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Large letter Lodge Brothers

From: Daily Leaf Chronicle


July 15,1912---Palmyra Lodge, I.O.O.F., will hold their annual picnic at Fessey's spring, 1 and 1/2 miles from Palmyra, Saturday, August 10. Grand Instructor, J.W. Howard of Greenville, will deliver an address in the forenoon and Past Grand Master, W.D. Howser, will speak in the afternoon. A brass band has been engaged for the occasion and the affair promises to be well patronized. The committee this year is composed of:
G.R. Fessey
S.M. Broom
W.R. Bowers
J.J. Broome
R.C. Swift

From: Clarksville City Directory 1859-1860


Masonic: Clarksville Lodge #89
T.M. Wisdom, Worshipful Master
W.J. Ely. Secretary

Tannehill Lodge #116
W.J. Cartner, Worshipful Master
R.M. Proutz, Secretary

Clarksville Council #4
H.F. Beaumont, Thrice Illustrious Grand Master
Robert S. Moore, Deputy Thrice Illustrious Grand Master
Thomas McCulloch, Recorder

Clarksville Royal Arch Chapter 3
Robert S. Moore, H.P.
W.J. Cartner, Secretary

From: Montgomery County Scrapbook


Adkins, S.E.
Allen, C.L.
Alley, G.L.
Averitt, W.T.
Barksdale, B.M.
Borsonall, C.A.
Bunnell, S.A.
Clifton, S.R.
Couts, Poston
Dabney, J.M.
Daniel, C.S.
Duff, John J.L.
Dunlop, W.B.
Fowlkes, W.L.
Franklin, Ben
Gardner, R.N.
Goodlett, A.G.
Gracey, Matt
Hamlett, J.J.
Hamlett, P.L.
Harrison, E.V.
Henddrick, D.S.
House, I.M.
Jackson, J.M.
Johnson, A.A.
Joseph, J.G.
Keesee, J.W.
Klein, Henry
Larkin, J.M.
Larkin, Neil B.
Long, W.M.
McCormack, M.J.
McCurdy, G.M.
McReynolds, O.E.
McReynolds, T.E.
Munford, E.S.
Neblett, James S.
Neblett, John S.
Nosworthy, C.F.
Oldham, J.R.
Owen, B.H.
Pardue, J.W.
Pearce, J.H.
Perkins, W.L.
Rankin, W.P.
Richardson, J.R.
Ritter, H.W.
Roberts, C.W.
Settle, W.A.
Shelton, W.R.
Spicer, B.A.
Tarpley, R.B.
Taylor, Fred
Toombs, T.D.
Wallenhaupt, G.H.
Walthall, R.B.
Wilson, G.B.
Young, John

From: The Chronicle


February 19,1876---At the regular January meeting of Tarsus Grange # 149, the following officers were elected:

W.H. Fessey, Master
James Harned, Overseer
W.J. Powers, Lecturer
T.H. Marable, Steward
W.P. Outlaw, Assistant Steward
Alex Outlaw, Treasurer
S.O. Fessey, Secretary
Mastin C. Powers, Chaplain
E. Harned, Gatekeeper
Mrs. B. Jackson, Ceres
Miss M. Smith, Flora
Mrs. M.C. Powers, Pomona
Annie Martin, Stewardess

From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle


January 17,1885---The following officers were elected by McAllister Lodge No. 402 Free and Accepted Masons, at the stated meeting in December, 1883:

John McCauley Dickson, Worshipful Master
J.M. Rye, Senior Warden
J.G. Rodgers, Junior Warden
J.T. Batson, Treasurer
James Wyatt, Secretary
J.A. Gholson, Senior Deacon
J.W. Green, Junior Deacon
W.T. Weakley, Chaplain
O.S. Harvey, Tyler

From: Records of Masonic Lodge #225


C.F.T. McCauley, Worshipful Master
E.S. Williams, Treasurer
Henry Brown, Secretary
N.E. Bagwell, Secretary
W.H. Pace, Steward
W.C. Patrick, J.D.
L. Lowe, Chaplain
R.B. Bigger, S.D.
Pleasant Bagwell
Wiley Bagwell
Thomas Balthrop
Elijah, Black withdrew 1853
J.H. Brawner
Rev. Sterling Brewer
Nelson Brown
Rev. H. Burney
J.E. Cage
J.H. Chambliss
Reverend A.B. Cocke
Stephen Cocke
J.D. Council
W.C. Crotzer
Dr. J.S. Crouch
W.H. Crouch
James R. Drake
Rev. W.F. Dye
R. Edmondson
J.M. Felts
R.M. Felts
Joseph Grant
Henry Gunn
G.C. Halliburton
John Heflin
D.C. Holt
J.T. Hunter
W.C. Hunter
O.O. Knox
Rev. Dr. Lockert
D.S., Major withdrew 1867
J.S. Major
Dr. C. McCauley
Dr. R.D. McCauley
William McCauley
R.D. Mosely
D.C. Pardue
J.H. Patrick
J.A. Ramey
J.E. Ransdell
W.H. Rudolph
Dr. A. Smith
J.W.B. Stephens
E.F. Swift
J.F. Swift
J.W. Teasley
D.G. Tensley
J.D. Tucker
Rev. I.B. Walton
T.J. Watson
G.W. Weakley
John Wilkerson
J.H. Williams
P.F. Williams
S.H.N., Wilson withdrew 1871

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


July 6, 1908--Odd Fellows Picnic at Southside was held on the 4th of July. Attendance was large despite the threat of rain. At noon all enjoyed barbecue as fine as ever seen. After dinner, John McCauley Dickson, Master of Ceremonies, introduced the Hon. Joseph W. Byrns, who, after extending thanks to the people for their support in the recent Congressional election, delivered an excellent address upon the principles of Odd Fellowship. Sam Ferrell then called Harvey Whitfield and Sheriff Charles Staton to the stand, each of whom made a short speech. A baseball game was played between Southside and Ashland City, the score was 13-1 in favor of Ashland City. The Southside boys claim they permitted this to be so, as they did not feel it would have been showing proper courtesy to the visitors to defeat them.
A large number of people remained for the Old Fiddler Contest that night which was highly entertaining to all. The Odd Fellows Lodge at Southside has been built at a cost of about $1200. The lodge is compiled of the best business men of the community.

