goerlitz (Gaylets) 1836 to 1910, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Avoca, Duryea, PA.  Mary, Ellen Miles, Civil War Veteran.
1836-1910 Anne Manusky
Stanley Javer Plymouth, PA (Died in Mine Cave Accident) 1920s Susan Masters
John Hillan (Hrmoda)  1930 Pat
Stephen Peter Michael (Mihal) of Wilkes-Barre, PA 1926 Pat
Dupont High School Class of 1951 Visit Washington DC with Names 
Dupont Alumni Association, Dupont VFW, Joseph Justick, Edgar Kopcza, Samuel Just, William Elko, Michael Kosik, David Petrosky, Joseph Gacek, Henry Kishel, Samuel Nardone, John Gross, John Berlinski, Frank Sabach, Joseph Pearage,Stanley Dulney, Peter Lazowski, Evelyn Tibbett, Joan Pearage Bryk, Rita Wysokinski Cuppaic, Rita Lucas McLaughlin, Evelyn Patrick Mattei, Jean Sokalawski Chedrick, Ann Costello Gross, Loretta Ritzie, Beatrice Lokuta Zwacki, Theresa Casper Kuchinski, Dolores Slezak DeLuca, Ruth Cebula Costello, Evelyn Cebula, Margaret Kaspriski Kotula, Pauline Casey Picchota, alfreda Timinski Kukucha, John Harrilla, Frank Kishel, Leona Satkowski Sasinshy, Lottie Ulanowski Sanowski, antoinette Poplowski Graff, William Ostaszewski, Thomas Marsh, Steve Rindos, Evelyn Faber Koteck, Henry Koteck, George Balent, Norma Kosnoski Patrick, Madelyn Bryk Poplowski, Eleanor Balent, Allen Larnard, Louis LaFratte, Sophie Kuzava bus driver and teachers Guy Costello, Mrs. McCola Rish.
1951 Email Me
1953 Korean Prisoner of War Returns Home 
Corp. Bob Lukacinsky of Swoyersville and Corp. Bernie Buli of WB Township.
1909 Patterson, NJ,  High School Photo with Names 
Clarence Hessling, Richard McDonald, Felmont Rosenstein maybe, John Ackerman, George King, Herbert Lanterman maybe, Ralph Fischer, Katherine Kerner maybe, ??? Merrill, Florence Davies maybe.
1920 POTTSVILLE HS Yearbook Football Team 1920
1920 POTTSVILLE HS Yearbook Baseball Team 1920
1920 POTTSVILLE HS Yearbook Junior Class 1920
Old Lehman HS 1910 
Kathleen Major  Teacher, Bertha Johnson, Alice Neeley, ??? IDe, Mabel Hadsell, Ella Sutliff, Lydia Meade, George Rice, Clarence Elston, Merl Frantz, Principal Harry Wildrick, Ruth Evans, Florence Searfoss, Hazel Brown, Grace Julton, Marion Ide, Beatrice KcKeel, Lula Brown, Edith Keener, Edith Harry, David Ide, Donald Frantz, Leroy Ruggles, Natlie Ide, Alice Elston, Goldie Brown, Bertha Moore, Ruth Major, Edith Sutton, Emogene Pollock, Irene Pollock, Florence Ide, Sarah Crispell, Ruth Elston, Ada Ide, James Brace, Walter Manderville, Mrs. Emogene Davenport, Sweet Valley, PA
1910 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Lake Lehman High School Reunion 
The Castle Inn, Harveys Lake Highway, Dallas, Pa.  Alice Ide Masters, Betsy Gates O Brien, Jane Welen Michael maybe, Joseph Ellsworth, Mrs. Ether Woodward Minnich, John Sidler, Marjorie Sharrow Barnes, Judith Simms Dawe, Donna Croop Chamberlain, Doris Lloyd Selner, Pauline Ebret Calkins maybe, Margaret Lukasavage Borton, Mary Snyder Shaver, Joseph Rodrigues, Benjamin Rood, Carl Anston, Arlane Wental Hompador maybe, Peggy Krieger Dengey maybe, Jessie Davis Haganbaugh, Blanche Taylor Hobiak, Mr. Seymour.
1944 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
 Lehman High School 7TH & 8Th Grades of 1912 
Walter Wolfe, Harold Major, M. Ruggle King, Marlan Ide Cook, Edith Keener Alderman maybe, Grace Nulton Truitt maybe, Walter Neely, Orville Cobleigh, Hazel Brown Major, Emma ???????, Evelyn Morgan, Teacher.  Lehman Elementary School, wayne King of RD 2 Dallas.  Meeker School, Mrs. Alice Reese maybe of Perrin Ave maybe of Shavertown.
1912 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Samuel Updyke Family 
Levi Updyke, Dorinda, Frank, Mr. Samuel Clinton Updyke, Julia, Mrs. Julia Hawley Updyke, Arthur, Charles, George and Ralph.  Luzerne County, PA, October 25, 1853 to October 25, 1932.  Julie Alvarda Hawley born March 15, 1855, Levi N. Hawley and Rosilla A. Durland Hawley, 1924, Mount Greenwood Cemetery, Shavertown.  Odd Fellows Orphanage.  Courtdale.  Southern Prison Camp.  Union Army. General Emerson Opdycle. Louris Jansen op Dyck, Holland. Christina.  New Netherland. New York. Charles. Fred. Burl. Suburban News. Alan, Dunne, and Bryan Updykes. Back Mountain. 
1910 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Van Horn School-Hunlock Creek 
George Remphrey, Frease Trumbower, Lee Howells, Paul Trumbower, Florence Moss, Pearl Remphrey, Sara Moss, Russel Dodson, Bruce Trumbower, William Trumbower, Reber Trumbower, Shadrick Howells, Helen Brader, Warner Moss, Fred Remphrey, Archie Benscoter, Stanley Moss, Crval Adleman, Lorea Dodson, Helen Fa??? from Spring City, Texas.
1907 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Bloomingdale  One-Room School 
Carola Herring of Sweet Valley.  Floyd Wolfe, Elnora Wolfe Taylor, Richard Sutliff, Albeert Wilkinson, Sarah Culver, Orian Moss, Jessie Culver, Viola Moss Booth, Joel Sutliff, Carola Sutliff Herring, Dorothy Culver, Jasper Harrison, Maude Sutliff Gregory, Frank Benscoter, Ethel Sutliff Cumberland, Alman Wilkinson Stroud, Stanley Wolfe, Josephine Harrison McDougal, Fred Harrison, Lena Wilkinson, Nettie Sutliff Hartman, and Daniel Moss.  The teacher was M. Gertrude Taylor.
1908 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Ceasetown School 
Francis Brandon, Edward Williams, Russell Lamoreaux, Keith Cragle, Orville Ashton, Lillian Stortz, Hedwig Zbick, Frances Mindail, Elmer Swelgin, Benjamin Archacavage, Harold Cragle, Guida Thomas, Dennis Bonning, Dennis Mizdail, Dorothy C??ter maybe, Ruby Stortz, Doris Ashton, Ruth Kanjorski, Audrey Pifer, Helen Thorne, Raymond Bonko, William Williams, Enid Cragle, William Ashton, Leonard Stortz, Frank Thorne, Henry Swelgin, Melba Roakes, Irene Comiteer, George Roakes, Eunice Cragle, John Stortz, Ernest Williams, Audrey Ashton, Anthony Zbick, William Roughey, Leo Bonko, James Perkins, Isabella Kanjorski, Louise Williams, Hanna Thorne, Hedwig Mizdall, Dolores Kanjorski, Velton Bean, Olga Swelgin, Durwood Split, Beula Reakes maybe, Majory Smith, Jessie Bonning, Mary Kanjorski, Lester Reakes, Richard Swelgin, James Pifer, Teacher Miss Arlene Frantz.  Original Photo by Dorothy Cmiter maybe.
