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  Willowdale Cemetery

  30 Hedgehog Lane
Bradford, McKean County, Pennsylvania 16701-2611
(Copyrighted and Contributed by Liane Freedman)

This list is from the 1960s records given to me by a retiree of the US Army Corps of Engineers who was working as a surveyor during the building of Kinzua Dam and Allegheny Reservoir.  These graves were moved in the early 1960s to Willowdale Cemetery from other inundated cemeteries during the Kinzua Dam construction project.  -- Liane Freedman, (eltonscastle AT yahoo DOT com).

Posted as submitted: March 18th, 2007    Updated: March 18th, 2007

Surname, Given Name, Birthdate, DeathDate, Age, Inscription Notes
Baker, Myrta
Baker, Harry
Baker, Charles
Estes, ???
Kerr, Leonard
Stanley, ???
Marsh, William
Marsh, Mahalia
Marsh, Nancy
Hulett, Alice
Hulett, George
Marsh, Marcus F.
Marsh, Amanda M.
Marsh, Irvin J.
Marsh, Frank E.
Jeter, (Mr.) ???
Vandecarr, Sarah
Arthur, Marcellous B.
Arthur, Hellen
Arthur, Alexander
Arthur, Cinderella A.
Imel, Preston
Arthur, Addie
Arthur, Electra
Arthur, Charles
Arthur, Eugene
Arthur, Isaac
Arthur, Robert
Geer, Henrietta
Geer, John W.
Geer, Jennie I.
Thompson, Jams M.
Tuller, La Verne E.
Geer, Ida Mix
Geer, John C.
Geer, Francis E.
Thompson, Earl L.
Tuller, Filancy E.
Joy, George
Jay, Harold
Morrison, Alice B.
Eberhart, Harriet
Morrison, Amanda
Morrison, Zephenia
Morrison, Hannah M.
Wallace, Robert W.
Eberhart, Kelly
Eberhart, Sebastian
Eberhart, ???
Harris, Gerald
Norton, Bela E.
Norton, Alice E.
Eberhart, ???
Bartholomew, Theo. C.
Bartholomew, Almon
Bartholomew, Cornelia E.
Primer, (Mrs.) ???
Primer, Judson
Johnson, Lillian
Johnson, Lillian, Baby
Johnson, Ernest
Wienold, William
Fogle, Susannah
Fogle, William
Fogle, Ella Isadore
Goodard, ???
Goodard, ???
Goodard, ???
Schobey, Frank
Schobey, Elizabeth
Thompson, Carolyn S.
Cain, Frank
Cain, (Mrs.) ???
Cain, Silas
Marsh, Elda
Green, Jesse W.
Marsh, Silveanus
Marsh, Evaline
Marsh, Caroline P.
Allen, David
Hollister, Chester
Spetz, ???
Spetz, Manley H.
Spetz, Bertha L.
Spetz, Virginia
Spetz, Madeline
Spetz, Aaron
Spetz, Charles E.
Spetz, Hilda
Holmberg, Ethel S.
Stull, W.B.
Stull, Mary
Harrington, E.S.
Harrington, L.A.
McAvoy, ???, Baby

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