Loretta/St. Peter Cemetery, Devlin St., St. Clair Twp, Arlington Heights, Pittsburgh, PA

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Tombstone Inscriptions
St. Loretta/St. Peter Cemetery
(part of Prince of Peace Parish)
Devlin Street, Arlington Heights
St. Clair Twp., Pittsburgh, PA

(Photo -- Compliments of Nancy Long)

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Posted: April 25, 2003 Last Update: July 26, 2013

(Unless otherwise marked, Copyrighted & Contributed by Helen L. Owens, [email protected])

Some Oral History . . .(from the contributor)
According to what I have been told orally, the cemetery was orginally St. Clair Twp Cemetery in the middle 1800's. It
then was a German cemetery owned by "who" I don't know. St. Peter's from Southside has owned it for a long time. It is
now part of Prince of Peace Parish. Many people from St. Matthew on Southside are buried there. This was to be an eastern
European Ethnic Church. The earliest headstone so far that I have found is from 1901. --Helen L. Owens

Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Location Description
Agexcin, Moth(n)m ?-3/5/1879 R2H3 Bottom middle square Mostly unreadable
Albario, Honorine 1861-1954 R7H5 Hillside left mother
Albright, Mabel 1908-1962 R8H7 Hillside right
Almirn, ??hozjfm woods below bottom
Antich, Stephen 1893-1970 R4H22 Hillside right
Antich, Stephen Jr. 1919-1942 R4H22 Hillside right
Arch, Todd 1961-1963 R1H9 Hillside left rim
Bader, Joseph 1891-1961 R8H1 Hillside right father
Baldesberger, August 1873-1960 R7H11 Hillside right uncle
Baranowski, Frank ?-1/?/1963 R8H11 Hillside right son
Barnosky, Bogpala 11/2/1916-7/10/1923 R4H2 Bottom middle square
Barry, Joseph M R2H20 Hillside right father
Barry, Mabel I R2H19 Hillside right mother
Be?nz, Anna 1/7/189?-8/10/1922 R3H2 Bottom right to walk
Benzing, Alois 1884-1942 R4H17 Hillside right father
Benzing, Karl 1912-1934 R4H15 Hillside right son
Benzing, Katherine 1882-1960 R4H16 Hillside right mother
Beres, Mary 1917-1938 R2H2 Hillside right
Bies, Julius R5H3 Bottom middle square stone is three/fourths buried
Bigler, Alphonse, J 1895-1950 R5H20 Hillside right
Bigler, Bertha M 1901-1949 R5H20 Hillside right
Black, Victoria 1859-19121 R2H8 Bottom right from walk mother
Black, William 1850-1923 R2H8 Bottom right from walk
Blahut, Andrew 1864-1934 R1H2 Hillside right father
Blahut, Elizabeth 1872-1938 R2H1 Hillside right
Blahut, George 1871-1939 R2H1 Hillside right
Blahut, Marie 1873-1935 R1H2 Hillside right mother
Blasko, Marcit ?-1925 Woods below bottom
Blunsuy, Louis 10/20/1894-12/10/1946 R4H28 Hillside right husband, Born in Switzerland
Blunsuy, Sophia W 6/27/1897-19/5/1952 R4H28 Hillside right wife
Boehm, John 1892-1950 R4H3 Hillside right
Boehm, Louisa 1894-1944 R4H3 Hillside right
Bogart, Ignatius 1881-1955 R1H25 Hillside right husband
Bogart, Mary A 1885-1964 R1H25 Hillside right wife
Booritch, Anna 1877-1931 R6H8 Hillside right
Booritch, Lawrence 1886-1962 R6H8 Hillside right
Bova, Eleanor 1905-193? R3H2 Hillside left mother
Bozicevic, Stjepan 1885-1936 R2H9 Hillside right ovdje pociva u mira bozjem
Bozicevic, Stjepan 1885-1936 R2H9 Hillside right soimenik podize sestra I svak
Bozjem, Mare Jurk??c ?/4/1913-?23/1918 Woods below bottom
Breitfelder, Louis C 4/21/1894-10/14/1964 R8H14 Hillside right Seaman 1/c Navy 5/3/18-6/26/19
Brikis, Gust G 1897-1951 R6H10 Hillside right father
Brikis, Mary E 1905-1985 R6H10 Hillside right mother
Brinska, Joseph Sr. 1888-1962 R2H13 Hillside right
Brinska, Sophia 1888-1939 R2H13 Hillside right
Bronkeller, James 1888-1944 R2H6 Hillside left husband
Brown, David P 1878-1958 R1H13 Hillside right
Brown, Elizabeth A 1875-1936 R1H13 Hillside right
Brunner, Sabastian 8/3/1867-2/25/1927 woods below bottom
Budion, Mathilda 1872-1950 R4H6 Hillside right mother
Budion, Peter 1872-1945 R4H7 Hillside right
Busch, Emma Betsy 1915-1935 R4H16 Bottom right from walk daughter
Busch, Emma Betsy, 1915-1933, Daughter, (JW)
Busko, Macy 1871-1934 R6H3 Bottom right to walk mother
Busko, Mary A 1871-1934 R4H4 Bottom right from walk
Buzem, Mare Jurkvig 1919 woods below bottom
Bzmz?, Anna 1/?/188?-8/10/1928 R3H8 Bottom right from walk
Campbell, Anna 1887-1951 R6H7 Hillside right mother
