Prospect Cemetery -- Brackenridge, PA

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802 10th Avenue
Brackenridge, PA 15014-1044
(724) 224-7606


(Photo courtesy of Bill Bodkin)

VIEWERS, PLEASE NOTE:  Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, many of the names that had been previously posted on 
this webpage have been removed. A 2nd independent reading of this cemetery recorded in 2007, lists all readable markers
within this cemetery, including the names of those that were removed, and is now available and may be viewed
by clicking HERE.

Posted: March 7, 2006 Last Update: October 14, 2012
Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
Acre, Alveda M., 2y, b. 10/22/1885, Natrona, Pa., d. 4/12/1887, P/D, Natrona, Pa., 4/14/1887, Site 58-E, (LB)
Acre, Augusta A., 94y, b. 1885, d. 8/20/1979, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., 8/23/1979, Site 16-E, (LB)
Acre, Augustus W., 74y, b. 1889, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 12/2/1963, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., 12/5/1963, Site 152-B2, (LB)
Acre, Charles, 23y, b. 1898, Sarver, Pa., d. 11/3/1921, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., 11/6/1921, Site 108-F, (LB)
Acre, Ellen J., Age:0, b.7/12/1910, Tarentum, Pa., d. 7/12/1910, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 7/12/1910, Site 363-D, (LB)
Acre, Etha, 1y, b. 10/20/1886, Natrona, Pa., d. 12/30/1886, B/D 1/1/1887, Site 58-E, Catarrh, (LB)
Acre, Gail Marian, 3y, b. 1913, Natrona, Pa., d. 4/20/1916, P/D, Natrona, Pa., 4/22/1916, Site 152-F, (LB)
Acre, Howard A., 24y, b. 1876, Natrona, Pa., d. 1/22/1900, P/D, Columbia, Cuba, 2/22/1900, Site 58-E (Soldier)(SA.Vet.), (LB)
Acre, Jennie V., 3y, b. 1/29/1978, Natrona, Pa., d. 3/19/1881, P/D, Natrona, Pa., 3/26/1881, Site 363-D, (LB)
Acre, Margaret E., 89y, b. 1846, d. 10/23/1935, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 10/24/1935, Site 363-D, (LB)
Acre, Mary Ann, 1y, b. 10/12/1917, Natrona, Pa., d. 8/12/1918, P/D, Natrona, Pa., 8/14/1918, Site 108-F, (LB)
Acre, Matilda, 79y, b. 1853, d. 5/26/1932, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, 5/28/1932, Site 58-E, (LB)
Acre, Rosea Hilda, 88y, b. 1888, d. 1/24/1976, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, 1/27/1976, Site 16-E, (LB)
Acre, Samuel H., 52y, b.2/10/1849, Butler, Pa, d. 6/1/1901, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, 6/3/1901, Site 363-D, (LB)
Acre, Sarah L., 15y, b.9/23/1882, Natrona, Pa., d. 1/11/1898, P/D, Natrona, Pa., 3/26/1898, Site 363-D, (LB)
Acre, Viola L., 88y, b. 1886, d. 5/24/1974, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, 5/6/1974, Site 152-B1, (LB)
Acre, Warren Woodward, 84y, b. 1875, d. 8/24/1959, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, 8/25/1959, Site 363-D, (LB)
Acre, William, 83y, b. 1852, Tarentum, Pa., d. 4/9/1935, P/D, Colliers Twp., Pa., 4/9/1935, Site 58-E, (LB)
Alter, Betty M., November 11, 1926 - March 01, 2007, d/o David and Pearl (Bryan), (I)
APPLEBY, Charles, 1855-April 23, 1907, Father, h/o Carolyn (Cook)
, (RW)
Atkinson, Clair Eugene, 70y, b. 1910, d. 7/7/1980, B/D 7/17/1980, Site 17-A Ext, NA from Florida, (LB)
Atkinson, Clara Alice, 67y, b. 1865, d. 4/25/1932, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, 4/27/1943, Site 17-A, (LB)
Atkinson, Earl, 8y, b. 1895, Tarentum, Pa., d. 12/1/1903, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 12/3/1903, Site 18-H, (LB)
Atkinson, Elsie D., 56y, b.4/30/1889, d. 2/12/1946, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, 2/14/1946, Site 17-A, (LB)
Atkinson, Etta, 35y, b. 1877, d. 10/8/1912, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 10/10/1912, Site 18-H, (LB)
Atkinson, Eva, 30y, b.6/13/1893, d. 12/12/1933, P/D, Indiana Twp., Pa., 12/15/1933, Site 394-F, (LB)
Atkinson, George Guy, 70y, b. 1914, d. 6/28/1984, P/D, Monroeville, Pa., 6/30/1984, Site 17-A Ext (WW II Vet), (LB)
Atkinson, George W., 70y, b. 1862, d. 12/29/1932, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 12/20/1932, Site 17-A, (LB)
Atkinson, Harry W., 69y, b.3/12/1868, d. 7/21/1936, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 7/22/1936, Site 18-H, (LB)
Atkinson, Harvey Milton, 77y, b. 1867, d. 11/5/1944, P/D, Lake City, Fl., 11/10/1944, Site 18-H, NA from Florida, (LB)
Atkinson, Infant, Age:0, b.3/25/1897, Vandergrift, Pa., d. 7/25/1897, P/D, Vandergrift, Pa., 7/27/1897, Site 17-G, (LB)
Atkinson, Infant, Age:0, b.5/6/1912, Tarentum, Pa., d. 5/6/1912, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 5/6/1912, Site 244-F, (LB)
Atkinson, Infant, Age:0, b.6/4/1931, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 6/4/1931, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, 6/6/1931, Site 49-F, (LB)
Atkinson, Isabell, Age:6 mo., b.5/20/1915, Creighton, Pa., d. 11/20/1915, P/D, Creighton, Pa., 11/22/1915, Site 67-He, (LB)
Atkinson, Jane E., 69y, b. 1854, Butler, Pa, d. 2/22/1922, P/D, Hites, Pa., 2/25/1922, Site 67-H, (LB)
Atkinson, Jane, 87y, b. 1820, Ireland, d. 7/22/1907, P/D, Bagdad, 7/25/1907, Site 63-C, (LB)
Atkinson, John A., 31y, b. 1877, d. 1/29/1908, P/D, East Deer, Pa., 2/1/1908, Site 325-F, (LB)
Atkinson, John, b. 1829, d. 7/1/1902, 73y, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 7/3/1902, Site 67-G, (LB)
Atkinson, Joseph A., 82y, b. 1888, d. 4/18/1970, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., 4/21/1970, Site 394-F, (LB)
Atkinson, Joseph E., 4y, b. 1924, West Deer, Pa., d. 3/5/1930, P/D, West Deer, Pa., 3/7/1930, Site 67-H, (LB)
