Nichols families, James Wilson Nichols, James Marion Nichols, TX

 N I C H O L S

VA>  SC>  TN>  AR>  to TX in 1836



James Wilson Nichols b.1820 Franklin Co., TN

James Marion Nichols b. 1851 Guadalupe Co., TX

Andrew Colvin Nichols b. 1885 Mason Co., TX

James Wilson Nichols

James Marion Nichols

Andrew Colvin Nichols

Oscar Bryan C. Nichols b. 1911 Leon Co., TX

Billie Jo Nichols & Clara Sue Nichols - daughters of Oscar Nichols
Oscar & Billie Nichols
Oscar Bryan "Bo" NicholsBillie Jo & Clara Sue Nichols

Oscar & Billie Nichols

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DNA Testing - NICHOLS and variant spelling


SIMON SAMUEL NICHOLS LINE... born in LA, lived in MS

DNA results has been processed on a Nichols male in an attempt to confirm or rule out Nichols families in Texas, but it was found that our Nichols line had a direct connection to a Nichols line that had the earliest name as Simon Samuel Nichols born in Louisiana who moved his family into Mississippi. 

 LINK TO:   MS NICHOLS information

If anyone of either line has information connecting these two lines of Nichols families, please contact me.

Keep in mind this had been researched partially by me & by others research so use it as a tool, not proven all documentation has been verified.




Mary Marshall, daughter of William R. Marshall & Melinda Woods married James Marion Nichols, son of James Wilson Nichols.  Another researcher has her parents listed on Ancestry as James Marshall & Mary F. Moore which is incorrect.  The Mary Marshall of James Marshall married Geo. M. Humberson.  BNB


Allied Family Surname Histories

Baker   Billings   Bishop   Callahan  Crouch  Day   Duderstadt   Fessenden    Hankins/Day   Johnson  

Kelly    Kidd   McDonald   Nowell   Rector     Reich    Sowell    Turner    Winters


The CROUCH family listed above in the Allied Family Surname Histories married in to the WINTERS family.  That CROUCH or WINTERS link will take you to the James Washington Winters, Sr. family page; his daughter Sarah Druscilla Winters married Jackson Crouch. 

Additional links from there go to information submitted by:

1.  Clare Green; biography was written by Luella Mangum

2.  Amber Wrinkle, additional information on the family and children


If you have obituaries of your ancestors... or of current day Nichols's of these families... please send them to me to be included on this website so that others researching these line will have the benefit of this information.


James Francis WALKER, Sr. - Family Bible

Robert Milam Johnson & Malinda Ann "Polly" Nichols - Family Bible


Family Photo Pages

Mae E. Nichols & George Fred Schmitt family pictures - Submitted by: Carla TenBroek

Eustace Benton Nichols

James Washington BISHOP & Sarah Ann Elizabeth EPPLER
Family Pictures Page
Submitted by:  Marie Hines
John Tipton Nichols & Buena Vista Brewer
Submitted by:  Marie Hines
Picture taken on their Wedding Day - married 09 Sep 1920 Llano Co., TX
(son of Sebron Monroe Nichols & Mary Elizabeth Bishop; daughter of Bob Brewer)

Sebron Monroe Nichols family pictures

Submitted by Mickey & Billy Nichols


Sebron Monroe Nichols family

#1 - 1929 Nichols in San Antonio - Joseph Franklin Nichols & Sebron Monroe Nichols families

#2 - early Sebron Monroe Nichols pictures & a later family picture

NOTE:  Those listed in #2 as Sebron Nichols family members on this page are Bishop's.  See the pictures listed in the James Washington Bishop & Sarah Ann Elizabeth Eppler pictures above.  I am leaving these up because of other pictures on the page.

#3 - Joseph Franklin Nichols - Ollie Nichols Kelly - Sebron Monroe Nichols - about 1926

#4 Joseph Franklin Nichols - Ollie Nichols Kelly - Sebron Monroe Nichols (brothers & sister)

#5 - Mary Ann Sylvanie Nichols & Mariah Olive Nichols      #6 - Mariah Olive "Ollie" Nichols Kelly and daughter

#7 - Minnie Bell Craig Sparks     #8 - Clara Olive Nichols Ford     #9 - Mary Ellen Nichols Moore & Beatrice Nichols

#10 - Vida Beatrice Nichols Moore     #11 - Joseph Daniel Nichols (son of Sebron Monroe Nichols)

#12 - John Tipton Nichols & Joseph Daniel Nichols (brothers)     #13 - Jesse Monroe Nichols

#14 - Jesse Monroe Nichols     #15 - John Tipton Nichols & Buena Brewer Nichols

#16 - John Tipton Nichols & Buena Brewer family     #17 - Lorene Nichols     #18 - Louise Nichols Westerfield

#19 - Roy Lee Nichols     #20 - James Sebron Monroe Nichols     #21 - Alma Gertrude Nichols

#22 - Corene Evaline Nichols     #23 - Corene Nichols & Luciano Lenzini 50th Anniversary Invitation

#24 - Corene Nichols & Luciano Lenzini family


Roy Lee Nichols has sponsored an annual Nichols Reunion at their farm in Texas for the last few years.  These are a few pictures that Billy Nichols (Mrs. Mickey) submitted.