Campbell, Thomas F 1881-1963 R6H7 Hillside right father
Cannon, Mary M 3/24/1909-5/1/1961 R7H15 Hillside right mother
Cansell, Herman J 10/12/1884-11/21/1918 R2H1 Bottom middle square
Casne, Josep Do 1902-1909 Mid Juj 1915 woods below bottom
Cavbeg, Janja Feb 1914-May 1914 woods below bottom
Chak, Mary 1888-1947 R1H15 Hillside right mother
Chak, Paul 1881-1957 R1H15 Hillside right father
Chak, Srella 1914-1936 R1H15 Hillside right daughter
Charzynski, Stanley 5/18/1892-1/21/1973 R9H6 Hillside right father
Chrisman, Alvan 1906-1947 R5H2 Hillside left
Chucks, Edward 1882-1963 R8H10 Hillside right
Churilla, Pauline 1933-1937 R5H2 Botttom middle square daughter
Cindrich, Kate 1879-1947 R5H2 Hillside right mother
Cindrich, Mate 1879-1963 R5H2 Hillside right father
Cinobic, ?ago *Marla 22 Listor 1918 woods below bottom
Clark, Patrick 1889-1942 Buried in Wood Hillside left husband
Cmirns??, Bozjem woods below bottom
Cnash, R4H3 Hillside left
Cognet, Pete 9/16/1907-5/16/1923 R1H3 Bottom right from walk
Crother, Frances Ott 1895-1947 R5H4 Hillside left mother
Crytser, Mother R2H4 Hillside left`
Cypher, Arthur J. 2/8/1889-9/12/1942 Buried in Wood Hillside left WWI FM 1st C USS SPR
Daily, Anna 7/7/1900-4/14/1902 R4H2 Hillside right
Daily, Frank M 9/28/1896-7/29/1976 R4H2 Hillside right
Danko, Michael ?-1/28/1939 R8H2 Bottom right to walk
Danko, Stephen 1871-1923 R2H9 Bottom right from walk father
Davies, Edward 1908-1951 R6H4 Hillside right
Davies, Loretta 1916-1992 R6H4 Hillside right
Davis, Richard 4/20/58 R1H8 Hillside left rim
Davis, Rosemarie 5/13/1926-10/12/1936 R6H1 Bottom right from walk
Dolezal, Agnes 1888-19?? R5H11 Hillside right
Dolezal, Frank 1888-1947 R5H11 Hillside right
Domhoff, Harvey 1897-1948 R5H8 Hillside right father
Domhoff, Rosella 1900-1985 R5H9 Hillside right mother
Dudkiewicz, Frances 1927-1951 R6H9 Hillside left woods daughter
Dusch, Anna M 1895-1970 R3H3 Hillside right
Dusch, Joseph G 1880-1941 R3H3 Hillside right
Dwyer, M. Susan 1861-1932 R4H15 Bottom right from walk mother
Dwyer, M. Susan, 1861-1932, Mother, (JW)
Eisel, Frank 1874-1953 R3H14 Hillside right
Eisel, Mary 1883-1946 R3H14 Hillside right
Eisner, Edward T 1904-1942 R3H6 Hillside right son
Elais, Elizabeth ?-3/6/1930 R1H8 Bottom right from walk
Elias, Elizabeth ?-3/16/1930 R7H21 Hillside right woods
Emery, Donald 11/21/1939-1/15/1937 Bottom far left sm square
Eni, Sllveln ?? woods below bottom
Essig, Joseph 1863-1945 R4H2 Hillside left father
Evans, Jonna Clark 9/16/1930-5/30/1960 R7H12 Hillside right
Fabac, Frank 8/12/1896-11/23/1961 R7H20 Hillside right
FABER, Joseph, Feb 22, 1858 - Feb 24, 1937, (photo), (NL)
FABER, Monica, Apr 2, 1861 - Feb 8, 1940, (photo), (NL)
Face Down R5H26 Hillside right
Face Down R1H11 Bottom right from walk
Face down R7H1 Bottom right to walk
Faerber, Louis 1877-1946 R3H13 Hillside right
Faerner, Magdalena 1883-1962 R3H13 Hillside right
FAGAN, Alice, unknown, Oct. 22, 1917, (JB)
FAGAN, Edward J., unknown, unknown, (JB)
FAGAN, Florence, unknown, Mar. 20, 1953, (JB)
FAGAN, Martin, unknown, Jan. 5, 1897, (JB)
FAGAN, William, unknown, May 4, 1938, (JB)
Feldmeier, Bertha 1892-1963 R3H16 Hillside right
Feldmeier, Grace 1876-1961 R3H18 Hillside right mother
Feldmeier, Joseph 1890-1947 R3H16 Hillside right
Feldmeier, Michael 1868-1951 R3H18 Hillside right father
Filipiak, Josephine 1891-1963 R8H12 Hillside right mother, Ba Ba
Filiriak, John B. 1889-1942 Buried in Wood Hillside left Father Ja Ja
Fitzgerald, John P 3/17/1908-9/18/1961 R6H8 Hillside left woods Pa S USNR WWII
Fitzwilliams, Mary Ann 1876-1936 R1H5 Hillside right mother
Flanigan, Beulah M 1923-1964 R8H13 Hillside right mother
Fleckenstein, Gustav ?-9/23/1917 R2H1 Bottom right from walk
Floros, Elizabeth 1902-1939 R8H3 Bottom right to walk
Floros, Elizabeth, 1902-1939, Mother, (JW)
Francino, Bertha, 5/21/1837 - 11/5/1929, Wife, (JW)
Francino, Bertha 5/21/1897-11/5/1929 R2H11 Bottom right from walk
Franz, Emma, 1915 - 1989, (Franz monument), (EM)
Franz, John S., 1919 - 1982, (Franz monument), (EM)
Franz, Mary, wife 1894 - 1920, (Franz monument), (EM)
Franz, Mary , wife 1900 - 1951, (Franz monument), (EM)
Franz, Wenzel, husband 1889 - 1964, (Franz monument), (EM)
Freund, Jacob 1888-19?? R4H1 Hillside right