Atkinson, Joseph, 60y, b. 1851, d. 8/31/1911, P/D, East Deer, Pa., 9/2/1911, Site 67-H, (LB)
Atkinson, Laura D., 95y, b. 1885, d. 11/27/1966, P/D, John Kane Hospital, 11/30/1966, Site 17-I, (LB)
Atkinson, Margaret E., 82y, b. 1830, d. 12/14/1912, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 12/16/1912, Site 67-G, (LB)
Atkinson, Mary Elizabeth, 1y, b.9/18/1949, West Deer, Pa., d. 3/25/1950, P/D, West Deer, Pa., 3/28/1950, Site 394-F, (LB)
Atkinson, Mildred L., 86y, b. 1897, d. 9/21/1981, P/D, Belair Bluffs, Fl., B/D 9/25/1981, Site 18-I, NA from Florida, (LB)
Atkinson, Nancy M., 85y, b. 1829, d. 2/20/1914, P/D, Karns Station, Pa., 2/23/1914, Site 275-D, (LB)
Atkinson, Rachel J., 75y, b. 11/14/1868, d. 2/23/1945, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 2/6/1945, Site 67-G, NA from Pittsburgh, (LB)
Atkinson, Rachel, 75y, b. 1906, d. 10/27/1981, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., B/D 11/6/1981, Site 67-G, (LB)
Atkinson, Samuel H., 45y, b. 1861, d. 2/11/1907, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 2/12/1907, Site 67-G, (LB)
Atkinson, Wesley, 33y, b. 1885, d. 11/19/1918, P/D, Birdville, Pa., B/D 11/21/1918, Site 17-A Ext, (LB)
Atkinson, Zelma, 17y, b. 1903, Hites, Pa., d. 11/20/1920, P/D, Hites, Pa., B/D 11/4/1920, Site 325-F, (LB)
Baechtel, Joyce E. Norris, b. 1942, d. 1976, (TS)
BEALE, Matilda Jane [Gohn] 9 July 1869 – 7 May 1890 w/o of Edgar Frank Beale, (Lil)
BELL, Margaret, 1848-1912, (photo), (BB)
BELL, Martha B. Fryer, July 11, 1841, December 11, 1905, (LS)
Beyer, Albert, b. 1869, d. 1926, (TS)
Bond, Hannah, b. Apr 12, 1816, d. Nov 26, 1904, (TS)
Bond, Sarah, b. Apr 4, 1830, d. Oct 19, 1917, (TS)
BRADLEY, James Earl, Jr., October 15, 1922, November 04, 1922, (LS)
BRIGHT, Elmer E. 1859 to 24 Apr 1889, Lot 83, Section A, Space 1, (det)
BRIGHT, Infant of Elmer & Melissa, stillborn 19 Apr 1882, Lot 33, Section E, Space 24, (det)
BRIGHT, Mabel 10 Apr 1887 to 16 Feb 1888, Lot 83, Section A, Space 3, (det)
BRIGHT, Melissa M. 1861 to 16 Feb 1892, Lot 83, Section A, Space 2, (det)
BUCKLES, Elizabeth S. (Clark), d. Oct. 20, 1937, Mother, (RW)
Burchfield, Edwin R, b. 1823, d. 1886, s/o Adam Burchfield and Mary "Polly" Cochran, (clp)
Burchfield, Margaret, b. 1802, d. 1878, d/o Joseph Barnett of Peebles Twp, (clp)
Burchfield, Rachel C., b. 1828, d. 1907, w/o Edwin, d/o James McCall and Mary (Miller), (clp)
Burchfield, Samuel C., b. 1794, d. 1873, Adam Burchfield and Mary (Polly)Cochran, (clp)
Caldwell, Agnes, 67y, b. 1851, Scotland, d. 4/10/1918, P/D, Creighton, Pa., B/D 4/12/1918, Site 189-H, (LB)
CALDWELL, Anna Marie/Mary (WELLINGER), unknown, Feb. 28, 1989, Harrison Twp., PA, 87, March 3, 1989, (photo), (EF)
Caldwell, Anna Marie, 87y, b.2/27/1902, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 2/28/1989, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 3/3/1989, Site 68-E 4, (LB)
Caldwell, Arthur James, 1y, b.2/24/1915, Tarentum, Pa., d. 3/24/1915, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 3/25/1915, Site P.G., (LB)
Caldwell, Benjamin, 1y, b. 1/6/1917, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 5/6/1917, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., B/D 5/7/1917, Site 178-H, (LB)
Caldwell, Catherine, 44y, b. 1887, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 12/16/1931, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., B/D 12/17/1931, Site 178-H, (LB)
Caldwell, Charles I., 62y, b. 10/22/1880, Tarentum, Pa., d. 1/28/1943, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 1/30/1943, Site 9-F, (LB)
Caldwell, Christina,, Age:14, b. 1908, Tarentum, Pa., d. 3/13/1922, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 3/16/1922, Site 9-I, (LB)
Caldwell, Edna Lenore,, Age:80, b. 1877, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 3/26/1957, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 3/29/1957, Site 9-F, (LB)
Caldwell, Ella,, Age:, b. 1861, Tarentum, Pa., d. 12/6/1932, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 12/8/1932, Site 9-F of Uterus, (LB)
Caldwell, Hazel May,, Age:24, b. 1888, d. 7/21/1912, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 7/23/1912, Site 9-F, (LB)
Caldwell, Infant of Charles,, Age:0, b.2/27/1904, Fawn Twp., Pa., d. 2/27/1904, P/D, Fawn Twp., Pa., B/D 2/28/04, Site 9-F, (LB)
Caldwell, Infant of Charles,, Age:1, b. 12/5/1909, Tarentum, Pa., d. 2/5/1910, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 2/7/1910, Site 9-F, (LB)
CALDWELL, Ira Huggins, May 4, 1900, June 22, 1971, Harrison Twp., PA, 71, June 24, 1971, (photo), (EF)
Caldwell, Ira H., Age:71, b. 1900, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 6/22/1971, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 6/24/1971, Site 68-E (WW I Vet), (LB)
Caldwell, James S., Age:92, b. 1970, New Kensington, Pa., d. 11/4/1976, P/D, New Kensington, Pa., B/D 11/8/1976, Site 8-I 1, (LB)
Caldwell, Jennie, Age:60, b.5/31/1888, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 2/19/1949, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 2/21/1949, Site 8-I 2, (LB)
Caldwell, John E., Age:80, b. 1883, Pittsburgh, Pa., d. 3/16/1963, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., B/D 3/19/1963, Site 178-H, (LB)
Caldwell, John,, Age:76, b. 1849, East Deer, Pa., d. 11/26/1925, P/D, East Deer, Pa., B/D 11/29/1925, Site 189-H, (LB)
Caldwell, John,, Age:92, b. 1798, Ireland, d. 2/19/1891, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 2/21/1891, Site 105-D, (LB)
Caldwell, Mary Elizabeth,, Age:85, b. 11/27/1856, Tarentum, Pa., d. 7/17/1942, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 7/19/1942, Site 48-B, (LB)
