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In Mt. Carmel Community on George Pickeringļæ½s Farm
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We try to keep families grouped together. If someone's last name is listed, it means they have a separate headstone. If it is not listed, they are sharing a headstone with someone else. Sometimes children are on the same headstone as parents.
Since we do not personally know these families, if we aren't sure of a relationship we list who they are buried next to. Any help matching folks with their relatives will be greatly appreciated.
The information is exactly as it appears on the stones. If you know the person's full name, please let us know.
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B???    F????    1816

B???    F????

BOBO    Love C.    died Feb.1,1841 in the 16
th year of her age.
Dau. of Hiram & Elizabeth Bobo    (J.C.M......daugh?, Maker)

CARR    Sarah Bobo    died Mar.11,1833 aged 18 years
consort of Robert D. Carr.
On her left lies her worthy father Hiram Bobo
died Mar.8,1830 aged 46 years.

CARR    John Hiram    who died the 22
nd July 1833   aged 9 months.
The only son and child of Robert D. & Sarah Carr.

DUKE    John E.    Nov.28,1805 - Nov.16,1875

GARDNER    Marinda G.    1828 - 1855   aged 28 years
wife of W.B. Gardner
also two infant daughters to the right.

GRANT    Lucinda C. Bobo    who departed this life
the 5th day of Sept. 184?, in the 20th year of her age.
Consort of D. Grant and dau. of Hiram & Elizabeth Bobo.
GRANT    Hiram Z.    May 22,1841 - Oct.13,1864
son of Davie & L.C. Grant

MCNEILL    Nancy P. Bobo    Aug.7,1812 - Oct.5,1851
Consort of Henry McNeill
on her left lyes her infant son Joseph
and her Reverend father Chaney Bobo

About 40 graves are unmarked

Taken from Montgomery County Cemetery Records at library
September 25,2000   Volume I   Page 10

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