Culmer, Edward

Birth Name Culmer, Edward
Gramps ID I0261
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0692] about 1823 Kent, England Birth of Culmer, Edward
Baptism [E0693] 1823-03-05 Stourmouth, Kent, England KFHS CD02/07. All Saints Church.


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Culmer, John [I0821]
Mother Hawkes, Sarah Anne [I0362]
    Brother     Culmer, John [I0494]
    Brother     Culmer, Charles [I0983]
    Sister     Culmer, Sarah [I0849]
    Brother     Culmer, George [I0116]
    Brother     Culmer, Daniel [I0108]
    Sister     Culmer, Elizabeth Davison [I0025]
    Sister     Culmer, Frances [I0273]
         Culmer, Edward [I0261]


  1. Culmer, John [I0821]
    1. Hawkes, Sarah Anne [I0362]
      1. Culmer, John [I0494]
      2. Culmer, Elizabeth Davison [I0025]
      3. Culmer, Frances [I0273]
      4. Culmer, Daniel [I0108]
      5. Culmer, Sarah [I0849]
      6. Culmer, George [I0116]
      7. Culmer, Charles [I0983]
      8. Culmer, Edward