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Greentree Borough, Pittsburgh, PA

(Compiled by Nancy C. Long - 1988)

    Greentree Cemetery is located in Greentree Borough, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. It is situated on the western side of Greentree Road (Route 121), 1.2 miles south of Exit 4, Route 279 (Penn-Lincoln Parkway).

    The property for the cemetery, approximately 1 1/3 acres, was purchased July 1, 1873 by The German United Evangelical Congregation in Temperanceville. (Reference: City County Records - Volume 319, Page 351 - Map 37R, Lot 225.) A history of the church by Oscar L. Jurkat states the cemetery was opened in 1872. To read that historical sketch, please click here.

    The original congregation of the church was organized in 1860 and were German Protestants whose creed was largely Lutheran but wished to remain independent of denominational dictations. The church was known for years as "Vierhellers" Church, because John Philip Vierheller, one of the most respected citizens in his day, was the dominating factor in it. The original church was built in 1864 at the corner of Mill and Steuben Streets. The area at that time was identified as Temperanceville and is now known as West End, Pittsburgh. The building was purchased by the Jerusalem Baptist Church in 1945 and was designated a Historic Landmark in 1982.

    A new church was built in 1950 and the name has been changed to the West End United Church of Christ. It is located at 1020 Chartiers Avenue, Elliott, Pittsburgh, PA.

    This listing is a compilation of a recording of inscriptions from each tombstone in the cemetery and integrating that with information presently in the records of the cemetery caretakers as of March 1988. Every effort has been made to extract information in an accurate and complete manner .

    All references in parentheses ( ) are from information in the caretakers' records. These records were originally in the German language and have been translated. There appears to be some duplication, possibly because of spelling variations. In these instances, each entry has been included.


: (OTH) = Many burials were made in the lower portion of the cemetery property and records show only the name and date of death and
that the grave is "over the hill". (OTH) indicates the listing is taken from the caretaker's records.

Posted:  May 14, 2009     Last Update:  January 25, 2011
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ADAMSON, Albert, 1897, (OTH)
ALBRECHT, Balser, 1885, (OTH)
ALBRECHT, Bertha H., 1861-1934, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
ALLISON, Carrie, (d. 1900 child) -no marker-
ALLISON, Etta, (d. 1899 child) -no marker-
ALLOTT, Freddy Jr., Nov. 15, 1956 / Jan. 14, 1973, (BG)
AMEND, Kate, 1872-1959, (photo), (BG)
AMEND, Lizzie, 1871-1898, "Mother"
, (photo), (BG)
AMEND, Louis J., 1870-1903, "At Rest", (photo), (BG)
AMEND, Wilber, 1894-1918
ANDREWS, Eliza, (d. 1949) -no marker-
ANDREWS, Elsie, 1897-1960, "Mother", s/s John, (photo), (BG)
ANDREWS, F., (d. 1930 child) -no marker-
ANDREWS, John, 1898 - Jun 26 1972 "Father", s/s Elsie, (photo), (BG)
ANDREWS, Kenneth, (d. 1930 child) -no marker-
AUTH, Johanna, 1891, (OTH)
BAESLER, Elizabeth, (d. 1908) -no marker-
BAESLER, Fritz, (d. 1896) (no marker)
BAESLER, Harry, (d. 1908) -no marker-
BAESLER, John, (d. 30 April 1881) -no marker-
BAESLER, Lois, (d. 1918 child) -no marker-
BAESLER, Louis, (d. 1939) -no marker-
BAESSLER, ????, (d. 1981) -no marker-
BAESSLER, D., 1889, (OTH)
BAESSLER, John, Jul. 21, 1866 / Mar. 14, 1921 - no marker-
BAESSLER, lIma, (d. 7 Mar. 1986) -no marker-
BAESSLER, S., 1889, (OTH)
BAESSLER, Sophie "Strobel", Apr. 15, 1868 / Mar. 9, 1957 -no marker-
BAHEY, Maria, 1917, (OTH)
BARKER, Elmira, (d. 1978) -no marker-
BARKER, John, (d. 1915 child) -no marker-
BARKER, Leroy J., Jan 24, 1920 - Nov 1, 1996, (photo), (BG)
BARKER, T.H., (d. 1947) -no marker-
BASSLER, Anna M. C., Died June 23, 1982 (record shows 1983), (photo), (BG)
BASSLER, Bertha, (d. 1953) -no marker-
BASSLER, Charles G., U S Navy World War II, 1906-(July 25)1975 (World War II flagholder), s/s Anna, (photo), (photo2), (BG)
BASSLER, Charles, (d. 1919) -no marker-
BASSLER, Fred, (d. 1954) -no marker-
BASSLER, George C., 1936-ne "Father", s/s Minnie, (photo), (BG)
BASSLER, George W., 1909-1988
, (photo), (BG)
BASSLER, Gustave A., 1857-1931, "Father", s/s Margaret, (photo), (BG)
BASSLER, Jessie, (d. 1919) -no marker-
BASSLER, Joanne C., 1938-1972 "Mother" (25 Feb. 1972), (photo), (BG)
BASSLER, Johan, (d. 1889) -no marker-
BASSLER, Johannes, ?? Jan 183?, Gebt 23 Apr 1881
BASSLER, John, 1859-1943, "Father", (photo), (BB)
BASSLER, Margaret B., 1863-1933, "Mother", s/s Gustave, (photo), (BG)
BASSLER, Minnie A., 1909-1994, s/s George C.
, (photo), (BG)
BASSLER, Sophia K., 1863-1919, "Mother", (photo), (BB)
BAUER, Angelica, (d. 1913) -no marker
BAUER, Anna, (d. 1938) -no marker-
BAUER, Christiane, 1874-1938, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
BAUER, David, Geb 19, Aug. 1845, Gest 27, Aug 1900, "Hier Ruht In Frieden", "Gatte Von Elizabeth Bauer", (photo), (BB)
BAUER, Elizabeth, 1858-1914, "Wife", "At Rest", (photo), (BB)
BAUER, George A., (9 Jan. 1882) -no marker-
BAUER, Hermann, May 24, 1816-May 3, 1898, "Father", s/s Margaret, (photo), (BG)
BAUER, Johanna E.K., Geb d. 18 Feb 1863, Gest d. 23 Jan 1887, (photo), (BG)
BAUER, John P., 1870-1935, "Father", (photo), (BG)
BAUER, Margaret, June 20, 1831-July 25, 1901, "Mother"
, s/s Hermann, (photo), (BG)
BAUER, Maria Magdalena, Geb d. 28 Nov 1867, Gest d. 10 (?) Dez 1880 (Record shows Margaret), (photo), (BG)
BAUM, Charles, 1911, (OTH)
BAYER, Charles D., 1897-1974, "Father" (15 Jan 1974), s/s Margaret, (photo), (BG)
BAYER, Charles Daniel May 22, 1925 - Jan 24, 1992, s/s Gary, (photo), (photo2), (BG)
BAYER, Elizabeth, 1866-1927, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
BAYER, Gary S., 1955-1975, "Son" (1 Dec 1975), s/s Charles, (photo), (BG)
BAYER, Margaret H., 1898-1972, "Mother", s/s Charles
, (photo), (BG)
BAYER, Margaret, 1924, (OTH)
BECHLINGER, Lizzie, (d. 1913) -no marker-
BECKER, Henrietta, (29 Mar 1921) -no marker-
BECKER, Henrietta, (d. 1918) -no marker-
BECKER, Henry, (d. 1881) -no marker-
BECKER, John, (d. 1929) -no marker-
BECKER, Magdelana, (d. 1912) -no marker-
BECKER, Wilamena, (d. 1904) -no marker-
BEIBER, George P., Sept 5, 1871-Dec 4, 1906, "Husband", (photo), (BB)
BEIBER, George, (d. 1900) -no marker-
BEIBER, Louisa F., 1840-1908, "Mother", s/s Nicholas, (photo), (BG)
BEIBER, Nicholas, Co A 5th PA H A, 1829 - 1888 "Our Father",
(GAR Flagholder), s/s Louisa, (photo), (photo2), (BG)
BEIBER, Tuff, (d. 1900) -no marker-
BELL, John, 1897, (OTH)
BENGLAR, Carolina B., (d. 1887) -no marker-
BENGLAR, Jacob, (d. 1888 baby) -no marker-
BERNHARDT, Andrew, (d. 1913) -no marker-
BERNHARDT, Anna, (d. 1914 child) -no marker-
BERNHARDT, Christian, (d. 1887 baby) -no marker-
BERNHARDT, Christian, (d. 1893) -no marker-
BERNHARDT, Elizabeth "Sutter" 1847 - 1932 -no marker-
BERNHARDT, Wife of Andrew , (d. 1900) -no marker-
BERNHARDT, Frederick, 1845 - 1900 -no marker-
BERNHARDT, Joseph, (d. 1914 child) -no marker-
BERNHARDT, Martin, (d. 1916) -no marker-
BIEBER, Lillian E., dau of Jacob & Emma Bieber, Born Mar. 30, 1897, Died Aug. 23, 1897
BIEDERMAN, Liebrecht, 1861-1952, (photo), (BG)
BIENENMAN, Frau, 1896, (OTH)
BIRMLEY, Edward Arthur, January 30, 1883-November 29, 1952
BIRMLEY, Mathilda Close, April 26, 1881-May 26, 1941
BISHOP, Ida Mae, (d. 1909 baby) -no marker-)
BISHOP, M., 1892, (OTH)
BISHOP, Nettie, (d. 1908 baby) -no marker-
BISHOP, Solomon, 1899, (OTH)
BLAKELY, Minnie C., 1878-1922, "Wife", (photo), (BG)
BLAKELY, William. J., 1878-1920, "Husband", (photo), (BG)
BLASING, Catherine, (d. 1929) -no marker-
BLASING, Emma, (d. 24 Apr 1969) -no marker-
BLASING, George, (d. 1899) -no marker-
BOCKNER, Rev., (d. 30 July 1881) -no marker-
BOEHMER, Amelia C., 1867-1958, (photo), (BG)
BOEHMER, Christian Ludwig, Born Oct 2, 1831, Died Dec 24, 1901. Co. F. 87th Regt. PA Vol. "Father" (Post 153 & 215 flagholder), (photo), (BG)
BOEHMER, Christina, (d. 1901) -no marker-
BOEHMER, Frederick William, Dec. 10, 1861 - Aug. 8, 1935, (photo), (BG)
BOEHMER, Lizzie, daughter of C. & L. Boehmer, Born April 6, 1854, Died May 12, 1881, (photo), (BG)
BOEHMER, Louis, son of Christian & Lucy Boehmer, Born May 28, 1871, Died March 11, 1892, (photo), (BG)
BOEHMER, Magdalene Lucie "Wefling", Born Oct 29, 1831, Died Dec 8, 1907 "Mother", (photo), (BG)
BOEHRING, Rev. G. A., (d. 1906) -no marker-
BOSSLER, Anna Christina, Geb 11 Aug 1819, Gest 18 Dec 1880 "Hier Ruht!", (photo), (BG)
BOSSLER, Philip, Gest. Den 7 Mar. 2, 1895, 1m alter von 65 jahren 2 hon.