1934 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
John Cox Sanders, Molly Maguire Juror 
Mrs. William Sutton of Lehman, Miss Rachel Sanders. John Cox Sanders of Beaver Dam, North Mountain, Columbia County. Talmar, Civil War, Battle of Gettysburg, Married Martha Fous maybe.  Third Street Benton, Folmers Mill, Wesley Chapel Cemetery at Talmar, Mother Cox. By Mrs. Jerry Sutton.
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Lower Idetown School 
Mrs. Russell Ide of Union St, Kingston.  Joseph Ide, W. Russell Ide, Frank Thomas, Lewis Reese, Lewellyn ????, Viola Ide (Mrs. Walter Andrews), Edith Harry, Hattie Husted, Owen Ide, Thomas Reese, Daniel Brown, Samuel Harry, William Thomas, Rosie Ide, Henry Ide, Ruth Whitesell, Jane Parks, Grace Ide, Stanley Ide, Mabel Ide, Mrs. Elmer Hoover, Highly Ide (Mrs. Fred Sutton), Keturah Harry, Joseph Park, Teacher Winifred Gates, Merle Thomas, Florence Ide (Mrs. Andrew Wilson, Ada Ide (Mrs. Ernest L. Fritz)
1909 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Ruggles School-Lake Silkworth 
Mrs. Shirley Sayre, Lake Silkworth. Rt. 29, Betty Naugle, ??? Grobleski, Ruth Aston, Annette ????, Aldona Pajus, ??? Yanchas, Stanley Yanchis, Anthony Marchakitus, Walter Mickno, Frances Pajus, Louis Winnick, Thomas Sayre, Joe Yanchis, Grace Aston, Miss Estelle Goldsmith Teacher, Ann Yanchis, Romaine Aston, Eleanor Pajus.
1932 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Maple Grove School-Pike's Creek 
Verna Wolfe, Dana Davenport, Ben Wesley, Torrance Ruggles, Walter Boberts, Herbert Konifer maybe, Peter Casey, Eament Wesley, Jessie Cooper, Bertha Ruggles, Lina Wesley, Addie Roberts, Blanche Ruggles, Francis Kriefler maybe, Add Cleaveson maybe, Bethia Ruggles, Mae Kreidler, Mrs. Lillian Martin of Pikes Creek.
1800s Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Outlet School Harveys Lake 
Teacher Clark Hildebrant, Sam Rudenbush, John Sutton, Bert Sutton, Edith Anderson, Dewey Hoover, Esther Ford, Gertrude Anderson, Susan Omay maybe, Hazel Hoover, Jessie Rudenbush, Emilese Sutton, Leslie Garnet, Mabel Anderson, Pearl Garnet, Sara Crispell, Olie Sutton, Ray Crispell, Freda Ide, Stella Hoover, Stella Oney, Gertie Hoover, Margaret Ford, Ines Rudenbush, Eva Garnet, Frank Marcy. Elmer Hoover of Idetown.
1904 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Reyburn School 
Arline Baer, Mary Sorber, Carl Blackburn, Doyle Killian, Layton Sorber, Herman Sorber, Herbert Ashley, Edith Killian, Mabel Killian, Myrtle Blackburn, Catherine Sorber, Samuel Ashley, Geraldine Gregory, Robert Ashley, Gertrude Sorber, Leah Blackburn, Marion Williams, Winfield Hummel, Rawlin Bilby, James Martin, Russel Gregory, Martin Sorber.  Conyngham, Salem Township, Shickshinny, Pond Hill, Mocanaqua, Hicks Ferry, Bell Bond Rocky Run, Dogtown, Briar Creek Township in Columbia County, 
1923 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Reyburn School 
Alf Belles, Loren Cragle, Oscar Martin, Emma Masters, Myrtle Belles, Eva Sorber, John O. Belles, Viva Sorber, Bertha Baer, Ina Bilby, Boyd Adleman, Herb Sorber, Claude Adleman, Frank Hartman, Paul Sorber, Leland Baer, Cletus Bilby, Winifred Baer, Velma Baer, Maude Baer, Marian Baer, Stella Baer, Willis Sorber, Clarence Masters, Guy Sorber, Forest Sorber maybe, Ma???? Sorber, Sam Belles, Harold Sorber, Vernon Belles, Floyd Sorber, Lida Hobbes, Ida Baer. Mr. Hooper Superintendent
1909 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Broadway School
Teacher Eva Long now Mrs. M. L. Laulbach maybe of Terra Haute, Indiana.  Maude Culver now Mrs. H.D. Hull, Ellie Kile, Ada Miller-deceased, Ella Culver now Mrs. Wm. Vosher-deceased, Suffronia Long now Mrs. Eugene Harvey, Anna Long, Eva Long now Mrs. M. L. Laubach, Lilliam Harrison now Mrs. F. J. Moss, Lena Harrison now Mrs. Walter Ridall, Arthur Stevens, Joel Culver-deceased, George or Ceore D. Moss Columbia Ohio, James Blackburn of Rayburn, Unknown, Samuel Huffman-deceased.  Second Row: Gertrude Miller-deceased, Leah Huffman of Wilkes-Barre, Lizzie May Culver now Mrs. G. N. Booth, Alice Harrison-deceased, Elsie Long now Mrs. Eugene Wesley, Fidelia Moss-deceased, Emma Moore now Mrs. Charles Brader maybe, Rose Huffman-deceased, George Crockett, Fred Huffman of Wilkes-Barre, Clark Moss, Torrence Culver, Micks Kile maybe-deceased, Britain Kile-deceased, Unknown.
1889 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Muhlenburg Sunday School Class
Muhlenburg Church burned in the 1920s.  John Roberts, Alsa Benscoter Gross, Mattie Paden or Faden, Elizabeth Marvin, Glena Dodson, Unknown.  Seconr Row is Sheldon Vosler, James D. Lord, Paul Raeberry maybe, Charles E. Lewis, Howard Benscoter, Unknown, Foster Dodson, John Pope and Margaret McMichael Cragel Teacher.
1915 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Union Township Brick School
Mae Bonham, Katie Bonham, Sophie Dovak, Corey Wolfe, Jesse Ronham and Helen Dovak.  Second Row Charles Wolfe, Herman Wolfe, Ralph Gregory, Irvia Wolfe and Christine Metcalf.  Third Row Durl Kercuff, Walter Wolfe, Silas Gregory, Susan Wolfe, Clarence Wolfe, Margaret (Cragle) McMichael the Teacher, and Bertha Wolfe.
1912 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Major-Wagner Family of Lehman