Freund, Theresa 1884-1944 R4H1 Hillside right
Funta, Marie 1878-1930 R1H10 Bottom right from walk
Funtal, Maria 1878-1930 R7H22 Hillside right woods mother
Garger, Frances Casata 1889-1968 R4H14 Hillside right mother
Garger, Stephen 1881-1946 R4H14 Hillside right father
Garger, Walter 1921-1948 R4H14 Hillside right son
Gedraitis, Alberta 1930-1961 R7H19 Hillside right sister
Gerlach, Joseph L 1912-1979 R5H3 Hillside right CPL US ARMY
Germuska, Mary 1890-1935 R1H4 Hllside right
Germuska, Stephen 1890-1963 R1H4 Hllside right
Gitzen, Herbert T., b. 2-6-1907, d. 6-1-1977, Csf US Navy WWII, (EM)
Gitzen, James H., b. 11-21-1916, d. 5-16-1999, (EM)
Gitzen, Rose M., b. 11-16-1910, d. 5-10-2003, (EM)
Givan, John 1891-1966 R2H21 Hillside right
Gjurisevic, Mihals 1877-1929 R3H7 Bottom right from walk
GLOECKL, Frank K., abt: 5/25/1953, (receipt), (LG)
GLOECKL, Michael, int: November 13, 1935, Sec. D, Row 7, Gr 6, (cert.), (LG)
Gmuca, Andre J 10/29/1910-3/18/1925 R1H5 Bottom right from walk
Gmuca, Frances 1881-1942 Buried in Wood Hillside left
Gmuca, Joseph 1881-1930 R6H1 Bottom right to walk
Gmuco, Joseph J. R2H7 Hillside left Py 1st Cl 197th Pa
Goralczyk, Mathilda 1881-1939 Woods below bottom
Goralczyk, Mathilda, 1881-1939, Mother, (JW)
Greiner, Frank Y 1872-1951 R5H23 Hillside right
Grivalsky, Agnes 1887-1954 R7H4 Hillside left mother
Groskopf, Stephen 1894-1951 R6H7 Hillside left woods
Grudbig, ?ate One of six on same stone woods below bottom
Grzanka, Stella 1915-1957 R7H1 Hillside right mother
Gulassa, ?????? 1901-1918 R5H15 Hillside right
Gulassa, Demeter 1891-1948 R5H15 Hillside right father
Gurcak, Mary 1894-1948 R5H10 Hillside left
Gurcak, Michael 1887-1931 R5H9 Bottom right from walk
Hackel, ??? 1893-1931 R5H5 Bottom right to walk
Hackel, Mary 1896-1963 R8H9 Hillside right mother
Hackel, S? 1873-1931 R5H5 Bottom right from walk S could be J
Hackett, Annie 1877-1961 R7H17 Hillside right mother
Hadbavny, Stefan 1906-1934 R4H7 Bottom right from walk father
Hanis, Agnes W 1893-19?? R4H29 Hillside right wife
Hanis, Stephen J 1895-1947 R4H29 Hillside right husband
Hanlon, Dennis 1867-1942 R4H9 Bottom right from walk
Hanlon, Nellie 1878-1834 R4H8 Bottom right from walk wife
Harkins, Frank A 1878-1964 R8H15 Hillside right father
Harnyak, Susanna 1859-1927 R3H10 Bottom right from walk
Harnyck, Anrde J 11/6/1852-12/17/1920 R1H3 Bottom right to walk nech odpociva v poko Ju father
Heller, Anna 1875-1950 R3H2 Hillside right mother
Heller, Frank 1869-1941 R3H2 Hillside right father
Hiergeist, Louis 1866-1930 R2H14 Hillside right
Hlafcsak, Joan Nesbert 1899-1966 R4H20 Hillside right mother
Hlafcsak, Joseph 1897-1943 R4H20 Hillside right father
Hmel, Mary N 8/17/1928-12/12/1932 Bottom far left sm square
Hockstuhl, Frances 1877-1950 R5H21 Hillside right wife
Hockstuhl, Frank J 1878-19?? R5H21 Hillside right
Hoffman, Edward 1903-1943 Buried in Wood Hillside left husband
Holzer, Joseph D 1874-1947 R6H3 Hillside right father
Holzer, Thecla 1880-1955 R6H3 Hillside right mother
Hope, Anna 1870-1943 R4H21 Hillside right mother
Hornak, John 1/2/1921-7/7/1922 R1H4 Bottom right to walk
Hornicak, Bartholomew 1872-1935 R5H12 Bottom right from walk father
Hornichak, Mary ?-1951 R6H9 Hillside right mother
Hornichak, Michael ?-1963 R6H9 Hillside right father
Horvat, Alojz 5/15/1896- 1/28/1918 R2H1 Bottom right to walk lahka mubill crna zemlja
Horvat, Alojz 5/15/1896- 1/28/1918 R2H1 Bottom right to walk spomen don je govoc srata gjure
Horvat, Alojz 5/15/1896-1/28/1918 R2H1 Bottom right to walk bvdue-288IV ?m?r? Boziem Uva
Hovanec, Helen 1924-1934 R5H1 Bottom middle square
Huber, Agnes C 1888-1938 R1H30 Hillside right mother
Huber, Edward C 1881-1064 R1H30 Hillside right father
Hullihan, James J 1888-1949 R5H13 Hillside right
Hullihan, Sophia B 1888-1956 R5H13 Hillside right
Hurley, Lot Marker Lot 23 Row 1 Section K R1H23 Hillside right
Jabop, Joss??? R5H8 Bottom right from walk nothing certain hard to read
Janko, Marijor Jen/31/1916-Marte 1, 1918 Woods below bottom
Javorksy, ??, woods below bottom
Joseniak, Jakub 1901-1935 R1H3 Hillside right
Kalican, Matija Ac/?/1880-Maj/11/1931 R5H7 Bottom right from walk
Kampmeier, Joseph F 1877-1955 R5H22 Hillside right
