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Greenwood Cemetery is located at 984 Greenwood Avenue, Clarksville, Tennessee.
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This is, by far, not everyone buried here. The burial information is from the public library, newspaper obituaries and spending many hours at the cemetery itself. If you have any additions that need to be added or see any corrections that need to be made please e-mail me.
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ABBOTT    F.F.    buried Jan.31,1894

ABERNATHY    Annie J.    buried Nov.5,1921
   removed from country

BORN SEPT.6,1931   DIED AUG.1,1990

ABERNATHY    Irvin Dotson    born Dec.27,1898   died Jan.2,1965
ABERNATHY    Annie Rye Smith    born July 4,1900   died Feb.28,1989
wife of Irvin Dotson Abernathy
BORN APR.28,1929   DIED DEC.4,1994

ABERNATHY    Lila Smith    died Feb.28,1930
ABERNATHY    infant of Mrs. Lila Abernathy
buried Mar.2,1930

More Information ABERNATHY    Olive Caines    born Mar.18,1920   died Feb.18,2007

ACREE    Mrs. Cecil Mai & infant    buried Jan.12,1934

ACREE    R.R. DD    born 1852   died 1918   buried Oct.30,1918
ACREE    Ruth B.    born 1853   died 1937
wife of R.R. Acree

More Information ACREE    Virgil Marshall    died Jan.21,1928

More Information ACUNA    Mary Edith    died Feb.9,2003

ADAMES    Wiley S.    buried Dec.28,1927

ADAMS    infant daughter of Ed. Adams
buried June 10,1903
ADAMS    child of Ed. Adams    buried Nov.10,1910

ADAMS    Edna Louise Fambrough    born June 7,1924   died Dec.24,2005
wife of William Thomas Adams

ADAMS    Mrs. Eunice    buried Apr.6,1928

ADAMS    Fannie    died July 14,1907

More Information ADAMS    FRANK MOORE ADAMS    CO. C  1st KY. INF.
BORN 1842   died 1863

ADAMS    Mrs. George    buried Apr.20,1935

ADAMS    George F.    buried Mar.8,1894
More Information ADAMS    Matilda    died May 30,1885   age 73 years
wife of George F. Adams

ADAMS    George T.    buried July 13,1928

ADAMS    H.C.    born July 16,1845   died Aug.19,1918
husband of Mattie G. Adams
ADAMS    Mattie G.    born Mar.26,1856   died Feb.8,1912
wife of H.C. Adams

ADAMS    J.J.    buried Dec.28,1944

ADAMS    James Weldon    born Mar.7,1848   died Nov.13,1909
husband of Eudora Jane Adams
ADAMS    Eudora Jane    born July 14,1856   died July 19,1932
wife of James Weldon Adams

ADAMS    Jessica    buried Aug.21,1912

ADAMS    Joe W..    born Jan.10,1844   died July 12,1928
husband of Mattie Patrick Adams
ADAMS    Mattie Patrick    born Feb.11,1853   died Oct.20,1936
wife of Joe W. Adams

ADAMS    John T.    buried Oct.17,1944

ADKINS    Adeline S.    buried July 16,1924

ADKINS    Alfred T.    born Aug.15,1837   died Aug.9,1925
husband of Izora Adkins
ADKINS    Izora    born Oct.1,1850   died Dec.15,1905

ADKINS    Ann Mason    born Mar.29,1933   died Mar.31,2008
wife of Tom Adkins

ADKINS    C.E.    buried Sept.10,1943
ADKINS    Mrs. C.E.    buried May 14,1937

BORN NOV.20,1914   DIED 1945

ADKINS    Frank M.    buried Sept.21,1939
ADKINS    Mrs. Frank M.    buried May 9,1933

ADKINS    Mrs. H.L.    buried Apr.19,1920

ADKINS    infant of Hardy Adkins
burid Apr.21,1938

ADKINS    Harold    buried May 26,1926

ADKINS    Izora    buried Sept.1,1925
   removed from country

ADKINS    Jack N.    buried Oct.21,1934

ADKINS    Jack N.    buried Nov.5,1934

ADKINS    James T.    born 1867   died 1956
husband of Eva R. Adkins

BORN JAN.17,1920   DIED APR.24,1981

ADKINS    Leonard E.    buried Nov.19,1947

More Information ADKINS    Lula Baggett    born Feb.15,1885   died Nov.5,1979
wife of Charles R. Adkins

ADKINS    Margaret    born Jan.22,1922   died Dec.24,2006

ADKINS    Mary C.    buried Apr.21,1920

ADKINS    Mary Frances    buried May 23,1940

ADKINS    Mary Francis    buried Aug.20,1928

ADKINS    Mrs. Sam    buried Dec.15,1946

ADKINS    Vernon    buried Mar.20,1938

ADKINS    W.J.    buried Feb.24,1934

AHEARN    Eugene R.    buried July 14,1928

AHEARN    John H.    buried May 18,1938

AHEARNE    Mary    buried Oct.28,1899
wife of Eugene Ahearne
AHEARNE    infant son of Eugene & Mary Ahearne
buried Oct.28,1899

AIKIN    Mrs. Rosa Lee    buried May 26,190

ALBITZ    Ellen M.    buried Nov.26,921

ALBITZ    Margaret    buried Feb.3.1921

ALBITZ    W.E.    buried May 26,1930
ALBITZ    child of W.E. Albitz    buried Nov.19,1890
ALBITZ    child of W.E. Albitz    buried Sept.15,1895

ALBRIGHT    Bernice    born Sept.11,1917   died Mar.1,2002
wife of Elbert D. Albright

ALCOCK    Albert Edward    buried July 18,1944

ALEXANDER    Samuel R.    born Apr.8,1847   died Jan.24,1936

ALEXANDER    Ella M. Fowlkes    born 1855   died 1902   buried Jan.4,1902
wife of Samuel R. Alexander
(dates unreadable)
infant son of Samuel R. & Ella M. Fowlks Alexander

ALEXANDER    William Addison    born Jan.19,1857   died Nov.15,1909
ALEXANDER    James H.    buried July 16,1898
child of Dr. William Addison Alexander
ALEXANDER    Ora Reid    born Dec.16,1869   died Apr.23,1934
wife of William Addison Alexander
ALEXANDER    Louise Bingham    born Apr.28,1895   died June 24,1910
only daughter of William Addison & Ora Reid Alexander

ALEXANDER    Gilman Reid    born Mar.15,1906   died Dec.24,1938
son of William Addison & Ora Reid Alexander

ALEXIS    Linnie Chrintine    born Aug.25,1928   died Jan.5,2007
wife of Carl Lawrence Alexis Sr.

ALLEN    Bailey Fount    buried Aug.21,1943

ALLEN    Bessie    buried Nov.15,1901

ALLEN    Daniel    buried Aug.9,1909

More Information ALLEN    Edward Logan    born Mar.20,1915   died July 16,1975
husband of Annie Shelby Allen

ALLEN    Elizabeth P.    born buried Mar.18,1922

More Information ALLEN    Ester Alberta Morris    age 67 years   died Nov.19,1978
wife of C.S. Allen

ALLEN    Mrs. Eula    buried Jan.28,1912

ALLEN    Miss Fannie    buried Feb.24,1937

ALLEN    Fount Pitts    born Oct.7,1849   died Jan.23,1925
husband of Mollie L. Steger Allen
ALLEN    Mollie L. Steger    born Nov.11,1860   died Aug.8,1942
wife of Fount Pitts Allen

More Information ALLEN    Frances    born Apr.16,1876   died Mar.22,1970
wife of Louis L. Allen

ALLEN    Mrs. Francis Darden    buried Apr.9,1935

More Information ALLEN    Hadley    born Dec.15,1877   died Sept.13,1978

ALLEN    Mrs. J.I.    buried Nov.20,1927

ALLEN    J.T.    buried Sept.9,1939

ALLEN    Dr. J.W.    buried May 29,1901

ALLEN    Jeanette    born 1931   died 1935

ALLEN    Jennett    buried May 26,1935

ALLEN    Jewell    buried Jan.21,1927

More Information ALLEN    JOHN B. ALLEN    CO. F  8th TEXAS CAVALRY
BORN 1842   DIED 1910

ALLEN    John Darlen M.D.    born Jan.31,1882   died Oct.15,1950
husband of Mary Warfield Allen
ALLEN    Mary Warfield    born Mar.7,1886   died Dec.23,1964
wife of John Darlen Allen M.D.

ALLEN    John I.    buried Nov.13,1941

ALLEN    Miss Kate    buried Sept.26,1938

More Information ALLEN    Kenneth Charles Sr.    born Nov.6,1938   died Apr.30,1985
husband of Marcia Crutcher Allen

More Information ALLEN    Kenneth S.    born Dec.4,1908   died Mar.13,1979
husband of Annie Mae Morris Allen

ALLEN    Marie    buried Jan.1,1931

More Information ALLEN    Mary Elizabeth    born May 27,1922   died July 7,1980

ALLEN    Mattie    buried Jan.16,1892

ALLEN    N. Hadley    born 1873   died 1940   buried Mar.20,1940
husband of Georgie N. Allen
ALLEN    Georgie N.    born 1876   died 1968
wife of N. Hadley Allen

ALLEN    Orville R.    born 1889   died 1956
husband of Hattie E. Allen
ALLEN    Hattie E.    born 1890   died 1971
wife of Orville R. Allen

ALLEN    Patsy    buried Nov.15,1901

ALLEN    Pauline Ruth    age 85 years   died Jan.28,2007

More Information ALLEN    Philip L.    born Sept.19,1917   died Dec.17,2004
husband of Dimples Allen

More Information ALLEN    Polly    born June 10,1894   died July 13,1931

More Information ALLEN    Richard Earl    born Mar.16,1921   died Mar.11,1985
husband of Pauline Seay Allen

More Information ALLEN    Rosa B.    born June 3,1889   died Feb.25,1975
wife of William O. Allen

More Information ALLEN    Staton    born Aug.21,1888   died Oct.26,1983
More Information ALLEN    Annie Mae    born July 5,1899   died Dec.12,1973
wife of Staton Allen

ALLEN    William Darden    buried Sept.12,1940

More Information ALLEY    Mary Charity    born Sept.6,1909   died Dec.19,1992
wife of Robert M. Alley

ALLISON    Sallie    died Mar.12,1884   age 61 years

ALTFATHER    Hazel B.    born Oct.10,1906   died Apr.15,2004

ALUMBAUGH    Timothy Patrick II    born July 6,1978   died June 24,2007

More Information ALVARADO    Selso Tallez    born Apr.26,1926   died Jan.10,2003
More Information ALVARADO    Alicia    born June 1,1932   died Jan.7,2004

ALWARD    Mrs. C.D.    buried Dec.9,1913

ALWARD    E.T.    buried Aug.29,1931
ALWARD    Mrs. E.T.    buried June 10,1930

ALWARD    Henry    buried May 29,1891

ALWELL    George    buried July 15,1892

ALWELL    George    born 1825   died 1903   buried Jan.21,1903
husband of Ann E. Allwell
ALWELL    Ann E.    born 1839   died 1912   buried May 22,1912

ANDERSON    ????    buried Nov.15,1919

BORN OCT.2,1914   DIED MAY 7,1999
ANDERSON    Jane H.    born Nov.17,1916   died June 21,2002
wife of Ewin Anderson

ANDERSON    Alfred E.    born Feb.10,1883   died May 12,1973
ANDERSON    Margaret Shaw    born Nov.7,1884   died Oct.31,1976

BORN JUNE 20,1835   DIED AUG.4,1908

ANDERSON    Bettie Jane    buried Aug.12,1925

ANDERSON    Mrs. E.B.    buried Sept.2,1938

ANDERSON    Edward B.    buried Aug.16,1910

BORN JUNE 11,1840   DIED APR.28,1928

ANDERSON    Garland    buried Mar.17,1921

ANDERSON    Garland E.    buried Apr.16,1925

More Information ANDERSON    Irene Elizabeth    born Nov.26,1927   died 2003
wife of Phydellys Anderson

ANDERSON    Mrs. J.G.    buried May 18,1926

ANDERSON    Jesse Franklin    born Sept.3,1902   died Apr.14,1980
husband of Roberta Rosson Anderson

ANDERSON    Martha L.    buried Apr.12,1911

ANDERSON    Mrs. Martha N.    buried Aug.0,1900

ANDERSON    Minor    buried Nov.9,1887

ANDERSON    Minor    buried Aug.6,1908

ANDERSON    Morris    buried Dec.14,1901

ANDERSON    Paul Wesley (infant)    buried June 2,1946

ANDERSON    Peter    Nov.28,1806 - Jan.17,1876
More Information ANDERSON    Mrs. Peter    died Oct.17,1885   age 74 years

More Information ANDERSON    Peter M.    age 48 years   died May 8,1928

More Information ANDERSON    Richard Lewis    born Apr.19,1923   died Jan.14,2004

ANDERSON    Mrs. Susie G.    buried Dec.24,1911

ANDERSON    W.B.    buried Jan.9,1935

ANDREWS    John Lee    age 20 years

More Information ANDREWS    Teresa    born Mar.4,1971   died July 2,2005

More Information ANGEL    Alice Josephine    born Jan.20,1912   died June 2,2005
wife of Hal Winston Angel

More Information ANGELL    William Wesley    age 66 years   died May 17,2007

ANGLEN    C.W.    born 1845   died ????

ANGLEN    L.A. Wheatley    born 1848   died 1914
wife of C.W. Anglen

ANGLEN    Mrs. Ida    buried Oct.28,1914

ANGLEN    W.E.    buried June 27,1916

APPERSON    John E.    Nov.25,1945

More Information APPLE    Henry Wirt    born Oct.30,1922   died Apr.18,2005

ARMS    Charles    buried May 12,1942

ARMS    Miss Henrietta    buried Nov.8,1932

ARMSTRONG    Amaryllis Peay    born 1920   died Apr.26,1971

ARMSTRONG    George    buried Oct.28,1908

ARMSTRONG    Joe    buried July 17,1913

ARMSTRONG    Mrs. Lucy    buried Sept.18,1908

ARNETT    Mrs. Mary Elizabeth    buried Aug.4,1944

ASHBY    Shelby G.    buried Jan.25,1926

ASHLEY    John L.    buried Aug.7,1940

ASHLEY    Malissa    buried Mar.26,1922

ASHLEY    W.Z.    buried Oct.19,1931

ASKEW    Florence    born 1865   died 1951

More Information ASKEW    Harley    born 1892   died 1937   buried July 15,1937

More Information ASKEW    Laurin B. Sr.    age 62 years   died Oct.25,1927

ASKEW    Laurin B.    buried Aug.11,1933

ASKEW    Mrs. Norine H.    buried Mar.28,1942

ATKINS    A.T.    buried Sept.1,1925
   removed from country

ATKINS    Mrs. Annie    buried Feb.4,1912

ATKINS    Carrie    buried Oct.25,1923

ATKINS    Mrs. Carrie E.    buried Feb.3,1906

DONALD W. ATKINS Sr.    BORN MAY 19,1915   DIED MAR.8,1999

More Information ATKINS    Elton G.    born Oct.4,1918   died May 21,2005
More Information ATKINS    Eva Peacher    born Dec.15,1920   died Dec.11,2003

ATKINS    Garnett F.    buried July 6,1942

ATKINS    infant of H.L Atkins
buried Nov.15,1934

ATKINS    Henry    buried Dec.18,1895

ATKINS    Henry Madison    Feb.18,1820 - Dec.3,1875

BORN 1852   DIED JUNE 19,1906

ATKINS    J.W.    born 1855   died 1924   buried July 16,1924
husband of Addie Atkins
ATKINS    Addie    born 1869   died 1924 ?   buried Apr.17,1922 ?
wife of J.W. Atkins

ATKINS    Dr. Jessie B.    buried May 14,1937

ATKINS    Miss Laura    buried Jan.14,1941

ATKINS    Logan    buried July 9,1938

ATKINS    Lucy    buried July 12,1893

More Information ATKINS    Lucy A.    died Jan.17,1883

ATKINS    Martha P.    buried Apr.17,1922

ATKINS    Mary Ann    born Oct.31,1938   died June 23,2007
wife of Rober �Red� Atkins

ATKINS    Mrs. Mary E.    buried June 5,1908

ATKINS    Maude    buried May 10,1913

ATKINS    Miss Myra    buried May 18,1931

ATKINS    infant daughter of R.E. Atkins
buried Sept.7,1907

ATKINS    R. Emmett    buried July 22,1931

BORN FEB.12,1827  DIED JUNE 1,1897

ATKINS    Thomas P.    buried Apr.17,1922

ATKINS    Virginia E.    buried May 30,1914

ATKINS    W.M.    buried Oct.13,1915

ATKINS    Lt. William L.    buried Dec.31,1943

More Information ATKINSON    Elizabeth H.    born Jan.3,1867   died May 5,1930
wife of L.C. Atkinson

ATKINSON    Fisher    buried Apr.6,1914

ATKINSON    Graham    buried Nov.24,1914

ATKINSON    J.G.    buried Apr.9,1918

ATKINSON    Lewis T.    buried Oct.4,1945

More Information ATKINSON    QUINTUS C. ATKINSON    CO. A  49th TENN. INF. C.S.A.
ATKINSON    child of Quintus C. Atkinson    buried Dec.10,1886

ATKINSON    infant son of Quint Atkinson
buried May 31,1892

ATKINSON    Mrs. Sarah E.    buried Jan.11,1931

ATKINSON    T. Walton    buried July 31,1898

ATKINSON    child of W.L. Atkinson    buried Aug.3,1892

ATKINSON    W.T.    buried July 24,1928
infant son of W.T. & Bettie Atkinson

More Information ATKINSON    William Hunter    born Aug.5,1950   died Feb.25,2008

More Information AUSBROOKS    David A.C.    born Nov.18,1913   died Nov.30,1992

AUSTIN    child of A.R. Austin    buried Apr.8,1923

AUSTIN    Birney    buried Dec.19,1935

AUSTIN    Elbert M.    born 1897   died 1991
husband of Oma M. Austin
AUSTIN    Oma M.    born 1903   died 1977
wife of Elbert M. Austin

AUSTIN    W.C.    buried Sept.0,1936

AUSTIN    Miss Wilma Lois    buried July 27,1943

AVERITT    Amy Ruth    born Jan.2,1965   died July 25,2006

BACHMANN    Martin    buried Nov.18,1891

More Information BADDLEY    Elizabeth    born Aug.2,1922   died Oct.10,2005

BADDLEY    Lillian F.    born Aug.2,1918   died May 16,2006
wife of Henry Merritt Baddley Sr.

BAGBY    Emma    buried July 28,1917

BAGBY    R.L.    buried Apr.13,1934

BAGGETT    Authur D.    buried Oct.12,1926

More Information BAGGETT    Bessie E.    born Feb.10,1889   died Dec.17,1973
wife of Elijah Baggett

BAGGETT    Bill Ray    born June 13,1944   died May 27,2007
husband of Shelby Jean �Wilmer� Baggett

BAGGETT    infant of Billy Baggett
buried May 11,1946

More Information BAGGETT    Carter B.    born July 15,1912   died Nov.26,1981

More Information BAGGETT    Clay    born May 21,1900   died Mar.25,1986
husband of Maude Underwood Baggett
More Information BAGGETT    Maude Underwood    born Dec.13,1900   died Sept.26,1992
wife of Clay Baggett Sr.

More Information BAGGETT    Esther    born May 4,1912   died Jan.28,2004
wife of Jones Marvin Baggett

More Information BAGGETT    Landy R.    age 34 years   died Apr.27,1982

More Information BAGGETT    Lee Roy    born Nov.9,1917   died June 24,1981

BAGGETT    Mary Naomi    born Nov.26,1926   died Mar.15,1999

More Information BAGGETT    Ruth    born Aug.15,1895   died Apr.16,1980
Wife of Vernon Baggett Sr.

More Information BAGGETT    Smith    born Jan.4,1907   died June 28,1930

More Information BAGGETT    Thelma W.    born Jan.23,1908   died Nov.15,1971
wife of Lee Baggett

More Information BAGGETT    Vernon L. Sr.    born Sept.20,1898   died May 1,1992
husband of Bonnie Ruth Baggett

BAGGETT    W.B.    buried Oct.18,1942

BAGGETT    Willene Foster    born Apr.10,1928   died May 2,2007
wife of Orman Baggett

BAGGETT    infant of William B. Baggett
buried Apr.2,1943

More Information BAILEY    infant    died Mar.10,1886

BAILEY    Charles    buried Nov.14,1910

BAILEY    Charles
born in Sampson County, North Carolina Feb.9,1791   died Mar.15,1883

BAILEY    Mrs. Charles Duncan    buried Feb.3,1934



BAILEY    Dr. Charles W.    buried Oct.18,1897

BAILEY    H.L.    buried Aug.23,1919

More Information BAILEY    SGT. MAJ. HAROLD DENE    BORN FEB.2,1936   DIED MAY 25,2007
husband of Olga Bailey

BAILEY    Henry Lewis    Aug.29,1818 - Feb.16,1848
husband of Wilmoth Boyd Bailey
BAILEY    Wilmoth Boyd    born 1822   died 1913   buried June 13,1913
wife of Henry Lewis Bailey

BAILEY    infant daughter of J.E. Bailey Jr.
died January 1883

BAILEY    James E.    buried Apr.21,1931

More Information BAILEY    Mrs. James E.    died Feb.4,1926
wife of James E. Bailey

BORN AUG.15,1822   DIED DEC.29,1885
husband of Elizabeth Margaret Lusk Bailey
BAILEY    Elizabeth Margaret Lusk
wife of Col. James Edmund Bailey
BAILEY    Charles
child of James Edmund & Elizabeth Margaret Lust Bailey
BAILEY    Lizzie
child of James Edmund & Elizabeth Margaret Lust Bailey
BAILEY    Robert
child of James Edmund & Elizabeth Margaret Lust Bailey

BAILEY    Lillian    buried Feb.4,1913

BAILEY    Louise B.    buried Oct.8,1926

BAILEY    Lucy G.    Aug.2,1820 - July 20,1867

More Information BAILEY    R. Ed.    age 20 years   died July 19,1908

BAILEY    Robb    buried Mar.10,1914

BAILEY    Mrs. Virginia    buried Oct.13,1886

BAILEY    Mrs. Virginia    buried June 1,1933

BAINES    Marie J.    buried Mar.3,1923

More Information BAKER    Jean    born July 23,1925   died Oct.10,2005

BAKER    infant son of John Baker
buried Nov.27,1904

BAKER    infant daughter of John B. Baker
buried Jan.9,1902

BAKER    Mrs. Kate    buried Apr.19,1912

BAKER    William D.    born Sept.1,1920   died July 25,1999
BAKER    Rena Mae    born May 27,1920   died July 6,1983

BALCH    Jessie Vineyard    born Feb.6,1874   died Nov.26,1902   buried Nov.29,1902
wife of R.W. Balch

BALDWIN    ????    buried Feb.29,1924

BALDWIN    Sam    buried Apr.7,1943

BALDWIN    W.A.    buried Feb.5,1945
BALDWIN    infant daughter of W.A. Baldwin
buried Mar.30,1908

More Information BALDWIN    Mrs. Will    age 20 years   died Mar.27,1908

BALL    Henry D.    born Feb.11,1848   died Sept.23,1927

BALL    Mrs. Jane W.    buried Jan.4,1915

More Information BALTHROP    Alice    born Aug.18,1936   died Mar.27,1974
wife of Gene Balthrop

More Information BALTHROP    John Darthon    born Feb.27,1917   died Feb.27,2004

BORN AUG.18,1841   DIED JAN.25,1929
BALTHROP    Mary Jane Gupton    born Nov.23,1855   died Oct.6,1894

More Information BALTHROP    John Petty    born Apr.25,1891   died June 17,1970
BALTHROP    infant of John Petty Balthrop
buried Oct.8,1922

BALTHROP    Mrs. Mary    buried Sept.20,1907

BALTHROP    Mrs. Pearl Lee Davis    buried Dec.8,1936

More Information BALTHROP    Thelma C.    born Nov.22,1917   died Aug.13,2003
wife of John P. Balthrop

More Information BALTHROP    Willie Mai    born Aug.2,1925   died Dec.16,2004

BANISTER    Mrs. Myra Wilson    buried Jan.16,1938
More Information BANISTER    Pattie E.    born Aug.27,1905   died Jan.17,1992

BANKEN    Matthew Joseph    born Oct.21,1974   died Feb.9,1980   age 5 years
son of Sgt. & Mrs. Lawrence F. Banken

BARBEE    Mrs. Carrie Prince    buried May 2,1936

BORN 1830   DIED 1912   BURIED MAR.21,1912

BARBEE    Mrs. Sallie    buried Apr.13,1912

BARBEE    Soloman T.    buried Mar.18,1938

BARBEE    William    buried Oct.18,1918

More Information BARBEE    William H.    age 58 years   died Feb.24,1926

BARBAREE    M.L.    buried Feb.21,1922

BARD    infant son of ???? Bard
buried Aug.14,1913

BARD    Lena    buried Mar.3,1916

BARDWELL    Annie E.    buried June 18,1914

BARDWELL    Gilespie    buried May 11,1896

BARDWELL    Horotia    buried Jan.31,1946 (7?)

BARDWELL    Joseph A.    buried Sept.20,1891

BARDWELL    Newton Romey    born Oct.11,1874   died Oct.13,1937
husband of Frances Summers Bardwell
BARDWELL    Frances Summers    born Dec.31,1890   died Sept.16,1980
wife of Newton Romey Bardwell

More Information BARGER    Frank    born Apr.23,1926   died Sept.15,1982

BARKER    Mrs. Annie    buried Mar.14,1911

More Information BARKER    C.E.    died Oct.26,1931

BARKER    Ellen M.    Nov.3,1814 - Dec.1,1886 or 1888
wife of Jonathan W. Barker

BARKER    Mary    buried Dec.4,1923

BARKER    Peter M.    buried Dec.23,1942

BARKER    T. Watson    buried Jan.13,1909

BARKER    Thomas W.    buried Aug.14,1920

BARKER    William    buried Dec.30,1914

BARKSDALE    Miss Araminta D.    age 76 years   died July 30,1907

BARKSDALE    child of Bailey Barksdale    buried May 2,1890
BARKSDALE    child of Bailey Barksdale    buried Dec.13,1893
BARKSDALE    child of Bailey Barksdale    buried July 16,1894
More Information BARKSDALE    Rosa    died Jan.10,1885   age 2 years  3 months
BARKSDALE    Ruth    died Jan.11,1885    age 4 years  5 months

BARKSDALE    Ira W.    buried Apr.2,1904

More Information BARKSDALE    Jack Crouch    age 53 years   died Apr.9,1980
husband of Myra Ann Speight Barksdale

BARKSDALE    James C.    buried Sept.7,1944

More Information BARKSDALE    Sarah    born Nov.16,1912   died June 10,2005
wife of William Wallace Barksdale

BARKSDALE    Thomas W.    Mar.25,1807 - Oct.23,1857

BARKSDALE    W.W.    buried Mar.11,1922

BARKSDALE    W.W.    buried Nov.10,1923

BARKSDALE    Wilton C.    died Oct.15,1907

More Information BARKSDALE    Wilton C.
born in Surrey County North Carolina Jan.30,1826   died May 17,1884

More Information BARLOW    Steven Paul    born July 16,1965   died May 11,2003

BARNES    Chiles K.    died Aug.16,1931

BARNES    Reverend Cornelius Ava    born Sept.3,1846   died Mar.4,1914
husband of Eliza A. Barnes
BARNES    Eliza A.    born Dec.10,1847   died Nov.15,1912 ?   buried Nov.16,1913 ?
wife of Reverend Alva Cornelius Barnes

BARNES    Enid    buried Apr.15,1897
child of C.K. Barnes

BARNES    M.A.    buried Jan.8,1907
BARNES    Mrs. M.A.    burid Jan.23,1892

BARNETT    Eddie B.    buried Jan.2,1941

BARNETT    Mrs. Inez    buried Oct.12,1928

BARNETT    Mrs. Inez    buried Oct.22,1946

BARNETT    Mrs. Sarah    buried Feb.21,1933

BARNETT    W.H.    buried Apr.12,1925

BARR    Dr. J.C.    buried May 9,1942

BARR    Sandra Louise    buried Dec.9,1942

BARRETT    James    buried June 7,1936
BARRETT    Mrs. James    buried Sept.8,1942

BARROW    Alice ??    buried Aug.12,1904

BASHAM    George    born 1867   died 1948
husband of May Clark Basham
BASHAM    May Clark    born 1867   died 1954
wife of George Basham

BASHAM    Henry    born 1832   died May 2,1905

BORN JULY 8,1936   DIED NOV.24,2006
husband of Patricia Basner

BASS    G.C.    buried Feb.4,1942

More Information BASS    PVT. JETHRO BASS    CO. D  14th TENN. INF. REGT.  C.S.A.
BORN AUG.10,1835   DIED JUNE 18,1920
BASS    Alice H.    buried May 3,1943
BASS    Ann Lock    buried May 3,1943
BASS    Walter    buried May 3,1943

More Information BATES    Angelina L.    died Jan.29,1889   buried Jan.31,1889

BATES    child of B.C. Bates    buried June 18,1890

More Information BATES    Donald Edgar    born Aug.17,1918   died June 18,2004

BATES    E.C.    born 1846   died 1925   buried Mar.28,1925
husband of Eliza Annie Bates
BATES    Eliza Annie    born 1859   died 1914   buried Feb.2,1914
wife of E.C. Bates

BATES    Florance    buried Oct.25,1941

BATES    Florence E.    buried Sept.18,1925
BATES    Mattie Hunter    buried Oct.2,1934
BATES    child of Florance E. & Mattie Hunter Bates    buried Aug.8,1891

More Information BATES    James A.    May 11,1826 - Oct.8,1883

BATES    James A.    buried Mar.24,1887

BATES    Richard �Dick� Wesley    born Sept.11,1929   died Feb.16,2006
husband of Virginia Jones Bates

BATIE    E.R.    buried Dec.12,1938

BATIE    Minnie    born 1889   died 1911   buried June 23,1911

More Information BATIE    Sam C.    born Jan.31,1897   died Apr.5,1973
BATIE    Mattie Williams    born Nov.14,1899   died June 10,1966
wife of Sam Batie

More Information BATSON    Annie Laura    born June 25,1886   died Feb.14,1980

BATSON    Burney    buried Jan.14,1919

BATSON    Carney    buried Feb.17,1922

BATSON    Edward Dean    born Jan.27,1917   died Oct.21,1989
husband of Lucy Jane Gannaway Batson

More Information BATSON    Erline Harvey    born May 16,1905   died Feb.29,1992
wife of Earl Batson

BATSON    Fred    buried June 5,1940

BATSON    Joe    buried May 17,1927

BATSON    John T.    born 1847   died 1918   buried Nov.7,1918
husband of Laura P. Batson
BATSON    Laura P.    born 1855   died 1933   buried Dec.6,1933
wife of John T. Batson

BATSON    Lewis S.    buried Feb.29,1944

BATSON    Lucy Jane    born May 13,1919   died Jan.28,2006

More Information BATSON    Sarah Harris    born July 24,1915   died Mar.26,2004

BATSON    Sterling S.    born 1901   died 1969
husband of Elsie I. Batson
BATSON    Elsie I.    born 1908   died 1994
wife of Sterling S. Batson

More Information BATSON    Thomas Burr    born Mar.17,1886   died May 31,1970
husband of Anna Mabel Neblett Batson
BATSON    Anna Mabel Neblett    born 1890   died 1971
wife of Thomas Burr Batson

BATSON    infant of William Batson
buried July 5,1913

BATTETT    William B.    buried Jan.18,1944
infant of Billie Battett

BATTS    B.C.    buried May 5,1915

BATTS    Cage    buried May 27,1943
BATTS    Mrs. Cage    buried Nov.1,1916

BATTS    J.T.    buried Jan.20,1911
BATTS    Mrs. J.T.    buried Mar.19,1933

BATTS    Ruth Louise Miller    born Aug.7,1930   died Sept.26,2007
wife of Lacy V. Batts

More Information BAUGH    Mary A.    born Apr.11,1830   died Jan.20,1920
daughter of John and Mary Ann Coleman Baugh

BAUGHN    Zachariah    buried May 26,1892
BAUGHN    Mildred    buried May 26,1892

BAXTER    Bruce B.    buried May 17,1946

BAXTER    Ewing F.    born Dec.16,1907   died Apr.16,1970
husband of Mary Elizabeth Puckett

More Information BAXTER    Joe B.    born Apr.27,1905   died Oct.1,1970
husband of Amanda Collier Baxter

BAXTER    Thomas Theodore    born Nov.1,1929   died Dec.23,2005
husband of Eula Lorene Tolar Baxter

BAYLISS    H.W.    buried Oct.29,1917

BAYLISS    Mrs. W.G.    buried Nov.9,1909

BEACH    Mrs. Alice    buried Dec.22,1898

BEACH    Edward R.    buried Aug.20,1901

BEACH    Mrs. Fannie    buried Aug.26,1919

BEACH    Mrs. Hattie K.    buried May 28,1943

BORN 1837   DIED 1907

BEACH    Mrs. Irene J.    buried Apr.3,1947

BEACH    Mrs. Lena D.    buried July 6,1926

More Information BEACH    Ursula S.    born May 25,1900   died Dec.3,1992
wife of William Oscar Beach

BEACH    William E.    born 1861   died 1947   buried July 29,1947
husband of Jessie Couts Beach
BEACH    Jessie Couts    born 1864   died 1939   buried Aug.15,1939
wife of William E. Beach

More Information BEAL    Janet L.    born Apr.25,1962   died Oct.27,2003

More Information BEARD    James Monroe    died Nov.25,1911

More Information BEARD    John B.    born 1880   died Jan.29,1910
husband of Ida Mary Roberts Beard

BEARDEN    Bettie Brown    buried May 4,1936

BEARDEN    G.T.    buried Nov.9,1941

BEASLEY    Mrs. Paul    buried Aug.15,1939

More Information BEAUMONT    Betty Crayton (Drayton?)    born Aug.1,1929   died Sept.20,1971

BEAUMONT    Dr. Charles William    born 1828   died 1902   buried Mar.31,1902
husband of Sallie West Beaumont
BEAUMONT    Sallie West    born 1836   died June 1,1906
wife of Charles William Beaumont

BEAUMONT    D.E.    buried June 17,1933

BEAUMONT    Mrs. Emma    buried Nov.5,1942

BEAUMONT    F.E.    buried Aug.12,1911

BEAUMONT    Miss Fannie    buried Mar.19,1932

BEAUMONT    Mrs. Fannie    buried Jan.2,1937

BEAUMONT    Frank    buried June 21,1917

BEAUMONT    Frank S.    buried Nov.14,1904
BEAUMONT    John W.    buried Nov.30,1898
child of Frank S. Beaumont

BEAUMONT    Jerome D.    buried May 6,1942

More Information BEAUMONT    Sterling Francisco    born Nov.20,1823   died Feb.26,1888
More Information BEAUMONT    Mattie Conrad    May 24,1833   died June 20,1889
BEAUMONT    Laura    born Aug.8,1859   died Dec.19,1931
More Information BEAUMONT    Mary Boyd    born Apr.27,1866   died Apr.30,1874

BEAUMONT    Thomas W.    buried Dec.23,1925

BEAUREGARD    child of D. Beauregard    died Mar.7,1886   age 3 months

BEAUVARD    L.A.    buried Apr.17,1887

BEDWELL    Agnes G.    buried Jan.22,1929

BEDWELL    infant son of Crockett Bedwell
buried Apr.28,1934

More Information BEDWELL    Phillip    born Aug.12,1947   died Apr.30,1980

BEECH    H.E. Jr.    buried Dec.9,1893

More Information BEECH    L.F.    born Feb.22,1825   died Apr.7,1881

BEECH    Paul    born Dec.1,1826   died Sept.3,1880

BELL    Charles    buried Sept. 26 ?,1939

BELL    Edmund Warfield    Dec.30,???? - May 21,18??

BELL    child of J.F. Bell    buried Feb.22,1888

BELL    James F.    Mar.5,1933

More Information BELL    Pauline W.    died May 29,1992
wife of J.J. Bell

More Information BELLAMY    Charles W.    age 84 years   died May 7,2000

BELLAMY    Julia Evelyn    age 73 years   died Jan.25,2007

More Information BELLAMY    Robert    born Apr.8,1903   died Dec.2,1970
husband of Mellie Smith Bellamy

BENJAMIN    Elijah    buried Apr.2,1903

BENJAMIN    Margaret    buried July 11,1924

BENNETT    John E.    buried Oct.6,1921

More Information BENTLEY    James Otis    born July 17,1915   died Mar.3,2008

BENTON    Gladys W.    buried May 5,1923

BERRYMAN    Mrs. Annie F.    buried Oct.14,1932

More Information BEST    Louis Morris    died July 27,1992
husband of Martha Elizabeth Smith Best

BEST    Mildred    buried Oct.30,1908

BEST    Mrs. Neva    buried May 1,1906

BIBB    Mrs. Callie K.    buried Aug.8,1938

BIBB    Earl W.    buried Feb.18,1932

BIBB    Frank    buried Dec.7,1909

BIBB    Frank    buried Mar.15,1932

BIBB    James E.    born Oct.19,1851   died Nov.22,1901

BIBB    Mrs. Lizzie    buried Nov.21,1908

BIBB    Virginia W.    born 1854   died 1948

BIBB    William F.    died Mar.1873   age 59 years
husband of S.J. Bibb
BIBB    L.    Sept.21,1858 - Aug.17,1889
son of William F. & S.J. Bibb

BIBBS    Mrs. ????    buried Nov.29,1900

BIGGER    Joseph B.    Mar.10,1792 - July 1,1868
husband of Lucy B. Slaughter

BIGGER    Lucy B. Slaughter    Feb.3,1805 - Nov.4,1864
wife of Joseph B. Bigger

BIGGERS    James T.    born June 17,1888   died Nov.6,1967
BIGGERS    Helen L.    born Feb.20,1894   died Sept.9,1987

More Information BIGGERS    Phil G.    born Sept.3,1922   died Sept.8,1978

BINKLEY    Andrew J.    buried Nov.4,1899

BINKLEY    Mrs. Carrie    buried Nov.23,1935

BINKLEY    Felix    buried July 7,1901

BINKLEY    Robert Paul    born Oct.21,1989   died Aug.1,1999

BINKLEY    Sallie    buried Feb.6,1929

BIRCH    Mrs. Emma E. Prewitt    born 1888   died 1912   buried Mar.16,1912

BIRCHETT    child of R.E. Birchett    buried Nov.2,1892

BIRDWELL    Fort    born Sept.3,1927   died Mar.25,2008
husband of (1) Juanita Potter Birdwell (2) Virginia Wood Birdwell

BISER    John M.    buried Mar.24,1926

More Information BISSITT    Mildred L.    born July 9,1907   died Dec.31,1979
wife of Paul Bissitt

BITER    Opal Doris    born Jan.31,1914   died Feb.24,2006
wife of Lurton Biter

More Information BLACK    Cecil H.    born Sept.16,1926   died Dec.16,1992
husband of Violet Black

BLACK    Henry M.    buried Oct.5,1924

JOE MONROE �Toad� BLACK     born JUNE 30,1921   died JUNE 26,1994

BLACK    Mary A.    buried Oct.20,1924

BLACKWELL    J.W.    buried July 4,1929
BLACKWELL    Mrs. J.W.    buried Nov.28,1929

BLACKWELL    Lillie    buried Nov.20,1910

More Information BLACKWELL    R.B.    born May 13,1920   died Jan.25,2002
husband of Opal Nolan

BLAIR    Leona    buried May 27,1896

BLAIR    Leona B.    Oct.18,1866 - June 7,1892
wife of Wilton W. Blair

BLAKE    infant of Fred O. Blake
buried Dec.23,1924

BLAKE    Mrs. Mary Rye    buried Oct.18,1946

BLAND    M.A.    buried Apr.24,1939

BLAND    Minor A.    born Oct.23,1885   died Apr.20,1939
BLAND    Sue Shobe    born June 7,1887   died Oct.12,1962

More Information BLAND    Dr. T.M.    born 1854   died 1889   buried Oct.17,1889
husband of Maggie Williams Bland
BLAND    Maggie Williams    born 1858   died 1889   buried Sept.21,1889
wife of Dr. T.M. Bland

BLANKENSHIP    Barney E.    buried Oct.10,1934

BLANKENSHIP    G.W.    born June 4,1858   died Aug.29,1935
husband of Alma V. Blankenship
BLANKENSHIP    Alma V.    born Dec.4,1860   died Sept.17,1949
wife of G.W. Blankenship
BLANKENSHIP    William Edgar    born Mar.29,1885   died Apr.13,1915
son of G.W. & Alma V. Blankenship

BLANKS    Alexander    buried Jan.2,1929

BLANKS    Mrs. Bessie D.    buried Jan.21,1947

BLANKS    May E.    buried Dec.14,1927

BLANKS    Rufus    buried Aug.25,1942

BLOCH    Simon    buried Sept.5,1913
More Information BLOCH    Flora    age 81 years   born in Italy   died Oct.25,1928
wife of Simon Bloch

BLOCH    Leopoil    buried July 2,1945

More Information BLOUNT    William    Apr.18,1768 - Sept.10,1835

BODNAR    Andrew    born Sept.18,1921   died Apr.22,2007
husband of Mary Frances Bodnar

BOGARD    Ben J.    buried Aug.14,1923

BOGARD    Mrs. Cynthia    buried Apr.26,1916

More Information BOGARD    John H.    born Aug.12,1918   died Aug.16,2005

BOGARD    Joseph Rice    born Sept.26,1947   died July 4,1993

BOGARD    Rice W.    born 1861   died 1934   buried Sept.3,1934
husband of Ella B. Bogard
BOGARD    Ella B.    born 1870   died 1958
wife of Rice W. Bogard

BOILLIN    Mrs. Annie    buried Feb.9,1916

BOILLIN    infant son of Joseph Boillin
buried Oct.2,1900
BOILLIN    infant daughter of Joseph Boillin
buried Apr.3,1925
BOILLIN    infant of Joseph Boillin
buried July 31,1942

More Information BOILLIN    Joseph Sr.    Nov.1,1817 - Sept.27,1889

BOILLIN    Joseph H.    buried Nov.28,1941

BOILLIN    Mrs. Victorine    born June 29,1823   died July 19,1904

BOISSEAU    Lorene J.    born Jan.17,1976   died Sept.10,2007
wife of John Boisseau

More Information BOLDUC    Martha Jo    born Nov.11,1923   died Apr.28,2005

BOND    Jonathan F.    buried Feb.18,1892

More Information BONE    Lucian    born age 59 years   died Mar.19,1982
husband of Christine Bone

BONE    Mary Katherine    buried Apr.23,1934

BONE    W.H.    buried Jan.27,1936

More Information BOONE    Alvin Merritt    born Feb.26,1889   died Ded.24,1978
husband of Lela Wooford Boone

More Information BOONE    Ben E. III    died Sept.1,1974

BOONE    Benjamin L.    buried Aug.15,1892

BOONE    Carrie S.    died Mar.2,1932

BOONE    Charles L.    buried Jan.17,1902

BOONE    D.M.    buried May 8,1903

BOONE    J.R.    buried Mar.31,1916
BOONE    Mrs. J.R.    buried Feb.7,1914
BOONE    Ernest    died Dec.13,1905
son of J.R. Boone

BOONE    Rhea    buried Feb.28,1920

BOONE    child of W.M. Boone    buried Aug.19,1895
BOONE    child of W.M. Boone    buried Aug.8,1896

BOOTH    Charles    buried Mar.3,1928

More Information BOOTH    Charles Thomas    born May 17,1863   died Oct.23,1936
husband of Minnie Gordon Booth
More Information BOOTH    Minnie Gordon    born Apr.28,1869   died Nov.3,1945
wife of Charles Thomas Booth

BOOTH    Mrs. Ella H.    buried June 30,1938

BOOTH    Ligon    buried Mar.24,1923

BOSTICK    Jonathan A.    buried Mar.19,1914

BOUGHTON    B.F.    buried Mar.9,1899

BOUGHTON    B. Frank    born in Gopley, Ohio Apr.2,1844   died Feb.28,1889

BOURNE    Mrs. Anna    buried Mar.15,1911

BOURNE    child of C.M. Bourne    buried June 20,1891

BOURNE    infant of Charles Bourne
buried May 19,1925

More Information BOURNE    Charles M.    age 77 years   died Aug.6,1928

BOURNE    Mrs. Dixie R.    buried Nov.1,1946

BOURNE    Dudley �GI� Sr.    Nov.2,1929
BOURNE    Martha Hayes    born Jan.7,1930   died Mar.22,2005

BOURNE    Mrs. E. Myers    May 16,1844 - Nov.23,1881 or 1883

BOURNE    Ed    buried June 4,1935

BOURNE    Mrs. Elsie    buried July 2,1931

BOURNE    Mrs. Irene B.    buried Mar.16,1934

BOURNE    child of J.W. Bourne    buried July 21,1911

More Information BOURNE    Joe W. III    born Apr.22,1915   died Feb.21,2003

BOURNE    Joseph    buried Nov.5,1918

More Information BOURNE    PVT. JOSEPH W. BOURNE    CO. G  49th TENN. INF. REGT. C.S.A.
BORN 1843   DIED 1911   BURIED JUNE 27,1911

More Information BOURNE    SGT. LEWIS W. BOURNE    CO. A  49th TENN. INF. REGT. C.S.A.
BORN AUG.4,1834   DIED APR.1,1891
husband of Ann Myers Bourne
More Information BOURNE    Ann Myers    wife of Lewis W. Bourne
born May 16,1844   died Nov.23,1883

More Information BOURNE    Lucile    born Mar.7,1923   died Jan.19,2004

BOURNE    Mrs. Lucy    buried Jan.26,1901

More Information BOURNE    Malcolm Myers    age 17 years   died Mar.12,1929

More Information BOURNE    Mary S.    age 42 years   died Jan.28,1926
wife of Will Bourne

BOURNE    Mrs. Olivia    buried May 14,1929

BOURNE    Robert Lester    born Oct.29,1916   died June 26,1974
husband of Charlotte Dailey Bourne
BOURNE    Charlotte Dailey    born Apr.14,1922   died Oct.9,2000
wife of Robert Lester Bourne

BOURNE    S.J.    buried July 2,1891

BOURNE    S.J.    buried May 27,1930

BOURNE    Mrs. Tennie P.    buried Apr.9,1941

BOURNE    Thomas    buried Mar.16,1897

BOURNE    Uncar M.    buried May 24,1946

BOURNE    Walter    born 1865   died 1919   buried Mar.9,1919

BORN 1841   DIED 1911   BURIED FEB.21,1910?

BOURNE    William R. PhD    born June 1,1883   died Aug.31,1929

BOWERS    infant daughter of L.A. Bowers
buried Oct.30,1902

More Information BOWERS    Repps Gordon    born May 4,1915   died May 8,1980
husband of Mabel Annetta Buckingham Bowers

BOWLER    Mrs. Donnie    buried Apr.6,1931

BOWLER    James D.    buried May 14,1940
BOWLER    Mrs. James D.    buried May 9,1942

BOWLER    Sarah Ann    Aug.13,1853 - Jan.?,188?
wife of S.H. Bowler

More Information BOWLING    George Mortimer    died Dec.6,1886   age 4 years

BOWLING    George S.    born 1858   died 1917   buried May 4,1917
husband of Lady B. Bowling
BOWLING    Lady B.    died Oct.21,1881
wife of George S. Bowling

BOWLING    Mrs. George S.    buried Oct.23,1931

BOWLING    J.M.    buried Dec.7,1893

BOWLING    J.M.    buried Feb.13,1942

BOWLING    Mrs. Lucy E.    buried Jan.19,1900

BOWLING    Sallie S.    buried Jan.8,1916

BOWMAN    Sara Austin Ford    born Mar.5,1920   died Nov.23,2006
wife of (1) Floyd M. Ford (2) Medford P. Bowman

More Information BOYD    Adna    born Aug.12,1908   died June 16,1992
wife of Martin Dewey Boyd Sr.

BOYD    Annie Kathleen Ware    born Jan.13,1913   died May 23,2007
wife of Birney Boyd

BOYD    Carrie Ramey    born July 8,1920   died June 14,2007

BOYD    Henry David    buried July 19,1909
born in Hopkinsville, Ky. Mar.21,1878  died in Tullahoma, Tn. July 17,1909

More Information BOYD    Horace Franklin    born Aug.22,1914   died Jan.17,1992
husband of Kathleen Hugher Boyd

BOYD    J.Y.    buried Aug.2,1923

BOYD    James Y.    born Feb.17,1850   died Aug.1,1924

BOYD    Mildred    buried Sept.14,1945

BOYD    Olive D.    buried Jan.12,1919

BOYER    M.W.    buried Apr.24,1936

More Information BOZEMAN    Semion Curtis    born Aug.10,1930   died Apr.4,2000
husband of Bettie Darnell Bozeman

More Information BRADBURY    Eva D.    born Jan.19,1906   died Feb.7,1992
wife of Douglas G. Bradbury

BRADLEY    Mrs. Christine    buried Sept.4,1909

BRADLEY    F.E.    buried June 26,1935

BRADLEY    J.H.    buried May 17,1930

BRADLEY    Mrs. Mayes    buried Feb.24,1913

BRADLEY    Mrs. Mima    buried Dec.28,1935

BRADLEY    William R.    born Dec.19,1857   died Apr.11,1913


More Information BRADSHAW    William    age 73 years   died Oct.23,1905

More Information BRADY    Sonja Eileen    born May 16,1970   died Aug.12,2005
wife of Jeffery Brady

BRAKE    W.B.    buried Apr.23,1946
BRAKE    Mrs. W.B.    buried Mar.24,1938

BRANDAU    A.A.    buried May 9,1945

BRANDAU    A.A.    buried Feb.13,1932

BRANDAU    Mrs. A.A.    buried Mar.9,1938

BRANDAU    Carrie McKisson    buried June 9,1939

BRANDAU    Dr. J.W.    buried Nov.24,1926

BRANDAU    Mrs. Martha E.    buried June 4,1899

BRANDAU    Dr. W. Walter    buried Feb.7,1947

BRANDAU    William    born July 23,1833   died Oct.22,1905
husband of Anna Martha Brandau
BRANDAU    Anna Martha    born Jan.15,1841   died Dec.31,1920
wife of William Brandau

BRANDON    Carrie    buried July 12,1919

BRANDON    Mrs. G.N.    buried Dec.11,1917

BRANDON    Nathan G.    buried Mar.2,1926

BRANNAGAN    Matt.    buried Jan.29,11914

BRANNIGAN    Annie May    June 1,1920

BRANNIGAN    James    buried Mar.8,1908

BRASHER    Margaret    buried Aug.10,1911

BRATTON    Joseph Slayden    buried July 9,1899

BREED    Mrs. Anna H.    buried Oct.2,1901

BREED    Charles    buried Dec.2,1918

More Information BREED    Gilbert C.    born Nov.17,1829    
died Nov.17,1886

BREED    Miss Mary    buried June 12,1930

BRENNAN    Mary Day    born Nov.27,1883   died June 16,1980
wife of Harry W. Brennan
BRENNAN    infant daughter of Harry W. Brennan
buried May 17,1910

BREWER    Edmund L.    born 1850   died 1931

BREWER    Mrs. Hill    buried July 23,1931

BREWER    L.V.    buried Oct.4,1940
BREWER    Mrs. L.V.    buried Dec.30,1947

BREWER    Marty Doyl    born Aug.1,1955   died June 17,1997

More Information BREWER    SGT. MAURICE LORING BREWER    NOV.18,1932   DIED AUG.10,1981

More Information BREWER    Nell Eliza    born June 24,1916   died Mar.21,2003
wife of Lucus Vivian Brewer

CORP. ROBERT H.    BORN JUNE 6,1933   DIED DEC.19,1976
More Information BREWER    Blanche Evelyn    born May 15,1938   died Oct.18,1992
wife of Robert H. Brewer

BREWER    Tennie Patrick    born 1855   died 1925   buried Nov.3,1925
wife of Edmund L. Brewer

More Information BREWINGTON    Sam Craig Jr.    born Sept.15,1942   died May 7,2005
husband of Shirley Brewington

BRIDGEWATER    C.E.    buried Oct.8,1923

BRIDGEWATER    Julia Ann    born Aug.21,1883   died Oct.10,1972

BRIDGEWATER    Mrs. Lena L.    buried July 23,1937

More Information BRIDGEWATER    Nannie Williams    born Sept.30,1890   died Sept.4,1980
wife of Thomas E. Bridgewater

BRIDGEWATER    Mrs. T.E.    buried Jan.25,1939

BRINGHURST    Anabel S.    buried Jan.3,1912

BRINGHURST    Harry F.    born 1881   died 1932 ??   buried June 29,1938 ??
husband of Anna Bell Smith Bringhurst
BRINGHURST    Anna Bell Smith    born 1882   died 1924   buried Oct.5,1924
wife of Harry F. Bringhurst

BURIED MAR.28,1924

More Information BRINGHURST    Mrs. Mattie    died Mar.11,1885

BORN 1844   DIED 1927   BURIED DEC.6,1927
BRINGHURST    Sallie Scott    born 1844   died 1924
wife of William R. Bringhurst

BRINLEY    Willard Ray    buried Mar.20,1940

More Information BRITT    Edward Alonzo    born Jan.28,1902   died Sept.9,1994
husband of Mary Adkins Britt

BRITT    Iva J.    born Sept.7,1899   died July 28,1975
husband of Bertha Wooten Britt

More Information BROADBENT    A.B.    born 1885   died 1952

More Information BROADBENT    Dorothy S.    born July 4,1912   died Feb.14,2005

BROADBENT    Ernest A.    born Mar.3,1970   died Mar.3,1970
husband of Cora Lee Broadbent
BROADBENT    Cora Lee    born Mar.18,1900   died June 2,1980
wife of Ernest A. Broadbent

BROADBENT    Mattie    born 1891   died 1950

BROADBENT    Peter H.    born Mar.8,1859   died June 20,1956
husband of Katherine J. Broadbent
BROADBENT    Katherine J.    born June 13,1862   died May 26,1949

BROADBENT    William R.    born May 9,1903   died Jan.27,1948

BROADDUS    Carter L.    born Dec.6,1862   died Jan.11,1911

BROADDUS    Richard S.    born Jan.10,1838   died July 10,1913
BROADDUS    Mary J.    born Feb.17,1840   died Jan.10,1922
wife of Richard S. Broaddus

BROCKMAN    Mrs. A.    buried Jan.28,1891

BROOKS    Mrs. C.W.    buried Nov.5,1946

More Information BROOKS    Douglas Margaret    age 28 years   died Mar.26,1926

BROOKS    infant of J.A. Brooks
buried Apr.17,1923

BROOKS    J.W.    buried Dec.6,1935

BROOKS    Jennie    buried Feb.6,1920

BROOME    Billy Harold    buried June 8,1934

BROOME    infant son of James Broome
buried Apr.29,1923

More Information BROOME    John Thomas    born May 5,1887   died July 27,1966

BROOME    John Thomas    died Nov.25,1912
BROOME    Oma Roberta Rye    born Jan.9,1891   died May 13,1987
wife of John Thomas Broome

BROOME    Miss Tennie    buried Apr.2,1938

BROSTER    William R.    buried Mar.5,1919

BROTHERS    infant of Mack Brothers    buried June 3,1946

More Information BROWDER    John P.    born Sept.21,1913   died Nov.10,2000
husband of Cecilia Browder

BROWN    Alice    buried Sept.28,1925

BROWN    Allen Jr.    buried Sept.26,1914

More Information BROWN    Anita    born Feb.23,1931   died June 6,2004

BROWN    Ann Edwards    born Mar.23,1927   died Nov.10,1989

More Information BROWN    Arthur Thomas    born Aug.24,1876   died July 5,1901

BROWN    Audrey Faye    born June 25,1927   died July 5,2007
wife of Paul E. Brown

BROWN    infant of Boyd Brown
buried Apr.10,1947

More Information BROWN    Christopher C.    born 1862   died 1938   buried Oct.12,1938
BROWN    Georgia C.    born 1867  died 1910  buried Apr.10,1910
More Information DALTON    Dayse Dorothy    born Nov.13,1877   died Feb.18,1963

BROWN    Mrs. D.K.    buried Dec.17,1918
BROWN    D.K. Jr.    buried Apr.4,1919

BROWN    Dudley    buried July 8,1925

BROWN    Effie Dean Harmon    born Feb.27,1865   died Dec.4,1918
wife of W.G. Brown

More Information BROWN    Flossie L.    born July 11,1903   died Oct.9,1992
wife of Ralph W. Brown

BROWN    Hunter Freeman    born July 21,2005   died July 21,2005
infant son of Kent & Carolyn McKinney Brown

More Information BROWN    Irl Christopher    born Mar.6,1897   died June 28,1951

BROWN    J.N.    buried Feb.27,1917
BROWN    Mrs. J.N.    buried Mar.8,1917

More Information BROWN    Margaret P.    born Jan.25,1921   died July 4,2005

BROWN    Mary Pickering    born Oct.13,1913   died Dec.19,2007
wife of Boyd Franklin Brown

More Information BROWN    Miss Mary Virginia    born Sept.15,1870   died Apr.21,1902

More Information BROWN    Mary Virginia    born Sept.14,1916   died Sep.29,2004

BROWN    Mrs. Medora C.    buried Nov.27,1901

More Information BROWN    Mildred Louise    born Apr.16,1922   died Feb.20,2005

More Information BROWN    Nannie    died Apr.20,1888   age 40 years

More Information BROWN    Robert Samuel    born Dec.18,1866, died May 29,1943

BROWN    Sara Elizabeth Stainbrook    born Oct.2,1915   died June 25,2006
wife of CSM Jay Brown

More Information BROWN    Shirley Jr.    born 1924   died 1944

BROWN    Tennessee    age 60 years   died Oct.18,1905

More Information BROWN    William Riley    born May 5,1834   died Dec.1,1904
BROWN    Amanda    buried Nov.11,1923
More Information BROWN    Jesse Bailey    born July 26,1860   died Jan.18,1933

BROWNING    Thomas H.    buried Aug.0,1940

BRUCE    Mrs. George    buried Oct.16,1931

BRUCE    Nora    buried Jan.14,1917

BRUMFIELD    Margaret Ann �Maggie�    born 1841   died 1928 ?   buried Nov.24,1923 ?