William Murray Major born in Lehman on July 18, 1863 and died July 1, 1941.  Married to Rita Wagner daughter of Rev. Josiah and Frances Durlan Wagner born March 1, 1874 and died August 1, 1941 buried in Lehman Center Cemetery.  Poughkeepsie School of Business. Grandfather William Major was Justice of the Peace.  Ella Wagner attended Wyoming Seminary.  Lehman United Methodist Church. Women's Society, W.C.T.U., Mrs. Russell Ide, P.T.A. in Lehman Schools.  Ruth Major born January 10, 1896 and died February 5, 1978 graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and helped Dr. Harry Brown.  She married Alfred Simms and had 2 kids: Harold Major born June 20, 1900 and died May 2, 1980 I think.  He married Edna Blaine.  He attended Lehigh University and worked at Armour in Chicago.  Burton was born September 10, 1901 worked at Carpenter Nursing Home in Idetown.  Eunice was born February 1, 1904 and died August 14, 1979 married Dr. Harvey Rand and graduated Johns Hopkins and lived in Virginia.  William Major, Thomas Major and Mary Bratwaite Major maybe and she immigrated on May 20, 1923 I think.  Bedford, Lehman Township, Lehman Cemetery, Ella Wagner, Suburban News, Durlands, New York City, Orange County, British, Revolutionary War, Mayflower, Mrs. Gordon Dawe.
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Meeker School
Jesse Rogers, Lehman Heights, Miss Brace Teacher, Back Mountain, Jack Wilkins, Theodore Masters, Ferris Belles, Walter Meeker, James Lozzer maybe, Kenneth King, Frank Stolarick, Ruth Mecker, Julia Belles, Mildred Crispell, Curwood Masters, Glenn Masters, Alice Brace, Bernadine Cobble, Maud Lozeer, Jesse Rogers, Elmer Lloyd, Joe Stolarick, Wayne King.
1912 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Mott School-Sweet Valley
Elizabeth Raspen Delkanic maybe, Elmira Post Long, Virgie Morgan, Floyd Hontz, Merritt Updyke, Leroy Rosencranse, Walter Gray, Eugene Gray, Dorman Holcomb, Mamie Hudock, Vida Post, Nell Holcomb, Alice Holcomb, Wallace, Orval Cragle, Albert Raspen, Laura Foss Horsted, Marjorie Foss Sutliff, Irene Gray, Florence Edwards, Mildred Morgan, Harold LaBar, Dorn Post, Iona Holcomb, Fred Updyke, Harold Cragle, Lovella Hontz, Bill Morgan, Mrs. Edith Davenport teacher, Arthur Cragle, Pritchard's Corner.
1919 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
George W. Hughey Family-Plymouth, PA 1900 Pat & Gill
GAR Freshman Football Team 1983 Dina Adamchick
Hartman Family-1
Anna Hartman Marshall, Ellas Beach Hartman, Jennie Edgar Harman, Ned Hartman, Jim Hartman, Hilda Hartman Hontz, Helen Walp, Louise Hartman Shaw, Rhine, Palatine, September 1727, Johannes Henrich Hartman, Philadelphia, William and Sarah Ship from Rotterdam, Dover England, Maxatawny, Kutztown, died November 1, 1744, wife Joannes called Jane.  John Hartman Henry born 1728 Married Eva Eve Breynich Breining, 1730.  Peter Trexler. Lowhill. Tavern and Grist Mill.  Weisenberg Church and Lowhill Church, Lehigh County. John died 1777 and Eve in 1809.
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Hartman Family-2
Louise Hartman Shaw, Hilda Hartman Hontz, Mary Ann died April, 1901 and Benjamin died April 19, 1911.  Elias Beach Born January 4, 1868. George and Iris Hontz, Joseph Bonham Benjamin, Jennie Edgar born December 25, 1868. Elias and Jennie, Breakman on Railroad, Wilkes-Barre, 1935, Elias Beach died 1940. Jessie Lorne September 25, 1887 Died May 25, 1971. School Teacher.  Edgar Benjamin November 18, 1890 married Myrtle Flynn born 1891.  Died 1942. Edgar died 1980.  Anna Mildred born June 8, 1896 married William Lee Marshall born 1890.  Lee Marshall died 1953, Anna Marshall died 1970.  Alberta Louise born February 12, 1906 married Halbert Shaw born April 23, 1913.  Louise died 1974.  Hilda Lorraine born August 24, 1909 married Milton Hontz born April 24, 1891.  Milton did 1973.  Northeastern PA.
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Hartman Family-3
John and Eva Hartman, October 1760, Baptized at Ziegel Church Weisenberg Township Lehigh County, Barbara, died 1839, Revolutionary War, Private 6th Class 4th Company 6th Battalion Northampton County Militia, died 1811, Lowhill 1810, Union County, Soloman Kleckner.  John Hartman born October 16, 1779, Regina Baer February 18, 1800, 1782, Daughter of Jacob Baer Bier-Bar born 1745 died 1810, buried in Lowhill Cemetery.  Northampton County March 7, 1811, Samuel Huff Union Township, Archie and Dorothea Lummis descendant of John and Regina December 1, 1849 March 4, 1850. Marvin Cemetery Muhlenburg Luzerne County.  February 12, 1801, Christine Sorber, born 1812, Union Township 1830, George and Iris Hontz, June 24, 1847 age 46, Civil War, Philip, Elias, Benjamin, 1904, December 29, 1840, Mary Ann Brader, April 30, 1843, Private of Captain McCuens Company E 203 Regiment of the PA Volunteers from September 22, 1864 to September 3, 1865.
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Red Rock school
Bill Seward, Martha Seward, Emily Seward, Mossville School, William Seward, Marie Bailey Teacher.
1909-1914 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Shickshinny HS Football Team
Lloyd Briggs, Day Ritter, Charley Hook, John Johnson, Baldy Russel, Dan Beacon, John Stouffer, Ray Thomas, Howard Erwine, Did Terry, Tom Everheart, Russel Anderson, Zoe Toddy Remaly, Dutch Shoemaker, John Robert, Claude Smith.
1905 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Bulford Family-Back Mountain Area
Benjamin Franklin Bulford, Elizabeth Brenkenridge, Wyoming Valley, Back Mountain, John Bulford, Connecticut, Kingston-Upon-Hull, England 1638, A Bulford Sea Captain, Mary Johnson Bulford, Captain Bulford, Lord, John, Olive Ann Bulford, Huntsville School teacher.  Phineas Nash Foster. Charles Foster 1836, Rev. Jacob Johnson, Ella, Commonwealth Telephone Company, Olie Harvey, Elizabeth, Thomas Cease, Rev. Allen J. Cease of United Methodist Church Minister, R. May Dallas Post, William Hazel, Ruth M. Dallas Township teacher, Frank Wyrsch, Shirley Jean, Richard Stout, Mark Stout, Ellen Duckworth Bulford, Mrs. B. Frank Bulford, Mrs. Thomas Cease.  
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Bulford Family-2