Kampmeier, Mary M 1881-1950 R5H22 Hillside right
Kanya, John J 1880-1938 R1H24 Hillside right
Kanya, Mary 1886-1941 R1H24 Hillside right
Karolymy, 5 words or names on 1 headst woods below bottom
Kasicky, Joseph 8/30/1913-12/29/1930 R5H2 Bottom right to walk
Kedzue, Catherine 4/1/1868-5/4/1950 R6H1 Hillside left mother
Kedzuf, Andrew J 1901-1972 R2H4 Hillside right father
Kedzuf, Helen 6/24/1911-7//24/1953 R7H1 Hillside left
Kedzuf, Mary A 1911-1970 R2H4 Hillside right mother
Keil, Mary 1884-1979 R9H7 Hillside right mother
Kempinski, Albert 8/24/1924-3/30/1945 Buried in Wood Hillside left Sq Co C 312Engrs 2/18/43-KIA
Kempinski, Bernard 1915-1958 R7H2 Hillside right son
Kern, Michael 1873-1940 R2H28 Hillside right father
Kern, Anna 1872-19?? R2H28 Hillside right mother
Kirdy, Davis 1902-1938 R6H9 Bottom right from walk
Kirich, George 1866-1950 R6H3 Hillsdie left father
Kirik, Mary V 1884-1938 R2H5 Hillside right mother
Kirik, Michael A 1881-1953 R2H5 Hillside right father
Klema, Esther 1878-1931 R5H6 Bottom right from walk
Klinzing, Oscar F 1903-1944 R3H6 Hillside left
Klobuchar, Paul 1872-1959 R7H7 Hillside right
Kneer, Charles 1866-1936 R1H14 Hillside right
Knight, Earl Osborne Jr. 1937-1947 R5H5 Hillside left son
Knorr, Marie D 1908-1946 R4H27 Hillside right
Knorr, Regis R 2/16/1935-7/17/1953 R4H26 Hillside right Penna PFC Marines Korea, P4
Kochinsky, Michal, 9/29/1879 - 2/24/1925, (JW)
Kocinsky, ??? 9/29/1879-2/24/1925 R1H4 Bottom right from walk
Kocinsky, Mary 1885-1958 R1H27 Hillside right on Schild Stone
Koenig, Florence ?-2/8/1961 R2H24 Hillside right
Koenig, George 2/21958 R2H23 Hillside right
Koenig, Louella ?-8/20/1940 R2H24 Hillside right age 20 years
Koenig, Theresa 4/8/1873-7/20/1918 R2H23 Hillside right
Konesky, John R5H3 Hillside left
Koss, Lucia 1883-1960 R4H30 Hillside right
Koss, John 1887-1952 R4H30 Hillside right
Kozakovsky, Mary Helen, 4 July 1896-26 Aug 1986, Along drive near entrance, (wife of Stephen Kozakovsky), (ES)
Kozakovsky, Stephen Andrew, (Istvan), 24 Jan/Jul 1892-20 Jan 1950, Along drive near entrance, (brother to Frank Koszakovszky), (ES)
Koszakovszky, Frank 1889-1942 R3H1 Hillside left father
Koty?mn, Anekcin oa h71a-4/?/1916 woods below bottom Uokonhaca ab 7/1918
Kotzg(n)n Ho(u)ia?4/1916-Konh(u)ca Woods below bottom Konh(u)ca Ab/7/1918
Krax, ??, Woods below bottom no other information
Krest? Ruth 2/3/1904-12/27/1930 R5H4 Bottom right from walk everything on this questionable
Kreuzer, Alberrt 1911-1937 R6H7 Bottom right from walk
Krull, Joseph, 1868-1947, (JW)
Krull, Joseph 1868-1947 R5H1 Hillside left father
Krull, Mary, 1871-1935, (JW)
Krull, Mary 1871-1935 R5H13 Bottom right from walk mother
Ku?la, Anthony 9/5/1910-3/27/1948 R5H9 Hillside left brother
Kubis, Katherine 1900-1952 R2 H12 Hillside right
Kubis, Michael 1898-1939 R2H12 Hillside right
Kug?, M?c ?13/?/1916 R1H2 Bottom middle square 13/Veljace 1916 Cyrilic writing
Kussvic, Jorn 11/5/1929-4/25/1929? R3H11 Bottom right from walk numbers questionable
Kuzma, Elizabeth 1897-1961 R7H13 Hillside right mother
La Porta, Macolata ?-1936 R6H2 Bottom right from walk
Landosky, Carl 1883-1957 R5H19 Hillside right father
Landosky, Rose 1882-1949 R5H19 Hillside right mother
Laskowsi, W? R6H3 Bottom right from walk Questionable Buried
Lehner, Elizabeth 1873-1948 R5H8 Hillside left mother
Lehner, Howard J 9/20/1909-10/18/1950 R6H5 Hillside left Pfc Co. K 338th Inf 5/19/42-7/2/55
Lehner, John 1895-1947 R5H6 Hillside left son
Ligas, Blazey 1876-1938 R2H8 Hillside right father
Ligas, Sophia 1886-1951 R2H8 Hillside right mother
Lotar, Koloman 1887-1940 R2H22 Hillside right Member of Lodge 20 of CFU
Louda, Catherine M 1886-1942 R4H18 Hillside right mother
Louda, Jacob 1882-1954 R4H19 Hillside right father
Lubkey, Stephen 12/21`/1893-2/20/1937 R6H4 Bottom right from walk
Lukus, John F 1891-1938 R5H4 Bottom middle square
MA, R2H5 Bottom right to walk
Macsurak, Bartholomew 1885-1952 R5H25 Hillside right
Macsurak, Joszef 1870-1932 R4H9 Hillside right father
Macsurak, Katie 1878-1946 R4H9 Hillside right mother
Macsurak, Rose 1893-19?? R5H25 Hillside right
Macurak, Catherine 1890-1942 R3H12 Hillside right
Madeja, Helen 1885-1977 R2H6 Hillside right mother
Madeja, John 1883-1945 R2H6 Hillside right father
