England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941


    1. Cowell, Charles John [I0192]
    2. Cowell, John [I0409]
    3. Culmer, Daniel [I0108]
    4. Custom of Dale, George [E2111]
    5. Dale, George [I0817]
    6. Dale, Sarah Ann [I0988]
    7. Dale, Sophia [I0953]
    8. Death of Culmer, Daniel [E0276]
    9. Death of Dale, George [E2112]
    10. Death of Dale, Sarah Ann [E2555]
    11. Death of HORNE, Isaac [E1651]
    12. Death of Horne, Charles Henry [E0665]
    13. Death of Horne, Gladys Jane [E0834]
    14. Death of Hudson, William Charles [E2458]
    15. Death of Lassett, Annie Maria [E1768]
    16. Death of Maxted, Doris Annie Minnie [E2152]
    17. Death of Mount, James [E0708]
    18. Death of Newport, Catherine [E1214]
    19. Death of Smith, Ellen Elizabeth [E1830]
    20. Death of Stockbridge, Lucy [E2691]
    21. Horne, Charles Henry [I0251]
    22. Horne, Gladys Jane [I0310]
    23. Horne, Isaac [I0628]
    24. Hudson, William Charles [I0951]
    25. Lassett, Annie Maria [I0671]
    26. Lawrence, William [I0249]
    27. Living at 73 Monkton Road, Minster, Thanet, Kent, England. Value of estate £681:13:0. [E0492]
    28. Maxted, Doris Annie Minnie [I0827]
    29. Morbis Cordis [E0659]
    30. Morbus Cordis (i.e. reason unknown - likely heart failure due to old age) [E2463]
    31. Mount, James [I0266]
    32. Newport, Catherine [I0459]
    33. Smith, Ellen Elizabeth [I0699]
    34. Stockbridge, Lucy [I1036]
    35. Unmarked grave in Minster Cemetery. Cerebral haemorrhage. Value of estate £136:12:11. [E1098]