1772, Yale College, Yale University, Missionary Northeast Pennsylvania Indians, Wyoming Valley, Articles of Capitulation, Battle of Wyoming in 1778, Daughter Lydia, Col. Zebulon Butler, Wesley Johnson, Mary Johnson Bulford, Wyoming Monument, Rev. Johnson, Thomas Johnson, William Johnson, Wallingford Connecticut, John J. Bulford, Judge Bulford, Squire in Dallas, general store, blacksmith shop, farm, Overbrook Avenue, Jackson Township, Springbrook Water Company, Huntsville Dam 1895, Huntsville Reservoir.  Dallas Post Office, Rachael DeLong Bulford, Frank, Franklin, Samuel, Foster Bulford, locomotive, coal steam, train accident, Ellen M. Duckworth, Civil War, Dallas Township, Arthur, Maude Teacher in Dallas Borough and Township schools, Gustau Splitt, Helen and Durwood, Norman Franklin, Kathleen Hinneg, Carol Sutrynowicz, Carol Dianne, Kathy Hinnegan, Michael Sutrynowicz, Lucille Lewis, Ruby, U.S. Ordinance Department World Ward I, Clarence Elston, Harold, Nancy, Wilida Zimmerman, Lee and Gertrude Zimmerman, David, Judith Schneider, Robert, Carol Reihiller, Dale, Bonnie Long, Paul, Susan Legge, David II, Nicole, Dianne, Christy, Elston, Nancy, Ruby, Clarence, George Schimmel, Eric, Heather, Clarence Elston, Harold Elston, Samuel R. Bulford, Jeanette Hoover, William, Lily, Rose, Joseph, Nora, Stella, George, Myrtle, Mrs. Clarence Nettie Chapin Myers, Ward and Rose Bulford Chapin, William, Fred and Myrtle Bulford Rineman, Dallas Township, Donald Bulford, Stella Misson, Douglas, Debbie, Sue, N. Foster Bulford, Augusta Snyder, Josephine, Frank, Sarah, Margie, Mary, Clara, Laura, Rachael, Corey, Roy Moss, Charles and Sarah Bulford Moss, Melvina and Ronald, Joseph Rushnock, Margaret Schetter, Fred Dodson, Philip and Clara Bulford Dodson, Dorothy, Karri and Dorothy, Jesiah Eddy, May Bulford, Maude Bulford, Ella Bulford.
1909-1914 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Hunlock Creek School
David Weidow, Charles Hartman, Jennie Fink Finnigan, Luther Flynn, Grace Cragle Sorber, Edna Flynn Jones, Milford Sorber, Lena Flynn Hunter, Laura Kocher Huner, Stanley Croop, Lucile Nafus, Hattie Cragle, Sorber, Whitesell, Freda McDaniels, Carlton Croop, Lenorma Brace, Martin Croop, Elizabeth Long Evarts, Pearl Hartman Teacher, Myrtle Dodson Satton, Freda Fink, Milton Pollock.
1911 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Lumber Camp Men-Near Noxen
William Naugle, Harvey Naugle, Bowmen's Creek, Noxen
1890 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Pleasant Valley School-Sweet Valley
Mrs. Brandon McDaniel, Benton RD2, Teacher Betsey Moss Seward, Alva Talcott Franklin, Beatrice Goss Souders, Ilce Talcott Harvey, Thelma Kelchner, Lydia Goss McDaniels, Enid Talcott Hines, Ila Goss Masan, Erma Kelchner, Foust Talcott, Mildred Kelchner, Richards, Gilda Goss Benscoter, Basil Goss.
1921 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Pleasant Valley School-Patterson Grove
Patterson Grove, Alvah Hoover, Travila Talcott Snyder, Augustus Talcott, Helen Decaivski Stancavage, Kazmere Decalvski, James Wallace, Fred Sampson, John Hasay, Arden Wandell, Anson Talcott, Anna Hasay Crepack, Velinna LeValley Sult, Williard Nydgren, Marion Dawning Diltz, Purrest Talcott, Alva Talcott Franklin, Leatha Harrison Bayka, Leta Talcott Dildz, Andrew Hasay, Leon Marshall Teacher, Helen Stancavage age 67, Shickshinny, Helen Decowski,  Cazmere, Charles, Poland
1926 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Van Horn School-Hunlock Township
Teacher Celia Hortop O Leary, Ross Elementary School, Sweet Valley, Robert Benscoter, Jennie Rock, Paul Meyers, ? Higgens, Leroy Hartman, John Miles, Donald Dodson, Clyde Benscoter, Kenneth Baker, Unknown, Alfred Dodson, Anna Miles, Thomas Miles, Helen Rock, Dora Bowman, Joseph Gizenski, Anna Rock, Amelia Gizenski, Jean Whitesell, Elsie Hartman, Phyllis Benscoter.
1928 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Lehman  School
Harold Major, Walter Wolfe, Ernest Wright, Victor Brown, Murro Ide maybe, Bessie Rogers, Emma Perrego, Kenneth King, Harold Lloyd, Marian Ide, Elizabeth Wilcox, Cecil Smith, Freda Ide, Teacher Sara Bond maybe, Edith Harry, Leroy Keener, Mable Ide, Elizabeth Wilcox Sutton, Lehman, Arthur Mandeville, Cook's Store, Philadelphia, New York Children's Hospital, Heinz Institute, Natena Mills, Native Textiles.
1913 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Sweet  Valley School History
Fannie E. McMichael Teacher, Edgar Cragle, Pritchard Corners, Hunlock Creek, Odd Fellows Building, School No. 1, Taymond Shaw, Unknown Jackson, Howard Hontz, Harland Farver, Arthur Hontz, Unknown Jackson, Edith Shaw, Otia Farver, Clara Long, Evana Long, George Roberts, Osborn Culver, Merle Naugle, Edgar Cragle, Jefferson Davis, Harley Davis, Irven Farver, Raymond Shaw, Albert Hontz, Joseph Farver, Vera Whitesell, Ilda Wilkinson, Julia Gross, Ralph Naugle, Stanwood Rowner, Thomas Foss, Raymond Farver, Francis Shaw, Amy Whitesell, Clifford Foss, George Wesley, Neva Wagner, Beulah Farver, Catherine Foss, Edna Farver, School Board Members E. E.. Wagner, J.P. Hontz, T.J. Roberts, George, Crockett, Luther Seward, Floyd Wolfe, Cora Wilcox Gregory, 
1921 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Muhlenburg School-Hunlock Creek
Alice Benscoter Lewis of Benton, Teacher Genevieve Booth Bosley of Berwick, Sweet Valley
1933 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Thomas and Amanda Shaw
Civil War Veterans, Sweet Valley, Mrs. Clara Cragle, Thomas Shaw, Mrs. Rebecca Shaw Ridall of Benton, Mrs. Rena Shaw RD Shickshinny, Mrs. Herbert Trumbower, Lt. Nathar Vosler, Co. 143 Infantry, Penna. Volunteers, John Vosler, Bethel Hill, Fairmount Township, Andersonville Prison, Muhlenburg, 1912, Herbert Trumbower, Roaring Brook Rd, Hunlock Creek
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Broadway Church members
Frances Nevel, Bianca Sauceda, Donald Nevel, Matthew Davenport, Seth Davenport, Billy Machler, Monema Martz, Gina Davenport, Katherine Crockett, Ethel Douglas, Kathryn Long, Lewis Long, Donald Nevel, SR., Martha Stevens, Carol Davenport, Ellen Nevel, Lillian Swire, Gary Davenport, Eric Davenport, Dale Swire, Lynne Franklin