Madeja, Joseph 1917-1938 R2H6 Hillside right son
Majoros, Bertha M 1888-1936 R1H9 Hillside right mother
Majoros, Josephine 1919-1945 R3H7 Hillside left sister
Majoros, Michael 1888-1945 R1H9 Hillside right father
Maker, 14 R6H4 Bottom right to walk
Man?cott, Violet? 1921-1962 R11H1 Hillside right J Colligan Funeral Home
Marinas, Marlene 1943-1943 Row 11? H1 Hillside left infant
Marker, R5H4 Hillside right NO VISIBLE MARK
Marker 23 R3H19 Hillside right
Marker 32 R1H28 Hillside right
Marker 4 R2H2 Bottom right to walk
Marker 52 R4H2 Bottom right to walk
Marker 60 R3H3 Bottom right to walk
Marker 8 R2H6 Bottom right to walk
Marker 9 R1H2 Bottom right to walk
Marker Lot 10 Row 4 Sec K R4H10 Hillside right
Markers 14-16 R4H5 Bottom right from walk
Markers 17,20,23,24,26 R3H2 Bottom right from walk
Markers 4,6,7, R5H5 Bottom middle square
Markers 5,6,7,9, R2H4 Bottom right to walk
Markers 54,55,57 R3H1 Bottom right to walk
Markers 65,66, 67. 68 R2H3 Bottom right from walk
Markers 66-74 R4H1 Bottom right from walk
Markers 74, 73. 72, 71, 70 R2H5 Bottom right from walk
Markers 93,52 R3H6 Bottom right from walk
Markunas, Edward 8/6/1914-3/26/1966 R9H2 Hillside right Dad, Pa PFC Co B 66th INF
Marx, Julia 1884-1946 R4H13 Hillside right mother
Marx, Theobald 1876-1946 R4H13 Hillside right father
Mato, Susan 1878-? R1HI Bottom midde square
McCluskey, Margaret 1889-1962 R4H25 Hillside right mother
McCullough, Nell 1898-1938 R6H8 Bottom right from walk
McCullough, Sarah 1863-1937 R6H5 Bottom right from walk
McDonald, Judith Clair 7/2/1942-1/11/1948 R5H12 Hillside right
McKenzie, Frances 1921-? R5H17 Hillside right
McKenzie, Patricia 1941-1949 R5H18 Hillside right daughter
McKenzie, Paul L 1912-1982 R5H17 Hillside right
Messner, Anna ?-9/26/1931 R5H10 Bottom right from walk age 56
Meyer, John J 8/26/1925-2/26/1951 R6H4 Hillside left son
Meyer, Ms???? ?-1956 R7H8 Hillside left buried woods
MGCR ?-1935 R7H3 Bottom right to walk
Milaniak, Anne 1889-1982 R2H3 Hillside right mother
Milianiak, Andrew M 1886-1937 R2H3 Hillside right father
Miller, Adolph 5/12/1871-11/15/1945 R4H6 Hillside left Pvt 591st Bomb Sq Army 5/19/42-4/1/43
Miller, Magdalena 1880-1947 R3H7 Hillside right
Mitterer, Catherine 1904-1999 R4H12 Hillside right mother
Mitterer, Stephen 1901-1971 R4H12 Hillside right father
Mlinack, Rose 12/25/1923-11/2/1924 Woods below bottom
Morales, Mary G 1895-195? R6H2 Hilside left wife
Moran, Caroline K 1886-1941 R3H5 Hillside right mother
Moran, John J 1879-1944 R3H5 Hillside right father
Mreiser ?- 1926 R1H6 Bottom right from walk
Muehlbauer, Frank 1880-1061 R3H4 Hillside right father
Muehlbauer, Frank X 1877-1939 R2H33 Hillside right father
Muehlbauer, Grace 1861-1947 R3H21 Hillside right mother
Muehlbauer, Mary 1878-1960 R2H33 Hillside right mother
Muehlbauer, Mary 1896-1960 R3H4 Hillside right mother
Muehlbauer, Michael 1859-1945 R3H21 Hillside right father
Najohor, Mary E 1895-1940 R2H18 Hillside right mother
Najphor, Jakub 1890-1955 R2H18 Hillside right father
Netretic, Frank 1/24/1918-8/1/1922 R1H7 Bottom right from walk
Netretic, George 11/21/1912-8/1/1922 R1H7 Bottom right from walk
Nicola, Frances Snyder 9/11/1905-5/20/1959 R7H6 Hillside right
Niedermeyer, Agnes J 7/12/1906-10/29/1982 R6H11 Hillside right
Niedermeyer, Herman E 5/22/1907-2/1/1952 R6H12 Hillside right PVT 290TH UNF 75TH DIV 7/18/44-11/18/45
Niggel, Raymond J 1900-1952 Buried in Wood Hillside left father
Nova, ??? 11/4/?-2/24/? R5H4 Bottom right to walk 10/27/30 Questionable dates
O'Neil, Helen 1919-1942 R2H1 Hillside left wife
Omar, Thomas ?-7/12/1924 R5H3 Bottom right to walk father
Orsagos, James 8/20/1898-2/11/1969 R9H5 Hillside right PA PFC 231 AIR MATERIAL AAF
Papuga, George 1889-1947 R4H32 Hillside right
Papuga, Mary 1892-1960 R4H32 Hillside right
Pavici, Dorothy 1910-1950 R6H1 Hillside right
Pavici, Michael 1988-? R6H1 Hillside right
Pavicic, Nickola 12/6/1871-6/22/1928 R3H3 Bottom right from walk
Payicic, Mary 11/11/1881-12/28/1926 Bottom far left sm square Dvdje Pociua
Peretis, Anna 7/23/1916-11/18/1917 Woods below bottom
Perri, Carmine 1887-1961 R7H18 Hillside right
Pferdehirt, James J. 1903-1960 R1H20 Hillside right son
Pferdehirt, Anna M 1876-1935 R1H20 Hillside right mother
