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Diane's Cornish Family Roots
St. Ives, Cornwall
Paynter, Wallis, Quick, Richards

Our German Ancestors
Colin & Di's German Ancestors comprising the
Abendroth, Haack, Hauschild, Richter Families
with English Text

Deutsche Vorfahren
von Colin und Di Rilley

Abendroth, Haack, Hauschild, Richter

mit deutschen Text

 van Vuren/Vuuren
in South Africa from late 1600's
(including Janse/Janzen/Jansen van Vuren/Vuuren)


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Mecklenburg-Schwerin Marriages 1826-1875, 1801-1825, 1751-1800, 1705-1751, to 1704
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A Brief Family History

A great deal of what exists in our family tree data base was started by Colin's grandfather Thomas Lenaghan who had a hobby but in the pre computer days found it difficult to present all the data. The family uses Family Tree Maker and we share our data base between Colin's brother Denis in the USA and their Uncle Henry Lenaghan in Canada.

The family tree has links to Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, Netherlands and South Africa. There are also some links to Australia, USA and Canada.

The surnames only of the data base have been listed.


The only advice I can give is to never give up. It took ten years to find information on my great grandmother, everyone knew she had remarried and I was told that her new surname was Arbour but no one remembered when she had died. My Aunt eventually found an old letter. The letter gave me a spelling for the surname and Arbour turned out to be spelt Arber! The letter also gave me an address where she had lived and indication of when she might have died as it mentioned that she was not well. Armed with this information I wrote to the town and received a record of her death.

Odd things also happen. While getting a copy of my great aunts death notice, the man I was dealing with looked at me strangely and asked me why I wanted a copy of this particular persons' death notice. I replied that she was my great aunt, and he told me that his cousin had been her second husband. Not only did he have that information but had also compiled a family tree which he shared with me!

With over Ten Thousand people in our data base, it would be very difficult to include all the information on this web page. For further details please contact us.

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Abbes, Abendroth, Abrahams, Achilles, Ackerman, Ackermann, Action, Adams, Addison, Adema, Adriaanse, Adrienne, Ainslee, Aldridge, Alexander, Allan, Allen, Alman, Amfaldern, Anders, Anderson, Andrews, Angwin, Ansell, Antons, Applegate, Arber, Archer, Archibald, Arenbeck, Arkwright, Arle, Arriola, Arrow, Asbroek, Ash, Ashford, Ashley, Askew, Atkins, Atkinson, Attack, Atwood, Aucamp.


Baarnhoorn, Bab, Badcock, Badenhorst, Baird, Baker, Balfour, Ball, Bam, Bane, Barbiroli, Baring, Barker, Barkhuizen, Barlow, Barnard, Barnes, Barnett, Barney, Baransky, Baron, Barrett, Barton, Barrow, Barry, Bartlett, Bassadona, Basson, Bast, Bastaroli, Bathhurst, Bauer, Baum, Bayes, Bayley, Bazant, Beardwood, Beare, Beekea, Behan, Bekker, Bell, Belli, Bellinger, Belmont, Benade, Bender, Bennett, Benusik, Berend, Bergen, Bergh, Berkelmans, Berkett, Berriman, Bertrand, Bester, Bezuidenhout, Bickerdike, Bierenbroodspot, Bierman, Beukes, Biggs, Bijlmer, Binneman, Binney, Bisset, Bitter, Bjorkland, Blackwell, Blackwood, Blaikie, Blake, Blane, Blignaut, Blitterswijk, Blommert, Bloom, Blumfield, Boe, Boelhouwer, Boeren, Bon, Bone Bones, Bonnetto, Bonifaz, Bonner, Bonnicci, Bonsel, Bonte, Boon, Booth, Booysens, Borchers, Boshoff, Bosithioe, Boskinning, Bosman, Botes, Botha, Botting, Bound, Bourne, Bouwmeester, Bovenkerk, Bowles, Bowman, Braatveldt, Bracken, Brady, Brand, Brandon, Branson, Bray, Breedt, Brett, Breytenbach, Brian, Briand, Brigley, Brink, Brinkel, Brinkworth, Brisland, Brits, Brodrick, Bronkhorst, Brooke, Brophy, Brouwer, Brown, Browne, Bruck, Brugman, Bruhwasser, Bruwer, Bryce, Buchanan, Buckler, Budinsky, Bunbury, Burdett, Burke, Burley, Burns, Burton, Burger, Bus, Butler, Butterworth, Buys, Byers, Byrne, Byron.