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Mossville  School
Irvin Moss, Kermit Moss, Delores Deuel, Elizabeth Sherman, Erla Seward, Arthur Deuel, Calvia Seward, Madeline Seward, Jesse Mott, Roberta Broschart, Irene Seward, Florence Downing, Byron Burgess, Robert Seward, Ada Harrison Long, Teacher William Moss, Sarah Ellen MacDougal, Vida Mott, Evelyn Park, Donald Bonham.
1933 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Hook School-Sweet Valley
Fred E. Cragle of Harrisburg, Hook School Sweet Valley, Harold Cragle, Gertrude Cragel Vera Lasko, Jane Babcock, Marie Lukavitch, Betty Morris, Kenneth Meade, Kenneth Masters, James Brink, Robert Evans, Joel Rood, Richard Jones, Fred Cragle, Teacher Mrs. Bessie Waterstripe
1946 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Hunlock Township School 
Bessie Wolfe, Lee Dodson, Arlean Dodsons Bother, Hunlock Township, Hunlock Creek United Methodist Parsonage, East End High, Harter High School, Irene Sorber Shaffer, Hilda Croop Rummage, Jennie Sattan Melerantz, Arlean Dodson, Willard Cragle, Delbert Cragle, Myrtle Sorber Cumberland, Ressie Fink Wolfe, Bessie Wildoner Davis, Walter Kulp, Teacher Nettie Sutliff, UGI
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Myron Moss-Teacher at Ross Elementary School Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Noxen Tannery Workers
Edward Engleman, Frank Horlacher, Fred Jones, Al Dandler, George Crispell, Dick Wall, Bill Deiper, Frank Turner, Joe Dotter, Bill Belles, Frankie or Frankle Belles, Gene Kibbler, Andy Thomas, Jimmy Crispell, Joe Crispell, Wes Schenck, Ed Rosengrant, Elmor Kocher, Floyd Van Campen maybe, Fred Crispell, Dick Dotter, Lew Dexter, George Raminell, Dan Eckelberger, Bill Monroe, Tom Edwards, George Moscow, Howard Engelman, Bill Reinbardt, Ben Engleman, Sam Waltman, Bob Van Campan, Elmer Miller, Frank Murphy, Marvin French, Hiram Blizzard, Dave Edwards, Irv Newberry, Minor Gadden, Pete Eislo, Lee Turner, Al Dotter, Tom Patton, Bob Staltz, Ralph Newberry, Lloyd Phoenix, Charlie Smith, Bill Race, John Ruff, Albert Crispell, Ray Toss, Earl Steele, Fred Reinhardt, Henry Miller, Voyle Bishop, Bill Wright, Zurie Coolbaugh, Jake Andrews, Bill Coolbaugh, Frank Hay, Jack McKenna, Lou Eckert, Bob Reinhardt, Doc Casterline, Ira Kresge, Howard Monroe, Al Dendler, Elmer Herring, Mal Steele
1914 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Rock Grammar School-Roaring Brook
Elmer Lanning, Dayton Lewis, Warren Gregory, Kenneth Miller, Chester Roberts, Clause Cragle, Charles Shonk, Levi Whitesell,  ??? Whitesell, Walter Mallinowski, Wilma Case, Delores Lewis, Cleasdous Hummel, Evelyn Rittenhouse, Betsy Whitesell, Ruth Maylock, Marion Miller maybe, ??? Whitesell, Elsie Lanocreaux, Ruth Hummel, Lillian ???, Mr. Fred Harrison Teacher, Alfreda Hummersley, Dean Jacoby of Hunlock Creek
1937 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Unidentified School
E. Dunn, Teacher Juniatta Post, Mary Franklin, Mary Harman, Carolyn Sutliff, Miltona Anderson, John Anderson, Dorothy Moore, Arilla and Myrtle Anderson, Hannah Miller, Glenda, Mildred, Marjorie Wolfe, Harriet Miller, Hannah Miller, Glendon More, Mrs. Russell Schaeffer, Montoursville, PA
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
John Dymond and Wife 
L. B. Hilbert of Beaumont, Uncle Johnny Dymond, 1797, Rymans Pond, Lake Catalpa, Civil War, Thomas farmer, Daniel carpenter, John J. trucker, Abby Dymond Pelham, Mary Dymond Hilbert, Hester Dymond Biglow, 1901
Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Lehman School 
Miss Ruckle Teacher, Mrs. Dodd, Harvey and Clara Kitchen
1920s Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
Oakdale School-Idetown 
Susan Dodd, Alice Worthington, Esther and Dorothy Ide, Clinton Ide, Raymond Johnson, Edgar Worthington, John Goasrt, Nelson Rogers, Burt Scott, Jacob Gosart, Sadie Scott, Russell Rogers, Esther Ide, Miss Worthington, Dorothy and Roxie Ide, Arlene Herring, Esther Williams, Hildreth Williams, Ethel cooper, Emil Casterline, Harold Scott, Anson Scott, Anna Scott, Hattie Ide Smith, Hazel Worthington Hoover, Caroline Casterline Ferrey, Frieda Ide, Mabel Ide Hoover, Louella Gosart, Ellen Weaver, Blanche Johnson, Margaret Weaver.
1909 Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
 Edward Austen Davenport-Lehman Center 1855 Karen Wood
 William Jenkins from Plains
1914 Wyoming Council Officers 
Candy Ward, Fred Auston, John Masel, Merle Breese, John Jack Lowson, and Art Eicke
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1927 Wieder, Hoffman Reunion 
Walter Hoffman, Paul Haiges Sr., Walter Henry Hoffman, Conrad Hoffman, Catherine Hoffman, White Haven, PA 1870, 1940
1927 Wieder, Hoffman Reunion 2 1927
Wieder, Hoffman Reunion in East End of White Haven 
Walter Hoffman, Della Somers Hoffman, Possible other surnames Haiges, Hoffman, Wieder, Lindenstruth, Williams, Jones
1936 Wieder, Hoffman Reunion in White Haven 1936
1937 Wieder Reunion Photo August 1937
Conrad Hoffman in his Vineyard in White Haven
Conrad Hoffman Homestead East End White Haven-Justice of the Peace Office
Wieder Reunion August 1936 1936
Frank Hoffman and his 2 horse Power Run-about
Unidentified Troxell Family Pictures 
Tommye Troxell, Tichenors, Union and High Street Burlington NJ, Latrops 43 N Eight St Phila., Pa, Trask 1210 Chestnut St Phila, P. Walker, 37 Main Street Mt.Holly NJ, Photographer, Jacob Maier 2608 Ash St Bridesburg Phila., PA, W G Jones 290 John Ave Camden NJ, E A Jeanes Allentown PA, Keystone Portrait Co S E Cor 8th and Spring Garden Phila, Lenhardts 131 7th Allentown, W Irving Davis 848 Jefferson Ave Bristol PA Troxell 512 Locust Ave Burl Pa, McCabe 429 Northampton St Easton PA, Lindenmuth 546 548 Hamilton St Allentown, W T
Unknown Hinman  or Vaughan Family-1 
Wyalusing PA
Judy Hinman
Unknown Hinman  or Vaughan Family-2  
Towonda, PA
Judy Hinman
Unknown Hinman  or Vaughan Family-3 
Towonda, PA
Judy Hinman