Pirring, John J 1888-1947 R2H30 Hillside right
Pirring, Julia 1889-1940 R2H29 Hillside rigt
Piskor, Tomo 8/22/1886-2/24/1935 R4H10 Bottom right from walk
Plutnicki, Helen 1915-1961 R7H16 Hillside right
Pociva, ??? 11/11/1881-12/28/1926 R3H9 Bottom right from walk
Polka, Jacob J. 1891-1942 R2H3 Hillside left father
Pranciszkat, ??, 5 words or names on 1 headst woods below bottom
Pribicin, Paul 1895-1944 R4H24 Hillside right
Pribicin, Rozalia C 1903-1851 R4H24 Hillside right
Prosky, Leo A 1905-1959 R7H9 Hillside right
Pusharis, Marko 1892-1917 R2H2 Bottom right from walk
Quinlan, John W 9/30/1906-4/2/1986 R3H10 Hillside right
Quinlan, Cecelia Marilyn 1940-1942 R3H11 Hillside right
Rechturik, John F 1886-1963 R8H8 Hillside right father
Reck, Barbara 1840-1915 R1H1 Bottom right to walk
Reh, George 1926-1929 R4H3 Bottom middle square
Reick, Joseph 1880-1946 R4H25 Hillside right father
Reick, Joseph 1884-1945 R4H11 Hillside right father
Reiser, M., died 1926, Father, (JW)
Reiser, Michael 1894-1955 R7H6 Hillside left father
Renk, Grace E 1890-1974 R3H22 Hillside right
Renk, Joseph B 1894-1944 R3H22 Hillside right
Res???w?, sk ?-?/25/1932 R4H14 Bottom right from walk
Rocca, Davi Job 6/23/1890-10/18/1918 R2H2 Bottom middle square F?JM SI?G WIFE JOSEPHINE
Rockot, Edward 1914-1966 R9H4 Hillside right WWII
Rockot, Joseph H 1912-1965 R8H16 Hillside right husband and father
Roku??pans?n, ??, 5 words or names on 1 headst woods below bottom woods 921-25 Czer
Ruciniski, Anna ? - 5/23/44/\ R3H23 Hillside right mother
Ruffing, Elizabeth 1883-1963 R5H16 Hillside right mother, possible baby also
Ruffing, John 1876-1948 R5H16 Hillside right father
Rush, Agnes 1878-1947 R5H10 Hillside right mother
Rush, George 1878-1947 R5H10 Hillside right father
Rustin, Rose Thomas 4/18/1892-12/26/1958 R7H4 Hillside right
Ryglewicz, Margaret Egler 1905-1966 R9H3 Hillside right wife
S?rula, Anna 1/1/1871-11/2/1923 R6H10 Bottom right from walk
Salava, George A 1861-1935 R1H1 Hillside right father
Salava, Sophia A 1867-1945 R1H1 Hillside right mother
Salmon, William 1879-1935 R5H14 Bottom right from walk
Salmon, William S., 1879-1935, Son, (JW)
Salopek, Manda 1887-1975 R3H9 Hillside right mother
Salopek, Peter 6/6/1885-2/14/1948 R5H7 Hillside left
Salopek, Mary Ann Burke 1917-1986 R3H9 Hillside right daughter
Saloper, Anna M 1906-1962 R2H26 Hillside right daughter
Saloper, Catherine 1884-1940 R2H26 Hillside right mother
Sauer, Nicholas R4H11 Bottom right from walk Dates buried
Sauter, Andrew J 1884-1946 R3H15 Hillside right father
Sauter, Elizabeth B 1891-1965 R3H15 Hillside right mother
Schadler, Harry ?-4/16/1942 R3H8 Hillside right father
Schadler, Mary ?-4/9/1952 R3H8 Hillside right mother
Schild, Anna 1907-1976 R1H27 Hillside right mother
Schild, Henry M 1913-1938 R1H27 Hillside right
Schild, William 1905-1946 R1H27 Hillside right father
Schilling, Agnes 1878-1923 R1H1 Bottom right from walk
Schilling, Agnes, 1888-1923, (JW)
Schilling, Frank R7H2 Hillside left father
SCHLEGEL, Anna M., 1893 - 1967, Mother, Sec. D, Lot 50, (receipt), (LG)
SCHLEGEL, Louis W., 1892 - 1961, Father, Sec. D, Lot 50, (receipt), (LG)
Schmitt, Joseph Jacob Jr 9/9/1924-10/16/1945 R4H1 Hillside left Seaman 2/c US Navy 9/18
Schramn, Anton 1879-1940 R2H32 Hillside right father
Schramn, Elizabeth 1885-1973 R2H31 Hillside right mother
Schreiner, Bertha Oct ?, 1877-Dec 1, 1945 Buried in Wood Hillside left
Schrugg, ??bert R ?-?/14/1935 R7H2 Bottom right to walk
Schultz, Andrew Jr. 1930-1945 R1H5 Hillside left rim son
Schultz, George ?-11/4?/1918 R2H4 Bottom right from walk
Schulzeus, Rudy R2H10 Bottom right from walk John D Schaub 928-964
Schwartz, George 1920-1932 R4H13 Bottom right from walk son
Sculac, Janko Oter 2/8/1860-2/stnd?1938 R6H2 Bottom right to walk Could be 1898 or 1903
Sculas, Otec, Javko 2/8/1890-?/stud/1923 R5H1 Bottom right from walk
Seba, Anna 1893-1980 R5H5 Hillside right mother
Seba, Michael 189-1947 R5H5 Hillside right father
Serbin, Theresa 1902-1949 Buried in Wood Hillside left
Shack, Anna ?-1918 R3H1 Bottom middle square mother
Shack, Willie ?-1918 R3H1 Bottom middle square son
Shannon, Catherine 1877-1935 R7H4 Bottom right to walk aunt
Siebauer, Charles L 5/3/1905-9/6/1946 R4H5 Hillside left