From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle


January 13, 1877--At the late meeting of Mt. Vernon Lodge #1644, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows (colored), the following officers were elected for the ensuing quarter:
P.N.G.--S. Dabney
N.G.--J.D. Bailey
V.G.--C.G. Martin
P.S.--R.A. Carson
P.S.--J.W. Jackson

From: The Clarksville Star


August 12,1924--A number of men dressed in the Klu Klux Regalia presented a gift understood to having amounted to between $10 and $12 to the Rev. G. M. Davenport, pastor of the Methodist Circuit at Southside, at the close of service Friday night in a revival at Rye�s Chapel, one of the churches in the charge.
The Klansmen entered the church at the close of the service and presented the gift in an envelope. The leader made a short presentation speech to which Mr. Davenport replied expressing his thanks for the donation.

From: Semi-Weekly Leaf Chronicle


November 2, 1900--New officers were elected at the McCulloch Lodge #189 of Free and Accepted Masons for the year 1901. Those selected were:
S.A. Marable, Worshipful Master
J.E. Harned, Senior Warden
B.M. Ellis, Junior Warden
H.L. Suggs, Treasurer
B.J. Corban, Secretary
W.R. Suggs, Chaplain
J.B. Powers, Senior Deacon
J.A. Hendricks, Junior Deacon
H.A. Ellis and J.T. Bryant, Stewards
S.J. Ferguson, Tyler

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

11   Palmyra

October 19,1932--Mrs. Atta L. Powers and Mrs. Aubry C. Broome of this place representing the Palmyra Rebekah Lodge left Sunday to attend the assembly of that branch of the order which will open Tuesday morning. They will return here Wednesday.
Misses Bettie Wickham and Alice Cotham, teachers of this place, gave a candy-pulling for the young people Saturday night.
James J. Broome of Hackberry, secretary of the board of trustees of the Odd fellows Home, is in Chattanooga this week attending the annual meeting of the Odd Fellows of Tennessee.

From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle


January 17,1880--At a stated meeting of McAllister Lodge F&A.M. December 27,1879, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Sid C. Batson, Worshipful Master
Dr. John A. Gholson, Senior Warden
Dr. T.H. Rye, Junior Warden
H.N. Yarbrough, Senior Deacon
D.L. Corlew, Junior Deacon
John McCauley Dickson, Treasurer
James Wyatt, Secretary
B.F. Harris, Tyler

From: Leaf Chronicle


July 13,1903--Six or eight hundred people attended the Odd Fellows picnic at Southside Saturday July 11. Everything had been arranged to satisfy the inner man in the way of barbecue, ice cream, pop, etc., which was heartily partaken of. In fact, it was utterly impossible to furnish a sufficiency for the crowd. A string band led by "Short" Waller furnished excellent music which was greatly enjoyed. In the afternoon, it being found that Dr. Collier, who was expected to deliver a speech would not be present, Harvey Whitfield was introduced and made a talk on the "Principles of Odd Fellowship". The crowd remained until quite late seeming loath to leave. A goodly number repaired to the home of W.J. Lyle where the time was spent in a social way interspersed with songs and music by Drs. Walton and Louis Neblett until quite a late hour when they dispersed, all feeling that it had been good to be there and that the Southside people never do things by halves.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


February 10, 1925--P.J. Broome, local organizer for the Daughters of America, the women's branch of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics, will go to Hackberry on Thursday night to form a branch of Daughters of America.
The meeting will be held at 7:30 and all that have made application for membership or who expect to do so are urged to attend. Between 65 and 70 have signed application blanks for membership in the Hackberry organization branch today. In addition to members of the Junior Order, all ladies between the ages of 16 and 50 are eligible for membership.

From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle


January 10,1880--I am glad to record a very pleasant occasion on St. John's Day, 27th of December. It is a day of celebrity with Masons and McCulloch Lodge celebrated by having a sumptuous banquet and social gathering of its members with their wives and daughters.
Through the efforts of Professor William H. Fessey, the principal committeeman, and several of the brethren in Clarksville, the nicest dainties were procured, and the banquet would have been admired by the most fastidious. The order of the day was "eat, drink and be merry". The hall was beautifully decorated, for which thanks are due and were extended to the ladies who assisted.
There were a goodly number present, both old and young, and the day was most pleasantly spent by all. After the guests had finished eating, the committee of waiters began, and two of them proceeded to have an eating race, and they proved themselves Power(s)ful eaters. In the afternoon about twenty-five ladies assembled in the Lodge-room, and the ladies' degrees were conferred upon them by Mr. J.W. Elliott.
Through the enterprise of Esq. S.A. Wilson and other citizens in the vicinity of Palmyra, a very nice, large church and schoolhouse has been erected near old Montgomery Furnace, and a fine school established under the supervision of Professor E.E. Larkin.

From: Historical Sketches of Port Royal


The one of the oldest Masonic Lodges was at Port Royal in 1812. Charter members were:
John Baker
Jack Turner
James Norfleet
G.T. Ware
Elijah Hughes
Henry H. Bryan
David Gould
It moved to Springfield in 1817 and changed to Western Star Lodge.

From: Daily Leaf Chronicle


January 10,1918--Officers of the Southside I.O.O.F. Lodge for 1918 are:
J.C. Blackford, N.G.
W.D. Proctor, V.G.
E.R. Gannaway, R.S.
Dr. S.E. Neblett, Treasurer

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


February 24,1921--The Masonic building was progressing nicely until the weather put a stop to the work. If the material is furnished to Alpha Powers the contractor; we will soon have a house where the Masonic fraternity can spread itself.

From: Clarksville Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf


December 13,1889--At a meeting of McAllister's Lodge #402 F & AM on December 7, the following officers were elected for the ensueing year:
Sid C. Batson, Worshipful Master
John A. Gholson, Senior Warden
T.T. Harvey, Junior Warden
John McCauley Dickson, Treasurer
James Wyatt, Secretary
Jesse Harvey, Senior Deacon
Wash Daniel, Junior Deacon
W.C. Williams, Tyler

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


July 30,1909--The annual Masonic Picnic held at Fessey�s Spring was a success in every way. A large number attended and the managers failed not to make all visitors feel welcome. The Stayton Brass Band was present and everyone enjoyed the delightful music, which they dispensed so freely during the day. At 11:00 a.m. Professor Rollow, Superintendent of the Public Schools made a short talk on the work of schools for the ensuring term.
Professor Peoples of the Battle Ground Academy delivered a very earnest and impressive address upon Education. At the conclusion of this address dinner was announced and everyone was soon busily enjoying the splendid barbecue which was abundant. This reporter had the pleasure of eating with the families of B.J. Corban and James Harned.
In the afternoon the audience was entertained for a short time by the Southside Quartette, with some of their inimitable songs.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


February 8,1897--Mr. Raimey Dickson has taken the contract to take up a cherry tree stump at McAllister�s X Roads, to be exhibited at the Centennial. It measures 5 1/2 feet in diameter.