BRUNSON    child of A. Brunson    buried May 9,1890
BRUNSON    infant of A. Brunson    buried Mar.18,1908

BRUNSON    Ashbel    buried Mar.5,1944

BRUNSON    Mrs. Fidelia    buried Feb.5,1941

BRUNSON    George H.    born Oct.6,1870   died Apr.12,1922

BRUNSON    Harriet N.    buried Dec.7,1898

BURIED AUG.17,1903

BRUNSON    L. Hickman    Dec.8,1888   buried Dec.10,1888   age 24 years

BRUNSON    Miss Locke    buried May 18,1913

BRUNSON    Miss Maggie    buried June 25,1885

BRUNSON    Rebecca    buried Mar.7,1919

BRUNSON    Robert S.    died Nov.26,1891   age 23 years   buried Nov.28,1891

BRUNSON    Vernon    buried Oct.24,1941

BRUNTY    Benjamin    buried Sept.10,1898

BRUNTY    Ora G.    born 1867   died 1952

BRYAN    child of H.B. Bryan    buried Apr.10,1891

BRYAN    H.E.    born Oct.9,1855   died May 4,1925
husband of Sallie A. Bryan
BRYAN    Sallie A.    born Dec.1862   died July 11,1924
wife of H.E. Bryan

BRYAN    Lucy    buried Jul 19,1892

BLAIR L. BRYANT    BORN DEC.7,1910   DEC.7,1910

BRYANT    Blanche    Dec.27,1847 - Aug.3,1881

BRYANT    Elizabeth    buried May 27,1926

BRYANT    Ellen S.    buried Apr.16,1946

BRYANT    H.H.    buried June 26,1912

More Information BRYANT    Hickman J.    age 47 years   died Nov.16,1927

BRYANT    John H.    born 1880   died 1927

BRYANT    Mary    buried Mar.15,1892

BRYANT    Mary    buried July 16,1912

BRYANT    Mrs. Mary G.    buried Apr.1,1912

BRYANT    Pearl    Mar.3,1873 - July 28,1895

More Information BRYANT    Sarah Elizabeth    born Aug.4,1950   died May 5,2004

BRYARLY    Mrs. George W.    buried Jan.12,1893

BRYARLY    Miss Lucy    buried Nov.18,1902

BRYARLY    Mary S.    buried Dec.15,1890

BRYARLY    William H.    buried June 13,1903

BUCHANAN    H.    buried Dec.17,1886

BUCK    Alden James    buried Jan.16,1945

BUCK    Don M.    born Nov.21,1947   died Nov.6,2006

BUCK    E.J.    buried Mar.3,1938

BUCK    Elizabeth J.    buried Nov.14,1906

BUCK    Florence    buried Jan.9,1926

GEORGE W. or M. BUCK    CO. A  49th TENN. INF.
BURIED JAN.30,1912

BUCK    Miss Mary L.    buried Oct.5,1935

BUCK    Robert C.    buried July 17,1937

BUCK    Sarah Estes
born in Louisa County, Virginia Mar.8,1808   died Mar.14,1894
wife of G.W. Buck Sr.

BUCKBERRY    Lela Trotter    born Dec.5,1896   died Mar.26,1980
wife of W.V. Buckberry

BUCKLEY    E.L.    buried Dec.7,1941

BUCKLEY    Mrs. Isabela    buried May 30,1899

BUCKLEY    Mrs. Mary    buried Sept.17,1914

BUCKLEY    Sam    buried July 29,1891

More Information BUCKLEY    Wilmoth Roos    born Aug.9,1903   died Mar.5,2004
wife of Leigh Buckley

BUCKNER    Paul Clay    born Sept.10,1887   died Feb.19,1919

More Information BUCY    Leon Sykes    born June 5,1923   died May 28,2007
husband of Marjorie Grimmer Bucy

BULLARD    Glenda Lacey    born May 5,1977   died Dec.10,1996

BUMPUS    Dorothy Lee Eads    born June 11,1928   died Dec.26,2006
wife of Askew Eads

More Information BUMPUS    Mabel Irene    born Apr.18,1922   died Feb.24,2005

BUMPUS    Sam    age 76 years   died Jan.5,1898

BUNDY    Raymond Keith Jr.    born Oct.4,2006   died Nov.12,2006
infant son of Raymond Keith Bundy Sr. & Michelle Bozeman

BUNNELL    James C. Jr.    born Sept.17,1916   died Sept.8,2006
husband of Virginia Cross Bunnell

BUNNELL    Samuel A.    Sept.6,1851 - Feb.3,1881

BUNNELL    Susan A.    Dec.19,1816 - Dec.22,1880

BURCHETT    Burrell R.    Jan.22,1824 - Aug.23,1891

BURCHETT    Caroll M.    born Oct.28,1893   died Mar.29,1901

BURCHETT    John    buried May 9,1919

BURCHETT    Mrs. M.H.    buried Jan.27,1916

BURCHETT    R.E.    buried Mar.8,1931

BURCHETT    Randall E.    born June 30,1899   died May 1,1971
husband of Mary S. Burchett
BURCHETT    Mary S.    born Apr.29,1903   died June 4,1973
wife of Randall E. Burchett

BURCHETT    Thomas R.    Dec.31,1857 - Jan.17,1875

BURGDORF    Mrs. Eddie    buried Nov.13,1941

BURGESS    Mrs. F.E.    buried May 4,1910

BURGESS    Thomas P.    buried Mar.26,1893

BORN 1846  nbsp;DIED JUNE 19,1905   
husband of Lucy Burgess
BURGESS    Lucy    Mar.27,18?? - Mar.9,1898
wife of William H. Burgess

More Information BURKE    Dorothy Pearl    born Aug.9,1933   died Mar.2,2005

BURNELL    Mrs. Eleanor Wood    buried Sept.3,1947

BURNEY    Mrs. Clara K.    buried Feb.26,1939

BURNEY    Effie    age 22 years   died Jan.30,1905

BURNEY    J.R.    buried Aug.28,1941
More Information BURNEY    J.R. Jr.    age 17 days   died Feb.15,1905
infant son of J.R. Burney

More Information BURNEY    Jessie Alan    born Nov.10,1913   died June 20,2005

BURNEY    Robert H.    buried May 29,1899

More Information BURNEY    Robert H. Jr.    died Sept.29,1886   age 5 years

More Information BURRUSS    Margaret Riggins    born Mar.20,1910   died May 1,2004

BURTON    Annie �Roberta�    born Oct.20,1916   died July 29,2006
wife of Bertram Maurice Burton

BURTON    Joseph Alfred    buried Mar.18,1927

BURTON    William H.    buried Aug.10,1937
BURTON    Mrs. William H.    buried Mar.11,1938

BUSCH    infant son of John Busch
buried Aug.9,1911

More Information BUSH    Joan    born Oct.30,1943   died July 27,1992
wife of Nevil Bush

BUSH    Mollie    born 1852   died 1923   buried Aug.31,1923

BUTCHER    Katherine H. �Mamma B�    age 79 years   died Sept.22,2006

More Information BUTTS    Ruben Lee    born July 2,1932   died May 11,1992

BUTTS    Willie R.    born Nov.1,1887   died Nov.30,1976
husband of Sadie Butts
BUTTS    Sadie    born Oct.22,1894   died Mar.11,1970
wife of Willie R. Butts

More Information BYARD    Mrs. Eddie    age 45 years   buried Oct.12,1928
wife of Eddie Byard

BYERS    Mrs. Eleanor    buried Jan.27,1930

BYERS    G. Newton    buried Jan.14,1904

GEORGE N. BYERS    ROCKBRIDGE ARTILLERY (may be same as above)

BYRD    Mrs. Martha    buried Dec.7,1903

BYRNE    Flora    buried Apr.16,1893

BYRNE    Flora G.    Aug.26,1809 - Aug.14,1893
wife of Dr. Edmond Byrne

CABANISS    Mrs. Lucy    buried Oct.29,1899

CABANISS    Lute    buried May 3,1921

CABANISS    Dr. T.E.    died Apr.8,1895   age 38 years 27 days   buried Apr.8,1895

CAIN    Andy    buried Aug.14,1909

More Information CAIN    Lum    died Nov.25,1905   buried May 1,1906

CALDWELL    Cora    buried Dec.28,1914

CALDWELL    H.M.    buried Mar.22,1938

CALDWELL    Martha    died July 5,1889

CALDWELL    Miss Mary    buried June 28,1929

CALDWELL    R.D.    buried Oct.30,1919
CALDWELL    infant of R.D. Caldwell
buried July 24,1892

CALDWELL    Mrs. S.A.    buried June 4,1897

CALDWELL    Samuel A.    buried Aug.11,1902

CALDWELL    Sue Ogburn

CALHOUN    William Jefferson    born May 16,1869   died Feb.28,1923
husband of Lila Catherine Johnson Calhoun
CALHOUN    Lila Catherine Johnson    born June 26,1874   died Dec.15,1943
wife of William Jefferson Calhoun

CALVIN    Joseph Jackson    age 76 years   died Feb.4,1980
husband of Mamie Ellis Calvin

CAMERON    Louise Harrison    buried Dec.28,1945

CAPT. 1st REGT. LA. CAVALRY C.S.A. 1861 to 1865

CAMMACK    Dr. Carlton    buried Nov.14,1912
CAMMACK    Mrs. Carlton    buried Sept.8,1932

CAMMACK    Mrs. Florence    buried Jan.28,1903

CAMMACK    Robert    buried Jan.22,1891

CAMPBELL    Ada    buried Aug.12,1910

CAMPBELL    Annie May    buried Oct.4,1918

CAMPBELL    Mrs. Delia    buried Sept.20,1910

CAMPBELL    Ed.    buried Sept.5,1912

More Information CAMPBELL    Ernest Wendell    born Apr.22,1946   died Feb.5,2005

CAMPBELL    Hugh    buried Apr.6,1893

More Information CAMPBELL    James W.    died Dec.11,1888   age 34 years

CAMPBELL    Jesse F.    buried Apr.3,1919

CAMPBELL    Johanna    Jan.24,1919

CAMPBELL    Joseph W.    buried June 21,1932

More Information CAMPBELL    Kevin Lee    born May 5,1971   died Jan.30,1994
husband of Lori Ann Campbell

CAMPBELL    Mrs. Mary    buried Apr.14,1938

CAMPBELL    Nellie J.    buried Mar.23,1901

CAMPBELL    Sallie Lee    buried Feb.7,1910

CAMPBELL    Mrs. Sarah E.    buried May 8,1902

CAMPBELL    W.C.    buried Apr.26,1916

CAMPBELL    Wanda    buried May 31,1912

CANTLON    Adam H.    buried Nov.4,1921

CAPALLIA    Allen E.    born Dec.16,1938   died Aug.19,2006

CARCUFF    Robert    buried June 12,1907

CARDEN    Dorothy Ann    Aug.24,1934

CARDWELL    G.H.    buried Sept.14,1912
CARDWELL    Mrs. G.H.    buried Aug.14,1912

CARKUFF    Thomas Everett    born 1857   died 1910 ?   buried Nov.1,1911 ?
husband of Jennie Bigelow Carkuff
CARKUFF    Jennie Bigelow    born 1867   died 1915
wife of Thomas Everett Carkuff

CARLISLE    Bertha    buried Sept.27,1915

CARLISLE    Carson    buried Dec.23,1911

BORN 1838   DIED 1901   BURIED JULY 6,1901
CARLISLE    Nannie A.    Sept.23,1844 - Aug.4,1899
wife of Carson C. Carlisle

CARLISLE    Catlett H.    born 1875   died 1881

CARLISLE    George L.    buried Nov.6,1909
More Information CARLISLE    Nellie    age 79 years   Sept.3,1927
wife of George L. Carlisle

CARLISLE    Mary    buried July 30,1925

CARLISLE    P. Bascomb    buried July 3,1909


CARNEY    Albert    buried Oct.20,1918

CARNEY    Mrs. Amanda    buried Dec.11,1913

More Information CARNEY    Bernice    born Oct.16,1922   died Jan.27,2004

CARNEY    Mrs. Evie L.    buried July 8,1930

CARNEY    Frank M.    born Oct.15,1919   died Jan.1,2006


CARNEY    John L.    buried Oct.15,1928

CARNEY    Landon R.    buried June 15,1940

CARNEY    Lorene    buried Nov.14,1916

CARNEY    Dr. N.L.    buried Aug.10,1931

CARNEY    Mrs. Pauline    buried Jan.15,1944

CARNEY    Richard    buried Feb.19,1933

CARNEY    Thomas F.    buried Apr.4,1930

CARNEY    Mrs. Vinie Louise    buried Aug.29,1943

CARNEY    Will    buried Oct.15,1918

CARNEY    William C.    buried July 24,1930

More Information CARNIVALE    Angeline Marie    born July 13,1932   died Aug.14,2007

More Information CAROLAND    EmilieRedman
born in New York Dec.9,1829   died June 28,1907

More Information CAROLAND    Jefferson Crittendon    born Feb.2,1861   died Apr.18,1931
More Information CAROLAND    Cordelia Ann    born Jan.15,1969   died July 19,1938

CAROLAND    infant of Jackson Caroland
died Aug.21,1897

More Information CAROLAND    Sallie Banister    age 57 years   died Feb.4,1927
wife of S.J. Caroland

CAROLAND    Stonewall J.    buried Apr.4,1923

CARPENTER    Donald E.    Jan.6,1930

More Information CARPENTER    Mrs. Eli    died Sept.15,1919

CARPENTER    Gertrude    buried Dec.31,1924

CARPENTER    Alvis T.    born 1898   died 1979
CARPENTER    Gertrude H.    born 1900   died 1977

CARPENTER    Gertrude E.    born 1919   died 1920   buried Apr.6,1920
daughter of Alvis T. & Gertrude H. Carpenter

CARPENTER    Mrs. J.W.    buried Nov.24,1944

CARPENTER    John William    born 1897   died 1978

CARPENTER    Lena    born Nov.16,1895   died Mar.9,1920

CARPENTER    Lora Bryant    born 1893   died 1944

CARPENTER    Mrs. Mary    buried Sept.14,1909

More Information CARR    Thomas Julius    born July 21,1926   died Sept.13,2005
More Information CARR    Mary Anne    born Mar.2,1929   died Sept.8,2005

CARREL    infant of Lilan Carrel
died May 1,1905   age 6 weeks, 5 days

More Information CARRIGAN    James Robert    born Aug.17,1904   died Jan.15,1992

CARRIGAN    James Thomas    born 1882   died 1964
husband of Ala Bearden Carrigan
CARRIGAN    Ala Bearden    born 1882   died 1956
wife of James Thomas Carrigan

CARROLL    Eula    buried May 7,1915

More Information CARROLL    Thomas Eddie    born Apr.18,1949   died May 2,2003

CARSEY    James    buried Dec.10,1943

CARSEY    Mrs. W.H.    buried Dec.11,1930

CARSEY    William Henry    born July 19,1845   died Apr.7,1916 ?
placed in receiving vault Apr.8,1918?   buried July 3,1918 ?

More Information CARTER    Mrs.    age 26 years    died July 14,1908

CARTER    Clarence H.    buried Dec.10,1899

More Information CARTER    Earl Thomas    born Oct.10,1911   died Jan.24,1992
husband of Kathryn Davenport Carter

CARTER    Ellie    buried Nov.13,1912

CARTER    Monroe    born 1882   died 1936   buried Oct.2,1936
removed from Riverview Cemetery

CARVER    C.M.    buried Jan.28,1941

CARY    Earl M.    born 1871   died 1914   buried June 15,1914
husband of Mary Bell Peay Cary

CARY    Mary Bell Peay    born 1869   died 1932   buried Aug.12,1932
wife of Earl M. Cary

CASE    W.M.    buried Dec.26,1930
CASE    Mrs. W.M.    buried Aug.24,1943

CASE    William Woodward    born Jan.26,1897   died July 2,1960

CASHON    Arthur    buried Dec.3,1923

More Information CASTLEBERRY    Adeline    born July 3,1931   died Feb.8,2004

More Information CASTLEBERRY    William Weatherford Jr.    born May 18,1926   died Sept.12,1926
son of William & Perley Castleberry

CASTNER    Miss Charlotte    buried Aug.15,1935

CASTNER    George L.    born 1849   died 1931   buried Mar.6,1931
husband of Nannie Farnsworth Castner
CASTNER    Nannie Farnsworth    born 1861   died 1952
wife of George L. Castner
CASTNER    infant of George L. & Nannie Farnsworth Castner
buried Nov.19,1928

More Information CASTNER    Lucille Colbert    died May 5,1980

CASTNER    Mrs. Lucy A.    born 1821   died 1910   buried July 22,1910

CASTNER    Mary A.    May 15,1824 - Jan.25,1853

CASTNER    Wilson J.    born in Pennsylvania Apr.2,1817   died Apr.6,1869

More Information CASTO    Bernard Fredrick    born Mar.9,1945   died Dec.29,2004

CASWELL    Jennie    buried Feb.10,1924

CATES    Nancy Ruth �Sneezie� McCarty    born June 6,1937   died Mar.9,2007
wife of Charles F. �Chuck� Cates

CATLETT    Mrs. Fanny P.    born 1860   died 1944   buried Jan.12,1941

CATLETT    Richard Kimball    born Oct.7,1893   died Sept.17,1979
husband of Mildred Crouch Catlett
CATLETT    Mildred Crouch    born Jan.17,1896   died Dec.14,1983
wife of Richard Kimball Catlett

CATLETT    Roy S.    buried Aug.14,1923

More Information CATO    Garner Floyd    born Apr.7,1937   died Feb.24,2005

CAUDLE    Julian Henry    born 1887   died 1922   buried Oct.10,1922
husband of Bettie Allen Caudle
CAUDLE    Bettie Allen    born 1885   died 1970
wife of Julian Henry Caudle

CAVALLO    Marie Rose Fagan    born 1897   died 1986

CAYCE    Barbara Sue    buried June 23,1936

CAYCE    Clarence    buried May 9,1929

CAYCE    Donald Dwight �Don�    born Apr.9,1947   died May 11,2007
husband of Connie Cayce

CAYCE    Fannie Wooten    born Oct.12,1917   died Jan.10,2007
wife of William Cayce
CAYCE    infant of William Cayce
buried Jan.12,1945

CAYCE    Henry    born 1863   died 1918   buried Dec.1,1918

CECIL    Christine    buried Dec.2,1918

More Information CHADWICK    Ida Frances    died Nov.12,1992

More Information CHANDLER    Grace Katherine    born Sept.19,1933   died Nov.23,2004

CHANDLER    M. Skyler    buried July 15,1916

CHANDLER    Perry    buried Sept.8,1915

CHANDLER    Raymond K.    buried Oct.22,1918

CHANDLER    infant of S. Kyle Chandler
buried July 9,1914

CHANDLER    twins of S.M. Chandler    buried May 15,1922

CHAMBERS    W.A.    buried Sept.3,1931

CHANNELL    Douglas Jr.    buried Oct.17,1939

CHANNELL    Frank N.    buried Oct.24,1943

CHANNELL    Thomas J.    born Aug.1,1872   died Dec.19,1956
husband of Pocahontas E. Channell
CHANNELL    Pocahontas E.    born Nov.8,1875   died June 5,1940
wife of Thomas J. Channell

CHAPMAN    Floyd M. �Mac�    born Mar.10,1967   died Apr.3,1987

More Information CHAPMAN    Margie M.    born Feb.18,1936   died July 29,2000
wife of Floyd R. Chapman

CHAPMAN    Nora    buried Oct.10,1944

More Information CHATO    Steve B.    born Jan.4,1921   died Dec.29,2002
husband of Ruth Evelyn Fort Chato

CHEATHAM    Mrs. Addie O.    buried Mar.21,1909

More Information CHEATHAM    Clara Dale    born Apr.18,1907   died Mar.5,1984
wife of Thomas D. Cheatham

More Information CHEN    Lan Chun    born July 14,1919   died July 5,2004

More Information CHENAULT    Herbert M.    Sept.25,1899 - Sept.29,1897
son of Reverend R.M.? J.T.? & Laura P. Chenault

More Information CHENAULT    Roberta Fletcher    born Jan.7,1905   died Mar.18,1980
wife of Maynard L. Chenault

More Information CHERRY    Bernice    born Aug.10,1928   died Feb.5,2003
husband of Betty Hall Cherry

More Information CHESNUT    Johnny Andrew    born Nov.11,1912   died Apr.16,1980
husband of Vera Blanton Chesnut

More Information CHESTER    Ada    born July 2,1911   died May 16,2004

CHESTER    Daisy M.    Oct.17,1903

CHESTER    Douglas B.    born Feb.9,1853   died Oct.20,1932
husband of Angola M. Chester
CHESTER    Angola M.    born Nov.11,1858   died Aug.5,1923
wife of Douglas B. Chester

CHESTER    Douglas B.    born Sept.10,1908   died Sept.26,1997
CHESTER    Ida M.    born May 4,1917   died Mar.22,1976
wife of Douglas B. Chester

CHESTER    Ellay Mae    born May 19,1919   died June 12,1991

CHESTER    Elzie W.    born Feb.21,1915   died Jan.21,1995

CHESTER    Grover Lee    born 1890   died 1936

CHESTER    Henry S.    born Mar.24,1899   died Sept.17,1969
CHESTER    Ellie T.    born Sept.10,1898   died Feb.3,1964
wife of Henry S. Chester
CHESTER    Dorothy M.    born May 7,1925   died Dec.27,1977
daughter of Henry S. & Ellie T. Chester

CHESTER    infant daughter of J.L. Chester
buried Apr.2,1925

CHESTER    James Lee    buried Jan.14,1941

CHESTER    Jimmie Lee    born Sept.20,1923   died Jan.21,2000

CHESTER    Lee    buried July 23,1936


CHESTER    M.A.    buried May 2,1940

CHESTER    M.D.    buried Oct.12,1920

More Information CHESTER    Margie Lou    born Aug.29,1932   died Mar.31,2004
wife of James Buford Chester

More Information CHESTER    Mary Lee    born Dec.4,1909   died May 23,2004

More Information CHESTER    Milburn    born Aug.1,1910   died Feb.17,1980
husband of Gladys Blackard Chester

More Information CHESTER    Nellie Irene    born May 25,1895   died Apr.7,1992
wife of Edwin Winfield Chester

CHESTER    Raymond Lee    born July 8,1934   died July 3,1984

CHESTER    Roy    Jan.1,1927

CHESTER    Royce M.    born May 27,1933   died June 30,1971

CHESTNUT    James P.    buried Nov.17,1925

CHESTNUT    Mrs. James P.    buried Apr.7,1943

CHESTNUT    John Samuel    buried Apr.13,1947

CHESTNUT    Jona Lynette    buried Dec.5,1945

More Information CHESTNUT    Orvan Weems    born Oct.11,1918   died Jan.22,1980
husband of Stella Mae Shepherd Chestnut


CHILDERS    child    buried July 9,1923

CHILDERS    Gracey    buried Mar.20,1921
CHILDERS    infant of Gracey Childers
buried Dec.8,1901
CHILDERS    infant son of Gracey Childers
buried July 21,1906

CHILDERS    James Glenn Jr.    buried Oct.12,1937
CHILDERS    Mrs. James Glenn    buried Nov.29,1943

CHILDS    A.G.    buried Aug.2,1902
CHILDS    Mrs. A.G.    buried Apr.1,1896

CHILDS    Charlie William    born 1868   died 1949
husband of Belle Durham Childs
CHILDS    Belle Durham    born 1868   died 1934   buried Sept.19,1934
wife of Charlie William Childs

CHILDS    Eldo H.    buried July 17,1936

CHILDS    Herbert M.    Oct.15,1940

CHILDS    Lucy S.    buried Jan.21,1925

More Information CHILIES    Miss Emma    died Apr.14,1886

CHOAT    child of John Choat    buried Dec.23,1892
CHOAT    2 children of John Choat    buried Apr.17,1893

CHOATE    Buddie    born 1882   died 1882

CHOATE    Hunter H.    born 1879   died 1920   buried Oct.24,1920

CHOATE    John Jr.    1891 - 1892

CHOATE    John Wesley    born Feb.5,1852   died July 25,1937

CHOATE    Ruby    born 1884   died 1884

CHOATE    Virginia Walls    born Dec.5,1853   died Mar.18,1923

CHOATE    Wesley    buried Nov.23,1894
child of John Wesley Choate

CHRISTIANSON    Martin L.    buried Aug.2,1915

CHRISTIANSON    Peter    buried Aug.19,1914

CHRISTIANSON    Peter    buried Dec.9,1915

More Information CHRISTOPH    Margaret Hatcher    born Nov.24,1921   died Feb.26,2008
wife of William Christoph

More Information CLAPP    Daniel Alan    born Mar.3,1990   died Mar.11,2007

CLARDY    infant son of J.R. Clardy
buried July 25,1899

CLARDY    Eleanor E.    born June 19,1908   died Dec.1,2006

CLARDY    Fay Balthrop    born Feb.4,1946   died Jan.10,2007
wife of Donald B. Clardy

More Information CLARDY    Julia Virginia    born Apr.9,1918   died Mar.27,1980

CLARDY    Mrs. Lou    
placed in receiving vault Mar.6,1917

CLARDY    Margaret Shelby    born Mar.20,1914   died Jan.18,2008
wife of J.L. Clardy Jr.

CLARDY    Mrs. S.L.    buried July 23,1947

CLARDY    Dr. Thomas F.    buried Nov.14,1899

CLARK    A.J.    buried Dec.20,1920

CLARK    Arthur    buried Oct.5,1900

CLARK    Mrs. B.F.    buried June 22,1946

CLARK    Berkley M.    born Mar.9,1914   died Nov.10,1998

CLARK    C.J.    buried Mar.5,1893

More Information CLARK    Dorothy Louise    born Jan.16,1939   died May 10,1992

CLARK    Elizabeth W.    buried Mar.7,1907

CLARK    Mrs. Ethel F.    buried May 1,1944

More Information CLARK    Frances P.B.    died May 15,1888   age 22 years

CLARK    Mrs. Helen Wilson    buried Mar.5,1934

More Information CLARK    Howard Joe    born Aug.3,1950   died Mar.16,2003
husband of Judy Sowell Clark

More Information CLARK    James    died Mar.9,1883   age 80 years

CLARK    Mrs. L.W.    buried Dec.11,1907

BORN NOV.26,1839   DIED NOV.14,1921

CLARK    Lou.    buried Nov.6,1910

CLARK    Mrs. M.H.    buried Oct.26,1912

CLARK    M.K. Jr.    buried July 28,1919

CLARK    Mary    buried May 30,1922

CLARK    Miss Mary    buried Dec.29,1945

CLARK    Mrs. Mary    buried Jan.11,1900

CLARK    Mary V.    buried July 31,1915

CLARK    Mildred Davenport    born Oct.24,1919   died Dec.14,2007
wife of Horace Wayne Clark

CLARK    Morris Kerr    husband of Cornelia Saunders Clark
born in Richmond, Virginia May 16,1864   died Nov.2,1916
CLARK    Cornelia Saunders
born in Hawaii Jan.23,1944   died Dec.19,1944
wife of Morris Kerr Clark

CLARK    Polly H.    born Feb.23,1928   died Jan.25,2007
wife of Paul Clark

CLARK    Robert Lee    buried Jan.4,1929

CLARK    Robert Maurice    born Apr.23,1932   died Jan.6,2007
husband of Jeane Adkins Clark

CLARK    W.C.    buried July1,1946

More Information CLAXTON    Lucille    born Feb.14,1929   died Feb.18,2005

CLAXTON    Nannie Lee    born Mar.3,1914   died Dec.29,2005
wife of Robert Claxton

CLEARY    infant son of John Cleary
buried Mar.13,1920

CLEMENTS    Mrs. ????    buried July 11,1925

CLEMENTS    J.A.    buried Sept.23,1936

CLEMENTS    Robert C.    born 1869   died 1926   buried Feb.27,1926
husband of Margaret Buquo Clements
CLEMENTS    Margaret Buquo   born 1870   died 1941   buried Oct.29,1941
wife of Robert C. Clements

CLEMENTS    W.C.    born May 2,1857   died Feb.12,1920

CLIFTON    B.F.    buried May 6,1935
CLIFTON    B.F.    buried Mar.12,1930
CLIFTON    infant son of B.F. & Sallie S. Clifton
died 1887   buried Oct.8,1886 ????

CLIFTON    Jennie    buried July 25,1922

CLIFTON    Jonathon    buried Apr.30,1894

CLIFTON    Kate Brumfield    born 1850   died 1884

CLIFTON    Sallie E.    buried Sept.20,1918

CLIFTON    Sam    buried Oct.30,1918

CLIFTON    Samuel R.    buried July 7,1907

More Information CLINARD    Andrew    born Mar.24,1915   died Sept.13,1992
husband of Edna Johnson Clinard

CLINARD    Donnie R.    born Jan.9,1943   died Dec.4,2005
husband of Nelda Cook Clinard

More Information CLINARD    Dorothy Mae    born Feb.6,1917   died Apr.13,2004

CLORE    Kate    buried June 12,1911

CLOTFELTER    infant of J.W. Coltfelter    Oct.18,1915

More Information COBB    Cecil Bryan    born Dec.25,1925   died Apr.2,2006
husband of June K. Cobb

More Information COBB    Denny    born Dec.8,1972   died May 17,2005
husband of Amanda Emerson Cobb

COBB    J.W.    buried Nov.12,1930

More Information COBB    Jennie Tuck Cobb    Nov.14,1848 - May 17,1886
wife of R.L. Cobb
COBB    Irene Gracey    Sept.17,1879 - Apr.25,1886   age 8 years
daughter of R.L. & Jennie Tuck Cobb

COBB    John R.    buried Feb.4,1936

COBB    Mrs. John W.    buried Aug.8,1941

COBB    Mrs. Mary L.    buried July 6,1913

CAPT. R.L. COBB    CO. F  50th TENN. INF. ?

COBB    Robert    buried Sept.6,1918

COCKARELL    C.S.    buried Sept.5,1938

COCKARELL    Morris M.    born 1863   died 1924   buried May 26,1924
husband of Idella M. Cockarell
COCKARELL    Idella M.    born 1869   died 1964
wife of Morris M. Cockarell

More Information COCKARELL    Rebecca Sue    born Sept.17,1920   died Feb.5,1975
wife of Duncan Cockarell

COCKE    A.T.    buried Dec.26,1907

COCKE    Ann Dickson    born June 24,1852   died Mar.2,1923

COCKE    Claude C.    buried Sept.9,1937

COCKE    H. Reams    born Sept.14,1893   died Nov.8,1938

COCKE    John Samuel    born Feb.7,1929   died Oct.15,1930
infant son of Emmett & Margie Cocke

More Information COCKE    Kate Powell    born Apr.27,1892   died Dec.6,1983
wife of James Gordon Cocke

COCKE    W.E.    buried Feb.27,1932

COCKE    William E.    born 1848   died 1917   buried Mar.27,1917
husband of Jennie E. Cocke
COCKE    Jennie E.    born 1857   died 1935
wife of William E. Cocke

COFFEY    Mary Jean Warnock    born June 20,1947   died June 23,2006
wife of Ted Coffey

COHEN    child of B.B. Cohen    buried Sept.11,1890

COHEN    Stephen Roth    buried Mar.1,1938

COKE    Billy Frank    age 5 years   died July 5,1930
son of R.C. & Maydell Aderholt Coke

COKE    Mrs. Francis L.    buried Dec.9,1929

COKE    Mrs. Ivor    buried June 6,1929

COKE    J. Henry    born 1858   died 1920   buried Dec.16,1920
husband of Hula L. Coke
COKE    Hula L.    born 1864   died 1940
wife of J. Henry Coke

COKE    James T.    buried Jan.25,1928

More Information COKE    Newell C.    born Mar.2,1887   died Oct.31,1975
husband of Virginia McGhee Coke
More Information COKE    Virginia McGhee    born Feb.21,1904   died Dec.4,1979
wife of Newell C. Coke

COKE    Paul    buried Apr.25,1928

More Information COKE    Robert Clarence    born Feb.12,1892   died Oct.24,1971
husband of Olga Madel Aderhold (Aderholt?) Coke
More Information COKE    Olga Madel    born Apr.26,1893   died June 23,1979
wife of Robert Clarence Coke

COKE    Stephens M.    buried Apr.29,1930

More Information COKE    Sue A. Hale    died Dec.12,1883   age 26 years

COLEMAN    Abraham Ketchison �A.K.�    born Dec.12,1818   died July 13,1901
More Information COLEMAN    Frances M.    died Nov.6,1885   age 64 years 9 months
COLEMAN    Melville Burr    born Nov.10,1845   died Dec.11,1911
son of Abraham Ketchison & Frances M. �Fannie� Coleman
COLEMAN    Benjamin    Sept.4,1811 - Mar.11,1911
brother of A.K. Coleman

More Information COLEMAN    Allen Thrumond    born 1886   died 1942

COLEMAN    Ann    buried Aug.19,1905

COLEMAN    Carrie A.    born June 10,1867   died July 25,1950
wife of Dr. Roland Bain Macon

COLEMAN    Charles E.    buried Aug.17,1926

COLEMAN    Mrs. Claude E.    buried June 17,1917

More Information COLEMAN    Claude Thomas    born June 22,1902   died May 15,1992
husband of Owa Foster Coleman

COLEMAN    Reverend Felix H.    born Nov.9,1868   died Apr.18,1941
husband of Carrie A. Coleman

COLEMAN    J.D.    buried Dec.7,1913

COLEMAN    John    buried July 4,1916

COLEMAN    M.D.    buried Dec.5,1911

COLEMAN    Manley Lee    Feb.9,1821 - Nov.5,1885

COLEMAN    William Marshall    buried July 2,1942

COLLIER    Mrs. A.E.    buried May 16,1940

COLLIER    Alex E.    buried Aug.23,1912

More Information COLLIER    Ann Roe    born Feb.11,1917   died July 22,2003
wife of John Collier


COLLIER    Charles C.    buried July 19,1896

COLLIER    child of Charlie Collier    buried May 8,1894

COLLIER    David E.    born Sept.5,1940   died Oct.21,1999
husband of Rushie M. Collier
COLLIER    Rushie M.    born Oct.25,1940   died Dec.5,1989
wife of David E. Collier

COLLIER    Mrs. Ellen    buried May 20,1929

COLLIER    H.M.    buried Oct.28,1911

COLLIER    Hugh    buried May 15,1893

COLLIER    J.E.    buried Dec.4,1945

COLLIER    Lloyd N.    born July 16,1911   died Dec.21,1983
husband of Grace H. Collier
COLLIER    Grace H.    born Sept.4,1908   died July 12,1997
wife of Lloyd N. Collier

COLLIER    Luther    buried Sept.30,1911

COLLIER    Madoline M.    buried Oct.28,1943

COLLIER    Mrs. Maria    buried May 23,1910

COLLIER    Minnie    buried July 14,1911

COLLIER    Orin    buried Jan.11,1928

COLLIER    W.M.    buried Mar.6,1930

COLLIER    Mrs. Willie    buried Dec.20,1893

COLLINS    Henry P.    buried Dec.27,1894

COLLINS    Matthew David    born May 8,1873   died Apr.18,1957
husband of Dora A. Collins
COLLINS    Dora A.    born Sept.28,1886   died Feb.26,1929
wife of Matthew David Collins

COLLINS    Peter    born 1851   died 1922   buried Apr.25,1922
husband of Margaret Julia Collins
COLLINS    Margaret Julia    born 1859   died 1913   buried July 30,1913
wife of Peter Collins

COLLINS    Mrs. Peter    buried May 4,1922

COMER    Ella    buried June 7,1926

COMPERRY    Gracie    buried Jan.21,1925

CONDON    Charles A.    buried Mar.13,1934
CONDON    Charles A. Jr.    buried Dec.26,1936

CONGER    Anna S.    buried Mar.5,1924

More Information CONNER    Gatha Malinda    born June 12,1921   died Jan.17,2005

More Information CONNER    Genny B.    born Sept.17,1915   died May 28,1992

CONROY    Alice H.    buried June 1,1918

CONROY    George    buried Feb.8,1941

CONROY    Mrs. H.N.    buried Oct.8,1910

CONROY    John    buried June 8,1926
CONROY    Harriet    buried June 8,1926

CONROY    John Sr.    buried May 2,1910

CONROY    John J. Sr.    buried Dec.8,1936

CONROY    Jonathan J. Sr.    born 1824   died Nov.11,1905
husband of Julia Henneberry Conroy
CONROY    Julia Henneberry    born 1836   died 1862
wife of John Conroy

More Information CONROY    Lucille D.    born Dec.2,1909   died Jan.8,1992
wife of Charles C. Conroy

CONROY    Miss Nellie    buried Nov.5,1927

CONROY    William    born 1859   died 1862
husband of Mary Conroy
CONROY    Mary    born 1861   died 1884
wife of William Conroy

CONROY    William    buried Apr.24,1928
CONROY    Mary    buried Apr.24,1928
CONROY    Julia    buried Apr.24,1928

CONROY    Vincent    buried Apr.24,1928

CONWAY    Mrs. Mary    buried Dec.21,1938

CONYERS    Judge Christopher B.    buried Aug.8,1945

COOK    David W.    buried Sept.19,1894

COOK    E.A.    buried Dec.13,1940

COOK    Gilicia Estell    Feb.14,1862 - Mar.18,1895
wife of Reverend W.T.S. Cook

COOK    Mrs. Jennie E.    buried July 10,1926

COOKE    Mrs. ????    buried July 8,1909

COOKE    C.L.    buried July 7,1911

COOKE    infant of Charles Cooke
buried Feb.8,1929

COOKE    Charles E.    buried Apr.16,1946

COOKE    infant daughter of Ed A. Cooke
died May 3,1906

COOKE    Mrs. Ed Elizabeth    buried Dec.30,1946

COOKE    Mrs. George    buried July 21,1928

COOKE    George E.    buried Aug.5,1902

COOKE    Laura W.    buried Jan.22,1911

COOKE    Lula R.    buried Feb.1,1918

COOKE    Mrs. Polly A.    buried Sept.8,1908

COOKSEY    Enoch N.    born 184?   died 1927   buried Apr.18,1927
husband of Mary D. Cooksey
COOKSEY    Mary D.    born 1851   died 1915   buried July 10,1915
wife of Enoch N. Cooksey

COOKSEY    Fannie E.    born Nov.19,1876   died May 17,1956

COOLEY    John R.    buried Oct.4,1928

COOLEY    Mrs. Lizzie    buried July 24,1913

COOLEY    Mrs. Matthew    buried Sept.7,1912

COOLEY    Mrs. Oliver    buried Feb.18,1930

COOLEY    Mrs. Sallie    buried Feb.26,1931

COOLEY    child of William Cooley    buried June 24,1891
COOLEY    child of William Cooley    buried Oct.21,1891

COOLEY    William A.    buried Mar.15,1911

COON    Mrs. M.F.    buried Feb.7,1918

COONES    Larry David    born Apr.17,1949   died May 15,2006
husband of Norma Poe Coones

COOPER    Cord    buried Nov.21,1924

COOPER    Evelyn Irene    buried Nov.4,1945

COPPER    H.H.    buried Apr.15,1926

COOPER    Mrs. Inze Lyle    buried Nov.30,1945

COOPER    Kelly & Janie    born June 13,1976   died June 16,1976

COOPER    Mrs. Lizzie S.    buried May 4,1900

COOPER    Nell Bell    age 83 years   died Nov.10,2007

COOPER    Sarah Ditmore    born Mar.14,1943   died June 7,2000

COOPER    T.V.    buried May 1,1922
COOPER    Mrs. T.V.    buried Nov.28,1936

COOPER    W.L.    buried Dec.16,1924

CORBETT    P. Henry    born 1874   died 1922   buried Jan.16,1922

CORDER    Agnes    buried Oct.27,1919

CORDER    infant son of James Corder
buried June 12,1907

More Information CORDER    Lewis Marvin    age 34 years   died Feb.22,1932

CORDER    Louise    buried July 10,1904

CORDER    S.C.    buried Sept.7,1920

CORDTS    Herman C.    born 1891   died 1982
husband of Lillian E. Cordts
CORDTS    Lillian E.    born 1894   died 1977
wife of Herman C. Cordts

CORELY    Mrs. Cora    buried Jan.25,1910

More Information CORGAN    Dorothy    died Oct.29,2003
wife of James X. Corgan

More Information CORLEW    Dave    dried June 11,1906

CORLEW    Lewis Lowe    born Sept.26,1900   died May 1,1995
husband of Willie Mai W. Corlew
CORLEW    Willie Mai W.    born Oct.31,1910   died Mar.13,2002
wife of Lewis Lowe Corlew

CORLEW    Mrs. W.H.    buried May 14,1947

CORLEW    William E.    buried June 25,1927

CORLEY    Alice    buried Feb.7,1913

CORLEY    Ed. B.    buried Nov.19,1924

CORLEY    James E.    buried Sept.7,1911

CORLEY    John Ed    buried Dec.28,1937

CORLEY    Mrs. Josie    buried Feb.27,1932

CORLEY    Will    buried July 25,1943
CORLEY    Mrs. Will    buried Sept.11,1929

CORLEY    William Jr.    buried Aug.4,1920

CORNELIUS    Howard    Feb.27,1922
CORNELIUS    Mrs. Howard    bried May 26,1945

COSPER    Mrs. Lois S.    buried Feb.8,1919

COSPER    P.D.    buried Oct.14,1925

COTHAM    Anna    buried June 15,1923

COTHAM    Charles Edward    buried Aug.17,1945

COTHAM    infant son of James Cotham
buried Sept.10,1911

COTHAM    Robert C.    buried Oct.10,1903

COTHAM    Will T.    buried Mar.19,1934
infant son of J.C. Cotham

COTTELL    Nettie    buried June 14,1923

COULTER    George William    born 1873   died 1934   buried May 29,1934
husband of Grace Stacker Coulter

COULTER    Grace Stacker    born 1881   died 1939   buried Feb.3,1939
wife of George William Coulter

COULTER    John B.    born 1846   died 1903   buried Aug.15,1903
COULTER    Mrs. Sue A. Stratton    born 1846   died 1937   buried Jan.14,1937
wife of John B. Coulter

COULTER    Maggie    buried July 6,1896

COULTER    Mrs. Maggie    buried Nov.7,1900

More Information COULTER    Mary Bell    Feb.27,1836 - Dec.28,1875
wife of B.F. Coulter
COULTER    Robert William
infant son of Mary Belle & B.F. Coulter


More Information COULTER    ROBERT THEODORE    CO. B  49th TENN. INF. REGT. C.S.A.
BORN OCT.8,1833   DIED NOV.30,1864

BORN 1842   DIED 1912   BURIED JAN.11,1912
husband of Amanda Williams Coulter

COULTER    William F.    born 1842   died 1912
COULTER    Amanda Williams    born 1845   died 1934   buried Sept.2,1934
wife of William F. Coulter

COUNCIL    Myrtle Ruth    born Sept.24,1915   died Nov.9,2005
wife of Preston Council

COUNCIL    infant daughter of R.F. Council
buried June 8,1920

COUNCIL    Robert S.    buried June 5,1925

COUNT    Elizabeth Ann    born Dec.1,1976   died June 22,1996

COURTS    B.    born 1902   died 1904   buried Feb.5,1904

COURTS    Juliette H.    buried June 16,1916

COURTS    infant son of R.W. Courts
buried Mar.20,1904

COURTS    Richard W.    buried Dec.21,1940

COUTS    Mrs. C.F.    buried Nov.9,1938

More Information COUTS    Mrs. Carrie Patton    died Nov.13,1887

COUTS    Commodore F.    born 1863   died 1936   buried Dec.14,1936
husband of Mattie Hay Couts
COUTS    Mattie Hay    born 1865   died 1908   buried Nov.12,1908
wife of Commodore F. Couts

COUTS    Elizabeth A.    Oct.24,1824 - Mar.22,1857

COUTS    John F.    buried Feb.18,1944

COUTS    Jonathan F.    buried Jan.23,1897

COUTS    Martha F.    Nov.1,1882 - Sept.15,????

COVINGTON    Albert M.    died June 5,1905

COVINGTON    Jewel    buried Jan.7,1919

COVINGTON    Mrs. Martha    buried June 25,1898

COWARD    Miss Ida    buried Sept.3,1926

COWARDIN    Mrs. L.M.    buried July 10,1900

COWHERD    Mattie E.    May 14,1864 - Dec.31,1893
wife of John W. Cowherd

COX    Bettie F.    born 1864   died 1939   buried Feb.25,1939
Wife of H.H. Cox

COX    Ruby Nell    buried Aug.14,1945

More Information COX    Sammie Joe    born Feb.25,1928   died Sept.11,2004
husband of Ruby Smitherman Cox

COX    W.F.    buried May 18,1908
COX    Sallie A. Henry    born Apr.26,1842   died Mar.17,1901
wife of W.F. Cox

CRABTREE    Mrs. L.J.    buried Sept.24,1903

CRABTREE    Robert F.    born 1852   died 1925   buried Sept.30,1925
husband of Ella R. Crabtree
More Information CRABTREE    Ella R.    born 1858   died Aug.6,1926
wife of Robert F. Crabtree

CRAIGHEAD    Mary A.    buried Feb.20,1892

CRAIN    Elizabeth �Betse� Hayes    born Jan.7,1936   died Nov.27,1994

CRAVATH    Shana Marie    born Sept.2,1977   died Apr.11,2006

CRAWFORD    William    buried Feb.24,1924

CROCKETT    Mrs. Ann    buried Nov.15,1940

More Information CROSS    Caroline Charlotte    born Mar.2,1896   died July 27,1992
wife of W.E. Cross

CROSS    Charles C.    born 1880   died 1952

CROSS    Daisy B.    born 1876   died 1970

CROSS    Mrs. E.R.    buried Dec.27,1947

CROSS    Ed C.    buried Nov.2,1895
CROSS    child of Ed C. Cross    buried Mar.4,1893

CROSS    Fannie    Apr.9,1859 - Nov.8,1883
wife of J.B. Cross

CROSS    Frances    buried Nov.10,1886

CROSS    Lucy    buried June 22,1887

CROSS    Mrs. Mary I.    buried Apr.17,1932

CROSS    Tom    born 1861    died 1893    buried May 22,1893
husband of Ludie G. Cross
CROSS    Ludie G.    born 1861   died 1928   buried Jan.10,1928
wife of Tom M. Cross

CROSS    Vogal    buried Aug.14,1942

More Information CROSSLEY    Shane D.    born Jan.19,1958   died July 22,2004

CROTZER    Mrs. Bettie    buried Nov.2,1928

CROTZER    Bettie B.    born 1851   died 1904

CROTZER    Horace C.    born Apr.18,1916   died Mar.12,1938

BORN 1846   DIED 1889   BURIED NOV.24,1889

CROTZER    Lee    buried Oct.4,1894

CROTZER    Lionel    born Aug.30,1918   died Aug.8,1919

CROTZER    William J.    born 1859   died 1928   buried Apr.3,1928
husband of Sue Ella Crotzer
More Information CROTZER    Sue Ella    born Dec.16,1864   died Mar.11,1928

CROUCH    Alice    buried Aug.9,1917

CROUCH    Mrs. Augie Wilkerson    buried Mar.24,1943

CROUCH    Charles Richard    buried Aug.7,1947

CROUCH    George D.    buried July 21,1929
CROUCH    Mrs. George D.    buried Feb.5,1924

CROUCH    Jack    buried July 24,1927
CROUCH    Mrs. Jack    buried Dec.30,1930

CROUCH    Jack    born May 10,1920   died Mar.3,2006
husband of Dorothy Cutrell Crouch

CROUCH    Lawrence O.    buried Oct.29,1938

CROUCH    Marguerite    age 78 years   died July 11,1907

CROUCH    W.H.    buried Jan.11,1892

More Information CROW    Lillie Bell    born July 8,1917   died Mar.22,2004

CRUM    Mrs. Charles    buried June 10,1910


CULBREATH    J. Marvin    born Jan.13,1880   died Mar.29,1949
CULBRETH    Bessie �Bess�    born Jan.14,1883   died Feb.19,1917 ?   buried Mar.19,1913 ?
wife of Reverend J. Marvin Culbreath
CULBREATH    Ada Trawick    born Nov.3,1871   died Sept.30,1958
wife of J. Marvin Culbreath

CUNNINGHAM    ????    Oct.10,1883 - Oct.31,1886

CUNNINGHAM    ?? Weems    Dec.14,1849 - Apr.14,1884

CUNNINGHAM    Andrew Holmes    May 4,1880 - July 10,1891
son of J.T. & Lucy A. Cunningham

CUNNINGHAM    Miss Cora Lee    born Mar.3,1897   died Apr.27,1944

CUNNINGHAM    Dollie Inez    Nov.7,1892 - Mar.7,1898

CUNNINGHAM    Mrs. Dora    buried Feb.4,1931

CUNNINGHAM    infant son of Elijah Cunningham
died Apr.25,1905

CUNNINGHAM    Elijah Washington    born Nov.11,1857   Feb.9,1916
husband of Ella Abernathy Cunningham
CUNNINGHAM    Ella Abernathy    born July 6,1861   died Feb.19,1941
wife of Elijah Washington Cunningham

CUNNINGHAM    Eula N.    born Dec.3,1885   died Aug.20,1962

More Information CUNNINGHAM    G.T.    age 62 years   buried May 13,1917
CUNNINGHAM    Frankie Williams Mckee    died July 31,1887    age 26 years
wife of G.T. Cunningham

CUNNINGHAM    Harriet N.    May 23,1881 - Oct.10,1893
wife of E.W. Cunningham
More Information CUNNINGHAM    Thomas M.    Dec.26,1882 - Apr.26,1893    age 24 years
son of E.W. & Harriet Cunningham

More Information CUNNINGHAM    Hugh D.    born Apr.17,1860   died July 1938
husband of Cora Lee Eleazor Cunningham
CUNNINGHAM    Cora Lee Eleazor    buried July 25,1938   
removed from country
wife of Hugh D. Cunningham
CUNNINGHAM    Dollie    buried July 25,1938   
removed from country
CUNNINGHAM    Pittman    buried July 25,1938   
removed from country

CUNNINGHAM    Mrs. Ivey    buried Mar.15,1938

CUNNINGHAM    J.T.    buried Mar.14,1911

CUNNINGHAM    J.N.    buried Sept.18,1945

CUNNINGHAM    Dr. John Newell    born Mar.2,1898   died July 3,1941
CUNNINGHAM    infant daughter of John Newell Cunningham
buried Oct.27,1903

CUNNINGHAM    John T.    born July 28,1911   died Dec.14,1991
CUNNINGHAM    Grace Stacker Sprouse    born Oct.26,1912   died Apr.2,1991

CUNNINGHAM    Judge John T.    buried Dec.10,1945

CUNNINGHAM    Lucey    buried June 14,1927

CUNNINGHAM    Marshall    buried Dec.20,1936

CUNNINGHAM    Mrs. Mattie Y.    buried June 23,1942

CUNNINGHAM    Nella    buried July 8,1918

CUNNINGHAM    Newell Pitman    Feb.8,1890 - Nov.9,1890

CUNNINGHAM    Robert L.    buried June 28,1937

CUNNINGHAM    Robert Thomas    Aug.3,1891 - Apr.5,1896
child of Robert L. & Mattie B. Cunningham

More Information CUNNINGHAM    Sarah    born Dec.7,1900   died Jan.21,1992
wife of Lee Cunningham

CUNNINGHAM    Dr. William M.    born Nov.17,1887   died Feb.24,1944

CURD    Mrs. J.J.    buried Feb.15,1925

CURRENT    Mrs. Blanch H.    born Dec.15,1864   died Nov.1,1946

CURRENT    D.H.    buried Oct.17,1921

More Information CURRENT    David Halliburton    born Mar.3,1863   died July 16,1915

CURRENT    Miss Dora    buried Apr.21,1934

CURRENT    Miss Elizabeth    buried Feb.20,1967

CURTIS    Walter O.    buried Apr.30,1945

More Information CUSHMAN    Hattie Alease    born Nov.4,1911   died Dec.28,1992
wife of Finis W. Cushman Sr.

CUSHMAN    John William    buried Oct.21,1945

CUSHMAN    W.A.    born 1849   died 1920   buried Dec.10,1920
husband of Elizabeth S. Cushman   removed from country
CUSHMAN    Elizabeth S.    born 1849   died 1923   buried Mar.18,1923
wife of W.A. Cushman

DABNEY    E.R.    born Feb.25,1932
   removed from country

DABNEY    Ed R.    buried July 21,1941

DABNEY    Mrs. Elizabeth    buried June 3,1940

DABNEY    Ellen V.    buried Feb.25,1932
   removed from country (Dabney-Manson Cemetery)

DABNEY    James F.    buried Feb.25,1932   removed from country (Dabney-Manson Cemetery)

More Information DALEY    Emma Edmondson    died Feb.1,1886

More Information DALY    E.V.    born Nov.6,1922   died Mar.16,2003

DAMRON    Tom    buried Apr.30,1934
DAMRON    Mrs. Tom    buried Feb.23,1938

DANGERFIELD    Dr. J.E.    buried Sept.1,1889

DANIEL    Annie Minor    born 1878   died 1881

DANIEL    C.S.    buried Jan.5,1923

BURIED MAY 24,1890
More Information DANIEL    PVT. COLE SPENCER DANIEL JR.    BORN 1842   DIED 1923
DANIEL    Lucie Jones    born 1850   died 1929
wife of Cole Spencer Daniel Jr.

DANIEL    Cole Spencer    born 1801   died 1866
DANIEL    Martha Ann Foster    born 1811   died 1885
BORN 1838   DIED 1921   BURIED SEPT.9,1921
DANIEL    Minor De Graffenreid    buried May 1,1912
wife of William Madison Sr.
More Information DANIEL    Fontaine DeGraffenried    born 1893   died 1896   buried Dec.26,1896
DANIEL    Margaret Minor DeGraffenreid    born 1847   died Apr.30,1912
daughter of William Madison Daniel
More Information DANIEL    William Madison Jr.    born 1874   died 1942
DANIEL    child of William Madison Daniel    buried June 22,1890
DANIEL    child of William Madison Daniel    buried July 7,1902
DANIEL    William Madison III    born Feb.24,1916   died Dec.13,1991

DANIEL    Collie    buried Aug.11,1931

DANIEL    Mrs. Egbert    buried Nov.1,1904

DANIEL    Mrs. Florence Stratten    born 1870   died 1914   buried Nov.1,1914

DANIEL    Frances Erwin    born Feb.3,1902   died July 6,1902

DANIEL    H.M.    buried Oct.25,1925

More Information DANIEL    Helen Thurstensen    born Nov.27,1898   died May 7,1992
wife of Sinclair Daniel Sr.