Sincovich, Stanley 1900-1966 R9H1 Hillside right brother
Sjkn???z?, ??, 1888-4/15/1923 R1H2 Bottom right from walk rest not readable
Slocik, Bernardine 1924-1962 R8H6 Hillside right daughter
Slocik, Frank J 1893-19? R1H29 Hillside right father
Slocik, Theresa A 1891-1983 R1H29 Hillside right mother
Smith, Margaret Daly 1871-1957 R7H9 Hillside left woods
Snyder, Frank 1888-1962 R8H3 Hillside right
Snyder, Michael 1883-1951 R3H20 Hillside right father
Sokol, George 1883-1923 R2H6 Bottom right from walk
Sokol, George, 1883-1923, (JW)
Sokol, Suzi 1867-1917 Bottom middle square
Somarcik, Sophie 1896-1962 R8H4 Hillside right mother
Somarekik, ??, R2H16 Hillside right
Spicuzza, Joseph 12/3/1913-5/23/1936 R1H10 Hillside right
Spo???gin, Paz?? 7/?/1812-2/?1915 woods below bottom
Spomen, Edward Pereles 2/14/1930-2/16/1930 Woods below bottom
Spomen, Edwatd Peretic Rud 2/14/1930Umbro2/28/1930 woods below bottom
Spumenik, Podizo, Ova One of six on same stone woods below bottom
Stajduhar, ? 1910-1961 R8H2 Hillside right
Stanek, John M. 6/1/1895-7/21/1942 R2H2 Hillside left father
Stefanyak, Helen 1914 woods below bottom
Steigerwald, Peter 1/1/1920-2/13/1920 woods below bottom
Steiner, Joseph 1891-1959 R7H10 Hillside right
Stengel, Anthony 1/4/1893-3/8/1972 R2H7 Hillside right PVT US ARMY
Stengel, Jacob 3/9/1861-11/1/1931 R5H11 Bottom right from walk
Stengel, Mary H 7/2/1895-11/29/1938 R2H7 Hillside right
Stipetic, Anna 1909-1942 R1H3 Hillside left wife
Stofcik, John 1886-1945 R5H14 Hillside right
Stofcik, Veronica 1881-1957 R5H14 Hillside right
Stosch, Magdalena 1880-1961 R5H1 Hillside right mother
Stosch, Matt 1881-1947 R5H1 Hillside right father
Stosic, Marisa 15/Stud?1892-17/Rus?1928 R3H4 Bottom right from walk
Stosic, Toma 1889-1935 R4H3 Bottom right from walk
Struble, D. Elmer 1871-1942 R2H5 Hillside left father
Stub???, Richard T Row 11? H2 Hillside left probably infant
Sullivan, Susan 1883-1941 R1H2 Hillside left mother
Synder, Frances 1885-1944 R3H20 Hillside right mother
Talak, John 5/17/1896-2/27/1950 Buried in Wood Hillside left Pg Co L 163rd Inf 41st Div 7/24/18-5/12/19
Tassick, William 1893-1958 R7H3 Hillside right
Tatka, Rose A 1900-1937 R1H21 Hillside right mother
Tatka, William 1892-1970 R1H21 Hillside right father
Tatko, Anna 1887-1939 R2H15 Hillside right mother
Tatko, Elizabeth A 1906-1991 R3H17 Hillside right
Tatko, John 1881-1951 R2H15 Hillside right father
Tatko, Joseph J 1906-1946 R3H17 Hillside right
Thomas, Omar ?-7/12/1924 R5H3 Bottom right from walk
Thome, Violet R 1921-1962 R8H5 Hillside right daughter
Tomczak, Stanley ?-4/10/1918 R3H1 Bottom right from walk
Trochek, Andrew 1871-1947 R5H6 Hillside right father
Trochek, Andrew 1904-1949 R5H6 Hillside right son
Trochek, Anna 1893-1980 R5H6 Hillside right mother
Trochek, Thomas J. II 11/29/1916-5/18/1988 R5H7 Hillside right
Tubujuci, Romitels U??? One of six on same stone woods below bottom
Turkovic, John 1895-19?? R2H27 Hillside right father
Turkovic, Marie 1904-1940 R2H27 Hillside right mother
Turnbaugh, James F 1887-1936 R1H19 Hillside right father
Turnbaugh, Madeline F. 1895-1976 R1H19 Hillside right mother
Tuspogzywa, Cubka 5 words or names on 1 headst woods below bottom
Ugen, Anna 1873-1942 R1H22 Hillside right mother
Ugen, Peter 1872-19? R1H22 Hillside right father
Umira, Bozem One of six on same stone woods below bottom
Umira, Rociv One of six on same stone woods below bottom
Unreadable, R1H3 Bottom middle square
Unreadable, R4H6 Bottom right from walk
Unreadable, 1877-11/?/1918 R3H2 Bottom middle square ban szulez?e meiha nihcaye
Unreadable, ?-1918 R2H3 Bottom right to walk Cyrillic writing
Venturell, Salvatore 1922-1936 R7H5 Bottom right to walk son
Vodzak, Joseph 1875-1948 R4H23 Hillside right father
Vodzak, Mary 1874-1955 R4H23 Hillside right mother
Vogel, Mary Gaughan 1875-1944 R3H4 Hillside left
Vogel, Theresa 1881-1939 R2H17 Hillside right mother
Vogel, Raymond D 1898-1959 R7H8 Hillside right
Vogt, Donald A 1933-1950 R7H5 Hillside right son
Voita ??, John R4H1 Bottom middle square possible child
Vucic, Marta 1885-1942 R2H25 Hillside right
Vucic, Stjepan 1878-1940 R2H25 Hillside right
Wade, Joseph 9/4/1918-12/26/2000 R1H18 Hillside right PFC MARINES WWII
Wade, James 1/10/1924-3/6/2001 R1H17 Hillside right PFT US PRM WWII
