England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915

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Publication information Name: Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006.Original data - General Register Office. England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes. London, England: General Register Office. © Crown copyright. Published by permission of the Cont;


    1. 10 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence [E1029]
    2. 4 Cross Street [E0099]
    3. Amos, William Austin [I0039]
    4. Apr/May/Jun [E2224]
    5. Austen, Fanny [I0106]
    6. Baldock, Winifred Alice [I1009]
    7. Beckett, George Henry [I0555]
    8. Bennett, George [I0663]
    9. Bennett, Mary [I0175]
    10. Bennett, Samuel [I0077]
    11. Birth of Amos, William Austin [E0076]
    12. Birth of Austen, Fanny [E0265]
    13. Birth of Baldock, Winifred Alice [E2631]
    14. Birth of Beckett, George Henry [E1459]
    15. Birth of Bennett, George [E1748]
    16. Birth of Bennett, Mary [E0429]
    17. Birth of Bennett, Samuel [E0175]
    18. Birth of COWELL, James Frederick [E2383]
    19. Birth of COWELL, John [E1095]
    20. Birth of CULMER, Emma [E1707]
    21. Birth of Cowell, Charles Percy [E0306]
    22. Birth of Cowell, Edith Eliza [E0843]
    23. Birth of Cowell, Emily Edith [E2277]
    24. Birth of Cowell, Frederick James [E2268]
    25. Birth of Cowell, Henry Richard Stephen [E1927]
    26. Birth of Cowell, Jane [E1671]
    27. Birth of Cowell, John [E1662]
    28. Birth of Cowell, Rose Mary [E2776]
    29. Birth of Cowell, Troward [E2772]
    30. Birth of Culmer, Ann [E0587]
    31. Birth of Culmer, Charles [E2237]
    32. Birth of Culmer, Elizabeth [E2243]
    33. Birth of Culmer, Frances [E1860]
    34. Birth of Culmer, George [E0958]
    35. Birth of Culmer, Henry [E0590]
    36. Birth of Culmer, Jane [E1352]
    37. Birth of Culmer, John [E1857]
    38. Birth of DALE, Sophia [E2461]
    39. Birth of Dale, George [E2568]
    40. Birth of Dale, Leonard [E0323]
    41. Birth of Dale, Sophia [E1780]
    42. Birth of Dale, William Thomas [E1036]
    43. Birth of Edwards, Stephen [E0464]
    44. Birth of Fordham, Clara Louisa [E2480]
    45. Birth of Fordham, Gertrude Alice [E1339]
    46. Birth of Fordham, John Henry [E2020]
    47. Birth of Gilbert, Albert Edward [E0207]
    48. Birth of Gill, Ernest Victor [E1483]
    49. Birth of HORN, Charles [E0835]
    50. Birth of HORNE, Isaac [E1648]
    51. Birth of Hobday, William Pitcher [E1993]
    52. Birth of Hodgman, Harry J [E1246]
    53. Birth of Horne, Charles Henry [E0663]
    54. Birth of Horne, Ellen Mary A [E1384]
    55. Birth of Horne, Hannah [E0682]
    56. Birth of Hougham, Emma [E2332]
    57. Birth of Knowler, Hannah Mary [E0573]
    58. Birth of Knowler, Mary Elizabeth [E0300]
    59. Birth of Knowler, William John [E2230]
    60. Birth of LAWRENCE, James [E2025]
    61. Birth of Lawrence, Edward James S [E2360]
    62. Birth of Lawrence, Elizabeth Annie [E2684]
    63. Birth of Lawrence, Lilian Florence [E0551]
    64. Birth of MOUNT, Elizabeth Ann [E1194]
    65. Birth of Marsh, Sidney Thomas [E0694]
    66. Birth of Maxted, Doris Annie Minnie [E2151]
    67. Birth of Mount, Edwin Henry [E2283]
    68. Birth of Mount, Mary A. [E2053]
    69. Birth of Rowland, Maria Elizabeth [E0748]
    70. Birth of Russell, Elizabeth Ellen [E1203]
    71. Birth of SPRATT, John [E2496]
    72. Birth of SPRATT, May [E1410]
    73. Birth of Spratt, Alfred [E1479]
    74. Birth of Spratt, Amy [E1584]
    75. Birth of Spratt, Eliza [E1851]
    76. Birth of Spratt, Ella [E2675]
    77. Birth of Spratt, Emma [E0790]
    78. Birth of Spratt, Mary [E1853]
    79. Birth of Spratt, William [E1473]
    80. Birth of Stockbridge, Lucy [E2690]
    81. Birth of Studham, Florence May [E0187]
    82. Birth of Stupple, Emily [E2172]
    83. Birth of Stupple, James [E0209]
    84. Birth of TUTT, Jane [E1156]
    85. Birth of Tutt, Caroline Bromley [E0126]
    86. Birth of Tutt, Edmund Thomas [E0914]
    87. Birth of Tutt, Eliza [E0195]