From: The Leaf Chronicle


July 2,1903--The St. John�s Day picnic given by McCulloch Lodge as noted on your paper was an enjoyable one and the people greatly enjoyed the address made by Hon. R.L. Peck and Rev. W. Bouldin. A nice feature also was the music by Hadley Allen's string band and by the church choir.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


December 31, 1906--The last regular meeting of McAllister Masonic Lodge No. 402, the following officers were elected:
Millard Fillmore Batson, Master
A.J. Rogers, Senior Warden
R.M. Mills, Junior Warden
G.W. Hunt, Secretary
J.D. Dickson, Treasurer
John McCauley Dickson, Junior Deacon

From: The Clarksville Star


December 13,1927--New officers to serve through the ensuing year were elected Monday night during the regular meeting of the McCulloch Masonic Lodge #189 at Palmyra. The Officials elected are:
R.J. Elliott, Worshipful Master
Marvin Ellis, Warden
M. Jackson, Jr. Warden
S.C. Dunbar, Sr. Deacon
Anguis McCauley, Jr. Deacon
Sam E. Brunson, Secretary
G.H. Nolen, Treasurer

From: Daily Leaf Chronicle


August 13, 1910--The members of the Junior Order of Shiloh are holding their 1st annual picnic at that place today. The event has been extensively advertised and a large crowd was in attendance.
Honorable H. Whitfield, Floterial Representative of Montgomery and Houston Counties and Mr. D.C. McGregor, organizer of the Planters' Protective Association, addressed the crowd this afternoon. Mr. Whitfield spoke for the fraternity and Mr. McGregor for the Tobacco Growers' Association.
Every preparation necessary for the comfort and entertainment of the crowd had been made by the committee of managers and the occasion will be a beneficial advertisement to the Shiloh Lodge.

From: Daily Leaf Chronicle


January 28,1910--J.T. Hodges, a prominent merchant of Hackberry, returned this morning from Nashville where he attended the Grand lodge of Masons as a representative of McCulloch Lodge #189 of Palmyra.

From: Daily Leaf Chronicle


August 8,1910--The basket picnic given Saturday at Fessey's Spring near Palmyra, by the Odd Fellows was an ideal gathering, fully 500 of the beauty and chivalry of that section of Montgomery County being in attendance. The place was just such for humanity to sit and enjoy nature in its beauty and grandeur. The dinner was such as only those who dwell in the country know how to prepare. Those dishes of fried chicken with dressed eggs and pies of every variety, preceded by excellent barbecued mutton, was all that the appetite of the most fastidious could desire, and therefore the dinner was ideal.
The music by the Murray Band was greatly enjoyed because it was splendid. The superb order of the day was commented upon by all, as better order was never seen and everyone seemed to strive to make to make everybody enjoy the day. The speeches by W.D. Howser and Harvey Whitfield may not have been ideal but it was the best they could do and the audience were good listeners. Sam Broom, as marshal of the day, proved himself the right man for the place, as he knew when and how to perform every duty right.
The hospitality of the citizens of that community is unstinted and everybody, men and women, were on the lookout to see that the strangers were properly cared for, all working to make the picnic a success, which they certainly failed not to do.

From: Daily Leaf Chronicle


August 8,1910--The Odd Fellows Picnic at Southside Saturday was attended by a large number of people, members of the order and friends, and the day was an unusually pleasant one to all. J.W. Thompson, Grand Treasurer of the Order, was the speaker of the day and he, in well-fitting words, portrayed the principles of Odd Fellowship and of the benefits of the Order to individuals and communities. He was attentively heard by the greater portion of the audience.
There was a splendid dinner served and , as is always the rule with the Southside people, everybody was made welcome. Young and old greatly enjoyed the social part of the day with the people of that community who are noted for their hospitality.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


July 21, 1914--There will be a barbecue and unveiling of a Woodsman of the World Monument by Antioch Camp #550 on August 4. The unveiling will be at Antioch Cemetery, seven miles from Clarksville on the south side of the river, at 9:30 A.M.
Barbecue will be on the Woodsmen of the World grounds, half a mile northeast of the cemetery, where a parade will be formed by the Odd Fellows and Junior Order of United American Mechanics, headed by a brass band. After the unveiling, the bodies will parade back to the W.O.W. grounds where a barbecue dinner will be served. The committee is composed of: R. Heggie, B.D. Murphy, Dossie Moore, W.H. Thompson, J.J. Hughes and S.E. Thompson.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


May 22,1916--Palmyra Lodge I.O.O.F. commemorated the 97th anniversary of the order Sunday with appropriate ceremonies. Rev. J.E. Powers, Sango, preached the anniversary sermon. Following the sermon a bountiful dinner was spread in the school room and was enjoyed by those present.
In the afternoon, Reverend Mr. Deathly, Pastor of the Palmyra Methodist Church and R.A. Gardner delivered addresses which were attentively heard.
The Palmyra Rebeckah Lodge united with the subordinate lodge in a well performed drill eliciting from the audience many compliments. They also had charge of the music and rendered several beautiful songs.
Esquire James Broome was emcee which assured the right thing done in the right way at the right time. The day was one of mutual pleasure and profit to all.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


May 8,1934--Attention was again called to the meeting at Shady Grove in District 13 Wednesday night when the I.O.O.F. band will play. The meeting is sponsored by Clyde Karns. A box supper will be had and in addition to music by the band a Negro skit will be staged.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


December 30,1925--Stating that the lodge is closing one of the most successful years since organized over 65 years ago, R.C. Marable, Senior Warden of McCulloch Lodge #189 F&M at Palmyra announced this morning that the institution has 90 members.
During the celebration of St. John�s Day Monday, the lodge installed its new officers for 1926. Quite an interesting program was staged, a basket dinner served at noon, a large number of members were present.
As the result of the election held this afternoon:
S.C. Dunbar, Worshipful Master
R.C. Marable, Senior Warden
Robert Elliott, Junior Warden
Marvin Ellis, Senior Deacon
George B. Nolen, Junior Deacon
Sam E. Brunson, Secretary
Joe S. Stalls, Treasurer.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


