German Church Records, New Orleans, Louisiana



First German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of New Orleans

 First German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of New
 Orleans (1843-1860), Port and Burgundy Streets
Among the many records available to researchers of Louisiana families, some of the most valuable are church records. Especially useful are the records of the German churches of New Orleans. Most of the early pastors and priests were natives of Germany. In their former homelands, church records were often the only vital records maintained, serving a dual religious-civil function. In their new church homes in New Orleans, many of these clergymen followed the same precision in their record keeping.

Of special interest to family historians are those records–often marriage records–that indicate the specific place of origin in the old country. Making a connection to a German church in New Orleans can also lead to finding other relatives and can provide insights into the lives and customs of these German-speaking immigrants.

This inventory of German church records in New Orleans attempts to identify the nature and location of these early records.

Sample of German Script   An explanation of the inventory and an overview of the records.

Zion Lutheran Church   List of German churches in New Orleans and information on their records.

This inventory will always be a work in progress. Additions and corrections are welcomed.

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