1911 England Census


    1. 10 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence [E1029]
    2. Age in 1911: 44; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head: Head [E2378]
    3. Age in 1911: 44; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head: Wife [E0571]
    4. All Saints Church, Westbrook [E3004]
    5. Amos, William Austin [I0039]
    6. Austen, Fanny [I0106]
    7. Bennett, Sarah Rebecca [I0073]
    8. Birth of Amos, William Austin [E0076]
    9. Birth of Austen, Fanny [E0265]
    10. Birth of BENNETT, Sarah Rebecca [E0154]
    11. Birth of COLYER, Mary Ann [E1576]
    12. Birth of COWELL, James Frederick [E2383]
    13. Birth of COWELL, John [E1095]
    14. Birth of COWELL, Troward [E2398]
    15. Birth of Cowell, Albert John [E0315]
    16. Birth of Cowell, Charles Percy [E0306]
    17. Birth of Cowell, Edith Eliza [E0843]
    18. Birth of Cowell, Frederick James [E2268]
    19. Birth of Culmer, Charles [E2237]
    20. Birth of DALE, Sophia [E2461]
    21. Birth of Dale, Esther [E2525]
    22. Birth of Dale, Sarah Ann [E2553]
    23. Birth of EDWARDS, Johanna Brooker [E0778]
    24. Birth of Foord, Jane [E1400]
    25. Birth of Fordham, Clara Louisa [E2480]
    26. Birth of Fordham, John Henry [E2020]
    27. Birth of HORN, Charles [E0835]
    28. Birth of HORNE, Isaac [E1648]
    29. Birth of Horne, Charles Henry [E0663]
    30. Birth of Knowler, Thomas William [E2374]
    31. Birth of LAWRENCE, James [E2025]
    32. Birth of Lawrence, Edward James S [E2360]
    33. Birth of Lawrence, Elizabeth [E0928]
    34. Birth of Rowland, Maria Elizabeth [E0748]
    35. Birth of Russell, Elizabeth Ellen [E1203]
    36. Birth of SPRATT, John [E2496]
    37. Birth of SPRATT, May [E1410]
    38. Birth of Spratt, Amy [E1584]
    39. Birth of Spratt, Ella [E2675]
    40. Birth of Stockbridge, Lucy [E2690]
    41. Birth of Verrall, Ernest Charles [E1371]
    42. Colyer, Mary Ann [I0598]
    43. Cowell, Albert John [I0128]
    44. Cowell, Charles John [I0192]
    45. Cowell, Charles Percy [I0127]
    46. Cowell, Edith Eliza [I0312]
    47. Cowell, Frederick James [I0879]
    48. Cowell, James Frederick [I0923]
    49. Cowell, John [I0409]
    50. Cowell, Troward [I0928]
    51. Culmer, Charles [I0868]
    52. Dale, Esther [I0975]
    53. Dale, Sarah Ann [I0988]
    54. Dale, Sophia [I0953]
    55. Edwards, Johanna Brooker [I0293]
    56. Elder Cottage, Northdown Road [E1072]
    57. Foord, Jane [I0534]
    58. Fordham, Clara Louisa [I0956]
    59. Fordham, John Henry [I0781]
    60. Horn, Caroline [I0399]
    61. Horn, Charles [I0311]
    62. Horne, Charles Henry [I0251]
    63. Horne, Isaac [I0628]
    64. Jan/Feb/Mar [E1069]
    65. Knowler, Thomas William [I0919]
    66. Lawrence, Edward James S [I0915]
    67. Lawrence, Elizabeth [I0345]
    68. Lawrence, Emily Jane [I0383]
    69. Lawrence, James [I0783]
    70. Lawrence, Jane [I0220]
    71. Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head [E2030]
    72. Marriage of Cowell, Charles Percy and Russell, Elizabeth Ellen [E2860]
    73. Marriage of Horne, Charles Henry and Spratt, Amy [E2905]
    74. Marriage of Knowler, Thomas William and Lawrence, Jane [E3083]
    75. Marriage of Lawrence, Elizabeth [E3157]
    76. Married at Thanet Registry Office [E3084]
    77. Married in Wingham Parish Church [E3088]
    78. Residence of Amos, William Austin [E0077]
    79. Residence of Austen, Fanny [E0266]
    80. Residence of BENNETT, Sarah Rebecca [E0155]
    81. Residence of COLYER, Mary Ann [E1577]
    82. Residence of COWELL, James Frederick [E2384]
    83. Residence of COWELL, John [E1096]
    84. Residence of COWELL, Troward [E2399]
    85. Residence of Cowell, Albert John [E0316]
    86. Residence of Cowell, Charles John [E0491]
    87. Residence of Cowell, Charles Percy [E0310]
    88. Residence of Cowell, Charles Percy [E0307]
    89. Residence of Cowell, Edith Eliza [E0844]
    90. Residence of Cowell, Frederick James [E2269]
    91. Residence of Culmer, Charles [E2238]
    92. Residence of DALE, Sophia [E2462]
    93. Residence of Dale, Esther [E2526]
    94. Residence of Dale, Sarah Ann [E2554]
    95. Residence of EDWARDS, Johanna Brooker [E0782]
    96. Residence of Fordham, Clara Louisa [E2482]
    97. Residence of Fordham, John Henry [E2021]
    98. Residence of HORN, Charles [E0840]
    99. Residence of HORNE, Isaac [E1649]
    100. Residence of Horne, Charles Henry [E0664]
    101. Residence of LAWRENCE, Emily Jane [E1030]
    102. Residence of Lawrence, Edward James S [E2361]
    103. Residence of Lawrence, Elizabeth [E0932]
    104. Residence of Rowland, Maria Elizabeth [E0749]
    105. Residence of Russell, Elizabeth Ellen [E1206]
    106. Residence of Russell, Elizabeth Ellen [E1204]
    107. Residence of SPRATT, John [E2497]
    108. Residence of SPRATT, May [E1411]
    109. Residence of Spratt, Amy [E1585]
    110. Residence of Spratt, Ella [E2676]
    111. Residence of Stockbridge, Lucy [E2694]
    112. Residence of Verrall, Ernest Charles [E1372]
    113. Rowland, Maria Elizabeth [I0283]
    114. Russell, Elizabeth Ellen [I0456]
    115. Spratt, Amy [I0599]
    116. Spratt, Ella [I1030]
    117. Spratt, John [I0962]
    118. Spratt, May [I0536]
    119. St Mildreds [E2861]
    120. St. Lawrence [E0490]
    121. St. Lawrence [E0567]
    122. Stockbridge, Lucy [I1036]
    123. Verrall, Ernest Charles [I0520]