BOWMAN, William, 1931, (OTH)
BRANDAU, Anna, (d. 1912) -no marker-
BRANDAU, Henry, 1839-1914, "Vater" (GAR flagholder), s/s Martha, (photo), (BG)
BRANDAU, Martha, 1849-1912, "Mutter", s/s Henry
, (photo), (BG)
BRANDAU, Matilda, 1884-1971, "Daughter", (photo), (BG)
BRANDT, Carl, 1899, (OTH)
BRAUN, Jacob, 1888, (OTH)
BREHEM, Carl, 4 Dec. 1881, (OTH)
BREHEM, William, 1886, (OTH)
BRENKER, Agatha, 1864-1939, s/s Joseph, (photo), (BG)
BRENKER, Joseph, 1853-1935, s/s Agatha
, (photo), (BG)
BRETCH, William R., 1857-1926 "Husband", (photo), (BG)
BRETCH, William, (d. 1912) -no marker-
BRETSCH, Adam, (d. 1943) -no marker-
BRIAR, Tom, 10 Feb. 1884, (OTH)
BRINKMAN, Catherine, (d. 1907) -no marker-
BRINKMAN, Charles, (d. 1909) -no marker-
BRINKMAN, Harry, (d. 1934) -no marker-
BRINKMAN, Helen, (d. 1907) -no marker-
BROCKER, Frau Frank, (d. 1900) -no marker-
BROCKER, Harry J., 1887-1902, (photo), (BG)
BROCKER, John H., (d. 1902) -no marker-
BROCKER, Mary A., 1831-1901
, (photo), (BG)
BROCKER, Mary, 1873-1880, (photo), (BG)
BRYANT, Caroline C., 1871-1940, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
BRYANT, J. Homer, 1903-1957, "Husband", (photo), (BG)
BRYANT, John H., 1870-1944, "Father", (photo), (BG)
BUCHLER, Edna, (d. 1952) -no marker-
BUCHLER, Jacob ,(d. 1895) -no marker-
BUCHLER, Jacob, (d. 1942) -no marker-
BUCHLER, Katherine, (d. 1942) -no marker-
BUCHLER, Mary, (d. 1912) -no marker-
BUCHLER, Philiphema, (d. 1908) -no marker-
BUCHMAN, Mary, (d. 1884) -no marker-
BUCHMAN, Max, (d. 1897) -no marker-
BUCHMAN, Maximillian, (d. 1887) -no marker-
BUCHMAN, William, (d. 1931) -no marker-
BUECHLER, Margaret, Born 1896, Died 1915, "Daughter" (small metal marker)
, (photo), (BG)
BURGHART, Henry, 1895, (OTH)
BURKHARDT, Herman,1904, (OTH)
BUSHMAN, Harry, (d. 1918) -no marker-
BUSHMAN, Helen, (d. 1933) -no marker-
BUSHMAN, Sophia (d. 1949) -no marker-
BUSSE, Elizabeth A., 1912-1913, "Baby", (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Ethel C., 1906-1911, (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Frederick H., 1884-1915, "Husband", (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Gertrude, (d. 1930) -no marker-
BUSSE, Gladys M., 1917-1921
, (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Hannah C., 1875-1908, (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Helena W., 1882-1974 (31 Oct 1974), s/s Reynold, (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Herman J., 1874-1944, s/s Ida, (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Herman, 1848-1902, "Father", (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Ida F., 1893-1974, s/s Herman, "Together In Memory", (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, John C., 1891-1914, (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Lena, (d. 1908) -no marker-
BUSSE, Norman, (d. 1908 baby) -no marker-
BUSSE, Reynold A., 1878-1959, s/s Helena
, (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Reynolds J., 1909-1911, (photo), (BG)
BUSSE, Wm., (d. 1930) -no marker-
BUTTLAR, Martha A., 1849-1920, "Mutter", (photo), (BG)
BUTTLAR, Wilhelm, 1838-1912, "Vater"
, (photo), (BG)
CAIN, George E., 1886-1964, s/s Myrtle, (photo), (BG)
CAIN, Myrtle C. , 1884-1977 (26 Oct 1977), s/s George, (photo), (BG)
CALTEST, C. Bernhard, 2 Aug. 1882, (OTH)
CAMPBELL, Katherine "Schachter", 1896-1986, (photo), (BG)
CARNAHAN, Elizabeth, (d. 1941) -no marker-
CARNAHAN, John, (22 May 1920) -no marker-
CARNAHAN, Samuel, (d. 1893) -no marker-
CASE, Olga, (d. 1909) -no marker-
CHAMBERS, John, 1900, (OTH)
CHAMBERS, Sarah, 1890, (OTH)
CHOPPEL, Maria, (d. 1921) -no marker-
CLAS, Armin H., 1888-1918, "Brother", (photo), (BG)
CLAS, Charles H., Dec 4, 1913 - Aug 12, 1997, s/s Florence, (photo), (BG)
CLAS, Elsie M., 1904-1978, (29 Mar. 1978), (photo), (BG)
CLAS, Emma E., 1882-1928, "Mother"
, (photo), (BG)
CLAS, Florence E. Mar 24, 1913 - Dec 16, 1997, s/s Charles, (photo), (BG)
CLAS, Marie P., 1848-1918, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
CLAS, Marie S., 1906-1987
, (photo), (BG)
CLAS, Richard A., 1880-1942, "Father", (photo), (BG)
CLOSE, Doretha, (d. 1921) -no marker-
CLOSE, Edward, Jun 28, 1876 - Apr 18, 1924
, (photo), (BG)
CLOSE, Emma, May 6, 1886
CLOSE, George, (d. 1948) -no marker-
CLOSE, Harry G., ACM 2/C USN RF, Enl. Mar. 12, 1918, Disc. Sept. 30, 1921, b: Dec. 31, 1888, d: Feb. 9, 1952 (WWI Veterans flagholder), (photo), (BG)
CLOSE, Lillian, Jul 6, 1877 - Nov 3, 1922, (photo), (BG)
CLOSE, Louisa, (d. 1909) -no marker-
CLOSE, Peter, (d. 1928) -no marker-
CLOSE, William, (d. 1904) -no marker-
COE, George M., Troop 1.1. D.S.Cav, Aug. 29, 1911, (photo), (BG)
COLUMBIA, Catherine, Apr. 8, 1869-Dec. 20, 1932, Wife of Z. B. Columbia, "Mother", s/s Caroline Crawford, (photo), (BG)
COLUMBIA, Zanaglio B., 1873-1937, Pvt Co. C. 18th Reg. Vol. Inft. Spanish American War (Spanish War Veterans flagholder), (photo), (BG)
CONNORS, Irene, May 23, 1902-Dec 12, 1984, "Beloved Mother", (photo), (BG)
CRAIGHEAD, Eugene, (d. 1928) -no marker-
CRAMER, Elizabeth, 1924-1926, "Daughter", (photo), (BG)
CRAMER, Emma Elizabeth , 1902 - Jul 19, 1973, s/s Paul S., (photo), (BG)
CRAMER, Paul S., 1898 - 4 Feb 1986, s/s Emma Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
CRAWFORD, Katherine E., 1908-1981, (photo), (BB)
CRAWFORD, Caroline "Matthes", "Aunt Carrie", Nov 3, 1853-July 16, 1932, wife of G. W. Crawford, s/s Catherine Columbia
, (photo), (BG)
CRAWFORD, Richard M., Sgt. 1530th SCD ADS, Enl. Mar. 15, 1943, Disc. June 15, 1945, B: Mar. 29, 1905, D: Jan. 1, 1968, (photo), (BB)
CRIDGE, Amil W., 1905-1906, (photo), (BG)
CRIDGE, Charlotte L., 1928-1930
, (photo), (BG)
CRIDGE, Charlotte, 1876-1939, "Mother", s/s Harry, (photo), (BG)
CRIDGE, Harriett, (d. 1893) -marker corroded, (photo), (BG)
CRIDGE, Harry, 1873-1945, "Father", s/s Charlotte, (photo), (BG)
CRIM, Charles, 1943, (OTH)
CRIMM, Stanley, 1943, (OTH)
DACHER, Anna Marie, Born Nov 6, 1833, Died July 23, 1885, (photo), (BG)
DALLET, Anna, (d. 1906) -no marker-
DALLET, Charles, (d. 1929) -no marker-
DALLET, John, (d. 1897) -no marker-
DARNER, Margaret, (d. 1914) -no marker-
DAUB, John Ludwig, (d. 1889) -no marker-
DAUGHERTY, Anna Carnahan, 1884-1926, (photo), (BG)
DAVIS, Betty J. (no dates), s/s Charles, (photo), (BG)
DAVIS, Charles T. 1942 - 2004, s/s Betty
, (photo), (BG)
DAVIS, Norma "Harper", May 21, 1919-July 31, 1979, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
DAVIS, Walter T. Apr 4, 1911 - July 15, 1989 "Father", (photo), (BG)
DECKER, Anna Marie, Nov 6, 1833, July 23, 1885, (BG)
DECKER, (Babies P.H.H./L.A.H./H.H.), -no marker-
DECKER, Dan, (d. 1882, 15 May 1882) -no marker-
DECKER, Henry, 1864-1934, s/s Ida
, (photo), (BG)
DECKER, Ida, 1864-1932, s/s Henry, (photo), (BG)
DECKER, Marie K., 1899-1911, (photo), (BG)
DECKER, Paul, (d. 1903) -no marker-
DEIN, George, 1906, (OTH)
DETTLING, Albert, (d. 1895) -no marker-
DETTLING, Maria, (d. 1918) -no marker-
DETWEILER, Daniel, (d. 1899) -no marker-
DETWEILER, Elizabeth, (d. 1946) -no marker-
DETWEILER, Emma, (d. 1931) -no marker-
DEUSCHLE, Dorothy E., (no dates), s/s Roy, (photo), (BG)
DEUSCHLE, Roy L., Nov 10, 1904 - 26 July 1985, s/s Dorothy
, (photo), (BG)
DOEHLA, Amy, (d. 1883) -no marker-
DOEHLA, Andreas, (d. 18 March 1918) -no marker-
DOEHLA, Emilia, (d. 1914) -no marker-
DOEHLA, Fred, (d. 1919) -no marker-
DOEHLA, George Adam, (d. 1890) -no marker-
DOEHLA, Johann, (d. 1884) -no marker-
DOEHLA, Ludwig, (d. 1904) -no marker-
DOSCHER, Elizabeth, 1882-1963, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
DOSCHER, Harry W., 1920-1990 "Father", (photo), (BG)
DOSCHER, Henry C., 1881-1961, "Father", (photo), (BG)
DOSCHER, Mildred V., 1920 - 2009 "Mother", (photo), (BG)
DOUBT, Edwin, (d. 1933) -no marker-
DOUBT, Emma, (d. 1909) -no marker-
DRIES, Anna Eva, (d. 1896), (photo), (BG)
DRIES, Franz, 1825 - 1878
, (photo), (BG)
EBERT, Kath., Geb. 5 Juni 1867, Gest 14 Juli 1868, s/s William, (photo), (BG)
EBERT, Mary M., 1838-1903, s/s William, (photo), (BG)
EBERT, Wilhelm, sohn au Wilhelm & Magdalena Ebert ????( d.1884), (photo), (BG)
EBERT, Wm., Geb. 12 Marz 1869, Gest 23 Apr. 1874, s/s Kath, (photo), (BG)
EBERT, Wm., Geb. 24 Mai 1839, Gest 6 Juli 1883, Co. G. 74 Regt PA Volunteers,
The Battles of Crosskegs, Feemans Ford, Bull Run, Chancellorsville & Gettysburg, s/s Mary, (photo), (BG)
EHLE, Ralph, (d. 1937) -no marker-
EHLE, Ralph, (d. 1940 baby) -no marker-
EICHELTRAUDT, Christiana, 1896, (OTH)
EMERICH, Adam, 1884, (OTH)
ENGEL, Emma K., 1870-1947, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
EVANS, Ethel, 1924, (OTH)
FALKAR, Margaret, 1907, (OTH)
FELDNER, Annie M., 1851-1933, s/s George and Philipp, (photo), (BG)
FELDNER, George H., Born July 17, 1869, Died July 9, 1893, "Here Rest In God Our Dear & Only Son"
, s/s Annie and Philipp, (photo), (BG)
FELDNER, Maggie, Born Aug 14, 1883, Died Jan 2, 1885, "Hear Rest in God Our Dear Dau." (Anna Mary in records), (photo), (BG)
FELDNER, Philipp, 1846-1908, s/s George and Annie, (photo), (BG)
FENDER, George, 1908, (OTH)
FENDER, Getty, 1912, (OTH)
FEUND, Christ, 1911, (OTH)
FINK, Catherine, (d. 1909) -no marker-
FINK, Chester, 1896-1936, "Father", (photo), (BG)
FINK, D., (d. 1889) -no marker-
FINK, Donald, (d. 1936) -no marker-
FINK, E., (d. 1888) -no marker-
FINK, Edward W., 1874-1959, "Father", s/s Elizabeth and Paul, (photo), (BG)