DANIEL    Howard L.    born 1877   died 1954
husband of Kate A. Daniel
DANIEL    Kate A.    born 1883   died 1959
wife of Howard L. Daniel

DANIEL    John Spencer    born 1888   died 1946   buried Jan.30,1946

DANIEL    Louis S.    buried Dec.5,1918

DANIEL    Louise    buried Apr.19,1923

DANIEL    Mary Helm    born 1909   died 1919   buried Jan.19,1919

DANIEL    Mary Prichett    born 1871   died 1872

DANIEL    Mrs. Nell Kincannon    born 1901   died 1932   buried Apr.4,1932

DANIEL    Polk Jonhson    died June 16,1890

DANIEL    Quarles    born 1880   died 1881

More Information DANIEL    Robert    born Apr.10,1849   died Nov.1,1931
DANIEL    Mrs. Virginia Thompson    buried Oct.27,1936
DANIEL    child of Robert Daniel    buried June 30,1891
More Information DANIEL    Sinclair    born Dec.3,1892   died Sept.1,1975
husband of Helen Daniel
More Information DANIEL    SGT. SOREN T.    U.S. MARINE CORPS
BORN MAY 20,1935   DIED MAR.13,1983

DANIEL    Samuel H.    buried Apr.10,1904

DANIEL    Susan Jones

DANIEL    Thomas Maury    born 1877   died 1936   buried Jan.11,1936

DANIEL    Wilie Erwin    born 1877   died 1958

DANKO    Derick Shawn    born Sept.2,1980   died Mar.9,2007
husband of Maricela Rodriquez Danko

DARDEN    Anna Belle McGehee    born July 15,1912   died May 3,2006
wife of Dr. Byrns L. Darden

DARDEN    Dr. John    buried Jan.19,1922
   removed from Port Royal
DARDEN    Mrs. John     buried Jan.19,1922   removed from Port Royal

DARDEN    William W.    buried Aug.7,1932

DARNELL    A.F.    buried Apr.9,1923
More Information DARNELL    Gordon N.    born Dec.3,1880   died July 16,1931

DARNELL    infant of A.N.
buried Mar.27,1935

More Information DARNELL    Homer Ray    born Feb.24,1926   died Oct.27,2003
More Information DARNELL    Elizabeth    born May 22,1929   died Mar.9,2003

More Information DARNELL    Hugh Randolph    born July 24,1924   died June 11,2003
husband of Doris Welker Darnell

DARNELL    James M.    buried Mar.26,1927
   removed from Liberty burial ground

More Information DARNELL    Laurin Brandon    born June 7,1975   died Feb.2,2004
husband of Melanie Sasser Darnell

More Information DARNELL    Laurin Stanley    born May 21,1931   died Sept.20,2004
husband of Connie Darnell

More Information DARNELL    Loretta    age 81 years   died Dec.25,1926

DARNELL    Mrs. Lula    buried Apr.21,1925

DARNELL    Lula    buried Feb.22,1926

DARNELL    Mrs. Nellie    buried Feb.4,1938

DARNELL    Riley Edward    buried Aug.3,1942

DARNELL    Robert Catlett    born Nov.8,1922   died July 24,1998

DARNELL    Mrs. Susie Wilson    buried June 4,1946

DARROW    W.J.    buried Sept.19,1911

DAVENPORT    Alice Bailey    born Jan.30,1922   died Dec.10,2006
wife of Robert �Pete� Davenport

DAVENPORT    Arthur Boyd    born Apr.2,1924   died June 20,2006
husband of Thelma May Rose Davenport
DAVENPORT    Thelma May    born Sept.6,1930   died June 21,2006
wife of Arthur Boyd Davenport

DAVENPORT    Mrs. Elsie T.    buried Sept.28,1938

DAVENPORT    James Gilbert    born Jan.31,1933   died Dec.2,2003

DAVENPORT    Jeffrey Parker    born Oct.27,1961   died Nov.4,1981

DAVENPORT    John Robert    buried Mar.17,1947

More Information DAVENPORT    Paul Miller    born Aug.10,1933   died Nov.26,1992

More Information DAVENPORT    Rebecca J.    born Mar.9,1927   died June 11,2005
wife of Thomas Ernest Davenport

DAVIDSON    Albert    buried Feb.14,1903

More Information DAVIDSON    Althea    born June 14,1914   died Dec.21,2004

DAVIDSON    Annie E.    buried Mar.27,1923

DAVIDSON    B.F.    buried Oct.27,1909

DAVIDSON    Carrie Lee    buried Mar.5,1927

DAVIDSON    Charles    buried May 16,1931

More Information DAVIDSON    Elzie Ozroe    born May 2,1907   died Oct.29,1925
wife of Grady Davidson

DAVIDSON    Mrs. Florance    buried Nov.21,1936

DAVIDSON    Frank    buried Nov.16,1920

DAVIDSON    Mrs. Mary    buried Feb.21,1900

DAVIE    J. Wilson    July 22,1927

DAVIE    Willie    buried Jan.18,1892

DAVIS    Alton Dexter �Doc�    born Feb.7,1910   died Feb.18,1975
husband of Lillian K. Davis
More Information DAVIS    Mary Lillian K.    born Oct.30,1911   died Dec.10,1992

DAVIS    Bettie    buried June 28,1889

DAVIS    Billy Jo    buried July 24,1929

DAVIS    Mrs. C.B.    buried Mar.13,1947

DAVIS    Charles I.    Jan.28,1928

DAVIS    Corea Sue    buried Oct.11,1945

DAVIS    Duncan E.    born July 21,1891   died Sept.29,1922

DAVIS    Fannie F.    buried June 7,1918

DAVIS    Hellen    buried July 2,1924

DAVIS    Hester J.    born 1896   died 1982
wife of Hugh C. Davis

DAVIS    infant of Hewitt C. Davis
buried Apr.19,1933

DAVIS    Howard    buried July 15,1937

DAVIS    Howard    buried Oct.10,1943

DAVIS    Hugh C.    born 1893   died 1961
husband of Hester J. Davis

DAVIS    J.O.    age 78 years   buried July 25,1925

DAVIS    Mrs. J.W.    buried Apr.2,1921
DAVIS    twins of J.W. Davis    buried June 19,1922

More Information DAVIS    James B.    died Jan.5,1887    age 45 years
DAVIS    Nancy J. Davis    age 66 years   died Feb.8,1911
wife of James B. Davis
DAVIS    child of James B. Davis    buried June 14,1886

DAVIS    James S. �Jimmy�    age 26 years

More Information DAVIS    John Earl    born Aug.23,1913   died Aug.8,1992
DAVIS    Thelma Marie    born Nov.26,1913   died Nov.5,2007

DAVIS    Joseph F. Jr.    buried July 13,1921

DAVIS    Leonard L.    born Feb.2,1886   died Mar.18,1977
husband of Ira Hodges Davis
DAVIS    Ira Hodges    born Aug.9,1887   died May 9,1974
wife of Leonard L. Davis

DAVIS    Linda    buried Feb.6,1941

More Information DAVIS    Lizzie Emma    died Apr.29,1888

DAVIS    M. Hodgson    buried Aug.27,1945

DAVIS    Martha Jean    buried May 22,1932

DAVIS    Mary    buried May 23,1891

More Information DAVIS    Nina    died June 8,1897    age 1 month

DAVIS    Mrs. Ophelia    buried Aug.4,1935

DAVIS    Owen    buried Nov.23,1936

DAVIS    Raymond Lee Jr.    born Apr.28,1921   died Apr.7,2006

More Information DAVIS    Sidney Willis    born Dec.29,1920   died May 24,2003

DAVIS    Tom    buried June 1,1931

More Information DAVIS    Virginia Trotter    born June 29,1853   died Mar.22,1922   age 68 years
wife of J.D. Davis

DAVIS    W.M.    buried Dec.17,1921

DAVIS    William    buried Aug.10,1939

DAWSON    Margaret    buried Aug.10,1914

More Information DAWSON    William Douglas    born Feb.19,1920   died Aug.17,1992

DAY    Charles M.    buried Ssept.21,1898
DAY    Harry    buried Sept.21,1898
child of Charles M. Day

DAY    Mrs. Eliza    buried Sept.6,1895

DAY    G.M.    born in Hanover County, Virginia Oct.30,1808
died at his house in Todd County, Kentucky Dec.19,1879

More Information DAY    Mrs. Mary C.    died Oct.30,1885    age 69 years

DAY    R.    buried Apr.14,1916

DAY    Rowena    buried Feb.28,1933

DAY    Rowena Williams    born Aug.16,1888   died Aug.14,1967

DAY    W.D.    buried Feb.16,1897

More Information DEAN    Amanda    age 34 years    died Jan.19,1898

DEAN    Clay E.    born 1848   died 1915   buried June 20,1915
husband of Ann Dean
DEAN    Ann    born 1856   died 1950
wife of Clay E. Dean

DEAN    George    buried Mar.16,1889
DEAN    child of George Dean    buried Dec.8,1890

DEAN    George H.    buried Nov.21,1920
DEAN    Belle B.    buried Nov.2,1916
More Information DEAN    George H.    born Feb.3,1885   died Mar.1953
DEAN    Theresa Sullivan    born 1883   died 1971

DEAN    Horace L.    buried Sept.16,1902

DEAN    Mrs. Jane B.    buried Nov.11,1910

DEAN    Joe L.    born Oct.18,1880   died Apr.8,1920

DEAN    John    born Sept.7,1877   died Aug.17,1951
More Information DEAN    Bertha Belle    born Sept.12,1883   died Dec.1962

DEAN    Worcester C.    buried July 24,1913

DEAN    Z    born 1848   died 1913   buried May 18,1913
husband of Alice S. Dean
DEAN    Alice S.    born 1844   died 1929   buried Dec.8,1929
wife of Z. Dean

DEERING    Mary Frances �Pat�    born Mar.27,1926   died Dec.8,2007
wife of Paul W. Deering

DELPH    Jesse H.    born Oct.1,1915   died June 11,1994
husband of Frances Powell Delph
DELPH    Frances Powell    born Feb.10,1920   died May16,1964
wife of Jesse H. Delph

DENNIS (Dennes?)    Ed H.    buried Jan.13,1898

More Information DENNIS    Gillie    born Sept.6,1894   died Mar.31,1931

DENNIS (Dennes?)    John H.    buried Aug.12,1937

DENNIS (Dennes?)    Leon    buried Sept.19,1935

DENNIS (Dennes?)    Mabel    buried Jan.17,1898
child of Duke Dennis

DENNIS    Polly    buried Apr.4,1918

DENNIS    Zeb P.    born July 14,1841
husband of Ellen Pettus Dennis
More Information DENNIS    Ellen    Jan.3,1842 - May 6,1885    age 40 years
wife of Zeb P. Dennis
DENNIS (Dennes?)    Nannie    Nov.17,1874    Sept.26,1875
daughter of Zeb P. & Ellen Pettus Dennis
DENNIS (Dennes?)    child of Zeb P. & Ellen Pettus Dennis    buried Apr.20,1886
More Information DENNIS (Dennes?)    Maurice Duke    born June 24,1860   died July 28,1931
son of Zeb P. & Ellen Pettus Dennis

DENTON    Stanley Harper    born July 11,1945   died Feb.19,2007

DEVERS    Sterling J.    born Apr.1,1900   died Dec.14,1971
husband of Beulah R. Devers
DEVERS    Beulah R.    born Dec.22,1901   died Apr.30,1991
wife of Sterling J. Devers

More Information DEVERS    Michael    age 48 years   died Mar.1,2008

More Information DEVERS    William M.    born Nov.10,1924   died June 6,1999

DEVITT    Mrs. Ellen    buried Oct.1,1913

More Information DEWBERRY    Julian Warren    born Jan.4,1929   died Feb.22,2005

More Information DeWIN    Sibyl St. John    born Aug.28,1921   died Apr.1,2003

DIBBLE    Parker Gardner    born 1866   died 1938   buried Sept.30,1938
husband of Janie Homer Dibble
DIBBLE    Janie Homer    born 1870   died 1937   buried Apr.22,1937
wife of Parker Gardner Dibble

DICK    Mrs. A.C.    buried Dec.14,1891

More Information DICK    David Sr.    born 1812    died Feb.11,1886    age 74 years
DICK    David Jr.   buried Aug.31,1892

DICK    G.S.    buried Mar.21,1925

DICKINSON    John M.    born Aug.23,1966   died Nov.14,1970

More Information DICKS    W. Stewart    age 65 years   died Mar.12,1908

DICKSON    Mrs. Ellen    buried Oct.12,1913

DICKSON    George L.    buried July 9,1922

DICKSON    J.A.    buried May 26,1914

DICKSON    James W.    buried Oct.2,1938

DIFFERDERFER    L.A.    buried July 29,1932

DILLARD    Mrs. Loretta    buried May 7,1918

DILLON    H.F.    buried June 29,1916

DINGEE    Mrs. Anna W.    born 1861   died 1912   buried Jan.1,1912

More Information DITMORE    Frank M.    born Feb.10,1911   died Feb.22,1984
DITMORE    Eleanor C.    born Aug.3,1913   died June 29,1995
wife of Frank Ditmore

DIXON    Kathleen    buried July 6,1910

DOLAN    Shayne    born Dec.13,1931   died Apr.27,2007
wife of Thomas Francis Dolan

DOLINGER    Jewell �Judy�    born May 22,1924   died Mar.26,2007
wife of John Robert Dolinger

DONNELL    Teressa E.    born 1878   died 1941   buried Mar.5,1941
wife of Newman Donnell M.D.

DONNELLY    Lena    born Oct.14,1843   died Feb.26,1920


DORAN    F.P.    buried Nov.27,1935
DORAN    Harry    buried Nov.27,1935
DORAN    infant son of Mrs. Sarah Doran    buried Nov.27,1935
DORAN    Willie    buried Nov.27,1935

DORAN    Mrs. Sarah    buried Oct.24,1935

DORITY    infant son of Henry Dority
buried July 15,1918

DORITY    Landon R.    born Nov.13,1890   died June 10,1940
husband of Lula Evans Dority
DORITY    Lula Evans    born Oct.29,1898   died July 18,1990
Wife of Landon R. Dority

DORITY    Mrs. Susan    buried June 7,1909

DORITY    William Frank    born June 21,1865   died Oct.19,1943
husband of Evelyn Bowers Dority
DORITY    Evelyn Bowers    born Feb.3,1869   died Nov.8,1947
wife of William Frank Dority

More Information DORITY    William Robert    born Mar.15,1908   died Apr.1981

DORRIS    Mrs. A.C.    buried June 14,1927

More Information DORRIS    Bertha Sugg    born June 26,1917   died July 22,2005
wife of Lewis H. Dorris

More Information DORRIS    Ophelia    died June 12,1920
wife of A.C. Dorris

BURIED JAN.24,1911

DORTCH    Dr. George C.    buried Sept.15,1904
More Information DORTCH    Eliza J.    Jan.30,1841 - Nov.13,1886
wife of Dr. George C. Dortch

DORTCH    William Steven    born Mar.10,1962   died May 7,1991

DOUGLAS    Parmelia    buried Dec.13,1891

DOW    Linus M.    born Feb.15,1874   died July 10,1959
husband of Cora L. Dow
DOW    Cora L.    born Nov.6,1877   died July 6,1939
wife of Linnus M. Dow

DOW    Vallie    born Oct.2,1901   died Feb.20,1986

DOWDY    J.A.    buried Feb.22,1943
DOWDY    Mrs. J.A.    buried Nov.4,1913

DOWDY    Roy M.    buried Jan.19,1944

DOYLE    Elizabeth    buried Jan.11,1894

DOZIER    Kathryn L.    age years   died Aug.6,2006

DRAKE    Martha L.    died Feb.21,1905

DRANE    Alice    buried Sept.3,1910

DRANE    Amelia    died June 11,1906
wife of William Drane

DRANE    Bettie W.    buried July 28,1892

DRANE    Charles H.    buried Nov.5,1942

DRANE    Edward    buried Feb.4,1920

DRANE    Mrs. Eliza J.    buried July 29,1889

DRANE    H.T.    buried Mar.24,1920

DRANE    Lucy Gracey    born July 6,1914   died Apr.20,2006

DRANE    Mary    born 1859   died 1911 ?   buried Oct.30,1901 ?

More Information DRANE    Rosa Johnson Flournoy

BORN 1798   DIED 1865   BURIED DEC.30,1893?
More Information DRANE    PVT. JAMES M. DRANE    CO. A  14th TENN. INF. C.S.A.
BORN 1842   DIED 1861
More Information DRANE    PVT. HUGH M. DRANE    CO. A  14th TENN. INF. C.S.A.
BORN 1836   DIED 1878

DRANE    Wesley    buried Apr.21,1943

DRANE    William M.    buried Dec.10,1909

DRANE    William McClure Sr.    born 1866   died 1931   buried June 4,1931
DRANE    Mary Luckett    born 1872   died 1945   buried Mar.27,1945
wife of William McClure Drane Sr.
DRANE    William McClure Jr.    born 1912   died 1938   buried buried Oct.25,1938
son of William McClure Sr. & Mary Luckett Drane

DUDLEY    Iola Gracey Case    born Dec.12,1928   died Oct.5,1991

DUDLEY    Mrs. Nannie E.    buried Aug.5,1905

DUDLEY    William    buried Feb.26,1894

DUGAN    A.    buried Mar.18,1907
DUGAN    Mrs. A.    buried July 1,1906

DUGAN    infant son of John Dugan
buried Sept.6,1905

DUKE    Miss Ivie    buried Dec.9,1935

DUKE    Lou    buried Sept.12,1892

DULIN    Thursa M.    born Jan.9,1907   died July 8,1985

DUNAWAY    Charles    cied Feb.8,1930

DUNAWAY    Edith B.    buried Aug.23,1925

DUNBAR    Mrs. Sarah A.    buried Dec.11,1943

DUNCAN    William Butler �Buddy� Jr.    born June 25,1953   died Nov.14,2006

DUNHAM    John P.    born Sept.11,1882   died Feb.14,1969

DUNHAM    La Nelle    buried Nov.1,1944

More Information DUNLAP    William T.    born Apr.27,1949   died June 28,2005

DUNLOP    Hugh    born Oct.13,1811    died Mar.5,1878
DUNLOP    Rebecca P.
born Dec.21,1831  died Nov.29,1863
wife of Hugh Dunlop

DUNLOP    Joe P.    buried Aug.25,1937

DUNLOP    Lizzie    buried May 11,1922

DUNLOP    Mrs. Mattie    buried Feb.13,1902

DUNLOP    W.B.    buried Jan.17,1919

DUNLOP    W.B.    buried Oct.10,1940

DUNN    Buford    buried Aug.3,1911

DUNN    3 children of C.C. Dunn    buried Oct.29,1912

More Information DUNN    Clarence C.    born June 5,1865   died June 19,1929

DUNN    Emma    buried Oct.9,1919

DUNN    Mrs. Lulia Lockert    buried Jan.1,1944

DUNN    Mrs. Maud    buried Apr.3,1940

DUNN    Ophelia Cox    born Oct.4,1883   died May 24,1918

DUNN    Rachel H.    July 14,1936

DUNN    Ruth Eleazer    born Oct.19,1899   died May 1,1921
DUNN    C.G.    born Apr.30,1921   died June 30,1921
son of C.G. & Ruth Eleazer Dunn
DUNN    S.D.    born Apr.30,1921   died July 10,1921
infant son of C.G. & Ruth Eleazer Dunn

DUNN    William    born in Ireland Dec.29,1817    died July 8,1882

DUNNAWAY    J.M.    buried Nov.16,1945

DUNNING    Mrs. Malinda    buried Sept.5,1926

More Information DURDIN    Glen Hillman    born Aug.8,1918   died June 15,1992
husband of Margie Green Durdin

DURHAM    J.H.    buried Oct.17,1938

DURHAM    Thomas    buried June 10,1898

DURHAM    William Thomas    Dec.11,1885 - June 8,1889
son of ?? & C.F. Durham

DURRETT    Ammon J.    born feb.14,1889   died Mar.18,1954
husband of Irene Y. Durrett
DURRETT    Irene Y.    born Mar.2,1892   died Apr.10,1981
wife of Ammon J. Durrett

DURRETT    Jane    buried May 24,1928

DURRETT    S.D.    born Dec.11,1861   died July ,1941
husband of Laura E. Durrett
DURRETT    Laura E.    born Jan.25,1869   died Jan.30,1938
wife of S.D. Durrett

DURY    Mrs. Madelin K.    buried Jan.9,1935

More Information DYCUS    Faith    born Feb.20,1921   died Apr.7,2003
wife of James Noble Dycus

ASKEW EADS    BORN AUG.28,1923   DIED OCT.10,1967

More Information EADS    Brian Keith    born Sept.18,1961   died June 8,1992
husband of Tina Marie Gann Eads

More Information EADS    Lennie M.    born Dec.18,1901   died Apr.24,1980

More Information EADS    Warner L.    born Feb.6,1922   died Dec.7,1992

EAGLETON    Edgar    buried Aug.3,1903

EARNEST    infant of Lewis Earnest
buried Aug.10,1931

EASLEY    Alice V.    died Dec.27,1923   age 74 years
wife of M.T. Easley

EASELY    Robert L.    buried Mar.8,1917

EASELY    W.T.    buried Nov.7,1917

EASLLING    Steven T.    born Mar.21,1989   died June 18,1989

More Information EAST    Bettie    died Apr.16,1887    age 40 years

EAST    Miss Maggie    buried Oct.31,1938

EAST    Ola    buried June 18,1896

EAST    Robert M.    died Aug.6,1889

EASTLING    Steven Travis    born Mar.21,1989   died June 18,1989

EASTON    W.L.    buried Oct.23,1922

EATHERLY    Mrs. Azzalla    buried Jan.9,1940

EATHERLY    J.W.    buried Dec.8,1944

More Information EATHERLY    John S.    age 52 years   buried Oct.8,1917

EATHERLY    Robert    buried Aug.3,1909

More Information EATON    Harley Garrett    born May 22,1981   died Jan.15,2005

More Information ECKLES    John Elton    born Aug.20,1905   died Apr.1,1992

More Information ECKLES    Rebecca Fugate    born Apr.2,1906   died 1913
wife of John Mickles Eckles

EDENBOROUGH    Jeanette and infant son
buried Nov.22,1944

EDENBOROUGH    Mrs. Maud Shelby    buried Mar.16,1944

EDGAR    Mrs. Nellie Mae    buried Apr.24,1927

EDGE    Clarence    buried Jan.1,1936
EDGE    Mrs. Clarence    buried Jan.1,1936

EDGE    E.T.    buried Aug.4,1935

EDGE    Edward    buried June 8,1921

EDGE    Mrs. Sarah    buried Oct.11,1908

More Information EDMONDSON    George Sterling    born Oct.26,1900   died Aug.23,1992
husband of Lilly Edmondson

EDMONDSON    Jenny    Nov.11,1823 - June 1,1874

EDMONDSON    John R.    buried Jan.26,1933

EDMONDSON    Mrs. Julia    buried Jan.30,1946

EDMONDSON    infant daughter of Louis Edmondson
buried Jan.31,1904

EDMONDSON    Mrs. Louise    buried July 22,1943

EDMONDSON    Lucille    buried Mar.25,1906

EDMONDSON    Marvin    buried Sept.11,1921

EDMONDSON    Marvin F.    born Oct.1,1892   died Oct.4,1918

More Information EDMONDSON    Paula Frances    born May 26,1931   died Feb.28,2008

EDMONDSON    infant of R.U. Edmondson
buried Jan.23,1922

EDMONDSON    Mrs. Robert    buried Jan.2,1933

EDMONDSON    Samuel I.    buried Jan.10,1947

EDMONDSON    Mrs. Sarah Frances Swift    buried Nov.7,1944

EDMONDSON    Thomas    buried Apr.26,1946

EDMONDSON    William    buried June 5,1936

EDMONDSON    William T.    born 1865   died 1936   buried May 21,1936
husband of Mary Foster Edmondson
EDMONDSON    Mary Foster    born 1872   died 1941   buried Mar.6,1941
wife of William T. Edmondson

EDMUNDSTON    Francis    buried June 8,1904

EDWARDS    B.F.    buried Aug.4,1933
EDWARDS    Mrs. B.F.    buried Jan.15,1932

More Information EDWARDS    Elizabeth    born June 27,1921   died Mar.8,2008
wife of John W. Edwards Jr.

EDWARDS    Frank Runyon    born Dec.30,1897   died July 18,1979
EDWARDS    Martha Snadon    born Sept.3,1898   died Feb.24,1972

EDWARDS    Hattie Lee Moorefield    born Dec.16,1914   died Oct.25,2000

More Information EDWARDS    Huber Thomas    born Aug.28,1901   died Feb.28,1992

EDWARDS    J.D.    buried Dec.1,1942

EDWARDS    J.T.    buried Apr.11,1920
EDWARDS    Mrs. J.T.    buried Aug.10,1939

EDWARDS    James Roy    buried Aug.15,1945

EDWARDS    Lela    buried Apr.11,1903

EDWARDS    Lillian �Lela�    age 24 years    died Oct.1,1897

EDWARDS    Mrs. Lillie M.    born 1886   died 1911   buried Dec.6,1911

EDWARDS    Martha E.    buried June 5,1927

EDWARDS    Martha T.    buried Jan.4,1923

More Information EDWARDS    Mary Elizabeth    born Aug.7,1921   died Apr.9,2003

EDWARDS    Maxie    buried Aug.12,1914

EDWARDS    Reams    buried Apr.17,1927

EDWARDS    Roy �Nim�    age 95 years   died May 30,2006

EDWARDS    Roy F.    buried Aug.24,1936

EDWARDS    infant daughter of Thomas Edwards
buried Oct.1,1905

EDWARDS    Mrs. Thomas H.    buried Feb.14,1942

EDWARDS    W.H.    buried June 6,1910

EIGHMY    Earl E.    born Sept.22,1919
EIGHMY    Mary S.    born Aug.25,1914   died Feb.9,2002
wife of Earl E. Eighmy

ELDER    John S.    born Dec.24,1852   died Oct.20,1929

ELDER    Joshua    June 11,1800 - July 17,1874
ELDER    Lucie
child of J. & M.M. Elder
ELDER    Jimmie
son of J. & M.M. Elder

More Information ELDER    Joshua Ernest    born Oct.7,1865   died Aug.5,1929
husband of Mary Clarke Elder
ELDER    Mary Clarke    born 1873   died 1950
wife of Joshua Ernest Elder

ELDER    Martin W.    born Mar.23,1856   died Apr.18,1934
ELDER    Sarah F.    born Aug.10,1864   died Feb.26,1949
More Information ELDER    Melissa    born Oct.12,1896   died Jan.25,1908
daughter of Martin W. & Sarah F. Elder
ELDER    Elizabeth McCulloch    born Sept.9,1899   died Apr.17,1902
daughter of Martin W. & Sarah F. Elder

ELDER    Mrs. Melissa Martin    born June 24,1831   died Apr.20,1889

ELEAZER    ????    buried Oct.10,1906

ELEAZER    Mrs. Florence    buried Apr.2,1903

ELEAZER    George Sr.    buried Jan.6,1905
ELEAZER    George Jr.    buried Mar.29,1904

ELEAZER    John G.    buried Apr.13,1900

ELEAZER    Leon    buried Dec.10,1943
More Information ELEAZER    Ethel Potter    born Jan.26,1903   died Nov.2,1992
wife of Leon Eleazer

ELEAZER    Mrs. Lou Ann    buried Sept.5,1897

ELEAZER    Nellie    buried Dec.26,1927

ELEAZER    Newton    buried Apr.4,1928

ELEAZER    R.T.    buried Apr.30,1912

ELEAZER    Stephen D.    buried June 11,1928

More Information ELEAZER    William E.    age 40 years   died May 28,1905

ELIOTT    W.D.    buried Mar.18,194

ELKIN    Dorothy Traughber    born Mar.20,1903   died Oct.6,1987
wife of Edward H. Elkin

More Information ELLARSON    Cordelia �Adelia�    age 17 years   died Mar.10,1905

ELLARSON    Edna    buried Sept.16,1925

ELLARSON    J.A.    buried Mar.12,1940

ELLARSON    J.Q.    buried Nov.6,1937

ELLARSON    James A.    buried Nov.4,1928

More Information ELLARSON    John Q.    born Nov.28,1932   died Sept.4,2004
husband of Helen Ellarson

ELLARSON    Mary Jane    buried Oct.2,1942

More Information ELLARSON    Mary Westenberger    born July 17,1907   died Feb.19,1992
wife of John Harrison Ellarson

ELLARSON    Maude L.    buried July 8,1923

ELLIOTT    Alva G.    buried Dec.22,1923

More Information ELLIOTT    Benna Mae    born July 16,1917   died Aug.29,2004

ELLIOTT    Mrs. Callie    buried Feb.4,1939

ELLIOTT    Mrs. Carrie J.    buried Sept.17,1941

ELLIOTT    D.G.    buried July 9,1938

ELLIOTT    E.D.    buried Dec.1,1945

ELLIOTT    Mrs. Emma Adams    buried Aug.30,1942

ELLIOTT    Estelle    buried Mar.30,1921

ELLIOTT    infant of G.R. Elliott
buried Jan.19,1925

ELLIOTT    Jack    buried Apr.29,1937

ELLIOTT    Jones F.    buried Feb.1,1947

ELLIOTT    Joseph S.    Feb.18,1844 - Dec.9,1896

More Information ELLIOTT    Maggie    born Apr.1,1905   died Oct.22,1992
wife of Dewey Elliott

ELLIOTT    Marie    buried Apr.4,1910

ELLIOTT    Thomas H.    buried Nov.30,1944

ELLIOTT    W.A.    buried Oct.24,1922

ELLIOTT    Walter E.    buried May 15,1917

ELLIS    Buna Pickering    born Jan.16,1873   died Dec.8,1951
wife of Richard Jesse Ellis

ELLIS    Clay Stacker    buried July 2,1928

ELLIS    Dewey    buried Mar.8,1934

More Information ELLIS    J. Frank    born Sept.22,1915   died May 2,1992
husband of Eula Butts Ellis
ELLIS    Eula B.    born June 13,1918   died Mar.20,2006
wife of J. Frank Ellis

ELLIS    child of James T.    died May 9,1887

ELLIS    infant daughter of Jesse Ellis
buried Nov.15,1902
ELLIS    Marie Lillian �Louise�    Aug.20,1898 - Sept.5,1899
child of Jesse & Buna Ellis

ELLIS    J.T.    buried June 3,1938
ELLIS    Mrs. J.T.    buried June 16,1933

ELLIS    John    buried May 25,1914

More Information ELLIS    Larry Michael    born May 24,1939   died May 23,2005
husband of Linda Powers Ellis

More Information ELLIS    Lorene Lewis    born June 23,1920   died Aug.13,2004

ELLIS    Dr. M.W.    buried Jan.26,1924

ELLIS    Mrs. Mary Inez    buried Mar.12,1912

ELLIS    Nannie Lou    buried Aug.12,1916

ELLIS    child of R.J.    died June 18,1887

ELLIS    Richard J. Jr.    born Mar.31,1903   died Nov.2,1906

ELLIS    Richard Jessie    born Mar.30,1875   died Apr.30,1945
husband of Buna Pickering Ellis

ELLIS    Mrs. Rosa M.    buried July 3,1941

ELLIS    Mrs. Sallie A.    buried Feb.12,1903

ELLIS    Thomas    buried June 22,1914

ELLIS    Thomas    buried Aug.6,1915

ELLIS    Willie    buried Oct.13,1894

ELROD    Arthur William    born Sept.12,1904   died June 21,2000
husband of Dora C. Elrod
ELROD    Dora C.    born Mar.18,1904   died July 6,2001
wife of Arthur William Elrod

More Information ELROD    Fannie Mae    born Feb.17,1913   died Nov.20.1992

ELROD    William Frank    born May 28,1928   died Oct.16,1977

ELY    Charlotte    Mar.28,1809 - Aug.17,1875

ELY    Douglas Baker    Jan.17,1876 - Oct.19,1878

ELY    E.B.    buried Feb.5,1919
More Information ELY    Maria L.    Sept.8,1850 - Dec.25,1888
wife of E.B. Ely
ELY    Mrs. E.B.    buried Mar.8,1933
ELY    child of E.B. & Maria L. Ely    buried Apr.27,1889
ELY    Connell    Nov.24,1868 - Nov.25,1868
son of E.B. & Maria L. Ely

ELY    Edward L.    born Mar.5,1870   died Aug.27,1935
husband of Fannie N. Ely
ELY    Fannie N.    born Oct.20,1870   died June 25,1947
wife of Edward L. Ely

ELY    Mrs. H.D.    buried Jan.17,1937

ELY    infant son of Hulin Ely
buried Apr.11,1899

ELY    Jessie    buried June 5,1943

ELY    Mrs. Marie Connell    died Dec.25,1886

ELY    W.J.    buried Oct.12,1892

ELY    W.J.    buried Nov.29,1909

More Information ELY    William Jamison    born Oct.5,1835   died July 26,1909
More Information ELY    Johnie    born May 15,1843   died Oct.10,1892
ELY    infant sons    died Aug.30,1876

EMERY    William
born in Daventry England 1846   died 1931   buried Nov.2,1931
husband of Amelia Stewart Emery
EMERY    Amelia Stewart    born 1844   died 1937   buried Nov.26,1937
wife of William Emery
EMERY    Miss Winifred    Aug.18,1875 - Oct.12,1898
daughter of William & Amelia Stewart Emery

ENGLE    infant daughter of ???? Engle
buried June 16,1915

ENNIS    Mrs. Sallie    buried June 18,1910

ENNIS    Thomas    buried Nov.22,1910

EPPERSON    William    age 4 years    died June 23,1897
child of Lula B. Epperson

EPPERSON    child of William E. Epperson    buried Sept.24,1889
EPPERSON    child of William E. Epperson    buried May 14,1891

ERWIN    Joseph Boyd D.D.    born 1846   died 1917   buried Oct.18,1917
husband of Frances Smith Erwin
ERWIN    Frances Smith    born 1846   died 1931   buried Jan.8,1931
wife of Joseph Boyd Erwin D.D.

ERWIN    Miss Louisa E.    buried Sept.10,1931

ERWIN    Louisa Eleanor    born 1874   died 1931

ERWIN    M.L.    buried Sept.30,1924

More Information ESTES    James Henry    born Aug.19,1947   died Sept.9,2004
husband of Joyce Estes

More Information EVANS    Clay    died Feb.6,1885


EVANS    Miss Fannie    buried Mar.1,1898

EVANS    Mrs. Forrest Pollard    buried July 21,1936

EVANS    George E.    buried Sept.2,1939
EVANS    Mrs. George E.    buried July 22,1945

EVANS    Mrs. I.W.    buried Mar.29,1886

EVANS    R.D.    buried Feb.8,1888

EWING    Finis    buried Jan.2,1948

EWING    Marha Delinia    Dec.13,1834 - Apr.6,1867
mother of Ella E. Mimms

EWING    Mary    buried July 19,1924

More Information EZEKIEL    David    born May 20,1931   died June 6,2003
husband of Betty Ezekiel

More Information FABER    Rolf Eugen    born Sept.3,1942   died Mar.5,2005
husband of Elaine Faber

FAGAN    ??lhelmina    born 1906   died ????

FAGAN    Josie Oneal    born 1871   died 1971

FALKNER    E.G.    buried Nov.7,1924

FAMBROUGH    Mrs. Amelia    buried Jan.31,1930

FAMBROUGH    J.H.    buried Jan.30,1931
FAMBROUGH    Mrs. J.H.    buried June 13,1932

More Information FAMBROUGH    Jesse Lee    born Jan.10,1930   died Apr.29,2005

FAMBROUGH    N.D.    buried Jan.14,1918

FAMBROUGH    Sarah    buried Dec.7,1919

FAMBROUGH    William Paul    buried May 16,1932

More Information FARMER    Alvie Lewis    born May 29,1924   died Jan.16,2004
husband of Mary Jean Farmer

FARMER    George R.    born Jan.14,1941   died Jan.29,2006
husband of Linda Ellis Farmer

More Information FARMER    Gracey L.    born June 29,1920   died June 5,2003
husband of Polly L. Farmer

FARRAR    E.T.    buried Jan.5,1936

FARRAR    Mrs. Ed    buried Mar.24,1944

FARRAR    Mrs. Gladys    buried July 5,1943

FARRAR    Mrs. Lena    buried June 4,1904

FASSBENDER    infant daughter ???? Fassbender
buried Sept.7,1915

FASSBENDER    William    buried July 24,1903

FAUCHE    G.A.    buried July 14,1887

FAUCHE    William A.    buried Oct.19,1889

More Information FAUCHE    Mrs. Zaline    died June 9,1887    age 61 years

FAULKNER    Curtis G.    buried July 29,1946
FAULKNER    Mrs. Curtis G.    buried July 29,1945

FAULKNER    Reverend E.C.    born Nov.18,1842   died Feb.15,1922
husband of Martha Lulie Carney Faulkner
FAULKNER    Martha Lulie Carney    born Nov.28,1850   died Oct.12,1943
wife of Reverend E.C. Faulkner

FAULKNER    Raymond Douglas    born June 17,1923   died Nov.18,1977

FAXON    Charles    July 4,1792 - July 18,1867
husband of Lucy Ann Faxon
FAXON    Lucy Ann    Oct.1804 - May 21,1874
wife of Charles Faxon

FELTS    J.B.    buried June 25,1932

FELTS    Samuel W.    born 1855   died 1922   buried Mar.14,1923
husband of Emma Felts
FELTS    Emma    born 1862   died 1945   buried May 18,1945
wife of Samuel W. Felts

FENTRESS    Alex    buried Nov.25,1941

FENTRESS    Fannie L.    buried Oct.22,1891

FENTRESS    Dr. W.B.    buried Oct.9,1896

FENTRESS    Wiley Blount    buried Oct.22,1891

FEREBEE    Bernard G.    buried Sept.6,1947

FEREBEE    William �Bill�    born May 7,1929   died Mar.28,2007
husband of Mildred �Milly� Dickey Ferebee

FERGUSON    Caroline M.    buried Nov.13,1940

FERGUSON    Clarence L.    born 1882   died 1950
husband of Minnie P. Ferguson
FERGUSON    Minnie P.    born 1887   died 1979
wife of Clarence L. Ferguson

FERGUSON    Ellen    buried Mar.13,1923

FERGUSON    Miss Ellen M.    buried Nov.9,1897

FERGUSON    Jessie B.    buried May 30,1895

More Information FERGUSON    Mary Meriwether    born July 12,1843   died June 2,1932

FERGUSON    Miss Nannie B.    buried Feb.6,1898

FERGUSON    Porter Erwin    born 1884   died 1909   buried Sept.30,1909

FERGUSON    R.F.    Feb.8,1815 - May 12,1882

FERGUSON    Robert French M.D.    born 1855   died 1938   buried Jan.23,1938
husband of Jennie Lester Ferguson
FERGUSON    Jennie Lester    born 1858   died 1939   buried May 16,1939
wife of Robert French Ferguson M.D.

FERGUSON    Sussie    buried Dec.4,1895

FERGUSON    Susie    buried Apr.22,1897
child of J.K. Ferguson

FERGUSON    Thomas B.    born Feb.4,1848   died May 31,1923

FERRELL    Mrs. ????    buried Sept.7,1906

More Information FERRELL    Joseph A.    born Sept.5,1926   died July 1,1972
husband of Harriett Morrison Ferrell

FERRELL    M.V.    buried Oct.9,1916

FERRELL    Margaret �Maggie� Cynthia     died May 28,1972
wife of Clarence Ferrell

FERRELL    Sam E.    buried Jan.1,1941

FESSEY    Gabe R.    buried Mar.13,1937
FESSEY    Mrs. Gabe R.    buried Mar.6,1937

FIEDERLING    Florence Frank    died Nov.10,1905

FIEDERLING    Frank    born 1856   died 1936   buried Mar.24,1936
husband of Emma W. Fiederling
FIEDERLING    Emma W.    born 1876   died 1966
wife of Frank Fiederling

FIEDERLING    Robert    buried May 30,1936

FIEDERLING    Robert E.    Mar.27,1893 - May 8,1898
son of F. & H. Fiederling
FIEDERLING    infant of F. & H. Fiederling
buried May 9,1893

FIELD    Fred Morgan Sr.    buried Aug.22,1933
More Information FIELD    Fred Morgan Jr.    born July 23,1924   died Apr.21,2003

FIELDS    Anner Mary Shelby    born Feb.24,1917   died June 12,2006
wife of James Pollard Fields

More Information FILSON    Frank C.    born Nov.19,1925   died Dec.26,2004
husband of Catherine Filson

FINLEY    Charles R.    born Dec.20,1967   died Oct.2,1985

FINLEY    Mrs. Virginia C.    buried July 1,1902

FINLEY    Dr. William Y.    Oct.11,1816 - Dec.26,1890

FINNEY    Edna May    buried Oct.19,1921

FINNEY    Hattie    buried May 25,1921

FINNEY    J.    buried Nov.3,1923

More Information FINNEY    Randy Lee    born Mar.15,1960   died Oct.8,2002
husband of Erin A. Finney

FISHER    Delbert George    born Dec.18,1946   died Dec.25,2005
husband of Carolyn Blanton Fisher

FITE    infant daughter of Capt. Fite
buried July 30,1943

FIX    A.    buried Aug.15,1900

FIX    Mrs. Anna    buried June 12,1899

FIX    Lizzie    buried Aug.23,1908

FLEMING    Lillian Lucille    buried July 28,1942

FLEMING    Lloyd Elliott    buried Nov.20,1946

FLETCHER    Calvin B.    buried May 12,1945

FLETCHER    Dr. J.T.    buried Apr.6,1924

FLYNN    Mrs. M.J.    buried June 7,1894

FODDE    H.F.    buried Nov.13,1916

FORBES    Mrs.    buried Nov.16,1891

FORD    Anthony L.    buried June 15,1915

More Information FORD    Grace    born Aug.3,1906   died June 28,2003
wife of Sam W. Ford

More Information FORD    Hester Pickering    born May 21,1897   died Sept.1,1992
wife of Ray Elliott Ford Sr.

BURIED AUG.16,1913

FORD    Joshua    born Apr.19,1861   died Oct.8,1948
husband of Ellen Ford
FORD    Ellen    born June 22,1861   died May 21,1948
wife of Joshua Ford

FORD    Rebecca    buried Feb.20,1920

FORD    Sallie    buried Nov.28,1893

FORD    Miss Sallie    buried July 30,1932

FORD    Sallie G.    born Sept.12,1919   died June 9,1993

FORD    Samuel J.    buried Aug.31,1902

FORD    Sarah A.    buried Mar.9,1907

FORD    W.A.    buried Apr.14,1936
FORD    Mrs. W.A.    buried Sept.7,1936

FORD    William J.    born June 10,1845   died Sept.15,1917

FORD    William Joshua    buried Dec.2,1944

FORT    Dacey    born Oct.11,1870   died June 5,1955
FORT    Bennie Gill    born July 12,1873   died Jan.7,1957

FORT    G. Washington    died July 13,1906

FORT    George    buried Aug.23,1938

FORT    Mrs. George    buried Apr.27,1928

More Information FORT    Harris    born Sept.10,1894   died Oct.30,1972
husband of Mae Walker Fort

FORT    Josiah    born died May 16,1966
husband of Elizabeth Mahan Fort
FORT    Elizabeth Mahan    died Jan.14,1966
wife of Josiah Fort

JOSIAH G. Jr.    BORN JAN.4,1929   DIED Jan.7,1955

More Information FORT    Lillian Crouch    age 60 years   died Oct.1,1977

FORT    Mrs. Mary E.    buried Nov.14,1943

FORT    Mrs. Nannie    buried Mar.26,1936

More Information FORT    Robert Jr.    born Jan.26,1913   died Apr.1,1971

FORT    Mrs. Sterling    buried Aug.2,1943

FORTE    Virginia Ellen    born Jan.25,1918   died Nov.4,2005
wife of Bruce Forte

FOSTER    Earline Winn    born Dec.18,1920   died Oct.3,2003

FOSTER    Georgie N.    buried Sept.2,1937

FOSTER    Geraldine    buried July 7,1928

FOSTER    Homer B.    born Jan.8,1895   died Feb.7,1979
husband of M. Louise Foster
FOSTER    M. Louise    born Mar.23,1902   died Dec.8,1990
wife of Homer B. Foster

FOSTER    infant daughter of J.K. Foster
buried Feb.5,1923

FOSTER    James R.    born Mar.24,1862   died Apr.10,1946
husband of Jennie C. Foster
FOSTER    Jennie C.    born Apr.8,1873   died June 3,1940
wife of James R. Foster

FOSTER    infants of John & La Velia Foster
buried Sept.21,1944

More Information FOSTER    Thomas    born Nov.14,1895   died Sept.2,1939
More Information FOSTER    Dixie    born Dec.6,1898   died Feb.17,1962

FOUST    Buyst H.    born Nov.18,1903   died June 17,1989
husband of Ernestine C. Foust
FOUST    Ernestine C.    born Aug.6,1903   died Jan.16,1988
wife of Buyst H. Foust

FOUST    Mrs. E.L.    buried June 1,1933

FOUST    F.E.    buried Oct.22,1921
FOUST    Mrs. F.E.    buried Aug.17,1937

FOUST    infant of Glenn
Buried Oct.14,1947

FOUST    John C.    buried May 4,1916

FOUST    John H.    buried Oct.17,1922

FOUST    John Victor    buried Aug.9,1936

FOUST    Mrs. Kate    buried Apr.4,1918

FOUST    Miss Nannie    buried Dec.28,1935

FOUST    infant of Thomas B. Foust
buried Jan.4,1911
FOUST    infant of Thomas B. Foust
buried Jan.4,1911

More Information FOWLER    Arthur    age 78 years   died Aug.12,1977

FOWLER    Elliott P.    born May 12,1894   died Feb.23,1975
wife of Ethel I. Fowler
FOWLER    Ethel I.    born Mar.11,1892   died May 7,1968
wife of Elliott P. Fowler

FOWLER    Kattie Mae    buried Nov.26,1947

FOWLER    Lucin Sr.    buried July 20,1934
FOWLER    Lucin Jr.    buried July 20,1934

More Information FOWLER    Marvin Leo    born Dec.15,1917   died Dec.28,2003

FOWLK(E)S    Mrs. ????    buried Aug.3,1892

FOWLK(E)S    Edward    buried June 21,1899

FOWLK(E)S    Henry A.    buried Nov.30,1904

FOWLK(E)S    Joseph M.    born 1846   died 1917   buried July 5,1917

FOWLK(E)S    Minna    age 63 years   died July 12,1931
wife of Walter L. Fowlk(e)s
FOWLK(E)S    child of Walter L. Fowlk(e)s    buried Nov.26,1894

FOWLK(E)S    Rebecca L.    buried Feb.1,1926

FOWLK(E)S    W.L.    buried June 11,1914

FOX    Mrs. Amanda    buried Jan.17,1915

FOX    Edgar W.    buried Feb.15,1911

FOX    F.F.    buried Dec.9,1902
FOX    Carrie    May 12,1886 - July 27,1887
daughter of F.F. & A.F. Fox
FOX    Ella Ware    May ?,1862 - Aug.18,1867
daughter of F.F. & A.F. Fox
FOX    2 children of F.F. & A.F. Fox    buried Feb.18,1892

FOX    Ferdie F.    buried Nov.16,1911

FOX    John Ely    Oct.1,1868 - Sept.24,1891

FOX    Miss Lottie    buried Oct.26,1890

FOX    N.G.    buried Jan.5,1899

FRANKEL    Victor Henry    buried Aug.15,1900
son of Henry Frankel

FRANKLIN    Belle    buried Dec.20,1925

FRANKLIN    Ben E.    buried June 24,1887

FRANKLIN    Fannie R.    buried Apr.19,1898

FRANKLIN    James E., his wife Frances R. and family    buried Nov.5,1892

More Information FRANKLIN    Mary D.    age 55 years   died Jan.23,1908

More Information FRAZIER    John �Jack�    died Apr.20,1906

More Information FRAIZER    Vera    born Oct.9,1899   died Jan.7,1970

FRECH    Bob L.    buried Apr.4,1946

More Information FRECH    G.L.    born June 16,1895   died Dec.29,1968
husband of Pauline Harris

More Information FRECH    Henry    Jan.15,1836 - Mar.23,1887
More Information FRECH    Amanda G. Byrne    Sept.30,1837 - Feb.28,1887
FRECH    5 children of Henry Frech    buried Feb.21,1889

FRECH    Homer    buried Aug.25,1920

FRECH    Jack    buried June 21,1942

FRECH    Lucy F.    age 69 years    died May 5,1905
wife of Albert Frech

FRECH    Robert G.    buried Jan.10,1924

FREE    Leslie T.    buried Oct.21,1944

More Information FREEMAN    Frances M.    born Nov.22,1923   died July 14,2005
wife of Henry L. Freeman

More Information FREEMAN    John Erbin    born May 17,1911   died Dec.27,2004
husband of Mary F. Freeman

FREY    C.E.    born 1847   died 1923   buried Dec.10,1923
husband of Ellen Watson Frey
FREY    Ellen Watson    born 1851   died 1945   buried Nov.20,1945
wife of C.E. Frey

FREY    Mary Lucile    buried Aug.9,1918

FREY    Mrs. Minnie L.    born Sept.6,1879   died Jan.10,1911

FREY    R.L.    buried May 12,1929

FRIEDMAN    Julia    buried Sept.23,1892

FRIEDMAN    Julia    buried Mar.23,1894
   removed to Russellville, Kentucky

FROST    Frances    buried June 24,1941

FRY    C.V.    buried Apr.10,1943
FRY    Mrs. C.V.    buried May 10,1933

More Information FRY    Richard C.    age 75 years   died May 11,1980
husband of Ruth Fry

FUGUA    Vincent    buried Jan.28,1925

FULLER    Mrs. D.    buried Dec.13,1930

FULLER    Michael    born 1892   died 1910   buried July 13,1910

FULMER    child of John E. Fulmer    buried July 5,1892

FULNER    Mrs. Addie B.    buried Feb.21,1939

More Information FULTON    Hallie Frances    born Oct.27,1900   died Jan.16,1992
wife of Noble L. Fulton Sr.

FULTON    Mabel    buried Jan.1,1920

FULTON    Phillip    buried Mar.11,1946

FULTON    infant of Robert E. & Kathghen G. Fulton
died May 24,1914

More Information FUQUA    Billy B.    born June 16,1933   died Apr.28,2004

More Information FUQUA    Edna    born Mar.25,1927   died May 20,2005
wife of C. Charlton Fuqua

FUQUA    P.P.    buried July 10,1941

FURGERSON    child of John Furgerson
Died Feb.14,1885    age 6 weeks

More Information GAFFORD    Sara Thomas    born Aug.31,1924   died Sept.7,2007

GAFFORD    Yolanda K.    born July 17,1948   died Jan.11,2006

GAISER    William Bailey    Feb.18,1886 - Mar.11,1897

GAISSER    John A.    born June 24,1891   died Dec.14,1943
husband of Rosa M. Gaisser
GAISSER    Rosa M.    born June 26,1861   died May 6,1926
wife of John A. Gaisserr>

GAISSER    John Raphael    born June 14,1924   died Jan.12,1929

More Information GAISSER    Susie Payne    born Aug.31,1911   died Apr.20,2005

GAISSER    Walter Raymond Jr.    born June 18,918   died June 4,1923

GALLADAY    Nannie G.    born Sept.27,1835   died Jan.10,1916

GALLAHER    Ed R.    buried Dec.25,1927

GAMBREAL    Mrs. Mollie    buried Sept.28,1929

More Information GANLIN    infant    age 8 months   died June 21,1906

GANNAWAY    Charles Owen    born Apr.2,1923   died June 21,2007
husband of Jewell PowersGannaway

More Information GANNAWAY    Reverend Robert P.    age 80 years    died Aug.6,1898

GARDENES    Nancy    buried Dec.15,1893

GARDNER    Mrs. Cullen    buried June 10,1925

GARDNER    Fredrick S.    buried June 22,1906

GARDNER    Mrs. John    buried June 11,1921

GARDNER    John    buried Feb.3,1942
More Information GARDNER    CULLEN A. GARDNER    CO. H  14th TENN. INF.
BORN SEPT.1847   DIED JUNE 5,1908
son of John Gardner

GARDNER    Julia B.    buried Dec.27,1909

GARDNER    Miss Lulu    buried June 8,1902

GARDNER    Nancy    buried Feb.27,1896

GARDNER    Nelson    buried Jan.25,1895

GARDNER    R.A.    buried July 6,1945

GARDNER    Mrs. R.N.    buried June 2,1898

GARDNER    W.L.    buried Feb.27,1903

GARLAND    Miss Bettie    buried June 27,1930

GARRARD    William M.    buried Oct.26,1899

GARRED    Edward E.    buried Aug.16,1940

GARRIETY    James    buried Mar.5,1921

GARRISON    Nettie    buried Oct.25,1923

GARROTT    J.J.    buried Dec.23,1924

GARROTT    Mrs. N.P.    buried Aug.24,1917

GARVIN    infant daughter of C.A. Garvin
buried May 26,1920

GARVIN    Lena M.    born Oct.28,1894   died Sept.11,1987

GAUCHAT    Ernest    buried May 13,1902

GAUCHAT    Mrs. Eunice    buried Apr.4,1913

GAUCHAT    Frank L.    buried Jan.11,1925

GAUCHAT    Hal W.    buried Sept.21,1944

GAUCHAT    L.    buried Aug.27,1896

GAUCHAT    Lee Jr.    buried Mar.15,1889

GAXIOLA    James David    born May 16,1933   died Mar.13,2006
husband of Joyce Gaxiola

GEE    Mrs. Ann B.    buried July 9,1926

More Information GEE    Joseph    died Mar.30,1887    age 63 years

GEE    Miss Susie    buried Nov.7,1936

GEER    infant of J.A. Geer
buried Feb.19,1907

GENTRY    G.N.    buried June 4,1926
GENTRY    Mrs. G.N.    buried Nov.16,1935

GERHART    Charles C.    buried Feb.11,1937

GERHART    Harry C.    born 1863   buried May 28,1946
husband of Virginia C. Gerhart
GERHART    Virginia C.    born 1864   died 1940   buried Oct.11,1940
wife of Harry C. Gerhart

GERHART    Lonnie Ingram    Apr.20,1866 - Apr.30,1899
wife of Harry Carter Gerhart Sr.
GERHART    Harry Carter Jr.    June 21,1896 - July 9,1897
son of Harry Carter Gerhart Sr. & Lonnie Ingram Gerhart

GERHART    I.P.    born 1856   died 1842   buried Jan.21,1943
husband of Carrie Bryan Gerhart
GERHART    Carrie Bryant    born 1865   died Aug.25,1907
wife of I.P. Gerhart
GERHART    child of I.P. Gerhart    buried Jan.5,1894
GERHART    child of I.P. Gerhart    buried Oct.18,1896

GERHART    Joe    buried Oct.21,1896

GERHART    Joe H.    buried Feb.15,1923

GERHART    Mrs. Lizzie    buried July 25,1936

GERHART    Mrs. Mary Campbell    buried Jan.3,1943

GERHART    Mildred    buried Jan.17,1896

GERHART    Millard S.    born 1846    died 1881

GERHART    N.V.    buried Dec.2,1895

GERHART    Nathaniel V.    Feb.7,1827 - Nov.29,1896
husband of Anna E. Piemont Gerhart
GERHART    Anna E.    born Oct.21,1827   died Aug.12,1910
wife of Nathaniel V. Gerhart

GERHART    Virginia Sue    buried Aug.20,1943

GHOLSON    ????    buried Oct.31,1910

More Information GHOLSON    A.R.    born Feb.26,1861   died Aug.3,1929

GHOLSON    Charles F.
placed in receiving vault Dec.8,1917   buried Dec.21,1917

GHOLSON    Dora    buried Apr.23,1924

GHOLSON    Howell E.    born Feb.14,1880   died Aug.20,1948
husband of Nelle S. Gholson
GHOLSON    Nelle S.    born Mar.3,1891   died Nov.23,1974
wife of Howell E. Gholson

GHOLSON    Hugh P.    buried May 9,1901

GHOLSON    Jennie    buried Aug.23,1891

GHOLSON    Dr. John    buried Feb.2,1894

GHOLSON    Dr. John A.    buried Aug.7,1934

BORN DEC.26,1833(8)   DIED JULY 25,1894(2?)
husband of Margaret Eudora Lyle

GHOLSON    Mrs. Mary H.    buried July 5,1930

CO. A  49th TENN. INF.
DIED NOV.12,1894   BURIED NOV.14,1894

GIBBS    A.    buried May 19,1890

GIBBS    Annie Searcy    born 1877   died 1926

GIBBS    Mrs. Elizabeth    bried Aug.4,1944

More Information GIBBS    Ervin Alfred    born Nov.17,1917   died Nov.10,2004

More Information GIBBS    Freda    born Aug.12,1912   died June 20,2003
wife of Burton Frank Gibbs

GIBBS    Mrs. John    buried May 5,1926

More Information GIBBS    Lennis Frank Jr.     born Aug.19,1936   died Dec.18,2003

More Information GIBBS    Robert Wayne    born Aug.23,1938   died June 8,2004

GIBBS    Roland    buried July 16,1933

GIBBS    Thomas Jeff    buried Nov.16,1945

GIBON    Andreas Theodore Heinrich
born in Lubeck, Germany Jan.29,1858  died Jan.28,1921
husband of Anna Margarethe Wilhemine Gibon
GIBON    Anna Margarethe Wilhemine    born Sept.24,1850   died Nov.15,1917
wife of Andreas Theodor Heinrich Gibon

More Information GIBSON    Hazel Irene    born Jan.29,1918   died May 23,2005
wife of Leland P. Gibson

More Information GIBSON    Sharon Marie    born Aug.20,1957   died Apr.28,2005

More Information GIFFEN    Rhonda Ann    born June 8,1960   died Mar.19,1992

GILBERT    ????    buried May 12,1913

GILBERT    Mrs. Amelia    buried Nov.28,1900

GILBERT    Mrs. Bilah S.    buried Aug.11,1929

GILBERT    Clayton    buried Mar.7,1947

GILBERT    E.F.    buried Jan.17,1930

GILBERT    F.G.    buried Nov.15,1915

GILBERT    infant of George H. Gilbert
buried Nov.7,1898

GILBERT    George S.    buried Aug.3,1938
GILBERT    Mrs. George S.    buried Dec.14,1904
GILBERT    George S. Jr.    buried June 14,1904

GILBERT    John    buried June 20,1929

GILBERT    John Crow    buried July 25,1934

GILBERT    Maggie I.    buried Oct.30,1913

GILBERT    R.E.    buried Feb.16,1913

More Information GILBERT    Rebecca S.    age 64 years    died Feb.10,1906

GILBERT    W.C.    buried Aug.29,1932

GILES    Lela Tucker    buried May 3,1946

More Information GILES    Mary Louise    born Jan.15,1922   died July 9,2003

GILES    Mrs. Ora Powell    buried Nov.4,1945

GILES    infant of Stanley Giles
buried Mar.18,1943

GILL    B.F.    buried June 18,1926
GILL    Mrs. B.F.    buried Dec.12,1926
GILL    child of B.F. Gill    buried June 7,1886

GILL    Mrs. Elizabeth    buried Mar.8,1912

GILL    Felton David    born Mar.1873   died Nov.1946   buried Nov.21,1946

GILL    Fredricka Spillers    born Aug.10,1848   died Sept.7,1906
wife of T.S. Gill

GILL    George Alfred    born Jan.1848   died Jan.1914   buried Jan.13,1914

GILL    Mrs. Grace    buried Oct.2,1910

GILL    Mrs. Hattie    buried June 14,1919

GILL    Dr. J.C.    buried Sept.13,1947

GILL    James P.    buried May 14,1927
GILL    Lizzie Chappell    May 31,1858 - Nov.28,1896
wife of James P. Gill
GILL    James P. Jr.    buried Feb.17,1909

GILL    James R.    buried Sept.21,1940

GILL    James W.    born 1885   died 1955
husband of Rosa E. Gill
GILL    Rosa E.    born 1887   died 1959
wife of James W. Gill

GILL    Jane M.    buried Jan.9,1897

GILL    Mrs. Lela Atkinson    buried Apr.3,1947

GILL    Thomas Yancey    born 1881   died 1881
GILL    Marie May    born 1886   died 1886

GILL    Watkins    buried Feb.26,1934

GILL    William M.    born Apr.29,1862   died Sept.17,1925
husband of Mary India Gill
GILL    Mary India    born Jan.23,1862   died Apr.4,1935
wife of William M. Gill

GILLIAM    Charles W.    buried May 26,1892
GILLIAM    Sarah H.    buried May 26,1892

GILLIAM    Kate    buried Apr.17,1917

GILLIAM    Lucy    buried Oct.18,1917

GILPIN    Cecil    buried Mar.26,1941

GILPIN    Claude    buried Mar.7,1943

GINLEY    Miss Mary    buried Dec.10,1939

GINLEY    Michael    buried Dec.7,1903

GINLEY    Mrs. Sabina    buried Oct.1,1906

GIVENS    James R.    buried Jan.18,1925

GLASCOCK    Mrs.    buried Oct.28,1891

GLASCOCK    Charles James    Feb.11,1860 - Mar.20,1871
son of James & Mary Glascock

More Information GLASS    Dorothy    born Aug.29,1922   died Sept.1,2004
wife of John Glass

More Information GLASSGOW    Willie Mae    born Dec.22,1907   died Feb.1,1992
wife of Ollie Burton Glassgow

GLENN    James L.    born Dec.14,18?5   died June 24,1916

GLENN    James L.    buried Mar.2,1933

GLENN    Jane M.    Feb.29,1802 - Nov.22,1880

GLENN    Miss Mary E.    May 8,1827 - May 18,1898

GLENN    Richard B.    July 19,1826 - July 12,1892

GLENN    Richard W.    died May 24,1929

GOETZ    Sarah Feltner    born Mar.10,1926   died Apr.21,2006
wife of (1) Cherry Bryant (2) Edwin J. Goetz

More Information GOINS    Roy Carroll Jr.    born Aug.14,1951   died June 12,2005

More Information GOLD    Ambrose D.    age 65 years   born 1863   died June 27,1928

GOLD    child of B.K. Gold    buried Mar.2,1907

GOLD    Ben K.    born 1837   died 1923   buried Dec.11,1923

GOLD    Brandon    buried Nov.17,1900

GOLD    infant of Clarence Gold
buried Sept.15,1893

GOLD    Clarence O.    buried Apr.28,1911

More Information GOLD    D. Ed    Nov.20,1866 - May 12,1897

GOLD    Daniel    Oct.19,1827 - Mar.20,1892

GOLD    James K.    born 1874   died 1953

GOLD    Lawrence A.    buried Jan.28,1904

CO. A  14th TENN. INF. BORN 1841   DIED 1910   BURIED DEC.7,1910
More Information GOLD    Sallie P.    born 1854   died Mar.11,1926
wife of Lewis T. Gold

GOLD    Mrs. Mary J.    born 1840   died 1904   buried Oct.18,1904

GOLD    Sarah    buried Jan.14,1900

GOLD    Stephen P.    born 1864   died 1918   buried Dec.18,1918

GOLDEN    Otis    buried Jan.2,1928

GOOCH    Hulda    buried Jan.16,1907

GOOCH    William    buried Feb.7,1903

GOOD    George W. D.D.S.    born Dec.20,1927   died Mar.29,1979

GOODE    A.L.    buried Jan.16,1941

GOODLETT    Collier W.    born 1896   died 1969
husband of Lizzie Tandy Goodlett
GOODLETT    Lizzie Tandy    born 1896   died 1959
wife of Collier W. Goodlett

GOODLETT    Edward Lawrence    born Mar.26,1934   died Jan.3,2008
husband of Janelle Mason Goodlett

GOODLETT    Gold    buried Oct.31,1913

GOODLETT    Trabue    buried June 27,1927

GOODMAN    Sarah Elizabeth    born Mar.10,1903   died Apr.4,1913
daughter of W.M. & Lucy Goodman

More Information GOODMAN    William F.    age 31 years    died Oct.31,1897

GOODNER    Katherine Carneal Smith    age 96 years   died May 20,2006

GOODPASTURE    A.V.    buried Dec.4,1942

GOODPASTURE    Ernest William    born Oct.17,1886   died Sept.20,1960
husband of Sarah Catlett Godpasture
GOODPASTURE    Sarah Catlett    born Aug.3,1889   died July 17,1940
wife of Ernest William Goodpasture

GOODPASTURE    Mrs. Jennie    buried Dec.2,1932

GOODPASTURE    Miss Mattie M.    buried Dec.30,1944

GOODPASTURE    R.R.    buried Oct.10,1942

GOODPASTURE    William Dillard    May 21,1884 - May 24,1884
son of A.V. & J.M. Goodpasture

More Information GOODRICH    Reverend E. Jerry    age 70 years   died June 14,1927

GOODWIN    Mrs. Daisy Moore    buried Feb.28,1946

GOOSTREE    R. Johnson    Mar.4,1832 - July 23,1894
GOOSTREE    Rachael A. Hinton    born Sept.30,1830    died Dec.5,1900
wife of R. Johnson Goostree

More Information GOOSTREE    PVT. RUFUS GOOSTREE    CO. A  14th TENN. INF. REGT.
BORN MAR.4,1833   DIED 1894

More Information GOOTEE    Joseph B.    born Nov.3,1907   died June 8,1992
husband of Juanita Jobe Gootee

GORBETT    P. Henry    buried Oct.14,1929

GOSS    Virginia C.    buried Jan.18,1919

GOSS    Mrs. Virginia C.    buried Aug.20,1941

GOSSETT    James B.    born 1890   died 1968
husband of Cora G. Gossett
GOSSETT    Cora G.    born 1892   died 1975
James B. Gossett

GOWAN    Peter Carl    born Aug.7,1853   died June 30,1917   aged 63 years
husband of Elizabeth Walthal Gowan
More Information GOWAN    Elizabeth Walthal    born Sept.1 or 11,1852   died Sept.26,1928
wife of Peter Carl Gowan

GOWER    J.W.    buried Apr.8,1932

GRACEY    Donald    born July 31,1899   died Jan.14,1986

GRACEY    Finely Elder    born Apr.11,1902   died Feb.9,1991

BORN JUNE 30,1834   DIED 1895   BURIED APR.29,1895
GRACEY    Irene Cobb    born 1886   died 1903   buried Apr.1,1906 ?
More Information GRACEY    Julian F. Sr.    born Sept.22,1859   died Apr.6,1929

GRACEY    Irene    buried Oct.2,1919

GRACEY    Julian F.    buried Jan.17,1947

GRACEY    Mrs. Marion Castner    born 1850   died 1912   buried Jan.6,1912

GRACEY    Miss Mary Beaumont    born 1883   died 1942   buried Aug.25,1942

GRACEY    Matthew    born 1847   died 1907   buried Aug.22,1907

GRACEY    Matthew    born 1887   died 1948

GRACEY    Minnie Thomas    born 1859   died 1919

GRAHAM    Bert    buried Aug.26,1894

More Information GRAHAM    Boyd    age 43 years   died June 17,1926

GRAHAM    Claude    buried Oct.9,1916

GRAHAM    John Wesley    born Apr.25,1840   died Oct.6,1918
GRAHAM    Margaretta Pitts    born Aug.10,1846   died Aug.16,1918
wife of John Wesley Graham

GRAHAM    Marion    buried June 20,1899

GRAHAM    Mrs. Mary    buried Apr.16,1937

More Information GRAHAM    Mary Wheatly    died July 11,1883
More Information GRAHAM    Katie    died Oct.10,1883

GRAHAM    Ruby Mae Hooks    born Feb.15,1914   died Feb.8,1999

GRANDSTAFF    R.M.    buried Nov.7,1946

More Information GRANT    Dixie L.    born Oct.18,1918   died Aug.29,1992
wife of James Gayno Grant

More Information GRANT    Henrietta    died Apr.28,1905

GRANT    James A.    buried Mar.25,1902

GRANT    James L.    buried Sept.8,1900

More Information GRANZOW    Myrtle Lorene    born Dec.2,1927   died May 7,2005
wife of Joseph Francis Granzow

More Information GRAVES    Douglas Hawley    born Mar.12,1955   died Dec.15,1992

GRAVIN    C.A.    buried Sept.17,1938

GRAY    A.L.    born 1851   died 1923

GRAY    Amanda    buried Apr.4,1921

GRAY    Bessie Lois    age 96 years   died Nov.1,2006

GRAY    Mrs. Ed    buried Dec.5,1944

GRAY    Fannie    buried Dec.16,1905

GRAY    Chief Finis Wesley    born feb.21,1925   died Feb.1985

GRAY    H.C.    born 1833   died 1902

GRAY    Henry C.    buried June 17,1924

GRAY    Mrs. Ida Davis    buried Mar.11,1944

GRAY    James    buried May 16,1938

LT. COL. JERRY C. GRAY    BORN APR.9,1920   DIED FEB.12,2000
husband of Wyvona H. Gray
GRAY    Wyvona H.    born Sept.11,1930   died Sept.25,1990
wife of Lt. Col. Jerry C. Gray

More Information GRAY    Lola M.    born June 26,1921   died June 20,2003
wife of John E. Gray Sr.

