Kent, England, Tyler Index to Parish Registers, 1538-1874

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Publication information Name: Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors.Original data - Frank Watt Tyler. The Tyler Collection. Canterbury, Kent, England: The Institute of Herald;


    1. , Alice [I0213]
    2. Adams, Mildred [I0802]
    3. Age: 0 [E2433]
    4. Age: 34 [E1077]
    5. Aged 69 at burial [E1021]
    6. Austin, Margaret [I0812]
    7. Baptism of BURGET, Catherine [E1189]
    8. Baptism of Gurney, Thomas [E1951]
    9. Baptism of HAWKES, Sarah Anne [E0967]
    10. Baptism of Harnet, Richard [E1421]
    11. Baptism of Hawkes, Luke [E2705]
    12. Baptism of MOUNT, John [E1023]
    13. Baptism of MOUNT, Thomas [E1003]
    14. Baptism of Mount, Ann [E2165]
    15. Baptism of Mount, Maria [E1175]
    16. Baptism of Mount, Mary [E1544]
    17. Baptism of Mount, William [E0139]
    18. Baptism of NEAME, Jane [E1064]
    19. Baptism of TOMLIN, Geoffrey [E0535]
    20. Bean, William [I0508]
    21. Bedingfield, Alice [I0176]
    22. Bedingfield, Clement [I0086]
    23. Bedingfield, William [I0852]
    24. Birth of ADAMS, Mildred [E2073]
    25. Birth of BURGET, Catherine [E1188]
    26. Birth of CULMER, John [E2124]
    27. Birth of Culmer, Daniel [E0273]
    28. Birth of Culmer, Elizabeth Davison [E0053]
    29. Birth of Culmer, Frances [E0721]
    30. Birth of Culmer, Sarah [E2204]
    31. Birth of Gurney, Thomas [E1950]
    32. Birth of HARRISON, Mary [E0923]
    33. Birth of HAWKES, Luke [E0096]
    34. Birth of HAWKES, Sarah Anne [E0968]
    35. Birth of HUGHES, Mary [E1756]
    36. Birth of Harnet, Richard [E1420]
    37. Birth of Hawkes, Luke [E2703]
    38. Birth of MARSH, John [E0953]
    39. Birth of MOUNT, John [E1298]
    40. Birth of MOUNT, Thomas [E1002]
    41. Birth of Mount, Ann [E2164]
    42. Birth of Mount, Margaret [E1461]
    43. Birth of Mount, Maria [E1174]
    44. Birth of Mount, William [E0138]
    45. Birth of NEAME, Jane [E1063]
    46. Birth of SKINNER, Thomas [E2432]
    47. Birth of SPAIN, Sarah [E0875]
    48. Birth of TOMLIN, Geoffrey [E0536]
    49. Brawner, Mary [I0778]
    50. Bridgman, John [I0746]
    51. Bronchitis [E0877]
    52. Burget, Catherine [I0451]
    53. Burial of AUSTIN, Margaret [E2092]
    54. Burial of BRAWNER, Mary [E2014]
    55. Burial of Bean, William [E1345]
    56. Burial of Culmer, Daniel [E1516]
    57. Burial of HAWKES, Luke [E0097]
    58. Burial of Hawkes, Elizabeth [E0751]
    59. Burial of Mount, Margaret [E1462]
    60. Burial of Neame, Richard [E2650]
    61. Burial of Neame, Willyam [E0530]
    62. Burial of Plat, Mary [E1147]
    63. Burial of TWYMAN, Margaret [E0619]
    64. Burial of UNDERDOWN, Mary [E0986]
    65. Burial of Witherden, Geo [E1254]
    66. Burial of Witherden, Robert [E1417]
    67. Capel Le Ferne, Kent, England [E3155]
    68. Castle, Richard [I0319]
    69. Castle, Thomas [I0277]
    70. Castle, Thomas [I0834]
    71. Christening of HUGHES, Mary [E1757]
    72. Christening of HUGHES, Mary [E1762]
    73. Christening of HUGHES, Mary [E1761]
    74. Christening of HUGHES, Mary [E1760]
    75. Christening of HUGHES, Mary [E1759]
    76. Christening of MARSH, John [E0954]
    77. Christening of MOUNT, John [E1299]
    78. Cowell, Jane [I0018]
    79. Culmer, Daniel [I0108]
    80. Culmer, Daniel [I0572]
    81. Culmer, Elizabeth Davison [I0025]
    82. Culmer, Frances [I0273]
    83. Culmer, George [I0616]
    84. Culmer, John [I0337]
    85. Culmer, John [I0821]
    86. Culmer, Sarah [I0849]
    87. Death of , Alice [E0550]
    88. Death of ADAMS, Mildred [E2075]
    89. Death of AUSTIN, Margaret [E2093]
    90. Death of BEDINGFIELD, Clement [E0216]
    91. Death of BEDINGFIELD, William [E2208]
    92. Death of BRAWNER, Mary [E2016]
    93. Death of BRIDGMAN, John [E1942]