FINK, Elizabeth M., 1880-1968, "Mother", s/s Edward and Paul, (photo), (BG)
FINK, Elizabeth, (d. 1915 child) -no marker-
FINK, Elizabeth, 1854-1920, "Mother", s/s Frederick, (photo), (BG)
FINK, Fred, (d. 1912) -no marker-
FINK, Frederick, 1851-1941, "Father", s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
FINK, Katherine, (d. 1889) -no marker-
FINK, Paul, 1917-1937, "Brother", s/s Elizabeth and Edward, (photo), (BG)
FINK, Philip Henry, 1876-1944, "Son", (photo), (BG)
FINK, Richard, (d. 1913 child) -no marker-
FISCHER, John, 1911, (OTH)
FITZURKA, Roberta, 1922 - 1995, (photo), (BG)
FLECKENSTEIN, Anna, 1888-1918, "Daughter" (11 Dec 1918), s/s Michael, Jeannette, Jacob & John, (photo), (BG)
FLECKENSTEIN, Carl, (d. 1891 baby) -no marker-
FLECKENSTEIN, Jacob, 1889-1928, "Son"
, s/s Michael, Jeannette, Anna & John, (photo), (BG)
FLECKENSTEIN, Jeannette, 1866-1924, "Mother" (27 Aug 1924), s/s Michael, Anna, Jacob & John, (photo), (BG)
FLECKENSTEIN, John, 1890-1891, "Son", s/s Michael, Anna, Jacob & Jeannette, (photo), (BG)
FLECKENSTEIN, Michael, 1860-1918, "Father" (3 Jan 1918), s/s Jeannette, Anna, Jacob & John, (photo), (BG)
FLECKENSTEIN, Sophia, (d. 1942) -no marker-
FLEET, Christena E., 1890-1966, "Mother", s/s George, (photo), (BG)
FLEET, Eva M., Feb 18, 1920 - Dec 18, 1994, (photo), (BG)
FLEET, Frederick J., Sep 28, 1921- May 3, 1994, (photo), (BG)
FLEET, George C., 1887-1952, "Father", s/s Christena, (photo), (BG)
FLEET, Sarah, (d. 1946) -no marker-
FLEET, Washington, (d. 1908) -no marker-
FLEISCHMAN, M., (d. 1899) -no marker-
FLEISCHMAN, Mary, (d. 1933) -no marker-
FLEISCHMAN, Thomas, (d. 1902) -no marker
FLEISCHMANN, Albert G., 1900-1901, s/s Dina and Marie, (photo), (BG)
FLEISCHMANN, Albert, (d. 1894) -no marker-
FLEISCHMANN, Dina, Feb 14, 1876-Feb 2, 1901, s/s Marie and Albert, (photo), (BG)
FLEISCHMANN, Wife of George, (d. 1901) -no marker-
FLEISCHMANN, Henry, (d. 1898) -no marker-
FLEISCHMANN, John George, 1875-1939, (photo), (BG)
FLEISCHMANN, Marie, 1898-1899, s/s Dina and Albert, (photo), (BG)
FOOTE, Elizabeth A., Born Dec 1870, Died Mar. 10, 1951, s/s Nellie, Sarah & John, (photo), (BG)
FOOTE, John, (d. 1897) -no marker-
FOOTE, John, 1865 - 1952
, s/s Elizabeth, Nellie & Sarah, (photo), (BG)
FOOTE, Mrs. John, (no date known) -no marker-)
FOOTE, Nellie R., 1899 - 1975
, s/s Elizabeth, Sarah & John, (photo), (BG)
FOOTE, Sarah J., 1867 - 1897, s/s Nellie, Elizabeth & John, (photo), (BG)
FORSTER, Adam C., 1903-1978, "Brother", s/s Elva, (photo), (BG)
FORSTER, Carl, (d. 1912) -no marker-
FORSTER, Elva M., 1908-1986, "Sister"
, s/s Adam, (photo), (BG)
FORSTER, Margaret B., 1911-1986, "Wife" (3 Feb 1986) (Masonic symbol on stone), s/s Roy, (photo), (BG)
FORSTER, Roy H., Sr., 1911-1993 "Husband" (Masonic symbol on stone)
, s/s Margaret, (photo), (BG)
FOX, Elizabeth, (d. 1943) -no marker-
FRAER (GFROER), Bertha "Rakowska", 1859 - 1945, "Mother", s/s Jacob & John, (photo), (BG)
(GFROER), George, U S Army, World War II, 1902-1975, (American Legion flagholder), (photo), (BG)
(GFROER), Jacob, 1858 - 1910, "Father", s/s John & Bertha, (photo), (BG)
(GFROER), John, 1896 - 1967, "Son", s/s Jacob & Bertha, (photo), (BG)
(GFROER), Richard William, D. Dec 15, 1929, (photo), (BG)
FREEBING, Augusta E., 1839-1896, (photo), (BG)
FREEBING, Edward G., 1870-1913, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
FREEBING, Elizabeth, 1873-1930, s/s Edward, (photo), (BG)
FREEBING, Flora E., wife of Earl E. Freebing, 1909-1933, (photo), (BG)
FREEBING, Johannes, 1833-1897, (photo), (BG)
FREEBING, W. J., 1868-1944, (photo), (BG)
FREEWALD, John, (d. 1884) -no marker-
FREEWALD, Lizzie, (d. 2 July 1883) -no marker-
FREEWALD, Margaret, (d. 1917) -no marker-
FREEWALD, Mari, (d. 1885) -no marker-
FREEWALD, Mary L., (d. 1911) -no marker-
FREEWALD, T., (d. 17 March 1883) -no marker-
FREEWALT, Fred, (d. 1927) -no marker-
FREEWALT, Joseph, (d. 1936) -no marker-
FREEWALT, Louis, (d. 1927) -no marker-
FREEWALT, Nancy, (d. 1918) -no marker-
FREYVOGEL, G. Daniel, 1909-1928 "Son", s/s Robert, Mary & Nora, (photo), (BG)
FREYVOGEL, Mary, 1879-1916, "Mother", s/s Robert, G. Daniel & Nora
, (photo), (BG)
FREYVOGEL, Nora, 1905-1907, "Daughter", s/s Robert, G. Daniel & Mary, (photo), (BG)
FREYVOGEL, Robert, 1900-1904 "Son", s/s Mary, G. Daniel & Nora, (photo), (BG)
FREYVOGEL, Wm. (d. 1937) -no marker-, (Welcome Council Jr. OUAM 184 flagholder)
FRITCH, Cathern, age 65 yrs. (d. 1890), (photo), (BG)
FRITCH, Henry, age 76 yrs. (d. 1890), (photo), (BG)
FRITSCH, Louis, (d. 1897) -no marker-
FRITSCH, Maria, (d. Apr 1884) -no marker-
FRITSCH, William, (d. 1932) -no marker-
FROELICH, A. H. Haviland, 1909-1911, s/s Walter, Emma, Albert, Philip & Mary, (photo), (BG)
FROELICH, Albert H., 1888-1915, s/s A.H., Emma, Walter, Philip & Mary, (photo), (BG)
FROELICH, Charles, (d. 1897) -no marker-
FROELICH, Charles, (d. 1900, removed 1919) -no marker-
FROELICH, Emma I., 1891-1915, s/s Walter, A.H., Albert, Philip & Mary, (photo), (BG)
FROELICH, Henry J., 1864-1947, s/s John Kilmer, (BG)
FROELICH, M.F., (d. 1888 baby) -no marker-
FROELICH, Mary, 1857-1937, "Mother", s/s A.H., Emma, Albert, Philip & Walter, (photo), (BG)
FROELICH, Myrtle E., 1889-1956, (photo), (BG)
FROELICH, Philip G., 1858-1936, "Father", s/s A.H., Emma, Albert, Walter & Mary, (photo), (BG)
FROELICH, Phillip M., May 27, 1826-July 11, 1904 "Our Father", (photo), (BG)
FROELICH, Phyllis P., 1902-1978, (photo), (BG)
FROELICH, W.P., (d. 1916, removed 1919) -no marker-
FROELICH, Walter (d. 1890 baby) -no marker-
FROELICH, Walter P., 1893-1910, s/s A.H., Emma, Albert, Philip & Mary, (photo), (BG)
FROELICH, Wilhelmina, Born 30 Jan 1862, d. 12 Feb 1879, (photo), (BG)
FROST, Frau, 1894, (OTH)
GARTZ, Bruno Edward, July 16, 1896 - December 15, 1934, -no marker-, (BG)
GARTZ, Frieda Louisa, March 29, 1895 - June 19, 1895, -no marker-, (BG)
GARTZ, George August, December 16, 1850 - May 02, 1905, -no marker-, (BG)
GARTZ, Gotthelf Emanuel, December 25, 1898 - January 12, 1899, -no marker-, (BG)
GARTZ, Herbert Frederick , March 29, 1895 - June 19, 1895, -no marker-, (BG)
GARTZ, Sophia, September 23, 1867 - December 27, 1898, -no marker-, (BG)
GEBHARDT, Anna M., Died Jan 11, 1899- Aged 66 yrs, s/s George, (photo), (BG)
GEBHARDT, Charles, (d. 1905 baby) -no marker-
GEBHARDT, Emma, 1867-1947, "Mother", s/s Fred, (photo), (BG)
GEBHARDT, Fred, 1862-1924, "Father", s/s Emma, (photo), (BG)
GEBHARDT, George, Died Mar 21, 1901, Aged 73 yrs
, s/s Anna, (photo), (BG)
GEBHARDT, J. Granville, Nov. 25, 1893, Sept 13, 1897, "Our Beloved Son", (photo), (BG)
GEHRING, Arme, 1950, (OTH)
GEHRING, Elizabeth, 1949, (OTH)
GEHRING, Ella M., 1888, (OTH)
GEHRING, John, 1946, (OTH)
GEHRING, Marie, (d. 7 Jan 1986) -no marker-
GEISER, Alvina, (d. 1912) -no marker-
GEISER, Elizabeth, (d. 1873) -no marker-
GEISER, Frederich, (d. 1884) -no marker-
GEISER, John, (d. 1903) -no marker-
GEISLER (Large stone -no names), (photo), (BG)
GEISLER, Caroline, (d. 1911) -no marker-
GEISLER, Ernest, 1886-1931, s/s Julia, (photo), (BG)
GEISLER, Frank A., Born 1882, Died 1903, "Brother", (photo), (BG)
GEISLER, Frau Geo., (d. 1895) -no marker-
GEISLER, George, (d. 1907) -no marker-
GEISLER, Gertrude, (d. 1914) -no marker-
GEISLER, Jacob J., Jr., 1873-1921, "Husband", (photo), (BG)
GEISLER, Jacob, Born 1844, Died 1908, "Father", (photo), (BG)
GEISLER, John, (d. 1921) -no marker-
GEISLER, John, 1866-1932, s/s Margaret, (photo), (BG)
GEISLER, Julia, 1874-1931, s/s Ernest, (Inscription on top of stone-"Firemen's Memorial" -also World War I flagholder), (note in records -" ashes buried together"), (photo), (BG)
GEISLER, Katherina, Born 1848, Died 1911, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
GEISLER, Magdalena, 1876-1918, "Wife", (photo), (BG)
GEISLER, Margaret, (d. 15 May 1982) -no marker-
GEISLER, Margaret, 1865-1938, s/s John, (photo), (BG)
GEISLER, P., (d. 1884) -no marker-
GEISLER, William H., May 16, 1879-Feb 1, 1933, "Husband", (photo), (BG)
GERLEMAN, Annie, (d. 1904) -no marker-
GERLEMAN, Christoph, (d. 1889 baby) -no marker-
GERLEMAN, Henry, (d. 1896) -no marker-
GERLEMAN, Henry, (d. 1944) -no marker-
GERLEMAN, Maria, (d. 1903) -no marker-
GERLEMANN, H., (d. 1890 baby) -no marker-
GEYER, Barbara, 1869-1919, (photo), (BG)
GEYER, George, 1854-1931, s/s Margaret, (photo), (BG)
GEYER, Margaret, 1857-1924, s/s George, (photo), (BG)
GLEICH, Anna Maria "Wall" Died 21 Aug. 1882, w/o George
Stone reads:
WALL, Anna Maria gattin yon Geo. Gleich, d.24 Jan 18??, Gest d. 21 ?? 1882,
"0 Ruhe Sanft, Verklarte Hullel In Dieser Kuhlen, Dunkeln Gruftl Wir Harren Dein, Bis Einst Am Ziele, Auch Uns Die
Vorsicht Zu Dir Ruft", Small stone reads: "A.M.G.", (photo), (BG)
GLEICH, George, (d. 1886) -(no marker-)
GLEICH, George, (d. 1888 baby) -no marker-
GLESENCAMP, Katherine, (d. 1913) -no marker-
GLOGGER, John, (d. 1928) -no marker-
GLOGGER, Mary, (d. 1940) -no marker-
GOETTLE, Kate, (no date recorded) -no marker-
GOETTLE, Mildred, (no date recorded) -no marker-
GOFF, Lorena, 1913, (OTH)
GRAFF, Anna, 1843-1913, s/s John, (photo), (BG)
GRAFF, Anna, 1875-1970, "Sister", (photo), (BG)
GRAFF, Fred J., 1873-1914, (photo), (BG)
GRAFF, John, (d. 1885) -no marker-
GRAFF, John, (d. 1925) -no marker-
GRAFF, John, 1845-1925, s/s John and Anna, (photo), (BG)
GRAFF, John, 1869-1910, s/s John and Anna, (photo), (BG)