More Information GRAY    Minnie    born May 23,1904   died June 30,2003

More Information GRAY    Russell    born Apr.28,1912   died Agu.3,2005
husband of Alice Fuqua Gray

GRAY    S. Linberry    buried July 29,1905

GRAY    Usery    buried June 12,1945

More Information GRAY    Virginia Elizabeth    born Oct.1,1924   died Oct.24,2005
wife fo Robert Randle Gray

GRAY    W.H.    buried Aug.30,1937

GRAY    Mrs. Weems    buried May 17,1940

GRAY    William F.    buried Dec.16,1905

GREEFIELD    Mrs. Nannie    buried Dec.28,1897

GREEN    Anna C.    buried Mar.28,1915

More Information GREEN    Arthur Corbitt    born Jan.9,1895   died Apr.8,1992

GREEN    Charles W.    buried Aug.12,1941

GREEN    Cynthia M.    buried Feb.17,1932

GREEN    Mrs. Ella    buried Oct.3,1928

GREEN    Mrs. Ella    buried Jan.30,1945   
removed to Hopkinsville, Kentucky

GREEN    Mrs. Elnora    buried Jan.12,1927

GREEN    George L.    buried Mar.7,1915

GREEN    H. Cullom    born 1857   died 1939   buried Mar.19,1939
husband of Darthula L. Green
GREEN    Darthula L.    born 1856   died 1936   buried Sept.12,1936
wife of H. Cullom Green

GREEN    Henry G.    Oct.24,1804 - Feb.8,1870
husband of Sarah L. Green
GREEN    Sarah L.    Aug.14,1816 - Mar.2,1869
wife of Henry G. Green

GREEN    Mrs. Hettie Maxie    buried Jan.15,1945

GREEN    child of James Green    buried Nov.18,1896
removed from Bowling Green, Kentucky

GREEN    James Donald    born Feb.1,1950   died July 28,2006
husband of Angela Harrison Green

GREEN    Miss Louise M.    buried Dec.17,1900

GREEN    Nova Mae Simmons    age 82 years   died June 15,2006
wife of Grady Green

More Information GREEN    R. Auston    died Mar.19,1908

GREEN    R.M.    buried July 13,1937

GREEN    Robert Alston    Oct.13,1876 - Mar.13,1896

GREEN    Mrs. Sudie    buried Oct.30,1945

GREEN    W. Edward    buried July 21,1911

GREEN    Will H.    buried June 5,1941

GREEN    William    buried July 10,1898
child of William Green

GREEN    William H.    Nov.7,1840 - Jan.15,1883

More Information GREEN    WILLIAM H. GREEN    CO. A  14th TENN. INF. C.S.A.
BORN 1840   DIED DEC.4,1883

GREENE    Allen M.    born 1884   died 1976
husband of Bertha Davis Greene
GREENE    Bertha Davis    born 1890   died 1975
wife of Allen M. Greene

GREENE    Fannie Parker    born Mar.25,1917   died Nov.6,2006
wife of Reverend Earl Greene

More Information GREENE    Robert H.    born Aug.27,1916   died July 13,2003
husband of Josephine Mason Greene

GREENFIELD    Cyrus W.    buried Feb.10,1905

GREENFIELD    Eugenia    buried Mar.23,1909

GREENHILL    Dorothy Virginia Booth    age 82 years   died Feb.17,2006

More Information GREENWELL    Annie Bell    born Mar.10,1928   died June 30,2003

More Information GREENWELL    Patricia Ann    born July 19,1952   died May 5,2004

GREER    Mrs. Cora    buried Oct.9,1911

GREER    Edna    buried June 25,1911

GREER    infant son of J.A. Greer
buried July 22,1906

More Information GREGORY    Bula May    age 6 months   died Nov.10,1926
daughter of E.B. & Bula Lee Gregory

GREGORY    Emmett    buried June 16,1904
   removed to another cemetery

GREGORY    H.D.    buried Oct.29,1917

GREGORY    R.F.    buried Sept.8,1914
GREGORY    infant daughter of R.F. Gregory
buried May 23,1901

GREGORY    Robbie H.    buried July 12,1911

GREGORY    Theresa    buried Mar.8,1907

GREY    A. Lily    buried Dec.30,1923

GRIBSBY    Ella    buried Nov.27,1890
GRIBSBY    Lilly    buried Nov.27,1890
GRIBSBY    Nancy    buried Nov.27,1890

GRICE    Miss Sarah    age 80 years   born 1854   died July 16,1931

GRIER-EDWARDS    Sook Cha    age 64 years   died Mar.13,2006
wife of Aaron Grier Jr.

GRIFFEY    David Seymour    Oct.29,1816 - Aug.12,1897

GRIFFEY    Louise Dinwiddie �Lou�    July 6,1833 - July 14,1892

GRIFFEY    Robert A.    born 1892   died 1967
husband of Nina C. Griffey
GRIFFEY    Nina C.    born 1892   died 1969
wife of Robert A. Griffey

GRIFFEY    Mrs. W.    buried Mar.10,1935

GRIFFIN    R.R.    buried Jan.25,1915

More Information GRIFFY    Lucille R.    born Sept.25,1933   died Mar.21,2005

GRIGSBY    Miss Nannie    buried Aug.30,1927

GRISSARD    Bailey    buried July 17,1923

GRISSARD    Miss Eulah    buried May 31,1942

GRISSARD    G.H.    died Apr.24,1905
GRISSARD    infant of G.H. Grissard
buried Sept.12,1893

More Information GRISSOM    H.J.    born Dec.8,1899   died Apr.2,1991
More Information GRISSOM    Helen M.    born Aug.27,1907   died Apr.11,2004

GRIZZARD    Mrs. Dora S.    buried June 28,1944

GRIZZARD    George C.    buried Jan.8,1932
More Information GRIZZARD    Alice B.    born Mar.11,1888   died May 19,1973
wife of George C. Grizzard

More Information GRIZZARD    Isoble T.    born Jan.23,1915   died July 25,2003
wife of Bailey M. Grizzard

GRIZZARD    Kenneth T.    born July 1902   died Feb.1970
husband of Lucille J. Grizzard
GRIZZARD    Lucille J.    born June 25,1905   died Apr.18,1982
wife of Kenneth T. Grizzard

GRIZZARD    Mrs. Lillian W.    buried Jan.14,1942

GRIZZARD    Lillion O.    buried Aug.24,1927

GRIZZARD    Lowery    buried May 2,1912

GRIZZARD    Mrs. Mary L.    buried Mar.11,1927

GRIZZARD    Mrs. Mary T.    buried Mar.20,1909

GRIZZARD    Miss Orlean    buried Sept.18,1926

GRIZZARD    W.H.    buried June 15,1913

GRIZZARD    W.J.    buried May 4,1944

More Information GUNN    Joe Anderson    born Dec.7,1925   died Jan.24,2003
husband of Janie Sue Gunn

GUNN    Joseph Lee    born 1873   died 1941   buried Mar.6,1941
husband of Elizabeth A. Gunn
GUNN    Elizabeth A.    born 1884   died 1959
wife of Joseph Lee Gunn

GUNSON    Miss Bessie    buried Dec.17,1947

GUNSON    R.P.    buried Apr.22,1918

GUPTON    Howard E.    born June 7,1915   died Jan.6,1997
husband of Christine P. Gupton
GUPTON    Christine P.    born Aug.19,1918
wife of Howard E. Gupton

GUPTON    James Roy    born May 19,1899   died 1983
husband of Nellie L. Gupton
GUPTON    Nellie L.    born Nov.23,1901   died Dec.8,1973
wife of James Roy Gupton

HACKNEY    Ben B.    born Nov.21,1825   died Nov.29,1914
husband of Drusilla Hackney
HACKNEY    Drusilla    born Feb.21,1837   died Apr.7,1906
wife of Ben B. Hackney

HADLEY    Dr. B.F.    buried Nov.21,1899

HAGEWOOD    Mrs. James    buried Sept.15,1941

HALE    infant daughter of G.K. Hale
buried July 1,1908

HALE    G.K.    buried May 10,1934

HALE    Mrs. G.K.    buried Mar.0,1938

More Information HALE    J.C.    born Apr.14,1929   died May 24,2005
husband of Gustavia Hale

HALE    Mrs. J.W.    buried Apr.8,1914

HALE    Jim    buried Nov.29,1939

HALE    Margaret    buried June 9,1901

HALE    Mary    buried Apr.13,1907

HALE    Rebecca    buried July 11,1893

HALEY    Mrs. Eunice    buried May 16,1912

HALEY    Maud Evelyn    age 2 years   died Feb.28,1926
daughter of Joe & Ella Louise Kelley Haley

HALL    Adam R.    born 1829   died 1895   buried Dec.7,1895
husband of Louise P. Hall
HALL    Louise P.    buried Apr.8,1897
wife of Adam R. Hall
HALL    Louisa P.    born 1835   died 1873
wife of Adam R. Hall ??

HALL    Charles A.    buried Jan.14,1934

More Information HALL    Eugene Elroy    born Oct.14,1924   died Jan.11,1992

More Information HALL    Hellon Teresa    born Aug.21,1902   died Sept.2,1992
wife of Willie C. Hall

HALL    James    buried Mar.21,1894

HALL    Mrs. Laura Buckley    buried June 9,1938

HALL    Mrs. Mary Eleazer    born Oct.31,1871   died Feb.28,1940

HALL    Mary Louise    born Dec.3,1922   died Dec.31,2007

HALL    Richard    born Jan.22,1828   died Mar.22,1904

HALL    Mrs. Sarah    buried Apr.21,1930

HALL    Walter L.    buried Aug.1,1930

More Information HALL    William T.    died Jan.24,1887    age 30 years

HALL    Willie C. Jr.    born Apr.8,1934   died Nov.15,2003

HALLIBURTON    John H.    born July 14,1929   died Jan.20,1955
husband of Sarah Barbee Halliburton
HALLIBURTON    Sarah Barbee    born Apr.14,1892   died Sept.2,1983
wife of John H. Halliburton

HALLIBURTON    Josephine    buried Sept.23,1911

OCT.8,1841 - JAN.28,1898
HALLIBURTON    Mrs. Turner    buried Jan.29,1898

More Information HALLIBURTON    Mrs. Virginia Ann    age 87 years   died Jan.6,1929

More Information HALLIDAY    Mary Louise    born Oct.8,1911   died Mar.27,2005

More Information HALLUMS    James B.    born Mar.27,1888   died June 30,1970
husband of Eva Barksdale Hallums

HAMBAUGH    Mrs. Cophalio De Launay    buried May 12,1899

HAMBAUGH    H.O.    born June 4,1858   died Sept.23,1915
husband of Nellie Cabaniss Hambaugh
HAMBAUGH    Nellie Cabaniss    born Mar.28,1860   died Aug.31,1942
wife of H.O. Hambaugh

HAMBAUGH    John C.    born Aug.9,1862   died Oct.18,1902

More Information HAMBAUGH    Mary Sharlotte    age 88 years   died June 4,1984
wife of Frank L. Hambaugh

HAMBAUGH    P.C.    buried Feb.6,1903

HAMBAUGH    Virginia Belle    Nov.10,1886 - July 27,1877
(dates as they appear on headstone)
wife of P.H. Hambaugh

HAMBAUGH    William    buried Sept.2,1938

HAMBAUGH    William P.    buried Nov.20,1946

HAMBAUGH    William Poindexter    born 1854   died 1904   buried Dec.29,1904
husband of Nina Nisbet Hambaugh
HAMBAUGH    Nina D. Nisbitt    born 1854   died 1932   buried Feb.3,1932
wife of William Poindexter Hambaugh

HAMELINE    W.R.    born 1889   died 1938
husband of Eliza Foster Hameline
HAMELINE    Eliza Foster    born 1887   died 1971

HAMILTON    Agnes Bryant    born Nov.27,1907   died Apr.16,1971

HAMILTON    Mrs. J.R.    buried June 26,1940

More Information HAMILTON    Kenneth Jaquett    born Nov.23,1922   died Mar.2,2005

More Information HAMILTON    Lydia Frances    born June 8,1920   died Apr.10,2006

HAMLETT    B. Frank    born 1865   died 1919
Receiving vault Jan.15,1919   buried Jan.24,1919
husband of Mary Cage Hamlett
HAMLETT    Mary Cage    born Aug.10,1869   died Apr.11,1936
wife of B. Frank Hamlett
HAMLETT    Cage    born Nov.10,1894   died June 17,1938
son of B. Frank & Mary Cage Hamlett

More Information HAMLETT    Charlie B.    Sept.21,1874 - May 25,1877

HAMLETT    Dorothy    buried May 19,1919
HAMLETT    Eleanor    buried May 19,1919
HAMLETT    Frank    buried May 19,1919
HAMLETT    Harry    buried May 19,1919

HAMLETT    Mrs. J.H.    buried Mar.30,1897

HAMLETT    J.J.    born Oct.4,1824   died May 29,1902
HAMLETT    Susan    born Feb.8,1838   died Aug.27,1900
wife of J.J. Hamlett

More Information HAMLETT    James Sr.    Nov.25,1795 - May 1,1887   age 92 years
HAMLETT    Jane C.    May 27,1805 - June 7,1875
wife of James Hamlett Sr.

HAMLETT    child of James Hamlett Jr.    buried Aug.3,1897

More Information HAMM    Erin Leanor    born Jan.21,1986   died Mar.6,1986
infant daughter of Gary William Hamm & Linda Mary Jung Hamm

More Information HAMMON    Cornelia E.    age 66 years   died Apr.29,1927
wife of A.S. Hammon

HAMMON    J.E.    born Oct.16,1825   died Aug.12,1912

HAMMOND    Catherine    buried June 2,1892

HAMMONDS    B.S.    buried Mar.28,1910
HAMMONDS    child of B.S. Hammonds    buried May 16,1907
HAMMONDS    child of B.S. Hammonds    buried July 21,1910
HAMMONDS    Lee B.    born Sept.2,1907   died Nov.8,1911
son of B.S. & M. Hammonds

HAMMONS    A.S.    buried Apr.26,1935

HAMMONS    Mrs. Cenith    buried Dec.6,1932

More Information HAMMONS    E.O.    died Dec.15,1926
son of E.C. & Mary Harris Hammons
HAMMONS    Milton Lloyd    age 66 years   died Mar.11,1927
son of E.C. & Mary Harris Hammons

HAMMONS    Mrs. Florance    buried Sept.1,1933

HAMPTON    George D.    born Apr.20,1881   died Oct.13,1918
husband of Genie Webb Hampton
HAMPTON    Genie Webb    born July 9,1885   died July 7,1947
wife of George D. Hampton

HAMPTON    George W.    buried Mar.25,1938

More Information HAMPTON    John Fredrick    born Dec.19,1918   died Sept.2,2005

HAMPTON    Mrs. Mary J.    buried July 31,1939

HAMPTON    Mode Lee    buried Feb.24,1926

HAMPTON    Mrs. Tenie    buried May 10,1947

More Information HAMS    Julius Morgan    born Oct.5,1897   died July 22,1972
husband of Lola Harvey Hams
More Information HAMS    Lola Mae Harvey    born June 28,1893   died Oct.13,1974
wife of Julius Morgan Hams

HANAHAN    Mrs. Carelia    buried Nov.28,1929

HANAHAN    Ellen    buried Sept.4,1907

HANAHAN    John    buried July 25,1921

HANAHAN    John P. Jr.    buried July 7,1927

HANBERRY    J. Carter    buried Dec.8,1928

HANCOCK    Bobbie    buried June 4,1923

HANCOCK    Douglas    buried June 26,1906

HANCOCK    Elsie Hunter    buried Jan.15,1945

HANCOCK    Ewing    buried Dec.21,1922

HANCOCK    child of John Hancock    buried Dec.16,1888

HANCOCK    John T.    buried July 31,1943

HANCOCK    Leslie    buried Feb.13,1915

HANCOCK    Lizzie Ida    Jan.25,1865 - Mar.2,1890   buried Mar.4,1890
wife of J.C. Hancock

More Information HANCOCK    SGT. MICHAEL SCOTT HANCOCK    BORN OCT.10,1974   DIED OCT.24,2003
HANCOCK    Jeannie Marie    born Feb.25,1972   died Dec.19,2006
wife of Michael Scott Hancock

More Information HANCOCK    Rosa Bryan    Oct.19,1884 - Dec.14,1888
daughter of J.T. & R.A. Hancock
HANCOCK    daughter of J.T. & R.A. Hancock    Dec.4,1866 - Aug.26,1887
HANCOCK    infant of J.T. & R.A. Hancock
born Dec.11,1887   diedJune 28,1888

HAND    Oscar H.    born 1888   died 1958
husband of Essie S. Hand
HAND    Essie S.    born 1890   died 1957
wife of Oscar H. Hand

HANELINE    W.B.    buried Sept.12,1938

HANELINE    W.B.    buried Mar.8,1939

More Information HANKINS    Floyd C.    born May 20,1918   died July 26,2004
husband of Nannie B. Haskins
More Information HANKINS    Nannie B.    born July 8,1919   died Oct.13,1992
wife of Floyd Hankins

HANLEY    Daniel    husband of Sarah S. Hanley
born in Cork Ireland 1839  died 1914  buried Apr.28,1914
HANLEY    Sarah S.    wife of Daniel Hanley
born in Cork Ireland 1840  died 1910  buried Mar.30,1910

HANLEY    Edgar    born1901   died 1912   buried Nov.24,1912

HANLEY    Effie May    born 1919   died 1921   buried Oct.1,1921

HANLEY    Joseph W.    born 1866   died 1899   buried May 6,1899

HANLEY    Mary Wall    born 1880   died 1915   buried Aug.8,1915

HANLEY    Nathaniel    born 1908   died 1929   buried Apr.29,1929

HANLEY    W.A.    buried Feb.27,1940

HANNER    Mac R.    buried Mar.18,1935

HANNING    Mrs. Ellen M.    buried Oct.16,1922

HANRATTY    infant son of Charles Hanratty
buried July 20,1906

More Information HANRATTY    James    age 68 years   died May 22,1908
More Information HANRATTY    Sarah    died June 29,1931
wife of James Hanratty

HANRATTY    James P.    born 1874   died 1946   buried Nov.19,1946

HANRATTY    John J.    born 1878   died 1934   buried buried July 18,1934
husband of Mary Maratta Hanratty
HANTATTY    Mary Maratta    born 1878   died 1951
wife of John J. Hanratty

HANRATTY    Miss Sara    buried Jan.23,1945

HAQUE    Beatrice Ann Henry    died Aug.7,2007

HARGROVE    Rebecca    born July 14,1936   died Mar.1,1988

HARGROVE    William Lloyd    born June 24,1895   died Dec.20,1970
husband of (1) Estell Green (2) Louella Eden
HARGROVE    Estelle Green    born Dec.17,1987   died Sept.23,1954

HARLAN    Sue C.    born July 5,1870   died Mar.19,1910
wife of T.H. Harlan

HARMAN    Eula    buried Mar.28,1894

HARNED    Perry Lee    born Nov.16,1866   died Apr.12,1945
HARNED    Myra McKay    born Jan6,1868   died July 3,1926
first wife of Perry Lee Harned
HARNED    Mary Mackey    born Jan.5,1875   died Sept.20,1931
second wife of Perry Lee Harned

HARP    Mike Lee    born May 5,1971   died Dec.18,1989

HARPER    Billy Howard    born Apr.18,1932   died May 24,1932
son of Howard & Erline Harris Harper

HARPER    Mrs. Carrie W.    buried June 23,1944

More Information HARPER    Dorothy Travis    born Oct.11,1913   died Feb.13,1932

HARPER    Mrs. Eliza T.    buried July 31,1931

HARPER    Emma Jane    born Aug.15,1896   died Feb.9,1919

HARPER    J.R.    buried Mar.9,1945

HARPER    James Randolph    born Feb.21,1864   died Mar.7,1946
husband of Rebecca Green Harper
HARPER    Rebecca Green    born Dec.27,1860   died Nov.29,1929
wife of James Randolph Harper

HARPER    Jane Mallory    buried Feb.19,1943

HARPER    Mary    buried Feb.3,1918

HARPER    Mary Rebecca    born Apr.17,1896   died Jan.31,1918

HARPER    Mrs. Robert    buried Mar.18,1934

HARPER    Samuel E.    born Apr.29,1949   died May 5,1949

HARPER    W.D.    buried May 29,1945

HARPER    William D.    born Nov.2,1854   died May 25,1924

HARRELL    Hazel    born June 8,1917   died Nov.28,2003

HARRELSON    Dr. E.C.    buried Apr.21,1925

HARRELSON    Mrs. Maggie    buried Mar.31,1931

HARRIS    Albert Dabney    born Oct.15,1887   died June 2,1969

HARRIS    Albert Lee    Oct.11,1839 - Apr.12,1879

More Information HARRIS    Alfred Eugene    born July 20,1914   died Nov.2,2005
HARRIS    Sybil Barnett    born Mar.14,1919   died Sept.11,2007
wife of Alfred Eugene �Jeep� Harris

HARRIS    Clara    buried Mar.5,1921

More Information HARRIS    Clifton Coke    born Mar.17,1921   died May 5,2005
HARRIS    Frances Nichols    born July 20,1923   died Nov.3,2005

More Information HARRIS    Etta Ragsdale    buried Dec.18,1910
wife of John M. Harris

HARRIS    Frances Noelle    born June 29,1917   died Dec.29,1993

HARRIS    Mrs. George    buried Nov.28,1895

More Information HARRIS    George R.    born 1832   died July 6,1887   age 54 years
husband of Isabelle W. �Eliza� Harris
HARRIS    Isabelle W. �Eliza�    born 1839    died 1895   buried Dec.8,1895
wife of George R. Harris

More Information HARRIS    Hazel Estell    born Apr.5,1919   died Aug.5,2004
wife of Lester Harris

BORN SEPT.20,1847   DIED DEC.24,1899

HARRIS    Jane Odell    born July 17,1915   died Apr.22,2006
wife of Melvin McHenry Harris

HARRIS    Jesse T.    Jan.2,1836 - Jan.13,1892
husband of Mary Ellen Carneal Harris


HARRIS    Lucille Marion    born Feb.12,1921   died Mar.24,2008
wife of William �Bill� Harris

HARRIS    child of M.W.    buried Dec.29,1893

More Information HARRIS    Maudell    born July 23,1926   died Feb.20,2004
Wife of Gene Black

HARRIS    Mallory    buried Mar.9,1908

HARRIS    Mary Ellen Carneal    born June 26,1840   died July 26,1923
wife of Jesse T. Harris
HARRIS    Kittie W.
  (no dates)
daughter of Jesse T. & Mary Ellen Carneal Harris

HARRIS    Nell Albright    born July 30,1929   died Dec.4,2003
wife of Albert D. Harris Jr.

HARRIS    Ollie    buried Dec.8,1918

HARRIS    Mrs. T.M.    buried Apr.30,1936

HARRIS    Taylor J.    born Sept.1,1909   died June 30,1995
husband of Louise B. Harris
HARRIS    Louise B.    born Oct.13,1910   died Aug.2,1990
wife of Taylor J. Harris

HARRIS    Thomas Henry    buried Oct.17,1941

HARRIS    Miss Victoria    buried Dec.19,1943

HARRIS    Virginia    buried Aug.23,1916

HARRIS    Walker    Aug.6,1892 - Dec.26,1894
son of J.M. & Etta Harris

More Information HARRISON    Angis    born Mar.29,1919   died Mar.12,2005
husband of Pearl Harrison

HARRISON    D.A.    buried Nov.13,1920
HARRISON    Mrs. D.A.    buried Jan.3,1938

HARRISON    E.V.    buried Feb.6,1920

HARRISON    Emma    buried Mar.25,1928

HARRISON    infant son of Howard Harrison
buried Jan.9,1921

HARRISON    Mary Louise �Sissy�    born Sept.24,1936   died Apr.13,2006
wife of Charles D. Harrison

HARRISON    Mollie H.    buried May 23,1922

HARRISON    Thresa    buried May 27,1919

HARRISON    Thomas    buried June 17,1914
HARRISON    infant daughter of Thomas Harrison
buried Mar.7,1910

HARRISON    Violet L.    born Mar.13,1943   died July 28,2006
wife of Dotson Harrison

HARRISON    infant son of William Harrison
buried Oct.12,1920

HARRISSON    W.H.    buried Mar.17,1926

More Information HART    George Levi    born July 9,1871    died Aug.3,1948

More Information HART    Howard    born Apr.20,1923   died Aug.7,1941

HART    Mariah Emily    born 1843   died 1921   buried Oct.18,1921

More Information HART    Susie Wade    born Jan.16,1895   died Feb.20,1968

HARTLAGE     �Big Don� Sr.    born Aug.4,1939   died Jan.3,2008
husband of Betty Lou Jones Hartlage

HARVEY    Mrs. Josephine    Dec.2,1824 - May 28,1898

HARVEY    Robert    buried June 16,1945

HARVEY    Sina    buried Feb.24,1923

HARVEY    infant daughter of T.L. Harvey
buried June 19,1899

More Information HARVEY    William Carr    born Sept.4,1895   died Mar.17,1980
More Information HARVEY    Blanche Jones    born May 11,1903   died Feb.26,1992
wife of William Carr Harvey

HARVIE    Thomas L.    husband of Margie J. Harvie
born in Beith Ayrshire Scotland Dec.31,1842   died Jan.14,1913
HARVIE    Marie J.    born 1846   died 1914   buried Dec.6,1914
wife of Thomas L. Harvie
HARVIE    Josephine    died 1881
infant daughter of Thomas L. & Margie J. Harvie

More Information HARVILL    Peggy D.    born Apr.12,1930   died July 25,2004

HASKINS    C.H.    buried Sept.30,1919

HASKINS    Creed    born Jan.22,1833   died Apr.19,1911

HASKINS    Gladys Elizabeth    buried Mar.29,1939

HASKINS    H.J.    buried Apr.12,1894

More Information HASKINS    L. Melvina    May 3,1817 - Mar.24,1888   age 71 years

More Information HASKINS    Louise T.    born Sept.12,1915   died Feb.3,1992
wife of Ben H. Haskins

HASSELL    ????    buried Nov.12,1910

HASSELL    Mrs. Annie    buried June 27,1914

HASSELL    E.F.    died Apr.9,1953
More Information HASSELL    Alma V.    born Aug.11,1881   died Dec.9,1968

HASSELL    Lucille Davis    born May 13,1918   died Aug.24,2006
wife of Charles Edwin �Toad� Hassell

HATFIELD    Mrs. Julia    buried Aug.15,1936

HATTLER    Mrs. Amanda    buried Jan.10,1913

HATTLER    B.G.    buried Feb.23,1902

HATTLER    B.T.    buried Oct.21,1945

HATTLER    Miss Mary    buried Dec.27,1943

HAWKES    James C.    buried Jan.31,1924

HAWKINS    Bowling    buried Dec.11,1900

More Information HAWKINS    James Rudolph    age 78 years   died Dec.26,2004

More Information HAWKINS    Kenneth Wayne    born Feb.1,1942   died 1913

HAWKINS    Sarah Elizabeth Forrester    died Dec.18,2006
wife of Richard Murray Hawkins

HAWKS    James C.    buried June 26,1928

HAY    Margaret    buried Dec.4,1920

More Information HAY    Theodore Beckett Jr.    born Mar.7,1928   died Oct.27,2003
husband of Ella Bailey Hay
More Information HAY    Theodore Beckett III    born July 17,1957   died Apr.19,2003

HAY    William    born Aug.1,1831   died Feb.8,1908
husband of Martha Daniel Hay
HAY    Martha Daniel    born Feb.10,1844   died Feb.4,1919

HAY    William    buried Feb.12,1912

HAYES    infant of E. Hayes
buried Nov.7,1894

HAYES    E.P.    buried July 17,1947
HAYES    Mrs. E.P.    buried Sept.16,1933

More Information HAYES    Elizabeth W.    born Feb.25,1921   died July 14,2005
wife of James Marvin Hayes

HAYES    James Marvin    born Apr.26,1897   died Feb.12,1947   buried Feb.13,1947
HAYES    Ann Davis    born Dec.31,1896   died Jan.29,1987
HAYES    infant    1919
infant son of Marvin & Anne D. Hayes
BORN MAR.14,1921   DIED AUG.22,2002
HAYES    Elizabeth Wallace    born Feb.25,1921   died July 14,2005

HAYES    John    buried May 10,1905

HAYES    John W.    buried May 4,1899

HAYES    John William    born Jan.3,1861   died Apr.1,1937
husband of Mary Elizabeth Anderson Hayes
HAYES    Mary Elizabeth Anderson    born Sept.15,1870   died May 20,1954
wife of John William Hayes

HAYES    Lillian Smith    born Jan.23,1907   died Oct.17,1994

HAYES    Lillie Anderson    born Sept.12,1892   died May 23,1986
wife of Lemuel Eggleston Montgomery Hayes

HAYES    Marvin J.    buried Mar.24,1919

More Information HAYES    Miles    born Jan.14,1948   died July 28,2005
husband of Karen Blankenship Hayes

HAYES    R. Elroy    buried May 10,1905

HAYES    infant of Sam Hayes
buried Apr.10,1928

More Information HAYES    Vernon A. Sr.    age 88 years   died Feb.11,1977
husband of Ida Allen Hayes

More Information HAYES    William Thomas    age 74 years   died Nov.4,1983

HAYNES    infant of Jack Haynes
buried Dec.14,1910

HAYNES    Robert Howard    died Sept.5,1927

HAYNES    W.I.    buried Aug.10,1941

HAYNES    infant son of W.J. Haynes
buried Aug.17,1917

HAYS    Mrs. Sam    buried July 25,1938

More Information HEAD    Asbury Jefferson    born Feb.20,1914   died June 11,2004

HEAFER    Irene R.    born 1881   died 1965

HEAFER    Simeon E.    buried Sept.9,1939

HEAFER    Simeon N.    born 1843    died 1889
husband of Fannie T. Heafer
HEAFER    Fannie T.    born 1852   died 1938   buried Nov.21,1938
wife of Simeon N. Heafer

HEAFNER    Mary    buried Feb.26,1913

HEAFNER    Susie    buried Oct.22,1921

HEALY (Britt?)    More Information Jean    born Sept.3,????   died July 18,2004
wife of Edgar Britt

HEATON    Authur Morris    buried Jan.23,1946

More Information HEATON    James Richard    born Jan.14,1947   died Mar.12,2005

HEATON    John R.    born Nov.6,1922   died Apr.1,2006
husband of Mary Williams Heaton

More Information HEFLIN    Anna Lowe    born Oct.3,1974   died June 8,1976

HEFLIN    Horace Greely    buried Nov.6,1947

More Information HEFLIN    James B. Jr.    age 57 years   died Jan.31,1927

HEFLIN    Mary Josephine Johnson    born July 22,1946   died Apr.8,2007
wife of Gather Lee Heflin

HEFLIN    Miss Tennie B.    buried June 12,1944

HEFLIN    Mrs. Virginia H.    buried Apr.11,1947

More Information HEGGIE    Mrs. Belle Brunson    May 1,1854 - May 11,1887   age 30 years

HEGGIE    L.A.    buried Sept.16,1935

HEGGIE    Leon    buried Aug.19,1902

HEIFER    S.N.    buried Sept.1,1889

HELMS    Anneliese �Anne� Gerhard    born Feb.19,1936   died May 9,2003
wife of Henry Lee Helms Jr.

HEMENWAY    Clyde    buried Dec.20,1912

HEMINWAY    Ernest O.    buried Sept.26,1912

HENDERSON    Bob    born Nov.9,1923   died Jan.11,2008
husband of Ellen Primm Henderson

HENDRICKS    William E.    Sept.17,1842 - May 17,1878
husband of Mary B. Hendricks
HENDRICKS    Mary B.    born 1835   died Aug.16,1909
wife of William E. Hendricks

HENDRICKSON    Mrs. Sallie    buried Feb.16,1934

HENLEY    Mary K. Carter    age 66 years   died Jan.4,2008
wife of Troy M. Henley

HENRY    Ellen B.    buried Jan.22,1890

More Information HENRY    GUSTAVAS ADOLFUS HENRY Sr.    CO. G  14th TENN. INF.
BORN OCT.8,1804   DIED DEC.10,1880   BURIED DEC.10,1880(JUNE 1,1899?)
More Information HENRY    MAJ. THOMAS F. HENRY
BORN 1835   DIED NOV.25,1886
More Information HENRY    MAJ. JOHN F. HENRY
BORN 1837    DIED 1862
More Information HENRY    GUSTAVUS ADOLFUS HENRY Jr.    CO. C  42nd TENN. INF.
BORN AUG.5,1871   DIED OCT.8,1932
husband of Clara C. McCauley Henry
More Information HENRY    PATRICK HENRY
BORN 1846   DIED 1908   BURIED NOV.24,1908

HENRY    Jack    buried Nov.21,1884

More Information HENRY    R.L.    died Jan.17,1888    age 40 years

HENRY    infant of Thomas Henry
buried Mar.19,1918

HENSLEY    Mrs. Edna W.    buried Apr.16,1936

HERMAN    Jessie    buried Mar.2,1922

HERMON    Annie    buried Nov.9,1910

HERMON    Elizabeth    born 1874   died 1969

HERMON    Jessie    born 1866   died 1921


BORN 1837   DIED 1927   BURIED MAY 16,1927

HERNDON    Harry    Aug.21,1873 - July 26,1874

More Information HERNDON    Horace T.    born Aug.9,1894   died Apr.21,1985
husband of Lillie Ferguson Herndon

HERNDON    Jeff D.    buried Nov.30,1899

HERNDON    Jefferson Davis    Jan.21,1867 - Nov.26,1899

HERNDON    John Luther    June 21,1870 - July 21,1874

More Information HERNDON    Laura Gertrude    born May 17,1854   died July 26,1937
second wife of Capt. Thomas Herndon

More Information HERNDON    Laura Thomas    Dec.14,1882 - Oct.23,1885   age 3 years

HERNDON    Russell    July 3,1872 - July 18,1873

More Information HERNDON    Sarah    Feb.1,1847 - Dec.9,1880

More Information HERNDON    THOMAS    CO. L  14th TENN. INF. REGT. C.S.A.
BORN AUG.6,1838   DIED OCT.20,1918

HERNDON    William Rigsbee    Apr.29,1877 - Aug.29,1885

More Information HERNDON    Willie    died Aug.28,1885

HERNING    John    born 1861   died 1911   buried Jan.6,1912

HERNING    Margaret    born 1856   died 1942   buried Dec.26,1942

HERRING    Owen W.    May 14,1816 - Dec.5,1891
husband of Catherine Ross Herring
HERRING    Catherine Ross    Feb.28,1821 - June 27,1862
wife of Owen W. Herring

HERRING    Mrs. O.W. Herring    buried May 8,1890

HESTER    Evelyn    buried Feb.23,1929

HESTER    infant of M.L. Hester
buried Feb.12,1916
HESTER    infant of M.L. Hester
buried Dec.4,1918

More Information HEWELL    Dorothy A.    born July 5,1922   died July 4,2003

HIBBETT    infant of Frank Hibbett
buried June 3,1929

HIBBETT    infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G.K. Hibbett
buried Oct.1,1947

HICKERSON    Pamela Jean    born Feb.14,1957   died Dec.28,2006

More Information HICKS    Bettie Dean    born Mar.8,1930   died Oct.16,1930
daughter of Raymond & Effie McElvoy Hicks
HICKS    Dorothy Jean    born Mar.8,1930   died Feb.2,1931
daughter of Raymond & Effie McElvoy Hicks

HICKS    H.H.    buried Apr.11,1922

HICKS    Mrs. Hyden    buried Dec.25,1945

HICKS    Mabel L.    born Mar.29,1921   died May 24,2007
wife of Morris Hicks

HIERONYMUS    ????    buried Nov.7,1895

HIERONYMUS    Mrs. Emma    buried Jan.16,1941

HIERONYMUS    Mrs. Emma    buried Jan.16,1941

HIERONYMUS    W.T.    buried June 17,1894

HIETT    Mrs. E.P.    buried Jan.1,1904

More Information HIETT    Howard J. Jr.    born Feb.23,1927   died July 26,2004
husband of Yvonne Wheeler Hiett

HIETT    child of M.E. Hiett    buried Nov.4,1893

HIGHSMITH    Herschel Sory Sr.    born Feb.17,1913   died Mar.23,2007
husband of Gladys Jewel Highsmith

HILL    Mrs. Addie    buried Aug.27,1938

HILL    Joe    buried Oct.23,1918

More Information HILL    Mary Lou    born Oct.28,1912   died June 30,2003

HILL    infant of R.D. Hill
buried June 21,1941

HILL    Rosa Lee    born Nov.2,1926   died Mar.7,2007

HILL    W.W.    buried June 14,1910

HINKLE    ????    buried buried Oct.17,1911

HINKLE    Mrs. Carrie Dean    buried July 17,1943

HINKLE    David E. Jr.    buried Mar.2,1940

HINTON    Edgar    buried Apr.27,1934

HINTON    Nellie Marie    born Feb.1,1930   died Mar.9,2007
wife of William Marshall Hinton

More Information HINTON    Ricky Edwin    born Jan.24,1954   died Apr.30,1992
husband of Irmtraud Ohm Hinton

More Information HINTON    Sandra Ellis    born July 18,1941   died Aug.10,2003
wife of Charles J. Hinton

HINTON    William Terry    born Sept.25,1959   died Jan.23,2008

HIPSHIRE    J.P.    buried Mar.18,1908

HOBBS    Dorene    born Mar.20,1943   died Dec.19,2001

More Information HOBBS    Louise    born June 12,1906   died Jan.28,2004
wife of John C. Hobbs

HOBSON    Evelyn May    buried June 27,1911

HOBSON    Zelina    buried Apr.22,1919

More Information HODGES    Acey L.    born Jan.29,1935   died May 3,1982
husband of Estelle Clinard Hodges

HODGES    Bette Marie    age 75 years   died Dec.11,2007

HODGES    Burney E.    born Jan.7,1910   died Jan.4,1985
husband of Ruth Allen Hodges
More Information HODGES    Ruth A.    born Dec.17,1912   died Sept.1975
wife of Burney E. Hodges

More Information HODGES,    Stephen Benjamin    born Sept.24,1917   died Nov.30,1972
husband of Virginia Vaughn Hodges
More Information HODGES    Virginia Clay    born Mar.17,1918   died July 29,1996
wife of Steven Benjamin Hodges

HODGSON    Alice    buried July ?,1901

More Information HODGSON    Alice Whitfield    died July 5,1887

HODGSON    Charles W.    buried Sept.10,1899

HODGSON    F.T.    buried May 20,1923

HODGSON    Frank III    buried June 13,1915

HODGSON    Jennie    buried July 20,1901

HODGSON    Jesse F.    buried June 1,1901

HODGSON    John O�Brien    buried Mar.3,1899

HODGSON    Mrs. Julia    buried Aug.14,1918

HODGSON    Kathleen    buried May 18,1912

HODGSON    Lee M.    buried Aug.15,1936

HODGSON    Lynnie    buried Oct.3,1924

HODGSON    Mabel    buried Apr.8,1918

HODGSON    Samuel Sr.    Oct.23,1830 - Apr.29,1894
husband of Julia Kearney Hodgson
HODGSON    Julia Kearney    born June 16,1829   died Aug.12,1919
wife of Samuel Hodgson

HODGSON    Samuel H.    buried June 4,1896

HODGSON    Samuel J.    buried Aug.17,1937

HOELL    Mrs. Amy    buried Jan.15,1903

HOFFMAN    Glen    buried Apr.21,1923

HOGAN    Hugh Donald    buried Aug.15,1936

HOGAN    Hugh Shannon    buried Oct.18,1937

HOGAN    Jessie W.    born Jan.22,1914   died Nov.27,2003

HOGIN    Morgan Leburn    born Feb.15,1911   died Apr.30,1951
husband of Martha D. Edmondson Hogin
HOGIN    Martha D. Edmondson    born July 4,1915   died June 6,1967
Wife of Morgan Lelburn? Hogin

HOGUE    Mrs. Bessie    buried July 16,1932

HOGUE    Clarence    buried June 8,1914

HOGUE    Mrs. John    buried June 9,1942

HOGUE    John B.    buried Sept.15,1933

HOGUE    infant son of S.E. Hogue
buried Sept.20,1904
HOGUE    infant daughter of S.E. Hogue
buried June 2,1906

More Information HOGUE    Thomas W.    born Mar.18,1894   died Jan.1,1954
More Information HOGUE    Willie Ada    born Jan.18,1893   died Feb.14,1988

HOLEMAN    Roy    buried Jan.4,1930

HOLLAND    Mrs. Lulia Adams    buried Jan.15,1946

HOLLAWAY    George W.    buried Dec.21,1901

HOLLEMAN    Annie Belle    Sept.14,1893 - Feb.8,1898
child of James August & Sarah Josephine Holleman

HOLLEMAN    Mrs. Belle    buried Apr.12,1898

HOLLEMAN    Granville    May 15,1831 - Mar.17,1898
HOLLEMAN    Charles    buried Apr.12,1898
child of Granville Holleman

HOLLEMAN    James August    born Sept.14,1856   died Mar.19,1918
husband of Sarah Josephine Holleman
HOLLEMAN    Sarah Josephine    born Jan.31,1870   died Aug.14,1937
wife of James August Holleman

HOLLINGWORTH    W.T.    buried Jan.17,1929

HOLLINGSWORTH    S.N.    buried Feb.9,1931

HOLLINS    Mrs. Mary    buried Dec.16,1911

HOLLIS    Christine    born Jan.6,1928   died Jan.3,2006
wife of Willie Cullom Hollis

HOLLIS    David Alva    born Feb.1,1915   died Nov.1997

More Information HOLLIS    Donald Bruce    born Nov.23,1943   died Sept.27,2005
husband of Sharon Hollis

HOLLOWAY    Eleanor D. Young    born May 21,1926   died Oct.7,1995


HOLLOWAY    James E.    born June 7,1922   died Jan.26,1986

HOLLOWAY    Maggie    buried Feb.15,1924

HOLLOWAY    Mrs. Mary    buried May 8,1915

HOLLOWAY    Mrs. Myrtle W.    buried Nov.28,1939

HOLMES    Joan    born Oct.30,1928   died Sept.20,1991

HOLT    ????    buried July 1,1909

HOLT    Blackburn    died Mar.31?, 1917   aged 71 years   buried Mar.1?, 1917

HOLT    Carl    born June 26,1923   died Sept.9,2007
husband of Dorothy Bradley Holt

HOLT    Mrs. Emma    buried Jan.12,1922

HOLT    Mrs. Janie    buried Feb.5,1909

HOLT    Mrs. Mollie    buried July 18,1903

HOMER    B.B.    buried Aug.14,1896

HOMER    S.M.    buried Sept.25,1894

HONERTON        John Thomas    buried May 7,1898

More Information HONEYCUTT    Henry D.    born Aug.14,1901   died June 24,1971
husband of Bertha Hughes Farmer Honeycutt

HOOD    Mrs. Sarah Williams    buried Feb.25,1930

HOOKS    Bobby Rudolph    born Dec.4,1931   died Aug.27,2006
husband of Jerry Newberry Hooks

HOOKS    William McClain    born Oct.14,1890   died Aug.9,1957
HOOKS    Eula Mae Fitzhugh    born Jan.21,1894   died Apr.6,1979
HOOKS    Nellie Verena    born Feb.1,1913   died Jan.25,1999
HOOKS    George William    born Feb.1,1917   died Aug.10,1993

HOOPER    Mrs. Ed. L.    buried Oct.8,1941

HOOPER    Edward    buried Oct.17,1936

HOOPER    Larkin B.    born 1846   died 1920   buried Apr.4,1920
husband of Margaret A. Hooper
HOOPER    Margaret A.    born 1843   died 1911   buried May 22,1911
wife of Larkin B. Hooper

HOPSON    Cornelia    born Apr.29,1860   died Mar.1,1926
wife of Drew T. Hopson

More Information HOPSON    D.T.    age 44 years   died Aug.14,1897

HORD    infant of J.C. Hord
buried Jan.16,1904

HORD    James Jr.    buried Feb.26,1924

HORD    infant daughter of James T. Hord
buried Sept.27,1905

HORD    Virginia    buried Dec.31,1899

HORNBERGER    J.C.    born Oct.12,1819   died July 3,1871
HORNBERGER    Martha J. Flinn    born Mar.23,1823   died June 4,1894
wife of J.C. Hornberger

More Information HORNER    Myrna Elizabeth    born June 7,1917   died Sept.20,2004

HORSLEY    John    buried Feb.12,1899

More Information HOUSE    Col. John F.    born Jan.8,1827   died June 8,1904
HOUSE    Julia Franklin Beech    July 27,1829 - Apr.12,1900
wife of Col. John F. House
HOUSE    Mattie
infant daughter of John F. & Julia Franklin Beech House

HOUSTIN    James    buried Nov.29,1899

HOWARD    ????    buried Nov.30,1889
child of Dr. Howard

HOWARD    Mrs. ????    buried Oct.1944

HOWARD    David William IV    born Feb.22,1962   died Oct.3,1993

HOWARD    Helen    born Jan.22,1914   died July 5,2006

HOWARD    Len F.    buried Mar.5,1901

More Information HOWARD    Sallie    born 1843   died June 21,1918

HOWARD    T.W.    buried Dec.29,1891

HOWELL    Archer    born Nov.7,1831   died July 30,1904
husband of Nannie Johnson Howell
HOWELL    Nannie Johnson    born July 12,1847   died Mar.3,1937
wife of Archer Howell
HOWELL    infant son of Archer & Nannie Johnson Howell
died June 4,1869

HOWELL    Donald    died June 30,1905

HOWELL    Hugh    buried Feb.8,1918

HOWELL    Johnson

HOWELL    Manning    buried May 16,1947

HOWELL    Richard Davis III    born May 26,1976   died Aug.19,2006

HOWELL    Mrs. Sue    buried Aug.7,1904

HOWSER    Thomas    buried Sept.12,1926

More Information HUBBARD    Linda Carol    born Feb.29,1952   died Apr.10,2004

More Information HUDSON    Johnnie Beautrice    born Feb.20,1904   died Feb.5,1990
wife of Guy Hudson

HUDSPATH    Gladys    buried June 25,1909

More Information HUFFMAN    Lewis Cass    born age 74 years   died Apr.6,1927
More Information HUFFMAN    Mattie L.    age 60 years   died Dec.18,1926
wife of Lewis Cass Huffman

More Information HUGGINS    Brenda Joyce    born Feb.22,1958   died Mar.4,2003

HUGHES    Ben J.    buried Feb.12,1946
More Information HUGHES    Mattie Joanna Sugg    born Sept.14,1880   died Aug.5,1963
wife of Ben J. Hughes

HUGHES    Jennie    buried Feb.2,1897

HUGHES    Mrs. Mary E.    buried Jan.31,1902

HUGHES    Dr. Maurice Langdon    born 1874   died 1937   buried Aug.30,1937
husband of Virginia F. Barker Hughes
HUGHES    Virginia F. Baker
born in Petersburg, Virginia Oct.13,1886   died Feb.12,1970
wife of Dr. Maurice Langdon Hughes

HUGHES    Mattie    died Oct.13,1907

HUGHES    Myron J.    buried Mar.23,1941

HUGHES    Susan    buried Jan.10,1925

DIED OCT.12,1914   AGED 73 YEARS

HUGHES    W.B.    buried Oct.4,1896

HUGHES    W.E.    buried Dec.10,1947

HUGHES    William Robert    buried June 16,1923

HUIE    Tommy G.    buried Nov.2,1947

HUMPHREYS    Miss Carrie    born 1855   died 1947   buried Aug.10,1947

More Information HUMPHREYS    Douglas and Charlie

HUMPHREYS    Ed. M    buried July 11,1918

HUMPHREYS    John B.    buried July 15,1934

HUMPHREYS    Mrs. Mamie P.    buried Mar.11,1909

HUMPHREYS    Mary W.    buried Mar.1,1924

HUMPHREYS    Robert    buried Mar.15,1904

More Information HUMPHREYS    Robert West    Apr.14,1824 - May 25,1878

HUMPHREYS    Robert West    Nov.1,1860 - Aug.9,1880

HUNT    Agnes E.    buried Dec.8,1915

More Information HUNT    Anderson    born Dec.6,1920   died Sept.18,1981
husband of Stella Woosley Hunt
More Information HUNT    Stella Woosley    born Jan.22,1905   died Oct.26,1992
wife of Anderson Hunt

More Information HUNT    Argie Lee    born June 11,1929   died Apr.21,1974

More Information HUNT    Arthur    born Jan.1,1894   died Oct.29,1974
husband of Myrtle Adams Hunt
More Information HUNT    Myrtle E.    born Aug.28,1896   died Jan.15,1978
wife of Arthur Hunt

HUNT    B.M.    buried Feb.18,1933

More Information HUNT    Charles B.    born May 20,1918   died Nov.15,1972
husband of Jeanette Norden Hunt

HUNT    Mrs. Lotie B.    buried June 16,1943

HUNT    child of Mathew Hunt    buried July 29,1892

HUNT    Mrs. May Allen    buried Dec.15,1942

HUNT    Sterling    buried May 5,1938

HUNT    Virgle    buried July 9,1942

HUNT    Will    buried Oct.25,1938

More Information HUNT    William Finis    born June 9,1902   died Dec.1966
husband of Sadie Sheppard

HUNTER    D.R.    buried Apr.8,1947

More Information HUNTER    Doris Mildred    born Dec.9,1931   died Sept.20,2004
wife of Allen Hunter

HUNTER    G.M.    buried Dec.4,1932

HUNTER    Hazel    buried Sept.24,1925
   removed from country
HUNTER    Elizabeth    buried Sept.24,1925   removed from country

HUNTER    Georgie    buried Sept.24,1925   removed from country
HUNTER    J.W.    buried Mar.4,1938

HUNTER    Mrs. Martha E.    buried Aug.22,1944

HUNTER    Rebecca    buried Sept.24,1925
   removed from country

HUNTER    Mrs. Sallie H.    buried Mar.17,1943

HUNTER    Sam    buried Apr.28,1946

More Information HURST    JOHN HURST    CO. H  14th TENN. INF.
BORN MAR.29,1841   DIED DEC.2,1927
husband of Amaryllis A. Hurst
HURST    Amaryllis A.    born Mar.20,1845   died May 16,1901
wife of John Hurst

HURST    Arthur    buried Nov.29,1901

HURST    Fonzo    buried Nov.29,1901

HURST    Lizzie    buried May 13,1922

HURST    Walton    buried Jan.3,1945

HURT    Evan Michael    age 22 years   died Jan.29,2008

HURT    Margaret    born June 24,1916   died July 14,2006
wife of Hugh Hurt

HUSSEY    Edward T.    born 1842   died 1916   buried Oct.12,1916

HUSSEY    Mrs. Leona L.    buried Feb.1,1945

HUSSEY    M.M.    buried Nov.19,1921

HUSSEY    Maurice    buried Dec.5,1901

HUTCHERSON    Charlie    buried July 15,1937

HUTCHINSON    Lillian    buried Aug.24,1930

More Information HUTCHISON    Troyce Paul Jr.    born Feb.15,1921   died June 29,2003
husband of Mary Wood Hutchison

HUTTON    James    died Oct.10,1903

More Information HYAMS    Mae Powers    died Feb.4,2003

HYLAND    Miss Jodie    buried June 13,1944

HYLAND    Mrs. Margaret    buried Nov.12,1914

HYLAND    Mary M.    born May 30,1890   died Sept.16,1911

HYMAN    Dora    buried Sept.8,1923

HYMAN    Mrs. Eva    buried Feb.27,1900

HYMAN    Howard J.    May 2,1839 - Jan.1,1889

HYMAN    Mrs. Nellie T.    buried Feb.24,1946

HYMAN    Samuel    buried Oct.9,1906

HYMAN    Thomas H.    buried Feb.7,1897

IMJA    Kim    born Nov.30,1952   died Jan.26,1998

More Information INGHAM    Brandon    born May 25,1929   died June 24,2003
More Information INGHAM    Mary Fay    born Aug.26,1935   died Sept.15,2005

INGRAM    Mrs. Annie    buried Dec.10,1885

INGRAM    George    buried Sept.3,1934

INGRAM    M.V.    buried Oct.5,1909
INGRAM    Annie Farmer Mitchell    Mar.9,1843 - Nov.10,1903
wife of M.V. Ingram
INGRAM    child of M.V. Ingram    died Oct.15,1887
INGRAM    W. Warren    May 21,1868 - Jan.20,1892
son of M.V. & Annie Farmer Mitchell Ingram

More Information INGRAM    Willis Harper    died Oct.12,1885    age 21 years  9 months

INSKO    Christopher Ryan Jr.    born Sept.14,2005   died Nov.5,2005

IRBY    Charles T.    buried Dec.20,1940

IRBY    Mary Thomas    buried Aug.29,1933

IRWIN    F.G.    buried Dec.2,1894

IRWIN    Fannie    buried May 27,1931

IRWIN    Miss Lucey    buried Jan.21,1929

IVY    Mrs. Sallie Irwin    buried Dec.24,1943

JACKSON    Mrs. Carrie    buried Jan.21,1898

More Information JACKSON    Edith    age 70 years   died Feb.1,1908

JACKSON    Edward    born Sept.23,1913   died June 11,1988
husband of Leona Buckner Jackson

JACKSON    Ewing Thomas    born Mar.30,1930   died Mar.9,2007
husband of Edna Russell Jackson

JACKSON    Mrs. Fannie    buried Nov.18,1907

JACKSON    H.A.    buried Dec.12,1915

JACKSON    J.H.    buried July 17,1914

JACKSON    James R.    buried Dec.11,1927

JACKSON    John H.    buried Mar.18,1929

JACKSON    Laura        buried Apr.21,1895

JACKSON    Mike    buried Apr.16,1945

JACKSON    Milton    buried Nov.15,1920

JACKSON    Mrs. Minnie    buried Jan.12,1943

JACKSON    Percy    buried Oct.28,1906

JACKSON    Ray    born Oct.8,1940   died Dec.6,2007
husband of Linda Conner Jackson


More Information JACKSON    Rosie Olene    born Oct.19,1930   died June 17,1992
wife of Omie Jackson

JACKSON    Roy    buried Mar.11,1925

JACKSON    S.H.    buried July 31,1946

JACKSON    Mrs. Sallie C.    buried Aug.9,1901

JACKSON    Samuel    buried June 3,1936

JACKSON    Miss Susie    buried Dec.14,1944

JACKSON    Thelma L.    buried Oct.26,1929

JACKSON    Mrs. Thinda M.    buried Apr.3,1903

JACKSON    Thomas D.    buried May 4,1897

JACKSON    Thomas H.    buried Oct.16,1902

JACKSON    Thomas J.    buried Mar.8,1914

More Information JACKSON    Tom    age 30 years    died June 4,1897

JACKSON    Walter    buried Dec.8,1941

More Information JACKSON    William    died Apr.3,1885    age 61 years

JACKSON    William R.    buried May 31,1936

JAMES    B.A.    buried Mar.11,1909

JAMES    B.A.    buried Oct.17,1918

JAMES    Barclay A.