2007 NICHOLS FAMILY REUNION - Picture 2      2007 NICHOLS FAMILY REUNION - Picture 3


 Roy Lee Nichols again sponsored the Nichols Reunion 2007.  Thanks to Billy and Mickey Nichols for these great pictures of this reunion.


#1 - Roy Lee Nichols family

#2 - Marjorie Louise Nichols & Roy Earl Westerfield family

#3 - John Martin Nichols, Laurel Ann Nichols, James Darrell Meadors

#4 - John Martin Nichols, Marjorie "Louise" Nichols Westerfield, & Roy Lee Nichols

#5 - Dorothy Elizabeth West (Clara Olive Nichols West daughter) & daughters


BRYSON  Photo Pages

             Cemetery Records and Photographs         


The San Marcos Primitive Baptist Church was constituted April 30, 1853 by Elders George Daniell and R.W. Ellis in the home of Elder Daniels.  At this meeting Elder Daniels presented a letter and joined them, and accepted the call, or care, as pastor of the organized church and served them until 1862.


Elder George Daniell was the father of Mary Ann Daniell.  Mary Ann Daniell was the wife of James Wilson Nichols.  These are two images of the booklet printed in 1953 on the one-hundredth anniversary of the church.


James Wilson Nichols, b. Dec. 27, 1820 Franklin Co., TN;

s/o George Washington Nichols & Mary Walker; h/o Mary Ann "Polly" Daniell

Mary Ann’s Application No. 10392, Certificate No. 7929
James Wilson’s Application No. 3853, Certificate No. 2575
James Wilson’s military unit: McCullouch’s Texas Mounted Rifles
He enlisted 2 OCT 1846 at San Marcos
He was discharged 21 OCT 1847. At Austin
Mary Ann was born 23 JUL 1825.
James Wilson died 7 OCT 1891.
James Wilson’s military rank was Corporal.
Mary Ann resided at Kerrville, Kerr Co. TX temporarily at time of application
James Wilson was in the Battle of Monterrey
James Wilson lived in Hays and Blanco Counties after his discharge
James Wilson was 5’10” tall, dark complected, grey eyes at the time of enlistment
Officers and men of his company: Capt. McCulloch, Lt. C.C. Pendley, Sergeants: Riggins and Holt; Privates: James M. Day, Sol Nichols, Asa Sowell, Harden Turner, John D. Pickens
James Wilson resided at Johnson City, Blanco County, TX as of 17 JUL 1886.
James Wilson died at Kerrville, Kerr county:  1) His wife resided  at Kerrville at the time of her pension application and 2) J.M. Hankins, who lived at Kerrville, says he had known Nichols all of his life and had seen him after his death.


1876 showing location Jim Nichols was living.


1876 Appoints M.D. Miller "true & lawful attorney"


REPUBLIC of TEXAS - Debt Claim Certificate; claim for service in the WOLL Campaign 1842.  NOTE:  his father, George Washington Nichols was killed in this campaign.


Service on the Woll Campaign

George W. Nichols, (George Washington Nichols) b. June 12, 1851 Bexar Co., TX

 s/o William Rowland Nichols, Sr. & Miranda Jayne Harrison; h/o Mary Catherine Corbell


Milford Wilson "Mitt" Nichols: s/o Alexander Green Nichols & Caroline Jane "Margaret" Day; b. 1876, d. 1963.  Enlistment, Oath of Service, and Description-Ranger Force


Families & Allied Families


"Adventures of an Old Texas Ranger"        

Author:  James Wilson Nichols

Information from the original Journal Pages in Public Domain when purchased by the DRT Library - source: DRT Library

This Journal was published by the University of Texas Press - the book is not in the Public Domain - published as:

NOW YOU HEAR MY HORN - Journal of James Wilson Nichols

Anything placed here will be from the original manuscript under the title "Adventures Of An Old Texas Ranger"


James Wilson Nichols wrote a journal about the events of his life, and in his later years he took that journal and wrote a book that he titled "Adventures of an Old Texas Ranger".    The first two chapters were printed in a early publication (Frontier Times) before his death in 1891.  At his death, no Will was left by Jim Nichols.   No family member was designated as having copyright through inheritance, leaving James Wilson Nichols as the holder of the copyright on his original manuscript.