GRAFF, Rhoda N., 1868-1932, (photo), (BG)
GRAFF, William, 1886-1937, "Brother", (photo), (BG)
GRASS, Wife of Philip, 1892, (OTH)
GRUENBURG, Charles, (d. 1910) -no marker-
GRUENBURG, Wm., (d. 1914) -no marker-
GRUENEBERG, Carl L., 1878-1911, (photo), (BG)
GRUENEBERG, Mathilda, 1854-1910, s/s William, (photo), (BG)
GRUENEBERG, William F., 1851-1907, s/s Mathilda, (photo), (BG)
GUENTHER, Charles, ??, died Sep 1, 1893, Age? years? mos, s/s Fredericka, (photo), (BG)
GUENTHER, Fredericka, Born June 21, 1856, died July 5, 1919, s/s Charles, (photo), (BG)
GUNDELFINGER, Anna Christina, 1858-1931, "Mother", s/s Christopher, (photo), (BG)
GUNDELFINGER, Arthur R., Sgt. 669th Aero Sqdn., Enl. Dec 4, 1917, Disc.Feb 16, 1919, B: Jan 11, 1895, D: Dec 15, 1946 (Am Legion flagholder), (photo), (BG)
GUNDELFINGER, Christopher C., 1850-1927, "Father"
, s/s Anna, (photo), (BG)
GUNDELFINGER, Elizabeth, (d. 1889 baby) -no marker-
GUNDELFINGER, Elizabeth, (d. 1901 baby) -no marker-
GUNTHER, Charles, (d. 1889) -no marker-
GUNTHER, F. Carl, (d. 1899) -no marker-
GUNTHER, Augusta (d. 1889) -no marker-
GUTHNECHT, Anna, 1906, (OTH)
GUTHNECHT, Annie, 1927, (OTH)
GUTHNECHT, George, 1912, (OTH)
HAAS, George, (d. 1926) -no marker
HAAS, Henry, (d. 1893) -no marker-
HAAS, John, (d. 1900) -no marker-
HANDICK, Anna W., 1889-1959, "Daughter", s/s Wilhelmina, (photo), (BG)
HANDICK, Edward William, 1894-1957, "Father", s/s Stella, (photo), (BG)
HANDICK, Elisa, (d. 1931) -no marker-
HANDICK, Elsie "Welp", 1856-1931, "Mother", s/s Henry, (photo), (BG)
HANDICK, Henry Wilhelm, 1854-1932, "Father", s/s Elsie, (photo), (BG)
HANDICK, Herman, (d. 1889 baby) -no marker-
HANDICK, Stella E. "Wege", 1903-1932, "Mother", s/s Edward
, (photo), (BG)
HANDICK, Wilhelm , 1887, (photo), (BG)
HANDICK, Wilhelmina F., 1884-1962, "Daughter" (30 Dec 1962), s/s Anna
, (photo), (BG)
HANNAH, Herman, 1887, (OTH)
HARBORG, Philip, (d. 1900) -no marker
HARBURG, Charles, (d. 1939) -no marker-
HARBURG, Mary, (d. 1917) -no marker-
HARPER, Catherine J., 1881-1928, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
HARPER, Elizabeth R., 1905-1913, "Daughter", (photo), (BG)
HARPER, Elizabeth, (d. 1913) -no marker-
HARRINGTON, Charles, (d. 1921) -no marker-
HARRINGTON, Elizabeth, (d. 1949) -no marker-
HARRINGTON, Ruth, (d. 1927 child) -no marker-
HARRIS, Mary, 1911, (OTH)
HARTMAN, Frau Anton, (d. 1901) -no marker-
HARTMAN, Henry D., 1842-1908, "Father"
HARTMAN, Henry, (d. 1920 child) -no marker-
HARTMAN, Henry, (d. 1930) -no marker-
HARTMAN, Henry D., 1842-1908, Father, (photo), (BG)
HARTMAN, Jacob, (d. 1901) -no marker-
HARTMAN, Jacob, (d. 1933) -no marker-
HARTMAN, Lydia Pearl, 1878-1933, (photo), (BG)
HARTMAN, Mary B., 1847-1903, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
HARTMAN, Sylvester, (d. 1918) -no marker-
HARTMANN, John, 1918, (OTH)
HARTNER, Baby, (1 July 1881) -no marker-
HARTNER, Frank J., Pvt Co B 111th Engrs. 36th Div, Enl. May 25, 1918, Disc. June 12, 1919, B: June 14, 1886, D: June 25, 1953 (WW Veterans flagholder)
, (photo), (BG)
HARTNER, Howard E., 1943, (OTH)
HARTNER, Jack, (d. 1919 baby) -no marker-
HARTNER, John, (d. 1953) -no marker-
HARTNER, Margaret, (d. 1928) -no marker-
HARTNER, Margaretha, (d. 1899 child) -no marker-
HARTNER, Michael, (d. 1913) -no marker
HARTNER, Ollie, (d. 1924) -no marker-
HARTNER, Susan, (d. 25 Nov. 1881) -no marker-
HARTNER, Wm., (d. 1936) -no marker-
HASSLER, Albert, (d. 1888 child) -no marker-
HASSLER, Albert, (d. 1935) -no marker-
HASSLER, Albert, (d. 1966) -no marker-
HASSLER, Elsie, (d. 5 Jan 1981) -no marker-
HASSLER, John, (d. 1952) -no marker-
HASSLER, Louis, (d. 1944) -no marker
HASSLER, Marie, (d. 1949) -no marker-
HASSLER, Marie, (d. 1957) -no marker-
HASSLER, Rudolph, (d. 1959) -no marker-
HAULE, Alma, (no date recorded) -no marker-
HAULE, Helen M., 1864-1947, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
HAULE, Jacob L., Beloved husband of Helen M. Haule, Oct. 8, 1862-July 20, 1902 (also small stone marked "Father")
, (photo1), (photo2), (BG)
HAUSE, Emma, 1919, (OTH)
HAUSE, George, (d. 1918) -no marker-
HAUSE, Harry, (d. 1916) -no marker-
HAUSE, Harry, Jr., (d. 1917) -no marker-
HAUSER, Christian, 1896, (OTH)
HAUSER, Christian, geb 5 ?? 1866, gest 12 Nov 1896 (stone overturned)
HAVILAND, Flora, 1885 - 19 Mar 1962, s/s William, (photo), (BG)
HAVILAND, William L. , 1885-1945, s/s Flora, (photo), (BG)
HAY, Christian David, 1899- Dec 20, 1963, "Husband", (photo), (BG)
HAY, Sara V., 1916 - 1992 "Mother", (photo), (BG)
HEENHOLD, Lena, (d. 1884) -no marker-
HEENOLD, Andras, (d. 1915) -no marker
HEENOLD, Lena, 1884, (OTH)
HEENOLD, Ma, (d. 1915) -no marker-
HEIDENREICH, John M., 1840-1911, (photo), (BG)
HEINLE, Anna, (5 Feb. 1925) -no marker-
HEINLEIN, Agnes, 1835-1906, (photo), (BG)
HEINLEIN, C.M., (d. 1895 baby) -no marker-
HEINLEIN, Christina, (d. 1886) -no marker-
HEINLEIN, Christina, Gest 24 Aug 1895, Alter 32 Jahre, (photo), (BG)
HEINLEIN, Emma J., 1885-1955, "Mother", s/s Harry, (photo), (BG)
HEINLEIN, Frau Conrad, (d. 1895) -no marker-
HEINLEIN, George, 1840-1921, "Father", (photo), (BB)
HEINLEIN, Harry H., 1886-1922, "Father"
, s/s Emma, (photo), (BG)
HEINLEIN, Harry, (d. 1922) -no marker-
HEINLEIN, John M., 1864-1930, "Father", s/s Margaret B., (photo), (BG)
HEINLEIN, John, (d. 1890 baby) -no marker-
HEINLEIN, John, 1836-1919, "Father", (photo), (BG)
HEINLEIN, Margaret B., 1863-1915, "Mother" (Margaretta)
, s/s John M., (photo), (BG)
HEINLEIN, Margaret, 1838-1919, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
HEINLEIN, Margaretha, 1839-1914, "Mother"
, (photo), (BB)
HEINLEIN, Michael, 1832-1912, (photo), (BG)
HEINLEIN, Michael, Alt 3 mono
HEINLEIN, Myrna D., 1900-1901, (photo), (BG)
HERGET, Christ, (d. 1910) -no marker-
HERGET, Fred, (d. 1910) -no marker-
HERGET, Sophia, (d. 1913) -no marker-
HERGET, Wilhelm, (d. 1885) -no marker-
HESELBARTH, Albertina, (d. 1938) -no marker-
HESELBARTH, August, 1828-1878, "Father" (GAR flagholder), (photo), (BG)
HESELBARTH, Charles, 1856-1931, "Father", (photo), (BG)
HESELBARTH, Christina, 1833-1908, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
HESELBARTH, Christina, 1858-1930, "Mother, (photo), (BG)
HESELBARTH, Dorothy, (d. 1909 baby) -no marker-
HETZEL, A. Mary, 1847-1926, "Mother", Also small stone: "Mother 1847-1926", (photo), (BG)
HETZEL, Elizabeth "Schweitzer", 1881-1943, (photo), (BG)
HETZEL, Henry, 1880-1951 "Glenn", (photo), (BG)
HETZEL, John, 1839-1906, "Father", Also small stone: "Father 1839-1906", (photo), (BG)
HINDMARCH, Emma M., 1891-1968, s/s Ralph, (photo), (BG)
HINDMARCH, Ralph R., 1893-1962, s/s Emma
, (photo), (BG)
HINTEMEIER, August H., Pvt. Co. L, 7th Inf., Enl. Sept 20, 1917, Disc. Aug. 27, 1919, B: Apr 10, 1892, D: Nov 13, 1939 (WW Veteran flagholder), (photo), (BG)
HINTEMEYER, Andrew, 1909, (OTH)
HINTEMEYER, Elizabeth, 1925, (OTH)
HINTEMEYER, George, 1859-1898, "Father", (photo), (BB)
HINTEMEYER, Harry J., 1887- Feb 23, 1962, "Uncle", (photo), (BG)
HINTEMEYER, Henry, 1913, (OTH)
HINTEMEYER, Louis, 1889-1900, "Son", (photo), (BG)
HINTEMEYER, Marie, 1896-1898, "Daughter", (photo), (BG)
HINTEMEYER, Mary, 1859-1925, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
HOERSTER, Henry A., Dec 18, 1880-0ct 28, 1919 (World War Veteran flagholder), s/s Julius, (photo), (BG)
HOERSTER, Julius C., Feb 20, 1852-Mar 28, 1919, "Father", s/s Henry, (photo), (BG)
HOFF, Lorena C., Geb 19 Nov 1897, Gest 8 Apr 1902
HOFFMAN, Adam, (d. 1930) -no marker-
HOFFMEISTER, Anna Margaretha, geb d. 20 Dez 1869, gest d. 25 July 1873, (photo), (BG)
HOFFMEISTER, Charles, (d. 1895) -no marker-
HOFFMEISTER, Christ, (d. 1893) -no marker-
HOFFMEISTER, Christoph, Geb. d 15 Oct 1815, Gest d 22 Oct 1881, (photo), (BG)
HOFFMEISTER, Philomina, (d. 1891) -no marker-
HOFMANN, Herman, 1889, (OTH)
HOTZ, A. Christian, (d. 1889) -no marker-
HOTZ, Albert G., 1860-1930, "Father", (photo), (BG)
HOTZ, Anna Maria, Geb 16 Marz, 1831, Gest 17 Dez. 1893, "Friede Ihrer Asche", "Mutter", (photo), (BG)
HOTZ, Christina, (d. 1889) -no marker-
HOTZ, Emma M., 1870-1920, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
HOTZ, George Philipp, Sohn von, Sebastian u. Maria Hotz, Geb d. 14 Decemb. 18??, Gest d. ??il 18??, (photo), (BG)
HOTZ, Heinrich, Sohn von, Sebastian u. Maria Hotz, Geb d. 23 Januar. 1867, Gest. d. 12 Oktober 1887, (photo), (BG)
HOTZ, Hilda, (d. 1905) -no marker-
HOTZ, Louis August, Sohn von, Sebastian u. Marian Hotz ?? ?? d:1883, (photo), (BG)
HOTZ, Sebastian, Geb 27 Sept. 1832, Gest 11 Juni 1880, "Friede Seiher Asche", "Vater", (photo), (BG)
HUENEFELD, Bertha, (d. 1920) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Bertha, (d. 21 July 1920) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Dina, (d. 1930) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, E.F., (d. 1900) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Edna, 1896-1952, (photo), (BG)
HUENEFELD, Elizabeth, (d. 1942) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Elizabeth, (d. 1981) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, H., (d. 1886 baby) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Henry, (d. 1931) -no marker