August 6,1910--The Odd Fellows of Palmyra are holding a picnic at Fessey's Spring near Corbandale today. The Southside Lodge is also enjoying its 3rd annual picnic at Southside. Honorable Harvey Whitfield spoke at the former place this morning and Dr. J.R. Hartwell, Grand Secretary, and Mrs. Edna Uffleman, President of the Rebecca Assembly, spoke at the latter place.
Large crowds were reported at both places.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


January 7,1921--Our little town is getting back to �normalcy� after the usual round of meetings, entertainments, parties, etc.
A most quiet and orderly Christmas was never experienced, not one was seen to be under the influence of drink--something never before known.
The ball opened with a beautiful Christmas tree arranged between the Sunday school and the literary school. The tree was attractively decorated and lit up by electricity through the kindness of Mr. J.H. Yarbrough, our garage man.
The children of different nationalities were represented by children clothed in unique garb peculiar to the different countries. No child was forgotten by Santa in the distribution of presents from the tree and the program was heartily enjoyed by all.
On Monday was Masonic Day with the Blue Lodge and the Eastern Star. This meeting was well attended by both orders, considering the unfortunate weather and a nice dinner was prepared for the occasion.
On December 29, the Odd Fellows and the Rebekahs held their annual home-coming meeting.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


February 10,1925--P.J. Broome, local organizer for the Daughters of America, the women's branch of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics, will go to Hackberry on Thursday night to form a branch of Daughters of America.
The meeting will be held at 7:30 and all that have made application for membership or who expect to do so are urged to attend. Between 65 and 70 have signed application blanks for membership in the Hackberry organization branch today. In addition to members of the Junior Order, all ladies between the ages of 16 and 50 are eligible for membership.

From: Daily Leaf Chronicle


July 25,1914--A gathering numbering fully 1500 persons was present at the picnic given by the Junior O.A.M. at Lone Oak today. 74 carcasses were barbecued for the occasion and with the many baskets carried by the ladies of the community, furnished an abundance of dinner for all. Music was furnished by the brass band of the Odd Fellows Home, Superintendent York going out with them. This annual picnic brigs together a large number of people from other sections in a social reunion which is always a source of much pleasure to all who attend.

From: The Leaf Chronicle


June 26,1903--Will be given by the Odd Fellows of Southside, Tennessee, Saturday July 11. There will be public speaking and other features of interest, including baseball and croquet. Refreshments will be served. Everybody is invited. Good order guaranteed. Proceeds to go to the Odd Fellow�s Lodge of Southside. Committee of Arrangements:
J.R. Harper
J.C. Dickson
R.W. Workman
James Reed
T.B. Watkins
Committee on Invitatin
Dr. G.E. Vaughan
E.B. Dickson
H.C. Lyle
J.A. Scott
E.G. Dunlavy
J.B. Trotter
H.V. Abernathy
Jos. Justice
V.A. Bradley
Ben Heathman
Slayden Phillips
M.H. Cunningham
Dave Brown
Lem Adkins
Dancy Fort
Austin Peay
Bailey Lovelace
Dr. Harelson
S.B. Dailey
Miss Mary Faires
Miss Eva Harper
Miss Edna Tomlinson
Miss Agusta Gueria
Miss Joanna Corban
Miss Eliza Dickson
Miss Sallie Langford
Miss Jessie Crenshaw
Miss Allie Huff
Miss Fannie Watkins
Mrs. Eva Coke
Mrs. Daisy Vaughan
Mrs. Minnie Lyle

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


December 8,1925--1926 officers were elected at the regular meeting of McCulloch Lodge #189 F&M of Palmyra Saturday night:
Worshipful Master----S.C. Dunbar
Senior Warden---------R.C. Marable
Junior Warden---------Robert Elliott
Senior Deacon------------
Junior Deacon------------George B. Nolen
Secretary-----------------Sam E. Brunson
Treasurer-----------------Joe S. Stalls

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


June 26,1928--Featured by an address by Joseph W. Byrns, Congressman from District 6, a splendid program is promised by the McCulloch Lodge #189, Free and Accepted Masons of Palmyra, Tennessee in the annual picnic to by held Saturday July 21. Plenty of barbecue and refreshments are promised and various kinds of amusement will be included. The program will continue until up in the night when an ice cream supper will be served.

From: Clarksville Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf


September 17,1889--Tarsus Grange #149 will hold its annual fair in the hall of the Grange three miles from Corbandale, Thursday and Friday, October 3 and 4. The usual number of premiums will be offered. Those for the first day are for farm and garden products, ladies work, culinary fruits, jellies, etc., and a number of miscellaneous premiums. Stock and poultry will be the principle feature of the second day�s exhibit. Part of the program for that day will be the riding ring, in which seven premiums are offered. Under the head of �extraordinary� two notices that premiums are offered for the oldest white man on the grounds, the oldest white woman on the grounds, the ugliest white man over 25 years, the worst turnout driver, etc., considered.
All premiums are to be awarded the 2nd day.
All entries must be of home products. Produce must be of 1889 growth. Articles of ladies work formerly exhibited not admitted. A barbecue dinner will be furnished on the grounds and feed for the stock each day at a reasonable price by private parties. Opportunity will be afforded on Friday at one for public sale of stock. Arrangements have been made for all trains to stop at Marable�s Crossing, one mile from the grounds.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


July 20,1911--The annual picnic of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics, which will be given at Lone Oak on the Clarksville Mineral Railroad on Saturday, August 12, will probably be the best affair of the kind ever attempted by the order in Montgomery County.
A committee comprise of H.Y. Yarbrough, J.R. Edmondson, G.W. Harris, Sandy B. Harris, Edgar Orgain, G.B. Nolen, James Broome Jr. and W.C. Batson have matter in hand and are making preparations to entertain 2,000 people that day. A lengthy musical program by the Lone Oak Band, a game of baseball and other amusements have been arranged for the entertainment of the crowd will assemble at Lone Oak again this year.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