Caldwell, Robert A., Age:76, b. 1855, Tarentum, Pa., d. 10/22/31, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 10/24/1931, Site 48-B, (LB)
Caldwell, Sarah, Age:44, b. 1879, d. 3/18/1923, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 3/21/1923, Site 9-F, (LB)
Caldwell, Theodore,, Age:21, b.6/12/1906, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 7/25/1927, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., B/D 7/26/1927, Site 178-H, (LB)
Caldwell, W. H., Age:49, b. 1853, d. 3/27/1903, P/D, West Deer, Pa., B/D 3/29/1903, Site 9-F, (LB)
Caldwell, William,, Age:14, b. 1904, Tarentum, Pa., d. 12/10/1918, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 12/12/1918, Site 9-F, (LB)
Carson, Marie D., b. 1904, d. 1986, (TS)
CHEA, Mildred E. [Gohn] 22 July 1905 – 3 Dec 1935 w/o Charles Chea, (Lil)
Christy, Jessie Mabel, b. 1885, d. 1904, (TS)
Clendennen, Jennie, b. 1871, d. 1958, w/o Jesse, (TS)
Clendennen, Jesse , b. 1868, d. 1907, (TS)
Clendennen, Mabel , b. 1897, d. 1919, (TS)
Clowes, Walter Allen, b. 1880, d. Sep 1955, h/o Mazie Cooper, Lot-52E, (clp)
COCHRAN, Bessie A. Gibson, September 12, 1887, December 31, 1936, (LS)
COCHRAN, Vaughn E., Abt. 1911, December 25, 1987, (LS)
Cooper, Bernard J., b. 1854, d. Apr 1918, Lot-52E, (clp)
Cooper, Frank "Barney", b. 1888, d. Sep 1967, c/o Violet Vance & Bernard Cooper, Lot-52E, (clp)
Cooper, Jane, b. 1886, d. Sep 1982, c/o Viola Vance & Bernard Cooper, Lot-52E, (clp)
Cooper, Mazie, b. 1884, d. Bev. 1853, c/o Viola Vance & Bernard Cooper, Lot-52E, (clp)
Daugherty, Adam, Sr.,, Age:57, b. 11/17/1817, Saltsburg, Pa., d. 9/27/1875, P/D, Natrona, Pa., B/D 9/28/1875, Site 19-D, (LB)
Daugherty, Ann W., Age:67, b. 1875, Oakmont, Pa., d. 11/21/1942, P/D, Oakmont, Pa., B/D 11/24/1942, Site 472-D, (LB)
Daugherty, Anna M.,, Age:77, b.7/18/1871, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 7/26/1948, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., Site 35-G, (LB)
Daugherty, Arthur M., Age:78, b. 1876, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 10/7/1954, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., Site 35-G, (LB)
Daugherty, Elizabeth,, Age:58, b. 1893, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 3/19/1951, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 3/20/1951, Site 110-G, (LB)
Daugherty, Eva Irene,, Age:85, b. 1890, d. 10/4/75, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., 10/8/1975, Site 115-B, (LB)
Daugherty, Floyd,, Age:11, b. 1/1/01, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 2/16/1912, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 2/18/1912, Site P.G., (LB)
Daugherty, Frank E., Age:75, b. 1887, Tarentum, Pa., d. 5/10/1962, P/D, Westmoreland Co., Pa., B/D 5/11/1962, Site 115-B, (LB)
Daugherty, Freda E.,, Age:75, b. 1896, Pittsburgh, Pa., d. 10/25/1971, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., B/D 10/27/1971, Site 351-D, (LB)
Daugherty, Harold,, Age:1, b.2/10/18, Natrona, Pa., d. 4/8/1918, P/D, Natrona, Pa., B/D 4/10/1918, Site P.G., (LB)
Daugherty, Harry W., Age:2, b. 1879, Natrona, Pa., d. 8/16/1881, P/D, Natrona, Pa., B/D 8/17/1881, Site 19-D, (LB)
Daugherty, Hazel May,, Age:25, b. 1893, Natrona, Pa., d. 1/4/1919, P/D, Natrona, Pa., B/D 1/6/1919, Site 110-G, (LB)
Daugherty, Infant,, Age:0, b. 1/18/11, Tarentum, Pa., d. 1/18/1911, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 1/18/1911, Site 12-B, (LB)
Daugherty, Isabel, Age:1, b. 1819, d. 4/3/1910, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 4/5/1910, Site 351-D, (LB)
Daugherty, Isabella,, Age:71, b.5/3/09, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 9/11/1890, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., B/D 9/12/1890, Site 50-B,[LB]
Daugherty, John C., Age:72, b. 1872, Pittsburgh, Pa., d. 7/13/1944, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., B/D 7/14/1944, Site 472-D, (LB)
Daugherty, John,, Age:8, b.3/8/07, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 12/8/1914, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., B/D 12/10/1914, Site 110-G, (LB)
Daugherty, John,, Age:83, b. 11/8/1855, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 2/19/1939, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 2/21/1939, Site 50-B, Broncho (SA. Vet.), (LB)
Daugherty, Joseph,, Age:14, b. 1898, Natrona, Pa., d. 11/24/1912, P/D, Natrona, Pa., B/D 11/26/1912, Site 19-D, (LB)
Daugherty, Mary Ann,, Age:25, b. 1850, d. 1/29/1875, P/D, Natrona, Pa., B/D 1/31/1875, Site 19-D, (LB)
Daugherty, Mrs.,, Age:, b., d. 3/9/1880, P/D, Smith's Ferry, Pa., B/D 3/10/1880, Site 19-D, (LB)
Daugherty, Nancy, Age:87, b. 11/26/1850, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 2/21/1938, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 2/23/1948, Site 14-B, (LB)
Daugherty, R. E., Age:1, b. 1901, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 4/26/1902, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 4/28/1902, Site P.G, (LB)
Daugherty, Rose, Age:58, b. 1858, Natrona, Pa., d. 11/14/1916, P/D, Natrona, Pa, B/D 11/17/1916, Site 110-G, (LB)
DOUTT, Effie Alice (SCOTT), May 13, 1886, Feb. 2 1954, Harrison Twp., PA, 66, Feb. 4, 1954, (photo), (EF)
DOUTT, James D., Jr., May 29, 1908, June 17, 1984, Creighton, PA, 76, June 20, 1984, (photo), (EF)
DOUTT, James Garvin, Jul. 20, 1881, Nov. 6, 1943, Harrison Twp., PA, 62, Nov. 10, 1943, (photo), (EF)
Dunn, Alice, b. 1842, bur. Jul 29, 1917, 75y, (nee Neel) no stone, (clp)
Dunn, Joseph C., b. Oct. 19, 1837, d. Jan. 19, 1916, c/o Dr. James Dunn & Margaret Coe, Lot-38A, (clp)