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Cahill, Cairns, Callaghan, Callan, Callie, Calwell, Calitz, Cam, Cameron, Campbell, Campher, Capell, Carbutt, Carelse, Carlston, Carolan, Caree, Carroll, Carter, Cartlidge, Casamaijor, Casey, Castell-Blanch, Castellblanch, Cavendish, Celery, Ceulen, Chaloner, Champagne, Chandler, Charter, Chase, Chelepnakov, Chesters, Cheyne, Chichester, Christopher, Chrystal, Cilliers, Claasen, Clack, Clark, Clarke, Clifford, Cloete, Clugston, Cob, Cocke, Cockerham, Coe, Coetzee, Coertzen, Coetzer, Cole, Cole-Hamilton, Coleman, Collenbrander, Collier, Collins, Combrink, Commins, Compton, Conlon, Connick, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Conradie, Conroy, Constancon, Cook, Cooke, Coombe, Coote, Cope, Copleston, Cordier, Corry, Coulson, Courtney, Cowen, Cowper, Cox, Craig, Crawford, Creighton-Jones, Creswick, Crichton, Croft, Crombie, Cronje, Crosby, Crossman, Cruikshank, Crusielieur, Cuff, Cunningham, Curle, Curnow, Curran, Curtis, Cusak.

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Daldorf, Daly, Dance, Daniel, Daniels, Danson, Danzig, Dardis, Darwell, Davey, Davies, Davis, Day, De Bee, De Beer, De Bruyn, De Caluwe, De Beer, De Bruin, De Bruyn, De Beer, De Bree, De Bruyn, De Caluwe, De Clerq, De Conning, De Graaf, De Jager, De Jong, De Klerk, De Koeraad, De Lange, De Maria DeKruyf, De Ridder, De Schouwer, De Sousa, De Villiers, De Vos, De Vries, De Waart, De Wet, Deacon, Dean, Dejong, Dekker, Delamere, Delaney, Delport, Delourey, Demitor, Dempsey, Dennis, Den Berg, Denton, Derks, Derringer, Detering, Devering, Devin, Devlin, Deysel, Dibb, Dillon, Diederichs, Diedericks, Dippenaar, Ditters, Diva, Dodd, Domvile, Donald, Donnelly, Donoghue, Donovan, Doran, Dorrestein, Downey, Doyle, Draijer, Drake, Dreyer, Droeze, Drotske, Du Buison, Du Buisson, Du Mesnil De Rochemont, Du Plessis, Du Plooy, Du Preez, Du Rand, Du Toit, Dudek, Dudley, Duff, Dufficy, Duffy, Dugall, Dunckling, Dunlop, Dunne, Durnin, Duvenhage, Dwyer, Dyason,.

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Earle, Eastwood, Ebbink, Ebner, Edwards, Egleton, Eksteen. Elliott, Els, Eltz, Elwood, Emery, Emmett, Emslie, Engelbrecht, Engels, English, Engwerda, Erasmus, Esquirerolle, Esterhuizen, Evans, Everett, Evers, Evison, Eybers.

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Faber, Fagan, Fairweather, Faller, Fallon, Fancy, Farnell, Faro, Farrell, Farrelly, Farrow, Fatiaki, Fehanne, Fellowes, Felsberg, Ferguson, Fernandez, Ferns, Ferreira, Fidgeon, Fiedeldy, Finan, Finn, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Flanagan, Flegal, Fleischhaker, Fletcher, Flood, Florisz, Fokker, Foley, Forbes, Ford, Fordam, Forde, Foreman, Forster, Fortescue, Fotheringham, Fouche, Fourie, Fourney, Fox, Francis, Fraser, Freeman, Freeze, Freislich, Friend, Friesen, Fritz, Fyfe.

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Gadd, Gagiano, Gaisford, Gale, Gallagher, Gammell, Garland, Garnett, Garson, Gartaeret, Garvey, Gaston, Gaynor, Geddes, Geldenhuys, Gerber, Gericke, Gernon, Gerritsen, Gibson, Gidney, Gilchrist, Gill, Gille, Gillies, Gilis, Gilmor, Gilmore, Gilmour, Girbav, Glanvile, Godbold, Goff, Goosen, Gorrie, Gorter, Gough, Gouws, Gracey, Graham, Grant, Gray, Greef, Green, Greenfield, Gregson, Gresswell, Grevelink, Greyling, Greyvenstein, Griesel, Grizel, Grobbelaar, Grobler, Groenewald, Gronloh, Grosvenor, Grove, Groves, Guerin, Guildee, Guimond, Gunnel.

