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From Clarksville take Highway 41-A North (New Providence Blvd.) 1.9 miles to Highway 79 (Dover Road). Turn left, go 7.8 miles to Lylewood Road. Turn left, go 1.4 miles to Kirkland Road. Turn right on Johnnie Road. There is a cow pasture on the corner of Johnnie Road and Kirkland Road. The cemetery is across the cow pasture on a high hill. On private property of Mr. Welker and must have owners permission.
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We try to keep families grouped together. If someone's last name is listed, it means they have a separate headstone. If it is not listed, they are sharing a headstone with someone else. Sometimes children are on the same headstone as parents.
Since we do not personally know these families, if we aren't sure of a relationship we list who they are buried next to. Any help matching folks with their relatives will be greatly appreciated.
The information is exactly as it appears on the stones. If you know the person's full name, please let us know.
Click on the tombstone icon for additional information.
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BUCHANAN    J.T.    1850 - 1929
BUCHANAN    Fannie    wife of J.T. Buchanan
born Dec.11,1840   died Jan.18,1884
Mother    (footstone: F.B.)

BUCHANAN    James Taylor    Oct.19,1851 - July 30,1929
(footstone: Father)
More Information Laura Mildred    Jan.27,1854 - Dec.12,1930
(footstone: Mother)

HALLIDAY    A.G.    Feb.22,1826 - Feb.20,1912
He has gone to the mansions of rest    (footstone: A.G.H.)

JAMES    Florence    Feb.5,1850 - Apr.8,1937

MARSHALL    Andrew H.    1901 - 1957    
At Rest

MARSHALL    R.M.    1871 - 1950
Bertha H.    1871 - 1956
We will meet again

SHEPHERD    N. Cord    July 24,1870 - June 13,1041
(footstone: Father)
(cemetery records: Nathan Cord Shepherd vol. II page 31)
More Information Maggie W.    May 5,1867 - May 13,1930
(footstone: Mother)
(cemetery records: Mary Magdaline Welker Shepherd vol. II page 31)
SHEPHERD    inf. son and daughter N.C. & M.M. Shepherd
born Feb.28,1901   died Mar.1,1901
SHEPHERD    Hilda O.    daughter of N.C. & M.M. Shepherd
born Mar.5,1907   died Nov.29,1910
SHEPHERD    inf. son of N.C. & M.M. Shepherd
born May 17,1912   died May 21,1912

STANFIELD    Bill    
(cemetery records vol. II page 31, unmarked)

STANFIELD    George    (cemetery records vol. II page 31, unmarked)

STANFIELD    Sue    (cemetery records vol. II page 31, unmarked)

STANFIELD    Taylor C.    (cemetery records vol. II page 31, unmarked)

STANFILL    Bessie B.    Feb.20,1889 - Dec.9,1904
Gone but not forgotten
(cemetery records vol. II page 31 states: Bessie B. Stanfield)

STANFILL    Lucy W.    wife of S.W. Stanfill
born Sept.15,1855   died Jan.6,1913
She was a kind and affectionate wife
A fond mother and a friend to all
(footstone: L.W.S.)
(cemetery records vol. II page 31 states: Lucy W. Stanfield)

TYSON    Uriah   born March 1776   died Dec.16,1819
(footstone: U.T.)
TYSON    Mary    born Jan.1779   died June 27,1837
(footstone: M.T.)

TYSON    Uriah W.    son of W. & S. Tyson
born Oct.18,1831   died Feb.19,1815
(as is written on headstone)
(cemetery records state: Feb.19,1815 - Oct.18,1831 vol. II page 31)

WELKER    E.T.    born Apr.14,1850   died Apr.12,1873
His memory is blessed

WELKER    E.T.    born Dec.2,1878   died Apr.26,1911
In my Father’s house are many mansions
Farewell my wife and children all
From you a father Christ doth call

WELKER    Fannie T.    wife of W.M. Welker
born June 5,1892   died Oct.23,1918
All things that we love and cherish
Like ourselves must fade and perish
(footstone: F.T.W.)

WELKER    G.W.    born Mar.3,1846   died Oct.9,1921
Rest father rest in quiet sleep
While friends in sorrow o’er thee weep
Father    (footstone: G.W.W.)
WELKER    Manon A.    wife of G.W. Welker
born Nov.8,1852   died Mar.12,1917
Mother    (footstone: M.A.W.)

WELKER    Hallie    Sept.18,1900 - Apr.15,1935    (footstone)
(concrete slab over Hallie’s grave with the same dates on it.)

WELKER    John T.    born Aug.20,1843   died Nov.8,1888
The faithful are certain of their reward

WELKER    Maggie H.    Dec.28,1862 - Mar.29,1937

WELKER    R.D.    Feb.26,1865 - Sept.16,1945    
(old stone)
WELKER    Robert D.    1865 - 1946    (new stone, same person as R.D.)

WELKER    William M.    born Jan.2,1810   died April 1895
Gone but not forgotten
WELKER    Lucy    wife of W.M. Welker
born Feb.28,1812   died Sept.13,1885
A tender mother and a faithful friend    (footstone: L.W.)

WELKER    W.T.    born Mar.2,1836   died Jan.7,1870
Jesus loves the pure and holy
The sweet and ??? of the just
Shall ??? when they sleep in dust

WELSH    Eliza Jane    wife of Thomas G. Welsh
daughter of Charles & Jane Thomas
born May 1,1808 and
departed this life July 15,1816
Be silent friends when near my grave you tread,
You too must lie with the quiet dead,
Prepare whilst here true riches to obtain,
Then we in Heaven shall meet again.

Several unmarked graves

Transcribed: February 22,2001

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