Dunn, Joseph, b. 1838, d. Jan. 16, 1916, 78yr, bur. Jan. 20, 1916, Co. C, 9th Pa. Reg. GAR, (clp)
Dunn, Mary Alice, b. Jun 20, 1842, Louisville, Ky, d. Jul 29, 1917, d/o Col. James C. & Eliza Jane Neel, w/o Joseph C. Dunn, Lot-38A, (clp)
Dunn, Neel, Lot 38a, d. stone says Lot purchased by Dunn, Patz, (clp)
Edwards, Elsie Smith, b. 1879, d. 1968, (TS)
Elliott, Fannie Jane, d. Nov 27, 1880 aged 19 years, (TS)
Elliott, Jane Hill, d. Jan 25, 1882 age 84 years, (TS)
Elliott, John W., b. Dec 17, 827, d. Feb 23, 1903, (TS)
Elliott, Katherine E., b. Jan 19, 1873, d. May 13, 1953, w/o Robert, (TS)
Elliott, Robert M., b. Oct 11, 1871, d. Oct 4, 1938, (TS)
Elliott, Sarah Norris, d. Feb 28, 1899, age 72 years, w/o John W., (TS)
Endlich, Emil A., b. 1887 Allegheny PA, d. Feb 22, 1893 Tarentum PA, bur. Feb 25 1893, site PG, (Lil)
ENDLICH, Unnamed 11 Jan 1908 Child of Charles William and Maude Mae [Fish] Endlich, (Lil)
Endlich, Walter, b. Jul 24, 1894 Tarentum PA, d. Sep 4, 1895 Tarentum PA of Pertussis & Bronchitis, bur. Sep 5, 1895, site 155-D, (Lil)
Endlich, Walter, b. Nov 14, 1899 East Deer PA, d. Nov 14, 1899 East Deer PA of Whooping Cough, bur. Nov 14, 1899, site PG, (Lil)
Endlish (Endlich), Infant Charles, b. Jan 12, 1908 Hites PA, d. Jan 12 1908 Hites PA of Premature birth, bur Jan 12, 1908, site 155-D, (Lil)
FISCHER, Louise (EBERHART), Sep. 22, 1862, Nov. 9, 1936, Brackenridge, PA, 74, Nov. 11, 1936, (photo), (EF)
FISCHER, Michael, Jul 19, 1855, Dec. 1, 1936, Harrison Twp., PA, 81, Dec. 3, 1936, (photo), (EF)
FISHER, Amanda (McKENDRIE), Feb 17, 1852 - Jan. 13, 1906, Mother, w/o Jacob Elias, (I)
FISHER, Jacob Elias, ?????, (I)
GIBSON, Robert Montgomery, February 24, 1842, January 13, 1909, (LS)
GIBSON, Roy Loyd, August 1880, June 09, 1903, (LS)
GIBSON, Sara J. Bradley, August 03, 1845, December 16, 1923, (LS)
GOHN, Anna Mary [Gallagher] 16 May 1876 – 1907 w/o Samuel Albright Gohn, (Lil)
GOHN, Henrietta Elizabeth [Noel] 01 July 1838 – 14 Apr 1897 w/o Jacob Gohn, (Lil)
GOHN, Jacob 11 Aug 1837 – 17 Feb 1905, h/o Henrietta Elizabeth Noel, (Lil)
Gohn, Matilda J., b. Jul 9, 1869, d. May 7, 1896, w/o E. F. Beale, (TS)
GOHN, Samuel Albright 9 July 1871 – 3 Jan 1948 (died in Bell, LA county, CA) h/o Anna Mary Gallagher, (Lil)
Harbison, Burton, 21y, b. 1891, d. 3/26/1912, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 3/29/1912, Site 45-G, (LB)
Harbison, Charles H., 58y, b. 1900, d. 10/17/1958, B/D 10/19/1958, Site 45-G, (LB)
Harbison, Edgar E., 88y, b. 1863, d. 2/9/1952, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 2/12/1952, Site 45-G [LB]
Harbison, Elvyn L., 1y, b.5/1/1896, Fawn Twp., Pa., d. 2/21/1897, P/D, Fawn Twp., Pa., B/D 2/23/1897, Site 45-G, (LB)
Harbison, Emma,, 65y, b. 12/20/1858, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 2/23/1924, P/D, Fawn Twp., Pa., B/D 2/26/1924, Site 45-G, (LB)
Harbison, Fina E.,, 22y, b. 1888, Tarentum, Pa., d. 1/2/1911, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., B/D 1/5/1911, Site 64-H, (LB)
Harbison, Howard, 1y, b.5/20/16, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 6/20/1916, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 6/21/1916, Site 45-G, (LB)
Harbison, Jay G., 88y, b. 12/29/1897, d. 11/11/1986, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 11/13/1986, Site 132-G 1 (WW I Vet.), (LB)
Harbison, Joseph H., 80y, b. 1876, d. 8/11/1956, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 8/13/1956, Site 45-G, (LB)
Harbison, Lynn, 13y, b. 1905, Fawn Twp., Pa., d. 7/6/1918, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 7/8/1918, Site 45-G, Killed by Auto, (LB)
Harbison, Margaret, 87y, b. 1846, Springdale, Pa., d. 10/10/30, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., 10/12/1930, Site 8-AE, (LB)
Harbison, Mary E., 5y, b.3/10/1883, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 9/23/1888, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 9/23/1888, Site 82-C, (LB)
Harbison, Mary, 71y, b. 1901, d. 8/20/72, P/D, Youngstown, Ohio, B/D 8/22/1972, Site 132-G, NA from Ohio, (LB)
Harbison, Nettie V., 75y, b. 1880, d. 4/1/1955, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 4/3/55, Site 45-G, (LB)
Harbison, Wilbert, 65y, b. 1871, d. 12/12/1937, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 12/15/1937, Site 8-AE, (LB)
Harbison, Wm. A., 84y, b.5/18/1840, Fawn Twp., Pa., d. 10/4/1924, P/D, Fawn Twp., Pa., B/D 10/7/1924, Site 8-AE, (LB)
HARRISON, Eliza J. Sampson, May 9, 1819 / April 8, 1904, w/o John, (photo), (BB)
HARRISON, John, July 17, 1817 / Oct. 21, 1879, h/o Eliza
, (photo), (BB)
HAZLETT, Margaret (NULTY), Apr. 4, 1907, Dec. 3, 1973, (photo), (EF)
HAZLETT, Milton Howard, Jan. 1, 1888, Jun. 7, 1943, Harrison Twp., PA, 54, Jun. 9, 1943, (photo), (EF)
HECK, Gilbert H., son of P.J. and A.S.HECK. Born Nov 24, 1878, Died June 2, 1880, Plot C107, (link), (CFK)
HECK, Marrie E., dau of P.J. and A.S. Heck, Born Mar 24, 1885, Died May 13, 1887, Plot C107, (link), (CFK)
HECK, Ralph S., son of P.J. and A.S. Heck. Born Feb 10, 1899, Died Feb 26, 1900, Plot C107, (link), (CFK)
Hemphill, Anna P., b. 1875, d. 1965, (TS)
Hemphill, Dorothy P., b. 1908, d. 1992, (TS)
Hemphill, Elizabeth I., b. 1864, d. 1939, w/o William H., (TS)
Hemphill, Harry H. Jr., b. 1906, d. 1994, (TS)
Hemphill, Harry H., b. 1874, d. 1945, (TS)
Hemphill, John W., b. 1900, d. 1963, (TS)
Hemphill, William H., b. 1869, d. 1950, (TS)
Hill, Adelaide M., 83y, b. 1893, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 3/13/1976, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., B/D 3/15/1976, Site 56-AE, (LB)