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Haack, Haage, Haaroff, Haas, Hager, Haggameier, Haigh, Hair, Hale, Hall, Hallick, Halpenny, Halpin, Hamill, Hamilton, Hamon, Hanley, Hans, Hansen, Hape, Harden, Hardick, Harkness, Harmse, Harmsen, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hartley, Hartniet, Hartung, Hattingh, Hauptfleish, Hauschild, Havenga, Hawke, Hayes, Hayward, Hazenbosch, Healey, Heemskerk, Heerschop, Helmonds, Hembery, Henderson, Hendriks, Heneghan, Henning, Henriksen,Henry, Herbert, Herman, Hiep, Higgins, Higgs, Hilhorst, Hillebrand, Hines, Hippert, Hobart, Hocking, Hodgkiss, Hodgson, Hoeppener, Hogan, Holler, Hollow, Holloway, Hollywood, Holman, Holt, Holtzhausen, Holyrod, Hooper, Hoppener, Horn, Horne, Hornle, Horstnall, Horstman, Horstmeier, Hough, Hubbard, Hughes, Hugo, Human, Humphris, Hunnerscheidt, Hurst, Husband, Hutchinson, Hutton, Hyatt.

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Impey, Ingeborg, Inggs, Irish, Irons, Irvine, Irving.

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Jackson, Jacobs, Jacobson, Jagger, James, Jans, Janse van Vuren, Jansen van Vuuren, Jansen, Jarvis, Jenkins, Jenkyn, Jenman, Jennings, Jeppe, Jessey, Jewell, Jodie, Jones Jonker, Jonsson, Jooste, Jordaan, Joubert, Jourdan, Joyce, Junge, Junior.

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Kallis, Kane, Karskens, Kauffeld, Kavanagh, Kearney, Keating, Keddy, Keilley, Kelley, Kelly, Kemp, Kemper, Kennedy, Kennelly, Kenny, Keodyk, Kerr, Khatchadourian, Kickham, Kidd, Kieman, Kilian, Killeen, Kineshanko, King, Kinsella, Kittleson, Klasssen, Klein, Kleinhans, Kleynhans, Klopper, Klooster, Kness, Knight, Knowles, Koekemoer, Koch, Kock, Konig, Korfage, Korstjens, Korting, Kotze, Kramer, Kranzi, Kreutzer, Kriel, Krige, Kruger, Kruse, Kubin, Kwast.

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La Noy, Laas, Labuschagne, Lacey, Lacor, Lahner, Laing, Laird, Lamb, Lamberts, Lancaster, Lane, Lange, Langlois, Lapeyre, Laubscher, Lavelle, Lavin, Lawler, Lawrence, Le Blanc, Le Grange, Le Roux, Lea, Leach, Leddra, Lee, Lees, Legg, Leggetter, Leith, Lelijveld, Lenaghan, Lengton, Lenihan, Lennon, Leonard, Leonardi, Lermond, Lewis, Liaunig, Liebenberg, Lillies, Lindeman, Lindeque, Littleford, Litva, Liveston, Lloyd, Locke, Lofthouse, Lombard, Lombardi, Long, Loop, Lordan, Lorgarine, Lotter, Lottering, Lourens, Louw, Love, Lowry, Lowry-Corry, Lubbe, Lubbers, Lucas, Luden, Luders, Ludick, Ludik,Lugerman, Lukaniuk, Lukashanko, Luke, Lupul, Lupus, Luttig, Luus, Lynch, Lyndon, Lyons, Lyttelton, Lyzaniuk.