JAMES    Bobbie    buried Oct.21,1922

JAMES    J.L. Sr.    buried Feb.4,1887

JAMES    Lina    buried Oct.21,1918

JAMES    Linas    buried July 21,1915

JAMES    Mrs. Ludie    Sept.21,1920

JAMES    R.L.    buried Feb.16,1940

JAMES    Samuel T.    buried Nov.19,1939

JAMES    Theodore    born in Hanover, Germany    died Feb.10,1884

More Information JAMESON    Mary Grace    born June 14,1957   died Aug.5,2003
wife of Timothy Jameson

JARDAN    Douglas    buried Jan.25,1915

JARRELL    Camilla Garland Adkins    born June 9,1847   died Dec.21,1926
wife of William Andrew Jarrell

JARRELL    Joseph �Joe� Manton    born Feb.13,1857   died June 7,1938
JARRELL    Eula Mae Coleman    born June 15,1872   died 1953
JARRELL    Dorothy
receiving vault Dec.10,1917   buried Feb.9,1918

JARRELL    Dorothy L.    born Oct.20,1908

JARRETT    D. Ray    buried Nov.18,1927

More Information JARVIS    Hildegard Kessler    born Oct.14,1930   died June 9,2003
wife of Edward L. Jarvis

JENKINS    Rachael    born Oct.21,1948   died Apr.11,2006
wife of Kenneth Jenkins

JERLES    Debra L.    born Mar.5,1954   died Nov.18,1994

JERLES    Eddie A.    born Jan.16,1888   died May 26,1967

JERLES    Henry A.    born Sept.10,1886   died Nov.16,1961

JERLES    James R.    buried Aug.14,1926

JERLES    Paul F.    born Aug.11,1920   died Apr.25,2006
husband of Norma Simpson Jerles

JERLES    Rosa Woodard    born Feb.26,1888   died Feb.28,1923

More Information JERLES    W.B.    born Aug.11,1926   died Aug.6,1926
husband of Mary C. Jerles
JERLES    Mary C.    born Sept.27,1858   died Nov.19,1918
wife of W.B. Jerles

JESSUP    Mary    born 1839   died 1916   buried Mar.4,1916

JETT    Ralph W.    buried July 11,1910

More Information JO    Sarah Hyunsook    born Oct.15,1957   died Nov.27,1997

More Information JOBE    Cecil Rhodes    born May 28,1910   died Aug.21,1992

JOBE    Elsie Etta    died Feb.9,1992

JOBE    Mary Louise Miller    born Jan.23,1914   died Nov.1990

JOBE    Willie F. Bill    born July 17,1912   died Jan.13,2002

JOHNS    Carolyn M.    age 67 years   died Dec.1,2006

More Information JOHNS    Oakley Franklin    born Mar.12,1913   died July 1,2005
husband of Elizabeth Johns

JOHNSON    A.A.    buried Feb.12,1925

JOHNSON    Mrs. A.T.    buried June 19,1932

More Information JOHNSON    Allen    Dec.23,1806 - Apr.12,1886
JOHNSON    Sarah A. Brunson    born 1819   died 1905   buried Mar.12,1905
wife of Allen Johnson

JOHNSON    Ambie W.    buried Dec.5,1922

More Information JOHNSON    Axel Fred Jr.    born Apr.15,1933   died Sept.18,2005
husband of Nancy Johnson

JOHNSON    Bailey    buried Aug.13,1930
JOHNSON    Mrs. Bailey    buried Feb.27,1940

JOHNSON    Billy Robert    buried Feb.9,1946

JOHNSON    Boyd    buried Dec.4,1945

JOHNSON    C.H.    buried Sept.5,1936

JOHNSON    C.W.    buried Sept.18,1946

JOHNSON    Mrs. Carrie Lurton    buried Feb.13,1943
JOHNSON    child of Dr. Dick Johnson    buried May 16,1889
More Information JOHNSON    P.G.    died Aug.4,1887    age 18 months

More Information JOHNSON    Cave    born Jan.11,1873   died Nov.23,1866

JOHNSON    Cave    buried Nov.26,1904

JOHNSON    Clarence    buried Nov.11,1924

More Information JOHNSON    Daine Bryant    born Sept.19,1985   died Aug.14,2004

JOHNSON    Mrs. Delia Harris    buried Nov.18,1943
JOHNSON    Dorothy    buried Aug.17,1910

More Information JOHNSON    Ernest Lester    born May 25,1911   died Oct.8,1992

JOHNSON    F.W.    buried Oct.28,1903

JOHNSON    Fannie    born 1874   died 1956

JOHNSON    George H.    born Nov.1,1858   buried July 11,1889

JOHNSON    child of George S.    buried Jan.17,1888

JOHNSON    Miss Georgia    buried Apr.21,1905

JOHNSON    Gossett    buried Aug.20,1915

JOHNSON    H.L.    died Aug.11,1907

JOHNSON    Harry    buried Aug.31,1908

JOHNSON    Harry    buried Feb.20,1940

JOHNSON    Hudson    buried Jan.19,1919

JOHNSON    Ida    buried Jan.17,1919

JOHNSON    Ivalee    born Sept.1,1922   died Sept.1,2007
wife of Spencer Johnson

JOHNSON    J.B.    born 1829    died 1893
JOHNSON    Margaret    born 1842   died 1933   buried Dec.31,1933
wife of J.B. Johnson

JOHNSON    J.W.    buried Nov.5,1935

BORN 1840   DIED JULY 30,1889

JOHNSON    Jane E.    buried Mar.12,1918

JOHNSON    John    buried Mar.7,1906

JOHNSON    Joseph    buried Aug.15,1896
JOHNSON    child of Joseph Johnson    buried Nov.14,1898

JOHNSON    Joseph R.    buried Aug.12,1907

JOHNSON    Julia    buried July 11,1924

JOHNSON    Mrs. Justin    buried Nov.3,1906

JOHNSON    Mrs. Kate    buried Dec.5,1947

JOHNSON    Lewis C.    born Mar.16,1914   died Dec.28,2005
husband of Margaret Conner Lewis

JOHNSON    Mrs. Lou    buried Mar.19,1921

JOHNSON    Mrs. Lucy    buried Oct.18,1898

JOHNSON    M.C.    buried June 26,1894

JOHNSON    Mack Neblett    May 2,1892 - June 18,1898
child of Reverend B.H. & Julian Johnson

JOHNSON    Mrs. Mamie    buried June 24,1912

JOHNSON    Mary B.    buried May 11,1917

JOHNSON    Mary Catherine    Jan.1,1818 - June 24,1894

JOHNSON    Mary Emma    age 10 years   died July 30,1907
child of H.L. Johnson

JOHNSON    Mildred    buried June 6,1905

JOHNSON    Nannie I.    buried Mar.25,1912

JOHNSON    Nell    buried Mar.17,1926

JOHNSON    Reverend P.G.    born 1866   died 1943   buried May 4,1943
JOHNSON    Jessie Mabel    born Feb.14,1908   died Jan.6,1922
daughter of P.G. & Fannie Johnson

More Information JOHNSON    Piper Joyce    born & died Feb.26,2004

BORN 1844   DIED 1889   BURIED JULY 31,1889
More Information JOHNSON    Emma Robb    Dec.11,1846 - Aug.20,1872
wife of Polk Grundy Johnson

JOHNSON    Mrs. Princetta    buried Aug.20,1904

JOHNSON    Raymond    buried Feb.26,1904

More Information JOHNSON    Sarah Jane    born Aug.26,1894   died Mar.2,1992
wife of Andrew Johnson

JOHNSON    Scott    born Dec.23,1953   died Feb.21,2007
husband of (1) Akiko Higa Johnson (2) Donna Johnson

More Information JOHNSON    Sidney Monroe    born May 21,1934   died Sept.23,2007
husband of Louise Wyatt Johnson

JOHNSON    Silas    buried Mar.18,1920

JOHNSON    T.B.    buried Mar.5,1931
husband of Margaret Johnson

JOHNSON    Dr. T.D.    buried Mar.8,1918
JOHNSON    T.D. Jr.    buried June 25,1913

BORN 1842   DIED 1918

JOHNSON    W. Clayd    buried June 27,1943

JOHNSON    W.S.    buried Sept.28,1910

JOHNSON    Wiley and family
JOHNSON    Wiley    buried Sept.25,1900

JOHNSON    William    buried June 5,1935

JOHNSON    William Hudson    born Mar.4,1883   died Jan.16,1919

JOHNSON    Willie May    buried June 8,1920

JOHNSTON    Herman    buried Mar.17,1944

BORN JAN.15,1915   DIED JUNE 10,1967

JOHNSTON    Dr. W.F.    buried Apr.2,1894

JONES    A.J.    born Sept.24,1843   died Sept.3,1925
husband of Nannie P. Jones
JONES    Nannie P.    born Oct.10,1855   died Apr.10,1933
wife of A.J. Jones

JONES    Alfred    buried Dec.13,1895

JONES    Mrs. Arbee    buried Dec.1,1930

JONES    Arthur G.    buried July 6,1922

JONES    Mrs. Bettie Shelton    buried Mar.7,1941

More Information JONES    Brenda Kay    born July 20,1955   died Sept.6,2007
wife of Dale Jones

More Information JONES    Bula    born Jan.1,1909   died June 25,1992
wife of Coy Jones

JONES    Edward H.    buried Mar.9,1935

More Information JONES    Elsie Mai    born Sept.14,1916   died Sept.12,2005

JONES    Fannie    buried June 14,1917

JONES    Gus H.    born June 27,1843   died Sept.3,1916
husband of Fannie D. Jones
JONES    Fannie D.    born May 9,1858    died Sept.8,1895
wife of Gus H. Jones
JONES    Herbert    Sept.13,1886 - ???? 18,1889
son of Gus H. & Fannie D Jones

JONES    Herbert    buried June 14,1917

JONES    Mrs. Jane W.    buried Feb.19,1918

JONES    John W.    buried June 26,1912
JONES    Mrs. John W.    buried July 3,1912

JONES    Leslie Ray    born Nov.27,1924   died Apr.3,2006
JONES    Betsy Sumner    born July 29,1920   died July 29,2006
wife of Leslie Ray Jones

JONES    Mae Jessie    born Sept.8,1921   died Apr.8,1931
daughter of Griss & Amber Mallory Jones

JONES    Mary Lewis    born May 3,1907   died Nov.21,2003

JONES    Mrs. S.T.    buried July 31,1940

JONES    Samuel Thomas    born May 9,1927   died Mar.18,2006
husband of Carolyn Walton Jones

JONES    Sarganeen    buried Oct.2,1921

More Information JONES    William Leo    born Jan.15,1906   died July 2,2003
husband of Mary Lewis Roe Jones

JONES    William Wallace    buried Sept.12,1926

JORDAN    Mrs. A.S.    age 72 years   Sept.5,1907

JORDAN    child of Douglas Jordan    buried Dec.24,1886
JORDAN    Mamie Belle    May 29,1881 - Sept.8,1886
daughter of Douglas & Nannie Jordan
JORDAN    child of Douglas Jordan    buried Oct.7,1892
JORDAN    2 children of Douglas Jordan     buried Jan.4,1893

JORDAN    E.P.    buried Dec.10,1929

More Information JORDAN    Edwin Constantine     born May 16,1924   died Aug.22,2005
husband of Gloria Maxine Head Jordan

JORDAN    Miss Mae    buried June 13,1904

JORDAN    Nannie Peacher    buried Aug.11,1943

JORDAN    Wiley Douglas    Dec.26,1887 - Oct.?, ????
son of D. & Nannie Jordan

JOSEPH    child of J.G. Joseph    buried Mar.31,1889

JOSLIN    M.L.    buried Oct.17,1918

JOSLIN    Mary V.    buried July 12,1916

JOSLIN    Munford    buried Dec.21,1922

JUDKINS    Mrs. Mary    buried Mar.1,1905

JUSTICE    Ralph Edwin    born 1909   died 1916   buried Apr.29,1916
husband of Jessie White Justice
JUSTICE    Jessie White    born 1888   died 1943   buried Nov.2,1943
wife of Ralph Edwin Justice

KANE    Thomas    buried June 10,1910

More Information KANG    Young Tok    born Nov.26,1916   died Nov.25,1994
husband of Chae Ki Kang

KATZ    Carl Otto Jr.    age 5 months   died July 8,1928
son of C.O. & Hanna Paul Katz

KEARNEY    Patrick J.    born Feb.22,1881   died Apr.18,1973
husband of Lela M. Kearney
KEARNEY    Lela M.    born Dec.12,1882   died June 17,1958
wife of Patrick J. Kearney

KEARNEY    Mrs. Margaret    buried Nov.5,1898

KEARNEY    Mrs. Thomas    buried May 17,1929

KEEL    Gladys    buried Feb.17,1906

More Information KEEL    Gordon    born July 7,1909   died Sept.28,1992

KEEL    L.J.    buried Jan.13,1911

KEEL    M.C.    buried July 12,1908
KEEL    Mrs. M.C.    buried Apr.16,1910

More Information KEEL    Mallie    born Nov.20,1910   died Apr.20,2004

SGT. SMITH M. KEEL    30th DIV.  A.E.F. 1917 - 1919  WORLD WAR II
BORN DEC.19,1892   DIED NOV.8,1996
husband of Mary Frances Traughber Keel
KEEL    Mary Frances Traughber    born June 15,1897   died Apr.27,1988
wife of Smith M. Keel

KEEL    William H.    born Mar.14,1891   died Jan.1,1975
KEEL    Bessie Green    born Mar.31,1905   died Jan.8,1996
wife of William H. Keel
KEEL    infant daughter of William H. Keele
buried Aug.6,1926

KEESEE    Bellfield O.    Oct.28,1827 - Dec.30,1875

KEESEE    George Samuel
born in Garrling County, Virginia, July 15,1817    died June 24,1892

KEESEE    J.W.    buried Jan.30,1931
KEESEE    Mrs. J.W.    buried June 21,1935

KEESEE    John    buried Dec.18,1896

KEESEE    John W.    buried Apr.9,1933

KEESEE    Mrs. Mary R.    buried Aug.10,1911

KEESEE    P.H.    born June 6,1880   died June 5,1910
husband of Anna E. Keesee
KEESEE    Anna E.    born Nov.15,1837   died Dec.20,1912
wife of P.H. Keesee

More Information KEESEE    Mrs. Robert F. Obrien    died Oct.9,1887

More Information KEESEE    ROBERT J. KEESEE    CO. B  14th TENN. INF. C.S.A.
DIED 1833   DIED 1865

KEESEE    Sue M.    born Mar.21,1850   died Mar.12,1924
wife of John A. Keesee

KEITH    Martha Sanford    age 78 years   died Mar.29,2008

KELLEY    Ned    buried July 14,1937

More Information KELLOGG    Margaret    died Jan.10,1886    age 66 years

More Information KELLOGG    Mr. Seymour    died Feb.6,1885

KELLOW    Mrs. Alice    buried Apr.21,1930

KELLOW    John    buried Nov.9,1927

KELLY    Clyde Jr.    buried July 30,1921

More Information KELLY    Ella Minor    age 3 months   died Dec.7,1926
daughter of C.W. & Jamie Parchman Kelly

KELLY    infant of Thomas Kelly    buried Nov.11,1894

KELTY    ????    buried Oct.8,1912
KELTY    ????    buried Oct.8,1912

KELTY    Dora    buried Jan.29,1923

KEMPER    Sharon Lynn    age 59 years   died Aug.18,2006
wife of Verlin Ray Kemper

More Information KENDALL    William Amus    born June 13,1921   died Jan.6,2005
husband of Priscilla Kendall

More Information KENDRICK    Charles Bryan    died Feb.17,1887    age 15 years

KENDRICK    India    buried Nov.8,1892

KENDRICK    J.C.    buried Aug.18,1929
KENDRICK    Harriet Bryan    born 1847   died 1925   buried Sept.16,1925
wife of J.C. Kendrick
KENDRICK    child of J.C. Kendrick    buried Dec.4,1890

More Information KENDRICK    Lucy Barksdale    June 28,1888    age 4 months

KENDRICK    Sarah    buried Apr.6,1893

KENNEDAY    Mrs. S. Wesley    buried Feb.15,1945

KENNEDY    D.N.    buried Apr.24,1904

More Information KENNEDY    D. Newton    born 1857    died Apr.24,1888

More Information KENNEDY    Frances Bradley    born Apr.25,1905   died Dec.9,1977

KENNEDY    Frances Keatts    age 91 years   died June 21,2006

KENNEDY    Howard R. M.D.    born Mar.9,1927   died Aug.21,2006
husband of Helen Blair Kennedy

KENNEDY    James T.    buried Mar.21,1908

More Information KENNEDY    Kathryn Virginia    born Oct.25,1921   died Oct.22,2005

More Information KENNEDY    Leon    born Mar.11,1934   died Aug.27,2004
husband of Gwen Kennedy

More Information KENNEDY    Lois Viser    died Dec.5,1886

KENNEDY    S.W.    buried July 31,1938

KENNEDY    Safford    buried Feb.19,1907

More Information KENNEDY    Samuel Wooden    age 35 years   died June 8,1927

KENNEDY    Mrs. Sarah A.    buried June 26,1899

KENNEDY    Yolonda Kaye    buried Nov.15,1947

KENTNER    Ronnie C.    born Mar.19,1967   died Apr.17,2002

More Information KERR    Mathew Morris    born 1807   died Jan.4,1871
More Information KERR    Nancy Edmoia    born June 24,1813   died Dec.22,1854
More Information KERR    WILLIAM MORRIS KERR    born Feb.20,1841   died Oct.9,1876   C.S.A.

KERR    Sam W.    buried Feb.24,1920

More Information KERR    Samuel Wilson Jr.    age 3 months    died Feb.1,1905


KERSHNER    R.L.    buried May 24,1934

KEY    Eddie R.    born Apr.1,1935
More Information KEY    Anna G.    born Nov.9,1940   died Mar.11,2005

KEY    John Logan    age 78 years   died May 18,2006
husband of Rowena Morris Key

KHUNS    Jean Elizabeth    buried Aug.3,1932

KIKENDALL    Clarence Max    born Oct.28,1911   died Apr.12,2007
More Information KIKENDALL    Martha Emma    born July 9,1918   died Aug.20,2004

More Information KILLEBREW    Henry Edward    died Mar.16,1928

KILLEBREW    Miss Latisha    buried July 1,1906

KILLEBREW    Maude Evelyn    buried Dec.25,1946

More Information KIM    Chom Sun    born Oct.6,1917   died Sept.24,1992

KIM    Su K.    born Jan.12,1918   died Dec.8,2006
wife of Pak Koo Tuk

KIM    Tong Su    born ????   died ????
son of Jin Kyn & Joon Ok Kim

KIMBROUGH    F. Richmond    buried Jan.18,1903

KIMBROUGH    Mack    buried May 27,1912

More Information KIMBROUGH    Martha Beaumont    born Sept.17,1893   died June 4,1992
wife of Emory Kimbrough

KIMBROUGH    R.W.    buried Mar.18,1913
KIMBROUGH    Mrs. R.W.    buried Dec.27,1931

KIMBROUGH    Sarah    buried Apr.10,1893

KIMBROUGH    William Smith    buried Nov.29,1941

KINCANNON    Mrs. D.    buried June 8,1896


KINCANNON    Mollie    buried Dec.14,1924

KINCANNON    W.B.    buried Nov.14,1919

KINDRICK    James    buried June 30,1942

KING    Arthur R.    buried Jan.19,1901

KING    child of Charles E. King    buried Aug.17,1895

KING    Gabriella Waters    Dec.15,1806 - Dec.16,1891
wife of Dr. Lewis King

KING    Mrs. J.S.    buried Aug.28,1945

KING    James Leslie    buried Dec.17,1947

KING    Lenora    buried Apr.5,1919

KING    Miss Mary    buried June 11,1929

KING    Miss May    buried Mar.11,1945

KING    Mrs. S.E.    buried July 12,1903

More Information KING    Will B.    died Aug.21,1887    age 25 years

KINGINS    James Madison    buried Nov.27,1946

KIRBY    Mary J.    Feb.19,18?3 - July 19,1889

KIRBY    W.W.    died June 28,1882    age 46 years

KIRK    Elizabeth Jane    buried Dec.3,1925

KIRK    John    buried Aug.27,1933

KIRK    John    buried Mar.1,1946

KIRK    Mrs. John A.    buried Aug.22,1947

KIRK    Lorene    buried Nov.4,1918

KIRK    R.B.    buried June 13,1934
KIRK    R.B. Jr.    buried May 15,1931

KIRK    William    buried Nov.8,1917

KIRKLAND    J.E.    buried June 7,1946

More Information KIRKLAND    James Ernest    born Apr.6,1933   died Mar.5,1949

More Information KISSNER    Ruth L.    age 23 years   died Jan.13,1932

KLEEMAN    Ike    buried Sept.5,1940
KLEEMAN    Mrs. Ike    buried June 11,1922

KLEEMAN    William    buried Aug.2,1914
KLEEMAN    Mrs. William    buried Oct.9,1890

KNIGHT    Billy Edward    born Sept.24,1925   died May 3,1999

KNIGHT    Henry B.    born Jan.16,1888   died May 11,1974
husband of Ovela H. Knight
KNIGHT    Ovela H.    born Apr.2,1908   died Mar.15,1993
wife of Henry B. Knight

More Information KNIGHT    Ina    born Apr.30,1922   died Dec.18,2003

More Information KNIGHT    Laura Jane    born Sept.15,1909   died Feb.2,2003
wife of William H. Knight

KOHL    infant daughter of W.K. Kohl    buried Juen 10,1899

More Information KOLBE    Richard E.    born Sept.2,1907   died Feb.14,1992

KONDWROS    Jerry    born Mar.24,1946   died Aug.1978
husband of Jane Baggett

More Information KONVALINKA    Mary Josephine    died Mar.26,2003

More Information KOPTIS    Joseph Henry Jr.    born Feb.12,1931   died Sept.7,1992

More Information KOVERMAN    William Matthew    born Mar.7,1940   died Dec.5,2000

More Information KRAESKE    Ellen McNulty    born Dec.24,1898   died Feb.18,1980
wife of Anthony Kraeske

KRANTZ    James A.    born 1895   died 1959
husband of Ora O. Krantz

KRANTZ    Ora O.    born 1900   died 1994
wife of James A. Krantz

KREKE    George    buried June 2,1935

More Information KRIEG    George Chester    born June 25,1918   died May 30,2004

KROPP    Mrs. Dora    buried Aug.20,1933

KROPP    Johannes    buried Oct.10,1900

KRUSE    William M.    born Feb.21,1849   died July 6,1928

More Information KYRIAKOS    Peter Leon    born May 26,1926   died Aug.27,2004

LACEY    Dr. J.H.    buried Feb.16,1944

LaCOMPT    Mary    buried Oct.22,1891

LACY    Clement C.    buried May 22,1901

LACY    Hoge    buried Sept.16,1902

More Information LADD    Jonathan Stanley    born Nov.29,1986   died Jan.2,2004

LADD    L.E.    buried June 24,1938

LADD    Mrs. Mary    buried July 3,1926

LaHIFF    Dr. J.B.    buried Dec.2,1943

More Information LaHIFF    Louis    born Sept.23,1931   died Aug.3,1992
husband of Christina Hullon LaHiff

LAMISON    Opal Dee    born Feb.14,1977   died May 20,2006
wife of Michael Sean Lamison Sr.
LAMISON    Michael Sean Jr.    born Jan.21,1997   died May 21,2006

LAMP    William    born 1883   died 1978
husband of Josephine Althoff Lamp
LAMP    Josephine Althoff    born 1888   died 1921   buried Jan.17,1921
wife of William Lamp

LANCASTER    Mrs. B.W.    buried Dec.11,1932

LANCASTER    H.B.    buried Oct.25,1936

LANCASTER    Mrs. Martha    buried Nov.23,1923

More Information LANDER    David W.    born Feb.25,1916   died May 5,1992
husband of Margaret Grant Lander
More Information LANDER    Margaret Grant    born Sept.15,1917   died Oct.29,2006

More Information LANDER    Morris    died May 2,1886    age 6 years

LANDER    child of S.S. Lander    buried Oct.3,1886

LANDYS    Ette    buried Sept.21,1894

LANDYS    Mrs. Lena    buried Nov.28,1928

LANE    Charles K.    buried Nov.14,1930

LANE    Hazel Edwards    born Oct.14,1886   died Aug.2,1919

LANE    John Franklin    buried Jan.20,1938

More Information LANE    John Lee    born Jan.18,1914   died Aug.10,2004
More Information LANE    Ruth    born Jan.30,1916   died Sept.15,2004

LANE    Rosa Alice    buried June 27,1927

More Information LANE    Ruth Hughes    born Dec.7,1896   died Apr.23,1975
wife of James H. Lane

LANG    Henry Thomas    buried May 3,1947

LANGE    George Albert �Joe�    born Nov.4,1963   died Sept.6,1986

More Information LANGFORD    Clarence    born Oct.2,1921   died Sept.19,1992
LANGFORD    More Information Mary Lee    born Feb.7,1924   died Jan.12,2004

LANGFORD    G.H.    buried Nov.16,1945

More Information LANGFORD    Rosco    born July 12,1909   died Jan.30,1980
More Information LANGFORD    Margie    born July 18,1910   died July 15,2004

LANGRAN    Margaret J.    age 92 years   died Jan.16,2007

LaPRADE    G.A.    born 1842   died 1916   buried Nov.9,1916
husband of Emma L.P. LaPrade
LaPRADE    Emma L.P.    born 1855   died 1932   buried June 13,1932
wife of G.A. LaPrade

LARDUIR    Mildred    buried Aug.9,1892

LARKIN    Mrs. Emma V.    buried Oct.10,1897

LARKIN    Neil    buried May 22,1892

LASSITER    William E.    buried Apr.15,15,1947

More Information LATTA    Helen Lucille    born Nov.9,1933   died May 20,2005
wife of George Latta

LAUGHREN    A.J.    buried Dec.30,1908
LAUGHREN    Minnie    buried Sept.27,1897
child of A.J. Laughren

LAUGHREN    Evelina    buried Nov.17,1896

LAUGHREN    Hattie    buried Mar.12,1892

LAUGHREN    John R.    Oct.15,1842 - Apr.11,1881

LAUGHREN    Mrs. Lucy    buried Mar.9,1904

LAUGHREN    Martha    buried Mar.17,1931

LAUGHREN    Mrs. W.J.    buried Apr.22,1932

LAWRENCE    Amelia    buried June 25,1913

LAWRENCE    Anna Elizabeth    born Aug.29,1910   died July 8,2006
wife of John Malcolm �Jack� Lawrence

More Information LAWRENCE    Dixie    born Sept.13,1915   died Jan.13,2005

LAWRENCE    Sallie N.    buried Apr.11,1926

LAWSON    Judith R.    born Mar.23,1950   died Nov.25,2003
wife of Dennis Lawson

LEATHERS    Fielding    buried Aug.17,1937

LEATHERS    Frank    buried Feb.22,1936

LEATHERS    Mrs. Mary    buried June 8,1930

More Information LEATHERS    Thomas H.    age 75 years   died Dec.16,1927

LEAVELL    ????    buried Apr.22,1908

LEAVELL    Mrs. C.G.    died Apr.2,1908

More Information LeBLANC    Paula G.    born Jan.23,1929   died Oct.21,2004
wife of Karl LeBlanc

LEDBETTER    J.H. M.D.    born Apr.28,1885   died May 13,1953

LEDBETTER    Regina    buried May 10,1944

BORN JAN.11,1919   DIED FEB.5,2004

More Information LEE    Allen D.    born Mar.4,1925   died Feb.3,1992
husband of Luba S. Lee

LEE    F.H.    buried Apr.25,1930

LEE    Mrs. J.    buried Nov.27,1912

LEE    J.W.    buried Feb.9,1915

LEE    Mrs. Jessie Peacher    buried Oct.4,1932

LEE    Judy M �Jo�    born July 28,1949   died Nov.24,2000

LEECH    Dorothy Waller    born Aug.20,1915   died Mar.22,2007
wife of (1) Lewis B. Waller (2) Theodore Leech

LEECH    Herbert N.    buried Oct.21,1930
More Information LEECH    Margaret    born Aug.13,1862   died Jan.17,1936
LEECH    infant of Herbert N. Leech    buried Aug.25,1893
LEECH    infant of Herbert N. Leech    buried May 13,1895

LEECH    Mrs. Lucille P.    buried Dec.10,1946

LEECH    Mary Louise    buried Nov.20,1945

More Information LEGATE    Ella Nai    born Feb.1,1880   died Aug.19,1971

More Information LEHMAN    Anna M.    born born Sept.19,1933   died Feb.28,1992
wife of Cecil F. Lehman

LEHMAN    Charles
born in Sax Weimer, Germany Jan.30,1844
died Mar.19,1892   buried Mar.21,1893 ?

More Information LEHMAN    Flora N.    born Aug.30,1902   died May 5,2005

LEIGH    Annis    born Aug.13,1924

LEIGH    Bud    buried Nov.29,1929

LEIGH    Ike    buried June 3,1939

BURIED DEC.30,1907

More Information LEIGH    Mary A.    age 67 years    died June 1,1897

LEIGH    Roland    buried Jan.9,1918

More Information LEIGH    Walter W.    age 81 years   died Sept.18,1927
LEIGH    Lillian J.    born Sept.12,1859   died Sept.14,1932

LeMASTER    John J.    born 1829   died 1889   buried Mar.8,1889
LeMASTER    Mary J.    born 1831   died 1904   buried July 4,1904
wife of John J. LeMaster

LeMASTER    John T.    buried Oct.10,1899

LENCSE    Gabriela    born Dec.23,1968   died Mar.18,2002

More Information LEONARD    Fredonia Lucretta    died Apr.15,1887   age 76 years

LESTER    Mrs. Robert    buried Oct.22,1911

LESTER    Robert    buried Jan.8,1924

LESTER    Robert Barry    born 1907   died 1954

LESTER    Robert F.    buried May 5,1900

LEVER    Abe    buried Dec.3,1913

LEVER    Bertha    buried Jan.19,1894

LEVER    child of Jeff Lever    buried Jan.18,1889
LEVER    child of Jeff Lever    buried Aug.5,1889

LEVER    Jeff D.    May 14,1862 - June 27,1891   buried July 12,1891

LEVER    Mrs. Martha    buried May 14,1900

LEVER    infant of Sam Lever    buried Apr.10,1897

More Information LEVER    William H.    age 38 years   died Dec.4,1897

LEVER    Willie    buried Aug.16,1893

LEWIS    Allen Clement    born Nov.24,1908   died Mar.3,1994
husband of Robbie Ernestine Vaughn Lewis
LEWIS    Robbie Ernestine Vaughn    born May 16,1915   died Apr.28,1991
wife of Allen Clement Lewis

More Information LEWIS    Bertha Lyle    born Dec.19,1911   died July 20,1983
wife of Emmett M. Lewis

LEWIS    Betty Jane Scott    age 77 years   died Jan.22,2008

LEWIS    Blanche L.    buried Sept.16,1902

LEWIS    Clay H.    buried June 16,1946

More Information LEWIS    Clay Hogan Jr.    born Sept.14,1920   died July 16,1992
husband of Betty Wallace Lewis

LEWIS    Mrs. Droa Beard    buried Aug.14,1945

LEWIS    E.P.    Aug.7,1838 - Nov.4,1893

More Information LEWIS    Frances Evelyn    born Nov.12,1911   died Aug.12,2005

LEWIS    infant daughter of Jesse Lewis    buried Oct.10,1907
LEWIS    infant daughter of Jesse Lewis    buried Oct.2,1906

LEWIS    Maggie H.    buried July 10,1925

More Information LEWIS    Margaret Elizabeth    born Apr.11,1914   died Oct.2,2005

LEWIS    Mrs. Margaret O.    buried Apr.27,1900

LIBERATORE    David James Jr.    age 21 years   died Dec.24,2006

LIGON    Mrs. Emma    buried Nov.7,1929

LIGON    G.A.    buried Oct.5,1890

LIGON    Mrs. I.M.    buried Apr.8,1889

LINDSAY    C.A.    buried Mar.22,1930

LISENBEE    ????    buried Oct.9,1911

LISENBEE    infant of Bailey Lisenbee
born Sept.13,1947

BORN APR.28,1918   DIED SEPT.5,1974

LISENBEE    Oliver    buried Feb.14,1919

LISENBEE    Ollie    buried Aug.11,1911

LITTELL    Charles    buried July 24,1927

LITTELL    Martha    buried Feb.17,1908

LITTLE    infant son of A.E. Little
placed in receiving vault Feb.6,1902
LITTLE    Albert    buried Mar.2,1902
son of A.E. Little may be same as above

LOCKERT    C.L.    buried Feb.,1941

LOCKERT    H.H.    buried May 11,1947

LOCKERT    child of J.L. Lockert    buried Jan.23,1895

LOCKERT    Mrs. Nannie    buried Oct.10,1912

LOCKERT    Willie    buried Aug.19,1894

LOCKHART    Mrs. R.H.    buried Feb.16,1944

LOCKHART    Richard M.    buried Jan.1934

LOGAN    Barbara Ruth    born June 4,1934   died Sept.11,1946

LOGAN    Elise    born Nov.17,1912   died Feb.10,2000

LOGAN    James M.    born Nov.18,1947   died July 2,2000

LOGAN    Lee O.    born Nov.22,1908   died Oct.19,1974

LOGAN    Richard �Dickie� Lee    born Mar.30,1933   died Sept.16,2007

LOGAN    Mrs. Sally    buried Mar.12,1904

LOGAN    William Howard    born Jan.24,1937   died Sept.15,2006

LOGGINS    Lurline    buried Aug.2,1943


LONG    H.C.    buried Nov.2,1926
LONG    Mrs. H.C.    buried Sept.20,1935

LONG    Isaac D.    buried Sept.9,1894

LONG    Isaac E.    buried Sept.5,1899

LONG    John H.    buried Mar.12,1922

LONG    Miss Lon    buried July 2,1930

LONG    Mrs. Maude    buried Sept.30,1915

LONG    Patrick Wayne    born Sept.27,1979   died Oct.14,2007

LONGHERN    child of W.J. Longhern    buried Oct.26,1886

LOUIE    Harriett Pitts    buried June 2,1937

LOVE    Quincy B.    buried June 9,1925

LOVE    Quincy B.    buried May 24,1927

BORN 1843   DIED 1910   BURIED FEB.14,1910
husband of Sarah Lovelace   not sure if name is N.O. Lovelace or H.O. Lovelace
LOVELACE    Sarah    buried born 1843    died 1913
wife of H.O. Lovelace

LOVELACE    N.O.    buried Apr.23,1914

LOWE    Charles    died Dec.11,1905

LOWE    Elizabeth Josephine    buried Dec.10,1947

LOWE    George    born 1859   died 1898   buried Oct.6,1898
husband of Nannie D. Lowe
LOWE    Nannie D.    born 1858   died 1929   buried Dec.5,1929
wife of George Lowe

JOHN S. LOWE    CO. C  42nd TENN. INF.

LOWE    Julia Richardson    born 1828   died 1872

LOWE    Reverend Lewis    born 1814   died 1897   buried May 28,1897

LOWE    Mrs. Maggie Neblett    buried Oct.6,1946

LOWE    Walter R.    born 1857   died 1938   buried Apr.13,1938

LOWERY    ????    buried Sept.2,1921

LOWERY    W.B.    buried July 21,1922

LOWRY    Miss Minnie Green    buried July 12,1935

LUCAS    Susie Williams    buried Oct.15,1944

LUCK    Alice    buried Jan.15,1896

LUCK    child of Hal Luck    buried June 21,1896

BORN 1843   DIED 1913   BURIED MAY 25,1913
husband of Maria Gracey Luckett
LUCKETT    Maria Gracey    born 1843   died 1910   Jan.19,1910
wife of Thomas Dade Luckett

More Information LUDWIG    Claudell Schmittou    born May 29,1932   died Mar.2,2004

More Information LUMPKIN    William H.    born Nov.16,1918   died Feb.13,2003
husband of Willie Mae Lumpkin

LUPTON    Imogene    buried Nov.4,1919

LUPTON    James S.    buried Feb.4,191

LUPTON    Julia    buried Feb.4,1891

LUPTON    Julia    buried July 24,1893

LUPTON    Stewart M.    buried Nov.18,1942

More Information LURTON    PVT. CHARLES W. LURTON    CO. G  3rd KY. CAVALRY C.S.A.
DIED OCT.13,1864

LURTON    E.B.    buried May 10,1918

LURTON    Mrs. H.H.    buried Feb.11,1934

BORN FEB.26,1844   DIED JULY 12,1914

LURTON    Leon Owen    buried Dec.27,1896

LT. COL. DAVIS LUSK    BORN SEPT.27,1915   DIED JAN.25,1997

LUST    Ferdinand    born in Halle, Germany   died Oct.25,1900  age 80 years

LYLE    ????    buried Mar.5,1921

LYLE    Andrew Z.    born July 27,1855   died Sept.28,1938
husband of Louisa Gaisser Lyle
LYLE    Louisa Gaisser    born Jan.9,1867   died Apr.19,1957
wife of Andrew Z. Lyle

LYLE    C.B.    buried Sept.3,1938

LYLE    Elizabeth    buried Apr.19,1923

LYLE    George Cook    born Nov.11,1901   died May ,1918
son of Clarence & Lena Lyle

LYLE    Harry P.    buried Oct.18,1933

LYLE    Hettie Y.    buried Apr.3,1922

LYLE    Katherine    buried July 3,1913

More Information LYLE    Katherine Elizabeth    born Sept.25,1912   died Nov.26,2004

LYLE    Levi    buried Oct.25,1928

LYLE    Lewis L.    buried Mar.15,1920

LYLE    Lottie Louisa    born Aug.29,1896   died Dec.9,1976
LYLE    Lattie Mary    born May 27,1898   died Feb.4,1989

LYLE    Margaret    born Feb.9,1900   died July 29,1990

LYLE    Mary    buried July 18,1924

LYLE    Mary E.    buried May 15,1924

LYLE    Mrs. Mary Jane    buried Aug.31,1946

More Information LYLE    Minnie    age 36 years    died Apr.4,1905
wife of C.B. Lyle

More Information LYLE    Phillip Lewis    born Sept.27,1908   died Apr.3,2004
More Information LYLE    Patsy G.    died Aug.28,2007

LYLE    infant daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Phillip Lyle
buried Sept.4,1943

LYLE    Robert L.    buried Aug.26,1924

LYLE    Rufus A.    born Oct.19,1845   died June 2,1930
husband of Frances V. Lyle
LYLE    Frances V.    born June 14,1860   died July 17,1924
wife of Rufus A. Lyle
LYLE    infant daughter of Rufus A. & Frances V. Lyle
died July 23,1895   buried July 23,1895

More Information LYLE    Thelma H.    born Mar.8,1916   died May 15,2007

LYLE    Mrs. Virginia    buried July 28,1946

LYLE    William    buried Feb,7,1910
LYLE    Mrs. William    buried Apr.27,1910

More Information LYLE    William Russell    born Sept.3,1905   died Mar.7,2004

LYNES    Mrs. Cornelia    buried May 1,1910

LYNES    D.D.    buried Aug.17,1940

LYNES    Gary E. Jr.    born 1898   died 1899   buried June 5,1899

LYNES    Geary C.    buried Nov.30,1929

LYNES    W.J.    born Sept.15,1854   died Feb.7,1932
husband of Mary Eugenia C. Lynes
LYNES    Mary Eugenia �Genie� C.    born Sept.17,1856   died Feb.16,1923
wife of W.J. Lynes

More Information LYON    J.A.? or T.C.?    died Oct.4,1927

LYON    James Adair    born 1852   died 1915   buried Sept.14,1915
LYON    Elizabeth B. �Lizzie�    born 1853   died 1928   buried June 13,1928
wife of James Adair Lyon

MABERY    child of T.L. Mabery    buried Jan.25,1895

MABRY    Mrs. Anna M.    buried July 14,1914

MABRY    Mrs. Bettie    buried Feb.9,1936

More Information MABRY    Elizabeth M.    died Jan.26,1905

MABRY    Ernestine Bowden    born Dec.8,1895   died Mar.4,1971
wife of John E. Mabry

MABRY    John    buried Jan.26,1943

BORN APR.21,1880   APR.7,1930
More Information MABRY    Nellie Barnes     born Aug.20,1880   died Mar.30,1937
wife of Thomas Dabney Mabry

MABRY    Thomas Lawson    born 1847   died 1902   buried Dec.20,1902

MABRY    William Marrast    born July 26,1882   died Nov.4,1954
husband of Ada Adams Mabry
MABRY    Ada Adams    born Dec.4,1886   died June 23,1975
wife of William Marrast Mabry

MABRY    William Marrast    age 75 years   died Jan.31,2007

MacCORMAC    Mary J.    buried Feb.28,1920

MacCORMAC    W.J.    buried Dec.5,1912

MACEY    Egbert    buried Aug.13,1934

More Information MACKENS    R.B.    born July 4,1918   died Oct.19,1992
MACKENS    Sarah Lucille    born Sept.11,1921   died Mar.31,2006
wife of R.B. Mackens

More Information MACON    Dr. Albert L.    born 1873   died July 11,1905

MACON    Jennie W.    born 1885   died 1966

More Information MACON    Mary Lee    born May 17,1905   died May 6,1992
wife of Junius Macon

MACON    Dr. Roland Bain    born Sept.16,1875   died Mar.15,1941
husband of Malinda Mabry Macon

MACON    William L.    born 1848   died 1926   buried Apr.14,1926
husband of Mattie A Macon
MACON    Mattie A.    born 1845   died 1904   buried July 6,1904
wife of William L. Macon

MACRAE    B.W.    buried June 30,1903

More Information MACRAE    Fanny M.    June 11,1846 - Feb.1,1870
wife of G.W. Macrae

MACRAE    John H.    buried Aug.15,1898

MACRAE    Mary H.    buried Jan.24,1895

MACRAE    Ross    buried Dec.30,1909

MACRAE    Ross    buried Sept.1,1917   
removed to Memphis, Tennessee

MACRAE    William Stuart    born 1827   died 1916   buried Jan.2,1917
husband of Mary Amelia Macrae
MACRAE    Mary Amelia    born 1830   died 1916   buried Jan.2,1917

MADDOX    John D. Jr.    born Dec.24,1939   died Aug.5,1975

MADDOX    John Daniel Sr.    born Jan.6,1911   died Jan.15,2007
husband of Ora Harris Maddox

MADDUX    A.G.    buried Apr.3,1945

MADISON    Mrs. Lucille    buried July 23,1901

More Information MADOLE    Mrs. Margery    died Jan.22,1886

More Information MADOLL    Benjamin Franklin    Feb.5,1837 - Jan.21,1889

MAJOR    Clarence R.    buried Apr.5,1939

More Information MAJOR    Esther Rosalee    born Oct.10,1932   died Oct.20,2004
wife of Henry A. Major

MAJOR    Henry B.    buried June 4,1899

More Information MAJOR    James Thompson    Dec.16,1879 - Nov.1,1881

MAJOR    Mrs. John Major    buried June 12,1897

MAJOR    Jonathan W.    buried Dec.17,1894

MAJOR    Mattie P.    buried Jan.14,1918

More Information MAJOR    Seldon T.    born Nov.2,1859   died Nov.23,1885  age 26 years

MAJOR    Thomas P.    born 1853   died 1917   buried July 18,1917

MAJOR    William E.    buried May 14,1901

MAJOR    William Ernest    May 10,1801 - May 12,1801
infant son of W.H. & Mattie G. Major

MALLORY    Mrs. Martha    buried May 17,1906

MALLORY    Martha M. Harris    Feb.16,1838 - Aug.3,1871
wife of William B. Mallory

MANION    Nannie J. Yancey    born 1858    died 1893    buried Nov.9,1893

MANION    Ruben O.    Feb.15,1887 - Sept.8,1887
son of James Manion

MANION    Mrs. Sallie D.    buried July 24,1934

MANION    W.G.    buried Mar.22,1912

More Information MANNERS    Delmar William    born Mar.2,1926   died May 19,2007

More Information MANNING    Agnes    died June 26,1932

MANNING    Charles N.    buried Mar.2,1907

MANNING    Frankie E.    buried Aug.24,1927

MANNING    Fred H.    born Sept.21,1871   died July 26,1901
son of R. & J.M. Manning

MANNING    Howard    buried July 14,1927

MANNING    Jennien    Dec.28,1844 - Mar.12,1894
wife of Robert Manning

MANNING    infant daughter of Joe Manning
buried Sept.21,1900

MANNING    Joseph L.    buried Dec.17,1937

MANNING    Joseph R.    buried Sept.21,1929

MANNING    Mrs. Mary    buried Oct.14,1947

MANNING    Robert    buried Aug.11,1913
MANNING    Mrs. Robert    buried Apr.13,1894
MANNING    Robert Jr.    buried June 25,1915

MANNING    Robert C.    buried Aug.24,1923

MANNING    W.J.    buried Feb.12,1925

MANNING    child of William Manning    buried July 31,1895

More Information MANNING    William M.    died Feb.3,1888    age 53 years
husband of Alice Cowlishaw Manning
MANNING    Alice Cowlishaw    born July 14,1918   aged 81 years   buried July 15,1918
wife of William Manning

MANSON    Alexander Walker    born Feb.13,1853   died July 23,1916
husband of Etha Ogburn Manson
MANSON    Etha B. Ogburn    born June 16,1844   died Mar.3,1925
wife of Alexander Walker Manson

MANSON    John P.    buried Mar.8,1899

More Information MANSON    Martha Ella    age 83 years   died Aug.23,1930

MANSON    N.O.    buried Oct.20,1917

MARABLE    ????    buried Oct.11,1911

More Information MARABLE    Bessie Moore    born Dec.18,1888   died July 9,1978

MARABLE    Caroline E.    buried Mar.2,1927
removed from Jordan Springs Cemetery  same as Carol Inez Marable?

MARABLE    Elvis C.    born Feb.15,1918   died June 24,2001

MARABLE    Flora    born 1881   died 1970

MARABLE    Henry H.    born May 24,1858   died Mar.19,1913
husband of Carol Inez Marable
removed from Jordan Springs Cemetery Mar.3,1927
MARABLE    Carol Inez    born Oct.21,1854   died Mar.21,1927
wife of Henry H. Marable

MARABLE    Howard    born 1885   died 1951

MARABLE    Howard L.    born July 13,1920   died Sept.10,1989
wife of Elvis C. Marable

MARABLE    Mrs. Ida Moroney    buried May 2,1944

MARABLE    Jamie Denise    born June 7,1971   died Sept.12,1990

More Information MARABLE    John Hartwell Jr.    born Aug.28,1925   died June 24,1986
husband of Sarah G. Marable

MARABLE    John T.    born Nov.8,1840   died Dec.18,1922   buried May 24,1923 ?
husband of Missouri Ann Marable
MARABLE    Missouri    born Sept.4,1848   died Feb.6,1926
wife of John T. Marable

MARABLE    Lane    born Oct.14,1897   died Jan.28,1963

More Information MARABLE    Laura Elizabeth    born July 8,1916   died Mar.3,2004

MARABLE    Ryllis Green    born Mar.4,1898   died July 16,1981

MARABLE    T.H.    buried Nov.14,1917

MARABLE    Thomas Howard M.D.
MARABLE    Lena Lane    died Apr.20,1920   buried Apr.22,1920
wife of Thomas Howard Marable

More Information MARGRANS    Roderick Wyatt    born Mar.11,1992   died Mar.20,1992
son of Ramon Alexander & Carolyn Isbell Margrans

BORN 1834   DIED 1912   BURIED DEC.7,1912

MARKLIN    Rebecca    buried Nov.19,1895

MARKLIN    Willie H.    buried Nov.30,1892

MARKS    A.S.    buried Feb.14,1943

More Information MARLOWE    George W.    born Oct.22,1901   died Aug.12,1982
husband of Ruby Bailey Marlowe

MARLOWE    Mrs. Lou    buried May 3,1904

MARSH    Miss F.E.    buried Sept.6,1910

MARSHALL    Devonia Ann    buried Dec.1,1945

MARSHALL    Edward    buried Apr.24,1898

More Information MARSHALL    Henry William    born Oct.19,1925   died Nov.24,2004
husband of Margaret Welker Marshall

MARSHALL    J.A.    buried Dec.18,1947

MARSHALL    Jane    buried Apr.25,1913

MARSHALL    Jane    buried Dec.13,1917

MARSHALL    Myrtle    buried Apr.4,1921   
removed from city cemetery (Riverview)

MARSHALL    Thelma May    born May 31,1927   died Dec.1,2003

More Information MARSHALL    W.D.    age 63 years   died Feb.1,1932

MARSHALL    William J.    buried Mar.26,1903

More Information MARSHALL    William Wesley    born Aug.19,1896   died Oct.9,1970
husband of Erlean Board Marshall

MARSHBANKS    Louis    born Sept.1,1939   died Sept.30,2007
husband of Ann Marshbanks

MART    J.J. Sr.    born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia Feb.22,1803    died July 15,1889

MART    Richard A.    born 1834   died 1903   buried Dec.1,1903

MARTIN    Mrs. Catherine    buried Aug.16,1932

PVT. GEORGE D. MARTIN    BORN 1834   DIED 1905   buried Feb.17,1905

MARTIN    George D.    buried Jan.20,1928

MARTIN    Gus A.    buried June 1,1928

MARTIN    infant daughter of H.E. Martin    buried Mar.10,1923

More Information MARTIN    Hermoine E.    age 71 years   died May 11,1980

MARTIN    Mrs. Irby    buried Jan.15,1946

More Information MARTIN    Isobel    born May 11,1919   died Oct.10,2004

More Information MARTIN    John Flournoy    born Dec.3,1865   died Nov.16,1906

MARTIN    John R.    July 30,1930

MARTIN    Mrs. Kathleen
placed in receiving vault   buried Mar.17,1920

More Information MARTIN    Lorriane Dorothy    born June 13,1928   died Jan.28,2004

MARTIN    Miss Marion Henry    buried Nov.28,1944

MARTIN    Richard Foster    born Dec.31,1827   died Feb.18,1880

MARTIN    Sarah Lee    buried Apr.6,1907

MARTIN    Thomas F.    buried Nov.1,1910

MARTIN    Walter    buried Dec.2,1915

More Information MARTIN    William Jasper    born Aug.31,1828   died July 18,1914

MARTINEZ    Sharon Kay Newman    born May 10,1953   died Nov.12,2007
wife of Raymond Martinez

MASON    ????    buried July 30,1918

MASON    Corrine    born Apr.11,1917   died July 13,1919

More Information MASON    Ethel Jane    born Sept.5,1897   died Dec.10,1992
wife of Claude Mason

More Information MASON    Margaret    age 69 years   died Feb.27,1930

More Information MASSEY    Charles G.    May 20,1850 - Jan.30,1885   age 34 years

More Information MATHERLY    Ed    born Apr.12,1931   died May 22,2003

MATHEWS    L.S.    buried Aug.21,1926

MATTHEW    O. Earl    buried June 18,1918

MATTHEWS    Kimberly Lynne    born Feb.25,1961   died Aug.2,1961

MATTILL    Joseph C.    Sept.2,1901

More Information MATTILL    Michael    died Nov.20,1887    age 73 years

MATTOCK    infant daughter of T.J. Mattock    buried Nov.20,1904

MAUZY    Charles    born Oct.14,1860   died Apr.21,1936
husband of Abbie Smith Mauzy
MAUZY    Abbie Smith    born Nov.21,1861   died Sept.6,1926
wife of Charles Mauzy
MAUZY    child of Charles Mauzy

MAXEY    A.B.    buried Apr.22,1918

MAXEY    Lizzie    born 1874   died 1913   buried Jan.8,1913

MAXEY    Mary Virginia Bailey    born Apr.20,1846   died June 28,1916

MAY    Betty Ruth    born Sept.1,1928   died July 24,2006
wife of Heflin May

MAYES    H.T.    buried Jan.13,1909

MAYES    Willie Lee    died Mar.28,1906

MAYFIELD    Bessie    buried May 30,1916

MAYLOR    Robert    buried Oct.17,1893

More Information MAYNOR    Erwin    age 6 years    died July 1,1908

MAYS    H.T.    died Feb.13,1909   aged 55 years

McALLISTER    child of Joe McAllister    buried Sept.23,1890

McALLISTER    Ida    buried Oct.2,1890

McCABE    Mrs. Margaret    buried Mar.17,1910

McCABE    Thomas    buried Nov.8,1923

More Information McCABE    PVT. THOMAS JOSEPH McCABE    CO. A  10th TENN. INF.
BORN JULY 3,1819   DIED MAR.11,1904
husband of Margaret Connelly

More Information McCALL    Chesley Eura    born Aug.2,1925   died Mar.14,2004

McCAULEY    Dr. C.E.L.    buried Aug.15,1909
McCAULEY    infant daughter of C.E.L. & M.E.

McCAULEY    Clara C.    born 1882   died 1962

More Information McCAULEY    Elizabeth    Mar.15,1805 - Nov.30,1884

More Information McCAULEY    Estelle Baggett    born Mar.16,1914   died Aug.18,2004

G.B. McCAULEY    CO. E  50th TENN. INF. C.S.A.

McCAULEY    Mrs. G.W.    buried Sept.15,1923

McCAULEY    George J.    Jan.9,1798 - Mar.14,1867
husband of Elizabeth McCauley
McCAULEY    Elizabeth    Mar.13,1805 - Nov.30,1889
wife of George J. McCauley

McCAULEY    George W.    buried Feb.11,1918

McCAULEY    Hugh W.    born 1902   died 1915   buried Dec.16,1915

McCAULEY    Mary B.    buried Feb.23,1923

W.A. McCAULEY    CO. H  14th TENN. INF. C.S.A.

