England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915


    1. , Ann Jane [I0681]
    2. According to LDS there were two burials in 1850 in Stourmouth for men called John Spain. One on 6th Feb one on 5th Dec, it is likely one of them is this John Spain since Stourmouth is a small village. [E1313]
    3. Adams, Elizabeth [I0688]
    4. Andrews, Ann [I0074]
    5. Apoplexy [E2137]
    6. Apr/May/Jun [E2225]
    7. Apr/May/Jun [E2224]
    8. Apr/May/Jun [E2227]
    9. Bennett, William [I0189]
    10. Birth of , Ann Jane [E1795]
    11. Birth of BROOKER, Johanna [E2611]
    12. Birth of Bennett, William [E0480]
    13. Birth of COLEMAN, Charlotte [E0757]
    14. Birth of COWELL, Troward [E2136]
    15. Birth of COWELL, Troward [E2398]
    16. Birth of CROW, Sarah [E0990]
    17. Birth of CULMER, Charles [E2191]
    18. Birth of CULMER, Emma [E1707]
    19. Birth of CULMER, John [E1291]
    20. Birth of Coleman, Henry [E2255]
    21. Birth of Crow, Peter [E2746]
    22. Birth of DALE, Edward [E1228]
    23. Birth of Dale, George [E2106]
    24. Birth of HORN, John [E0148]
    25. Birth of HORN, Thomas [E0252]
    26. Birth of Horn, William [E2787]
    27. Birth of Horne, Ernest John [E1965]
    28. Birth of Horne, Isaac George [E0999]
    29. Birth of Knowler, William John [E2230]
    30. Birth of LAWRENCE, William [E0654]
    31. Birth of Laurence, Walter Charles [E1223]
    32. Birth of MEASDAY, Mary [E0645]
    33. Birth of MOUNT, Abraham [E1137]
    34. Birth of MOUNT, Elizabeth Ann [E1194]
    35. Birth of Mount, Elizabeth [E1358]
    36. Birth of PAGE, Caroline Bromley [E1969]
    37. Birth of POYSDEN, Esther [E0516]
    38. Birth of SPAIN, Sarah [E0875]
    39. Birth of TUTT, Jane [E1156]
    40. Birth of WARNER, Elizabeth Ann [E2302]
    41. Born 1796 according to baptism record [E1437]
    42. Bronchitis [E0877]
    43. Brooker, Johanna [I1005]
    44. Chronic cystitis, mortis paraplegia, mortis exhaustion [E1141]
    45. Chronic heart disease [E1158]
    46. Coleman, Charlotte [I0287]
    47. Coleman, Henry [I0876]
    48. Colyer, George [I0789]
    49. Cowell, Troward [I0928]
    50. Cowell, Troward [I0823]
    51. Cowell, William Castle [I0766]
    52. Crow, Peter [I1064]
    53. Crow, Sarah [I0367]
    54. Culmer, Charles [I0846]
    55. Culmer, Daniel [I0108]
    56. Culmer, Emma [I0648]
    57. Culmer, John [I0337]
    58. Culmer, John [I0494]
    59. Dale, Edward [I0463]
    60. Dale, George [I0817]
    61. Death of , Ann Jane [E1797]
    62. Death of Andrews, Ann [E0169]
    63. Death of Bennett, William [E0482]
    64. Death of CROW, Sarah [E0994]
    65. Death of CULMER, John [E0907]
    66. Death of Coleman, Henry [E2258]
    67. Death of Cowell, William Castle [E1990]
    68. Death of Crow, Peter [E2748]
    69. Death of Culmer, Daniel [E0276]
    70. Death of Dale, George [E2112]
    71. Death of Fairbrass, William [E1091]
    72. Death of HARRISON, Mary [E0925]
    73. Death of HAWKES, Sarah Anne [E0970]
    74. Death of Horne, Ernest John [E1966]
    75. Death of Horne, Isaac George [E1001]
    76. Death of Knowler, William John [E2231]
    77. Death of Laurence, Walter Charles [E1225]
    78. Death of MEASDAY, Mary [E0649]
    79. Death of MOUNT, Thomas [E1005]
    80. Death of Minnis, Robert [E0479]
    81. Death of Mount, Elizabeth [E1360]
    82. Death of Mount, James [E0708]
    83. Death of NETHERSELL, Hannah [E1434]
    84. Death of Newport, Catherine [E1214]
    85. Death of Peters, Benedicta [E0404]
    86. Death of Poysden, Anna Maria [E2078]
    87. Death of SPRATT, James [E0438]
    88. Death of TUTT, James [E0615]
    89. Died of natural causes at Kent at Canterbury Hospital [E2195]
    90. Fairbrass, William [I0405]
    91. Harrison, Mary [I0343]
    92. Hawkes, Sarah Anne [I0362]
    93. Heart disease and senile decay [E1971]
    94. Heart failure and bronchitis. Death certificate says aged 64, but I believe that is a mistake, it should read 74. [E2615]
    95. Horn, John [I0071]
    96. Horn, Thomas [I0103]
    97. Horn, William [I1080]
    98. Horne, Ernest John [I0756]
    99. Horne, Isaac George [I0369]
    100. Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) [E0915]
    101. Inflammation of the lungs/St. Nicholas At Wade, Kent, England [E1692]
    102. Influenza, pneumonia, pleurisy [E0521]
    103. Jan/Feb/Mar [E2047]
    104. Jan/Feb/Mar [E2226]
    105. Jan/Feb/Mar [E2790]
    106. Jul/Aug/Sep. What was she doing in Rochester? Yes this is the same person, according to the burial record at Monkton. [E1809]
    107. Knowler, Edith May [I0861]
    108. Knowler, Ruth Adelaide [I0862]
    109. Knowler, William John [I0864]
    110. Laurence, Walter Charles [I0462]
    111. Lawrence, William [I0249]
    112. Measday, Mary [I0248]
    113. Minnis, Robert [I0188]
    114. Morbis Cordis [E0659]
    115. Mount, Abraham [I0429]
    116. Mount, Elizabeth [I0512]
    117. Mount, Elizabeth Ann [I0454]
    118. Mount, James [I0266]
    119. Mount, Thomas [I0372]
    120. Nethersell, Hannah [I0546]
    121. Newport, Catherine [I0459]
    122. Old Age [E0514]
    123. Old age [E0152]
    124. Page, Caroline Bromley [I0757]
    125. Peters, Benedicta [I0164]
    126. Plithisis [E1708]
    127. Poysden, Anna Maria [I0803]
    128. Poysden, Esther [I0204]
    129. Pre-eclampsia followed by a coma. [E1197]
    130. Scott, Mary [I0203]
    131. Senile Decay [E0257]
    132. Senile decay and bronchitis [E1231]
    133. Senile decay; chronic bronchitis/heart failure [E2401]
    134. Senility, arterio-sclerosis, syncope [E2305]
    135. Shock from burns [E0759]
    136. Sole Street. Senile decay [E1440]
    137. Spain, John [I0498]
    138. Spain, Sarah [I0323]
    139. Spratt, James [I0177]
    140. Spratt, William [I0642]
    141. St. Nicholas At Wade, Kent, England [E0434]
    142. Stomach Cancer [E1294]
    143. Tutt, Edmund Thomas [I0340]
    144. Tutt, James [I0231]
    145. Tutt, Jane [I0438]
    146. Warner, Elizabeth Ann [I0895]
    147. Warner, Isaac [I0547]