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MacDonald, Makaskin, MacLennan, Macmanus, Macmillan, MacNiel, MacNevin, Madden, Magennis, Maguire, Maher, Mahon, Maillet, Majoor, Major, Malan, Malherbe, Maloney, Malynn, Manhard-Zech, Mann, Marais, Marchtaler, Mare, Maree, Maritz, Marlow, Marples, Marshall, Martel, Martell, Martin, Martinot, Marx, Mason, Massey, Massie, Mathers, Mathews, Mathieson, Matt, Matteyse, Mattheus, Matthews, Maullin, May, Mayhew, Mayler, Mc Cabe, Mc Carthy, Mc Clure, Mc Cullough, Mc Cullum, Mc Donald, Mc Elligott, Mc Ellin, Mc Garry, Mc Graine, Mc Leod, Mc Mahon, Mc Manus, Mcaleavy, McBride, McCaddin, McCann, McCarron, McCarthy, Mc Connell, McCartney, McClelland, Mccormack, Mccormick, Mccurdie, McDonnell, Mcgarry, Mcgee, McGee, McGinn, Mcgrath, McGraw, McHugh, Mcintyre, Mclsack, McIvor, Mckeighen, Mckenzie, Mckevitt, Mckinnon, McLoughlin, Mcmillan, Mcpartland, Mcphilips, Mcvie, Meade, Meehan, Meerkotter, Meiering, Melbourne, Melnicuk, Mensink, Mentz, Mernin, Meyer, Mickalajewski, Middleton, Mikolajczak, Miller, Miller-Mundy, Milne, Minnaar, Mocke, Moffat, Moir, Moll, Monahan, Monks, Montagu, Montanus, Montgomery, Moodie, Moore, Morgan, Morien, Moroz, Morris, Morrison, Morton, Mostert, Moulton, Mouton, Mucha, Muilwijk, Mulcahy, Mulder, Mulholland, Mullen, Muller, Mulligan, Mulloy, Murdoch, Murgatroyd, Murphy, Murray, Mussard, Myburgh, Myette, Myles, Mynhardt.

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Nance, Nash, Naude, Neethling, Neiteler, Nel, Nelson, Netten, Neugdigk, Neumeyer, Nevill, Neville, Newton, Nicholls, Nichols, Nicholson, Nicol, Niemand, Niewenhuizen, Nisbet, Nixon, Noal, Nock, Nolan, Norris, Northey, Nortje, Nortjie, Norton, Nuno.

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Oberholzer, O'Brian, O'Brien, Occleshaw, O'Connell, O'Connor, O'Dea, Odendaal, O'Donovan, O'Driscoll, Oelofse, O'Gorman, O'Hare, O'Keeffe, Old, Olders, Olin, Oliver, Olivey, Olivier, Olson, Onderwater, O'Neill, Oosthuizen, Openshaw, Opperman, O'Reilly, O'Rilley, O'Rourke, Osbourne, O'Toole, Otto, Overeem, Oxford, Oz, Ozeri.

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Pace, Padian, Paget, Palazuelos, Panaino, Parker, Parkin, Parkinson, Parnell, Parsley, Parsons, Partridge, Paskow, Pate, Paterson, Patrick, Patterson, Paul, Paynter, Pearce, Pearcey, Pearson, Peddie, Peens, Peiffer, Pelser, Peltier, Penberthy, Penman, Penny, Pentony, Pepperell, Percy, Perkin, Perrie, Perry, Peters, Petrisor, Pettipas, Petzer, Peyper, Peypers, Philben, Philip, Phillip, Phillips, Phillipson, Philpott, Piek, Pienaar, Piercey, Pieters, Pieterse, Piggot, Pine, Pingert, Piper, Pitre, Plain, Pluke, Playfair, Poland, Pomario, Popescue, Portafield, Porter, Potgieter, Potter, Potts, Pouget, Poulton, Powell, Power, Plows, Powney, Pratt, Preston, Pretorius, Price, Prijkel, Prince, Prinsloo, Pritia, Prouty, Prues, Pugh, Purcell.

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Quick, Quincey, Quinn, Quinton.

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Raath, Rabenstein, Rafferty, Rafter, Rain, Rajkumar, Rammelt, Ramsden, Rands, Ras, Rath, Rauscher, Rautenbach, Raven, Reckmann, Reddy, Redmond, Reed, Reichgelt, Reid, Reijnders, Reilly, Rempel, Rende, Renken, Rennie, Reul. Reynolds, Rhomach, Ribeiro, Richardson, Richter, Rickard, Ridgard, Rieser, Rilley,(see O'Rilley and O'Reilley as well), Riordon, Risi, Rivera, Robert, Roberts, Robertson, Roberts-York, Robinson, Rodepeter, Rodgers, Roelofse, Rogers, Rogerson, Rojas, Roldan, Rolle, Roos, Rose, Ross, Rossouw, Round, Roux, Rowe, Royce, Ruiter, Ruizendaal, Rump, Russell, Ryan, Ryder.