Stephen Ennis Baby Photo Towanda PA

Judy Hinman

Asa Stevens Ennis Husband Zilphia Vaughan Ennis Wife and Children Asa Frank Ennis and Arthur Stevens Ennis

Judy Hinman

Taken in Wyalusing PA Nephew of James Vaughan

Judy Hinman

Residence of Elias Vaughan BirthPlace of Washington M. Hinman and York A. Hinman Built 1840

Judy Hinman

Mildred and Paul Vaughan 
Photo came from Carrichtown, PA(?).  Elias W.Vaughan was born October, 1869 and wife Jessie ???.  Elias was the son of James E. Vaughan born December, 1838 in PA and Martha J. Ammerman b. Aug 1846.

Judy Hinman

Jessie Ridgeway 
Probably Grandchild of Joseph Burr Ridgeway and Celinda Miner Hinman.  Celinda was Born December 17, 1814 in Wysox, Bradford, Pa.

Judy Hinman

Lona Kula Wagner Photo by H J Floyd Wyalusing PA 
She is probably connected to the Hinman or Vaughan families but it is not known how.  Spelling on name may be wrong also.

Judy Hinman

Photo of an Unknown Man from Philadelphia PA

Judy Hinman

Photo of Unknown Man from Pittsburgh PA Area

Judy Hinman

Picture is Labelled Rev. Harmon
Taken by Brittonff Photo Studio, York, PA Maybe

Judy Hinman

Mahala & Abraham Secor , Lake Winola 1900 Don Secor
1930 First Grade Class of Nescopeck with 
Geraldine Davenport (1st on right)
1930 Karen wood
 Capt James Harding Sheila Malenovitch & Maude Luskey
 Scranton Lace Factory Workers, pre-1928 -- Clarence Niles Hudson  
( Front Row, 7th from left)
Jean McNamara
Anna McDonnell 
1838, John McAndrew, John T. McAndrew, Teresa McAndrew Sharpe, Anne McAndrew Lynch, 1910, Griffin and Schwab Photographers Pittston, PA
Annie McAndrew Lynch 
1875, 1895, Edward J. Lynch, M.L., Fryer Photographers Pittston, PA
Theresa and William Sharp 7-4-1888 
Teresa F. McAndrew Sharpe, 1871, 1949, William E. Sharp, 1859, 1942, Millard's Gallery Lackawanna Avenue Scranton, PA
1914 Graduating Class St John's Pittston 
 Sunday Dispatch, Ann Teresa Dixon Parsonage St, Pittston High School, 1954, Charles Dellario, Class of 1934, Lieutenant Stanley Rusin, Marine Corps School, Quantico, Virginia, West Pittston, Garden Village, Mrs. Anna McCutcheon, Miss Nina Robinson, Lake Winola, Mrs. Harry Pursell Sand St, Mrs. Frank Shannon, Williamsport, Rebekah Convention, Sister Bernard Marie, Helen Conlan of Church St, Seton Hall College East Orange NJ, Fordham University, Miss Minnie Beaver Luzerne Ave, Hood College, Frederick MD, Raymond Wrightson, Arthur Wrightson, Delaware Ave., St Johns School, St Johns Church, Helen Rubbin, Grace Leonard, Kathleen Kane, Mable Givvons, Katherine Smith, Christella O Neil, Mary McCarthy, Avoca, Esther Healey Brown, Margaret Sullivan Dunne, Mary Melvin, Myra Schless, Julia Brown Burke, Catherine Sheridan, Agnes Scott, King, Ursula Rettenmeyer, Sara McCall Evans, Mary Kearney, Clara Fadden, Loretta Burke, Marie McTigue, Alice Mooney, Sister M. Christopher, Irene Gordon Kelly, Catherine Kearney, Joseph Clarke, Joseph Churchfield, Frank Purcell, Edward McHale, Philip Higgins, Kenneth Burke, John Loftus, Frank Keating, Joseph Granahan, Nellie Corcoran, S. H. Wilson, Board of Education, Harold Costello, Swallow St., Fox Hill Country Club, Miss Ann McHugh, Miss Kitty Burke, Sunday Dispatch of June 19, 1955
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1916 St Casimir's Church Choir with Names  
Sunday Dispatch, St. Casimir's RC Lithuanian Church Choir of Pittston, Mamie Kizis, Catherine Katkowski, Mrs. Frank Schevets, Mrs. Joseph Yonaka, Professor Leo Vicitus, Mrs. Catherine Gillis, Mrs. Stanley Laukaitis, Mary Konowski, Mr. Ambrosaitis, Elizabeth Galavich, Nellie Gramas, Mary Machutas, Frank Yuravich, Stanely Shacohis, John J. Sheretz, Frank Varunavage, George Laukaitis, Charles Leogus, Frank Dobilas, Stanley Laukaitis, George Makalusky, Mrs. Vichakosky, John Youlavich, John Kizis, Charles Viskitis, Walter Kizavich, Walter Paludas
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7-4-1965 Dupont Lions Officers Picnic 
Sunday Dispatch, Ameens Grove, Dupont, Richard O. Calvani, Mrs. Jerome Newman, Mrs. John J. Bryk, Mrs. William Goll, Mrs. Albert Kishel, Mrs. Stanley Gruzinshi, Mrs. Joseph Burgio, Mrs. John J. Boyer, Mrs. Anthony A. Gryczko, Mrs. Anthony J. Kalmanowicz, Mrs. Richard O. Calvani, Mrs. John Roots, Miss Frances Belza, Mrs. Ermino Cefalo, Mrs. Joseph J. Vida, Mrs. Edward Gall, Mrs. Nicholas Moakley, Mrs. Frank Placek, Edward J. Plisga, John J. Bryk, William Golla, Albert Kishel, John J. Boyer, Joseph X. Lokuta, Mrs. Joseph X. Lokuta, Edward J. Ameen, Mrs. Edward J. Ameen, Anthony A. Gryczko, Nicolas Moakley, Anthony Kalmonowicz, Dr. Jerome Newman, Patrick Roots, Frank Placek, Erminio Cefalo, Joseph J. Vida, Edward Gall, Stanley Gruzinshi, John Roots, Joseph Cigam, Andrew Goula, Joseph P. Burgio, Arnold J. Gorden, Dominick J. Cocco, Rev. C. H. Kolakowski, Lukasik Studio
1965 Email Me
1949 Pittston Police Department Members 
John Allardyce Mayor, Edward Armitage, Joseph Gilmartin, Edward Doran, Chief Francis X. Linnen, Michael Galasso, Frank Valeski, Edward Burke, John Korick, Albert Ulivitch, Anthony Levenoskie, Harry Curley, Dominick Aritz, Robert Mullen, James O Brien, Merle Finan, William Kearney, Joseph Doyle, Harry Morrissey.
1949 Email Me
1965 Avoca No 1 Kindergarten Class Graduates with Names (Dispatch) 
Sunday Dispatch July 4, 1965, Avoca Number One School, Northeast School District, Miss Margaret McCarthy Teacher, Thomas Johnson, Janet McCarthy, Dianne Pucilowski, Mary Theresa Fritz, Erin O Brien, Deborah Rouse, Kathleen Mullen, Denise Mokay, Sharon Justick, Marie Berlew, Ann Marie George, Thomas Conaboy, Louis Redesco, Michael Vermack, David Homschek, Thomas McAndrew, Mark Scarinci, Stephen Turel, Michael McAndrew, William Guzior, John McDermott, James Hannon, Andrew Babriaz, Thomas Maclorowski, Gilbert Alexander, William Joyce, Brian Olecki, Robert Halagarde, Marita Heffron, Laurie Carruthers, Cheryl Madden, Ann Murray, Mary Beth Skoranski, Donna Marie Gerrity, Ann Marie Flannelly, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Kathy Ann Oliver, Janice Emlaw, Robert Pietras, Peter Michael Lokuta, Norman Levy.
1965 Email Me
Frank Wieder and his 100 Year Old Churn
Wieder Family on Homestead 1910
Hannah and Henry Wieder and Others 
Arnold Wieder, William Wieder, Lindenstruth Girls, George Wieder, Walter Henry Hoffman, Conrad Hoffman, Catherine Wieder Hoffman, White Haven
Henry Wieder Carrying Unknown Child
Catherine Wieder Wife of Conrad Hoffman Born 1852 
Zellner Photographers Mauch Chunk PA
Mr. and Mrs. John Wieder Post Civil War
Factoryville HS Girl's Basketball Team 
Marion Oakley, Carol Isaacson, Jane Symons, Shirley Vail, Harriet Walton, Carol Coult, Donna Seamans, Ruth Ann Kempsell, Harry Zavacky, Helen Baker, Patsy Young, Betty Ann McCabe, Dorothy Kehrli, Leonard Kobeski
1952 Robert Kempsell
Factoryville HS Boy's Basketball Team 1952 Robert Kempsell
Factoryville HS Class 1953 
Ronald Young, George Stevenson, Ronald Unknown, Mr. Tyler, Robert Kern, Richard Wall, Robert k unknown, Joan Reese, Mr. Geary
1953 Robert Kempsell
Blakely HS, Class of 1914 1914 Robert Kempsell
Lizzie Webb Hawk Kym
August and Frances ( Gannon) Youngblood 
Griffin's Art Gallery South Main Street Wilkes-Barre PA
Harold Gow
Anthony Sobers, WW I Linda & Mary Sobers
Thomas Sobers, WW II Linda & Mary Sobers
Factoryville HS Class 1943 1943 Robert Kempsell
David and Rachel Hoffman 
David Franz Hoffman, Rachel Anna Kerschner, Jeddo, PA 1877
Florence Webb Roberson - Plymouth, Luzerne County
Luzerne CO Volunteer Firemen_ Left Part of Picture 1910
Luzerne CO Volunteer Firemen_ Center Part of Picture 1910
Luzerne CO Volunteer Firemen_ Right Part of Picture 1910
Emily Rose Heck Shiber ( Wedding picture)  1905
Charles  Shiber-Wilkes-Barre  1822-1913
Alfred John  Shiber, son of Charles, Wilkes-Barre  1853-1917
Alfred Barney Shiber, son of Alfred John, Wilkes-Barre  1886-1963
Orville Joseph Shiber, son of Alfred Barney, Wilkes-Barre  1908-1974
Charles Christian  Shiber, son of Charles, Wilkes-Barre  1855-1943
Charles Lionel  Shiber, son of Charles Christian, Wilkes-Barre  1893-1982
Lehman Elementary School  Maude Luskey
Lehman  School 1920   Maude Luskey
Pictures from Dallas Post 
Abid Hoover, Jessie Raudenbush, Richard Hoover, Franklin Hoover, Outlet Road, Harvey's Lake, Barbara Sweet Ide, Billings, Frantz, Hislop, Honeywell, Bill Goss, Blacksmiths, Back Mountain, Redmond Donahue, Mr. Molenaux, David Gordon, Ed Ransom, Yaple, Kiefer, Caperoon, Jeter, White, Shaver, Gordon, Sterling Machell, jerry Machell, Mrs. Sterling Machell, Nancy Van Horn, John Nerical, Frants Reunion, James Strohl, Noxen, Josephine Ransom, Ministers of Orcutt's Grove, Nehemaih Ide, Oakley, Rethey, Hoover, Hoyt, Jenkins, One room schoolhouse, Back Mountain, Railroad Men, Train, Rickett's Glen, Sarah Lain Gordon
Sheila Malenovitch 

