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Elizabeth Cemetery
145 Cemetery St.
Elizabeth, PA 15037


Directions: Elizabeth-McKeesport Rd, turn right on Cemetery St, at top of the hill. 


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Surname, First, Birthdate, Died, Other
Cadman, Elizabeth, 1836 - 1904, (CZW)
Cadman, William, 1834 - 1905, (CZW)
Campbell, Anna May – 1873-1905, wife of Thomas McClees, (photo), (CD)
Collins, Harriet H., 29 Jan 1856 - 31 Jan 1914, (CZW)
Collins, John B., 24 Apr 1854 - 01 Nov 1923, (CZW)
Davis, Mary J., 1928 - 1985, (CZW)
Davis, Thelma, 1913 - 1951, (CZW)
Davis, Walter E., 1902 - 1988, (CZW)
Hamilton, Addean – 1848-1924
, (photo), (CD)
Hamilton, Jennie A. – 1851-1890, Mother, (photo), (CD)
Hamilton, Major James B. – 1849-1904, Father, (photo), (CD)
Hamilton, Oliver – b. July 21, 1871 d. June 13, 1884, (photo), (CD)
Hamilton, William F – 1847-1902, (photo), (CD)
Painter, Anna S. – 1888-1942, (photo), (CD)
Painter, Frank E. – 1890-1945
, (photo), (CD)
McClees, Irene Gertrude – July 30, 1877-Jan 25, 1879, (photo), (CD)
McClees, Margaret Elizabeth Hoffman – Mar 27, 1856-Dec 26, 1925, (photo), (CD)
McClees, Olive Hamilton – Dec 4, 1893-June 20, 1922, (photo), (CD)
McClees, Ray Hunter – Oct 10, 1885-July 19, 1886, (photo), (CD)
McClees, Sadie Edna – July 31, 1881-June 9, 1882, (photo), (CD)
McClees, Thomas – Dec 18, 1850-Nov 4, 1905, (photo), (CD)
McClees, William Calvert – May 19, 1875-1882
, (photo), (CD)
McClure, Harvey Hughs, d: Dec. 30, 1892, 2nd h/o Margaret (Carmichael Pangburn), s/o James & Elizabeth (Applegate), (I)
McClure, Margaret, d: Jan. 13, 1907, 78yo, w/o 1. John Pangburn; 2. Harvey H. Mcclure, (I)
McGowan, Anna E., 30 Sep 1840 - 11 Jun 1926, (CZW)

McGowan, Robert, 15 Mar 1837 - 07 Aug 1907, GAR, (CZW)
Pangburn, Nancy Thomas, 1861-1929 – “Mother”, (I)
Pangburn, Robert Ellis, 1850-1942 - “Father”, (I)
South, Edmund, Co. C., 3 U.S. Art., Military Marker, (CZW)
South, Elizabeth, 1845 - 1915, (CZW)

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McClure, Margaret
Mrs Margaret McClure died at Elizabeth on Sunday, Jan 13, 1907, age 78 years  She was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Owen Carmichael and was born in Rostraver Twp, Westmoreland County   She was twice married:  Her first husband was John Pangburn and the second, Harvey H McClure  Three children survive:  Edward H Pangburn, Mrs Martha Prescott and Mrs Susan Douglass, all of Elizabeth and all children of the first marriage  There were several children by her second marriage but all have died  She was the granddaughter of John Penney, one of the Minutemen of Lexington in the Revolution  She was a member of the Baptist Church and was buried in Elizabeth Cemetery. (I)

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