Hill, Albert Christian,, b. 1879, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 10/7/1955, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 10/9/1955, Site 56-AE, (LB)
Hill, Alice D, 60y, b. 1905, Tarentum, Pa., d. 10/20/1965, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 1/3/1966, Site 6-F, (LB)
Hill, Alice, 3y, b.3/3/07, Pittsburgh, Pa., d. 3/27/1910, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 3/29/1910, Site 65-E, (LB)
Hill, Amon H., 84y, b. 1865, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 11/2/1949, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 11/4/1949, Site 10-AE, (LB)
Hill, Baby, Age:0, b.4/9/31, Tarentum, Pa., d. 4/9/1931, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 4/11/1931, Site 96-H, (LB)
Hill, Charles L., 49y, b.6/30/1897, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 2/9/1947, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 2/12/1947, Site 227-C (WW I Vet.), (LB)
Hill, Charles, 60y, b. 1878, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 3/26/1938, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 3/29/1938, Site 37-E, (LB)
Hill, Child of Walter, Age:0, b. 5/28/1885, Hites, Pa., d. 5/30/1885, P/D, Hites, Pa., B/D 6/2/1885, Site 37-E, (LB)
Hill, Clara, 70y, b. 1821, Germany, d. 3/27/1891, P/D, East Deer, Pa., B/D 3/30/1891, Site 37-E, (LB)
Hill, Clarriet, 48y, b. 1816, England, d. 2/24/1864, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 2/27/1864, Site 37-E, (LB)
Hill, Dorothy M., 33y, b. 1890, Virginia, d. 9/24/1923, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., B/D 9/27/1923, Site 56-AE, Shock & 2nd Degree Burns, (LB)
Hill, Edward Albert, 81y, b. 1/8/1862, Tarentum, Pa., d. 9/2/1943, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 9/4/1943, Site 58-H, (LB)
Hill, Elizabeth L., 74y, b. 1886, Pittsburgh, Pa., d. 12/10/1960, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., B/D 12/13/1960, Site 165-D, (LB)
Hill, Elizabeth, 74y, b. 1845, Germany, d. 11/13/1919, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 11/16/1919, Site 23-C, (LB)
Hill, Ethel, 13y, b. 1893, d. 7/31/1906, P/D, Fawn Twp., Pa., B/D 8/2/1906, Site 23-C, (LB)
Hill, Frank E., 53y, b. 1906, Tarentum, Pa., d. 8/19/59, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 8/22/1959, Site 6-F, (LB)
Hill, Frederick O., 62y, b.8/2/1881, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 1/26/1944, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 1/29/1944, Site 99-F, (LB)
Hill, Freeman K., 37y, b. 1866, d. 12/31/1903, P/D, Fawn Twp., Pa., B/D 1/2/1904, Site 23-C, (LB)
Hill, George F., 77y, b.8/13/1862, East Deer, Pa., d. 11/17/1939, P/D, East Deer, Pa., B/D 11/19/1939, Site 10-AE, (LB)
Hill, George, 32y, b. 1854, Hites, Pa., d. 2/11/1886, P/D, Allegheny City, Pa., B/D 2/13/1886, Site 9-C, (LB)
Hill, Grace P., 72y, b. 1889, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 7/21/1959, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 7/24/1959, Site 43-G, (LB)
Hill, Harry, 63y, b. 1874, Braeburn, Pa., d. 9/18/1937, P/D, Braeburn, Pa., B/D 9/22/1937, Site 267-D, (LB)
Hill, Hettie M., 93y, b., d. 9/16/1958, B/D 9/19/1958, Site 10-AE, Hypostatic, (LB)
Hill, Infant of Ed, Age:0, b.8/1/1916, Tarentum, Pa., d. 8/1/1916, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 8/2/1916, Site 71-D, (LB)
Hill, Infant s/o Walter, Age:0, b.9/11/1896, East Deer, Pa., d. 9/11/1896, P/D, East Deer, Pa., B/D 9/12/1896, Site 58-H, (LB)
Hill, Infant, Age:0, b.7/31/1908, Tarentum, Pa., d. 8/1/1908, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 8/2/1908, Site 37-E, (LB)
Hill, Infant, Age:0, b.9/19/1929, Tarentum, Pa., d. 9/21/1929, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 9/22/1929, Site 37-E, (LB)
Hill, James Newton, 76y, b. 1860, Harrison Twp., Pa., d. 4/23/1936, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 4/26/1936, Site 56-E, (LB)
Hill, James R., 1y, b. 1914, East Deer, Pa., d. 10/2/1915, P/D, East Deer, Pa., B/D 10/4/1915, Site 236-D, (LB)
Hill, James, Sr. 84y, b. 1802, Armstrong Co., Pa, d. 3/2/1887, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 3/5/1887, Site 49-B, (LB)
Hill, Mrs. James N., 81y, b. 1854, Tarentum, Pa., d. 4/19/1935, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 4/22/1935, Site 56-E, (LB)
Hilliard, Carrie, 46y, b. 1892, d. 3/28/1938, B/D 4/1/1938, Site 57-H, (LB)
Hilliard, M. J. (son), Age:0, b. 10/8/1889, Tarentum, Pa., d. 7/10/1890, P/D, West Deer, Pa., B/D 7/11/890, Site 60-B, (LB)
Hilliard, Mary F., 85y, b. 1858, Butler, Pa., d. 12/16/1943, P/D, Butler, Pa., B/D 12/18/1943, Site 60-B, (LB)
Hilliard, Mary,, 3y, b.3/24/1885, Tarentum, Pa., d. 11/24/1888, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 11/26/1888, Site 60-B, (LB)
Hilliard, Thomas R., 46y, b. 1854, d. 2/23/1900, P/D, Freeport, Pa., B/D 2/26/1900, Site 60-B, (LB)
HOUSER, Margaret Annettta [Reedy] 19 Sept 1870 – 3 Nov 1935 w/o William Curtain Houser, (Lil)
HUTCHISON, William G. 27 Feb 1944 – 21 Sept 1997 h/o Linda Snair, (Lil)
Irvine, Betty Smith, 1919-2000, w/o Frank, d/o Andrew & Eva Smith, (Section A, Lot 40), (photo), (LAS)
Irvine, Frank C. Jr.,
July 9, 1918 / Oct. 21, 1980, h/o Betty Smith, , WWII, SSML3, USN, (Section A, Lot 40), (photo), (LAS)
Jackson, Harry, no stone d. 1883, (clp)
Jackson, Sarah A., no stone d. 1907, (clp)
KNIGHT, Helen Sefton, July 25, 1894 - Dec. 11, 1996, d/o Frank & Anna Margaret (Sefton), (I)

KUNTZ, Louis A., 1888-1929, s/s Margaret B., (photo), (BB)
KUNTZ, Margaret B., 1868-1962, s/s Louis A.