July 2,19130--A barbeque and picnic will be given by Palmyra Chapter #126, Order of the Eastern Star, on July 4th at Fessey�s Spring near Corbandale. Dinner will be seved on the grounds and there will be plenty for everyone. Several prominent members of the organization will be present to deliver interesting addresses. There will be good music and amusements of various kinds. Good order will be maintained.
Those on committees are:
R.S. Davis
J.S. Ragan
Gabe R. Fessey
Sam E. Brunson
R.S. Corban
Miss Mary Wilson
Mrs. Fannie Wickham
Mrs. Mary Swift
H.T. Hodges
Miss Winnie Swift
Miss Elsie Davis
Miss Addie Powers
J.F. Davidson

From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle


December 15,1883--At the stated meeting of McAllister Lodge #408, F&A.M., December 8,1883, the following officers were elected for the coming year:
John McCauley Dickson, Worshipful Master
Sid C. Batson, Senior Warden
J.G. Rogers, Junior Warden
John T. Batson, Treasurer
James Wyatt, Secretary
J.A. Gholson, Senior Deacon
J.D. Weems, Junior Deacon
Gideon Harvey, Tyler

From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle


Tribute of Respect To the Worshipful Masters, Wardens and Brethren of McCullough Lodge No. 189 F. & A.M., We, your committee appointed to draft resolutions expressing the feeling of our Lodge on the death of Brother Levi Myers, beg leave to submit the following:
Whereas, it has pleased Almighty God to remove from our midst by death February 8th, our worthy and beloved brother Levi Myers, therefore:
Resolved, that we recognize with humility the decree of an all wise and ever merciful Providence, yet do we deeply and sincerely mourn his loss:
Resolved, that the Lodge wear the usual badge of mourning for 30 days, and that these resolutions be spread upon the minutes, a copy sent to the family of the deceased, and a copy sent the Clarksville Chronicle for publication.
W.H. Fessey
B.C. Powers
B.J. Corban

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


May 22,1918--Palmyra Lodge #427, I.O.O.F. held its memorial service May 19. The graves of the members are so widely scattered that an effort was made to procure enough cars to carry all members with a goodly delegation of the Rebekahs and make the round in one day, but were sadly disappointed when two or three cars failed to show up. Consequently, all the Rebekahs and several of the Odd Fellows had to be left behind.
The five cars available were loaded to their capacity and proceeded to the Myers Cemetery, where the first service was held; then to the Taylor Cemetery; and from there to the fine spring at Shiloh, where a stop was made for rest and to partake of a most excellent lunch prepared by the Rebekahs.
After an hour spent in social and fraternal cheer, the procession formed and a start made for the Carver burial ground over a road where a �Ford� had never gone before and which was made well-nigh impassable by the heavy rains the day before. All praise is due the drivers namely: L.L. Allen, O.J. Swift, Charles Davis; Raymond Powers, and Fred T____.

From: Genealogical Journal of Montgomery County


A Charter for a Lodge located at Palmyra, Tennessee, known as McCulloch Lodge No. 189 F. and A.M. was issued December 10,1849, by Grand Master R.L. Caruthers, countersigned by Grand Secretary J.S. Dashiell, naming: Brothers John F. Outlaw, W.M.; Washington Cooper, S.W.; Isaac Shelby, J.W. The Lodge worked regularly until April 4,1863, when the Lodge room, including the furniture and charter were burned by Federal Troops.

The Lodge met again September 9,1865, in a storehouse in Corbandale, under dispensation with sixty-three members enrolled. A new charter was granted December 8,1866, by Grand Master T.A. Hamilton, countersigned by Grand Secretary C.A. Fuller naming: Brothers John F. Outlaw, M.W.; Rolfe Eldridge, S.W.; Peter Oneal, J.W.

The Lodge worked about a year in the storhouse, moved to a new school house nearer Palmyra, where regular meetings were held until the present Lodge room was built in connection with the church in 1870.

Names of members who died in good standing:
David B. Martin, Killed at Battle of Franklin 1863
Thomas W. Bateman, died in the army 1864
Nathan T. Allman, Memorial Service October 1,1865
J. Matt Jackson, Memorial Service October 1,1865
John McDonald, Memorial Service October 1,1865
William H. Eldridge, Memorial Service October 1,1865
F.F.V. Schmittou, October 15,1865
J. Steve Martin, November 4,1865
James W. Dunbar, June 10,1864
John Dilling, March 4,1868
A.B.J. Turner, July 8,1872
Kinchen C. Bowers, December 9,1872
Rolfe Eldridge, June 17,1873
Hardin T. Oliphant, July 26,1873
Robert J. Thorne, December 28,1873
J. Gart Marable, January 27,1875
H. Eaton Haynes, March 7,1878
Levi Myers, February 8,1880
Barnaby C. Powers, June 11,1881
Thomas Halliburton, October 30,1881
George R. Outlaw, June 21,1884
William G. Williams, September 6,1884
Thomas J. Morris, October 18,1884
Thomas Collier, February 13,1885
Alexander Outlaw, March 5,1885
William J. Rowland, September 25,1890
Frank M. Dilling, March 23,1891
Uriah D. Tomlinson, February 18,1892
D. Jarrett Rawlings, July 18,1893
William Baggett, May 25,1895
William H. Fessey, May 29,1895
William C. Jackson, February 5,1899
S. Carroll Edwards, October 1,1899
Patrick H. Dillion, September 11,1900
J.R.W. Attaway, January, 6,1902
James W. Powers, December 31,1903
James L. Brengman, July 10,1905
Joseph R. Haynes, March 21,1906
Jesse Baggett, December 23,1906
Maston C. Powers, February 18,1907
Aristotle Eldridge, June 3,1907
Joseph A. Hendricks, July 26,1910
James O. Myers, October 12,1912

From: Clarksville Gazette


September 30,1829---The members of the Montgomery County Lodge No. 10 are requested to be punctual in their attendance at the Lodge Room, on the third Monday in October, at 3:00 p.m. Upon business of great importance to the lodge; that is confidently expected that every member will give the strictest adherence to this notice.
By order of the W.M.
Joel C. Rice, Secretary

From: Genealogical Journal of Montgomery County


The following item found among papers in the old store building at Port Royal, Tennessee. The upstairs portion was rented to the Masonic Lodge for many years. The original papers have been placed in the State Archives in Nashville

March 7,1885
To the W.M. Wardens and Brethren of Hampton Lodge No. 137
You are respectfully solicited to attend with us the burial services of Brother Nelson Brown, deceased, the 4th Sabbath in April 1885 at Bethel Church.
N.E. Bagwell, Secretary

