1901 England Census


  1. Class: RG13; Piece: 833; Folio: 6; Page: 4.
    1. 10 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence [E1029]
    2. Birth of Fordham, Clara Louisa [E2480]
    3. Birth of Fordham, Gertrude Alice [E1339]
    4. Birth of Fordham, John Henry [E2020]
    5. Birth of LAWRENCE, James [E2025]
    6. Birth of Lawrence, Elizabeth Annie [E2684]
    7. Fordham, Clara Louisa [I0956]
    8. Fordham, Gertrude Alice [I0506]
    9. Fordham, John Henry [I0781]
    10. Lawrence, Elizabeth Annie [I1034]
    11. Lawrence, Emily Jane [I0383]
    12. Lawrence, James [I0783]
    13. Relation to Head of House: Head [E2026]
    14. Residence of Fordham, Clara Louisa [E2481]
    15. Residence of Fordham, Gertrude Alice [E1340]
    16. Residence of LAWRENCE, Emily Jane [E1034]
    17. Residence of Lawrence, Elizabeth Annie [E2686]