, (photo), (BB)
LANDIS, A????? B., 1887-19??, s/s Floyd W., (photo), (BB)
LANDIS, Floyd W., 1885-1946?, s/s A???? B., (photo), (BB)
LAUCHTER, Annie, 1838-1840, s/s David & Anne Thompson, (photo), (BB)
Leasure, Aaron, 78y, b. 1839, Butler, Pa., d. 10/15/1917, P/D, Birdville, Pa., B/D 10/17/1917, Site 44-G, (LB)
Leasure, James R., 86y, b. 1862, Tarentum, Pa., d. 3/4/1939, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 3/6/1939, Site 72-B, (LB)
Leasure, James W., 46y, b. 1853, Natrona, Pa., d. 4/10/1908, P/D, Natrona, Pa., B/D 4/13/1908, Site P.G., (LB)
Leasure, Lenora A., 1y, b.6/18/1895, Duquesne, Pa., d. 7/4/1895, P/D, Duquesne, Pa., B/D 7/5/1895, Site P.G., (LB)
Leasure, Lester L., 7y, b.7/11/1886, Natrona, Pa., d. 7/31/1893, P/D, Duquesne, Pa., B/D 8/1/1893, Site P.G., (LB)
Leasure, Mary, 63y, b. 1869, Natrona, Pa., d. 4/1/1926, P/D, Natrona, Pa., B/D 4/4/1926, Site 72-B, (LB)
Leasure, Mrs. L., 61y, b. 1852, d. 3/14/1913, P/D, Natrona, Pa., B/D 3/16/1913, Site 44-G, (LB)
Leasure, Orlanda Irene, 3y, b.5/25/1890, Duquesne, Pa., d. 5/4/1894, P/D, Natrona, Pa., B/D 5/4/1894, Site P.G., (LB)
Lewetag, Ruth, b. 1915 Curtisville, Pa, d. 08 Dec 1918 Curtisville, Pa, 3y, 'Public area, influenza epidemic', (KL)
Lewetag, William, b. 1918, d. 14 Feb 1922 Harmer, Pa, 4y, Plot: Grave 141H, (KL)
Love, Anna Louise, 75y, b. 1885, d. 12/19/1960, P/D, Collier Twp., Pa., 12/22/1960, Site 36-B, (LB)
Love, Francis E., 77y, b. 1881, d. 5/20/1958, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., B/D 5/24/1958, Site 36-B, (LB)
Love, Irwin R., Age:0, b.3/12/15, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 3/12/1915, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., B/D 312/1915, Site P.G., (LB)
Love, James, 89y, b. 1840, Butler, Pa., d. 1/12/1927, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 1/15/1927, Site 28-I, (LB)
Love, Johnetta, 1y, b.8/26/09, d. 6/26/1910, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 6/27/10, Site P.G., (LB)
Love, Maude C., 83y, b. 1883, d. 9/1/1966, P/D, Kittanning, Pa., B/D 9/4/1966, Site 197-C, (LB)
Love, Preston A., 80y, b. 1881, d. 12/3/1961, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 12/6/1961, Site 197-C, ASHD (WW I Vet.), (LB)
Love, Rose, Age:81, Site 306-F, Coronary Heart Disease, (LB)
Love, Russell McCrea, 28y, b. 1893, Pittsburgh, Pa., d. 2/28/1921, P/D, State College, Pa., B/D 3/2/1921, Site 69-C, NA from State College, Pa.", (LB)
Love, Sarah J., 77y, b. 1842, Butler, Pa., d. 4/29/1919, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 5/1/1919, Site 28-I, (LB)
Love, Veronica C., 98y, b. 1892, Allegheny Co., Pa., d. 6/30/1990, P/D, Allegheny Co., Pa., B/D 7/16/1990, Site 159-H 1, (LB)
Love, William A.,, 62y, b. 1897, Pittsburgh, Pa., d. 8/1/1959, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., B/D 8/4/1959, Site 69-C (WW I Vet.), (LB)
MacDONALD, Dr. George F., unknown, Oct. 28, 1956, Harrison Twp., PA, 60, Oct. 31, 1956, (photo), (EF)
MacDONALD, Marie Anna (WELLINGER), Mar. 10, 1901, May 27, 1974, Pittsburgh, PA, 73, May 29, 1974, (photo), (EF)
Martin, Sarah E., b. 1863, d. 1931, w/o Harry G. Smith, (TS)
MEYERS, Anna D., 1848, 1932, (photo), (EF)
Miller, Edward Vance, b. 1858, d. Jun 1868, c/o Robert Miller & Mary Ann Vance, Lot-6A, (clp)
Miller, Frank J., b. Oct. 23, 1854, d. Oct 23, 1882, 27 Yr, s/o Robert Miller & Mary Ann Vance, Lot-6A, (clp)
Miller, John Vance, b. Jan. 28, 1845, d. Aug. 5, 1854; 1878 Relocated To Prospect Cemetery Lot 6A, c/o Robert Miller & Mary Ann Vance, (clp)
Miller, Robert, b. Dec. 10, 1821, Glade Run, Butler Co. PA, d. 1912, 92 Yrs, h/o Mary Ann Vance; Son Of Silas, d. & Elizabeth Miller, Civil War, Lot-6A, (clp)
Miller, Silas, d. 1868, War Of 1812, Lot-6A, (clp)
Mynert, Jeremiah, 1891-1902, Son, (Source: Internet)
NAMACHE, Gaston J., Sep. 3, 1897, Aug. 19, 1937, Kittanning, PA, 39, Aug. 20, 1937, (photo), (EF)
NAMACHE, Virginia (COLIN), May 18, 1870, Jan. 19, 1925, Ford City, PA, 55, Jan. 28,1925, (photo), (EF)
Neel, Eliza Jane, b. 1815, bur. Dec 15, 1875, w/o James C. Neel, (clp)
Neel, James C., (Son of Thomas) b. 1805, Mifflin Twp., All. Co., Pa. 60 yrs, bur. Mar. 24, 1866. (The stone for Eliza Jane on lot 37A states, "My husband d. Mar. 2, 1866 at 61 yrs., (clp)
Neel, Margaret, b. 1794, d. Jun 8, 1873, bur Jun 7, 1873, 79 yrs., w/o Thomas, (clp)
Neel, Mary S., b. 1801 d. Nov. 9, 1875, bur. Nov 14, 1875 (d/o Thomas Neel) Lot 37A, (clp)
Neel, Sandra E., d. Oct. 3, 1949, Lot 19B, Neel, Forges, Gummert, McCoy, Warner, (clp)
Neel, Thomas, b. 1783, d. Feb. 7, 1872, 89th year, bur. Feb 8, 1872, no stone, lot 97c, Neel, Anderson, Hendershot, Hepler, Leslie, Smith, (clp)
Neel, William, b. 1804, d. Dec. 7, 1833, 29y 6m 25d, There is a stone but there was no burial, Lot 54C, (clp)
Neil, Sarah, b. 1826, 78y, d. Aug. 29, 1904, Lot 217F, Neil, Smith, (clp)
NEUMEYER, Emma [SCHMITT] (REHNER), 1866, May 14, 1950, Brackenridge, PA, 84, May 16, 1950, (photo), (EF)
Norris Mary E., b. 1878, d. 1956, w/o Miller, (TS)
Norris Mary E., b. Sep 25, 1859, d. May 16, 1938, w/o Adam N., (TS)
Norris, Adam N., b. Oct 26, 1858, d. Feb 27, 1906, (TS)
Norris, Baby, d. Nov 19, 1926, (TS)
Norris, Beulah, b. 1914, d. 1995, w/o Lloyd, (TS)
Norris, Coulter S., b. 1880, d. 1901, (TS)
Norris, Fred W., b. 1888, d. 1961, (TS)
Norris, Harold A., b. 1911, d. 1998, (TS)
Norris, Henry J., b. Aug 17 1879, d. Feb 16, 1889, (TS)
Norris, L. Maude , b. 1889, d. 1969, w/o Fred, (TS)
Norris, Lloyd D., b. 1912, d. 2001, (TS)
Norris, Martha E., b. 1867, d. 1903, (TS)
Norris, Mildred, b. 1896, d. 1897, (TS)
Norris, Miller J., b. 1878, d. 1965, (TS)
Norris, Phyern Evelyn; , b. 1892, d. 1932, (TS)
Norris, Pollard B., b. 1873, d. 1896, (TS)
Norris, Viola June, b. 1921, d. 1922 (d/o Homer L. & Phyern Evelyn Norris, (TS)
Norris, Wanda M., b. 1915, d. 1965, (TS)
NULTY, Clara Bertha (REHNER), Dec. 14, 1887, Mar. 16, 1975, Brackenridge, PA, 87, Mar. 18, 1975, (photo), (EF)
NULTY, George Washington, Jun. 5, 1884, Nov. 17, 1951, Daytona Beach, FL, 67, Nov. 21, 1951, (photo), (EF)
NULTY, Mary A. (WELLINGER), Jan. 5, 1862, Sep. 13, 1953, Harrison Twp., PA, 91, Sep. 16, 1953, (photo), (EF)
NULTY, Myrtle F. (DICK), Sep. 13, 1888, Aug. 28, 1912, (photo), (EF)
NULTY, William Frederick, Jul. 4, 1858, Nov. 7, 1917, Brackenridge, PA, 59, Nov. 9, 1917, (photo), (EF)
OWENS, Adda Ada May Gibson, June 07, 1865, March 16, 1893, (LS)
OWENS, John Hooper, February 02, 1824, November 24, 1884, (LS)
Painter, J. Carl, b. 1882, d. Apr 1956, h/o Jane Cooper, Lot-52E, (clp)
Patz, Katherine A., no stone d. 1906, (clp)
Patz, Ruth L., no stone d. 1912, (clp)
PFORDT, Charles C., 1864-1938, s/s Nancy E., (photo), (BB)
PFORDT, Nancy E., 1867-1954, s/s Charles C.