    88. Birth of Twyman, Caroline [E1726]
    89. Birth of Verrall, Ernest Charles [E1371]
    90. Birth of Wotton, Thomas [E2353]
    91. Chapman, Louisa [I0502]
    92. Cowell, Charles John [I0192]
    93. Cowell, Charles Percy [I0127]
    94. Cowell, Edith Eliza [I0312]
    95. Cowell, Emily Edith [I0882]
    96. Cowell, Frederick James [I0879]
    97. Cowell, Henry Richard Stephen [I0737]
    98. Cowell, James Frederick [I0923]
    99. Cowell, Jane [I0635]
    100. Cowell, John [I0409]
    101. Cowell, John [I0634]
    102. Cowell, Rose Mary [I1076]
    103. Cowell, Troward [I1074]
    104. Culmer, Ann [I0225]
    105. Culmer, Charles [I0868]
    106. Culmer, Elizabeth [I0869]
    107. Culmer, Emma [I0648]
    108. Culmer, Frances [I0712]
    109. Culmer, George [I0358]
    110. Culmer, Henry [I0226]
    111. Culmer, Jane [I0511]
    112. Culmer, John [I0711]
    113. Dale, George [I0991]
    114. Dale, Leonard [I0130]
    115. Dale, Sophia [I0676]
    116. Dale, Sophia [I0953]
    117. Dale, William Thomas [I0384]
    118. Edwards, Stephen [I0186]
    119. Fordham, Clara Louisa [I0956]
    120. Fordham, Gertrude Alice [I0506]
    121. Fordham, John Henry [I0781]
    122. Gilbert, Albert Edward [I0084]
    123. Gill, Ernest Victor [I0562]
    124. Hobday, William Pitcher [I0768]
    125. Hodgman, Harry J [I0471]
    126. Horn, Caroline [I0399]
    127. Horn, Charles [I0311]
    128. Horn, Elizabeth Alice [I0513]
    129. Horne, Charles Henry [I0251]
    130. Horne, Ellen Mary A [I0524]
    131. Horne, Hannah [I0257]
    132. Horne, Isaac [I0628]
    133. Hougham, Emma [I0904]
    134. Jan/Feb/Mar [E1327]
    135. Jan/Feb/Mar [E2226]
    136. Jan/Feb/Mar [E0562]
    137. Jan/Feb/Mar [E1069]
    138. Jul/Aug/Sep [E1362]
    139. Knowler, Edith May [I0861]
    140. Knowler, George Thomas Patrick [I1027]
    141. Knowler, Hannah Mary [I0221]
    142. Knowler, John [I0863]
    143. Knowler, Mary Elizabeth [I0124]
    144. Knowler, Ruth Adelaide [I0862]
    145. Knowler, Thomas William [I0219]
    146. Knowler, William John [I0864]
    147. Lawrence, Edward James S [I0915]
    148. Lawrence, Elizabeth Annie [I1034]
    149. Lawrence, Emily Jane [I0383]
    150. Lawrence, James [I0783]
    151. Lawrence, Lilian Florence [I0214]
    152. Little Britain [E2669]
    153. Marsh, Sidney Thomas [I0263]
    154. Maxted, Doris Annie Minnie [I0827]
    155. Mount, Edwin Henry [I0884]
    156. Mount, Elizabeth Ann [I0454]
    157. Mount, Mary A. [I0794]
    158. Rowland, Maria Elizabeth [I0283]
    159. Russell, Elizabeth Ellen [I0456]
    160. Spelman, Amelia Winifred [I0045]
    161. Spratt, Alfred [I0561]
    162. Spratt, Amy [I0599]
    163. Spratt, Eliza [I0709]
    164. Spratt, Ella [I1030]
    165. Spratt, Emma [I0295]
    166. Spratt, John [I0962]
    167. Spratt, Mary [I0710]
    168. Spratt, May [I0536]
    169. Spratt, William [I0560]
    170. St. Lawrence [E0490]
    171. St. Lawrence [E2228]
    172. Stockbridge, Lucy [I1036]
    173. Studham, Florence May [I0079]
    174. Stupple, Emily [I0837]
    175. Stupple, James [I0085]
    176. Tutt, Caroline Bromley [I0061]
    177. Tutt, Edmund Thomas [I0340]
    178. Tutt, Eliza [I0082]
    179. Tutt, Jane [I0438]
    180. Twyman, Caroline [I0657]
    181. Verrall, Ernest Charles [I0520]
    182. Wotton, Thomas [I0913]
  1. England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915
    1. Birth of Dale, Edward [E2561]
    2. Birth of Dale, Esther [E2525]
    3. Birth of Dale, Henry [E2281]
    4. Birth of Dale, Sarah Ann [E2553]
    5. Birth of Deal, William [E0538]
    6. Birth of Dennett, Ann [E1015]
    7. Birth of Downey, Mary Jane [E2313]
    8. Birth of Foord, Jane [E1400]
    9. Birth of Knowler, Thomas William [E2374]
    10. Birth of Tutt, Sarah Maria [E2643]
    11. Dale, Edward [I0989]
    12. Dale, Esther [I0975]
    13. Dale, Henry [I0883]
    14. Dale, Sarah Ann [I0988]
    15. Deal, William [I0211]
    16. Dennett, Ann [I0379]
    17. Downey, Mary Jane [I0897]
    18. Foord, Jane [I0534]
    19. Knowler, Thomas William [I0919]
    20. Tutt, Sarah Maria [I1015]