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Saayman, Sack, Sadler, Saltsman, Sampson, Samson, Sangster, Saras, Sarazin, Sargent, Sattler, Saunders, Saunderson, Savart, Scarcella, Scheepers, Scheller, Schjelderup, Schlebusch, Schmeddinghoff, Schofield, Schoeman, Scholtz, Schoombe, Schoombee, Schothorst, Schroder, Schulz, Schutte, Schuurmans, Schwindt, Schwingshackl, Schwinn, Scott, Seddon, Segar, Shand, Shandler, Shaw, Shawcross, Shea, Shelley, Sheridan, Sheridon, Shewchuk, Shochko, Shone, Shrives, Shurrie, Shutek, Sibthorpe, Sidebottom, Sideserf, Sim, Simpson, Skelly, Skerry, Slabbert, Slieker, Slotboom Smallshaw, Smeeing, Smeele, Smit, Smith, Smits, Smith-Barry, Smyth, Smythe, Snaaw, Snyman, Sommerkamp, Southey, Sparn, Spence, Spencer, Spendlove, Spicer, Sproul, Sprowson, Stack, Stainsby, Stangoe, Stanley, Stanton, Stapelberg, Stappers, Stark, Starremans, Stassen, Staton, Steadman, Stedman, Steen, Steenberg, Steenkamp, Steenmetz, Steinmetz, Stembridge, Stephens, Sterk, Stevens, Stewart, Steyn, Stierlen, Stinner, Stols, Stoltz, Storm, Stossel, Struwig, Strydom, Stuart, Stuber, Sturkenboom, Sullivan, Sumerling, Suter, Swanepoel, Swanevelder, Swannepoel, Swanson, Swart, Swift, Syers, Syme, Symons, Szmak.

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Taaffe, Tait, Taljaard, Tamerl, Tancott, Taylor, Tee, Terblanche, Terpstra, Thackwray, Theron Thierstein, Thomas, Thompson, Thorsell, Thunder, Tijhaar, Tobia, Todd, Togher, Toman, Tonkin, Toogood, Tooker, Tope, Toubi, Tracey, Trainor, Traynor, Tretick, Tretyck, Trevena, Trevilor, Tromer, Trossea, Troutman, Tucker, Turk, Turkenburg, Turner.

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Udal, Uren, Utton, Uys, .

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Vakenti, Vallee, van Antwerpen, van Aswegen, van Beuling, van Biljon, van Blerk, van Breemen, van de Burgt, van Deventer, van Dyk, van den Berg, van den Bergh, van den Boogaard, van den Brackel, van der Beld, van der Kalk, van der Kley, van der Linde, van der Meer, van der Merwe, van der Veen, van der Walt, van Dijk, van Dungen, van Eck, van Eden, van Erp, van Graan, van Geffen, van Gemert, van Greunen, van Heerden, van Jaarsveld, van Konijnburg, van Leeuven, van Loggrenberg, van Niekerk, van Rensburg, van Rijn, van Roomen, van Rooyen, van Staden, Schalkwyk, van Tonder, van Vollenstee, van Vuren, van Vuuren (Janse, Jansen, Janzen0, van Weelden, van Wees, van Wyk, van Wyngaard, van Zyl, Vaughn, Veal, Veen, Veldsman, Venables, Veness, Venter, Vercoe, Verhagen, Verity, Vermaak, Vermeulen, Versluis, Verster, Verwey, Vesci, Viljoen, Villareal, Villiers, Vint, Visagie, Visser, Vlaar, Vogel, Vorster, Vos, Vosloo, .

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Wahlberg, Waldstein, Walet, Walker, Wall, Wallis, Wallish, Walsh, Walter, Walys, Ward, Wardle, Wasmundt, Waters, Waterworth, Watkins, Watley, Watson, Watts, Webb, Webber, Webster, Weelden, Wehlan, Weijden, Weisbrodt, Weitzmann, Welch, Wemmer, Wepener, Werner, Wessels, West, Westhuizen, Westoby, Whalen, Wheeler, Whitby, White, Whitehead, Whitlan, Whittaker, Whitworth, Whyte, Wiggelaar, Wijnands, Wilken, Wilkinson, Willebrandt, Williams, Willis, Wilsenach, Wilson, Winkelhagen, Wintle, Wirth, Wixelbrown, Wolfe, Wolvekamp, Woodrow, Woods, Woolf, Woutering, Wrey, Wreyford, Wright, Wylie, Wynne.

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Yabsley, Yates, York, Young.

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Zaayman, Ziegler, Zounes, Zwiers

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