, (photo), (BB)
Porter, Anna M., 75y, b.7/22/1920, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 10/17/1996, P/D, O'Hara Twp., Pa., B/D 10/21/1996, Site 178-G 2, (LB)
Porter, Clarence G., 69y, b.6/24/1874, d. 4/14/44, P/D, Springdale, Pa., 4/17/44, Site 62-E, Lobar, (LB)
Porter, Eliza J., 73y, b. 1862, d. 8/19/1935, bur. 8/21/1935, Site 146-E, (LB)
Porter, Eliza. Helen, 25y, b. 1913, d. 1/4/1938, P/D, Fawn Twp., Pa., B/D 1/7/1938, Site 372-D, (LB)
Porter, Elizabeth, 54y, b. 1/8/1863, d. 12/10/1917, P/D, West View, Pa., B/D 12/12/1917, Site 304-D, (LB)
Porter, Ellen Mrs., 70y, b. 1828, d. 11/29/1898, P/D, East Deer, Pa., B/D 12/01/1898, Site 62-E, (LB)
Porter, Elsie B., 16y, b.7/9/1889, d. 4/17/06, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., B/D 4/18/06, Site 305-D, Found Drowned, (LB)
Porter, Harry, 1y, b. 10/17/1872, Pittsburgh, Pa., d. 8/6/1873, P/D, Pittsburgh, Pa., B/D 2/18/1882, Site 62-E, (LB)
Porter, Hazel, 1y, b.3/17/1894, Allegheny, Pa., d. 1/4/1896, P/D, Allegheny, Pa., B/D 1/5/1896, Site 335-D, (LB)
Porter, Hugh Francis, 89y, b. 1860, d. 5/23/1949, P/D, Florida, B/D 5/27/1949, Site 304-D, NA from Florida, (LB)
Porter, Hugh H., 4y, b.3/17/1894, Allegheny, Pa., d. 4/14/1898, P/D, Allegheny, Pa., B/D 4/16/1898, Site 305-D, (LB)
Porter, Infant of Clarence, Age:0, b.2/16/1917, Tarentum, Pa., d. 2/16/1917, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 2/17/1917, Site P.G., (LB)
Porter, Infant of Clarence, Age:0, b.7/10/1918, Brackenridge, Pa., d. 7/10/1918, P/D, Brackenridge, Pa., B/D 7/11/18, Site P.G., (LB)
Porter, Infant of S., Age:0, b.2/29/1916, Tarentum, Pa., d. 2/29/1916, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 3/8/1916, Site P.G., (LB)
Porter, James M., 83y, b. 1852, d. 4/24/1935, P/D, Springdale, Pa., B/D 4/26/1935, Site 62-E, (LB)
Porter, James R., 70y, b.4/17/1808, West Deer, Pa., d. 11/08/1881, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 11/11/1881, Site 43-A, (LB)
Porter, John Fulton, b., d. 10/17/1949, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 10/18/1949, Site 274-F, (LB)
Porter, John M., 42y, b.7/31/1823, Middleny, Pa., d. 12/3/1865, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 12/5/1865, Site 60-A, (LB)
Porter, John McComb, 64y, b. 1890, d. 11/26/54, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 11/28/54, Site 67-B, (LB)
Porter, John, 86y, b. 1829, West Deer, Pa., d. 10/27/1915, P/D, Frazier, Pa., B/D 10/29/1915, Site 62-E, (LB)
Porter, Lillian C., 88y, b. 1895, d. 9/15/83, P/D, Grove City, Pa., B/D 9//19/1983, Site 67-B, (LB)
Porter, Louise, 42y, b. 1881, Tarentum, Pa., d. 3/15/1923, P/D, Springdale, Pa., B/D 3/18/1923, Site 62-E, (LB)
Porter, Margaret E., 92y, b. 1850, d. 12/15/1942, P/D, Harrison Twp, Pa, B/D 12/17/1942, Site 62-E, (LB)
Porter, Margaret, 43y, b. 1874, Altoona, Pa., d. 11/5/1917, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 11/7/1917, Site 274-F, (LB)
Porter, Maria Jane, 17y, b.7/7/1822, Tarentum, Pa., d. 6/7/1839 R, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 11/3/1871, Site 60-A, (LB)
Porter, Milton Chester, 1y, b.7/21/1874, Allegheny City, Pa., d. 4/10/1875, P/D, Allegheny City, Pa., B/D 4/13/1875, Site 35-C, (LB)
Porter, Nancy Power, 9y, b. 1923, Tarentum, Pa., d. 12/16/1932, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 12/16/1932, Site 20-E, (LB)
Porter, Nancy, 47y, b. 1798, Fawn Twp., Pa., d. 6/16/1845 R, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 11/3/1871, Site 60-A, (LB)
Porter, Oscar, 1y, b.5/31/1879, Tarentum, Pa., d. 6/11/1880, P/D, Tarentum, Pa, B/D 6/15/1880, Site 62-A, (LB)
Porter, Robert Smith, 67y, b. 1/17/1892, Washington, Pa., d. 5/1/1859 R, P/D, Tarentum, Pa.", bur. 11/3/1871, Site 61-A, (LB)
Porter, Ruth J., 70y, b.3/10/1812, York, Pa., d. 10/26/1881, P/D, Tarentum, Pa.", bur., 10/27/1881, Site 43-A, (LB)
Porter, Thomas O., 52y, b. 1864, Scotch Hill, Pa., d. 6/7/1916, P/D, Tarentum, Pa., B/D 6/9/1916, Site 20-E, (LB)
Porter, Vallie K., 64y, b. 1885, d. 7/14/49, P/D, Glendale, Ca., B/D 7/16/49, Site 66-E, (LB)
Poston, Nettie Smith, b. 1885, d. 1951, (TS)
POTTS, Family marker, (photo), (BB)
POTTS, Elizabeth
, (photo), (BB)
POTTS, William, (photo), (BB)
Powell, Ann Kiskadden, 1815 Nov. 15, 1901 Sec E Lot 12 Space 5, (MH)
Powell, William, 1814 Apr. 22, 1881 Sec 107C h/o Ann Kiskadden, (MH)
REHNER, Clara (BRISON), Oct. 4, 1879, Dec. 25, 1962, New Kensington, PA, 84, Dec. 27, 1962, (photo), (EF)
REHNER, Emma Margaret Emily, Mar. 30, 1918, Mar. 11, 1988, Brackenridge, PA, 69, Mar. 15, 1988, (photo), (EF)
REHNER, Ernestine Sophia (WERLER), 258-F, Apr. 30, 1840, May 22, 1913, (photo), (EF)
REHNER, Ferdinand (Carl), 258-F, Dec. 8, 1835, Nov. 11, 1905, Brackenridge, PA, 69, Nov 13 1905, (photo), (EF)
REHNER, Louis Ernest, Jun. 8, 1870, Aug. 15, 1839, Harrison Twp., PA, 67, Aug. 16, 1839, (photo), (EF)
REHNER, Margaret D. (MYERS), Apr. 26, 1882, Jan. 15, 1973, Brackenridge, PA, 90, Jan. 17, 1973, (photo), (EF)
REHNER, Melanie, 1874, Sep. 30, 1888, Harrison Twp., PA, 14, Oct 1, 1888, (photo), (EF)
REHNER, Paul Ferdinand (?listed as Fenton), 258-F, Oct. 4, 1878, June 10, 1949, Collier Twp., PA, 77, June 10, 1949, (photo), (EF)
REYNOLDS, Gratton S., 1888-1930, s/s Kathryn, (photo), (BB)
REYNOLDS, Kathryn, 18??-19??, s/s Gratton S.
