Folkestone, Kent, England

Gramps ID P0019


  1. Andrews, Ann [I0074]
  2. Bennett, William [I0189]
  3. Family of Bennett, William [F0441]
  4. Family of Peters, Henry and Standing, Mary [F0155]
  5. Family of Peters, William and Andrews, Ann [F0113]
  6. Family of Pope, John Isaac and Peters, Benedicta [F0304]
  7. Family of Tutt, Edmund and Page, Caroline Bromley [F0006]
  8. Jancock, Bartholomew [I0791]
  9. Jancock, Nicholas [I0684]
  10. Minnis, Robert [I0188]
  11. Page, Caroline Bromley [I0757]
  12. Peters, Benedicta [I0164]
  13. Peters, Charles [I1047]
  14. Peters, Elizabeth [I0772]
  15. Peters, Henry [I0426]
  16. Peters, William [I0308]
  17. Pope, John Isaac [I0878]
  18. Scott, Mary [I0203]
  19. Standing, Mary [I0748]
  20. Tutt, Edmund [I0020]