Wade, Minne P 1887-1964 R1H16 Hillside right
Wade, William G 1882-1936 R1H16 Hillside right
Wagner, John P 9/1/1860-1/23/1944 R3H3 Hillside left
Walker, Frank F 1863-1947 R4H31 Hillside right
Walko, Albert 1892-1942 R1H4 Hillside left Father marker 16
Webe, Joseph 1887-1936 R1H12 Hillside right father
Weber, Caroline 1915-1990 R1H8 Hillside right
Weber, Frances 1890-1936 R1H6 Hillside right mother
Weber, Fredia 1924-1986 R1H8 Hillside right
Weber, Joseph 1886-1958 R1H7 Hillside right father
Weber, Mary Betz 1889-1993 R1H11 Hillside right mother
Weil, Macdalena 2/8/1872-4/4/1913 woods below bottom
Weil, John J 11/12/1886-9/30/1923 R2H7 Bottom right from walk
Weis, Bertha 1895-1978 R4H4 Hillside right mother
Weis, Joseph 1898-1945 R4H5 Hillside right father
Weisberger, Carl S R5H24 Hillside right
Weisberger, Nicklous R5H24 Hillside right
Whiteman, Anna 1870-1931 R4H12 Bottom right from walk
Whitling, Louis 11/16/1908-1/6/1984 R3H27 Hillside right PFC ARMY WWII
Wil?ier, ??, R4H4 Hillside left
Williams, Catherine 1909-19?? R3H12 Hillside right
Wind, Anna 1863-1943 R1H26 Hillside right mother
Wind, Frank 1863-1938 R1H26 Hillside right father
Worhat, ??? ?-1941 R4H2 Bottom right from walk
Worhatch, Irene ?-1/12/1941 R4H1 Bottom right to walk
Wovack, John 1889-1938 R8H1 Bottom right to walk
Yanko, Joseph, 1835-1973 R9H8 Hillside right father
Yanko, Louis J 1880-1960 R6H2 Hillside right
Yanko, Regis H 1948-1950 R1H6 Hillside left rim son
Yanko, Sophia 1892-1951 R6H2 Hillside right
Yesenky, Andrew 1883-1939 R2H10 Hillside right father
Yesenky, Elizabeth 1880-1960 R2H10 Hillside right mother
Young, 1946-1946 Row 11? H3 Hillside left infant son
Young, Adam F 1895-1965 R4H8 Hillside right
Young, Laura C 1900-1945 R4H8 Hillside right
Yuhas, John 4/13/1869-7/15/1951 R6H6 Hillside left woods father
Yurasic, Anna 1880-1964 R3H24 Hillside right mother
Yurasic, Anton 1886-1943 R3H24 Hillside right father
Zamborsky, Geroge 1895-1970 R2H11 Hillside right
Zamborsky, John 1893-1939 R2H11 Hillside right Co M 320 INF 80th Div WIA Verdun Front
Zanbobsky, Dolores 3/13/20 woods below bottom woods ?weeks
Zanborsky, Dolores ?-3/18/1929 Woods below bottom 6 weeks
Zbozny, Carl 1880-1944 R3H5 Hillside left father
Zeiler, Shirley Beth 2/5/1954-1/24/1956 R1H7 Hillside left rim
Zerngible, Charles W 1908-1956 R7H7 Hillside left
Zinn, John A 10/9/1897-11/24/1953 R7H3 Hillside left Pvt 23rd Engrs 11/16/1917-2/18/1918
Ziokowski, Joseph 1904-1961 R7H14 Hillside right brother
Zirngibl, Anna 1875-1941 R3H1 Hillside right
Zirngibl, Joseph 1874-1951 R3H1 Hillside right
Zukowskich, ??, 5 words or names on 1 headst woods below bottom
Zulawski, Frank X Jr. 1876-1951 R6H6 Hillside right father
Zulawski, Stella 1889-1975 R6H5 Hillside right mother
Zupcic, Mijo Rodj 1868-Umbo 1941 R1H1 Hillside left Clan ods Brojhbz
Zurick, ??, R5H2 Bottom right from walk nothing else readable
Zurick, Jacub 1881-1931 R5H1 Bottom right to walk
Zutic, Barbara 9/24/1929-5/6/1960 R3H26 Hillside right daughter
Zutich, Anna R 1891-1944 R3H25 Hillside right mother
Zutich, Thomas J 1888-1943 R3H25 Hillside right father
?????, Father ? R10H1 Hillside right
?????, Father ?-1937 R6H6 Bottom right from walk nothing else
?????, Mother, R3H5 Bottom right from walk rest gone
?, Pauline ?-1880-? R1H9 Bottom right from walk age ?9 years could be 2,5.8 think 5
Some Lot Owner Information From Jim Bauer. . .
The cemetery provided me with the following 'locator' information which
might be of interest to another researcher:

"Martin Fagan owned Lots 1&2, Row 2, in section 'F'. I am listing some other
lot owners and their lot numbers as a possible guide.

Row 1 Lot 1&2 Loll
Row 1 Lot 3 Berger
Row 1 Lot 5 Sauter
Row 1 Lot 6 Burr
Row 2 Lot 1&2 Fagan
Row 2 Lot 2 Mueller
Row 2 Lot 3 Baisrl
Row 2 Lot 4 Jackson
Row 2 Lot 5 Windstine
Row 2 Lot 6 Reichert

Additional Contributors:
(EM) = Elizabeth Miller, [email protected]
(ES) =
Edward Smith, [email protected]
(JB) = Prince of Peace Parish Cemeteries records provided to Jim Bauer, [email protected]
(JW) = Joseph R. Winterhalter II, [email protected]
(LG) = Larry Giesman, [email protected]
(NL) = Nancy Long, [email protected]

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