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


August 9,1909--Just as predicted, everybody and his wife and best girl attended the Junior picnic at Lone Oak Saturday. The grounds surrounding the school room, comprising several acres, by 11:00 was a living mass of humanity, having come from all directions as far away as 20 miles, the number being estimated from 1,000 to 1,500. At 11:15, the Stayton Band headed the procession of Juniors as they marched, 106 in number, from their hall to the ground and formed a circle around the band stand. As soon as they were seated, Harvey Whitfield was called to the stand and delivered a short address upon the aims and objectives of the order. At 12:00 barbecue was ready and everyone enjoyed the finest cooked meats ever tasted.
The afternoon was spent in social converse and many old friends here returned for the first time in years. Noticeable among the old settlers was Uncle Ben Harris and Uncle Henry Minor, both of whom were busy all day in converse with friends and looking hale and hearty.
After the departure of the band at 4:00, the McAllister Crossroads string band with Delma Batson as organ accompanist, rendered some delightful music for the few hundred persons who were not ready to go home.
The picnic was one of the most pleasant ever held in that section and the most largely attended. The members of the lodge take a great interest in these social functions and hope to at sometime in the future improve on this one.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


May 6,1921--The anniversary exercises Sunday were well attended by the members of both the Odd Fellows and the Rebekah Lodges. A strong sermon on the principles of the order was presented by Rev. R.L. Langstorm, Sam M. Broome, R.C. Swift, J.J. Broome, and Miss Mary Eunice Broome, with Miss Pearl Swift at the organ. Several Odd Fellows from Clarksville were present.
The Masons have so far completed their new hall as to admit them holding their meetings there. This will be a substantial and attractive building when completed.

From: Clarksville Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf


December 13,1889--At a meeting of McAllister�s Lodge No. 402 F & A M, December 7, the following officers were elected for the snsuing year:
Sid C. Batson, W.M.
John A. Gholson, S.W.
T.T. Harvey, J.W.
John M. Dickson, treasurer
James Wyatt, secretary
Jesse Harvey, S.D.
Wash Daniel, J.D.
W.C. Williams, tyler.

From: Clarksville Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf

52   I.O.O.F.

December 6,1889--Pythagoras Lodge I.O.O.F. has elected Clay Stacker, N.G.; R.W. Jett, V.G.; John Young, secretary; Ed C. Bates, treasurer. They will serve for six months.

From: Clarksville Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf


July 12,1889--Pythagoras Lodge No. 23 I.O.O.F. at a meeting Monday evening installed the following officers for the ensuing six months.
F. Bates, N.G.
J.W. Adams, V.G.
Clay Stacker, Secretary
C.W. Wheatley, Permanent Secretary
F.L. Smith, Treasuer
F.R. Johnson, Warden
T.T. Willis, Conductor
Simon Katz, R.S. & N.G.
F. Clifton, L.S. & N.G.
W.K. Phillips, Guardian.
Simon Katz was chosen representative to the Grand Lodge for the next two years.

From: Clarksville Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf


July 2,1889--J.F. Wood, W.J. Ely, S.M. Viser, Thomas Hyman and Jonathan T. Cunningham, members of Clarksville commandery inauguration of a commandery of Knight�s Templar at Russellville Friday night. The new commandery starts off with 22 members.

From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle


January 17,1880--At a stated meeting of John Hart Lodge, NO 247, F&A.M., held at Peacher�s Mill, December 27, the following officers were elected and installed for the ensuing twelve months
G.W. McCauley, Worshipful Master
A. Harris, Sr. Warden
W.T. Jordan, Jr. Warden
W.C. Harelson, Secretary
C.W. Ranson, Treasurer
J.G. Rollow, Sr. Deacon
J.W. Settle, Jr. Deacon
R. Buckley, Tyler

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


December 28,1931---More than 50 persons attended the annual reunion of the Palmyra Lodge of the I.O.O.F. Saturday. Following the invocation and a number of musical selections, F.M. Broome delivered an interesting talk on the origin of the order. He enumerated some of the objectives of the order. Talks were also made by Hervey Whitfield, Supt. A.W. Jobe, Reverend H.M. Gwynn, and others. December 26 has been the date named for the annual meeting of the members of the Palmyra Lodge.

From: The Clarksville Jeffersonian


June 16,1852--The members of the above chapter are requested to assemble on the 24th to join in the commencement exersics of the Masonic Lodge
Hour of meeting 9:00 a.m.
By order of the M.E.H.P.
W.J. Castner, Secretary.

From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle


February 14,1880---J.N. Blackford, Esquire, of Barton�s Creek Grange, is the representative from this county to the state Grange, which meets at Brownsville next Tuesday.

From: Daily Tobacco Leaf Chronicle


May 12,1891---Tarsus Grange #149, Patrons of Husbandry, near Palmyra, will hold its annual memorial meeting on Satruday, the 23rd. There will be dinner on the ground, and the exercises will be interesting and appropriate, consisting of an address by Reverend C.A. Barnes and other features suitable to the occasion. A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend.
The members of Tarsus Grange #149, P. of H. are requested to be in attendance at the Grange Hall.

From: Daily Leaf Chronicle


December 31,1902---Officers were elected and installed by McCulloch Lodge F & M #189 Saturday as follows:
B.J. Corban, Worshipful Master
G.R. Fessey, Senior Warden
J.T. Bryant, Junior Warden
R.S. Davis, Treasurer
J.B. Powers, Secretary
W.H. Thompson, Senior Deacon
J.E. Harned, Junior Deacon
M.C. Powers, Chaplain
S.E. Brunson, Tiler

From: The Chronicle


November 18, 1876---Good Templars Montgomery County Convention convened according to appointment October 11, 1876 with Blue Spring Lodge, 14 members being present. We find there are six Lodges in the county, with an average membership of about 50, giving us about 300 members for the county. To meet at Palmyra the 2nd Saturday in January, 1877.
H. Whitfield, pro tem