HUENEFELD, Henry, (d. 20 Feb 1921) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Herman, (d. 1908) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Herman, (d. 1932) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Herman, (d. 1936) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Ida, (d. 1903) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Maria, (d. 1899 child) -no marker-
HUENEFELD, Wilhelmina, (d. 1889) -no marker-
HUENFELD, Frederich, (d. 1937) -no marker-
HUFNAGEL -stone corroded-
HUFNAGEL -stone corroded-
HUFNAGEL, Charles, Aug 1855 - 1919, s/s Christina, (photo), (BG)
HUFNAGEL, Christian Charles Nov. 17, 1884 - Nov. 1964 "Father", (photo), (BG)
HUFNAGEL, Christina "Boehmer", Jan. 3, 1856 - Jun. 3, 1936, s/s Charles, (photo), (BG)
HUFNAGEL, L., (d. 1891, baby) -no marker-
HUFNAGEL, Nellie I., 1887-1951, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
HUFNAGEL, William, (d. 1887, baby) -no marker-
JACOB, Philhelmina, (d. 1883) -no marker-
JACOBS, Helen, (d. 1890 baby) -no marker-
JACOBS, Henry, (d. 1894) -no marker-
JACOBS, Rebekah, (d. 1889) -no marker-
JACOBS. Catherine, (d. 1914) -no marker-
JURKAT, Flora, 1886-1962 (11 Mar 1962), s/s Oscar, (photo), (BG)
JURKAT, Oscar L., 1889 - 1989, s/s Flora, (photo), (BG)
KAECHER, R. M., (d. 1900) -no marker-
KAECHER, Simon, (d. 1894) -no marker-
KAISER, Freda M., died Apr 27, 1880, age 12 yrs, 4 mos., s/s Herman and Fredericka, (photo), (BG)
KAISER, Fredericka M., his wife, died July 14, 1884, age 78 yrs, s/s Herman and Freda
, (photo), (BG)
KAISER, Herman H., July 10, 1889, age 70 yrs., s/s Fredericka and Freda, (photo), (BG)
KARRASCH, Fred, (d. 1910) -no marker-
KARRASCH, Gertrude, (d. 1975) -no marker-
KARRASCH, Lena, (d. 1928) -no marker-
KENNELL, Peter, Jr., 1885, (OTH)
KENNELL, Peter, Sr., 1886, (OTH)
KERN, Louise, 1902, (OTH)
KERR, George, (d. 1978) -no marker-
KILLMER, John, 1924, (OTH)
KILMER, Anna "DERINGER", 1893-1959, "Wife", (photo), (BG)
KILMER, Elizabeth, (d. 1898) -no marker-
KILMER, Elmer, (d. 1924) -no marker-
KILMER, George, (d. 1893) -no marker-
KILMER, George, (d. 1932) -no marker-
KILMER, George, 1872-1944, "Father", (photo), (BG)
KILMER, Jacob, (d. 1941) -no marker-
KILMER, John, 1852-1924, s/s Henry J. Froelich, (photo), (BG)
KILMER, John, 1874-1911, "Son", (photo), (BG)
KILMER, Louisa, 1874-1906, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
KILMER, Magdalena, (d. 1942) -no marker-
KILMER, Sophia Bassler, (d. 5 Oct 1919)-no marker-
KILMER, Willimina, (d. 1922) -no marker-
KILMER, Wm., (d. 1922) -no marker-
KILMER, Wm., (d. 1930) -no marker-
KIM, Bertha C."Schmelz", Jan. 12, 1870 - Dec. 26, 1936, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
KINEL, Maria, 1892, (OTH)
KING, Fred, 1935, (OTH)
KINSLER, Albert, 1886-1935, "Son" (record shows 1936), s/s Joseph and Augusta, (photo), (BG)
KINSLER, Augusta, 1855-1946, "Mother", s/s Joseph and Albert, (photo), (BG)
KINSLER, Joseph, 1889-1972, "Son" (30 Aug 1972), s/s Augusta and Albert, (photo), (BG)
KLEINHAUS, George, (d. 1905) -no marker-
KLEINHAUS, Henry, (d. 1933) -no marker-
KLEINHAUS, John, (d. 1890) -no marker-
KLEINHAUS, Mary, (d. 1884) -no marker-
KOCH, Alvin, (no date, baby) -no marker-
KOCH, C., (d. 1886) -no marker-
KOCH, Conrad, (d. 1887 baby) -no marker-
KOCH, Elisabeth, wife of Leonhard Koch, 1841-1884 , (photo), (BG)
KOCH, Emma, 1885-1947, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
KOCH, Fred, (d. 1899 baby) -no marker-
KOCH, George, (d. 1896 baby) -no marker-
KOCH, George, (d. 1933) -no marker-
KOCH, Heinrich W., Geb 18 Oct 1879, Gest 16 Aug 1881, s/s Johanna, (photo), (BG)
KOCH, Johanna J., Geb 12 Jun 1878, Gest 6 Sept 1879
, s/s Heinrich, (photo), (BG)
KOCH, John, (d. 1891 baby) -no marker-
KOCH, John, (d. 1904) -no marker-
KOCH, L., (d. 17 Aug 1881 baby) -no marker-
KOCH, Leonhard, 1845-1909, "Vater", (photo), (BG)
KOCH, Mary, (d. 1898 baby) -no marker-
KOCH, Mary, wife of Leonhard Koch, 1859-1927, (photo), (BG)
KOCH, Regina, (d. 1916) -no marker-
KOERBEL, Anna Katharina, "Tripple", Born 21 Jan 1828, Died 19 Sept. 1875, (photo), (BG)
KOERBEL, Edward J., died Nov. 20, 1898, aged 38 yrs. 4 mo. 29ds., (photo), (BG)
KOERBEL, George, (d. 1893) -no marker-
KOERBEL, Margaret, (d. 1904) -no marker-
KOERBEL, Margaret, 1900-1904, "Daughter", (photo), (BG)
KOERBEL, Peter, (d. 1909) -no marker-
KOERBEL, Susan "Becker" d. 1898 -no marker-
KOERBEL, Susan, (21 Mar 1882) -no marker-
KOERNER, Anna Marie, 1908, (OTH)
KOSLOWSKE, Albert, 1894-1894
KOSLOWSKE, Emma, 1883-1892, (photo), (BG)
KOSLOWSKE, Gustav, 1856-1912, "Vater", (photo), (BG)
KOSLOWSKE, Walburgis, 1855-1938, "Mutter", (photo), (BG)
KRAFT, Elizabetha, (d. 1888) -no marker-
KRAUSE, Anna, 1944, (OTH)
KRELL, John, (d. 1898) -no marker-
KREIMANDAHL, Katherine, (d. 1930) -no marker-
KUEHN, Barbara C., 1860-1940, "Mother", s/s Louis, (photo), (BG)
KUEHN, Louis C., 1857-1908, "Father", s/s Barbara, (photo), (BG)
KUHN, Augusta, (d. 1935) -no marker-
KUHN, Fred, 1935, (OTH)
KUHN, Julius, (d. 1912) -no marker-
KUNDER, Anna, 1903, (OTH)
KUNDER, Fred, 1902, (OTH)
KUNDER, Jacob, 1884, (OTH)
KUNDER, Jacob, 1887, (OTH)
KUNTZ, Benjamin, 1846-1927, "Father", s/s Emma, (photo), (BG)
KUNTZ, Emma, 1872-1938, "Mother", s/s Benjamin, (photo), (BG)
KUNTZ, Margaret A., 1891 - 1991, (photo), (BG)
KUNZ, Johann, (d. 1903) -no marker-
KUNZ, Margaret, (d. 1889) -no marker-
KUNZ, Wilhelmina, (d. 1903) -no marker-
KUSSET, Kate, 1901, (OTH)
LAMBERT, G. J., (d. 1892)
LAMHERT, George, (d. 1893) -no marker-
LANG, John M., 1859-1937, s/s Katherine, (photo), (BG)
LANG, Katherine M., 1861-1960, s/s John, (photo), (BG)
LANNAGEN, Daniel, (d. 1886) -no marker-
LAPPE, Lorena Miller, wife of Walter H. Lappe, Nov. 16, 1889-Jan . 11, 1971, (photo), (BG)
LAPPE, Walter Harbison, Pvt 17th Bn. 153rd D B, Enl. May 27, 1918, Disc. Jan 9, 1919, B: Aug 22, 1889, D: Jan 7, 1964 (WW II flagholder), (photo), (BG)
LAVENDER, Louise B., 1891-1966, "Mother", s/s William, (photo), (BG)
LAVENDER, William H., 1884-1967, "Father", s/s Louise, (photo), (BG)
LECK, Heinrich, 1817-1905, "Vater", (photo), (BG)
LECK, Wife of Heinrich (d. 1900) -no marker-
LEGLER, Thelma M. "Fink", Jan 30, 1909 - Feb 28, 1994, (photo), (BG)
LEINENWEBER, (Large marker/masonic emblem, Spanish War Vet flagholder)
LEINENWEBER, Bertha, 1885-1935, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
LEINENWEBER, Bertha, (d. 1932) -no marker-
LEINENWEBER, Frederick William, Sr., 1886-1957, "Father", (photo), (BG)
LEINENWEBER, Gustave, (d. 1936) -no marker-
LEINENWEBER, Harry, 1863-1915, "Father", (photo), (BG)
LEINENWEBER, Louisa, 1861-1931, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
LEONHEISER, Wilhelmina, (d. 1888) -no marker-
LEONHISER, Adam E., (d. 1884) -no marker-
LEONHISER, Anna, 1877-1943, s/s Henry, (photo), (BG)
LEONHISER, Eva Marie, 1902-1904, (photo), (BG)
LEONHISER, Henry, 1869-1931, s/s Anna, (photo), (BG)
LINS, Margaret, 1899-1973 (3 Dec. 1973), (photo), (BG)
LINS, Nikolas, PFC 341st OM Depot Co Aus, Enl. July 24, 1942, Disc. June 30, 1945, B: Feb 14, 1903, D: Nov 13, 1967 (American Legion flagholder), (photo), (BG)
LINS, Nikolaus, 1850-1932, (photo), (BG)
LISSET, Frau, 1897, (OTH)
LONG, Sarah S. Freebing, 1873-1969 "Nannie", (photo), (BG)
LOOKS, Lillie Mae, (d. 30 Jan 1973) -no marker-
LUCK, Edward, Geb. 19 Mar. 1897 Gest. 24 Apr. 1904 "Hier Ruht", (photo), (BG)
MACAN, James, (d. 1891 baby) -no marker-
MACAN, M.A., (d. 1891 baby) - no marker-
MARKLEY, Elizabeth, 1905, (OTH)
MARSHALL, Elma Augusta, 1888-1965 (record shows 23 Sept 1971), (photo), (BG)
MASON, Isabella, (d. 1942) -no marker-
MASON, Isabella, wife of Walker Mason, died at Banksville, Nov. 22, 1896. Aged 47 years. "Our Mother", (photo), (BG)
MASON, John S., Pennsylvania, Pvt Med Det 28 Division, World War I, Sept 5, 1887-Aug 2, 1972, (photo), (BG)
MASON, Walker, (d. 1896) -no marker-
MASON, Walker, husband of the late Isabella Mason, died at Banksville, Feb. 1, 1934, aged 88 years. "Our Father", (photo), (BG)
MASON, William L., 1889-1951, "Son", (photo), (BG)
MATT, Joseph C., 1935-1949, "Son", (photo), (BG)
MATTHES, Brother, 1862-1887 (Martin), (photo), (BG)
MATTHES, Elizabeth, (d. 1888) -no marker-
MATTHES, Father, 1822-1896 (John), s/s Mother - Julia, (photo), (BG)
MATTHES, Geo. E., 1862-1904, (photo), (BG)
MATTHES, John, Co.B, 82 PA Inf (GAR flagholder)
MATTHES, Mother, 1835-1914 (Julia E.), s/s Father - John, (photo), (BG)
MATTHES, Sister, 1865-1891 (A.), (photo), (BG)
McCANCE, June Shinton, 1934-1983
McCANCE, Kenneth E., 1938-ne
McCARTHY, Mrs. Charles, 1895, (OTH)
McCLELLAND, James, (d. 1934) -no marker-
McCLELLAND, Mary, (d. 1942) -no marker-
McFARLAND, Cora E., 1866-1954, (photo), (BG)
McKEE, Charles, (d. 1889 baby) -no marker-
McKEE, Emma, (d. 1932) -no marker-
McKEE, Saul M, (d. 1889 baby) -no marker-
McMANUS, John L., 1918-ne "Father", s/s Ruth, (photo), (BG)
McMANUS, Ruth, 1913-2000 "Mother", s/s John
, (photo), (BG)
MEAD, Elizabeth R. Remy, 1897-1960, wife of Elmer J. Mead, (photo), (BG)
MEAD, Elmer J., Pvt. 160th T.C., Enl. June 24, 1918, Disc. July 25, 1919, B: Dec. 13, 1894,D: Aug. 23, 1949, (WW Veteran flagholder)
, (photo), (BG)
MEHRING, Anna Marie, (d. 1888) -no marker-
MENERUSH, Herman, 1886, (OTH)
MENKE, Henry, Died July 8, 1894 (?), Aged 74 yrs 4 mos, (photo), (BG)
MERRIMAN, George, (d. 1948) -no marker-
METZ, Mildred, (d. 1923) -no marker-
METZGER, G. Michael, Geb. D. 7 Apr. 1817, Gest D. 6 Mai 1883, "Unser Bruder", (photo), (BG)
"Liebe Geschwister Geht Nicht Vorbel, Denkt Das lch Euer Bruder Sei."
