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This site is about Montgomery County, Tennessee. Family history is more than just names and dates. Those skeletons need fleshing out. Our ancestors were real people. They worked, loved, had feuds and friends.

You need to know what kind of folks they were--where they came from, how they lived and what times were like. What traits did you inherit?

In these pages we try to cover all aspects of every day life "back then" to help you write your family's story from birth to death. Your research into the lives of your kinfolk may turn up the bad as well as the good. The troublesome folks still deserve respect for who they actually were. Check out our "Keeping The Peace" page for your rascals.

Corrections are welcome. We need help with some names and relationships. These folks are in "Lost Folks" (no full names) and "Mystery Folks" (no names at all). If you can help, please do, so your long-lost cousins will get the right information.

These pages are added to every day. It is slow going as there is so much information, but if you have a request, we will try our best to find what you need.

Death Notices
Obituaries and newspaper death notices

Funeral Home Records
Burial records for some local funeral homes

Folks Name Index
Links to all the folks on our site

Immigrant Ships Index
Immigrant ships from various countries to America

Montgomery County Cemeteries
Includes cemeteries bordering Montgomery County

Montgomery County Death Index
Folks who died 1908 - 1912 (not obituaries)

Montgomery County Death Index
Folks who died 1914 (not obituaries)

Old Times in Montgomery County
Index page of links to old newspaper articles

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