From: Daily Tobacco Leaf Chronicle


May 12, 1891---Tarsus Grange No. 149 Patrons of Husbandry, adopted the following resolution on the death of Brother Francis M. Dillon: Whereas, it has pleased the all-wise Creator, in his infinite wisdom and majesty, to remove from us our brother, Francis M. Dillon; therefore be it Resolved, that we the officers and members of Tarsus Grange No. 149 Patrons of husbandry, deeply deplore the loss of our brother, who was ever ready to assist in promoting the welfare of our order. Resolved, that as a token of love and reverence we will wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days and the Grange Hall, together with the fixtures thereof, be draped for the usual thirty days. Resolved, that these resolutions be spread on the minutes of the Grange and a copy sent the Leaf-Chronicle for publication and a copy sent the bereaved family.
M.C. Corban
U.D. Tomlinson
J.B. Powers

From: Daily Tobacco Leaf Chronicle


May 27, 1891---Tarsus Grange #149 Patrons of Husbandry, met at 9:00 last Saturday morning for the purpose of holding its annual memorial service in honor of its dead members. The ladies decorated the hall nicely with flowers and then invited Reverend Cornelius Ava Barnes to deliver a sermon on the occasion. His subject was the preparation of the soil of the heart for the seed of the gospel and the rich harvest that awaits us in the garner of God. The sermon was appropriate and listened to with much interest. All were benefited by hearing it.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


January 17,1920---The newly installed officers of the Masonic Lodge at this place are:
Tyler Henley, Worshipful Master
S.E. Fergerson, Senior Warden
Brice Powers, Junior Warden
G.R. Fessey, Treasurer
Talmage Sugg, Secretary
Harding Marable, Senior Deacon
Albert Norris, Junior Deacon
Alex Parker, Tyler
They are very near all young men.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


January 10,1920---On December 26,1919, the annual joint meeting of Palmyra Lodge I.O.O.F. and Mary Rebekah Lodge was held. A large number of members and visitors were present. After the business meeting of each lodge, adjournment was taken for dinner and such a dinner almost everything good to eat, with hot coffee, etc. After an hour spent in the most social and fraternal way, the Chairman, Mr. J.J. Broome called to order and a most entertaining but informal program was rendered consisting of vocal and inspirational music, short impromptus talks, comments etc., until a late hour in the day. Some of the Odd Fellows expressed disappointment at the absence of Mr. E.E. York, the Superintendent of the Home, who had been invited to make the principal talk in the afternoon, but not withstanding this, the spirit of good fellowship ran high from beginning to close, and some were heard to express the hope they might live to enjoy another such occasion.

From: Clarksville Chronicle


February 19,1870---At a meeting held by the citizens of Palmyra vicinity, on the 4th inst., Dr. J.F. Outlaw was called to the chair and R. Eldridge appointed secretary. The chairman stated that the object of the meeting was to arrange and organize an efficient plan with a view to the building of a Church and Masonic Hall at this place. By uniting the endeavors of all or any who might take an interest in the matter in pursuance of the object proposed, asserting that be held it to be a duty we owed to ourselves and posterity that we no longer delay an exertion, sufficiently strong, and the exercise an energy equal to accomplish the task to procure the adequate means to erect such edifices, knowing as we do their vital importance to the welfare and happiness of every community. He further asserted, that he believed, by a united effort of the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church south and the Masonic Fraternity in this vicinity, and other assistance that may be procured through their agency from many good people in the surrounding country, who make it a rule to lend their aid and assistance in every instance to the accomplishment of such objects, that this work can readily be done.
The meeting then being declared in order, the following preamble and resolutions were offered by the secretary and adopted:
Wheras, On the 3rd day of April 1863, the Methodist Church and Masonic Hall, together with all other houses in the town of Palmyra, were destroyed by fire. Thereby entailing distress and poverty upon the inhabitants, and depriving them of a house of worship and Masonic Hall as above stated, and also divesting them of available means necessary to establish with edifices; but having suffered to establish such edifices; but having suffered no abatement in their attachment of veneration for either institution, and only delayed the attempt to re-establish them until they could in a measure recruit their fallen fortunes, so as to contribute materially themselves to their reconstruction, before soliciting assistance from others; although believing that many people of the surrounding country, living in more fortunate localities, mindful of the calamities and hardships which have in undue proportion fallen upon his part of our common country, would have willingly and cheerfully assisted us, if called upon, prompted by motives rising high above, the sordid dreams of earth to reconstruct a house of worship and Mason Hall, relying for a recompense upon the sacred word, �that to him that overcometh, will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth, saving be that receiveth it.� Rev 2:17
Whereas, Upon enquiry and investigation, it has been ascertained that it is in accordance with the wishes and feelings of a majority of the members of the church and lodge, that efforts and energies be combined to establish a house for them to be built upon the same foundation and under the same roof. Therefore, be it.
Resolved, That we, the individuals constituting this meeting, composed of members of the church and Masons, members of McCulloch Lodge #189, unite our efforts to erect a Methodist Church and Mason Hall in the town of Palmyra, upon the following terms; that the lower room, or ground floor shall belong to the Methodist Episcopal Church South, to be free for the use of the Baptists and Presbyterians when not occupied by the said Methodists; the upper story to belong to the Masonic Fraternity, members of the McCulloch Lodge #189.
Also, that subscribers can give direction to their contributions, either by donating to the church alone, the lodge alone, or to both jointly; and payment to be made to the building committee when said committee shall consider that sufficient amount is subscribed to justify them in commencing the work. Also,
Resolved, That the following persons; P.B. Williamson, J.W. Elliot, J.T. Trice, R. Eldridge and C.C. Wall, be appointed the building committee, whose office shall be to receive all appropriations from the solicitors, locate the house, layout its dimensions, plan of structure, procure lumber, etc, hire workmen, and do all things necessary to accomplish the work in a manner as they may deem best in accordance to the means procured and their judgment may direct to answer the designs and purposes proposed. Also,
Resolved, That the following persons be appointed a committee and furnished with subscription lists, and requested to act as solicitors to procure donations; Rev. J.G. Rice, Rev. W.T. Dye, Rev. A.N. Larkins, Rev. John Reynolds, J.M. Peacher, P.B. Williamson, Dr. J.F. Outlaw, W.B. Bryan, Henry Lyle, J.T. Trice, S.A. Caldwell, Dr. H. Acree, Tine Smith, B. Corban, and Dr. A. Eldridge. On motion of Rev. J.G. Rice, it was
Resolved, That all good persons be requested to extend to us their assistance and support, also, that the Clarksville Chronicle be requested to publish the proceedings of this meeting, and that the persons composing this meeting meet again on the 4th of March, at Palmyra, to make, if necessary, further arrangements.
J.F. Outlaw--Chairman
R. Eldridge, Secretary

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


August 3,1914---The Odd Fellows picnic at Southside Saturday was a success in every particular. The attendance was large as is always the case. The dinner was of the best and plentiful. The barbecue was cooked to perfection and everybody enjoyed it to the fullest extent. The music by the IOOF Home Band was enjoyed and many favorable comments were passed upon it.
At 3:00 p.m. Hon. J.W. Byrns was introduced and spoke for 30 minutes upon the subject of �Fraternity�. He had expected to devote a short time to some bills enacted by Congress that pertained to this district, but his voice failed him and he was forced to desist. He returned to Nashville at the conclusion of his speech.
Those in charge of the picnic report that they were gratified with every feature of the day and especially with the good order that prevailed.

