Millennium File

Gramps ID S0003
Author Heritage Consulting
Publication information Name: Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2003.Original data - Heritage Consulting. The Millennium File. Salt Lake City, UT, USA: Heritage Consulting.Original data: Heritage Consulting. The Millennium File. Salt Lake City, UT, USA;


    1. Age: 34 [E1076]
    2. Age: 34 [E1077]
    3. Baptism of Kirby, Hannah [E1191]
    4. Baptism of Kirby, Thomas [E1380]
    5. Baptism of Kirby, Thomas [E0339]
    6. Baptism of SAMPSON, Martha White [E1350]
    7. Baptism of TOMLIN, Geoffrey [E0535]
    8. Baptism of TOMLIN, John [E2512]
    9. Baptism of Tomlin, Hannah [E1906]
    10. Baptism of UNDERDOWN, Mary [E0987]
    11. Baptism of Underdown, Vincent [E2660]
    12. Baptism of White, John [E2656]
    13. Baptism of White, Richard [E1685]
    14. Baptism of Witherden, Geo [E1255]
    15. Baptism of Witherden, Robert [E1416]
    16. Birth of Clarke, Sarah [E1144]
    17. Birth of Coppin, Margery [E1430]
    18. Birth of Estice, Phillis [E1087]
    19. Birth of HARNETT, Elizabeth [E1075]
    20. Birth of Plat, Mary [E1146]
    21. Birth of Underdown, Richard [E1060]
    22. Birth of Westall, Margaret Mary [E1458]
    23. Birth of Witherden, George [E2390]
    24. Birth of Witherden, Isaac [E1939]
    25. Burial of Kirby, Thomas [E1381]
    26. Burial of TOMLIN, John [E2513]
    27. Burial of Underdown, Vincent [E2661]
    28. Clarke, Sarah [I0432]
    29. Coppin, Margery [I0545]
    30. Death of Kirby, Thomas [E1383]
    31. Death of TOMLIN, John [E2515]
    32. Death of Underdown, Vincent [E2663]
    33. Estice, Phillis [I0404]
    34. Harnett, Elizabeth [I0400]
    35. Kirby, Hannah [I0452]
    36. Kirby, Thomas [I0523]
    37. Kirby, Thomas [I0137]
    38. Marriage of Kirby, Thomas and Pannell, Jane [E2864]
    39. Marriage of TOMLIN, Geoffrey and HARNETT, Elizabeth [E2891]
    40. Marriage of Underdown, Vincent and Estice, Phillis [E3124]
    41. Marriage of White, John and Westall, Margaret Mary [E3122]
    42. Marriage of Witherden, Geo and Plat, Mary [E2967]
    43. Marriage of Witherden, Robert and SAMPSON, Martha White [E2984]
    44. Pannell, Jane [I1049]
    45. Plat, Mary [I0433]
    46. Sampson, Martha White [I0510]
    47. St. John's [E2715]
    48. Tomlin, Geoffrey [I0210]
    49. Tomlin, Hannah [I0729]
    50. Tomlin, John [I0967]
    51. Underdown, Mary [I0366]
    52. Underdown, Richard [I0394]
    53. Underdown, Vincent [I1023]
    54. Westall, Margaret Mary [I0554]
    55. White, John [I1021]
    56. White, Richard [I0640]
    57. Witherden, Geo [I0474]
    58. Witherden, George [I0924]
    59. Witherden, Isaac [I0745]
    60. Witherden, Robert [I0538]
  1. Film 1737004
    1. Burial of COWELL, John [E2298]
    2. Cowell, John [I0893]