Hughestown Boy Scouts Airplane ride with Some Names
 (Faust, Broadbeck, Herbert, Mularkey, Gaughan, Monk)


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Alex Zarnoch, Duryea
Sunday Dispatch Newspaper Article


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Circa 1953 Centennial Plate PITTSTON PA

Daniel Harden CO D 12th Regiment of PA


Daniel Harden June 18 1897 My Grandfather


Harden Family taken at Shickshinny


Harden Family 2 taken at Shickshinny


Harden Kishbaugh Family

Hattie and John Wesley Gross

Joseph and Hannah Gross Family

Joseph Gross 1900-My Great Grandfather


Joseph Gross as an Old Man

Lillie Mae Gross


Lillie Mae Gross and Daniel Butler Harden 
Wedding Photo Aug 1901


Lillie Mae Gross Harden Summer 1959


Pvt. Paul T Gross

Sarah Beers Lunger Harder Yohn-My GGrandmother-Daniels Mother

Schuyler & Arthur Gross-Great Uncles Brothers of Lillie Mae Gross Harden

1954 Saint Peters Lutheran Church Bible School Hughestown PA


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Hughestown School 9th Grade Class Photo


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Patsy Butera Honored with 7th Birthday Party 2-4-1951 News Article


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Chief John Barrett Hughestown Police


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Edna Weiskerger Ray McCracken Jennie Barret Oscar McCracken Hughestown PA

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Hughestown Boy and Girl Scouts
Jan 30 1955 With Names


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Hughestown High School Commencement With Graduates Photos Sunday Dispatch 6 12 1960


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Mary Andermatt


Pat & Gill

Steve Michael ( Mihal)


Pat & Gill

Charles Clingeman Family


Sharon Tobin

Paul Hospodar Wedding Picture, Scranton


Victoria Hospodar Valentine

Crooptown School


Vicki Seward

Crooptown School


Vicki Seward

Oakdale School


Vicki Seward

Oakdale School


Vicki Seward

Rock School


Vicki Seward

Louis & Pearl Pucilowski's 50th Anniversary

Vivienne Milewski

Old Postcard of Main Street Avoca, PA

Mary Jane

744 Main Street Avoca, PA

Mary Jane

Pucilowski Family Pictures

Vivienne Milewski

Jean Pucilowski Starzec's Class Reunion

Fairview High School Graduation


Ruth Steffey

1914 Swiss Glee Club Taylor, PA Annual Outing


Miller, William Franklin
Born April 2, 1868 in Nescopeck, Luzerne County, PA.  He was a teamster and later a carpenter.  He married Janet DUNN on May 27, 1890 in Jeanesville, PA.  William is the son of Charles E. Miller and Sophia Frey.  He died in 1934 in NJ and is buried in Northwood Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA.  His Children are Harry Miller (Died an Infant), Charles Miller (Died an Infant), Leroy Miller, Isabel Dunn (Miller) Winslow (1896-1978)


MacTaggart, Donald
Father of Margaret (MacTaggart) Dunn.  He was from the Glasgow area of Scotland.  His daughter Margaret (1844-1915) lived in the Hazleton/Jeanesville area from about 1866 to about 1900.  Margaret was the wife of Thomas R. Dunn Senior.  The MacTaggart name occasionally appears in the old Presbyterian Church Records of the Hazleton Area of the 19TH Century.