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


April 28,1913---The Palmyra Lodge of Odd Fellows celebrated the 8th anniversary of the establishment of the local lodge at that place Sunday. A large number of citizens in addition to the members were present to enjoy the occasion.
The assemblage was addressed by Hons. Michael Savage, Dancey Fort, and Hervey Whitfield of this city. There were a number of visiting Odd Fellows from other lodges and the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. On account of rain, the programs originally planned was not carried out, but the addresses of the speakers quite compensated for these.
The visitors were hospitably entertained by the citizens of Palmyra after the exercise closed.

From: Clarksville Jeffersonian


July 6,1853---The following officers were elected for the resent session, by Paythagoras Lodge No. 23, I.O.O.F.
James Tait, N.G.
T.W. King, V.G.
John Young, T.
C.M. Harris, S.

From: Clarksville Jeffersonian


February 22,1854---To-day, the anniversary of the birthday of the �Father of this Country,� will be celebrated by the Washington Irving, and Stewart Societies of the Masonic College, at the Methodist Episcopal Church. Appropriate addresses will be delivered by Messrs Buck and Davie, representing the Washington Irving, and Mr. B. Roberts the Stewart Society. Exercises to commence at 9:00. By request of the Societies, Mr. James M. Quarles will deliver an address after tea, at the same place.

From: Clarksville Jeffersonian


March 1,1854---The 22nd of February - According to previous notice the 22nd anniversary of Washington�s birthday was celebrated by the Washing Irving and Stewart Societies at the Methodist Episcopal Church - The exercises commenced with prayer by Reverend A.R. Erwin, after which he read the farwell address of Washington. Mr. Gabriel Davie on the part of the Washington Society took the stand and discused feelingly and eloquently upon the duties of the American citizens. His speech was brief and to the point.
He was followed by Mr. Ben Rogers of the Stewart Society, who delivered an address of about twenty minutes in length on the subject of the discovery, progress, and destiny of America, and its influence upon other notices. The effort was creditable to him.
The proceedings closed with an address from Mr. Charles Buck, of the Washington Irving Society, who, had taken for his subject, the three epoch�s. - Birth of Christ, the Reformation and Independence. His subject was a grand one, and he handled it in a skilful manner, evincing deep study and research. We had but one objection to the addresses - there was apparently a continual strain at eloquence. This, however is a fault easily remedied.
During the intervals the audience was favored with delighted music from the Brass Band, to whom much credit is due.
After tea Mr. James M. Quarles delivered the Dedectory address of the Washington Irving Society. It was beautiful and eloquent, and we regretted much that his audience was not larger. The Society should publish it.
It is our intention to give a full report of the interesting proceedings of the 22nd, but our time has been so much occupied during the past week, that we are necessarily compelled to excuse ourself with the foregoing brief sketch.

From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle


May 15,1857---To-morrow-a-week, the corner-stone of a new Masonic Lodge will be laid at New Providence, with all the ceremony common to such an occasion. There will be a procession of the order, in regalia, and an address by Reverend Dr. Hanna, of this city. To those who know him we need only make his announcement to ensure their attendance; but no others who do not, we can safely promise and oration extraordinary interest. The exercises will commence at 2:00 p.m. All brothers in good standing are invited to attend, and participate in the ceremonise.

From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle


June 24,1859---To-Day,--The Brethren will assemble at the Hall at 10:00 a.m.; procession will move from Hall at 11:00; march down Franklin to 2nd; out 2nd to Madison; our Madison to 5th; our 5th to Methodist Church.
Music by----Dedrickson�s Brass Band
Prayer by---Chaplain Reverend Brother J.B. West
Oration by ---Brother J.O. Shackleford
Music by---the Band
The procession will again for and march down Franklin street to the Square; around the Square to the National Hotel, where dinner will be served. After dinner the procession will again for and repair to the Hall. Brethren are requested to observe the above order, and govern themselves accordingly.
T.A. Thomas
Chairman of Committee

From: Clarksville Chronicle


June 9,1846---The Masonic Fraternity, generally, are invited to attend the celebration of our Anniversary on the 24 instant.
W.T.H. Williams
Sec�y Lodge No.89
W.J. Castner
Sec�y Lodge No. 116

From: Clarksville Chronicle


December 17,1844---Clarksville Lodge No. 89, will celebrate the anniversary of the birth of St. John the Evangelist, on Friday, the 27th. An address will be delivered by Edward W. Mumford, Esq., at the Presbyterian Church half past 11 o�clock a.m. The public generally are respectfully invited to attend.

From: Clarksville Chronicle


June 6,1843---Clarksville Lodge No. 89, will celebrate the anniversary of St. John the Baptist, on the 24th June next, by a procession, and an Address from Reverend E.H. Cresset. They respectfully invite neighboring Lodges, and all brothers in good standing, to participate with them in the celebration.

From: Clarksville Chronicle


September 14,1847---Officers elect for the next twelve months:
T.A. Thomas, W.M.
Jonathan S. Hart, S.W.
Isaac Jackson, J.W.
Samuel Simpson, Treasurer
R. Poston, Jr., Sec.
George W. Leigh, S.D.
Jonathan G. Shaw, J.D.
Reverend J.G. Ward, Chap.
T.W. Barksdale, M
Thomas W. Pitt, M.S.
J.E. Franklin, M.S.
Jacob Baird, Tyler

From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


July 21,1914---The Odd Fellows of Southside are completing arrangements for their annual barbecue and picnic at that place on Saturday August 1st. The management of the affair will be in the hands of a committee composed of Edward R. Gannaway, A.J. Durrett, R.B. Batson and Ira Peterson.

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