McCLAIN    ????    buried Oct.2,1911

McCLAIN    Dorothy    buried May 11,1911

McCLARY    infant of ???? McClary    buried July 22,1916

McCLEARY    infant of E.D. McCleary    buried July 9,1902

More Information McCLELLAN    Charles T.    born Feb.13,1910   died Dec.27,2002

McCLOUD    Audrey Ruth Devers    born Feb.16,1919   died Dec.26,2005
wife of J.B. McCloud

McCOLLOM    H.D.    buried Feb.12,1947

McCOLLOM    J.R.    buried Feb.20,1946

McCOLLOM    Nannie M.    buried May 20,1926

More Information McCOLLOM    Ohoma Aslee    born Apr.7,1908   died July 15,1992
wife of Robert E. McCollom

McCOMAC    Mrs. Martha Frances    buried Aug.16,1932

McCORKLE    Bobby Stewart    buried June 1,1934

McCORKLE    Mrs. Claudie    buried Jan.22,1943

McCORKLE    Earl A.    buried July 29,1941

More Information McCORKLE    Edna S.    born Aug.25,1988   died Apr.1,1980

McCORKLE    G.C.    buried Nov.9,1932

More Information McCORKLE    James Charles    age 3 years   died Sept.19,1931
son of Robert & Madge Lou Stewart McCorkle
McCORKLE    infant of Robert McCorkle
buried Apr.8,1933

McCORKLE    Jennie V.    buried June 3,1928

McCORKLE    John T.    buried Jan.10,1936

McCORKLE    T.H.    buried Nov.14,1930

McCORKLE    W. Thomas    born Sept.20,1848   died Mar.7,1907
husband of Mollie Ely McCorkle
McCORKLE    Mollie Ely    born June 28,1846   died July 20,1913
wife of W. Thomas McCorkle
McCORKLE    Douglas    Jan.18,1886 - Jan.21,1888   buried Jan.22,1886 ????
son of W. Thomas & Mollie Ely McCorkle

McCORLEY    R.G.    buried May 24,1928

McCORMAC    Lillian Pauline    buried Feb.11,1936

McCORMAC    W.D.    buried Feb.8,1933

McCORMACK    Ada    buried Mar.10,1917

More Information McCORMACK    Alice May    age 6 years   died Sept.25,1905

McCORMACK    Bill    buried May 18,1942

McCORMACK    Helen Marie    born Mar.11,1932   died Dec.24,1996

McCORMACK    J.B.    buried May 15,1942

McCORMACK    Mary F.    buried Mar.17,1926

More Information McCORMACK    Una Crayon    born Apr.16,1920   died Jan.25,1932

McCOWLEY    James J.    buried Oct.16,1924

More Information McCRAW    Emma Lou    born Oct.14,1913   died Jan.21,1992

McCRAW    infant of George McCraw
buried Nov.7,1930

McCRAW    John B.    buried July 9,1919

McCRAW    M.H.    buried July 23,1921

More Information McCRAW    Turner    born Feb.6,1900   died Dec.29,1992

McCRAW    W.A.    buried Mar.4,1924

McCROSSING    child of H.N. McCrossing    buried July 9,1899

McCUCHEON    Bernice Elizabeth    born July 3,1921   died Jan.15,1923
daughter of O.J.S. & A. McCucheon

McCULLOCH    Mrs. Cora Belle    buried Aug.2,1934

McCULLOCH    Emmitt    buried Feb.17,1944

BORN 1839   DIED 1924   BURIED DEC.13,1924
McCULLOCH    Mrs. Bettie W.    buried Aug.23,1902
McCULLOCH    Daisy    July 12,1868 - Oct.30,1879
daughter of Robert E. & Bettie W. McCulloch
McCULLOCH    Lily    Dec.17,1869 - Nov.12,1879
daughter of Robert E. & Bettie W. McCulloch

McCULLOCH    Tom    buried July 15,1892

McCULLOM    Herbert    buried Mar.27,1922
McCULLOM    Mrs. Herbert    buried Mar.31,1922

McCULLOUGH    Angela Marie Rose
born June 5,1968   died Apr.5,1995

McCURDY    George M.    Aug.3,1854 - Sept.15,1890

More Information McCURDY    Martha A.    born Oct.4,1821   died Jan.7,1903
wife of Thomas S. McCurdy
McCURDY    Dora    Feb.5,1846 - Feb.21,1855
daughter of Thomas S. & Martha A. McCurdy

McCUTCHEN    infant of J.S. McCutchen    buried Feb.18,1926

More Information McCUTCHEN    Patrick    born Jan.15,1937   died ????
husband of Lucy H. McCutchen

More Information McCUTCHEN    Pearl Williamson    born Sept.12,1909   died Mar.27,2004
wife of James M. McCutchen

McCUTCHEN    William Graydon    buried Oct.29,1941

McDANIEL    Frank    buried Oct.8,1928

McDANIEL    George    buried Nov.15,1911

McDANIEL    Dr. George W.    buried June 11,1902

McDANIEL    James    buried June 11,1902

McDANIEL    Mrs. Susan    buried Feb.13,1900

McDONALD    Kenneth    buried Nov.3,1900

McDONALD    Ramona Smith    born Aug.11,1928   died Apr.27,2007

McDOWELL    ????    buried Apr.6,1926

McELROY    Clifton W.    born Jan.8,1928   died Feb.25,1931
infant son of Jesse & Effie McElroy

McELVOR    John Banks    born Feb.17,1876   died Sept.1,1929

McELVOY    James    buried Feb.24,190

MARABLE McFALL JR.    BORN JULY 29,1908   DIED NOV.10,1967

McFALL    Nita    born May 14,1910   died Nov.27,1986

McFARLAND    child of Roger McFarland    buried Sept.13,1899

McFARLIN    Roger R.    born 1874   died 1939   buried Nov.22,1939
husband of Allie McFarlin
Woodman of the World
McFARLIN    Allie    born 1879   died 1974
wife of Roger R. McFarlin

More Information McGAVIC    Frances W.    born May 8,1912   died Apr.8,2003
wife of Elmer E. McGavic

McGAVIC    J.W.    born Aug.1,1878   died Aug.31,1961
husband of Maudie Mandia McGavic
More Information McGAVIC    Maudie Mandia    born Mar.2,1891   died Dec.19,1929
wife of J.W. McGavic

McGEHEE    ????    buried May 12,1925

McGEHEE    Albert A.    buried Aug.11,1898

McGEHEE    Archie C.    buried Mar.2,1914

McGEHEE    Belle    buried Feb.12,1920

McGEHEE    infant daughter of Bryant McGehee    buried June 14,1917

McGEHEE    Carl    buried Apr.30,1908

McGEHEE    J.W.    buried Feb.10,1908

McGEHEE    James W. Jr.    buried Feb.17,1907

McGEHEE    Martha    buried Dec.8,1902

McGEHEE    Morton M.    buried Sept.1,1918

More Information McGEHEE    Thomas Allen    age 71 years   died May 19,1927

McGEHEE    W.G.    buried Aug.23,1906

McGEHEE    Will    buried May 31,1912

McGHEE    Willie    buried Mar.18,1923

McGRAW    Noah    buried July 16,1901

McGREGOR    Allen    born Jan.11,1923   died Jan.6,2000

McGREGOR    D.C.    buried Feb.20,1915
McGREGOR    Mrs. D.C.    buried Feb.7,1925

More Information McGREGOR    Eleanor A.    age 92 years   died Feb.28,2008

McGUIRE    Jane    buried Jan.5,1896

McGUIRE    O.G.    buried Jan.3,1909

McGUIRE    Virginia    buried Apr.21,1900

McILWAIN    infant of Prof. McIlwain
buried Jan.16,1940

McJUNKIN    Beulah    buried Dec.1,1918

McKAY    Mrs. Cora    buried Oct.8,1934

McKAY    Mrs. Mary    buried July 7,1902

McKEAGE    J. Owen    buried Dec.11,1945

McKEAGE    Mrs. Maggie S.    buried Jan.5,1933

McKELLEY    Mrs. Anna H.    buried Dec.8,1935

McKELLEY    Lillie A.    born May 18,1852   died Apr.21,1917
wife of William McKelley


McKESSON    ????    buried Nov.4,1918

McKESSON    Hattie F.    buried Feb.3,1893

More Information McKINNEY    Howard Osby    born July.13,1943   died Dec.12,1992
husband of Marie Asher McKinney

McKINNON    Maggie    buried Oct.22,1896

BORN OCT.10,1915   DIED MAY 21,2004

McKOIN    John G.    died Sept.9,1896    buried Oct.3,1896
husband of Mary Jane Barker McKoin
McKOIN    Mary Jane Barker    died Apr.21,1874
wife of John G. Mckoin

McKOIN    John N.    born Dec.4,1843   died feb.8,1918
husband of Emma Sugg McKoin
McKOIN    Emma Sugg    born Jan.3,1851   died Nov.19,1918
wife of John N. McKoin

More Information McLEOD    Dr. Harry    age 86 years   died Feb.18,2008

McLEVINE    Mrs. L.B.    buried Apr.22,1934
McLEVINE    infant daughter of L.B. McLevine
buried Apr.18,1934

McMANNUS    Mary    buried June 1,1906

McMANUS    I.B.    buried Mar.25,1947

BURIED FEB.26,1899

McMULLEN    Reverend B.B.    born in South Carolina Feb.9,1807 - died 186?
husband of Ann N. McMullen
McMULLEN    Ann N.    born in Richmond, Virginia Aug.24,1818    died 188?
wife of Reverend B.B. McMullen

More Information McNAMARA    Margaret    died Apr.21,1930
wife of Joseph McNamara

McNEAL    infant son of Charles McNeal
buried July 8,1901

More Information McNEECE    Edward English    born Dec.11,1913   died June 6,2003

More Information McNICHOLS    Brandan    born Sept.11,1909   died Aug.2,1930

McNICHOLS    L.G.    buried Nov.3,1937

McNICHOLS    Mrs. Lena P.    buried Feb.6,1945

McNICHOLS    Maggie L.    born Feb.23,1915   died Sept.14,2007
wife of James Howard McNichols

More Information McPHERSON    Nenien C.    born Feb.23,1900   died Aug.16,1992

McQUAY    James Robert �Jimmy:    born Dec.30,1957   died Aug.25,1980

McREYNOLDS    Clara A.    buried Apr.3,1924

McREYNOLDS    Joseph S.    May 2,1842 - June 6,1859

McREYNOLDS    Levisa B.    June 27,1805 - Apr.23,1859
wife of Wilson O. McReynolds

McREYNOLDS    Mrs. Lizzie    buried Sept.14,1916

McREYNOLDS    Mrs. Mary    buried Jan.11,1907

McREYNOLDS    Mrs. Mary A.    buried June 30,1908

McREYNOLDS    Mary T.    buried June 12,1907

McREYNOLDS    Dr. Oliver C.    June 1,1829 - Mar.13,1860

McREYNOLDS    Robert A.    Feb.7,1836 - Dec.23,1883

McREYNOLDS    T.E.    buried Mar.12,1929

More Information McREYNOLDS    Wilson O.    Jan.16,1801 - Feb.14,1887    age 87 years
husband of Susan H. McReynolds
McREYNOLDS    Susan H.    died Aug.29,1891   age 80 years   buried Aug.30,1891
wife of Wilson O. McReynolds

More Information MEACHAM    Bernice E.    born Apr.8,1920   died Nov.13,2007

MEACHAM    Mrs. J.H.    buried Feb.18,1902

MEACHAM    James    born Feb.25,1866   died Sept.8,1936
husband of Alice Davie Meacham
MEACHAM    Alice Davie    born Aug.4,1876   died Oct.5,1955
wife of James Meacham

More Information MEACHAM    Martha R.    born May 8,1920   died Aug.3,1992

MEACHEM    W.H.    buried June 5,1929

MEACHAM    William Davie    born Nov.8,1907   died Mar.21,1990
MEACHAM    Margaret Bland    July 30,1912

MEADOR    T.B.    buried Dec.24,1936

MEDCALF    J.B.    buried Oct.13,1938

MEDCALF    James B.    born July 2,1859   died Jan.30,1934
husband of Martha Dixon Medcalf
MEDCALF    Martha Dixon    born Dec.9,1869   died Oct.9,1959
wife of James B. Medcalf

MEEK    Levi    buried Sept.30,1942

More Information MEEK    Nellie Mae    age 21 years   died Jan.10,1927
wife of R.D. Meek

MEEK    Nellie N.    buried May 10,1905

MEEK    Richard    buried Sept.7,1933

More Information MEEK    Sallie R.    born May 5,1921   died Aug.25,1992

MEEK    Mrs. Vergin    buried Nov.13,1941

MEEKS    Mrs. Lizzie Jones    buried Jan.22,1944

MELLON    Gilbert    buried Jan.11,1945

MELLON    Hooper    buried Feb.21,1920
MELLON    Mrs. Hooper    buried Mar.1,1937

MELLON    John    buried Feb.8,1921

MELLON    Martha    buried Sept.4,1925

BORN 1876   DIED 1931   BURIED MAY 16,1931

MELLON    Ola    buried Apr.7,1922
daughter of John & Martha Mellon

More Information MENENDEZ    Harry    born Apr.7,1920   died Sept.22,1992
husband of Katie Kirk Menendez
More Information MENENDEZ    Kathryn    born Sept.10,1918   died May 14,1980

More Information MERCER    James    born June 17,1945   died May 25,1945

MERCER    Preston    buried June 8,1909

MERIWETHER    Henry Tutwiler    born Jan.5,1879   died May 23,1972
husband of Clyde Whitmire Meriwether
MERIWETHER    Clyde Whitmire    born Feb.3,1890   died Mar.27,1990
wife of Henry Tutwiler Meriweather

More Information MERIWETHER    Hunter M.    age 65 years   died Dec.2,1926

More Information MERIWETHER    Dr. Joseph Charles    born July 26,1861   died Dec.19,1927

MERIWETHER    Robert Tutwiler Meriwether    born Nov.27,1874   died Aug.5,1964
husband of Ruth Mabry Meriwether
MERIWETHER    Ruth Mabry    born Sept.9,1891   died July 12,1963
wife of Robert Tutwiler Meriwether
More Information MERIWETHER    Robert T. Jr.    born Dec.2,1918   died Aug.18,2004
husband of Dorothy Roundtree Meriwether
MERIWETHER    Robert Tutwiler III    born Sept.12,1947   died June 25,2007

MERIWETHER    William Douglas M.D.
born in Albemarle County, Virginia Sept.26,1825   died Dec.17,1880

MERIWETHER    William Douglas    born Jan.1,1837   died Sept.12,1930

MERIWETHER    William Weston    died Jan.20,1928

BURIED AUG.18,1913
MERRITT    daughter of Henry Clay Merritt    buried Apr.11,1894

MERRITT    Mary C. LaPrade    Jan.19,1845 - Aug.4,1881
wife of H.C. Merritt    married Oct.30,1866
MERRITT    Mary Fisher    July 5,1869 - Sept.29,1880
daughter of H.C. & Mary C. LaPrade Merritt

MERRITT    Maude    buried Dec.11,1924

MERRITT    Mrs. Sallie    buried Oct.11,1917

MERRIWETHER    Mrs. Jennie    buried Feb.15,1904

MERRIWETHER    Martha G.    buried Sept.1,1896

More Information MERRIWETHER    Walton B.    age 4 years    died Mar.3,1898
child of Dr. Lane Merriwether

METCALFE    Beatrix �B.J.� James Jr.    born Sept.28,1920   died Apr.23,2007
husband of Minnie Thomas Metcalfe

MEYER    Kristin Carter    died May 7,1980
Infant daughter of Robert & Carolyn Carter Meyer

More Information MEYER    Otto    born Mar.31,1905   died Oct.30,1982
husband of Sarah Baggett Meyer

More Information MEYER    Robert Carl    born Mar.2,1940   died Oct.22,2004
husband of Carolyn Meyer

MICHEL    Caroline    buried Sept.7,1915

MICHEL    Frank J.    buried Nov.30,1940
MICHEL    infant son of Frank J. Michel
buried Jan.18,1902

MICHEL    Mrs. Johannetta    buried June 28,1914

MICHEL    John    buried Sept.7,1915

MICHEL    Josephine    buried Nov.24,1922

MICHEL    Louie    buried July 21,1913

MICHEL    Mary S.    buried Oct.11,1918

MICHEL    Rosie �Gipsy�    buried July 20,1908

MICHEL    William    buried Sept.7,1915

More Information MICKLE    Sallie Byde    born Nov.1,1907   died June 28,2003

More Information MIDDLESWART    Eleanor    born Mar.9,1919   died Jan.2,2003

MIDDLETON    John    buried Apr.12,1887

More Information MIDDLEWART    Eleanor L.    born Mar.9,1919   died Jan.2,3003

MILES    Henry Martin    born Dec.19,1970   died May 28,1996

More Information MILES    James K.    born Sept.5,1933   died Oct.25,2003
husband of Carolyn Wolf Miles

More Information MILLER    Alma Jane    died Nov.14,1992
wife of Otis Miller

MILLER    Mrs. Belle Keesee    buried July 16,1947

MILLER    Charles    buried Mar.17,1925

More Information MILLER    Clifford Lockert    born Oct.25,1886   died Oct.14,1961

MILLER    Clifton Martin    buried May 31,1945

MILLER    Janie P.    buried Jan.11,1918

MILLER    John S.    buried Mar.19,1898

MILLER    Julius Zoli    born July 1,1904   died Jan.7,1990

MILLER    Mary    buried Nov.12,1912

MILLER    Mrs. Robert L.    buried Sept.30,1947

More Information MILLER    Robert Lackey    born Sept.13,1891   died Jan.21,1980

More Information MILLER    Sara    died Mar.8,2005

MILLER    Tyler    buried Nov.24,1922

BORN DEC.14,1899   DIED MAR.21,1975
husband of Beatrice Jones Miller
MILLER    Beatrice Jones    born Mar.18,1909   died Sept.10,2006
wife of Walker Brandeau Miller
MILLER    infant daughter of Walker Brandeau Miller
buried Aug.24,1934

More Information MILLS    Georgie    born June 20,1914   died Feb.4,2003
wife of Billy D. Mills

MILLS    Robert    buried July 23,1933

MILLS    Miss Tennessee    buried Oct.7,1899

MILLSAPS    H.U.    buried May 24,1935

MILLSAPS    Mary Drane    buried June 9,1941

MIMMS    George D.    born Jan.16,1880   died Jan.1,1946

MIMMS    T.C.    buried May 5,1930
MIMMS    Ella E.    born Sept.7,1839   died Apr.29,1930
wife of T.C. Mimms
MIMMS    infant son of T.C. & Ella E. Mimms    buried May 5,1930
MIMMS    Maud    buried May 5,1930
EWING    Mrs. Delinia    buried May 5,1930

MIMMS    Tommie C.    born Jan.13,1858   died Dec.30,1908

MINOR    Bettie    buried Nov.7,1923

MINOR    Ethel D.    buried Apr.27,1911

MINOR    John    Mar.26,1837 - Dec.10,1887

MINOR    John    buried Mar.11,1900


MINOR    child of John Minor    buried Mar.17,1886

MINOR    Walter Scott    buried May 11,1945

MINTON    Grace    buried Aug.14,1921

MITCHELL    Armistead    buried Sept.20,1942

More Information MITCHELL    Enell    born May 18,1947   died Sept.20,2004

MITCHELL    Henry C.    buried July 9,1904
removed from receiving vault and shipped to Pembroke, Kentucky

MITCHELL    Ryman    buried Jan.14,1931

MIXON    Mrs. Christine    buried Jan.11,1936

MOBLEY    Howard G.    born Aug.6,1919   died Nov.9,2006
More Information MOBLEY    Elizabeth    born Mar.17,1919   died June 24,2004

MOBLEY    Mrs. W.H.    buried Feb.11,1937

MOODY    Samuel R.    buried Aug.10,1907
   removed to Nashville, Tennessee

MOODY    Samuel R.    buried June 1,1933

MONROE    Mrs. ????    buried Sept.25,1925

More Information MONROE    Carolyn Juanita    born Mar.2,1942   died Nov.10,2004

MONROE    John William    buried July 7,1946

MONROE    Verna    buried Dec.10,1929

MONROE    William C. �Billy�    born June 23,1858   died Mar.31,1979

MONTGOMERY    Lemuel Eggleston    born in Yazoo City, Mississippi   died June 15,1952
husband of Lillie Anderson Hayes Montgomery

MOORE    ????    buried Dec.9,1909

MOORE    Alice    buried Nov.20,1905

MOORE    infant son of Auther Jr.    buried May 20,1935

MOORE    Mrs. Carrie    buried Feb.12,1930

MOORE    Ed L.    born 1871   died 1957
husband of Annie W. Moore
MOORE    Annie W.    born 1869   died 1931   buried Nov.29,1931
wife of Ed. L. Moore
MOORE    infant son of Ed. L. Moore    buried Feb.17,1908

MOORE    George    buried July 17,1913

MOORE    Howard    buried Sept.16,1920

MOORE    J.D.    born Jan.31,1842   died Feb.2,1968

MOORE    J. Sid    buried Jan.13,1935

More Information MOORE    James Dean    born May 22,1916   died Oct.11,1992
husband of Bertha Moore
MOORE    Bertha Mae Cook    born Nov.14,1925   died July 8,2006
wife of James D. Moore

JOHN D. MOORE    CO. E  50th INF.

More Information MOORE    John W.    born June 28,1880   died June 2,1929

MOORE    Joyce D.    born Dec.5,1942   died Mar.4,2007

MOORE    L.N.    buried Mar.21,1914
MOORE    Mrs. L.N.    buried July 22,1911

MOORE    Mrs. Leona    buried Aug.26,1929

MOORE    infant son of Lester C. Moore
buried Apr.7,1933

More Information MOORE    Linda Dianne    born Jan.9,1951   died Apr.29,2004

More Information MOORE    Louise McKinnon    born Sept.20,1904   died Aug.20,1930

MOORE    Nellie    buried July 14,1893

More Information MOORE    Robert L.    born June 9,1932   died July 3,2003
husband of Mary Jane Moore

MOORE    infant son of Robert S. Moore    buried Nov.20,1905

MOORE    child of Sid Moore    buried Aug.6,1896

More Information MOORE    infant daughter of Terry K. & Sherry Chester Moore

MOORE    infant son of Thomas Moore    buried Feb.1,1913

MOORE    Mrs. Ulle VanCleve    buried Jan.22,1947

MOORE    William    buried Feb.28,1916
MOORE    infant son of William Moore
buried Jan.7,1902

MOORE    infant daughter of William B. Moore    buried Feb.9,1938

MOORE    William Henry    buried May 4,1947
More Information MOORE    Katharine J.    born Oct.23,1885   died Jan.27,1980
wife of William Henry Moore

MOORE    William S.    buried Nov.20,1905

MOORE    Winnie    buried May 18,1926

MOOREFIELD    Ed S.    buried Dec.1,1926

MOOREFIELD    H. Thomas    buried Apr.2,1928

MOOREFIELD    Robert    buried Dec.18,1918

MOOREFIELD    Mrs. Sarah C.    buried Oct.25,1903

MOOREFIELD    Thomas G.    buried Jan.13,1904

MOORELAND    Mannie    born Dec.10,1896   died June 17,1977
husband of Roberta Mooreland
MOORELAND    Roberta    born Sept.27,1898   died Dec.8,1968
wife of Mannie Moreland

MOREY    child of Mrs. Lula    buried Aug.7,1897

MORGAN    A.C.    buried July 31,1931

More Information MORGAN    Al    born Apr.4,1903   died Sept.25,1978
husband of Ida Jones Morgan
More Information MORGAN    Ida    born June 17,1910   died May 23,1985
wife of Alva Lawson Morgan

MORGAN    Charles    buried Apr.24,1940

More Information MORGAN    Georgia A.    born Apr.4,1888   died Sept.13,1984
wife of Willis Morgan

More Information MORGAN    Harry H.    age 56 years   died Apr.11,1976
husband of Janice Talton Morgan

MORGAN    infant son of J.A. Morgan    buried Nov.4,1907
MORGAN    infant daughter of J.A. Morgan    buried June 21,1909
MORGAN    infant son of J.A. Morgan    buried Jan.8,1913

More Information MORGAN    Martha Louise    born Sept.10,1935   died Feb.29,2008

More Information MORGAN    Percy    born Aug.11,1895   died Jan.17,1978
husband of Belle Chadwick Morgan
More Information MORGAN    Belle C.    born July 4,1898   died June 13,1973
wife of Percy Morgan

MORRIS    August H.    buried Apr.12,1899

More Information MORRIS    Beverly    born Nov.21,1924   died Sept.6,2005

MORRIS    infant of Charles Morris    buried Nov.3,1902

MORRIS    Herman    buried Feb.20,1920

MORRIS    Marvin Dewey Sr.    born Oct.19,1920   died Feb.18,2007
husband of Mary Lee High Morris

More Information MORRIS    Nancy Bell    born Feb.17,1925   died Nov.29,1987

More Information MORRIS    Ruby Lurlene    born Mar.13,1930   died Feb.10,2005

MORRIS    Mrs. Trixie    buried Feb.9,1940

MORRIS    Mrs. Violet    buried Apr.28,1947

More Information MORRIS    William Jeffery    born Feb.1,1958   died June 16,2004

MORRISON    C.W.    buried Sept.8,1929

MORRISON    C.W.    buried Nov.2,1940
MORRISON    Mrs. C.W.    buried May 30,1946

More Information MORRISON    Cleo Staton    born July 20,1936   died Feb.11,2004
husband of Darlene Matuszewski Morrison

MORRISON    Mrs. Dixie    buried May 6,1931

MORRISON    Mrs. Ellen Williams    buried Jan.27,1930

MORRISON    Ernest F.    born Oct.8,1919   died May 27,2007
husband of Ida Unez Morrison
More Information MORRISON    Ida Unez    born Apr.8,1923   died June 18,2005

More Information MORRISON    Ernestine    born Feb.15,1914   died Apr.4,2004

More Information MORRISON    George Roman    age 60 years   died Nov.1932
More Information MORRISON    Lillie Booth    born Apr.26,1876   died Feb.24,1938
wife of George Roman Morriosn

More Information MORRISON    Howard H.    born Sept.8,1929   died May 9,2003

MORRISON    J.H.    buried July 25,1934

MORRISON    Jerles D.    buried Aug.3,1943

MORRISON    Mrs. Lillian    buried Jan.2,1939

MORRISON    M.M.    buried July 26,1945

MORRISON    Robert    buried Jan.14,1940

MORRISON    Robert    buried Jan.24,1945

MORRISON    Samuel W.    born Aug.25,1854   died Jan.29,1923
husband of Eliza Ann Morrison
MORRISON    Eliza Ann    born Apr.18,1861   died Aug.21,1930

MORRISON    William    buried May 28,1919
MORRISON    infant of William Morrison    buried June 17,1918

MORRISON    Mrs. William D.    buried Oct.15,1932

MORROW    Mrs. Cora Hook    buried Aug.29,1945

MORROW    child of E.H. Morrow    buried Nov.18,1892
MORROW    infant of E.H. Morrow
buried July 3,1901

MORROW    Ed. H.    buried June ,1933

b MORROW    Eliza J.    buried July 2,1924

MORROW    Emmett C.    born Nov.17,1855   died Nov.19,1946
husband of Alice I. Morrow
MORROW    Alice I.    born Dec.14,1859   died Apr.0,1936
wife of Emmett C. Morrow
MORROW    infant of Emmett C Morrow    buried July 23,1892
MORROW    Emmett C Jr.    buried Aug.13,1917

MORROW    Eulacriss �Lake�    age 94 years   died July 27,2006

MORROW    Herbert Emmett    buried Feb.17,1946

MORROW    Irene Eads    born May 11,1920   died Oct.3,2007
wife of Joseph B. Morrow

MORROW    J.J.    buried Sept.16,1933

MORROW    Minnie B.    buried June 15,1906

MORROW    Mrs. R.T.    born buried Jan.4,1932

MORSE    Mrs. Kittie    buried Oct.21,1941

MORTIMER    Mrs. Mary D.    buried Feb.9,1910

MORTON    Charles M.    buried Jan.12,1912

MORTON    infant of F.R. Morton    buried Sept.2,1911

MORTON    Mrs. James    buried May 19,1918

MORTON    Mrs. Kate    buried July 9,1935

MORTON    Mary S.    buried Mar.2,1907

MORTON    Morris    buried Oct.3,1922

MORTON    Robert G.    born June 28,1869   died Apr.23,1924

MORTON    Mrs. Sarah    buried Apr.11,1912

MOSELEY    Dr. Edwin    buried Nov.29,1900
MOSELEY    Bettie G.    buried Nov.29,1900

More Information MOSELEY    Florence    born 1877   died Sept.10,1885  age 7 years  7 months

MOSELEY    James B.    buried July 15,1915

More Information MOSELEY    JAMES E. MOSELEY    CO. K  49th TENN. INF. REGT. C.S.A.
BORN 1843  7nbsp;DIED 1915

MOSELEY    James McCauley    born 1880   died 1896

MOSELEY    child of M.E. Moseley    buried Feb.27,1889

MOSELEY    Mary E.    born 1840   died 1908   buried Dec.22,1908

MOSELEY    Nannie    buried Dec.22,1900

MOSELEY    Neppie McCauley    born 1848   died 1901

MOSELEY    Mrs. Penelope    buried Jan.6,1901

MOSELEY    Robert    born 1872   died 1876

MOSELEY    Robert D.    buried Jan.10,1904

More Information MOSELEY    Rosa B.    born Mar.17,1842   died June 28,1885
wife of R.D. Moseley

MOSELY    James M.    buried Apr.18,1896

MOSS    B.K.    buried Nov.5,1945

MOSS    Daniel    buried July 8,1945

MOSS    Daniel Joseph    born July 5,1978   died Aug.22,2007
husband of Tiffany Moss

More Information MOSS    Doyle Edward    born Dec.26,1935   died Nov.4,2007

MOSS    J. Plummer    buried Feb.18,1915

MOSS    Lemoyne    buried Jan.14,1927

MOSS    Mrs. Mattie    buried Apr.28,1946

More Information MOSS    Thomas David    born Jan.1,1914   died Oct.9,2003
husband of Frances Blair Moss

More Information MOTES    Patricia Elaine    born June 15,1953   died Mar.12,2004

MOUNTJOY    Robert F.    buried Dec.26,1926

MULLINS    James Preston    born July 2,1904   died Dec.24,1935
More Information MULLINS    Numer K.    born May 15,1908   died Aug.3,2003

MULLINS    Joe M.    born Oct.6,1932   died Feb.26,1934

More Information MULLINS    Michael Christopher    born Nov.1,1966   died Oct.4,2005

MUNFORD    Amanda G.    born 1818   died 1900   buried Nov.9,1900

MUNFORD    Arthur H.    born 1849   died 1901   buried Mar.14,1901

MUNFORD    Charles L.    buried Aug.2,1899

MUNFORD    Ella    buried Nov.10,1924

MUNFORD    Irving H.    buried July 15,1937

MUNFORD    L.G.    buried Sept.22,1915

More Information MUNFORD    Lillie W.    died Mar.26,1885

MUNFORD    Louis G.    born 1854   died 1911

MUNFORD    Marion Drane
wife of Thomas Munford

MUNFORD    Nattie    buried June 12,1923

MUNFORD    T.J.    buried Feb.1,1915

MUNFORD    Thomas J. and family    erected in 1856

WILLIAM    CO. A  49th INF.

BURIED FEB.13,1907

MUNFORD    William B.    born 1810   died 1859

More Information MUNFORD    PVT. WILLIAM B. MUNFORD JR.    CO. A  49th TENN. INF. REGT.
BORN 1842   DIED NOV.31,1864

MUNFORD    William P.    born 1842    died 1884

MUNN    infant son of N.N. Munn    buried Mar.31,1914

More Information MURPHEY    Bertha P.    born Feb.23,1903   died Nov.7,1992
wife of C.R. Murphey

MURPHY    Mrs. C.E.    buried Apr.16,1940

MURPHY    Charles William �Billy�    born Feb.4,1936   died Dec.6,1936

More Information MURPHY    Frank Elliott    born Sept.9,1930   died Jan.30,1992
husband of Beth Tolleson Murphy

MURPHY    Louisa Frances Wood    born July 1,1856   died Sept.30,1932

MURPHY    R.B.    buried Dec.3,1945

MURPHY    William L.    buried Mar.17,1922

More Information MURRAY    Eleanor    born June 28,1905   died Jan.30,1992

MURREH    Mrs. Lorene    buried June 11,1935

MURTLAND    Mrs. Blanch    buried Apr.2,1928

MURTLAND    James    buried Nov.20,1923

MYERS    Andrew    buried Oct.9,1938

MYERS    George    buried Jan.13,1922

More Information MYERS    Tabbie Homer    born 1864   died July 5,1926

NAIVE    C.C.    buried Sept.30,1917

NAIVE    W.W.    buried Nov.14,1921

NARPP    Nick    buried June 21,1926

NAYBOR    Emily    buried July 13,1906

NAYLOR    Mrs. Susie    buried Jan.20,1903

NEAL    Bettie Alice    born 1931   died 1932   buried Oct.8,1932

NEAL    Lonnie    buried Nov.23,1944
More Information NEAL    Howard    born 1927   age 2 years   died July 20,1929
son of Lonnie & Merl Halliburton Neal

NEAL    Mrs. Mamie    buried Jan.26,1937

NEAL    Mary Judith �Judi�    born Sept.22,1945   died Sept.29,2006
wife of Lonnie Neal

NEAL    Robert Henry    buried Mar.4,1945

NEALEY    Joe    buried Dec.7,1936

NEBLETT    A. Erwin    July 25,1862 - Apr.21,1890
son of Peter P. & Laura A. Lowe Neblett

NEBLETT    Alfred    buried Oct.22,1903

NEBLETT    Bessie C.    buried Apr.1,1919

NEBLETT    Mrs. Boyd    buried Feb.7,1942

NEBLETT    Buford    buried Aug.11,1920

NEBLETT    Clara    born 1849   died 1919   buried Sept.30,1919

NEBLETT    Ed.    buried Mar.17,1920

NEBLETT    Mrs. Eliza    buried Feb.17,1909

DIED May 8,1939

NEBLETT    Ethel Gay    buried July 11,1898
child of E.R. Neblett

NEBLETT    George D.    buried Aug.10,1896

NEBLETT    Mrs. J.R.    buried Feb.6,1935

NEBLETT    J. Sterling    Jan.31,1833 - Oct.22,1893
husband of Sue M. Neblett
NEBLETT    Sue M.    born Aug.10,1842   died Aug.30,1918
wife of J. Sterling Neblett

NEBLETT    James R.    buried Apr.6,1925

NEBLETT    Jesse R.    buried Sept.28,1926

BORN 1839   DIED 1906   BURIED MAY 8,1906
husband of Clara S. Neblett
NEBLETT    Clara S.    wife of Jones D. Neblett
NEBLETT    Bell Keesee    Dec.10,1876 - Aug.21,1877
son of Jones D. & Clara S. Neblett
NEBLETT    George    Jan.23,1875 - Jan.25,1875
son of Jones D. & Clara S. Neblett

BORN AUG.21,1844   DIED FEB.16,1897
NEBLETT    Mary Susan    born Apr.6,1848   died Aug.29,1910
wife of John Hatcher Neblett
NEBLETT    Willie Sumner    July 24,1875 - June 10,1890
son of John Hatcher Neblett & Mary Susan Neblett

NEBLETT    child of Jonathan S. Neblett    buried Apr.6,1892
NEBLETT    Mattie    buried June 30,1898
child of John S. Neblett

NEBLETT    Joseph    buried Feb.7,1919

NEBLETT    Josiah    born Feb.3,1844   died Feb.6,1919
NEBLETT    Anna Staton    born Mar.13,1847   died Dec.10,1918
wife of Josiah Neblett


NEBLETT    Dr. L.L.    buried Dec.29,1939

NEBLETT    Mack D.    buried Jan.17,1915

NEBLETT    Marvin    buried Sept.25,1902

NEBLETT    Minor    buried Jan.23,1924

More Information NEBLETT    Minor    born 1879   died 1922
wife of W. Coulter Neblett

NEBLETT    Paul E.    buried Apr.8,1918

NEBLETT    Peter P.    born Apr.2,1828   died Apr.1,1902
husband of Laura A. Lowe Neblett
NEBLETT    Laura A. Lowe    born Jan.13,1837   died July 17,1913
wife of Peter P. Neblett

NEBLETT    R. Lemuel    born Oct.1856   died Dec.1917   buried Dec.11,1917
NEBLETT    Agatha M.    born Jan.1870   died Sept.1941   buried Sept.15,1941
wife of R. Lemuel Neblett

NEBLETT    R. Oscar    born 1846   died 1921   buried Apr.2,1921
husband of Marrietta M. Neblett
NEBLETT    Marietta M.    born 1858   died 1941   buried Sept.23,1941
wife of R. Oscar Neblett

More Information NEBLETT    Virginia Genon    born June 20,1923   died Mar.6,2003

NEBLETT    W.H.    buried June 8,1904

NEBLETT    W.H.    buried Sept.11,1944

NEEL    Ina Joan    age 75 years   died Sept.13,2006

NEELY    Toby    buried Dec.17,1941

NEILSON    David F.    born 1878   died 19?3
NEILSON    Sarah Bringhurst    born 1885   died 1974
wife of David F. Neilson

NELSON    Albert    buried Feb.18,1926

NELSON    Albert L.    buried Jan.3,1919

NELSON    Joe T �Snooks�    born Oct.23,1921   died Nov.20,2006
husband of Martha Shelton Nelson

NELSON    Sallie    buried Dec.25,1918

NELSON    Sallie    buried Feb.18,1926

NESBIET    L.C.    buried July 6,1945

NEVILLE    child of D.S. Neville    buried July 11,1890

More Information NEWBERRY    Jessie B. Erp    born Sept.11,1921   died Mar.14,2003
wife of Ernest Newberry

NEWBILL    Sallie    buried Dec.18,1918

NEWHOUSE    Henry    buried Oct.19,1925

NEWHOUSE    Henry D.    born Feb.8,1906   died Aug.6,1983
NEWHOUSE    Myrtle G.    born Feb.10,1908   died Jan.23,1987

NEWHOUSE    Mrs. Sophia    buried Jan.18,1911

NEWHOUSE    Spencer H.    born Apr.6,1882   died Feb.3,1949
NEWHOUSE    Minnie B.    born June 29,1885   died Dec.28,1952

NICOLASSEN    ??bert    born Jan.11,1894   died Oct.15,1895   buried Mar.13,1904 ???
son of G.F. & E.T. Nicolassen
NICOLASSEN    Junia    born July 17,1905   died July 21,1906
daughter of G.F. & E.T. Nicolassen

NICOLASSEN    child of Dr. C.F. Nicolassen    buried Oct.16,1895

NICHOLS    C.R.    buried July 27,1936

More Information NICHOLS    Charles Reuben III    born Aug.20,1936   died Sept.10,2004
husband of Linda Nichols

NICHOLS    Mrs. Cordelia    buried Mar.20,1928

NICHOLS    Georgiana    buried Oct.9,1941

NICHOLS    Herbert    buried July 6,1928

NICHOLS    Mrs. J.W.    buried Nov.6,1917

NICHOLS    John William    born Dec.13,1849   died Nov.28,1940

More Information NICHOLS    Loretta Darnell    born Sept.22,1895   died Mar.19,1992
Wife of Tom B. Nichols

NICHOLS    Mary F.    buried Dec.24,1918

More Information NICHOLS    Maurice E.    born Oct.2,1911   died Jan.7,2003

NICHOLS    R.L.    buried Oct.13,1937

More Information NICHOLS    Ross    Nov.29,1897

NICHOLS    S.B.    buried Dec.24,1918
NICHOLS    Mrs. S.B.    buried Feb.10,1944

NICHOLS    Susie    buried May 20,1921

NICHOLSON    Ernest E.    born 1905   died 1960
husband of Nettie R. Nicholson
NICHOLSON    Nettie R.    born 1904   died 1987
NICHOLSON    Catherine    born Nov.20,1925   died Feb.16,1926
twin daughter of Ernest E. & Nettie R. Nicholson
NICHOLSON    Georgie Kathleen    born Nov.20,1925   died Feb.16,1926
twin daughter of Ernest E. & Nettie R. Nicholson
NICHOLSON    infant daughter of Ernest E. Nicholson    buried Nov.21,1925

NICHOLSON    Earnest Darrell    buried Apr.28,1947

NICHOLSON    Wendell C.    born Aug.4,1937   died Aug.19,2006
husband of Virginia Key Nicholson

NIKOLS    Wanda    buried Apr.5,1935

NIMMO    Urin Jerome    born Aug.12,1858   died May 9,1904

NIPPER    Dolye F.    1960 - 1980
Lona Slusher    1908 - 1980

NOLAN    Carl    born 1889   died 1972
husband of L. Elizabeth Nolan
NOLAN    L. Elizabeth    born 1889   died 1905

NOLEN    Eva R.    born Jan.16,1904   died Jan.19,1995

NOLEN    Frances    buried Oct.2,1920

NOLEN    Mrs. Iromia    buried Jan.10,1929

NOLEN    L.C.    buried June 16,1921

NOLEN    Mattie    buried July 3,1923

NOLEN    Richard    buried Mar.5,1938

More Information NOLIN    Jonathan Tubbs    born 1821   died 1877
husband of Margaret Jane Broddus

NOLIN    Margaret Jane Broddus    born Oct.10,1831   died June 7,1879
wife of Dr. Jonathan T. Nolin

NOLIN    Phillip    buried May 8,1945

More Information NORDEN    Elston O.    born Sept.15,1925   died Jan.15,2004
husband of Jean Parker Norden

More Information NORFLEET    Gus    born ????   died ????

More Information NORFLEET    Gus George    born Aug.5,1913   died July 22,2004

More Information NORFLEET    Maggie Outlaw    born Oct.5,1879   died 1966
wife of M.P. Norfleet

NORFLEET    Robert Philip Jr.    buried June 21,1945

More Information NORMAN    Fred Thomas    born Feb.25,1948   died Sept.15,2003

NORRIS    Gilda M.    born Feb.22,1930   died Dec.31,2007
wife of Joe H. Norris

NORRIS    Mrs. T.P.    buried Sept.14,1928

NORTHCUTT    Richard Thomas    born Nov.14,1977   died Nov.25,1977

NORTHERN    Allen Edward    buried Feb.9,1947

NORTHINGTON    Charles W.    buried Mar.24,1910

NORTHINGTON    Edward Walton    buried Apr.18,1946

NORTHINGTON    Mrs. Elizabeth    buried Feb.23,1929

NORTHINGTON    Evelyn    buried Nov.1,1915

NORTHINGTON    Gerald    buried May 20,1916

NORTHINGTON    James L.    buried Sept.9,1942
NORTHINGTON    Mrs. James L.    buried Jan. 13,1942
NORTHINGTON    infant son of James L. Northington
buried July 15,1899

NORTHINGTON    John    buried Dec.17,1902

NORTHINGTON    John W.    born 1837   died 1921   buried July 8,1921
husband of Margaret Northington
NORTHINGTON    Margaret    born 1840   died 1918   buried Oct.23,1918
wife of John W. Northington

NORTHINGTON    M.C.    buried Feb.3,1913

NORTHINGTON    Mrs. Nannie    buried Nov.30,1915

NORTHINGTON    Mrs. N.D.    buried Apr.15,1935
NORTHINGTON    infant of N.D. Northington    buried July 23,1892
NORTHINGTON    child of N.D. Northington    buried Jan.11,1894

NORTHINGTON    Dr. N.L.    buried Jan.2,1901

NORTHINGTON    Nannie L.    buried Nov.13,1932

NORTHINGTON    Sam H.    buried Mar.30,1929

More Information NORTHINGTON    Samuel H.    Nov.8,1814 - Oct.18,1893
NORTHINGTON    Mary L. Carr    June 20,1828 - June 6,1855
first wife of Samuel H. Northington
More Information NORTHINGTON    Ellen    Apr.4,1833 - Dec.9,1885

NORTHINGTON    Thad Y. Sr.    born Mar.1,1903   died Mar.8,1995
NORTHINGTON    Thad Y. �Teddy� Jr.    born 1932   died 1937   buried Mar.6,1937

NORTHINGTON    Walton    born Feb.18,1871   died Mar.5,1903
husband of Annie Young Northington
NORTHINGTON    Annie Young    born Aug.19,1875   died Dec.14,1941
wife of Walton Northington

NORTHINGTON    Watkins Sr.    born Dec.17,1872   died Nov.3,1934

NORTHINGTON    William    born 1863   died 1897   buried Jan.16,1897
son of John W. & Margaret Northington

born in Switzerland Nov.16,1900   died Nov.26,1964
husband of Ana S. Nussbaumer
born in Switzerland Nov.2,1911   died Nov.1,1968
wife of Japhet Nussbaumer

O�BRIEN    Annie

O�BRIEN    Mrs. Blanche    buried Jan.15,1899

O�BRIEN    Mrs. Fannie    buried Oct.10,1898

More Information O�BRIEN    James Glen    born Dec.18,1930   died Apr.22,1980
husband of Cauline Finney O�Brien

O�CALLAHAN    Mary M.    born 1847   died 1915

More Information O�DONNELL    Lula    age 83 years   died Apr.1,1926

O�NEAL    Edna Louise    buried Mar.9,1915

O�NEAL    Elsie E.    buried June 9,1904

O�NEAL    J.P.    buried Mar.3,1908

O�NEAL    James K.    buried Dec.4,1918

O�NEAL    James Robert    born 1911   died 1919

O�NEAL    Mabel    buried Aug.23,1901

O�NEAL    Mary E.    buried Mar.9,1920

O�NEAL    Dr. Oliver J.    buried Nov.17,1942

O�NEAL    Ruby    buried Apr.28,1913

O�ROURKE    Mrs. J.    buried Dec.12,1919

O�ROURKE    James    buried July 17,1920

More Information OAKES    Larry Elton    born Sept.11,1938   died Apr.18,2003
husband of Edith Carter Oakes

OAKLEY    Bennie    buried Aug.4,1941

OAKLEY    C. Maxey    born May 17,1938   died Dec.1,2005

OAKLEY    Clarence W.    buried May 17,1934

OAKLEY    James H.    buried May 19,1899
OAKLEY    child of James H. Oakley    buried May 24,1899

OAKLEY    Mrs. Sarah    buried July 22,1932

OAKLEY    W.R.    buried Feb.15,1909
OAKLEY    Mrs. W.R.    buried Nov.4,1936

OAKLEY    Will    died Dec.28,1929

OGLES    Evelyn Lee    born May 30,1916   died Feb.19,2006
wife of Otis R. Ogles

OGLESBY    Mrs. Harrett    buried Mar.24,1936

OGLESBY    J.E.    buried Sept.7,1932

More Information OGG    R.F.    born Oct.4,1868   died Dec.20,1929
OGG    Mrs. R.F.    buried Apr.17,1939

OLDHAM    Billy Joe    born Oct.2,1936   died Mar.16,2007
husband of Joyce Baggett Oldham

OLDHAM    Howard R.    born Nov.18,1915   died July 7,1916

OLDHAM    James R.    born 1856   died 1934   buried Aug.2,1934
husband of Alma Gold Oldham
OLDHAM    Alma Gold    born 1859   died 1943   buried Feb.26,1943
wife of James R. Oldham

OLDHAM    Louise    May 12,190

OLDHAM    Sara Gold    born 1881   died 1917   buried Oct.13,1917

OLIVER    H.C.    buried Nov.30,1936
OLIVER    Mrs. H.C.    buried May 18,1938

OLIVER    Norman    buried Sept.25,1921

OLMSTEAD    Robin    buried June 6,1897

A. GREGG OLSON    BORN NOV.4,1890   DIED JAN.29,1967
husband of Louise Hall Olson
OLSON    Louise Hall    born 1885   died 1942   buried May 15,1942
wife of A. Gregg Olson

OLSON    Louise Gill    born July 15,1891   died Feb.13,1951

ONEAL    John W.    buried Dec.31,1937

More Information OPPEHEIMER    Clarence Lee    died Oct.11,1885   age 2 years

ORGAIN    Edgar    born 1860   died 1946   buried June 20,1946
husband of Annie Lyle Orgain
ORGAIN    Annie Lyle    born 1867   died 1921   buried May 19,1921
wife of Edgar Orgain

ORGAIN    Herbert    buried Aug.6,1932

ORGAIN    Jangusta    buried Oct.21,1932
    removed from country

ORGAIN    W. Leroy    buried Oct.21,1932
    removed from country

ORGAIN    Wesley    buried Oct.21,1932    
removed from country

ORR    R.E. D.Ph.    born June 18,1914   died Nov.26,2005

ORRELL    Herbert L.    buried July 15,1903

ORRELL    Hugh    buried Mar.21,1931

More Information ORRELL    J.R.    died Apr.21,1885    age 75 years

ORRELL    Lee T.    buried Feb.2,1944

ORRELL    Leland    buried May 10,1923
ORRELL    Leland Jr.    buried May 2,1905

ORRELL    Mrs. Lou    buried May 25,1900

ORRELL    Mrs. M. Elizabeth    buried Mar.5,1914

ORRELL    Nancy    buried Apr.20,1889

ORRELL    Olive E.    buried May 8,1923

ORRELL    Miss R.    buried Nov.26,1884

ORRELL    Rebecca L.    buried Dec.22,1896

ORRELL    Miss Ruth M.    buried June 13,1899

ORRELL    T.D.    buried Oct.18,1909

ORRELL    W.M.    buried Nov.25,1923

ORRELL    Mrs. W.T.    buried June 22,1912
ORRELL    child of W.T. Orrell    buried Jan.7,1896

ORRELL    William A.    buried Jan.20,1900

ORRELL    William T.    buried Mar.30,1924

More Information ORTIZ    Julio    born 1920   died Dec.28,2002

More Information OSBORNE    Clyde Quentin Jr.    born Mar.4,1945   died June 15,2004

OSBORNE    child of G.T. Osborne    buried Oct.5,1890

OSBORNE    George T.    buried Feb.6,1924

OSBORNE    Ida F.    buried Nov.12,1927

More Information OTTEN    Dale Allie    born June 19,1930   died June 3,2003

OUTLAW    infant of G.E. Outlaw    buried June 3,1893

More Information OUTLAW    Janie Agnes    born June 15,1889   died July 23,1975

BORN JULY ,1891    DIED JULY 14,1942

More Information OUTLAW    Marion    age 49 years   died Aug.12,1908
wife of Gordon Outlaw

OUTLAW    Robert G.    buried Dec.18,1896

More Information OVERBEY    H. Donald    born Nov.15,1926   died Sept.18,1992

OWEN    child of B.H. Owen    buried Mar.14,1894

OWEN    B.W.    buried Dec.9,1931

OWEN    D.S.    buried Mar.31,1947

OWEN    Edward Bryan    born 1898   died 1981
husband of Laura Howard Owen
OWEN    Laura Howard    born 1904   died 1996
wife of Edward Bryan Owen

OWEN    Fred    buried Dec.27,1945

OWEN    Howard    buried Feb.19,1907

BORN APR.9,1908   DIED SEPT.1974

OWEN    infant daughter of John D. Owen    buried Oct.19,1909

OWEN    Vallie    born Feb.18,1912   died Nov.10,1912

OWENS    Mrs. B.W.    buried Feb.20,1925

OWENS    Robert    buried June 17,1913

PACE    Mrs. Mary H.    buried Apr.9,1944

PAGE    Ada    buried June 29,1923

PAGE    Bertha    died June 11,1906
child of Irwin Page

BURIED MAY 17,1918

PAGE    Carl E.    buried Apr.23,1933

PAGE    Eugene    buried Feb.4,1919

PAGE    Mrs. Jesse E.    buried May 27,1909

More Information PAGE    Mrs. John D.    age 40 years    died Mar.1,1898

PAGE    Louise    buried June 20,1913

PAGE    Lucille    buried Feb.25,1915

PAGE    M.E.    buried Apr.4,1938

PAGE    M.I.    buried June 4,1916
PAGE    Mrs. M.I.    buried Nov.6,1907

PAGE    Mrs. R.B.    buried Mar.9,1919

PAGE    Rhoberta    age 22 years   died Dec.20,1905
wife of M.E. Page

PAGE    Robert S.    buried June 28,1907

PAGE    Ruth    buried July 17,1893

PAGE    Tobiatha    buried July 21,1918

PAGE    Vernon    buried May 2,1935

PAGE    W.T.    buried June 23,1933

PAINE    Mrs. Mirriah Nick    buried Sept.21,1935

PAK    Hangun    born Apr.15,1921   died June 10,2006
wife of Hyosang Pak

PALMORE    Emma Mai Cornell    age 90 years   died June 13,2006
wife of Bernard H. Palmore

PANCHER    Harriet    born buried Nov.15,1918

PANCHER    Nelver    buried Oct.24,1919

PARCHMAN    ????    buried July 19,1919

More Information PARCHMAN    Leona H.    age 95 years   died Feb.18,2008

PARCHMAN    N.R.    buried Mar.18,1929

PARDUE    Edmond Turnley    buried Jan.14,1943

PARDUE    Evelyn R.    buried May 4,1923

More Information PARDUE    GEORGE M.    MAY 4,1822 - APR.5,1892
CO. G 42nd  TENN. INF. C.S.A.
PARDUE    Elizabeth B. Hinton    Sept.25,1826 - Apr.7,1900
wife of Dr. George M. Pardue
PARDUE    infant of Howard & Elizabeth Pardue
buried July 6,1941

More Information PARDUE    Robert E.    born Sept.28,1930   died Jan.15,1980
husband of Barbara Hall Pardue

PARDUE    Samuel Hollis    buried June 10,1936

PARDUE    child of Will Pardue    buried Jan.28,1890

PARDUE    Willie    buried Aug.21,1890
PARDUE    child of Willie Pardue    buried Sept.22,1890

PARHAM    Mrs. Emma Lockert    buried Sept.9,1942

PARHAM    L.R.    buried Dec.12,1923

More Information PARHAM    Mae    age 70 years   Feb.10,1927
wife of James R. Parham

More Information PARHAM    R.L.    age 69 years   died June 28,1932

PARKER    Cora A.    born 1861   died 1948

PARKER    Elize    buried Oct.31,1945

PARKER    Hyang N.    born Aug.15,1956   died May 17,1996

PARKER    Jennie W.    buried Aug.18,1911

PARKER    John    buried Nov.26,1911

PARKER    Mrs. Mary Fannie    buried Sept.17,1932

PARKER    Mrs. Nettie    buried May 29,1911

PARKER    Rolfe    born Mar.12,1880   died Aug.26,1933
PARKER    Clara Hooten    born Feb.14,1887   died Mar.4,1921
wife of Ralfe �Rolfe� Parker

PARLIN    James    buried Mar.27,1891

PARLIN    Mark    buried May 24,1893

PARRISH    Charles D.    born in Virginia 1811    died June 17,1863

PARRISH    Jane Darney    died Feb.9,1881
wife of James S. Parrish

PARTENNA    Laura Anne    buried Oct.31,1945

PATCH    A.H.    placed in receiving vault Feb.1,1909   buried Mar.11,1909

PATCH    B.A.    buried May 25,1943

PATCH    George M.    born 1862   died 1944   buried Sept.2,1944
husband of Mary Meriwether Patch
PATCH    Mary Meriwether    born 1865   died 1944   buried Dec.5,1944
wife of George M. Patch

PATCH    Sarah M.    buried Nov.12,1917

PATRICK    Emily A.    buried Mar.11,1926

PATRICK    W.C.    buried Oct.8,1935

PATTERSON    Martha    buried July 19,1909

PATTERSON    Martha Haskins    born Jan.4,1856   died Apr.20,1932
wife of S.F. Patterson

PATTERSON    Newt    buried Sept.5,1921

PATTERSON    R. Frank    born 1875   died 1922   buried Mar.16,1922
husband of Lillie Patterson
PATTERSON    Lillie    born 1876   died 1958
wife of R. Frank Patterson

PATTERSON    Samuel F.    born June 24,1861   died Sept.8,1926
husband of Ella Lee Patterson
PATTERSON    Ella Lee    born June 18,1856   died July 2,1917
wife of Samuel F. Patterson

PATTON    Mrs. Lizzie E.    buried Aug.6,1899

PAYNE    Mrs. Annie    buried Dec.11,1926

PAYNE    daughter of Eugene Payne    buried Mar.23,1919

PAYNE    Eugene D.    buried July 5,1939
PAYNE    Mrs. Eugene D.    buried June 24,1942
PAYNE    Albert Randolph    age 12 years   died Sept.23,1927
son of Eugene D. & Mary Ellen Ferrell Payne

PAYNE    Greenfield    buried Sept.23,1944

PAYNE    Mrs. M.E.    buried Dec.12,1926

PEACHER    Mrs. Anna Lee    buried May 10,1946

PEACHER    Cornelius E.    Dec.7,1832 - Dec.1,1877
husband of Isabella H. Peacher
PEACHER    Isabella H.    born Sept.5,1830   died June 13,1911
wife of Cornelius E. Peacher

PEACHER    Ed.    buried Oct.12,1912

PEACHER    James B.    buried Oct.18,1942

PEACHER    John G.    June 16,1839 - Mar.22,1883

PEACHER    M.F.    buried Mar.21,1919

PEACHER    Mack    buried Feb.17,1913

PEACHER    Mrs. Nannie    buried Dec.9,1918

PEACHER    Ottie L.    born Feb.6,1884   died May 23,1951
husband of Goldie B. Peacher
PEACHER    Goldie B.    born Mar.18,1891   died Feb.16,1976
wife of Ottie L. Peacher

PEACHER    Peter    husband of Sarah W. Peacher
born in Orange County Virginia Oct.16,1802  died Dec.28,1872
PEACHER    Sarah W.    Jan.24,1811 - June 21,1883
wife of Peter Peacher
PEACHER    Mason    died Sept.1837
son of Peter & Sarah W. Peacher
PEACHER    Peter    Jan.27,1838 - Apr.15,1838
son of Peter & Sarah W. Peacher
PEACHER    Coleman W.    Feb.15,1840 - Sept.4,1841
son of Peter & Sarah W. Peacher
PEACHER    George W.    June 1842 - Nov.1843
son of Peter & Sarah W. Peacher
PEACHER    Gustavus    Aug.7,1847 - June 24,1848
son of Peter & Sarah W. Peacher
PEACHER    infant    born & died June 9,1849
infant daughter of Peter & Sarah W. Peacher
PEACHER    infant    born & died Dec.4,1852
infant of Peter & Sarah W. Peacher

PEACHER    Robert Lee    born 1870   died 1936   buried Sept.14,1936
husband of Luvena May Ford Peacher
PEACHER    Luvena May Ford    born 1897   died 1925   buried May 11,1925
wife of Robert Lee Peacher

PEACHER    Mrs. Sarah    buried Sept.5,1931

PEACHER    W.W.    buried Aug.7,1907

PEARSALL    infant daughter of Dr. S.H. Pearsall
buried May 31,1945

PEARSHALL    Samuel Haff    born Dec.28,1884   died Jan.19,1858
husband of Susie Claire Miller Pearshall
PEARSHALL    Susie Claire Miller    born Sept.22,1896   died Sept.29,1990
wife of Samuel Haff Pearshall
PEARSHALL    infant    died Oct.13,1921
infant daughter of Sammuel Haff & Susie Claire Miller Pearshall

PEAY    Austin    buried Oct.5,1927

More Information PEAY    Austin IV    born June 1,1876   died Oct.2,1927
husband of Sallie Hurst Peay
PEAY    Sallie Hurst    born Nov.21,1876   died Oct.21,1953
wife of Austin Peay IV

PEAY    Austin V    born July 11,1901   died Mar.23,1949

BORN MAY 13,1918   DIED DEC.22,2006
husband of Jean Dougherty Pencak

PENNEBAKER    Leander Aquilla    born Sept.13,1868   died Sept.24,1929

More Information PENNINGTON    Glenda Lou    born Dec.2,1942   died Sept.1,2004

More Information PENNINGTON    Hattie Kathleen    born Apr.25,1929   died May 10,2005
wife of Ralph Wendell Pennington

PERKINS    F. Richard    buried June 27,1942

PERKINS    Frank A.    buried Jan.3,1927

PERKINS    Mrs. G.G.    buried June 17,1925

PERKINS    George C.    buried July 10,1937

PERKINS    J.L.    buried Aug.29,1944

More Information PERKINS    James Norman    born Sept.12,1915   died Aug.6,1992
husband of Mable Robinson Perkins

PERKINS    Jessie L.    buried Dec.29,1941

PERKINS    Walter G.    buried Jan.31,1913

PERMAN    Mrs. Ethel    buried Feb.13,1928

PERRY    infant son of H.M. Perry    buried Dec.3,1906
More Information PERRY    Hope Gracey    born Aug.26,1886   died June 25,1931
wife of H.M. Perry

More Information PERRY    Jesse Franklin    born June 5,1897   died Jan.2,1980
husband of Georgia Floyd Gupton Perry

More Information PERRY    Lois Patricia    age 79 years   died Oct.21,2005

More Information PERRY    Ruth Hagewood    born Feb.4,1909   died Feb.4,2003


PETERSON    Charles R.    buried Feb.4,1911

More Information PETERSON    Fannie    born Feb.2,1930   died Sept.4,1930

PETERSON    J. Burnes    buried July 19,1900

More Information PETERSON    James Bryant    born Nov.16,1870   died Dec.8,1931

PETERSON    Joseph    buried Nov.2,1895

PETERSON    Kate    buried Feb.3,1893

PETTUS    Ed. H.    buried Apr.25,1922

More Information PETTUS    Edith    age 53 years   died Feb.10,1928
wife of H.D. Pettus

PETTUS    Howard Douglas    buried Dec.5,1947

PETTUS    John H.    buried Mar.24,1900

PETTUS    Mrs. Lizzie D.    buried June 27,1944

PETTUS    Thomas R.    June 15,1818 - July 6,1875
husband of Martha Alice Pettus
PETTUS    Martha Alice    Nov.19,1819 - Sept.14,1870
wife of Thomas R. Pettus

PETTUS    Mrs. Mattie    buried Jan.13,1900

BORN OCT.15,1846    DIED NOV.22,1889

PETTUS    Thomas    buried Sept.21,1936

PETTY    G.A.    buried Mar.16,1926

PHELPS    Clara    buried Aug.6,1902

PHILLIPS    Charlie    buried July 29,1890

PHILLIPS    Ermie Carolyn    born June 24,1932   died Jan.10,2006

More Information PHILLIPS    James Harris Jr.    born Nov.2,1923   died Apr.20,2004
husband of Margaret Phillips

PHILLIPS    Mrs. Ollie    buried Nov.30,1936

PHILLIPS    Mrs. R.G.    buried Sept.5,1913

PHILLIPS    Sarah E.    born Mar.7,1889   died Sept.3,1910
daughter of G.E. & Sarah E. Phillips

PHILLIPS    W.J.    buried Jan.17,1924
PHILLIPS    Mrs. W.J. Phillips    buried Apr.6,1906
PHILLIPS    child of W.J. Phillips    buried June 6,1886

PHIPPS    A.M.    buried May 1,1938

PHIPPS    infant son of Alex Phipps    buried May 31,1938

PHIPPS    Mrs. Almeda    buried Nov.11,1911

PHIPPS    James L.    buried Dec.1,1903

PHIPPS    Jonathan    buried Aug.9,1890

PHIPPS    Mrs. Lena Foster    buried Mar.15,1942

PHIPPS    infant daughter of Sim Phipps
age 13 days   died Sept.23,1905

PHIPPS    T. Sim    buried Apr.13,1928

PICKERING    George H.    buried Mar.28,1946

PICKERING    Harry    buried Feb.28,1937

PICKERING    Jesse G.    buried Dec.5,1926

PICKERING    Lee    buried June 19,1929

PICKERING    Mrs. Lee E.    buried Oct.4,1940

PICKERING    Lillie W.    buried Dec.15,1926

PICKERING    Lizzie W.    buried Nov.4,1931

PICKERING    Mrs. Pearl    buried July 17,1945

PICKERING    R.G.    buried Jan.8,1921

PICKERING    R.H.    buried June 13,1915
PICKERING    Mrs. R.H.    buried Feb.8,1922

PIEDMONT    child of Piedmont    buried July 10,1894

PITMAN    M.C.    born 1827   died 1916   buried Mar.20,1916
husband of Eleanor Shelby Ely Pitman
PITMAN    Eleanor �Ellen� Shelby Ely    born 1831   died 1910   buried Jan.8,1910
wife of M.C. Pitman

PITT    Tennie    buried Sept.3,1920

PITTS    Mrs. Bessie    buried Mar.27,1915

PITTS    John S.    buried Oct.10,1918

PLUMMER    Mrs. C.B.    buried Dec.11,1928

POINDEXTER    ????    Mar.23,1889 - July 19,1891

POINDEXTER    Mrs. Kate    buried May 31,1930

POINDEXTER    May    buried Jan.30,1889

POINDEXTER    child of R.A. Poindexter    buried July 4,1889
Lawson Keesee Poindexter??