    94. Death of Bean, William [E1347]
    95. Death of CULMER, John [E2127]
    96. Death of Culmer, Daniel [E1518]
    97. Death of Culmer, George [E1619]
    98. Death of HAWKES, Luke [E0098]
    99. Death of HAWKES, William [E2647]
    100. Death of Hawkes, Elizabeth [E0752]
    101. Death of Hawkes, John [E0238]
    102. Death of Hawkes, Luke [E2706]
    103. Death of Mount, Margaret [E1464]
    104. Death of NEAME, Henry [E0427]
    105. Death of Neame, John [E0936]
    106. Death of Neame, Richard [E2653]
    107. Death of Neame, Willyam [E0531]
    108. Death of Plat, Mary [E1148]
    109. Death of TWYMAN, Margaret [E0621]
    110. Death of Tucker, Benedicta [E2160]
    111. Death of UNDERDOWN, Mary [E0989]
    112. Death of WOOD, Sarah [E2290]
    113. Death of Witherden, Geo [E1257]
    114. Death of Witherden, Robert [E1419]
    115. Fordwich, Kent [E0237]
    116. Godden, Elizabeth [I0389]
    117. Gurney, Thomas [I0751]
    118. Harnet, Richard [I0539]
    119. Harnet, Sarah [I0855]
    120. Harnett, Elizabeth [I0400]
    121. Harrison, Mary [I0343]
    122. Harrison, Thomas [I0941]
    123. Hawkes, Elizabeth [I0284]
    124. Hawkes, John [I0094]
    125. Hawkes, Luke [I1043]
    126. Hawkes, Luke [I0044]
    127. Hawkes, Sarah Anne [I0362]
    128. Hawkes, William [I1016]
    129. Hughes, Mary [I0668]
    130. KFHS CD02/07 [E2203]
    131. KFHS CD02/07 [E0275]
    132. KFHS CD02/07 [E0054]
    133. KFHS CD02/07 [E0722]
    134. Lamb, Margaret [I0669]
    135. Marriage of CASTLE, Richard and TOMLING, Elizabeth [E2928]
    136. Marriage of CASTLE, Thomas and BEDINGFIELD, Alice [E3057]
    137. Marriage of CULMER, John and ADAMS, Mildred [E2932]
    138. Marriage of Gurney, Thomas and Cowell, Jane [E3028]
    139. Marriage of HARRISON, Thomas and Nash, Catherine [E3093]
    140. Marriage of HAWKES, William and GODDEN, Elizabeth [E3120]
    141. Marriage of MOUNT, John and LAMB, Margaret [E2945]
    142. Marriage of TOMLING, Elizabeth [E3139]
    143. Marriage of TROWARD, Edward and Harnet, Sarah [E2933]
    144. Marriage of WARNER, Edward and WITHERDEN, Hannah [E2838]
    145. Marriage of Wales, Simon and Wildbore, Mary [E2930]
    146. Marsh, John [I0354]
    147. Marsh, Richard [I0333]
    148. Mount, Ann [I0833]
    149. Mount, John [I0495]
    150. Mount, John [I0380]
    151. Mount, Margaret [I0556]
    152. Mount, Maria [I0443]
    153. Mount, Mary [I0584]
    154. Mount, Thomas [I0372]
    155. Mount, William [I0068]
    156. Nash, Catherine [I0135]
    157. Neame, Henry [I0174]
    158. Neame, Jane [I0397]
    159. Neame, John [I0346]
    160. Neame, Richard [I1019]
    161. Neame, Willyam [I0207]
    162. Newport, William [I0578]
    163. Plat, Mary [I0433]
    164. Skinner, Thomas [I0937]
    165. Spain, Sarah [I0323]
    166. Tomlin, Geoffrey [I0210]
    167. Tomling, Elizabeth [I0035]
    168. Troward, Edward [I0344]
    169. Tucker, Benedicta [I0831]
    170. Twyman, Margaret [I0234]
    171. Underdown, Mary [I0366]
    172. Wales, Simon [I0332]
    173. Warner, Edward [I0042]
    174. Wildbore, Mary [I0052]
    175. Witherden, Geo [I0474]
    176. Witherden, Hannah [I0654]
    177. Witherden, Robert [I0538]
    178. Wood, Sarah [I0886]
  1. Kent, England, Tyler Index to Parish Registers, 1538-1874
    1. Birth of CULMER, John [E1291]
    2. Birth of Coleman, Henry [E2255]
    3. Birth of Culmer, Daniel [E2004]
    4. Birth of Culmer, Daniel [E2327]
    5. Christening of Culmer, Daniel [E2326]
    6. Coleman, Henry [I0876]
    7. Culmer, Daniel [I0902]
    8. Culmer, Daniel [I0774]
    9. Culmer, John [I0494]
    10. Death of Coleman, Henry [E2258]
    11. Death of Culmer, Daniel [E2007]
    12. Death of SPRATT, James [E0438]
    13. Spratt, James [I0177]
    14. St. Nicholas At Wade, Kent, England [E0434]
  2. Tyler page 298
    1. Burial of WOOD, Sarah [E2288]
    2. Wood, Sarah [I0886]