MacTaggart Dunn, Margaret
Daughter of Donald MacTaggart and Margaret (?) MacTaggart.  She was born in Glasgow, Scotland, July 4, 1844.  The family moved tot eh U.S. before the Civil War.  During the Civil War she lived in NC and assisted Union Prisoners of War. She married Thomas R. Dunn Sr. July 8, 1862 in Pittsboro, NC. Around 1866, the family moved to Jeanesville, Luzerne County, PA.  Maggie attended the Audenried Presbyterian Church in Carbon County, just across the border from Jeanesville.  Later she attended the First Presbyterian Church of Hazleton.  At around the turn of the century, the family moved to Germantown, PA.  Maggie died Oct 16, 1915 in Germantown, PA and is buried in Chelten Hills Cemetery, Germantown, PA.


Dunn, Thomas R., Senior
Son of Robert Dunn and Margaret (Wilson) Dunn.  Thomas was born near Hazleton, Luzerne County, PA circa Nov. 24, 1843.  Around 1852, the family moved to Egypt, NC where Thomas mined the Egypt Coal for Confederate Blockade Runners.  Thomas married Margaret MacTaggart (daughter of Donald and Margaret MacTaggart) July 8, 1862 in Pittsboro, NC.  Circa 1866, Thomas moved back to Luzerne County, PA. where he was employed as a coal mining engineer.  Circa the turn of the century, Thomas moved to Germantown, PA where he died Sept 10, 1923.  He is buried in Chelten Hills Cemetery, Germantown, PA.


Dunn, Janet
Janet Dunn Miller, daughter of Thomas R. Dunn and Margaret MacTaggart.  She was born in Jeanesville, Luzerne County, PA June 20, 1871.  Married William Franklin Miller May 27, 1890 in Jeanesville, PA.  Died Aug. 13, 1907, in Germantown, PA and is buried in Chelten Hills Cemetery, Germantown, PA.  She is the mother of Leroy Miller of Philadelphia, PA and Isabel Dunn (Miller) Winslow of Philadelphia, PA.  Two other children, Harry and Charles Miller died as infants.

Nanticoke Number 1 Mine About 1885 
A picture I believe was taken at the Nanticoke No. 1 Mine sometime prior to the disaster of December 18, 1885 when a collapse and in-rush of water killed 26 miners.  The young man on the right holding the mule is Miles LeRoy Davenport (1869 - 1932) from Plymouth. He had been injured the day before and was not at the mine the day of the disaster.  He never went back to work at the mines, he finished high school and went on to earn a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Cornell College.


Holy Rosary School City Unknown but Probably Scranton, PA with Names 
This Photo was Republished on November 5, 1933 in the Scrantonian.  The students in this Primary Grade were taught by Sister Agnese.  Pictured are Romaine Holmes born 1904, Marina Rooney, Mary Rafferty, Margaret Ruddy, Mary Kane, Anna Cannon, Mary McMullen, Glynn Dwyer, Francis Elmer Holmes born 1902, Margaret Noone, Pauline Gilboy, Mary Murphy born 1903, Margaret Kelly, Louise Devers, Helen McCroine, Ed. Rach, Lillian O'Donnell, Mary Knight, Marie Saltry, Catherine Mahon, Joseph Dwyer, Frank Hollern, John Collins, Jerome Devers, Charles Robinson born 1904.
Romaine Holmes, Francis Elmer Holmes, Mary Murphy and Charles Robinson are all related to  John J. Flynn so contact him directly with further questions regarding these 4 people.  He did not send in this photo so only contact for these 4 people.


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Frank Simchick Szymczyk Wedding Photo 
Possible Names of People in Photo include Anthony Szymczyk and Wife, Anna Czuper, Their Son, Frank Simchick (Szymczyk) and his Bride, Bridget Zelinski, and Possibly Bridget's Parents and Brother along with other Unknown Friends and Family.

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Simchick, Paula, Daughter of Albert. 
This photo is from an Orchard Park, NY, High School Senior Photo.

Joseph Frank Karban and Wife Careene Mae Shattuck about 1955 Olean NY

Louis Edward Adrian about 1918 
Lewis was a Member of the Pittston Police Department about 1922.  His Obit is in the Wilkes-Barre Record on Saturday, October 20, 1945.  Lewis Adrian, Officer, Dies.  Former Pittston Policeman Succumbs at Home after 3 Months Illness.  Lewis Adrian, 50, a former member of the Pittston Police force, died yesterday afternoon at his home, 132 Center Street, Pittston, after an illness of three months.  During the First World War, he served overseas with the Army, and was a member of John D. Stark Post, American Legion.  He also was a member of St. John's Lutheran Church.  His last employment was at No. 9 Colliery.  Surviving are his wife, the former Josephine Yohlbeck; two daughters, Mrs. George Handle and Miss Jean Adrian, both of Jersey City, N.J.; his father, William Adrian, Sr., of Pittston, and these brothers and sisters; William, Pittston; Mrs. Frank Hurst, Jersey City; Clarence, Philadelphia; Mrs. Dolph Huber, Miss Lorraine Adrian, and Elmer Adrian of Pittston.  Three grandchildren also survive.  The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at 2:30 from the home, with Rev. Carl Goette of St. John's Lutheran Church, officiating.  Internment will be in St. Peter's Cemetery, Hughestown, Pennsylvania.


Josephine wife of Louis Edward Adrian and their son Louis Edward Jr 
Lewis Edward Adrian Sr. eventually became a member of the Pittston Police Force.  Louis Edward Jr. died at age 10.


Snydertown, PA School Students and Teachers Written on Back it says 
Ellis C. Persing on Back Early 1900s


Frank (Szymczyk) Simchick

1910 Jolly Nine Baseball Team with Names Taken at Old Bala Head Grounds 
Front Row, from left: Frank Dooley, Jim Gilboy, Joe Walsh, Frappie Miller, Phil Fallon, Joe Payton.  Second row, from left, Bob Payton, Jim (Percy) O'Hora, Tom Duffy, Hugh Murray and Jack Tighe, Sr.  Picture was ownder by Jack Tighe, Jr. Dunmore and was taken at Old Bala Head Grounds. 


Avoca Church card mentions birth of baby boy this day

Avoca PA Students and Teacher Written on Back John Spillane

Company L 18TH Battalion Camp Lee VA Dec 3rd 1918

Harmon Daniel McAdoo PA List of Burial Expenses 1918

Harmon Daniel Report of Death 1918 from McAdoo PA

Harmon John McAdoo Anthracite Miners Certificate No 9693 dated 1926

Harmon John Street and Electric Railway Emp of America Membership

Nolan Family Photo

Nolan Wedding

Sally Burke on Right by Antique Car

Sister Mary Ricarda Feb 13 1964 Avoca and Ashley

Thomas Mary Hannah WB 1882 PA and WV

Nolan Family Photo
Joseph, Frank, Michael H., Alice, Edward, Mary, Peter, Mary Durkin.

Nolan Wedding
Peter, Joseph and Frank Nolan. Marie Hammill and her sister.

1939 Duryea High School Graduating Class with Names

Duryea Pro Football Team 1929

PA Archbald & Wilkes Barre 1920 Miller Family

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