, (photo), (BB)
SALSER, William H., May 11, 1978, (LS)
SCHMITT, Edna Blanche (LONG), Feb. 13, 1894, July 16, 1951, Marion, Indiana, 57, July 18, 1951, (photo), (EF)
SCHMITT, George, Apr. 27, 1861, Oct. 21, 1904, Brackenridge, PA, 42, Oct. 23, 1904, (photo), (EF)
SCHMITT, Walter Ferdinand, Apr. 3, 1887, Nov. 25, 1941, 54, Nov. 26, 1941, (photo), (EF)
SCHWARTZ, Bernice, 1911-1973, s/s Gottlob, (photo), (BB)
SCHWARTZ, Gottlob, 1886?-1936, s/s Bernice
, (photo), (BB)
SEFTON, John Bryson, April 9, 1836 - Jan. 3, 1908, h/o Martha Ferguson, (I)
Shane, Cora M.; Nov 9,, b. 1866, d. Dec 28, 1934, w/o Mifflin, (TS)
Shane, Mifflin T., b. Feb 29, 1860, d. Jul 13, 1907, (TS)
Smith, Alma M., b. 1878, d. 1958, (TS)
Smith, Andrew, b 8/4/1894, d 3/5/1944, Son, h/o Eva Austin, s/o George H. & Sophia, (Section A, Lot 40), (photo), (LAS)
Smith, Eva Austin, 1892-1981, Mother, w/o Andrew, (Section A, Lot 40), (photo), (LAS)
Smith, George H., b 3/2/1863, died 3/27/1932, Father, h/o Sophia Bollhorse, unmarked, (Section A, Lot 40), (LAS)
Smith, George H. Jr., b 1890, d 1918, Son, s/o George H. & Sophia, (Section A, Lot 40), (LAS)
Smith, James A., b 10/4/1888, d 2/15/1928, Son, s/o George H. & Sophia, unmarked, (Section A, Lot 40), (LAS)
SMITH, Mildred (TROUT), Jan. 10, 1902, Jan. 3, 1972, Tarentum, PA, 60, Jan. 4, 1972, (photo), (EF)
Smith, Sophia Bollhorst, b 9/21/1866, died 4/25/1928, Mother, w/o George H., unmarked, (Section A, Lot 40), (LAS)
THOMPSON, Anne S., 1805-1891, s/s David, (photo), (BB)
THOMPSON, David 1805-1854, s/s Anne S.
, (photo), (BB)
Vance Thomas A., b. Jan. 18, 1851, d. Jul 25, 1873 At 21 Yrs., c/o Francis Vance & Matilda Jane Vance, Lot-52E, (clp)
Vance, Augusta, b. Oct. 23, 1850, d. Dec. 25, 1850 At 9 Wks, c/o Francis Vance & Matilda Jane Vance, Lot-52E, (clp)
Vance, Francis, b. Oct. 6, 1822, d. Dec. 8, 1900 at 73 yrs, bur. Lot 52E (Child of John Vance and Jane (Wray), (clp)
Vance, Jane, d. Aug. 31, 1864 at 40 yrs. (Info from Prospect office but I question it.) She also in 1878 was moved to Prospect, (clp)
Vance, John, b. 1809, d. Aug. 15, 1864 at 55 yrs, c/o Francis Vance and Margaret (Hays). Lot 6A He was buried somewhere and in 1878 moved to Prospect Cemetery, NOTE: 4 yrs ago there was a stone for John, in good condition and 3 years ago, it was gone, (clp)
Vance, Matilda Jane, b. Mar. 22, 1829, d. Sep 2, 1898. bur. Lot 52E, (clp)
Vance, Viola, Violet H., b. Jul 10, 1855, d. May 15, 1931, w/o Bernard J. Cooper, Lot-52E, (clp)
Veiock, Caroline (Frank), May 2, 1866 - March 25, 1943, Mother, w/o George, (I)
WELLINGER, Charles Peter, Apr. 6, 1880, Mar.17, 1921, Brackenridge, PA, 46, Mar.20, 1921, (photo), (EF)
WELLINGER, Christina Barbara (NICHOLAUS), 1875, Oct. 24, 1952, Dania, FL, 77, Oct. 28, 1952, (photo), (EF)
WELLINGER, John Casper, Mar. 7, 1868, Sep. 13, 1930, Brackenridge, PA, 62, Sep. 13, 1930, (photo), (EF)
WELLINGER, Katherine L. (HARTIG), Feb. 26, 1905, Oct. 17, 1968, Los Angeles, CA, 84, Oct. 25, 1968, (photo), (EF)
WELLINGER, Margaret Anna, April 4, 1907, Apr. 29, 1911, Brackenridge, PA, 4, May 1, 1911, (photo), (EF)
White, Harry Edward, b. Oct 3,1966. d. Dec 27, 1918, Husband of Louella White, Plot C6 (no marker), (CFK)
White, Loretta Louella, b. March 8,1865.d. Feb 22, 1933, Wife of Harry Edward White, Plot C6 (no marker), (CFK)
Wineman, Jane C., b. 1816, d. Jun 16, 1870, 54 Yrs, d/o Thomas Neel, w/o John M., Love-Reynolds Lot-71C, (clp)
Wineman, John M., b. 1817, d. Feb. 22, 1890 At 73, s/o John & Maria Wineman, h/o Jane Neel, Love-Reynolds Lot-71C, (clp)
Wineman, John, b. 1788, d. Sep 21, 1845, f/o John M. Wineman, Love-Reynolds Lot-71C, (clp)
Wineman, Lizzie A., b. 1857, d. Mar. 18, 1878 At 21, w/o Thomas N. Wineman, Love-Reynolds Lot-71C, (clp)
Wineman, Maria, b. 1781, d. Jan. 22, 1858, m/o John M. Wineman, Love-Reynolds Lot-71C, (clp)
Wineman, William, b. 1851, d. Nov. 4, 1874, Love-Reynolds Lot-71C, (clp)


Mrs. Elizabeth S. Buckles died in the family home, 98 Bellview street, Creighton, last night at 8:30 o'clock following a
lengthy illness. She was a member of Jane's M. E. Church, of Creighton. Surviving are two daughters: Anna I. Buckles, at
home, and Mrs. Harry Orris, of Creighton; two sons: Herbert, at home and Raymond, of Dallas avenue, Natrona Heights; one
sister, Mrs. James Dewalt, and one brother, W. H. Clark, both of Creighton, and five grandchildren. Funeral services will
be held in the family residence Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Interment will be private, in Prospect Cemetery.

October 20th 1937 (Hand written)--from Florence McMahon's old scrapbook,, 28 Mar 2008)

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