MEYER, Baby, Nov. 1916 "Our Baby", (photo), (BG)
MEYER, Casper H.F., Feb. 9, 1861 - Mar. 12, 1917 "Father", (photo), (BB)
MEYER, Marie L., 1871-1927, "Mother"
, (photo), (BB)
MEYERS, Anna Marie, Dec 10, 1891-Aug 25, 1892
MIDDLEMISS, Nellie A., 1890-1980, "Mother" (record shows 1979), (photo), (BG)
MILES, George Kenneth, Dec 31, 1927 - Sep 18, 1997, (photo), (BG)
MILLER, Albert, (d. 1891 baby) -no marker-
MILLER, Anna B., 1860-1946, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
MILLER, Anna Elizabeth, (d. 1891) -no marker-
MILLER, Elizabeth, 1875-1959, "Mother", s/s Karl, (photo), (BG)
MILLER, Elizabeth, 1885-1923, "Daughter", (photo), (BG)
MILLER, Emma, (d. 1891) -no marker-
MILLER, George, (d. 1891 baby) -no marker-
MILLER, Henry, (d. 1929) -no marker-
MILLER, James S., 1851-1898, "Father", (photo), (BG)
MILLER, John, (d. 1906) -no marker-
MILLER, Karl, 1876-1933, "Father", s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
MILLER, Kasper, 1852-1932, "Father", (photo), (BG)
MILLER, Katie, (d. 1905) -no marker-
MILLER, Mary nee Swinesberg, Born July 19, 1834, Died Aug 19, 1899, (photo), (BB)
MILLER, Mary, (d. 1908) -no marker-
MILLER, Mary, 1862-1918, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
MILLER, Sophia, (d. 1890 baby) -no marker-
MILLER, William H. Jr., (d. 1934) -no marker-
MILLER, William H., 1832-1913 (Sheraden Council Jr. OUAM 146 flagholder), (photo), (BB)
MILLER, Wm., (d. 1899 child) -no marker-
MINEBROCKER, August, (d. 1945) -no marker-
MINEBROCKER, Elizabeth, 1886-1961, "Mother", s/s Henry, (photo), (BG)
MINEBROCKER, Henry, 1880-1956, "Father"
, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
MINEBROCKER, Herman, (d. 1919 -no marker-
MINEBROCKER, Herman, (d. 1945) -no marker-
MINNIS, Edward W., (d. 1933) -no marker
MOORE, Carrie M., 1877-1913, (photo), (BG)
MORITZ, Fred, 1905, (OTH)
MORROW, Margaret R., 1901-1982 (5 Feb 1982), (photo), (BG)
MUELLER, Anna R., 1888-1964, "Mother", s/s Caroline, John, Clara & Helen, (photo), (BG)
MUELLER, Caroline, 1920-1937, "Daughter", s/s Anna, John, Clara & Helen
, (photo), (BG)
MUELLER, Clara, 1926 - 2005, "Daughter", s/s Anna, John, Caroline & Helen, (photo), (BG)
MUELLER, Helen, 1913 - 1991, "Daughter", s/s Anna, John, Clara & Caroline, (photo), (BG)
MUELLER, John F., 1875-1954, "Father", s/s Anna, Caroline, Clara & Helen, (photo), (BG)
MUES, Edward, 1943, (OTH)
MURPHY, Mary, (d. 1915) -no marker-
MYERS, Bertha, -no marker-
MYERS, Harry, -no marker-
NAGEL, Fred, 1897, (OTH)
NAGEL, Saul, 1887, (OTH)
NAGEL,, K., 1889, (OTH)
NEISER, Ida M., 1886-1976, "Mother" (17 June 1976), s/s Rudolph, (photo), (BG)
NEISER, John, 1855-1923, s/s Maria, (photo), (BG)
NEISER, Maria S., 1858-1943, s/s John, (photo), (BG)
NEISER, Rudolph J., 1884-1970 "Father" (13 Jan 1970), s/s Ida, (photo), (BG)
NELSON, Frau Wm. & Baby, 1900, (OTH)
NELSON, Margaret, 1908, (OTH)
NELSON, Wm. J., 1855-1900, (photo), (BB)
NETSCHIE, Catherina, 1887, (OTH)
NEWTON, Selma, 1911, (OTH)
O'BRIEN, Frank, 1931, (OTH)
O'DONNELL, Elizabeth, 1914, (OTH)
OEHM, Richard W., 1909-1974 (d. 29 Nov.1974), (photo), (BG)
OLINGER, Eliza Jane, 1831-1893, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
OLINGER, William, 1829-1907, "Father", (photo), (BG)
OTT, Catherine C. 1923 - 2003, (photo), (BG)
OTTO, Heinrich, 1834-1910, (photo), (BG)
OTTO, Valentine, 1859-1909, (photo), (BG)
OTZ, Godfried, 1895, (OTH)
PANNER, Barbara, 1858-1923, (photo), (BG)
PANNER, Catherine, (14 Aug 1882) -no marker-
PANNER, Georg F., Geb d 9 Nov 1869, Gest d 2 Mai 1878, (photo), (BG)
PANNER, Henry, (d. 1892) -no marker-
PANNER, Johan, Geb d. 17 Mai 1827, Gest d. 23 Mai 1880, (photo), (BG)
PANNER, John, Jr., 1853-1920, (photo), (BG)
PANNER, Robert Allen, (d. 1941) -no marker-
PANNER, Wm., (25 March 1882) -no marker-
PATERSON, Thomas, (d. 1897) -no marker-
PAUL, Anna, 1840-1904, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
PAUL, Casper, 1866-1947, s/s Sophia, (photo), (BG)
PAUL, Casper, 1915, (OTH)
PAUL, Sophia, 1874-1964, s/s Casper, (photo), (BG)
PAUL, Ulrich, 1874-1912, "Brother", (photo), (BG)
PENNELL, Mary E., 1893-1969, (photo), (BG)
PFENDER, George, 1922, (OTH)
POEHLMANN, Elizabeth, 1848-1928, s/s Selina, George, John & Henry, (photo), (BG)
POEHLMANN, George, 1851-1908, s/s John, Selina, Elizabeth & Henry, (photo), (BG)
POEHLMANN, Henry G., 1885-1887, s/s Selina, George, Elizabeth & John, (photo), (BG)
POEHLMANN, John G., 1823-1900, s/s Selina, George, Elizabeth & Henry, (photo), (BG)
POEHLMANN, Selina, 1825-1888, s/s John, George, Elizabeth & Henry, (photo), (BG)
POPE, Gisine, 1930, (OTH)
POPE, Ludwig, 1912, (OTH)
RADER, Clara A. "Baessler", Jul. 31, 1902 / Mar. 23, 1981, (BG)
RADER, Otto, Jul. 30, 1899 - May 2, 1971 -no marker-
RAPP, Conrad, (15 Feb. 1917), s/s Kathryn, Mary & Ernest, (photo), (BG)
RAPP, Ellen, (d. 1920) -no marker-
RAPP, Ernest, (1902), s/s Conrad, Kathryn & Mary, (photo), (BG)
RAPP, Kathryn, (1985), s/s Conrad, Mary & Ernest, (photo), (BG)
RAPP, Maria, (d. 5 Mar 1917) -no marker-
RAPP, Mary, s/s Conrad, Kathryn & Ernest, (photo), (BG)
RAUCH, Henrietta McKee, 1894-1941, "Mother", "Peace Be Thy Port", (photo), (BG)
RAUM, Adam, (d. 31 March 1881 baby) -no marker-
RAUM, Anna Margaretha, (d. 1889 baby) -no marker-
RAUM, Bertha, (d. 1892) -no marker-
RAUM, Flora D., 1871-1942, (photo), (BG)
RAUM, Fred, (d. 1898) -no marker-
RAUM, Friedrich, Geb d. 7 Juni 1830, Gest d. 26 April 1885, "Unser Vater", "Hier Ruht in Gott" , "Friede Seiner Asche", (photo), (BG)
RAUM, John A., 1869-1949, (photo), (BG)
RAUM, Margaretha "Gundelfinger", 21 Dec 1825 / 17 Feb. 1878, (photo), (BG)
RECKTENWALD, John S., 1892-1974, "Husband", s/s Norma, (photo), (BG)
RECKTENWALD, Norma L., 1892-1954, "Wife", s/s John, (photo), (BG)
REDMAN, Maude, 1907, (OTH)
REICH, John, (d. 1946) -no marker-
REID, Anna, (d. 8 June 1970) -no marker-
REID, James, (d. 1968) -no marker-
REIKORVSKY, George, (d. 1907 removed 1920) -no marker-
REIKORVSKY, Lizzie, (d. 1902) -no marker-
REIKORVSKY, Simon, (d. 1901) -no marker-
REINGRUBER, Adam, (d. 1901) -no marker-
REINGRUBER, Mary, (d. 1903) -no marker-
REIS, Charles George, Jr., 1905-1944, "Father", (photo), (BG)
REIS, Charles George, Sr., Dec. 24, 1881 -1948, s/s Olga, (photo), (BG)
REIS, Clifton, 1918-1919 "Asleep", s/s Ruth, (photo), (BG)
REIS, Elmer, 1912-1981 (Oct 1981), (photo), (BG)
REIS, Iris F., 1916-1920 "Asleep", (photo), (BG)
REIS, Jacob, 1920, (OTH)
REIS, Mamie, 1933, (OTH)
REIS, Olga M. "Hufnagel" Aug. 1886-1945, s/s Charles, (photo), (BG)
REIS, Ruth, 1908-1919, s/s Clifton, (photo), (BG)
REMY, Adam, 1897-1920, (photo), (BG)
REMY, Bernhard, (d. 1909 baby) -no marker-
REMY, Bernhard, 1846-1909, "Vater", s/s Elisabeth, (photo), (BG)
REMY, Bernhard, 1873-1934, "Father", (photo), (BB)
REMY, Charley, (d. 1906) -no marker-
REMY, Elisabeth, 1848-1935, "Mutter", s/s Bernhard, (photo), (BG)
REMY, Fred, (d. 1904) -no marker-
REMY, Fred, 1879-1917, (photo), (BG)
REMY, Jacob, 1895, (OTH)
REMY, Karl, Sept 9, 1881-Mar 6, 1906, (photo), (BG)
REMY, Katherine, 1878-1965, "Mother"
, (photo), (BB)
REMY, Margrethe, 1872-1938, "Mother", (photo), (BB)
REMY, Philip, 1877-1939, "Father", (photo), (BB)
REMY, Wilhelm, 1875-1954, (photo), (BG)
REPP, Ernest, (d. 1913, child) -no marker-
REPP, Frieda, (d. 1932) -no marker-
REPP, Wm. E., (d. 1928) -no marker-
REUHL, Lester, 1905, (OTH)
RHODES, Elnora V. , 1918 - 1994, (photo), (BG)
RICE, Mabel, 1920, (OTH)
RICHERT, Mikel, 1922, (OTH)
RIECKER, John A., ( 1914) -no marker-
RIECKER, Katherine, (1944) -no marker-
RISBON, Harvey Wm., Jr., Dec. 4, 1971-Feb. 18, 1972, "Our Little Boy"
ROEMER, Henry, (d. 1949) -no marker-
ROEMER, Philip, 1912, (OTH)
ROSENBURG, Joy E., 1932-1974, "Daughter" (7 Sept 1974), s/s Leonard & Ethel Schneider, (photo), (BG)
ROSS, Albert, 1899-1918 (Welcome Council OUAM 184 flagholder), (photo), (BG)
ROSSER, Charles E., Jan 16, 1912 - Aug 21, 2002, (photo), (BG)
ROSSER, Ethel M., Oct 12, 1911 - Sep 17, 1996, (photo), (BG)
ROSST, Anna Marie, 1865-1942, "Mother", (photo), (BB)
ROSST, Augusta, (d. 1932) -no marker-
ROSST, Elizabeth, (d. 1915) -no marker-
ROSST, Hazel, (d. 1940) -no marker-
ROSST, Henry, (d. 1928) -no marker-
ROSST, John E., 1859-1943, "Father"
, (photo), (BB)
ROSZBACH, Carl, (21 Mar 1921) -no marker-
ROSZBACH, Johanna, 1834-1913, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
ROTH, Anna, 1909, (OTH)
ROTH, Rudolph, 1909, (OTH)
RUOSS, Barbara Jane, May 2, 1920 - Sept 1, 1995, (photo), (BG)
RUOSS, Caroline B., 1901-1980, "Daughter" (Carrie), s/s Mary, John, Marie & Mathias, (photo), (BG)
RUOSS, Frederick, Sgt. Major ASC. D.S.Army, Enl. Oct. 4, 1917, Disc. June 19, 1919, B: April 11, 1889, D: Aug. 31, 1965 (American Legion flagholder), (photo), (BG)
RUOSS, Jennie "Fraer", Born Oct. 28, 1889, Died Aug. 18, 1976 "Wife", (photo), (BG)
RUOSS, John G., 1893-1963, "Son", s/s Mathias, Mary, Marie & Caroline
, (photo), (BG)
RUOSS, Marie A., 1897-1974, "Daughter" (4 Oct 1974), s/s Mary, John, Mathias & Caroline, (photo), (BG)
RUOSS, Mary, 1856-1930, "Mother", s/s Mathias, John, Marie & Caroline, (photo), (BG)
RUOSS, Mathias, 1842-1919, "Father", s/s Mary, John, Marie & Caroline, (photo), (BG)
RUSH, George, (d. 1915) -no marker-
RUSH, Jacob, (d. 1920) -no marker-
RUSH, John B., (d. 1922 baby) -no marker-
RUSH, Large stone "Rush" (GAR flagholder), (photo), (BG)
RUSH, Maria, (d. 1920) -no marker-
RUSH, Wm. R., (d. 1888 baby) -no marker-
SAWYER, Minnie, 1924, (OTH)
SCHACHTER, Fred W., 1898-1968 (Masonic emblem on stone), (photo), (BG)
SCHACHTER, Mary, 1859-1941, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
SCHACHTER, Wm. H., Sr., 1855-1945, "Father", (photo), (BG)
SCHADEL, Alfred, (d. 1900) -no marker-
SCHADEL, Anna Ittel, (22 Nov. 1918) -no marker-(removed 9 Apr 1940)
SCHADEL, Elmer Alfred, Beloved son of Wm. & Cath. Schadel, nee Ittel, Died Feb 7, 1900, Age 18 yrs. 10 mo. 23 days. "At Rest" (Masonic emblem on stone), (photo), (BG)
SCHADEL, Jacob, (d. 1891 baby) -no marker-
SCHADEL, Louise, (d. 1898) -no marker-
SCHADEL, M. M., (d. 1890 baby) -no marker-
SCHADEL, Wm. E., (d. 1912) -no marker-
SCHADEL, Wm., (d. 1898) -no marker-
SCHADEL, Wm., (d. 1908) -no marker-
SCHAEFER, Leonhard, (d. 1908) -no marker-
SCHAFER, Adam, 1861-1943, "Father", s/s Sophia, Helen & George
, (photo), (BG)
SCHAFER, George, 1892 - 1993, "Husband", s/s Sophia, Adam & Helen, (photo), (BG)
SCHAFER, Helen, 1898-1937, "Wife", s/s Sophia, Adam & George, (photo), (BG)
SCHAFER, Ruth, (d. 22 Jan. 1919) -no marker-
SCHAFER, Sophia, (d. 1910) -no marker-
SCHAFER, Sophia, 1868-1903, "Mother", s/s Adam, Helen & George, (photo), (BG)
SCHALL, Charles F., 1869-1943, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
SCHALL, Edith Ida, 1913-1962, s/s Seth, (photo), (BG)
SCHALL, Elizabeth H., 1871-1922, s/s Charles, (photo), (BG)
SCHALL, Richard, 4-21-62, (photo), (BG)
SCHALL, Seth T., 1906-1985 (Dec 1985), s/s Edith, (photo), (BG)
SCHALL, Seth T. Jr. May 10, 1936 - Aug 22, 2001, (photo), (BG)
SCHALLER, Elmira, (d. 1937) -no marker-
SCHALLER, George, (d. 1891) -no marker-
SCHALLER, Hildreth, (d. 1918) -no marker-
SCHALLER, Jacob, (d. 1891 baby) -no marker-
SCHALLER, John J., (d. 1942) -no marker-
SCHALLER, Mary, (d. 1896) -no marker-
SCHALLER, Wife of George(d. 1891) -no marker-
SCHAUWECKER, Albert J., Jr., 1893-1965, s/s Marie, Mathilde, Albert Sr. & Alma, (photo), (BG)
SCHAUWECKER, Albert J., Sr., 1855-1936, s/s Marie, Mathilde, Albert & Alma, (photo), (BG)
SCHAUWECKER, Albert, (d. 1885 baby) -no marker-
SCHAUWECKER, Alma B., 1890-1979 (3 Oct 1979), s/s Marie, Mathilde, Albert Jr. & Albert Sr.