POINDEXTER    Mrs. W.L.    buried Oct.8,1934

POINDEXTER    W.S.    buried Jan.26,1890
POINDEXTER    child of W.S. Poindexter    buried July 20,1890

POLK    T.B.    July 8,1827 - May 15,1896
husband of Abbie E. Long Polk
POLK    Abbie E. Long    Sept.16,1827 - Jan.24,1886
wife of T.B. Polk
More Information POLK    James L.    born Dec.18,1850   died Sept.23,1887    age 35 years

POLLARD    Reverend Charles R.    born Sept.28,1864   died May 4,1953
husband of Lula Hood Pollard
POLLARD    Lula Hood    born Feb.18,1875   died Sept.19,1955
wife of Reverend Charles R. Pollard

More Information POLLARD    LIEUT. JAMES WILSON POLLARD    CO. B  15th KY. INF. C.S.A.
BORN JUNE 18,1845   DIED JAN.8,1929
More Information POLLARD    Elizabeth Whitfield    age 77 years   died Aug.17,1926
wife of James Wilson Pollard

More Information POLLARD    John (James?) A.    born Sept.13,1874   died Nov.4,1926
husband of Ruby B. Pollard

POLLARD    Ruby B.    born Oct.4,1875   died Nov.27,1954
wife of James A. Pollard

POLLOCK    Mary    buried Jan.28,1920

POLLOCK    Montgomery    Dec.1,1836 - Nov.18,1878

POMEROY    Charles C.    buried May 18,1947

BORN JUNE 24,1969   DIED JUNE 28,2005
husband of Leslie Ponder

POOLE    Mrs. Anna    buried Nov.14,1897

POOLE    Mrs. Ida    buried July 19,1939

POOLE    Leon    buried Jan.18,1905

POOLE    Leon    buried Nov.9,1927

POOLE    Richard    buried May 2,1923

PORTER    Hester    buried Mar.19,1922

PORTER    M.S.    buried June 30,1929
PORTER    Mrs. M.S.    buried Jan.10,1935

PORTER    Martin L.    buried Sept.5,1916

PORTER    Mary Irwin    buried Jan.8,1941

PORTER    Sussie    buried July 29,1917

POSEY    Geneva    born Sept.17,1915   died Jan.3,1918
daughter of J.M. & Ethel Posey

POSEY    infant son of James Posey    buried Aug.15,1917

POSEY    John    born Apr.5,1853   died Apr.9,1922
husband of Martha B. Posey
POSEY    Martha B.    born Oct.13,1861   died Mar.14,1931
wife of John Posey
POSEY    child of John Posey    buried Oct.27,1895

POSEY    John M.    buried Dec.16,1931

POSEY    Joseph    buried July 29,1921

POSEY    Mrs. Mattie R.    buried Mar.8,1944

POSEY    Richard L. �Sonny�    born Nov.27,1892   died May 12,1968

POSEY    Samantha    buried Nov.27,1933

POSEY    W.L.    buried May 30,1943
POSEY    infant daughter of W.L. �Buck� Posey
age 3 months   died Mar.8,1906

POSEY    Weaver David    born Aug.17,1886   died Feb.5,1962
husband of Irene Romaine Posey
More Information POSEY    Irene Romaine    born Aug.20,1892   died Dec.31,1979
wife of Weaver David Posey

POTTER    Mrs. Susie    buried Aug.4,1941

POTTS    Anna M.    buried Dec.29,1924

POTTS    Fannie J.    buried Sept.4,1919

POWELL    Caroline T.    born 1877   died 1996

POWELL    Elisha Davis    born 1848   died Apr.21,1930
husband of (1) Iantha Acree Powell (2) Lucy Clarke Powell

POWELL    infant son of F.S. Powell    buried Apr.8,1928

POWELL    Ina Harris    buried July 11,1946

POWELL    Lorene    buried Oct.15,1918

POWELL    Nat D.    age 57 years   died July 25,1908

POWELL    W.J.    born Dec.3,1849   died Mar.29,1920
husband of Mary Nancy Powell
More Information POWELL    Mary Nancy    born Sept.12,1852   died Nov.8,1925
wife of W.J. Powell

POWELL    William    age 62 years   died July 19,1908

POWER    A.R.    buried Mar.17,1928

POWER    Samuel D.    born June 8,1849   died Apr.24,1924
husband of Willie Parham Power
POWER    Willie Parham    born 1859   died 1944   buried Feb.28,1944
wife of Samuel D. Power

POWER    Mrs. Tennie    buried Mar.17,1928

POWERS    Mrs. A.L.    buried Dec.22,1900

POWERS    A.O.    buried Mar.28,1946

More Information POWERS    Addie    born Oct.17,1880   died July 20,1970
More Information POWERS    Sue M.    born Mar.28,1878   died Aug.20,1970

More Information POWERS    Belinda    born June 4,1973   died Apr.15,2005

More Information POWERS    Betty Ruth    born Dec.9,1935   died Feb.7,2005
wife of Claude Wendell Powers

POWERS    Boyd    buried Sept.23,1946

POWERS    C.L.    buried Aug.21,1922

More Information POWERS    Carl Liberty    born Oct.10,1911   died Dec.27,1986
husband of Margaret Poyner Powers

More Information POWERS    Claude    born July 4,1913   died Nov.4,1987
husband of Lucille Shearon Powers

POWERS    Edwin Hughes    born Oct.22,1905   died Apr.17,1983
husband of Maude Chester Powers
POWERS    Maude Chester    born Sept.11,1917   died Apr.19,1994
wife of Edwin Hughes Powers

POWERS    Hilliard    buried May 7,1920

POWERS    J.R.    buried July 27,1915

More Information POWERS    James Edward    born Aug.7,1905   died June 25,1992

More Information POWERS    LaUna    born June 6,1891   died Oct.6,1970
wife of Edward T. Powers

More Information POWERS    Leslie Jennings    born Sept.4,1908   died Dec.12,1983
husband of Louise Hickman Powers

More Information POWERS    Reverend Mastin Crofford    age 87 years   died Feb.27,1971
husband of (1) Athea Green Powers (2) Jessie Atkins Powers

More Information POWERS    Sallie    died Jan.21,1932

POWERS    Susan    buried Feb.3,1916

POWERS    Talmadge    buried June 12,1921

More Information POWERS    Tyna Claude    born July 4,1913   died Nov.4,1981
husband of Annie Lucille Shearon

PRESSLER    A.J. �FID�    born Aug.1,1900   died Oct.13,1982

PRESSLER    Emma S.    born Oct.11,1910   died Jan.5,2000

More Information PRESSLER    Janie Marie    born July 19,1917   died Jan.16,1992

PRESSLER    Mary Lou Barnette    born May 16,1909   died Mar.16,2006
wife of Charles O. �Toad� Pressler

More Information PRESSLER    Ross Fred    born Nov.12,1901   died Apr.6,1980
husband of Mildred Bryant Pressler

More Information PREWITT    Charles B.    Mar.1866 - Nov.23,1884    age 19 years

PRICE    Lula Warfield    buried May 30,1895

PRICE    Mrs. Mary B.    buried July 12,1901

PRICE    Nellie Bradley    born 1895   died 1956

PRICE    Dr. Robert    buried Dec.18,1916

PRICE    W. Adolph    buried Mar.3,1931

More Information PRIMM    SGT. STEPHEN McDANIEL PRIMM    BORN FEB.28,1948   DIED JUNE 22,1973

PRINCE    Mrs. A.B.    buried May 22,1933

PRINCE    Craig    buried Feb.2,1939

PRINCE    J.L.    buried Sept.30,1924

More Information PRINCE    J.T.    age 56 years   died Feb.27,1931

PRINCE    Mary D.    buried Oct.11,1926

More Information PRINCE    Thomas Jefferson    age 82 years   died June 20,1927

More Information PRINE    Cookie    born Oct.5,1945   died Feb.15,2004

More Information PROCTOR    Ida Ferrell    born Sept.7,1904   died Mar.13,1992
wife of Cecil H. Proctor

More Information PROCTOR    James Robert Sr.    born Aug.22,1923   died Mar.7,1992
husband of Martha Powell Proctor

PROCTOR    Samuel    buried Sept.21,1909

PROCTER    Susan    buried Feb.3,1916

PROVINCE    Mary C.    born Dec.30,1919

PROVINCE    Valeria    buried Aug.12,1928

BORN MAR.3,1917   DIED JAN.25,1986
PROVO    infant    Sept.28,1958
infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Marvin M. Provo

PROVO    William R.    Apr.6,1948

More Information PRUETT    John J.    Apr.18,1848 - Oct.19,1887   age 40 years
husband of Sallie A. Binkley Pruett
PRUETT    Sallie A. Binkley    born Oct.24,1850   died Feb.4,1920
wife of John J. Pruett
PRUETT    Mattie E.    no dates on stone
daughter of John J. & Sallie A. Binkley Pruett

PRUETT    Thomas B.    Aug.21,183 - Feb.8,1901
husband of Martha H. Pruett
PRUETT    Martha H.    born Dec.15,1825   died Dec.4,1907
wife of Thomas B. Pruett
PRUETT    Mary A.    June 27,1850 - Sept.8,1893
daughter of Thomas B. & Martha H. Pruett

More Information PRUETT    Virginia Ann    age 74 years   died Jan.7,1929

PRUETT    child of W.T. Pruett    buried Dec.21,1888

PRUIETT    R.L.    buried Nov.26,1944

PRUITT    Miss Daisy    buried June 3,1938

More Information PRUITT    Elmo N.    born Oct.21,1880   died Jan.8,1932

PUCHALSKI    Martha Regina    born May 3,1923   died Mar.8,2006

PUCKETT    Joseph Henry    born 1854   died 1942   buried Dec.30,1942
husband of Minia Dancy Puckett
PUCKETT    Minia Dancy    born 1864   died 1954
wife of Joseph Henry Puckett

More Information PUCKETT    Olive Thelma    born Aug.19,1917   died July 15,2004

PUGH    A.B.    buried Mar.1,1913

PUGH    Mrs. Martha    buried Feb.22,1911

More Information PYATTE    J.W.    born Nov.8,1932   died Feb.24,2005
husband of Barbara Pyatte

PYLAND    Hattie L.    buried Feb.23,1921

PYLAND    Mrs. Lonnie B.    buried Aug.25,1943

PYLAND    Robert Lawrence    buried Aug.2,1947

PYLAND    Sarah    buried Apr.29,1919

JOSEPH DO    JAN.29,1973
C.T. VIETNAM, MAY 1,1979

QUARLES    Charles �Coach�    born Apr.2,1929   died Apr.6,2006
husband of Billie Ruth Quarles

QUARLES    Prof. D.M.    buried Jan.31,1905
QUARLES    Mrs. D.M.    buried June 13,1905

QUARLES    D.W.    buried Feb.24,1947

QUARLES    Joseph S.    buried Apr.18,1927

QUARLES    Miss Mary    buried Jan.5,1928

QUARLES    Mercer W.    buried Dec.18,1901

QUENTON    Horace    buried Nov.19,1924

QUIANT    ????    buried May 31,1943

QUICK    John Boyd    buried Aug.24,1899

QUIN    Wayne S.    buried Mar.25,1946

More Information QUIRANTES    Katie Cox    born Dec.28,1969   died Jan.31,2003

More Information RADFORD    Alton Jr.    born Mar.23,1931   died Aug.13,2005
husband of Geneva White Radford

More Information RAEL    Steve R.    born Dec.25,1923   died Dec.8,1992
husband of Esther Pena Rael

RAGSDALE    G.V.    buried May 15,1931

RAGSDALE    Mrs. M.J.    buried Dec.2,1910

RAINES    Miss Ruth    buried May 4,1903

RAINES    Sallie    buried July 17,1924

RAINEY    John B.    buried Dec.10,1920

RAINEY    John B.    buried May 11,1939

RAMEY    Mrs. Albert    buried July 1,1942

RAMEY    Andrew    buried Apr.2,1940

RAMEY    David M.    buried Nov.30,1926

RAMEY    Emma    buried Oct.2.1917

RAMEY    Ethel    buried Feb.1,1912

RAMEY    Ethel    buried May 5,1924

RAMEY    Ethel    Apr.28,1920

RAMEY    Miss Georgia    buried Feb.1,1936

RAMEY    Miss Grace    buried Jan.7,1947


RAMEY    JAKE RAMEY    BORN AUG.7,1911   DIED MAY 20,1948

RAMEY    Jake A.    Jan.5,1833 - Nov.5,1892

RAMEY    Lizzie D.    Oct.21,1869 - July 7,1893

RAMEY    Lizzie D.    buried Mar.18,1924

RAMEY    Marvin    born 1878   died 1954
husband of Elizabeth F. Ramey
RAMEY    Elizabeth F.    born 1883   died 1956
wife of Marvin Ramey

RAMEY    Mary    buried Sept.11,1916

RAMEY    Mary    buried Apr.3,1919

RAMEY    Samuel E.    age 75 years   died July 10,1907

RAMEY    Mrs. Susan    buried Jan.14,1931

RAMEY    Terry    buried Aug.31,1930

RAMEY    Mrs. Will    buried Mar.27,1936

More Information RAMSEY    Doxie Ann    born Sept.20,1918   died Nov.10,2004

RAMSEY    Ruby    buried Nov.30,1923

RANDLE    Annie T.    buried Nov.29,1925

RANDLE    Asa    buried Nov.19,1933

RANDLE    Joe H.    buried July 19,1939

More Information RANDLE    Lena L.    born June 3,1890   died May 16,1976
wife of Minor H. Randle

RANDLE    Mrs. Mattie Doake    buried Jan.31,1947

RAUSCH    Joann Lynn Hopkins    born Sept.17,1962   died Jan.13,2008
wife of Kenneth Rausch

More Information RAWLINGS (Rawlins?)    Agnes Mimms    age 38 years   died June 1,1928
wife of Norman Rawlings

RAWLINGS    Mrs. Emma Killebrew    buried Nov.16,1944

RAWLINGS    Dr. F.A. Thomas    died Nov.28,1884

More Information RAWLINGS    Margaret Freeman    born Apr.4,1909   died June 20,1992
wife of George Rawlins III

RAWLINGS    Mrs. Nannie Johnson    died Mar.31,1905

RAWLINGS    Mrs. Sarah W.    buried Aug.8,1941

RAWLINGS    T.C.    died Mar.8,1942
RAWLINGS    infant of T.C. Rawlings    buried Aug.4,1905

RAWLS    Blanche    buried Nov.27,1890
RAWLS    Frank    buried Nov.27,1890
RAWLS    Mr. Jesse    buried Nov.27,1890

RAWLS    Jessie    buried Mar.22,1911

RAWLS    Mrs. L.E.    buried June 11,1907
RAWLS    Jesse J.    Nov.11,1826 - June 2,1885
RAWLS    Frank A.    May 18,1859 - Jan.9,1884
son of Jesse J. & L.E. Rawls

RAYL    John S.    buried June 17,1909

RAZOR    Sallie A.    died Mar.19,1888   age 78 years

REASON    Mrs. Maggie W.    buried Feb.24,1946

REASON    T.L.    buried Nov.6,1935

REDDIX    Oscar    buried July 31,1923

REDMOND    Droa May    buried Sept.15,1904

REDMOND    Mrs. Gertrude F. Carney    buried Apr.2,1943

REDMOND    James    buried Feb.20,1919

REDMOND    Mrs. Mary    buried Dec.31,1940

More Information REED    Eunice Eleanor    born June 1,1902   died June 3,1971

REED    Ralph Hampton    born Apr.27,1935   died Sept.17,2006
husband of Shirley Jones Reed

REES    Ellen    Feb.6,1920

REES    Thomas    buried Aug.16,1916

More Information REICH    Richard Lee    born Sept.25,1921   died Apr.16,1980
More Information REICH    Dorothy Jean    born Apr.28,1926   died Aug.20,1992

REILY    Maggie    buried Aug.9,1919
REILY    infant of Maggie Reily    buried Aug.9,1919

REIMELS    Willie Mai    born June 17,1915   died July 16,2006
wife of Elbert Charles Reimels

REINELS    infant boy & girl of Elbert Reinels
buried May 6,1946

REIVES    Metabelle    buried Nov.24,1914

REMINGTON    H.T.    buried Oct.30,1946

REMINGTON    Mrs. Kate M.    buried Feb.3,1945

REYNOLDS    Isabella    buried Nov.4,1891

REYNOLDS    infant J.J.    buried Mar.5,1937

REYNOLDS    J.J.    buried Feb.0,1941

REYNOLDS    James    buried July 19,1941

BORN JULY 4,1948   DIED DEC.2,2003

REYNOLDS    Jonathan B.    Dec.18,1853 - May 9,1889

REYNOLDS    Mary F.    buried Aug.22,1889

REYNOLDS    William    buried Apr.11,1891

RHINEHART    ????    buried Aug.30,1922

RHONER    Albert    buried June 11,1895

RHONER    Thomas    buried Sept.30,1898
RHONER    child of Thomas Rhoner    buried Feb.7,1890

RICE    Mrs. Alice    buried Feb.11,1946

RICE    J. Harry    buried May 18,1923

RICE    James W.    born Apr.28,1851   died Sept.27,1949

RICE    John    buried Jan.24,1910

RICE    Nannie Ann Jarred    born 1807   died July 18,1884
More Information RICE    Joshua M.    born Mar.10,1835   died Jan.13,1887
son of Nannie Ann Jarred Rice
RICE    Mary L.    born Nov.29,1835   died Oct.20,1863
wife of Joshua M. Rice

RICE    Julia A.    buried Nov.10,1906

RICE    Robert M.    born Feb.21,1879   died Nov.4,1958
husband of Alma N. Rice
RICE    Alma N.    born Dec.24,1886   died June 19,1949
wife of Robert M. Rice

RICH    B.F.    buried Aug.31,1917

RICHARDSON    Albert    buried Aug.7,1905

RICHARDSON    Annie L.    born 1860   died 1937   buried Apr.19,1937
wife of Tom P. Richardson

RICHARDSON    Dorothy    buried June 28,1913

RICHARDSON    Dorothy    buried Feb.16,1917

RICHARDSON    Frances S.    born Mar.29,1929   died Nov.9,1993

RICHARDSON    Jack Louis    age 77 years   died Jan.20,2008

RICHARDSON    James H.    born Jan.24,1864   died Oct.25,1939
husband of Mary L. Richardson
RICHARDSON    Ella Laura    born Aug.6,1872   died Feb.23,1945
wife of James H. Richardson

RICHARDSON    Mrs. L.W.    buried Sept.17,1941

RICHARDSON    Miss Lucy    buried Oct.1,1934

RICHARDSON    Mrs. Mary E.    buried Nov.22,1931

More Information RICHARDSON    Russell H.    died Dec.2,1929

RICHARDSON    Mrs. T.P.    buried Mar.31,1937

RICHARDSON    Tom P.    born 1855   died 1939   buried June 8,1939

RICHARDSON    W.T.    buried June 20,1928

More Information RICHARDSON    Wanda    born Oct.15,1934   died Mar.14,1973

RICHARDSON    William T.    born Aug.6,1865   died Dec.25,1943

More Information RICHARDSON    Wilma R.    born Nov.?,1928   died Apr.9,1995

born in Nashville, Tennessee Jan.31,1827
died in Memphis, Tennessee Feb.25,1888
More Information RICHMOND    W.B.    born 1826   died Sept.21,1863
Christian soldier who fell at the battle of Chickamauga

RICHMOND    Deborah G.    died July 28,1864    age 70 years

RICK    John
born in Eckelsheim Grossherzocthum Resson, Germany May 7,186
died Sept.11,1900
RICK    Christiana Hagle    wife of John Rick
born in Veisenberg, France Mar.2,1822   died Oct.2,1899

RIGGINS    Claude M.    born Feb.4,1872   died Apr.13,1917
husband of Susie Barbee Riggins
RIGGINS    Susie Barbee    born Nov.19,1875   died Feb.24,1947
wife of Claude M. Riggins

More Information RIGGINS    Dolly Jean    born May 6,1934   died July 12,1997

More Information RIGGINS    Earnest Marion    born May 20,1919   died Feb.6,2004

RIGGINS    infant of J. Burns Riggins
buried Aug.10,1947

RIGGINS    Miss J.D.    died June 12,1932

RIGGINS    Mrs. Leana Y.    buried Mar.14,1944

RIGGINS    Miss Nina    buried Nov.9,1927

RIGGINS    Ninna    buried Jan.15,1921

More Information RIGGINS    Thomas    age 79 years    died May 27,1897

More Information RIGGINS    William    born Feb.16,1941   died Mar.27,1992
husband of Martha Riggins

RIGSBY    Stanley A.    born 1887   died 1969
husband of Myra A. Rigsby
RIGSBY    Myra A.    born 1896   died 1983
wife of Stanley A. Rigsby

RINEHART    A.D.    buried Nov.22,1934

More Information RINEHART    Margaret Campbell    born Apr.14,1909   died Feb.15,1992
wife of George Leonard Rinehart Sr.

RINEHART    Mrs. Nina    buried June 6,1945

RING    Mrs. Ella E.    buried Apr.25,1889

RITTENBERRY    Deller    buried Jan.31,1927

RITTER    Mrs. Elizabeth Smith    buried Sept.11,1942

RITTER    Miss Ethel    buried Sept.20,1900

RITTER    H.W.    buried Mar.28,1920

RITTER    H.W.    buried Apr.9,1941

RITTER    infant of H.W. Ritter    buried Oct.14,1913

More Information RIVERA    Bob Anibal    born Apr.23,1983   died Jan.1,2004

More Information RIVERA    Ernestine Schneider    born Jan.9,1933   died July 5,2003

More Information RIVERA    Filomena    born Aug.11,1915   died Jan.23,2005
wife of Jenaro Rivera

RIVES    Alice Seay    born Nov.14,1896   died Jan.22,1969

More Information RIVES    Bess A.    born Oct.3,1919   died Nov.2,2005

RIVES    Ina Ester Gaither    born June 6,1919   died Mar.14,2007
wife of R.B. Rives

RIVES    Joe T.    buried Feb.28,1943

ROACH    Elizabeth    buried Dec.27,1927

ROACH    Mrs. R.C.    buried Aug.19,1937

ROAKE    Herbert    born 1871   died 1954
husband of Effie B. Roake
ROAKE    Effie B.    born 1878   died 1842   buried Sept.13,1942
wife of Herbert Roake


ROBB    Mrs. Mary E.    buried Nov.15,1906

ROBBINS    Henry    buried Apr.17,1940

More Information ROBERT    Alijah Diyon    born Mar.7,2004   died Mar.16,2004

More Information ROBERTS    Bettye Jo Mason    born Sept.1,1929   died July 10,2004

ROBERTS    Miss Fannie    buried Mar.1,1936

ROBERTS    Fannie G.    born 1861   died 1935

ROBERTS    John Michel    buried Dec.10,1944

ROBERTS    Mrs. J.S.    buried Sept.23,1942

More Information ROBERTS    Mrs. Samuel    died Dec.8,1885

More Information ROBERTS    William Clarence Sr.    born Feb.2,1932   died Dec.25,2004
husband of Bettye Jo Roberts

More Information ROBERTSON    Bobby Lee    born Oct.5,1932   died Apr.15,2003

ROBERTSON    Rebecca Wood    age 84 years   died Dec.15,2007
wife of William Bryan

ROBERTSON    Rhoda M.    buried Sept.28,1946

More Information ROBINSON    Boyd    died Sept.9,1897

ROBINSON    Charles    buried Dec.7,1903

ROBINSON    Mrs. Delilah    buried July 9,1912

More Information ROBINSON    Ellen    age 15 years    died Sept.4,1897
daughter of Jake Robinson

ROBINSON    George    buried July 5,1901

ROBINSON    J.K.    buried Jan.28,1923

ROBINSON    Joseph    buried Sept.29,1925

ROBINSON    Lura �Swift�    born July 18,1926   died Apr.6,2007
wife Lenard �Robbie� Robinson

ROBINSON    Nancy Etheleen Vardell    born Aug.16,1934   died Sept.3,2006
wife of William B. Robinson

ROBINSON    Ragsdale    buried Nov.4,1907
ROBINSON    Ragsdale    buried July 5,1899
child of ?? Robinson

ROBINSON    William    buried Aug.3,1898

ROCHELLE    Claud McCaleb    age 94 years   died July 18,2006

RODGERS    Ellen    buried Jan.6,1895

RODRIGUEZ    Mrs. Louisa D.    buried Aug.13,1942

RODRIGUEZ    P.A.    buried Feb.9,1909

RODRIGUEZ    Paul    buried July 29,1939

ROE    Wallace Emerson    born May 6,1961   died Aug.22,2000

ROGERS    Miss Henrietta    buried Jan.17,1935

ROGERS    J.M.    buried Mar.26,1933

ROGERS    Dr. J.P.    born Nov.3,1879   died Nov.7,1943
husband of Ola H. Rogers
ROGERS    Ola H.    died Apr.15,1941
wife of J.P. Rogers M.D.

BORN OCT.1839   DIED JULY 1917   BURIED JULY 14,1917
husband of Indiana Cocke Rogers
ROGERS    Indiana Cocke    born Aug.1849   died Feb.1933   buried Feb.22,1933
wife of John Gilbert Rogers M.D.

ROGERS    Miss Mattie    buried Apr.21,1942

ROGERS    Kate    buried June 13,1917

ROLLINS    George    buried Feb.8,1941

ROLLOW    Delaney    buried July 3,1923

ROLLOW    Florence    buried Sept.14,1891

ROLLOW    Dr. J.C.    buried Nov.30,1945

More Information ROLLOW    J.G.    age 71 years   died Feb.17,1926

ROLLOW    John A.    buried Aug.7,1907

ROLLOW    Mrs. Sarah    buried Dec.16,1899

ROMAINE    Mrs. Alma Dell    buried Jan.25,1940

More Information ROME    Frank Adolph    born Feb.15,1930   died Nov.17,1992
husband of Betty Sugg Romo

ROSE    Katherine Louise    born Apr.22,1927   died Nov.29,2005

ROSEBROUGH    Irvin J.    buried Nov.5,1935

ROSENFIELD    Edward    buried Aug.6,1899
   removed to Memphis, Tennessee

ROSS    Chloe Jean    born Mar.26,1931   died Dec.20,2006
wife of Robert Ross Sr.

ROSS    James M.    buried Feb.8,1926

ROSS    Lettie May    buried Sept.25,1917

ROSS    Louis    buried June 30,1921

ROSS    Luther    buried June 27,1914

ROSS    Mildred L.    July 6,1850 - Jan.6,1897
wife of Dr. John W. Ross

ROSSETTER    D.P.    buried Sept.14,1926

ROSSITER    C.R.    born 1845   died 1919

ROSSITER    J.R.    buried Jan.8,1914

ROSSITER    Mary    buried Aug.9,1917

ROSSITTER    Mrs. D.P.    buried Oct.22,1938

ROSSITTER    Etha    buried May 4,1922

ROSSON    Albert    buried June 9,1936

ROSSON    Alvie W.    buried Oct.3,1928

ROSSON    Mrs. Amanda    buried Jan.24,1932

ROSSON    Earl S.    buried July 12,1926

ROSSON    Frank    born 1880   died 1950
husband of Maud Rosson
ROSSON    Maude    born 1884   died 1957
wife of Frank Rosson

More Information ROSSON    Harriet    born Feb.4,1913   died Sept.22,2005
wife of Joseph S. Rosson

ROSSON    Mrs. J.S.    buried May 25,1919

ROSSON    Joe W.    buried Apr.10,1940

BORN 1842   DIED 1912   BURIED MAR.7,1912

ROSSON    Sam    buried Apr.4,1916

ROSSON    Miss Virgie    buried Oct.4,1901

ROSSON    W.J.    buried Dec.16,1939

ROSSON    W.J.    buried Jan.22,1941

ROTH    Margaret E.    infant   died buried May 11,1940

ROWLAND    Mrs. Burchett    buried Sept.2,1909

ROWLAND    infant of Ollen    buried Mar.18,1913

More Information ROYSTER    Alma Barbee    born Mar.3,1877   died May 5,1930
wife of E.W. Royster

ROYSTER    G.W.    buried Apr.26,1915
ROYSTER    Elisia W.    age 56 years   died Mar.17,1928
Son of G.W. & Eliza Vaughn Royster

More Information ROYSTER    Margaret Bell    age 29 years   died Dec.5,1927

More Information RUBEL    John Franklin    born Dec.15,1883   died Aug.22,1952
husband of Minnie Johnson

RUBEL    Theodore Eugene    buried May 23,1944

More Information RUBEL    Thomas Eugene    born Feb.25,1886   died Apr.24,1944
More Information RUBEL    Anna Laura    born July 6,1891   died Dec.30,1990
wife of Thomas Eugene Rubel
BORN OCT.13,1919   DIED APR.14,1975
More Information RUBEL    Betty Joan    born Apr.16,1923   died Dec.3,1965

RUDOLPH    Mrs. Betty    buried June 19,1943

RUDOLPH    C.T.    buried June 24,1920

More Information RUDOLPH    Charles Buford    born Dec.14,1920   died Aug.31,2004
husband of Anne Orgain Rudolph

More Information RUDOLPH    Cornelia    born Feb.21,1897   died Mar.9,1992
wife of Paul Rudolph

RUDOLPH    Fannie    buried Mar.13,1923

RUDOLPH    Frances Pollard    born 1862   died 1950
wife of Marshal Rudolph D.D.S.

RUDOLPH    H.L.    buried Dec.19,1937

RUDOLPH    Henrietta    buried Jan.10,1922

RUDOLPH    J. Emmett    buried Nov.2,1943

RUDOLPH    infant son of J.T. Rudolph    buried July 2,1906
RUDOLPH    James T.    buried Jan.17,1901
child of J.T. Rudolph

RUDOLPH    Jacob W.    May 24,1854 - May 31,1899

RUDOLPH    James T.    buried Oct.17,1912

More Information RUDOLPH    Jonathan W.    age 66 years   died Dec.10,1928

More Information RUDOLPH    Katherine    born Nov.23,1913   died Jan.29,2003
wife of William Edward Rudolph

RUDOLPH    Maggie Ann    born 1840   died 1929   buried May 15,1929
wife of William Rudolph

RUDOLPH    Mapheus M.    born Dec.14,1847   died July 9,1903
husband of Nannie E. Rudolph

RUDOLPH    Miss Mary    born 1869   died 1946   buried July 11,1946
RUDOLPH    Nannie E.    born July 5,1869    died Oct.13,1900

RUDOLPH    Marshal L. D.D.S.    born 1868   died 1923   buried June 16,1923
husband of Frances Pollard Rudolph

RUDOLPH    Marshall P.    buried June 2,1933

RUDOLPH    Mary C.    buried July 5,1923
   removed from country

RUDOLPH    Matt III    born July 3,1958   died Oct.7,2006

RUDOLPH    Mrs. Mollie E.    buried Jan.21,1901

RUDOLPH    Mrs. Nannie T.    buried Aug.20,1916

RUDOLPH    Robert S.    born 1864   died 1957
husband of Mary Enola Rudolph
RUDOLPH    Mary Enola    born 1867   died 1952
Wife of Robert S. Rudolph

More Information RUDOLPH    Louise    born Jan.18,1914   died Apr.28,2005


RUDOLPH    Turnley    born Aug.3,1894   died May 25,1966
husband of Frances Ewin Hayes Rudolph
RUDOLPH    Frances Ewin Hayes    born Mar.20,1896   died May 26,1964
wife of Turnley Rudolph

RUDOLPH    Uallie H.    buried Dec.28,1946

RUDOLPH    W.T.    buried Oct.31,1929

RUDOLPH    Will Sory    buried Aug.16,1943

BORN OCT. 3,184   DIED NOV.12,1907
husband of Minty Lockert Rudolph
RUDOLPH    Minty Lockert    born Jan.6,1832   died May 23,1921
wife of William H. Rudolph

RUNYON    Mrs. Brenda V.    buried Aug.1,1941

More Information RUNYON    Brenda Vineyard    born 1866   age 60 years   died Feb.3,1929
wife of Dr. Frank J. Runyon

RUNYON    Dr. Bryce F.    born 1888   died 1965
husband of Louise M. Runyon
RUNYON    Louise M.    born 1892   died 1960
wife of Dr. Bryce Runyon

More Information RUNYON    Charles D.    born Sept.16,1858   died Dec.14,1931
husband of Louise Barnes Runyon
RUNYON    Louise Barnes    born 1862   died 1935   buried Nov.28,1935
wife of Charles D. Runyon

RUNYON    Dr. Frank J.    born 1862   died 1941   buried Aug.6,1941
husband of Brend V. Runyon

RUSH    Sarah    buried Oct.19,1897

RUSH    William    buried Oct.19,1897

RUSHING    Marshall    buried July 2,1926

RUSHING    Virgil    buried July 3,1925

RUSSELL    George R.    buried Aug.14,1927

RUSSELL    Mrs. Sue    buried Sept.28,1911

RUSSELL    T.L.    buried Apr.28,1931

More Information RUSSELL    Wayne Lewis    born Aug.9,1913   died Mar.4,2004
husband of Loda Wanda Russell

RUSSELL    William S.    born May 10,1857   died Jan.1,1907

RUSSELL    William S.    buried Feb.3,1921

RUTHERFORD    Joseph    buried Sept.27,1900

RYDER    Mrs. Mamie    buried Oct.8,1912

More Information RYE    PVT. ALEXANDER BLOUNT RYE    CO. F  14th TENN. INF. REGT. C.S.A.
BORN NOV.1834   DIED MAY 8,1919
RYE    Mary Ann Lyle    born Apr.11,1848   died Feb.15,1922
sixth wife of Alexander Blount Rye

More Information RYE    Henry Richard    born May 25,1922   died Oct.29,1997

RYE    J.J.    buried Feb.13,1923

RYE    Jessie Lathie    born July 10,1900   died Feb.13,1979
husband of Mary Lucille Taylor Rye
More Information RYE    Mary Lucille    born Apr.3,1907   died Aug.28,1978
wife of Jessie Lathie Rye

More Information RYE    Margaret R.    born Jan.22,1881   died June 25,1971

RYE    Martha    buried July 19,1913

RYE    Mary A.    buried Feb.17,1922

More Information RYE    Mollie Bee    born May 29,1931   died June 22,1994

More Information RYE    Selina Freola    born Sept.17,1889   died Mar.3,1981

More Information RYE    Suzanne Jean    born May 29,1951   died May 3,2004
wife of Dickie Rye

More Information RYE    William Henry    born Aug.23,1887   died Feb.9,1970
husband of Mary Elizabeth Burney Rye
More Information RYE    Mary Elizabeth    born 1897   died Mar.9,1987
wife of William Henry Rye

RYLAND    Hellen Fuqua    born May 9,1927   died Oct.26,1995

SADLER    Emma L.    buried May 9,1921

SADLER    Evangeline    buried Dec.21,1923

SADLER    G.M.    buried Mar.28,1943

SADLER    Mrs. J.A.    buried Apr.6,1933

SADLER    John A.    buried May 13,1924

SADLER    John D. Jr.    buried May 3,1937

SALE    Johnson W.    born June 25,1900   died Jan.14,1980
husband of Christine Lorene Dye Sale
SALE    Christine Lorene    born Mar.25,1915   died Nov.5,2007
wife of Johnson Sale

SAMPSON    Margret    buried Aug.3,1893

SANDERS    Dorothy Jane    born 1912   died June 21,1914

SANDERS    Guy Lester    buried May 25,1945

SANDERS    John    buried Mar.27,1898

SANDERS    Joseph Jackson    born 1848   died 1933   buried Apr.15,1933
husband of Victoria Sanders
More Information SANDERS    Victoria Abshire    born May 15,1865   died Dec.11,1931
wife of Joseph Jackson Sanders

SANDERS    Laurel Polk Cast    July 2,1931
wife of Theodore Sander III

More Information SANDERS    Margaret Aline    born Nov.23,1909   died Mar.6,2004

SANDERSON    Francis    buried June 3,1922

More Information SANDFER    Jo Ann    born Aug.24,1938   died June 17,2004

SANDIFER    Douglas E.    born Jan.23,1973   died Oct.5,2001

More Information SANFORD    Robert Presley    born Apr.16,1918   died Aug.5,2003
husband of Frances Garriety Sanford

SARDES    infant of Sam Sardes    buried Mar.18,1919

SARGENT    Rena Combs    born Apr.8,1885   died Dec.8,1963

More Information SARGENT    Sara Douglas    born Dec.22,1911   died Feb.12,2006

SARGENT    William Dermon    born Aug.24,1881   died Jan.6,1951

SAUNDERS    Edgar L.    born Mar.10,1879   died Aug.2,1940
husband of Agnes E. Saunders
SAUNDERS    Agnes E.    born June 23,1889   died May 20,1957
wife of Edgar L. Saunders

SAUNDERS    Ella    Jan.19,1919

SAUNDERS    John    born May 8,1829   died Oct.14,1848
son of Mortimer A. & Harriet Martin Saunders

SAUNDERS    Margaret    buried Oct.24,1918

SAUNDERS    Margie    buried Mar.6,1903

SAUNDERS    Norman    buried Aug.1,1904

SAUNDERSON    Greel    buried Oct.21,1922

SAUNDERSON    William    buried July 26,1899

SAVAGE    Ellen C.    born Aug.23,1828   died Mar.2,1912

SAVAGE    Mrs. J. Cannie    buried Apr.19,1936

SAVAGE    Michael    buried Oct.22,1921

SAVAGE    child of Mike Savage    buried Jan.3,1890

SAVAGE    Patrick J.    Mar.17,1821 - Aug.6,1905

SAWYER    infant daughter of C.C. Sawyer    buried Apr.8,1936

SAWYER    Hugh Roy    buried Nov.17,1931

SAWYER    John Patrick �Pat� Sr.    born Dec.7,1931   died Nov.28,2006
husband of Bernice Sawyer

SAWYER    Mrs. Mamie    buried June 8,1915

SAWYER    Vernon D.    buried June 11,1922

More Information SAWYER    William F.    born Apr.14,1920   died Nov.21,1974
husband of Beatrice Powell Sawyer

SCALES    Jonathan D.    born 1885   died 1913   buried Feb.22,1913

SCALES    Joseph W.    buried June 28,1896

SCALES    Joseph W.    buried Aug.9,1903

SCALF    Reverend M.M.    born June 1,1878   died Ocr.7,1930

SCARBROUGH    Mrs. Frances B.    buried May 30,1945

SCARBROUGH    Graham Jr.    buried Mar.20,1934

SCARBROUGH    Miss Jennie    born 1878   died 1940   buried Dec.1,1940

SCARBROUGH    Julia Walter    born 1853   died 1930   buried Sept.5,1930

More Information SCHAEFER    Wilmirth Rose    died May 11,1980
wife of Dr. Ernest E. Schaefer

More Information SCHILLING    Mary Kathryn    age 55 years   died Feb.17,2008

SCHLINKER    Harold    buried Aug.14,1928

More Information SCHMITTOU    Bertha Josephine    born Dec.19,1915   died Mar.13,1977

SCHMITTOU    Charles V.    born 1876   died 1948
husband of Lannye P. Schmittou
SCHMITTOU    Lannye P.    born 1886   died 1959
wife of Charles V. Schmittou

SCHMITTOU    Forrest    born Nov.10,1895   died ????

SCHMITTOU    P.V.    buried June 29,1942

More Information SCHRIVER    Eliza    died Feb.23,1905


SCHROEDER    Owen R. Sr.    born Sept.11,1920   died Jan.10,1996
husband of Esther E. Schroeder
SCHROEDER    Esther E.    born July 22,1920   died Mar.28,2001   buried Mar.19,1913
wife of Owen R. Schroeder Sr.
SCHROEDER    Richard �Ricky� F.    born Sept.29,1951   died June 5,2006
husband of Linda Jensen Schroeder

SCHWALTS    infant son of Jonathan Schwalts
Died Jan.2,1905

SCHWEIGHART    Anneliese    born Apr.3,1929   died Jan.18,2008
wife of Gerald Dean Schweighart


BORN FEB.14,1844   DIED JAN.6,1879

SCOTT    Mrs. Goldie    buried July 13,1938

SCOTT    Mrs. J.W.    buried Dec.2,1890

SCOTT    Jenne Belle
born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky June 6,1851    died Feb.24,1879

SCOTT    John    born ??. 20,1816    died ????

SCOTT    John W.    buried Mar.3,1910

More Information SCOTT    Marie Emilie    born Oct.23,1831   died Jan.13,1917
wife of Col. W.H. Scott

SCOTT    Mattie    buried Apr.26,1891

More Information SCOTT    Parthena Norsworthy    born July 12,1818   died Feb.17,1902
wife of J.N. Scott

More Information SCOTT    Robert E.    born Aug.5,1907   died Apr.13,1995

SCOTT    W.G.    buried Dec.11,1914

SEARCY    Lafayette A.    born 1863   died 1925   buried Feb.27,1925

SEARIGHT    Mrs. Ellen A.    buried Mar.17,1905

SEARIGHT    Ellen B. Armstead    born Aug.31,1879   died Dec.17,1904
wife of Reverend H.B. Searight

SEARS    Reverend Achilles D.    died June 15,1891    age 87 years 5 months 15 days
SEARS    Annie Bowie    died Dec.25,1893   age 87 years, 8 months, 5 days
buried Dec.27,1893
wife of Achilles D. Sears

SEAY    Lexie W.    buried Nov.1,1925

SEAY    William H.    buried Oct.11,1930

SEAY    Willie M. �Peggy�    born May 19,1919   died Feb.18,2007

SEBREE    Arthur    buried Nov.30,1909

SEBREE    Fendol A.    born Aug.10,1843   died June 14,1908
husband of Elizabeth Carney Sebree
SEBREE    Elizabeth Carney    died Nov.19,1910
wife of Fendol A. Sebree

SEBREE    Verner    buried Nov.30,1909

SELF    D.C.    buried July 3,1947

More Information SELF    Myong Kyong    born Apr.12,1941   died Jan.12,2004

SENSENEY    Cordellia Hewell    born Jan.10,1881   died Oct.24,1908
wife of Cyrus R. Senseney

SENSENEY    Cyrus A.    born 1879   died 1958
husband of Eunice N. Senseney
SENSENEY    Eunice N.    born 1882   died 1965
wife of Cyrus A. Senseney

SENSENEY    Harold �Sonny�    born Apr.19,1928   died July 6,2006
husband of Virginia Senseney

SETTLE    C.P.    buried July 27,1934

SETTLE    Mrs. Edna H.    buried Oct.25,1944

SETTLE    Fannie E.    buried Apr.17,1923

SETTLE    Miss Grace    buried Sept.14,1900

SETTLE    M. Gracey    buried May 21,1937

SETTLE    Mary Bell    buried July 16,1893

SETTLE    W.A.    buried Oct.28,1919
SETTLE    Anna W.    died Nov.8,1905
wife of W.A. Settle

SEXTON    Henry    born Nov.27,1879   died June 5,1948

SEXTON    Will S.    born Apr.3,1883   died Apr.14,1959

More Information SHAMWELL    James T.    born Oct.23,1902   died Mar.23,1992
husband of Gustie Pauline Wallace Shamwell

SHANKLIN    Carrie A.    buried July 5,1923

SHANKLIN    Ed T.    born 1863   died 1921    buried Feb.17,1921

SHASTEEN    Vernon Johnson    born Aug.19,1909   died Sept.17,2006
wife of Richmond Clay Shasteen

SHAW    A.W.    buried Jan.3,1922

SHAW    Allie    buried Sept.1,1898
child of ?? Shaw

BURIED JAN.15,1904
SHAW    child of Benjamin F. Shaw    buried Aug.31,1890

More Information SHAW    Harold    born May 8,1934   died Apr.23,2003

SHAW    Henry Sidney    buried Aug.9,1946

SHAW    John W.    buried June 30,1913

SHAW    Josephine F.    buried Dec.8,1922

SHAW    Mrs. Marie Verner    buried Feb.19,1936

SHAW    Mrs. Sophie    buried Jan.10,1898

More Information SHAW    Thomas    age 8 years   died Nov.11,1897
child of Ben P. Shaw

SHAW    W.W.    buried Jan.3,1933

SHEA    Clarence    buried May 13,1929

SHEA    James    buried Aug.8,1895

SHEA    Mrs. L.L.    buried Oct.3,1941

SHEARON    James Walter    born Sept.16,1923   died Oct.13,1993
husband of June Verella Shearon
More Information SHEARON    June Verella    born June 10,1927   died Apr.3,1992
wife of James Walter Shearon

More Information SHELBY    Betty Sue    born Apr.19,1937   died Jan.31,1992
wife of Billy Shelby

More Information SHELBY    Isaac H.    age 85 years   died June 11,1908

SHELBY    John Thomas    buried Nov.17,1942
    removed from country
SHELBY    Thomas Elliott    buried Nov.17,1942
    removed from country

SHELBY    Myra Cherry    born May 16,1910   died Nov.28,2007

SHELBY    Nancey Brown    buried Nov.4,1944

SHELBY    Sub. B.    buried Aug.4,1902

SHELBY    Tandy J.    buried Oct.10,1939

BORN 1829   DIED 1894   BURIED DEC.9,1894
husband of Frances Britten Shelby
SHELBY    Frances Britten �Fanny�    born 1845   died 1922   buried Dec.22,1922
wife of Dr. William Allen Shelby

BORN NOV.30,1914   DIED MAR.10,1980
husband of Bonnie Jean Bailey Shelby

SHELTON    Billy Julias    born Aug.14,1933   died Apr.21,1987
husband of Betty Ann Bracey Shelton
SHELTON    Betty Ann    born Nov.17,1926   died June 25,2006
wife of Billy Julias Shelton

SHELTON    Dorris Glendon    born Nov.27,1929   died Feb.14,2006
husband of Audrey Mae Hodge Shelton
SHELTON    Audrey H.    born Jan.8,1927   died Apr.15,1996
husband of Dorris Glendon Shelton

SHELTON    Ella    buried Aug.6,1923

SHELTON    Mrs. Emily K.    buried Mar.23,1939

SHELTON    Georgia Ann    born July 29,1856   died June 27,1941
wife of John Franklin Shelton

More Information SHELTON    Hugh H.    born Oct.14,1928   died Oct.1,2003
husband of Glenna Mae Shelton

SHELTON    Isaac H.    buried June 5,1908

SHELTON    Mrs. J.F.    buried May 11,1890

SHELTON    John F.    buried Mar.26,1912

SHELTON    John Franklin
born Aug.4,1853   died Nov.1,1942?   buried Nov.3,1944?

SHELTON    Patricia �Ms. Pat� Louise    born Oct.10,1955   died Feb.22,2007

SHELTON    Rufus    buried Sept.2,1907

SHELTON    Rupert L.    born 1888   died 1907

SHELTON    Sim F.    buried Aug.31,1895

More Information SHELTON    Stanley Lawrence    age 57 years   died Agu.7,2007

SHEPHARD    Mrs. Emma    buried Oct.5,1927

SHEPHARD    Sarah J.    born July 19,1924   died Feb.3,2006
wife of Ed Shephard

More Information SHEPHERD    Charlie Bailey    born Aug.20,1923   died Mar.14,1980
husband of Marie V.B. Shepherd
SHEPHERD    Marie V.B. Shepherd    born May 25,1931   died Mar.14,1980
wife of Charlie Bailey Shepherd

SHEPHERD    John George    buried July 21,1898

SHEPPARD    ????    buried Apr.24,1918

More Information SHEPPARD    Alex C.    buried Dec.15,1940

SHEPPARD    Alex C. �A.C.�    born Sept.4,1911   died Mar.22,2003
husband of Ernestine Broadbent Sheppard

More Information SHEPPARD    Alexander Cunningham    born 1831   Died Dec.12,1906
More Information SHEPPARD    Mary Catherine Donnelly    born 1939   died Apr.24,1918

SHEPPARD    Mrs. Allen    buried Dec.31,1935

SHEPPARD    Edward Patrick    born 1878   died 1935   buried July 9,1935
husband of Florida Bumpus Sheppard
SHEPPARD    Florida Bumpus    born 1878   died 1944   buried Sept.26,1944
wife of Edward Patrick Sheppard

SHEPPARD    Mrs. Eugene    buried July 23,1942

SHEPPARD    John A.    buried May 20,1941

SHEPPARD    Mary K.    buried Feb.5,1916

More Information SHEPPARD    Pearl    born Mar.6,1880   died Oct.22,197?
wife of Alexander Sheppard

SHEPPARD    William T.    buried July 4,1930

SHEPPERD    James    buried July 20,1926

More Information SHINDLER    Agnes Louise    born Feb.4,1925   died Mar.24,1992
wife of James C. Shindler

BORN 1886   DIED 1934   BURIED JAN.14,1934

SHOEMAKER    Enos R.    born 1850    died 1895   buried June 11,1895

SHORTT    Emily Laura Wimpy    born Dec.24,1909   died Dec.6,2002

SHRIVER    M.T.    buried June 1,1906

SHRIVER    W.F.    buried June 10,1906

SHRODT    Maria E.    buried Feb.26,1894

SHUBERT    Will    buried Sept.3,1905

SHULL    Clara    buried Mar.3,1918

SHURDON    D.B.    buried June 25,1891

SHURDON    Mrs. James    died Dec.28,1887   age 61 years

SHYE    James E.    born Apr.5,1938   died Dec.6,1989

SICENBERGER    ????    buried Nov.10,1923

SICKENBERGER    Mrs. Katherine    buried Jan.12,1929

SICKENBERGER    L.F.    buried Sept.25,1919

SICKENBERGER    Louis F.    buried Dec.11,1928

SIFFON    John    buried Dec.21,1921

More Information SIKES    Lucille P.    born Mar.29,1910   died Feb.7,2004
wife of William Glen Sikes

More Information SIMPSON    Henry W.    born Mar.23,1913   died May 4,1970
husband of Ramie Wallace Simpson

SIMPSON    W.B.    buried Nov.25,1919

SINGLETON    Elizabeth King

SINGLETON    Elizabeth L.    buried May 21,1917

SINGLETON    Gus    buried Jan.16,1920

SISION    John    buried Jan.31,1946 (7?)

SISK    Teddy Ross    buried Apr.22,1941

SITES    Dr. Jack W. Sr. �Cap�n Jack�    born Nov.12,1928   died May 13,2006
husband of Elizabeth �Ibby� Osterberger Sites

More Information SKAGGS    Vivian A.    born July 21,1937   died Mar.20,2003

SKELTON    Mrs. Mattie(Hattie?) B.    born Jan.15,1881   Apr.27,1945

SKELTON    Sterling S.    Mar.9,1909 - May 25,1975
Kittie N.    Oct.16,1914 - Mar.28,1973

SLATTERY    Mary F.    buried Mar.17,1918

SLATTERY    Michael    buried Apr.13,1908

More Information SLAUGHTER    Harry R.    born Apr.2,1926   died Jan.7,1992
husband of Clettie Frey Slaughter

SLAUGHTER    Harry Rogers    born Sept.7,1907   died June 19,1979
husband of Gertrude C. Slaughter
SLAUGHTER    Gertrude C.    born Jan.5,1905   died Jan.25,1972
wife of Harry R. Slaughter
SLAUGHTER    Harry R.    born Apr.2,1926   died Jan.7,1992
husband of Clettie Frey Slaughter

SLAYDEN    Augustine M.    born May 17,1863   died May 20,1957

More Information SLAYDEN    Jo    born June 19,1924   died July 29,2005
wife of Charles Slayden

More Information SLAYDEN    JOHN DAN    CO. C  11th TENN. INF. REGT. C.S.A.
BORN 1843  DIED 1922

More Information SLEIGH    Elizabeth    born Oct.22,1927   died Apr.4,2005

SMALL    A. Johnson    buried Apr.0,1902

SMALL    Emily    buried Mar.21,1907

SMALL    Thomas Alexander    buried Sept.28,1946
More Information SMALL    Jennie    died Feb.19,1926
wife of Thomas Alexandra Small

SMITH    ????    buried Apr.11,1922

SMITH    A.A.    buried Feb.6,1926

SMITH    A.C.    buried Aug.11,1914

SMITH    A.C.    buried June 18,1928

SMITH    Mrs. A.C.    buried Dec.30,1942

SMITH    A.F.    born 1840   died 1914
SMITH    Imogene Herring    born 1842   died 1919
wife of A.F. Smith
SMITH    Allie    born 1862   died 1887
SMITH    Reita    born 1866   died 1867
child of A.F. Smith
SMITH    Katie    born 1868   died 1890   buried Aug.2,1890
child of A.F. Smith
SMITH    Malcolm    born 1871   died 1901   buried Feb.18,1901
child of A.F. Smith
SMITH    Percy W.    born 1873   died 1903
child of A.F. Smith

SMITH    Alex W.    May 11,1852 - Aug.23,1875

More Information SMITH    Alice Elizabeth    born Oct.30,1919   died Feb.8,2008

More Information SMITH    Allen    born Mar.17,1903   died Aug.9,1992
husband of Helen Fort Smith

SMITH    Mrs. Allen    buried Dec.1,1939

More Information SMITH    Allene Cotham    born Dec.18,1921   died Apr.20,2006

More Information SMITH    Allie H.    died Nov.11,1887   age 25 years  8 months

BORN 1840   DIED 1914
SMITH    Imogene    buried May 6,1919
SMITH    Mable W.    age 49 years   died Dec.23,1928
daughter of Alfonso F. & Imogene Herring Smith

More Information SMITH    Alvie E.    born Sept.11,1919   died Dec.9,1995
husband of Rosetta L. Smith

More Information SMITH    Amy Jane    born Mar.14,1967   died June 9,2006

More Information SMITH    Angeline G.    Feb.10,1826 - June 18,1887   age 61 years
wife of Joab R. Smith

SMITH    Annie M.    buried May 30,1906

SMITH    Mrs. Armanta B.    buried Jan.4,1944


SMITH    Benjamin T.    born Dec.28,1853   died July 27,1945
husband of Ione Classock Smith
SMITH    Ione Classock    died Feb.9,1888

SMITH    Mrs. Blanch    buried Nov.2,1926

SMITH    Blanche    buried June 29,1921

SMITH    C.J.    buried Nov.26,1910

More Information SMITH    Carolyn E.    born Apr.29,1946   died Aug.1,1992
wife of Wendell C. Smith

SMITH    Carr N.    born 1903   died 1904   buried May 19,1904

SMITH    Carr N.    buried Feb.7,1941

SMITH    Catlett Allensworth    born 1920   died June 23,1923
wife of D.B. Smith

SMITH    Charles    buried July 2,1921

More Information SMITH    Charles    born Aug.14,1909   died Dec.20,2003
husband of Clara M. Smith

SMITH    Charles Darry    born Dec.20,1955   died Dec.28,1957

SMITH    Judge Charles G.    buried Apr.15,1890

SMITH    Charles W.    born 1859   died 1901   buried Nov.30,1901

SMITH    Christopher Kropp    born 1864   died 1957
husband of Eva Homer Smith
SMITH    Mrs. Eva H.    buried July 26,1934
SMITH    Christopher Kropp Jr.    born 1896   died 1907   buried Mar.24,1907
son of Christopher Kropp Smith Sr. & Eva Homer Smith

SMITH    Mrs. Clara    buried Dec.27,1934

SMITH    Clara W.    buried Jan.17,1946

SMITH    Clarence J.    buried Oct.27,1909
SMITH    Mrs. Clarence J.    buried Mar.6,1940

SMITH    Clars    buried Nov.13,1940

SMITH    Clyde    buried May 28,1907

SMITH    Corinne N.    born Aug.6,1874   died Feb.??,1956

More Information SMITH    Dorothy G.    born July 8,1902   died Aug.18,1992

More Information SMITH    Douglas    age 4 years   died Aug.10,1907

SMITH    Earl    buried Mar.15,1908

SMITH    Mrs. Ed H.    buried Apr.16,1939

SMITH    Mrs. Ed T.    buried Dec.4,1947

SMITH    Edith L.    buried May 9,1921

More Information SMITH    Edward Marion    born Sept.16,1960   died June 23,2007

SMITH    Elizabeth    buried Jan.16,1926

SMITH    Ella W.    buried Dec.16,1945

SMITH    F. Norman    born Dec.11,1869   died July 16,1953
SMITH    F. Norman Jr.    born July 21,1898   died Mar.5,1945

SMITH    child of Reverend F.W. Smith    buried July 2,1889
SMITH    child of Reverend F.W. Smith    buried Apr.25,1899

SMITH    Frank Marshall    buried Mar.31,1935

SMITH    Fred L.    buried Mar.15,1922

SMITH    George Tandy    born 1864   died 1945   buried Feb.22,1946
husband of Mattie Rudolph Smith
SMITH    Mattie Rudolph    born 1866   died 1955
wife of George Tandy Smith

More Information SMITH    Georgie Mai    died Jan.3,1932
daughter of Thomas J. & Mymie Choate Swift?

