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Our Family Tree
Until we get this section properly up and running, here's a brief precis of some of the families
that we're working on. For those names where we've got a page already uploaded, click on
the link at the end of the summary. In most cases we've got more information, so if you think
there may be a connection with your families, then why not email us and see whether we
can find any common ground.

NEWMAN - Thomas NEWMAN, born 1729 and married to Mary. Not sure where they came
from, but they raised their family (and died) in Ashley, Hampshire. One of their sons,
William NEWMAN (b.1774) married Edith HOLLOWAY before 1800. Not sure where they
married, but probably around Leckford, Hampshire - certainly they had their family there, and
died there too, and there were NEWMANs in Leckford for most of the 19th Century.
William's grandson Jacob had moved to Avington, Hampshire by 1870, and Jacob's son
Thomas settled in Gosport, Hampshire after leaving the Royal Marines in 1919.

For a full history of the NEWMAN family, click on this link:

NORTH - Little is known about this line. Thomas NEWMAN married Frances Louise Mellon
NORTH (a widow - first husband was a KEMP) in Gosport in 1919. Frances shows her
father as Henry James NORTH (a deceased farm carter) on her marriage certificate, and an
entry in the GRO index seems to confirm family tradition that the NORTHs hail from

HUNT - Robert, born 1756 in Fareham, Hampshire and married Alice HINBEST, born 1758,
also in Fareham. Their son George was possibly a farmer around Fareham; his son Joseph
was initially a labourer, and subsequently had a corner shop in Paxton Road, Fareham -
although his wife Emily Eliza ALDRIDGE apparently ran the business. Their son George
Joseph HUNT (born 1859, Fareham) was initially a brickmaker, and apparently ran a
brickfield in Gosport, before starting a coal business and then a Grocer's shop in Gosport.
His son John Henry Thomas HUNT continued the two businesses in Gosport, marrying Ellen
Florence TAYLOR from Gosport.

TAYLOR - Abraham, born East Blatchington, Sussex in 1691, married a Mary STEPHENS,
born 1695 in Seaford, Sussex. They moved to Glynde, SSX at some stage, where their
family, including son Abraham, were baptised. Abraham junior had his family in West Firle,
Sussex, and West Firle was home for the next four generations, and most of the TAYLORs
were Agricultural Labourers. Daniel TAYLOR, born in 1845, joined the Railway, and was a
porter on Fareham Station for over 30 years, before breaking his leg at work, and then
becoming the crossing gate keeper at Cambridge Road, Gosport til his death. Dan's
daughter Ellen married into the HUNT family.

Other names we're researching on this (Nigel's) side of the family include MATTHEWS,
ALDRIDGE, CLARK, BIGGS, MILLETT & ALLEN, all from around Fareham, and PETTITT,
REDMAN, KENNARD, THOMAS & STEPHENS from the Firle/Glynde/Ringmer/Seaford area
of East Sussex. Now onto Lyn's side....

HALL - very little so far on this line - Harry Frederick HALL from Sussex married Mary,
whose birthday was 11th November. Their son James Frank HALL was apparently born in
Brighton, Sussex in 1908 (although we've been unable to turn up any records!) and married
Florence Kate COOKE, also born Brighton in 1906.

COOKE - John COOKE married Mary Ann EXCELL (born 1781in Hollington, Sussex) in
Lewes in 1802. Their son William COOKE, born 1805 in Lewes, Sussex, was a
Journeyman Tailor, and married Jane WATTS, also born in 1805 in Lewes. Their son David
COOKE was born in 1842 in Lewes, and married Lucy CRUSE, who was born in Chailey,
Sussex in 1853. They had six children, all born in Lewes, of whom Katie COOKE (b.1884)
was the mother of Florence Kate COOKE, who married into the HALL family.

HEATHER - Our HEATHER line appears to be from Sussex, so typically the most concrete
starting point we have so far is Henry William HEATHER who was born in Gosport,
Hampshire in 1888, 3 weeks after his parents Henry William HEATHER (b.1860) and
Margaret Winifred PARKER (born Gosport 1867) married there! Henry William senior gives
his father as James HEATHER, and we're pretty sure that this is James HEATHER born in
Petworth, Sussex in 1813 and married to Mary MATTHEWS (b.1815 Petworth) in 1834.
Unfortunately, in order to verify this, we need to find the two Henry William HEATHERs on
the 1891 census to see where Henry the father was born, and they're no longer in Gosport
by then, nor are they in Petworth! Anyway, assuming that this is the right family (and
everything else does check out OK), then James's parents were William & Hannah
HEATHER, William possibly being born in Petworth in 1777 to John HEATHER & Elizabeth
MILLS. Our Henry William Heather (born 1888) married Constance BAKER (born, we
believe, in 1893 in Petworth) and then, after they separated, he went on to marry her
younger sister Florence BAKER (born 1909 in Sandhurst).

BAKER - starts with Samuel BAKER, a bootmaker who was born in Heathfield, Sussex in
1834. Sam married an Emma HILL, who was born in Brompton, Kensington in 1836; they
probably married London way, since their first two children show Chelsea as their
birthplaces. By 1867 they were back in Sussex, making boots in Chichester. Son Edward,
who was born there in 1870, married a Mary Jane HERRINGTON (about whom we know very
little - but she may well be the Mary Jane from Petworth, SSX), and they produced several
children: their daughters Constance May (b.1893) and Florence Mary (b.1909) both married
the younger Henry William HEATHER (though not at the same time!).

Other names we're researching on Lyn's side include COMBER, CRUSE, SMITH, RIDLEY &
WARRENER from Chailey, SSX, RANDELL from Gosport, Hampshire, PARKER from
Gosport and Wiltshire, MATTHEWS from Petworth, Sussex, and also HERRINGTON,
probably from Petworth.

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