, (photo), (BG)
SCHAUWECKER, Anna Marie, (d. 1889 baby) -no marker-
SCHAUWECKER, Gustav, (d. 1904 baby) -no marker-
SCHAUWECKER, Marie B., 1857-1932, s/s Albert, Mathilde, Albert & Alma
, (photo), (BG)
SCHAUWECKER, Mathilde E., 1897-1965, s/s Albert, Marie, Albert & Alma, (photo), (BG)
SCHEIFLER, Catherine, (d. 1914) -no marker-
SCHIEFER, Adam, (d. 1928) -no marker-
SCHIEFER, Augusta, 1840-1913, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
SCHIEFER, Evaline A., Age 4 months, 1901, (photo), (BG)
SCHIEFER, George, 1834-1915, "Father", (photo), (BG)
SCHIEFER, Harry C., 1896-1903, (photo), (BG)
SCHIEFER, John, (d. 1900) -no marker-
SCHINDEHETTE, Conrad, (d. 1894) -no marker-
SCHINDEHETTE, Conrad, 1840-1910 (Duquesne Heights Jr OUAM 180 flag), s/s Margaret, (photo), (BG)
SCHINDEHETTE, Elizabeth, 1885-1903, "Wife", s/s George and Ernest, (photo), (BG)
SCHINDEHETTE, Ernest, "Son", s/s George and Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
SCHINDEHETTE, Frau G., (d. 1894) -no marker-
SCHINDEHETTE, Fred, (d.1886 baby) -no marker-
SCHINDEHETTE, Geo. Gottleb, (d. 8 Sept. 1918) -no marker-
SCHINDEHETTE, George H., (d. 1910) -no marker-
SCHINDEHETTE, George J., 1870-1925, s/s Elizabeth and Ernest, (photo), (BG)
SCHINDEHETTE, Henry, (d. 1910) -no marker-
SCHINDEHETTE, Johan, (d. 1889 baby) -no marker-
SCHINDEHETTE, John E., 1882-1934, "Father", (World War II flag), s/s Rosa, (photo), (BG)
SCHINDEHETTE, Louisa, 1870-1936, "Mother", s/s Martin, (photo), (BG)
SCHINDEHETTE, Margaret E., his wife, 1846-1932, s/s Conrad, (photo), (BG)
SCHINDEHETTE, Martin, 1867-1931, "Father", s/s Louisa, (photo), (BG)
SCHINDEHETTE, Mary, 1901-1903
SCHINDEHETTE, Mrs. George, (d. 1902) -no marker-
SCHINDEHETTE, Rosa B., 1884-1970, "Mother", s/s John, (photo), (BG)
SCHINNELLER, Chas. E., Beloved husband of Helen M. Schinneller, Nov. 24, 1879-Nov. 18, 1903, (also small stone marked "Father"), (photo), (photo2) (BG)
SCHLENKER, John, 1876-1944, "Father", s/s Ursula, (photo), (BG)
SCHLENKER, Ursula, 1877-1953, "Mother", s/s John, (photo), (BG)
SCHLOTTERBECK, Gottlieb, (d. 1886) -no marker-
SCHMELZ, Andrew, (d. 7 April 1970) -no marker-
SCHMELZ, E., (d. 1884) -no marker-
SCHMELZ, Fredericka "Stahl", Jun. 19, 1850-Oct. 27, 1931, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
Henry (Heinrich), Jun. 19, 1842-May 4, 1905, "Father", (photo), (BG)
SCHMELZ, Henry John, Aug 26,1919 - Jan 16, 2001, s/s Jane & Janet, (photo), (BG)
SCHMELZ, Hilda, (d. Oct 1981) -no marker-
SCHMELZ, Howard, (d. 18 Feb. 1922) -no marker-
SCHMELZ, Howard E., (d. 1922 child) -no marker-
SCHMELZ, Jane B. "Simpson", Nov 24, 1920 - Apr 10, 2006, s/s Henry & Janet, (photo), (BG)
SCHMELZ, Janet C., May 14, 1956 - Mar 7, 2002, s/s Jane & Henry, (photo), (BG)
SCHMIDT, Andrea, (d. 27 Feb 1954) -no marker-
SCHNEIDER, Amelia, May 30, 1919, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
SCHNEIDER, Ethel, 1913-2006, "Mother", s/s Leonard & Joy, (photo), (BG)
SCHNEIDER, Jacob, April 19, 1945, "Father", (photo), (BG)
SCHNEIDER, John M., 1858-1927, s/s Minnie, (photo), (BG)
SCHNEIDER, Leonard, 1899-1959, "Father", s/s Ethel & Joy, (photo), (BG)
SCHNEIDER, Mary, 1899-1952, (photo), (BG)
SCHNEIDER, Minnie S., 1866-1939 (Wilhelmina), s/s John, (photo), (BG)
SCHNEIDER, Minnie, (1939) -no marker-
SCHNEIDER, Minnie, Nov. 29, 1978, "Daughter", (photo), (BG)
SCHNORR, Mary, (d. 1915) -no marker-
SCHORR, Anna Maria, 1917, (OTH)
SCHORR, Elizabeth
SCHORR, Fred C., 1894-1978 (3 Feb. 1977), (photo), (BG)
SCHORR, George L., 1859-1946, s/s Margaretha, (photo), (BG)
SCHORR, Herman (d.1890), (photo), (BG)
SCHORR, Margaretha, 1872-1955, s/s George, (photo), (BG)
SCHUCHMAN, Caroline, (d. 1921) -no marker-
SCHUCHMAN, Gertrude, (d. 1909) -no marker-
SCHUCHMAN, Heinrich, (d. 1891) -no marker-
SCHUCHMAN, Herman, (d. 1910) -no marker-
SCHUCHMAN, Lena, 29 Nov. 1881, (OTH)
Schull, Andreas, Sept 26, 1819-Nov 28, 1900, s/s Margaret, (photo), (BG)
SCHULL, Margaret, Nov 23, 1829-Apr 4, 1901, s/s Andreas, (photo), (BG)
SCHULL, Wilhelm H., Aug 12, 1862-Aug 8, 1877, (photo), (BG)
SCHULTZ, Caroline E., 1888-1924, "Mother", s/s Clarence, (photo), (BG)
SCHULTZ, Clarence D., 1895-1958, "Father", s/s Caroline, (photo), (BG)
SCHULTZ, John, 1860-1929, (photo), (BG)
SCHULTZ, Katheren, 1859-1935, (photo), (BG)
SCHULTZE, Carl, 1887, (OTH)
SCHWARTZ, Anna, 1880-1960, "Mother", s/s Peter, (photo), (BG)
SCHWARTZ, Elmer G., Pvt. Hq. Det. Sta. Compl., Enlisted Sept. 15, 1942, Discharged April 9, 1943, Born Nov. 27, 1902, Died May 20, 1951 (WW Veteran flagholder), (photo), (BG)
SCHWARTZ, F. Kenneth, 1906-1907, (photo), (BG)
SCHWARTZ, Frederick, (d. 1907) -no marker-
SCHWARTZ, Harry E., 1900-1901, (photo), (BG)
SCHWARTZ, Peter, (d. 1902) -no marker-
SCHWARTZ, Peter, 1880-1930, "Father", s/s Anna, (photo), (BG)
SCHWEITZER, Anna, 1842-1907, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
SCHWEITZER, Dora, (d. 1977) -no marker-
SCHWEITZER, Peter, (d. 1933) -no marker-
SCHWEITZER, Raymond J., 1936-1983, "Son", (photo), (BG)
SCOTT, Charles W., PFC Co I 38th R.C.T., Enlisted August 29, 1949, Killed In Action, Sept. 24, 1950, Born Feb. 21, 1931, (photo), (BG)
SCOTT, Mary P., 1898-1956, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
SEIFERT, Harold, 1910-1911, (photo), (BG)
SEIFERT, Kathrine, Oct. 22, 1877-Apr. 5, 1911, "Mother"
SEIM, Bufford Andrew , May 14, 1922 - Jul 8, 1994, s/s Loretta, (photo), (BG)
SEIM, Loretta E., Oct 19, 1919 - Jan 28, 2009, s/s Bufford, (photo), (BG)
SELLERS, Ellwood, (d. 1912) -no marker-
SHELLER-BARKER (marker/no names)
SHIFLER, Annie, Feb. 11, 1857-July 4, 1919, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
SHIFLER, George, Nov. 24, 1851-Jan. 20, 1899, "Father" (Masonic emblem on stone), (photo), (BG)
SHIFLER, John, (d. 1880) -no marker-
SHIFLER, Katie Evaline, 1884-1914, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
SHIFLER, Lizzie, (d. 1889) -no marker-
SHIFLER, Maria Julia, Born 27 Jan 1878, Died 21 Dec 1881, (photo), (BG)
SHINTON, Clara Herget, 1898-1972 (13 Oct. 1972), (photo), (BG)
SHINTON, Howard C. Jr., Jun 29, 1943 - Jun 20, 1990, (photo), (BG)
SHINTON, William H., 1893-1953, "Father" (VFW flagholder & Masonic emblem on stone), (photo), (BG)
SHINTON, William Henry, Jr., Gunners Mate llC U S Navy, Enlisted May 3, 1943, Discharged Dec. 10, 1945, Born Jan. 28, 1917, Died Feb. 3, 1952 (VFW Flagholder), (photo), (BG)
SMITH ?? ??, Born Mar. 16, 1875, Died Nov. 22, 1876 "At Rest", (photo), (BG)
SMITH, Anna C., 1902-1923, "Daughter", (photo), (BG)
SMITH, Anna M., 1876-1949, "Mother", s/s William, (photo), (BG)
SMITH, B.S., (d. 1882 baby) -no marker-
SMITH, Bertha C., 1861-1947, "Mother", s/s Owen, (photo), (BG)
SMITH, Daniel, 1851-1935, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
SMITH, Elizabeth, 1853-1949
, s/s Daniel, (photo), (BG)
SMITH, Ellwood Earl, Beloved son of Wm & Anna Smith, Jan. 9, 1901-Sept. 29, 1901, (photo), (BG)
SMITH, Myrtle E., 1889-1977 (15 Dec 1977), (photo), (BG)
SMITH, Owen, 1851-1928, "Father", s/s Bertha, (photo), (BG)
SMITH, stone corroded "D.H.S." on back of stone (Records show Smith, 2 babies, one each side, 2 Aug 1916 -1901), (photo), (BG)
SMITH, William H., 1876-1937, "Father" (Masonic emblem on stone)
, s/s Anna M., (photo), (BG)
SNYDER, Catherine, 1900-1965, (photo), (BG)
SONDERMAN, Mary, (d. 1922) -no marker-
SPATH, Anna K., 1841-1911, (photo), (BG)
SPATH, Henry, 1842-1926, (photo), (BG)
STAHL, Margaret D., 1877-1970, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
STAHL, Rev. Karl L., 1877-1938, "Father", (photo), (BG)
STAMM, Barbara Heuse, wife of Samuel Stamm, 1849-1882,"Mother"
STECHMANN, Franz, (d. 1890) -no marker-
STECHMANN, Jacob, (d. 1884) -no marker-
STECKLE, Glenn, (d. 1909 child) -no marker-
STECKMAN, Herman, (d. 1890) -no marker-
STEIN, Albert L., 1876-1958, (photo), (BG)
STEIN, Alberta F., 1906-2006, (photo), (BG)
STEIN, C., (d. 1908, child)-no marker-
STEIN, Caroline F., 1847-1921, "Mother", s/s Fred W, (photo), (BG)
STEIN, Charles M., Dec. 13, 1878-Feb. 9, 1905, (photo), (BG)
STEIN, Fred ?, Sept 27, 1903-Jan 3, 1904
STEIN, Fred A. ( d. 1903) -no marker-
STEIN, Fred W., 1843-1908, "Father", s/s Caroline, (photo), (BG)
STEIN, Frederick B., 1871-1939, (photo), (BG)
STEIN, George, (d. 1908 child) -no marker-
STEINBERG, Augusta, (d. 1908) -no marker-
STEINBERG, John, (d. 1913) -no marker-
STEMLER, Marie, (d. 1936) -no marker-
STEMLER, Robert, (d. 1946) -no marker-
STEMLER, Wilhelmina, (d. 24 Nov. 1918) -no marker-
STEPHENSON, Hannah, (d. 1897) -no marker-
STEPHENSON, John, (d. 1913) -no marker-
STEWART, Lizzie, (d. 1900) -no marker-
STILTS, Catherine R., Oct 24, 1912 - Oct 16, 1995, (photo), (BG)
STILTS, Edna May, (d. 1897) -no marker-
STILTS, Edna, (d. 1914) -no marker-
STILTS, J. Fred, 1906-1979, s/s Lida, (photo), (BG)
STILTS, Katherine, (d. 1903) -no marker-
STILTS, Lida M., 1909-1982, (8 May 1982), s/s J. Fred, (photo), (BG)
STILTS, Milfred J., May 5, 1888-May 2, 1959, (photo), (BG)
STILTS, Mrs. John, (d. 1930) -no marker-
STROBEL, Caroline, (d. 1919) -no marker-
STROBEL, Carrie (d. 1885 baby) -no marker-
STROBEL, Christinia, (d. 13 Apr 1970) -no marker-
STROBEL, Conrad, (d. 1914) -no marker-
STROBEL, Elizabeth Mary, (d. 1949) -no marker-
STROBEL, John Frederick 1870 - 1888 - no marker-
STROBEL, L. A., (d. 1885 baby) -no marker-
STROBEL, Laurence, 1901, (OTH)
STROBEL, Lawrence, (d. 1904) -no marker-
STROBEL, Margaret, (d. 1954) -no marker-
STUART, Charles O., 1916 - 1989, s/s Ruth, (photo), (BG)