SMITH    Gladys L.    buried Feb.12,1904

SMITH    Grove C.    born 1888   died 1960
husband of Jennie H. Smith
SMITH    Jennie H.    born 1889   died 1979
wife of Grove C. Smith

More Information SMITH    Harry M.    buried Aug.11,1945
husband of Lucille Porter Smith

More Information SMITH    Hazel Max    born May 18,1916   died Aug.18,2003

SMITH    Mrs. Howard Jr.    buried Sept.20,1945

SMITH    Howard L.    born Aug.1,1889   died Aug.19,1984&
husband of Myrtle Drane Smith
SMITH    Myrtle Drane    born 1896   died 1943   buried Dec.3,1943
wife of Howard L. Smith

More Information SMITH    Ione    died Jan.16,1888

SMITH    J.J.    buried Mar.14,1922

SMITH    J.P. �Jim�    born Feb.2,1862   died Nov.6,1947
husband of Myra Smith
SMITH    Myra    born 1865   died 1929   buried Mar.25,1929
wife of J.P. �Jim� Smith

SMITH    J.W.    buried Apr.26,1935

SMITH    James C.    buried May 19,1935

SMITH    James Douglas �Schmitty�    age 56 years   died Dec.3,2007

SMITH    James H.    born 1851   died 1930   buried Apr.2,1930
SMITH    Lizzie Polk    born 1853   died 1926
SMITH    James H. Jr.    born 1885   died 1921   buried July 6,1921

SMITH    James Louis    born 1877   died 1878

SMITH    James Richard    born Feb.7,1856   died Oct.1,1928
wife of Deborah Virginia Smith
SMITH    Deborah Virginia    born May 4,1863   died Oct.21,1919
wife of James Richard Smith

SMITH    James Thomas    buried Nov.20,1941

More Information SMITH    James Walter    born Oct.30,1955   died Jan.20,2001

More Information SMITH    Jerome    born Dec.21,1929p; died Apr.18,2003
husband of Mae Fisher Smith

More Information SMITH    Jerome N.    born May 10,1887   died Jan.4,1932
son of Joe & Tennie Terrell Smith

SMITH    Jesse    buried Nov.8,1920

SMITH    Jesse T.    born 1886   died 1969
husband of Bessie C. Smith
SMITH    Bessie C.    born 1883   died 1954
wife of Jesse T. Smith

SMITH    Miss Jimmie    buried Dec.16,1939

SMITH    Mrs. Joe    buried Feb.24,1940

SMITH    John C.    born Sept.11,1823   died Nov.19,1909
husband of Sarah A. Smith
SMITH    Sarah A.    Nov.15,1829 - Sept.29,1895
wife of John C. Smith

More Information SMITH    Jonathan �Caleb�    born May 28,1988   died Oct.28,2006

SMITH    Joseph    buried Jan.4,1907
SMITH    child of Joseph Smith    buried June 19,1896

SMITH    Miss Kate    died Mar.5,1899    age 39 years

SMITH    L. Homer    born 1888   died 1962
husband of Lucy P. Smith
SMITH    Lucy P.    born 1890   died 1953
wife of L. Homer Smith

SMITH    Mrs. Lillian Beach    buried Apr.22,1938

SMITH    Lucian    buried Apr.4,1901

SMITH    Lucy    buried June 2,1938

SMITH    Lucy M. Dabney    born May 9,1827   died Sept.24,1906
wife of Christopher H. Smith

SMITH    M.A.    buried Aug.23,1938

SMITH    infant son of M.W. Smith    buried Mar.16,1904

More Information SMITH    Mabel Walton    born 1879   died 1928

SMITH    Maggie B.    born 1876    died 1880

SMITH    Maggie B.    buried Mar.18,1920   
removed from country

SMITH    Martha    buried Oct.27,1925

More Information SMITH    Mary Howell    died June 4,1890

SMITH    Mary Lee    buried Mar.18,1920

SMITH    Mrs. Mattie D.    buried Aug.18,1908

SMITH    Michael Randolph    born Aug.21,1964   died Feb.19,1994

SMITH    Milan Flack    born July 25,1894   died Aug.27,1953

SMITH    Mina W.    born June 29,1903   died Apr.23,1991
mother of Bettie Smith Baggett

SMITH    Morgan    buried May 10,1927

More Information SMITH    N.G.    died Aug.1,1898

SMITH    Nannie W.    buried Dec.29,1925

SMITH    Mrs. Nellie    buried Feb.15,1914

SMITH    Randolph    born July 5,1927   died Nov.26,2002

SMITH    Rosa    age 29 years    died Oct.10,1907

SMITH    Roy    buried Feb.14,1922

SMITH    Mrs. Sallie P.    buried Dec.29,1908

SMITH    Sallie Rye    born 1867   died 1952

SMITH    Sam    buried May 23,1921

SMITH    Sam    buried July 29,1921

More Information SMITH    Samuel Parker    born Nov.2,1954   died Feb.1,2004

SMITH    Sarah    buried Sept.21,1896

SMITH    Sue Wilgus    died Nov.29,1892
wife of W. Eugene Smith

SMITH    T. Polk    born Sept.10,1875   died July 10,1965
SMITH    Iola Gracey    born Mar.27,1875   died Sept.17,1951

SMITH    infant (of?) Thomas Smith    buried Jan.31,1906

husband of Priscilla T. Withers Smith
SMITH    Pricilla T. Withers    born 1838   died 1915   buried Feb.10,1915
wife of Capt. Thomas H. Smith

SMITH    V.W.    born 1834   died 1920   buried Feb.2,1920
husband of Mary Leigh Smith
SMITH    Mary Leigh    born 1842    died 1884
wife of V.W. Smith

SMITH    V.W.    buried Sept.2,1937

SMITH    W.E.    buried Aug.18,1911

More Information SMITH    W.H. �Smitty�    born Feb.17,1926   died Apr.24,2004

SMITH    Wiley J.    buried Mar.23,1928

SMITH    Miss Will    buried June 26,1942

SMITH    child of William Smith    buried Dec.1,1884
SMITH    child of William Smith    buried Dec.28,1885
SMITH    child of William Smith    buried Aug.30,1890

SMITH    William Elbert    buried July 5,1924

SMITH    William J.    buried Aug.2,1898

More Information SMITHFIELD    Sabia    age 88 years   died Dec.1970

SMITHSON    Mrs. C.W.    buried May 26,1937

SMITHSON    Charles W.    buried Feb.9,1933

SMITHSON    Fred    buried Nov.10,1945

SMITHSON    G.W.    buried July 24,1933

SMITHSON    Guy Roper    born May 19,1928   died Sept.17,2006
husband of Virginia Shoemaker Smithson

SMITHSON    James �Jimmy� Emmett    born June 8,1932   died May 2,2006
husband of Ruth Ussery Smithson

SMOTHERS    Katherine    buried Apr.8,1907

SNADON    Frank    buried Dec.5,1943
SNADON    infant of Frank Snadon    buried Nov.4,1897

SNADON    Mrs. George    buried Jan.21,1897

SNADON    J.F.    died Sept.14,1883    age 63 years

SNADON    Louise    buried Dec.1,1903

SNADON    Lovey    buried June 19,1900

SNADON    Olive    buried Apr.22,1901

SNADON    Saidee D.    born 1869   died 1941

SNADON    Susan F.    buried Feb.2,1920

SNARDON    infant son of Frank Snardon
age 1 day   buried Jan.10,1908

SNARDON    George    buried Aug.3,1929

SNARDON    Mrs. Saida    buried July 31,1941

More Information SNIPES    Joe A.    born Sept.6,1938   died Feb.1,1995
husband of Mary H. Snipes

More Information SNOW    Mrs. Susan M.    died Feb.1,1886

SNOW    Susan S.    no dates on stone

SNYDER    Josiah C.    buried Sept.2,1901

SNYDER    Margaret L.    buried Aug.16,1910

SOLOMAN    Albert    buried June 26,1943

BORN FEB.2,1840   DIED SEPT.29,1909


SOLOMAN    Joe    died July 26,1887    age 18 months

SOLOMON    Miss Nannie Lou    buried June 27,1900

SOLOMAN    Mrs. Phoebe    buried July 3,1914

SORY    B.H.    buried Oct.11,1938

More Information SOWELL    Robert Michael    born June 9,957   died July 3,2005

SOWRIE    Mrs. Bessie Beach    buried Nov.23,1928

More Information SPARKMAN    Emma L.    born June 20,1904   died June 6,2005
wife of James Sparkman

More Information SPEIGHT    Albert Franklin    born Dec.14,1857   died May 1939

SPEIGHT    Mrs. Myra    buried Feb.2,1944

SPENCER    J.S.    buried Sept.12,1935

SPENCER    infant of James Spencer
buried Mar.20,1944

SPENCER    Mercer W.    buried Dec.19,1901

SPICER    B.A.    buried Aug.7,1904

SPILLERS    Joseph A.    buried May 13,1895

SPROUNCE    J. Edward    buried Jan.9,1947

BORN JAN.26,1910   DIED JAN.6,1947

SPRY    Tommy Larkin    buried Apr.13,1899

SPURGEON    Dorothy Jean Mason    born Nov.18,1937   died Jan.11,2008
wife of Emmitt Lee Surgeon

SPURLOCK    infant    buried Apr.30,1941

ST. JOHN    Garner William �Bill�    born Oct.23,1923   died Jan.27,2006
husband of Hazel Marie Suiter St. John

More Information ST. JOHN    Mae    born May 30,1904   died Feb.15,1980
wife of George William St. John

STACEY    Annie M.    buried Feb.9,1916

STACEY    infant daughter of F.H. Stacey    buried Aug.17,1918

STACEY    Francis    buried Feb.23,1923

STACEY    G.N.    buried Dec.15,1919

STACEY    Mrs. G.W.    buried Jan.29,1931

STACEY    Granvil    buried Aug.23,1938

STACEY    J.A.    buried Mar.20,1928

STACEY    Johah M.    buried Feb.6,1938

STACEY    Mabelle    buried Mar.7,1920

STACEY    Mary    buried Apr.11,1917

STACEY    Mary    buried Jan.,1929

STACEY    T.E.    buried Mar.2,1930
STACEY    Mrs. T.E.    buried June 13,1929

STACKER    Mrs. Blanche    buried Nov.3,1931

STACKER    Catherine Pardue    born Aug.20,1919   died Mar.16,1998

STACKER    Clara    buried Oct.21,1913

STACKER    Clay    buried Jan.29,1921

STACKER    Edwin    buried Dec.31,1940

STACKER    Edwin    born Nov.26,1914   died May 3,2000

STACKER    George    buried Mar.8,1926

More Information STACKER    PVT. HENRY CLAY STACKER SR.    CO. A  2nd KY.
BORN JAN.11,1847   DIED SEPT.13,1908
husband of Grace Winthrop Pratt

STACKER    Josephine G.    Jan.16,1922

STACKER    Mrs. M.    buried Feb.26,1931

STACKER    Mrs. Maria    buried Oct.25,1900

BORN JAN.12,1917   DIED JAN.20,1970

STACKER    Nancy Bess    born Aug.21,1951   died Aug.23,1951
infant daughter of Robert & Catherine Stacker

STACKER    Samuel    buried Jan.9,1909

STAFFORD    A.C.    buried Mar.8,1929
STAFFORD    Mrs. A.C.    buried May 27,1934
STAFFORD    infant of A.C. Stafford    buried Apr.28,1893

More Information STAFFORD    B. Forrest    age 40 years   died Feb.7,1908
STAFFORD    child of B. Forrest Stafford    buried Jan.3,1888
STAFFORD    child of B. Forrest Stafford    buried July 22,1890
STAFFORD    Emmerson    buried Feb.6,1898
child of B. Forrest Stafford
STAFFORD    child of B. Forrest Stafford    buried Aug.4,1892

STAFFORD    Dixie    buried July 22,1916

STAFFORD    Francis    buried July 21,1890

STAFFORD    Jef.    buried June 12,1925

STAFFORD    M. Louise    buried Dec.2,1915

STAFFORD    Mrs. Mary    buried July 5,1899

More Information STAFFORD    Wilhelminga    buried Oct.24,1887   age 3 � years

STAGG(S?)    O.S.    buried July 10,1925
STAGG(S?)    Mrs. O.S.    buried May 2,1924

STAINBROOK    Dr. Benjamin M.    born 1878   died 1933   buried Feb.24,1933
husband of Frances H. Stainbrook
STAINBROOK    Frances H.    born 1877   died 1960
wife of Benjamin M. Stainbrook

STANFIELD    Ed    buried May 27,1942

STANFIELD    Sarah J.    buried Feb.4,1926

STANFIELD    W.J.    buried Oct.1,1909

STANFIELD    W.J.    buried Dec.25,1919

STANFIELD    W.L.    buried Mar.4,1916

STANFILL    Bill Bailey    born Jan.3,1929   died Dec.11,2005
husband of Wilotn Selph Stanfill

STANFILL    Dawn Clark    born Apr.9,1955   died June 24,2007
wife of Wayne �Duck� Stanfill

More Information STANFILL    Pearl    born Jan.19,1925   died May 3,2004
wife of Carl Macon Stanfill

STANFILL    Ruben B.    buried Apr.3,1946

More Information STANLEY    Rubye M.    born Apr.3,1912   died May 10,1992
wife of W.G. Stanley

STATON    Billy Vaughn    born Mar.27,1944   died Jan.5,1964

STATON    C.N.    buried Apr.9,1936

STATON    Charles J.    born 1862   died 1922   buried July 27,1922
husband of Hattie B. Staton
STATON    Hattie B.    born 1873   died 1941   buried Oct.28,1941
wife of Charles J. Staton

BORN FEB.7,1845   DIED JAN.31,1902
husband of Adelia Ann Staton
More Information STATON    Adelia A.    born Dec.5,1846   died May 30,1906
wife of Charles Wesley Staton
STATON    Robert Joseph    Aug.31,1869 - June 8,1890
son of Charles Wesley Staton & Adelia Ann Whitfield Staton
STATON    Katie Ann    Feb.26,1874 - June 25,1890
daughter of Charles Wesley Staton & Adelia Ann Whitfield Staton

STATON    Charles W.    born Apr.3,1905   died Oct.10,1905

STATON    Howard J.    born June 27,1906   died Dec.3,1912

STEELE    Dellie Mae    buried Mar.26,1947

More Information STEELE    Robert    born Mar.10,1800   died December 24,1863

More Information STEPHENS    Mary W.    age 72 years   died Mar.27,1929

STEVENS    Clarence L.    born Mar.6,1932

STEVENS    Helena    born Feb.14,1922   died Apr.27,2006

More Information STEVENS    Lucille    born July 14,1921   died May 19,2007
wife of Col. Eugene Stevens

STEVENS    Mrs. Mary W.    buried Mar.15,1932

STEWART    Bryce    buried Jan.25,1894

STEWART    Jane    died Sept.1871

STEWART    Martha    buried May 25,1921

STEWART    Mary    Sept.15,1799 - Dec.19,1875

STEWART    Mrs. Medora    buried Mar.11,1912

STEWART    Minnie Bell    buried May 20,1946

More Information STEWART    Samuel Brown    died Nov.10,1887    age 40 years

STEWART    W.D.    born 1848   died 1925   buried Mar.7,1925

STEWART    William    Apr.30,1832 - Aug.15,1855

STEWART    William May
born in Philadelphia Mar.5,1803   died Sept.26,1877

More Information STIER    Sarah Thomas    born May 26,1932   died July 27,1992
wife of Kenneth Stier Sr.

STOCKLEY    Mrs. Maggie    buried Aug.8,1911

STOKES    Hazel Stapp    born Mar.16,1922   died Jan.1,1995

STONE    Clint Lee    born July 6,1898   died Sept.19,1922

STONE    J.M.    buried Dec.2,1933
STONE    Mrs. J.M.    buried Sept.25,1934

STONE    J.W.    born Apr.15,1858   died Apr.19,1907

STONE    John M. Sr.    age 63 years   died Dec.31,2006
wife of Joyce Stone

STONE    John W.    born May 19,1966   died Jan.3,1935
husband of Carrie Baldwin Stone
STONE    Carrie Baldwin    born Jan.24,1878   died Mar.6,1947
wife of John W. Stone

More Information STONE    Lena M.    born Apr.15,1908   died Feb.12,1992
wife of John William Stone

More Information STONE    Paul N.    age 25 years   died May 20,1929

STONE    Robert B.    born Sept.16,1837   died Mar.21,1926
husband of Katherine R. Stone
STONE    Katherine R.    born Jan.9,1855   died June 15,1935
wife of Robert B. Stone

STONE    Tilwood    buried Apr.28,1946

STORY    Mrs. Alice    buried Feb.3,1945

STOUT    Horace Brandon    born Apr.20,1887   died May 29,1956

STOUT    Judge Josiah Wilkins    born Sept.14,1851   died Nov.28,1938
husband of Emma Brandon Stout
STOUT    Emma Brandon    born Nov.6,1858   died Jan.3,1937
wife of Judge Josiah Wilkins Stout

STOUT    Sarah Graham    born June 23,1823   died Dec.7,1867
wife of Ira Abraham Stout

STOWE    Mary    buried Apr.2,1913

STRATTON    M.A.    buried Feb.16,1925
More Information STRATTON    Rachel    born 1920   died Feb.28,1926
wife of M.A. Stratton

STRATTON    Maurice    buried June 2,1916

STREET    Mrs. Eliza Ann    buried Nov.12,1935

STREET    Joe    buried Aug.13,1945

STREETMAN    James Howard    born Oct.25,1932   died July 23,1962

STROUD    Raymond T.    born Nov.10,1913   died June 27,2006
husband of Izetta Houston Stroud

SUGG    C.F.    buried Jan.10,1911

More Information SUGG    Gordon A.    born July ,1895   died Jan.11,1946

More Information SUGG    John Parker    born Feb.10,1922   died June 20,1986
husband of Bertha Goodwin Sugg

More Information SUGG    O.B.    born Apr.10,1890   died Aug.29,1967

More Information SUGG    Pearl    born June 21,1890   died Mar.21,1978
wife of J.E. Sugg

More Information SUGG    Vera Margaret    born Apr.24,1900   died Nov.20,1981
wife of Louis G. Sugg

BORN JAN.3,1926   DIED DEC.8,1985
SUGG    Eloise H.    born Apr.14,1925   died June 25,1988

SUITER    ????    buried Apr.1,1919

More Information SUITER    Buford Stephens �Josh�    born Jan.12,1924   died Oct.15,1997
More Information SUITER    Bertha Lee    born July 6,1923   died June 6,2003

SUITER    Burnice    born May 7,1925   died Nov.20,2003

More Information SUITER    Carl Edward    born June 2,1936   died May 21,2007
husband of Debbie Harvey Suiter

SUITER    Dorothy Lorene    born June 29,1927   died Dec.2,2006
wife of Julian Suiter

SUITER    Mrs. Emma    buried Aug.13,1929

SUITER    Forest    born Apr.3,1908   died Feb.11,2007

More Information SUITER    Frank Ross    born Feb.19,1927   died Nov.10,1975

More Information SUITER    Garner Donald    born Nov.14,1930   died Feb.12,2004
husband of Dorothy Crotzer Suiter

SUITER    Harold Wall Sr.    born July 8,1931   died Jan.31,2004

SUITER    Jason Christopher    born & died Mar.20,1972
son of Danny Nathan Suiter & Kathryn Elaine Suiter

SUITER    Lawrence Edward    born Aug.1,1923   died Aug.5,2006
husband of Lois Peacher Suiter

More Information SUITER    Leon    age 74 years   died Jan.28,1978
husband of Alma Baxter Suiter
SUITER    Alma Baxter    born Aug.4,1906   died Mar.7,1982
SUITER    infant daughter of Leon Suiter    
buried Feb.9,1940

SUITER    Leon James    born born July 11,1961   died Aug.6,2000

SUITER    Miss Lucy    buried May 20,1934

SUITER    Mark Forest    born Sept.23,1969   died Sept.21,1990
son of Forest & Margie Suiter

SUITER    Naomi R.    buried Mar.11,1920

More Information SUITER    Patrick E.    born Sept.23,1943   died Jan.5,1982

SUITER    Pearl    buried Mar.20,1907

SUITER    Robert H.    buried Sept.26,1944

SUITER    Roy    born Mar.12,1895   died Nov.23,19224/15/08

SUITER    Rufus G.    buried Aug.18,1946
More Information SUITER    Florence    born May 28,1885   died Sept.1975
wife of Rufus G. Suiter

More Information SUITER    William Ellis    born July 12,1916   died Nov.23,2004

SULLIVAN    Agnes    died 1978

SULLIVAN    Mrs. Annie    died 1932   buried Jan.28,1933

SULLIVAN    Miss Ellie H.    died 1902 ?   buried Nov.10,1903 ?

More Information SULLIVAN    Gracie Elizabeth    born Mar.24,1939   died Mar.16,2005

SULLIVAN    John D.    buried June 24,1926

SULLIVAN    John D.    died June 24,1946
Born in Sneem County Kerr Ireland June 4,1848

SULLIVAN    P. Denny Dennis    died 1903    buried Mar.7,1904 ?

SULLIVAN    Patricia Sue    born July 7,1948   died May 30,1948

SULLIVAN    Sylvester �Silva�    died 1912   buried July 3,1910 ?

More Information SUMMERS    Gilbert Eugene    born Apr.12,1942   died June 22,2005

More Information SUMMERS    Virgie Lee    born Dec.20,1919   died Aug.22,2005
wife of Will T. Summers

More Information SUMNER    James W.    born Oct.20,1908   died Mar.8,1970

More Information SUTTON    Cecil    born June 21,1935   died Aug.14,2007
husband of Joyce Joiner Sutton

SUTTON    Frank    buried Mar.15,1938

More Information SUTTON    Frank Spencer    born Oct.23,1923   died June 28,1974

More Information SUTTON    Grata M.    born May 9,1903   died May 1,1980
wife of Watkin W. Sutton

SUTTON    Joseph C.    born May 11,1913   died May 26,2001
husband of Minnie M. Sutton
SUTTON    Minnie M.    born Oct.16,1915   died Apr.14,2000
wife of Joseph C. Sutton

SWAN    Charles    buried Apr.24,1928

SWAN    Charles    buried Aug.2,1929

SWAN    Mrs. Mary    buried Feb.18,1928

SWAN    Mrs. Mary    buried Aug.2,1929

SWENKER    Mrs. Sydney    buried Aug.3,1902

SWIFT    Charles Harlon    born Dec.1,1920   died Mar.26,2008
husband of Georgia Dawson Swift

SWIFT    Mrs. Ezra    buried Dec.27,1939

More Information SWIFT    Raymond Thomas    born Sept.21,1907   died Apr.10,1983
More Information SWIFT    Martha Belle    born July 31,1917   died Dec.10,2007

SWIFT    Mrs. Sadie M.    buried Nov.14,1943

SWIFT    Vernon    buried Nov.28,1946

SWIFT    Vernon Ray    born Oct.4,1936   died Dec.27,????

SWIFT    William Robert    buried Nov.28,1934

SWIM    Mrs. Emma    buried Apr.24,1931

SYDNOR    Tyrone    age 51 years   died May 4,2007

SYKES    Esta Hayes    born Mar.27,1917   died Jan.3,2007
wife of Hugh Batson Sykes

More Information SYKES    George Robert    born Apr.6,1914   died Oct.30,2003

SYKES    Pearl    buried Sept.6,1918

SYPERT    Mrs. Amanda    born 1850   died 1935   buried July 2,1935

SYPERT    Dr. D.P.    born 1840   died 1901   buried May 2,1901

SYPERT    Dr. D.P.    buried Aug.27,1925

SYPERT    Henrietta    born 1838    died 1890    buried Dec.20,1893 ?

SYPERT    Warfield    born 1871   died 1924   buried Nov.18,1924

SYPERT    Warfield    buried Aug.27,1925

More Information TABOR    A.J.    born 1889   died 1926   buried Apr.16,1926

More Information TACKETT    Susie    born Nov.13,1919   died Feb.15,2005

TAFT    Elliott B. �Al�    born May 17,1922   died May 23,1991
husband of Elizabeth F. �Liz� Taft
TAFT    Elizabeth F. �Liz�    born Jan.22,1926

TAGGART    Dr. H.A.    buried Mar.15,1935

TAGGART    Mrs. Ruby W.    buried Feb.14,1944

More Information TALLEY    Betty Mae    born Apr.26,1932   died Dec.21,1992

TALLEY    Payton A.    born 1857   died 1934   buried Mar.27,1934
husband of Nancy Y. Talley
TALLEY    Nancy Y.    born 1857   died 1914   buried Sept.24,1914
wife of Payton A. Talley

TALLY    Nancy    buried Apr.2,1923

TANNER    Mrs. Elizabeth    buried Oct.12,1945

TANNER    Mrs. Georgia Pruitt    buried Sept.6,1939

More Information TANNER    J.D.    born Jan.28,1864   died June 3,1922

TANNER    J.D.    buried June 5,1932

TANNER    William    buried May 18,1927
TANNER    child of William Tanner    buried Mar.24,1892

TARPLEY    ????    buried Mar.27,1896
child of Claud Tarpley

TARPLEY    Bertha L.    buried Feb.20,1904

TARPLEY    Elsie    buried May 29,1913

TARPLEY    James Lynnwood    born July 23,1906   died 1Sept.24,1997913
husband of Pauline Rudolph Tarpley
More Information TARPLEY    Pauline Rudolph    born Jan.26,1907   died Dec.20,1992
wife of James Tarpley

TARPLEY    Mrs. M.L.    buried Sept.20,1926

TARPLEY    Mabel G.    born 1877   died 1962

TARPLEY    Mabel L.    buried Dec.5,1904

TARPLEY    Pauline    buried May 6,1934

More Information TARPLEY    Pearl    died Apr.25,1886    age 2 � years


TARWATER    E. Augustus    buried Oct.19,1897

TATE    J.C.    buried July 23,1924
TATE    Mrs. J.C.    buried Sept.23,1926

TATE    John    buried June 23,1941

TATE    infant of John H. Tate    buried Nov.29,1907

More Information TATE    Joseph A.    died Aug.26,1887    age 50 years

TATE    Philip K.    buried Feb.10,1935

TAYLOR    Mrs. ????    Apr.6,1939

More Information TAYLOR    Alice Allen    born Mar.15,1915   died July 5,2003

More Information TAYLOR    Carline C.    born Feb.16,1917   died May 24,2005
wife of John Dudley Taylor Jr.

TAYLOR    Charles Morgan    buried Feb.24,1942

TAYLOR    Mrs. Cora    buried Feb.3,1910

More Information TAYLOR    Gladys Taylor    born May 9,1910   died May 1,2005

TAYLOR    Howard Acree    buried Dec.18,1923

BURIED MAY 23,1920

TAYLOR    John    buried Jan.29,1919

TAYLOR    Louise    buried Nov.10,1909

TAYLOR    Lynda Gale    buried Sept.22,1947

TAYLOR    Mrs. Ross R.    buried May 29,1946

TEDDER    Luther Wayne    age 63 years   died May 13,2006

TEEPLE    Josephene Sowell    buried July 12,1946

TEMPENNY    James Robert    born May 2,1911   died June 27,1986

TEMPLE    Susan    buried Feb.5,1892

More Information TENPENNY    James Hayden    born June 25,1935   died Mar.27,2005

More Information TERRELL    Joe K.    born Oct.7,1921   died June 21,1992
husband of Louella Carpenter Terrell

TERRY    Bobby Lewis    born June 28,1941   died May 9,1986

TESSMANN    Harold H.    born 1914   died 1969
husband of Verna L. Tessmann
More Information TESSMANN    Verna Lydia    born June 3,1917   died Aug.12,2003
wife of Harold H. Tessmann

More Information THACKER    Gregory Nathaniel    born Feb.3,1983   died Jan.4,2002

More Information THARPE    Recia Ramona    age 74 years   died May 29,2005
wife of Jay Hugh Tharpe

THOMAS    Mr.    buried Apr.10,1885

THOMAS    Mrs. Amas    buried Nov.23,1939

More Information THOMAS    Buford    born Oct.2,1908   died July 3,1971
THOMAS    Mabel Stavely    born Mar.21,1908   died Aug.27,2001

More Information THOMAS    Douglas Earl    born May 6,1977   died Jan.18,2003

THOMAS    Dr. E.R.W.    buried Nov.18,1893
THOMAS    Mrs. E.R.W.    buried Jan.9,1893

More Information THOMAS    Frances    born July 28,1916   died Aug.4,2003

THOMAS    Dr. T.A.    buried Apr.26,1892

THOMLINSON    Walter    buried Aug.30,1912


THOMPSON    Mrs. Ellen Walker    buried Jan.22,1944

More Information THOMPSON    James B.    born Feb.1,1911   died Aug.6,2004
husband of Allegra Shive Thompson

THOMPSON    Jennie    buried Dec.30,1892

More Information THOMPSON    Ruby Jean    born May 14,1932   died Jan.1,2004

THOMPSON    Stella    buried Aug.15,1892

THORNTON    Emma E.    born 1870   died 1916   buried Apr.17,1916
wife of John W. Thornton

THORNTON    S.B.    born 1867   died 1935   buried Sept.25,1935
husband of Emma E. Thornton

THWEATT    John G.    born 1882   died 1971
husband of Nancy Jane Thweatt
THWEATT    Nancy Jane    born 1885   died 1966
wife of John G. Thweatt

THWEATT    Nannie Lorena    born Oct.30,1905   died Oct.2,1982

TIGNER    Wesley    age 57 years   died May 21,2006

TIGNOR    Jennie    buried Aug.29,1921
TIGNOR    child of Jennie Tignor    buried Aug.29,1921

TILLEY    C.L.    buried June 10,1930

TILLEY    Clarence L.    buried May 11,1930

TILLEY    Miss Ella Caroline �Carrie�    died Sept.18,1941

TILLEY    Irwin    buried Oct.24,1923

TILLEY    Mrs. Rosa V.    buried Jan.14,1902

More Information TIMBERMAN    Renate G.    born Jan.21,1939   died Dec.5,1992
wife of Ralph W. Timberman

TINSLEY    Mrs. Francie    buried Aug.16,1931

More Information TINSLEY    Martha Gray Hollingsworth    born Feb.13,1891    died Aug.2,1904

TITUS    Christine    born June 29,1909   died Mar.24,2007
wife of Spencer Titus

TITUS    R.R.    buried Jan.10,1892

TITUS    T. Herndon    buried June 17,1918

More Information TITUS    William Pierce    age 76 years   died May 27,1928
TITUS    Mrs. Addie E. Griffey    buried Oct.5,1897
More Information TITUS    James Crusman    died Nov.24,1929
son of William Pierce & Addie E. Griffey Titus
TITUS    child of William Pierce Titus    buried Aug.23,1885
TITUS    child of William Pierce Titus    buried June 29,1890
TITUS    child of William Pierce Titus    buried July 13,1890
TITUS    child of William Pierce Titus    buried Aug.22,1895
TITUS    infant daughter of William Pierce Titus    buried July 3,1899

More Information TITUS    William Pearce    born Oct.13,1900   died Apr.30,1980
More Information TITUS    Anna Mae    born Feb.27,1913   died Apr.26,1984

TODD    Mrs. Anna Laura    buried Sept.27,1946

TOLER    James A.    buried Jan.8,1905

TOLER    Mrs. Rebecca    buried Jan.5,1913

TOLLETT    Jane Broaddus    born Mar.28,1864   died Nov.11,1916

TOMLINSON    Alice    buried Dec.8,1924

TOMLINSON    Earl    buried June 6,1911

TOMLINSON    Dr. Rufus Henry    born Jan.4,1866   died Sept.27,1944
husband of Ethel Dunbar Tomlinson
TOMLINSON    Ethel Dunbar    born July 11,1877   died June 9,1944
wife of Rufus Henry Tomlinson M.D.

TOMLINSON    George W.    buried Oct.28,1906

More Information TOWE    Della Pearl    born July 5,1923   died Nov.3,2005

TOWE    Mrs. Mary A.    born 1877   died 1934   buried Apr.2,1934

More Information TOWLER    Robert George    born Oct.5,1930   died Dec.13,1992
husband of Hannelore Towler

TOWNLEY    Mrs. Ida N. Smith    buried Feb.10,1937

TOWNLEY    J.M.    buried Feb.10,1937

removed from Riverview Cemetery

TOWNSEND    G. Hunt    buried Feb.1,1938

S.E. TOWNSEND    CO. E  2nd VA. INF.
BORN OCT.29,1840   DIED JUNE 13,1912
husband of Jennie Townsend
TOWNSEND    Jennie    born Feb.21,1850   died Sept.23,1931
wife of S.E. Townsend

TRAHERN    Elwyn Baxter    born Oct.24,1873   died May 23,1951
husband of Lilly Bell Trahern
TRAHERN    Lilly Bell    born May 4,1874   died Feb.9,1962
wife of Elwyn Baxter Trahern

TRAHERN    Florence    buried Feb.21,1893

TRAHERN    Joseph Baxter    Oct.24,1842 - Feb.4,1875
TRAHERN    Florence Crabtree    born Oct.11,1811   died Feb.19,1893
wife of Joseph Baxter Trahern

TRAHERN    Joseph Baxter    born Feb.27,1901   died Mar.22,1983
husband of Margaret Fort Trahern
TRAHERN    Margaret Fort    born Dec.28,1902   died June 23,1966
wife of Joseph Baxter Trahern

TRAMILL    L.D.    buried May 14,1941

More Information TRAMILL    Lucile Etha    born Jan.9,1909   died Apr.27,2003

TRAUGHBER    Thomas Martin    born 1864   died 1950
husband of Dorothy McDonnell Traughber
TRAUGHBER    Dorothy McDonnell
wife fo Thomas Martin Traughber

TRAVIS    Mrs. Mary    buried Sept.4,1940

DR. A.M.    CO. F  16th ARKANSAS INF. C.S.A.
BORN OCT.8,1846 (1844?)   DIED MAY8,1911
TRAWICK    Mrs. Dr. A.M. Trawick    buried Jan.30,1890
TRAWICK    child of Dr. A.M. Trawick    buried Oct.1,1887
TRAWICK    infant of Dr. A.M Trawick.    born & died Dec.2,1889
TRAWICK    child of Dr. A.M. Trawick    buried Dec.7,1889

TRAWICK    Arch    born Mar.16,1868   died July 10,1959
husband of Sarah Kate Herndon Trawick
TRAWICK    Sarah Kate Herndon    born June 16,1875   died June 24,1964
wife of Arch Trawick

TRAWICK    Miss Mary    buried Dec.5,1903

TRICE    Christine T.    born Nov.1,1917   died Jan.26,2006
wife of (1) Marvin E. Smith (2) Wesley F. Trice

TRICE    Delois Amnonia Young    born Oct.11,1935   died May 4,2007
wife of Roger K. Trice Sr.

TRICE    Fannie    buried Aug.7,1896

TRINKLE    John William    born & died Oct.18,1931
son of William L. & Eva Grace Gardner Trinkle

TRINKLE    infant of William Trinkle    buried May 19,1925

TROTTER    Irene V.    born Aug.11,1914   died Feb.19,1960
wife of Jerry L. Trotter

TROTTER    J.P.    buried Dec.16,1918

TROTTER    Jasper    buried Oct.23,1915

TROTTER    Jerry L. �Jack�     born Mar.7,1903   died July 2,1992
husband of Irene V. Clark Trotter

BORN MAR.1,1842   DIED FEB.16,1923
More Information TROTTER    Amanda Jones    born Oct.13,1856   died Oct.26,1939

More Information TROTTER    Mary B.    born Sept.30,1915   died Apr.12,1992
wife of William Garner Trotter

More Information TROTTER    Pearl S.    born Mar.4,1902   died Feb.26,2008
wife of Walter R. Trotter

TROTTER    William P.    born 1856   died 1933   buried Feb.21,1933
husband of Parrylee J. Trotter
TROTTER    Parrylee J.    born 1860   died 1940   buried Oct.29,1940
wife of William P. Trotter

TROTTER    William Stevens    buried June 13,1945

TROUPE    Jessie Lee    born Jan.31,1923   died June 12,2006
wife of Clinton Lee �Buddy� Troupe

TURNELEY    Amelia Wisdom    born Aug.15,1887   died June 12,1912

TURNER    Bailey F.    buried June 13,1946

More Information TURNER    Courtney Amelia    born Jan.26,1985   died Dec.12,2004

TURNER    G.M.    buried July 6,1918

More Information TURNER    Irene    born Mar.17,1920   died Mar.9,2005

TURNER    J.H.    born 1833   died 1902
    removed from country
husband of Virginia Turner
TURNER    Virginia    born 1838   died 1912   buried Oct.30,1912
    removed from country
wife of J.H. Turner
TURNER    infant Annette
    removed from country

TURNER    James W.    buried Dec.21,1923

TURNER    Mrs. Jewel    buried Nov.9,1923

TURNER    Mark A.    born 1983   died 1997

TURNER    Mrs. Mary J.    buried Aug.11,1936

TURNER    Mary Virginia    buried Aug.7,1932

TURNER    Mattie Gibbs    buried Dec.16,1939

TURNER    Stephen D.    born May 12,1866   died Mar.22,1944

TURNER    Susan Ford    born Aug.8,1958   died Feb.22,2007
wife of Jeff Turner

TURNER    Will H.    born 1865   died 1939   buried Apr.1,1939
husband of Ruth Turner
TURNER    Ruth    born 1874   died 1932   buried Dec.27,1932
wife of Will H. Turner
TURNER    Annett    Feb.20,1897 - Mar.29,1897
daughter of Will H. & Ruth Turner

TURNER    William Authur    buried May 31,1940

More Information TURNEY    Mary Alice    born Jan.25,1932   died Aug.9,2004
wife of Doyl Wayne Turney

TURNLEY    Mrs. Amelia    buried June 28,1912

TURNLEY    Mrs. C.R.    buried Mar.,1919

TURNLEY    Edmund    buried Jan.12,1896

TURNLEY    Edward P.    buried Oct.31,1918

TURNLEY    Miss Fay    buried Dec.15,1895

TURNLEY    G. Morton    died Apr.10,1931

TURNLEY    J. Harvey    buried May 11,1911

TURNLEY    LenMarguerite C.    died Sept.15,1925
wife of Morton Turnley
TURNLEY    child of Morton Turnley    buried Aug.23,1896

TURNLEY    Mattie    buried Apr.7,1936

More Information TURNLEY    Mattie A.    June 23,1883 - Sept.2,1884

TURNLEY    Ned M.    buried Aug.1,1902

TURNLEY    Robert    buried June 18,1932

TURNLEY    Sallie C.    buried Sept.1,1928

TURNLEY    William H.    buried Mar.2,1923

TYLER    child of Judge Tyler    buried Dec.7,1886


TYLER    Miss Emily �Emmie�    born Oct.11,1849   died Aug.2,1932

TYLER    Joseph D.    buried Feb.28,1937

TYLER    Mildred S.    Nov.23,1809 - Jan.25,1884

TYLER    Mollie Settle    buried Aug.10,1900

TYLER    Nannie    buried Sept.9,1885

More Information TYLER    Quint M.    Aug.6,1816 - June 8,1888

TYLER    infant son of Rex Tyler    buried Nov.28,1916

UFFELMAN    H.Z.    buried Aug.14,1939

UNSELL    J.H.    buried May 18,1943

More Information USSERY    Evelyn    born June 13,1912   died Feb.13,2005

USSERY    Mrs. Frank    buried Aug.5,1945

USSERY    Frank L.    buried June 17,1938

More Information USSERY    Garvin    born July 12,1905   died Sept.12,1992
husband of Nell Waller Ussery

USSERY    Lois M.    born Aug.11,1928   died Sept.23,2007
wife of (1) Dalton Lester Major (2) George Ussery

More Information USSERY    Mary Clardy    born Sept.15,1905   died Jan.10,2004

USSERY    infant daughter of N.S. Ussery    buried Feb.28,1936

More Information USSERY    Robert L.    born May 10,1930   died Dec.16,2000

VADEN    Charles W.    buried July 19,1938

More Information VADEN    Frances    born Mar.23,1922   died July 25,2003
wife of Major Woodrow W. Vaden

VANCE    Samuel    Feb.4,1784 - Apr.3,1823

VANCE    Samuel    buried Apr.19,1912

VANNESSET    Robert P.    buried Oct.7,1947

VANSICKLE    Mrs. Edna    buried Oct.20,1945

VARNER    Mrs. J.D.    buried Dec.25,1921

VARNER    Lee    buried July 25,1914

More Information VAUGHN    Evelyn L. Sawyer    born July 20,1939   died Aug.27,1999

VAUGHN    infant daughter of Dr. George Vaughn
buried Dec.28,1908

VAUGHN    James Milton II    age 51 years   died June 20,2007

VAUGHN    John Thomas    buried May 19,1946

More Information VAUGHN    M. Ray    born Dec.6,1930   died Aug.24,2005

VAUGHN    Maggie S.    born 1893   died 1966

VAUGHN    Sarah Ellen    born May 2,1919   died Sept.16,2006
wife of Dossie Lee Vaughn

VICK    Jerry Belmont    born May 24,1936   died 1913
husband of Betty Jean Rye Vick
More Information VICK    Betty Jean    born Sept.25,1935   died May 27,2003

VICK    infant daughter of Robert Vick    buried June 26,1908

More Information VICKERS    Elaine Madalyn    born Dec.23,1919   died Jan.31,1992

VINEYARD    Professor B.W.    buried Nov.29,1902

VINEYARD    Bryce W.    born Feb.20,182?   died Nov.6,1902

VINEYARD    John W. M.D.    born May 7,1847   died May 23,1933

More Information VINEYARD    Nancy Preston    born Dec.22,1845   died May 11,1929
wife of Bryce Vineyard

VISER    Stanley M.    buried Sept.17,1919

VIVARETT    Mrs. Lon    buried May 31,1887

WADDEL    Mrs. Harriet A.    buried Jan.25,1899

WADE    Arch    born 1882   died 1972
husband of Georgia Wade
WADE    Georgia    born 1880   died 1962
wife of Arch Wade
WADE    Ella N.    born 1886   died 1962
wife of Arch Wade?

WADE    Charles William    born Dec.18,1857   died July 4,1925
husband of Melvina Talley Wade
WADE    Melvina Talley    born Oct.2,1860   died May 16,1931
wife of Charles William Wade

WADE    Hazel Irene    age 89 years   died June 25,2007

More Information WADE    Katherine    born Aug.24,1920   died July 4,2003
wife of Houston Wade

WADE    infant of Morton Wade    buried Apr.20,1923

WADE    W. Porter    born 1885   died 1988
husband of Ella N. Wade

WADE    William C.    buried Dec.1,1914

WAGGONER    Ruth M.    buried Feb.1,1923

WAKEFIELD    J.H.    buried Mar.15,1912

More Information WALDROP    Mable Lou    born Nov.22,1906   died Sept.5,1983
wife of Frank T. Waldrop

More Information WALKER    Ellen    born July 1,1926   died Nov.2,2005
wife of Woodrow Walker

WALKER    Emma Wickham    born Nov.3,1878   died Feb.20,1948

WALKER    Mrs. H.C.    buried Dec.26,1936

WALKER    Miss Hattie    buried Apr.17,1933

WALKER    Dr. John N.    born 1812    died 1895    buried Jan.11,1895

BORN MAR.9,1840   DIED AUG.21,1890
husband of N. Caroline Walker
WALKER    N. Caroline    born Dec.18,1842   died Dec.8,1924
wife of Robert Hamilton Walker

WALKER    Tracey    buried Dec.7,1947

WALL    A.C.    buried Jan.25,1939
WALL    Mrs. A.C.    buried Oct.9,1945

WALL    Addie M.    born Jan.2,1910   died Jan.7,2006
wife of Charles Henry Wall

WALL    Amilyah Denise    age 7 weeks   died July 29,2005

WALL    Cullen L.    born Jan.8,1860   died Apr.18,1909

WALL    Donald B.    born Feb.17,1914   died Apr.30,2001

WALL    Harry Cullan    born Jan.2,1918   died Sept.9,1996
husband of Rudhia Carnell Baggett Wall

WALL    Margaret    buried Oct.27,1918

WALL    Pearl Murphy    born Feb.28,1888   died Aug.29,1936

WALL    R. Buford    born Sept.2,1913   died Mar.16,1976
husband of Lillian K. Wall
WALL    Lillian K.    born Oct.26,1912   died Apr.16,1998
wife of R. Buford Wall

WALL    Robert    buried July 10,1927

WALL    Robert E.    buried Oct.17,1945

WALL    Sterling    buried Jan.30,1939

WALLACE    infant of Delora Wallace    buried Sept.30,1926

WALLACE    Mrs. E.S.    buried Jan.22,1891

WALLACE    Franklin Hugh    age 85 years   died Oct.22,2005

WALLACE    John    buried Oct.14,1935

More Information WALLACE    Lorene    born Nov.27,1913   died Aug.14,2004

WALLACE    Thomas H.    born Sept.20,1847   died Sept.16,1938
husband of Ellen D. Wallace
WALLACE    Ellen D.    born Aug.20,1868   died Mar.8,1914
wife of Thomas H. Wallace
WALLACE    Thomas H.    May 27,1894 - July 9,1897
son of Thomas H. & Ellen D. Wallace

WALLER    Albert D.    buried Mar.18,1912

WALLER    B.H.    buried July 4,1947

WALLER    Mrs. Charles L.    buried June 5,1946

More Information WALLER    Laurin    born Nov.24,1906   died May 9,1980
husband of Zoie Watson Waller
WALLER    infant daughter of Laurin Waller
buried June 6,1940

WALLER    Mrs. Lucy    buried Feb.21,1942

WALLER    Mrs. Molissa    buried Oct.25,1928

WALLER    N.O.    buried Jan.25,1936

WALLER    Rousseau Annie    age 66 years 2 months 15 days    Dec.8,1873

WALLER    Ruth Dan    buried Mar.19,1931


WALTHAL    Mrs. E.W.    buried Sept.30,1941

WALTHAL    Mrs. Elizabeth    buried Mar.2,1899

WALTHAL    Laurie    buried June 13,1892

WALTHAL    Louella    buried Nov.17,1891

WALTHAL    Robert D.    May 5,1844 - May 28,1882

WALTHAL    Robert M.    died Oct.31,1929

WALTHAL    T.N.    buried Aug.29,1918

More Information WALTHAL    Theodore Sr.    born Oct.4,1846   died 1918

WALTHAL    Theodore N.    buried Aug.12,1940

BORN 1841   DIED OCT.12,1925
husband of Sallie Whitfield Walthal
More Information WALTHAL    Sallie Whitfield    born Feb.3,1853   died Dec.1933
wife of Thomas Washington Walthal

WARD    Annie    buried Apr.11,1943

WARD    Fredrick D.    born Nov.28,1940   died Mar.20,2007
husband of Carol Ward

WARD    Mary G.    died Mar.2,1879    age 63 years

More Information WARD    Ronald    born Dec.24,1946   died Oct.4,2007

WARD    Seth    died Mar.16,1845    age 73 years
husband of Martha Norvell Ward
WARD    Martha Norvell    died Apr.2,1848    age 73 years
wife of Seth Ward

More Information WARDWELL    Rita Jane Moll    born Aug.16,1930   died May 5,2004

More Information WARE    Kathleen    buried Nov.15,1936
WARE    infant son of Thomas Fowler Ware    buried Dec.20,1936

More Information WARE    James R.    born Nov.16,1918   died Mar.14,2008
husband of Winifred K. Ware

WARFIELD    Mrs. Adelia    buried May 2,1911

WARFIELD    Charles P.    born 1851   died 1935   buried July 15,1935
husband of Mary Rice Warfield
WARFIELD    Mary Rice    born 1856   died 1915   buried Nov.26,1915
wife of Charles P. Warfield

WARFIELD    Dora    buried Aug.17,1925

WARFIELD    child of George Warfield    buried Dec.13,1893

WARFIELD    George Hanson    born May 18,1868   died July 24,1913

WARFIELD    George W.    buried Apr.7,1914

WARFIELD    Joseph    died Jan.22,188?

WARFIELD    Joseph Hanson    born 1884    died 1888

WARFIELD    Leacy Douglas    buried Dec.22,1946

WARFIELD    Louis    buried May 9,1909

WARFIELD    Miss Nannie Rice    born 1888   died 1903   buried Oct.29,1903

WARFIELD    Nannie Rice    born July 20,1854   died Apr.24,1879
wife of W.L. Warfield

WARFIELD    Percy    buried May 21,1946

WARFIELD    Sara Francis    buried Jan.25,1925

More Information WARFIELD    Walter W.    age 55 years   died May 10,1926

WARNEKEN    Gustav Herman    born Aug.2,1864   died Feb.7,1917
WARNEKEN    Mrs. Gustav Herman    buried Nov.19,1934

WARREN    Mrs. Aurilla Lauvirnna    buried Mar.24,1946

More Information WARREN    Charles Jr.    born July 23,1925   died May 14,2003

More Information WARREN    Edith    born May 24,1917   died Mar.10,2008

WARREN    Eva Mae    buried July 11,1927

WARREN    Fern    buried July 11,1927

WARREN    Frances H.    born Feb.27,1923   died June 11,1993
wife of Charles M. Warren Jr.

WARREN    G.T.    buried May 23,1938

More Information WARREN    Minerva Rebecca    died Nov.9,2003

WASHINGTON    Mrs. Annie    buried Dec.31,1936

WASHINGTON    Samuel    buried Sept.8,1912

WATERS    Charles McManus    born May 11,1920   died Dec.9,2006
husband of Evelyn �Peggy� Waters

WATERS    Leveda Marvie    buried Oct.25,1930

WATKINS    Mrs. Eliza A.    buried Apr.13,1899

WATKINS    H.J.    buried Feb.22,1944
WATKINS    H.J. Jr.    buried Nov.20,1926

WATKINS    Mattie B.    buried May 12,1907

WATKINS    S.N.    buried Feb.14,1940

WATSON    Mrs. Annetta
buried July 12,1928    removed from Sango

WATSON    Reverend B.T.    buried Nov.8,1940

WATSON    Mrs. B.T.    buried May 30,1937

WATSON    Eula Mable Nolin    born 1891   died Aug.4,1964

WATSON    George Sr.    born ????   died ????

WATSON    George H.    buried May 17,1898

WATSON    Gus E.    buried May 24,1920

WATSON    John M.    buried June 22,1924

WATSON    Katherine B.    born Oct.20,1915   died June 15,2007
wife of Guy L. Watson

WATSON    Mrs. Rose C.    buried Jan.27,1927

WATSON    T.N.    buried Feb.,1935

WATSON    W.R.    buried July 21,1930

WATSON    Mrs. Zoie Webb    buried Nov.23,1942

WATTS    Ella D.    buried Oct.30,1923

WATTS    Henry W.    born Oct.17,1895   died Feb.11,1965
husband of Lucile G. Watts
WATTS    Lucile G.    born Aug.23,1899   died Nov.24,1995
wife of Henry W. Watts

WATTS    M.H.    buried July 28,1939

WATTS    Martha    buried Sept.23,1924

WATTS    Walter L.    buried Apr.16,1944

WATTS    Will T.    buried Jan.25,1940

WAYNICK    Fred    born June 17,1921   died Mar.24,2008

WAYNICK    Tennie    buried Nov.19,1942

More Information WEAKLEY    James B.    born Feb.21,1908   died Jan.6,1992
husband of Kathryn Harvey Weakley

WEAKLEY    infant    died Nov.19,1931
child of Walter W. & Fairy Stewart Weakley

WEAKLEY    William Lewis    buried Apr.30,1928

WEATHERFORD    Daniel William    stillborn Apr.19,1981

WEATHERFORD    Lula Trawick    born Dec.9,1876   died July 12,1907
wife of W.D. Weatherford

More Information WEATHERSBY    Robert Warren    born Sept.1,1915   died Sept.24,1992
husband of Nancy Priscilla Weathersby

WEAVER    Mrs. Ball    buried May 5,1928

WEAVER    Eugene    buried Dec.27,1898

WEAVER    Mrs. J.L.    buried Feb.1,1941

WEAVER    John L.    buried Jan.31,1924

BURIED MAR.17,1900

WEAVER    Odell D.    buried Dec.27,1922

WEBB    child of Dawson Webb    buried June24,1890

WEBB    Mrs. J.H.    buried Jan.19,1939

WEBB    Jessie Harris    buried Apr.4,1947

WEBB    John Norfleet    buried July 5,1936

WEBB    L.E.    born 1856   died 1921   buried Dec.27,1921
husband of Margaret Watson Webb
WEBB    Margaret Watson    born 1863   died 1960
wife of L.E. Webb

WEBB    Mrs. Martha E.    buried Sept.15,1927

WEBB    Mrs. Melvina    died Feb.22,1887    age 80 years

WEBB    Mrs. Rebecca    buried Mar.11,1906

WEBB    Miss Susie    buried Sept.5,1928

WEBB    Theressa    buried Dec.29,1891

More Information WEBB    William Ozzero Sr.    born October 18,1878   died September 12,1949
husband of Hula Adeline Cocke

WEBSTER    Morrow Thomas    born Oct.27,1873   died June 20,1952
husband of Judith Carolyn Webster
WEBSTER    Judith Carolyn    born Dec.24,1874   died Aug.10,1960
wife of Morrow Thomas Webster

WEBSTER    Rowena    buried Nov.12,1923

WEEMS    Mrs. Sophie Moore    buried May 21,1947

WELCH    Charles A.    buried May 17,1933

WELCH    Edward Sr.    buried Nov.21,1922
   removed from city cemetery (Riverview)

WELCH    George Robert    born Dec.23,1875   died Dec.7,1964

More Information WELCH    George Robert    born Sept.30,1941   died July 14,2005
husband of Judy Carol Welch

WELCH    J.T.    buried Feb.4,1935

More Information WELCH    JAMES WELCH    CO. K  6th LOUISIANA INF. C.S.A.
BORN 1841   DIED 1902

WELCH    Jimmie D.    born Apr.4,1887   died July 22,1956

WELCH    John L.    buried Oct.4,1903

WELCH    Margaret    buried Oct.18,1920

WELCH    Margaret    buried Nov.21,1922

WELCH    Robert E.    born Mar.26,1901   died Oct.18,1963

WELCH    Mrs. Sarah    buried Jan.30,1913

WELCH    Thomas    buried Aug.30,1908
WELCH    Mrs. Thomas    buried Dec.11,1938

WELKER    Ben N.    born 1898   died 1955
husband of Altie Jane Shelton Welker
WELKER    Altie Jane Shelton    born 1900   died 1974
wife of Ben N. Welker

WELKER    Ben Roland    born Sept.25,1923   died Mar.23,1989
husband of Lola May Welker
WELKER    Lola May    born 1925

WELKER    Edna Green    born Mar.4,1900   died Jan.29,1986

More Information WELKER    George Edward    born June 7,1914   died Nov.27,1986

WELKER    George Thomas    born Nov.5,1873   died Nov.17,1939

WELKER    Mary E.    buried Nov.19,1947

WELKER    Mattie P.    buried Sept.13,1923

More Information WELKER    Paul    born Nov.5,1931   died June 13,2004

WELKER    Mrs. R.A.    buried Jan.30,1946

More Information WELKER    William Marshall    born May 24,1894   died Aug.3,1971


WELLS    Mary Ann    buried Jan.17,1937

More Information WENZLER    Frank S.    born Sept.8,1910   died Jan.24,1992
husband of Julia Wall Wenzler

More Information WESLEY    Katherine    born May 8,1912   died Mar.12,2004
wife of Carrol L. Wesley

WEST    Auburn    buried July 19,1902

WEST    Carrie    buried June 30,1927

WEST    Frank    born Oct.31,1861   died Oct.9,1919

WEST    Fred    buried Apr.4,1934

WEST    John Jarrad    Dec.30,1854 - Aug.19,1892

WEST    Dr. Joseph B.    buried May 24,1892

WEST    Mary    buried Jan.5,1897

BORN MAY 15,1843   DIED JAN.8,1907

WEST    Mrs. Rosa    buried Jan.15,1930

WEST    Sallie H.    buried Nov.5,1927

WEST    infant of W.B. West    buried Nov.11,1904
WEST    infant daughter of W.B. West    buried Sept.4,1910

More Information WEST    Wanda Elaine    born Oct.9,1944   died Apr.28,2004

WESTENBERGER    Mrs. Daisy S.    buried Sept.12,1945

WESTENBERGER    Henry    buried Mar.19,1925
WESTENBERGER    Mrs. Henry    buried June 13,1921

WESTENBERGER    Louis C.    buried Jan.13,1941

WESTENBERGER    Ralph S.    born 1941   died 1942   buried Mar.17,1942

WESTERN    George    buried Aug.13,1906

WESTERN    Mrs. Hester    buried Mar.27,1891

WESTFIELD    John    buried Nov.4,1934
More Information WESTFIELD    twin sons of John Westfield    died June 9,1887 & June 16,1887

WESTFIELD    child of Jonathan Westfield    buried Aug.28,1894

WESTFIELD    Josh    age 54 years
born in Lancaster, England 1831   died July 16,1885

WESTFIELD    Sara    buried Feb.22,1925

WETTISTEIN    L.B.    buried Sept.24,1914

WETTSTEIN    Albert W. Sr.    born Feb.6,1847   died June 29,1923
husband of Caroline Gaisser Wettstein
WETTSTEIN    Caroline Gaisser    born Oct.29,1858   died June 17,1953
wife of Albert Wettstein Sr.

WHEATLEY    Charlie    buried Oct.19,1890

WHEATLEY    Mary E.A.    died Sept.16,1878

WHEELER    Mrs. Annie    buried Jan.20,1893

WHEELER    Robert M.    born Jan.17,1913   died June 28,2002
More Information WHEELER    Agnes T.    born Nov.14,1916   died Nov.6,2003
WHEELER    Donald J.    born Oct.3,1939   died Oct.9,1967

WHITAKER    Dorothy    buried Jan.14,1925

WHITE    Charlie    buried May 9,1938

WHITE    Dora Genevieve    born Nov.12,1857   died Jan.21,1926

WHITE    James D.    buried June 8,1922

WHITE    Mrs. Jennie    buried Dec.3,1931

More Information WHITE    Joe    born May 15,1906   died Jan.8,1992
husband of Kathleen Watts White

WHITE    Julia    buried Mar.7,1929

WHITE    Mrs. Kate    buried Sept.8,1945

WHITE    Mrs. Margaret MaCrae    buried May 21,1932

WHITE    Robert B.    buried Feb.5,1945

WHITFIELD    Birdie Mae    born Apr.3,1925   died June 13,2006

More Information WHITFIELD    Bryan E.    Oct.9,1858 - Nov.30,1890
husband of W. Scott Whitfield

WHITFIELD    Della H.    buried Apr.14,1918

WHITFIELD    Ed. B.    buried Mar.9,1910

WHITFIELD    Ed D.    buried Mar.2,1941

WHITFIELD    Hervey    buried Sept.29,1935

WHITFIELD    Homer C. Jr.    buried Mar.15,1930

WHITFIELD    J.P.Y.    buried Apr.26,1892

WHITFIELD    Lewis N.    buried Mar.9,1933

WHITFIELD    Mrs. Lou    buried June 3,1916

WHITFIELD    M.E.    buried May 15,1912
WHITFIELD    Helen C.    born Mar.11,1855   died May 25,1939
wife of M.E. Whitefield
WHITFIELD    child of M.E. Whitfield    buried Mar.22,1890

WHITFIELD    Malcolm    buried Mar.1,1910

WHITFIELD    Mrs. Martha    buried Nov.19,1915

More Information WHITFIELD    Mildred Jane    born Apr.8,1854   died Mar.24,1932
wife of R.W. Whitfield

WHITFIELD    Professor N.L.    buried June 3,1898

WHITFIELD    Robert M.    buried Mar.12,1920

WHITFIELD    Robert W.    buriedJan.24,1938

WHITFIELD    T.H.    buried Apr.8,1942
   removed from country
WHITFIELD    Amelia A.    buried Apr.8,1942   removed from country
WHITFIELD    infant daughter of T.H. & Amelia Whitfield
buried Apr.8,1942   removed from country

WHITWORTH    Dr. James    buried Nov.27,1939

WHITWORTH    Mrs. Martha B.    buried Sept.18,1940

More Information WICKHAM    William Oscar    age 78 years   died May 21,1973
husband of Hilda Hoch Wickham

WIGGINS    John Franklin    buried Dec.11,1944

WILCOX    R.C.    born 1857   died 1922   buried Apr.15,1922
husband of Jennie H. Wilcox
WILCOX    Jennie H.    born 1857   died 1932   buried Sept.21,1932
wife of R.C. Wilcox

WILDER    Jeremy Scott    born Oct.1,1979   died Nov.12,1986

More Information WILDES    Myrtle M.    born June 3,1908   died July 15,2005
wife of Rufus Wildes

WILEE    Miss Lela    buried Oct.3,1936

WILEE    Martha Lee    buried Aug.13,1921

WILEE    Mrs. Mattie C.    buried Oct.1,1945

WILEE    Ruth M.    buried July 14,1921

WILEE    W.E.    buried July 21,1929

WILEY    Mrs. Edna    buried Jan.9,1909

WILHOITE    Mrs. T.W.    buried May 14,1931

WILHOITE    Tom    buried Feb.26,1947

WILHOITE    William Thed.    buried June 6,1940

WILKERSON    E.H.    buried Feb.9,1931

WILKERSON    James L.    born July 2,1849   died Dec.10,1914
husband of Bessie Carr Wilkerson
WILKERSON    Bessie Carr    born Mar.21,1855   died Aug.28,1943
wife of James L. Wilkerson

WILKERSON    Jonathan W.    born Nov.21,1817   died July 9,1901
husband of Marticia Hope Wilkerson
WILKERSON    Marticia Hope    Oct.2,1818 - Oct.3,1893
wife of Jonathan W. Wilkerson

WILLARD    Mrs. Eliza McCarter    buried Feb.20,1943

WILLIAMS    ????    buried Nov.3,1915

More Information WILLIAMS    ????    age 89 years    wife of F.L. Williams

WILLIAMS    Mr.    buried July 28,1885

WILLIAMS    A.L.    buried July 12,1914

WILLIAMS    Mrs. Alice    buried July 5,1935

WILLIAMS    Mrs. Annetta Swift    buried Feb.8,1947

WILLIAMS    Mrs. Annie G.    buried Dec.14,1941

WILLIAMS    Araminta L.    buried June 2,1891

WILLIAMS    Augusta M.    buried Apr.16,1918

WILLIAMS    Mrs. B.L.    buried Oct.9,1941

WILLIAMS    Bailey    buried Apr.5,1935

WILLIAMS    Bettie    buried Dec.28,1919

WILLIAMS    Buna    born Apr.27,1880   died May 1951

WILLIAMS    Carter    buried June 22,1922

WILLIAMS    Clifton L.    born July 29,1867   died Apr.9,1927
husband of Mary Armstrong Williams
WILLIAMS    Mary Armstrong    born July 1869   died Oct.1918   buried Oct.27,1918
wife of Clifton L. Williams

WILLIAMS    Carter    buried Aug.19,1920

WILLIAMS    Mrs. Corenne M.    buried Jan.31,1941

More Information WILLIAMS    David Walker    died June or November 15,1886   age 42 years

WILLIAMS    Day    Dec.3,1945

WILLIAMS    Dudley    born May 2,1921   died Jan.24,2006

WILLIAMS    Ellis    buried Nov.10,1936

WILLIAMS    F.G.    buried Dec.27,1912

WILLIAMS    Francis V.    buried Feb.20,1901


WILLIAMS    Georgie Ann Oldham    buried July 11,1946

WILLLIAMS    Gus    buried Oct.16,1940

WILLIAMS    Mrs. H.L.    buried Oct.17,1936

WILLIAMS    Harry Lee    born 1863   died 1943   buried Sept.4,1943

More Information WILLIAMS    Helen    born Feb.2,1903   died May 8,1984
wife of Ralph Williams

More Information WILLIAMS    Henry Coulter    died Oct.31,1886   age 2 years  6 months

WILLIAMS    Henry Dudley �Hank�    born Sept.27,1927   died Aug.19,2006
husband of Sally Hunt Williams

More Information WILLIAMS    Henry Phillips    born Aug.25,1828   died Feb.22,1901
WILLIAMS    Margaretta    born 1860   died 1923   buried June 3,1923
Daughter of Henry Phillips & Frances Brennan Williams
More Information WILLIAMS    Nannie Haskins    born May 24,1846   died July 13,1930
More Information WILL