England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915


  1. England and Wales, Death Index: 1837-1915
    1. Birth of Dale, Henry [E2281]
    2. Birth of Dale, John [E2144]
    3. Birth of Dale, Sophia [E1780]
    4. Birth of Deal, William [E0538]
    5. Birth of Downey, Mary Jane [E2313]
    6. Birth of Knowler, Thomas William [E2374]
    7. Birth of Stupple, Thomas [E1569]
    8. Dale, Henry [I0883]
    9. Dale, John [I0825]
    10. Dale, Sophia [I0676]
    11. Deal, William [I0211]
    12. Death of Dale, Henry [E2282]
    13. Death of Dale, John [E2146]
    14. Death of Dale, Sophia [E1782]
    15. Death of Deal, William [E0540]
    16. Death of Downey, Mary Jane [E2315]
    17. Death of Knowler, Thomas William [E2376]
    18. Death of Pope, John Isaac [E2267]
    19. Death of Stupple, Thomas [E1571]
    20. Death of Tutt, William [E2070]
    21. Downey, Mary Jane [I0897]
    22. Knowler, Thomas William [I0919]
    23. Pope, John Isaac [I0878]
    24. Stupple, Thomas [I0595]
    25. Tutt, William [I0799]