After the deaths of Jim and Mary Ann Nichols, his book was in the possession of their grandson, Hugh Allen Nichols and wife, Flora Chamberlain.  Unfortunately it was loaned out to others who wrote books with some of the information included, resulting in portions of the book never being returned.  In later years Flora Nichols allowed her grandchildren to read the remaining pages of the book.  It was their curiosity and interest in the book that resulted in Sylvia Peters taking the journal pages to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library in the belief that James Wilson Nichols was a defender of the Alamo.  His writings prove that he was not in Texas until December 16, 1836 ... after the fall of the Alamo.


Sylvia Peters sold the handwritten manuscript of his book and the buyer donated it to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library.  At the time the DRT Library obtained the manuscript it was so old it was already in the public domain.  Ultimately the pages were edited by Catherine McDowell (Mrs. McDowell worked at the DRT Library at the time) and it was published by the University of Texas Press as "Now You Hear My Horn - Journal of James Wilson Nichols".  I have reviewed the original pages and the editing of the McDowell work, finding some minor word phrasing not as written by James Nichols, but this is probably due to the difficulty in reading such an old manuscript in poor condition.


Some of Jim Nichols's original book was not published due to Ms. McDowell's opinion the material would be controversial.  Some of the chapters not published were short biographies of early Texas men of that era with whom Jim Nichols was personally acquainted.  It is unfortunate that some of his accounts of some of these men were not included as it presents a first hand account of such historical events.


The original pages of the manuscript is in public domain, but the book format is copyrighted by the DRT Library and they receive the royalties from the sale of the book "Now You Hear My Horn".


Later I will include some of the stories Jim Nichols wrote concerning his life in Arkansas and his years involved in the making of Texas history from 1836 until his death in 1891.



TEXAS MONTHLY-1891    (cont. - TEXAS MONTHLY story) 


Wounding of MILFORD DAY

James Milford Day was a brother-in-law to Jim Nichols.  He married Martha Hannah Nichols, May 2, 1838 in Gonzales Co., Texas


Capt. James H. Callahan

Written by James Wilson Nichols, it contains a short biography of Capt. James Callahan's move to Texas in 1836, his last service in the Texas Rangers as well as the incident that resulted in his death.


T.J. "Tim" CUDE

Link to: Tim Cude's story of his return from the Civil War

Link submitted by: Greg Stewart


Tim Cude's story about his service in the Civil War and his return to Texas

Tim Cude was the son of:

William A. "Billy" Cude, Jr., b. 1801 Granger Co., TN; d. 1847 Montgomery Co., TX

Lydia Ellen "Lillie" Winters, b. 1822 Giles Co., TN; d. 1901 Live Oak Co., TX


From book entitled: True Tales of the South at War
Collected and Edited by Clarence Poe
"No picture of the war could be complete unless it included the father and mother of the son in uniform - often waiting, waiting for a too-long-delayed return. Sometimes the soldier had never learned to write and so depended on some oral message, possibly lost in transmission. At any rate not a few soldier's far from home returned months after - and in some cases a year or so after the war - with no advance word to wife or parents. With charm and authenticity Dr. J. Frank Dobie of the University of Texas here revealed what war meant to one such waiting couple in pioneer Texas cattle country - a true story sent for special inclusion in this volume."

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Donald Ottinger's Website

Surnames:  Ottinger, McDoniel, Nichols, & their allied families

Donald has pictures from an old Nichols Photo Album on his website.  Don't miss looking to see if you can help identify those that have not been identified.


Claire Ortiz Hill's Website

Claire has her Nichols connection on this website.  Her line is: Solomon Grundy Nichols b.1813 TN>   Milford Riley Nichols> Milford Lee Nichols> Lorena Geneva Nichols> Milford Lee Hill


Joan Coffey's Website

Malinda Nichols b.1873, dau. of James Marion Nichols (son of James Wilson Nichols) and Mary Marshall, married Robert Milam Johnson.  Joan has records of: Johnson, Coffee, Dobbs, Byrds, Spence, Orange, Tune & Jones families with many pictures.


Sowell Information

George W. Nichols married the widow Rachel Sarah Carpenter-Sowell (ended in divorce); Elizabeth Nichols b.1840 married John Newton Sowell, Jr.; Milford Riley "Mitt" Nichols b.1876 married Isabel Graham Sowell.


Milford Riley Nichols & Isabel Graham Sowell

Family in Garza Co., TX

Nichols, Daniell, Lester, Hill, Blake


DNA Testing - NICHOLS and variant spelling

If you are a Nichols male from this line... please consider DNA testing.  Some of us believe this Nichols line to be directly linked with another Nichols line in the same area in Texas with same given names.  Go to the above link for information on the testing and results of other tests.  We have exhausted the records searches, now this will be the only way to connect the two lines.


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