STUART, Ruth H., 1920 - 2004, s/s Charles, (photo), (BG)
SUMMERS, Dorothy M., Oct 28, 1921 - Jan 26, 1990, s/s Wilbert, (photo), (BG)
SUMMERS, Wilbert E., Aug 16, 1916 - Jan 12, 2007, s/s Dorothy
, (photo), (BG)
SUNDERMANN, E. Julius, 1886-1889, s/s Sonny, (photo), (BG)
SUNDERMANN, Friederiecke, 1853-1932, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
SUNDERMANN, Julius, 1851-1930, "Father", (photo), (BG)
SUNDERMANN, Sonny, 1925-1934, s/s E. Julius, (photo), (BG)
SWEENEY, Oline, 1946, (OTH)
TEEPE, Heinrich, 1888, (OTH)
TEKEMAYER, Anna, (d. 1887) -no marker-
TEKEMAYER, Anna, (d. 1897) -no marker-
TEKEMAYER, Barbara, (d. 1926) -no marker-
TEKEMAYER, Fred, (d. 1925) -no marker-
TEUTSCH, Elizabeth, (d. 1897) -no marker-
TEUTSCH, Florence, (d. 1897) -no marker-
TEUTSCH, Gottlieb, (d. 1891) -no marker-
TEUTSCH, John, (d. 1890 baby) -no marker-
TEUTSCH, John, (d. 1890) -no marker-
TEUTSCH, William, (d. 1883) -no marker-
TEXTER, Elizabeth A., (d. 15 Jan 1922) -no marker-
TEXTER, Frau S. E., (d. 1902) -no marker-
TEXTER, Fred, (d. 1921) -no marker-
TEXTER, Fredrick, 1866-1913, "Son", s/s Katherine and William, (photo), (BG)
TEXTER, Jacob, (d. 1940) -no marker-
TEXTER, Katherine, 1842-1913, "Mother", s/s Fredrick and William, (photo), (BG)
TEXTER, William, 1868-1896, "Son", s/s Katherine and Fredrick, (photo), (BG)
THOMAS, Mary, (d. 1941) -no marker-
TITUS, A., (d. 1907) -no marker-
TITUS, Jacob, (d. 1906) -no marker-
TITUS, John, 1888, (OTH)
TRAUTMAN, E]izabeth, (d. 1925) -no marker-
TRAUTMAN, Fnled, (d. 1920) -no marker-
TRAUTMAN, Mollie, 1885, (OTH)
TRAUTMAN, William, 1921, (OTH)
TRAUTMANN, John L., Geb. Den 19 Juni 1884 Gest. Den 5 Dez 1893, "Hier Ruht In Gott", (photo), (BG)
TRIPPLE, Gebhart, (d. 1875) -no marker-
TSCHIPPERT, Florence L. Schindehette, Wife of Cyril F. Tschippert, 1911-1937, (photo), (BG)
UNCAPHER, John "Bill", Sep 11, 1928 - Aug 28, 1998, s/s Martha, (photo), (BG)
UNCAPHER, Martha S., Aug 13, 1930 - Living, s/s John, (photo), (BG)
UTZ, Albert W., 1916-1964 (WW II Vet flagholder) (Albert Wm.), (photo), (BG)
UTZ, Fred, (d. 1918) -no marker-
UTZ, Harry A., 1895-1972 (20 Apr 1972), (photo), (BG)
UTZ, Lizetta, 1895-1952, (Ladies Aux VFW flagholder), (photo), (BG)
UTZ, Louis W., 1897-1958, Father, (photo), (BB)
UTZ, Mary L., 1923-1988, Daughter
, (photo), (BB)
UTZ, Minnie, "GUNTHER" 1890-1956, Mother, (photo), (BB)
VETTER, Adam, (d. 1907) -no marker-
VETTER, Clara Emily, (d. 1887 baby) -no marker-
VETTER, Elizabeth, (d. 1924) -no marker-
VETTER, Frank A., (d. 1896) -no marker-
VETTER, George J., 1881-1905 (raised in 1909), s/s Ida, (photo), (BG)
VETTER, Ida A., 1879-1963, s/s George, (photo), (BG)
VETTER, Melissa E., 1885-1953, s/s William, (photo), (BG)
VETTER, William F., 1883-1966, s/s Melissa, (photo), (BG)
VIERHELLER, Anna Christina, Born 1 Nov 1829, Died. 14 Nov 1902 "Aunt", (photo), (BG)
VIETMEIER, Allison Margaret, d Sep 25, 1995, (photo), (BG)
VIETMEIER, Edward J., Nov. 18-28, 1957, (photo), (BG)
VIETMEIER, Gretchen Louise, 1964-1976 "Our Daughter" (picture on stone) (6 Aug 1976), (photo), (BG)
VIETMEIER, Matthew Edward, d: Jun 7, 1994, (photo), (BG)
VOGEL, Anna, 1863-1945, (photo), (BG)
VOGEL, Emma, (d.1972) -no marker-
VOGEL, Friederich C., Geb 31 Dee 1864, Gest. 19 Juli 1901, (photo), (BG)
VOIGHT, Magdelena, (d. 1949) -no marker-
VOLBERS, Elizabeth, 1840-1924, s/s Henry, (photo), (BG)
VOLBERS, Henry, 1841-1914, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
VOLKHARDT, Martin, 1933, (OTH)
VOLKHARDT, Mary, (d. 1909) -no marker-
VOLKWEIN, A. Elizabeth, Jan 16, 1857-Feb 5, 1908, "Mother", (photo), (BG)
VOLKWEIN, George, 1848-1926, "Father", (photo), (BG)
VOLKWEIN, Harry J., Cpl. Co. C. 320th Inf, Enlisted Sept. 20, 1917, Discharged June 9, 1919, Born Aug. 29, 1886, Died July 10, 1946 (WW Veteran flagholder), (photo), (BG)
VOLKWEIN, John, 1909, (OTH)
VOLKWEIN, Richard, (d. 1942) -no marker-
WACHTER, C. Otto, 1867 - 1944 "Husband", s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
WACHTER, Carl O., (d. 1943) -no marker-
WACHTER, Elizabeth, 1872 - 1960 "Wife", s/s Otto, (photo), (BG)
WAGNER, Elva M., 1923 - ne "Mother", s/s as Ward and Robert, (photo), (BG)
WAGNER, Jacob, 25 Feb. 1882, (OTH)
WAGNER, Naomi E., 1901-1986 (19 Mar 1986), s/s Richard, (photo), (BG)
WAGNER, Richard F., 1898-1974, s/s Naomi, (photo), (BG)
WAGNER, Robert W., 1917- ne "Father", s/s Ward and Elva, (photo), (BG)
WAGNER, Thomas Albert, Dec 26, 1995 - Jan 5, 1996, (photo), (BG)
WAGNER, Ward C., 1950-1986, "Son" (10 Apr. 1986), s/s Elva and Robert, (photo), (BG)
WAHL, Fredericka, 18 June 1882, (OTH)
WALL, Emma "Otto" 1871 - 24 Nov. 1969, (photo), (BG)
WALL, Margaretha, geb. Dangel., Nov. 3, 1836-Juni 2, 1903, "Ruhe In Frieden", (photo), (BG)
WALTHER, Minnie,"SCHINDEHETTE" Born June 13, 1838, Died Feb 22, 1909
WALTHER, Peter, Born 21 Jun 1882, Died 14 Aug 1882 - no marker
WARD, Mrs. H., (d. 1900) -no marker-
WARD, Thomas, (d. 1896) -no marker-
WARNER, ??, died Nov 22 18?7, Age 62 years & 28 days
WARNER, Charles A., 1856-1934, s/s Mary, (photo), (BG)
WARNER, Charles, (d. 1899, baby) -no marker-
WARNER, Elisa, (d. 7 Aug. 1882, baby) -no marker-
WARNER, Johan, (d. 1891, baby) -no marker-
WARNER, John George, Born May 5, 1820, Died Febr 20, 1883, (photo), (BG),
"0 Father dear a short funerall That we may meet again above And rove where angels love to dwell Where trees of life bear fruits of love"
WARNER, John, (d. 1888) -no marker-
WARNER, Mary E., 1856-1939, s/s Charles, (photo), (BG)
WARNER, Mary, (d. 1887) -no marker-
WARNER, Wm., (d. 1890) -no marker-
WEBER, Anna Marie, (d. 1898) -no marker-
WEBER, Elisa, (d. 1902) -no marker-
WEBER, Lizzie K., (d. 1896) -no marker-
WEBER, Wilhelm, June 25, 1851-0ct. 19, 1923, "Unsere Vater", "Rest In Peace", (photo), (BG)
WEHLE, Ruth, 1899, (OTH)
WEIFENBACH, Elizabeth, 1866-1940, s/s Henry, (photo), (BG)
WEIFENBACH, Henry, (d. 11 May 1917) -no marker-
WEIFENBACH, Henry, (d. Nov. 1974) -no marker-
WEIFENBACH, Henry, 1847-1922, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
WEINBOERNER, Elizabeth, geb 8 Dez 1830, gest 10 Dez 1881, (photo), (BG)
WEINBOERNER, John, (d. 1894) -no marker-
WEIP, Maria, (d. 26 Aug 1882) -no marker-
WEISING, Elizabeth Koch,1959, (OTH)
WEISING, Elizabeth M., 1899-1961, "Mother" (15 Dec 1961), (photo), (BG)
WEISING, John, (d. 1897 baby) -no marker-
WEISING, Joseph H., Private Co. C, 153rd Dep. Brig., Enlisted June 1, 1918, Discharged Mar 14, 1919, Born Sept 2, 1894, Died Feb 2, 1938 (World War Veteran flagholder), (photo), (BG)
WEISING, Joseph, Jr., 1924-1924, "Son", (photo), (BG)
WEISING, Shirley, 1930, (OTH)
WEISS, John, 1911, (OTH)
WEISZENBURG, Otto K. F., Geb. 7. Sept. 1848, Gest 7. Jan. 1882, (photo), (BG)
WElL, Karl? geb ??, gest 11 Sep 1899, "Ruhe Sanft", "Hier Ruht in Gott"
WELSH, Evaline, (d. 1898 child) -no marker-
WELTS, Earl, 1892, (OTH)
WERMEYER, Ernest, 1867-1924, "Father", (photo), (BG)
WERMEYER, Sophia T., 1867-1943, "Mother"
, (photo), (BG)
WERMEYER, Sophia, (d. 1974) -no marker
WERNER, Adam 0tto, 1887-1910, "Husband", (photo), (BG)
WERNER, George, (d. 22 Feb. 1883) -no marker-
WERNER, George, 1858-1908, "Father", s/s Margaret, (photo), (BG)
WERNER, Margaret, 1861-1954, "Mother", s/s George, (photo), (BG)
WERNER, Nelle E., 1902-1924, (photo), (BG)
WESSEL, Charles, (d. 1896) -no marker-
WESSEL, Mathilda, (d. 1899) -no marker-
WESTFALL, Bertha, (d. 1899 child), (Stone illegible) , (photo), (BG)
WESTFALL, George, 1865-1940, "Father", (photo), (BG)
WESTFALL, George B., 1894-1938 "Brother", (photo), (BG)
WESTFALL, Henry, Born May 9, 1818, Died Mar. 20, 1893, Aged 74 yrs. 10 mos. 11 dys., (photo), (BG)
WHEATLY, Geo., (d. 1934) -no marker-
WHEATLY, Mrs. Geo., (d. 1935) -no marker-
WHETSELL, James A., June 8, 1861-June 9, 1939, "Father", "Rest In Peace"
WHITE, Margaret L., 1866-1882 (record shows Margaret H. d. 1885), (photo), (BG)
WHITE, Margaret, 1840-1912, "Mother"
, (photo), (BG)
WHITE, Myrtle V., 1882-1906, (photo), (BG)
WHITE, Ralph, 1838-1928, Co E. 9 Penn. Res., "Father" (GAR flagholder), (photo), (BG)
WHITE, William H., 1870-1882, (photo), (BG)
WILLARD, Marie, 1944, (OTH)
WILSMAN, August, (d. 1936) -no marker-
WILSMAN, Emmline, (d. 1887 baby) -no marker-
WILSMAN, Henry, (d. 1896) -no marker-
WILSMAN, Marie, (d. 1949) -no marker-
WINTER, Arthur C., 1925-1989
, (photo), (BB)
WINTER, Edna Handick, 1928-1984 (22 Dec 1984), (photo), (BB)
WINTER, Heinrich, 1896, (OTH)
WISE, Amelia, 1854-1930, "Mother", s/s John, (photo), (BG)
WISE, Christina, (d. 1888 baby) -no marker-
WISE, John C., 1888-1889, "Son", (photo), (BG)
WISE, John, 1845-1931, "Father"
, s/s Amelia, (photo), (BG)
WIXFORD, Anna Karoline, 1891-1973, (photo), (BG)
WIXFORD, Elizabeth, (d. 1915) -no marker-
WIXFORD, Henry, (d. 1928) -no marker-
WULFCAMP, Elizabeth, 1860 - 1938, s/s Wilhelm, Frederick, Emma, (photo), (BG)
WULFCAMP, Emma, 1887 - 1926, s/s Wilhelm, Frederick, Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
WULFCAMP, Frederick, 1856 - 1938, s/s Wilhelm, Emma, Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
WULFCAMP, Wilhelm, 1901 - 1918, s/s Frederick, Emma, Elizabeth, (photo), (BG)
WOODY, Harry T., 1911-1984, Pvt. U S Army (World War II flagholder), (photo), (BG)
YOUNG, Catherine, (d. 1913) -no marker-
YOUNG, Elizabeth, (d. 2 May 1882) -no marker-
YOUNG, Philip, (d. 1919) -no marker-
YOUNGER, Emma, (d. 1981) -no marker-
ZAHISH, Frank, (d. 1942) -no marker-
ZAHISH, Louise, (d. 1946) -no marker-
ZEABUSCH, Franz, (d. 1895) -no marker-
ZELLER, Amanda, (d. 1884 child) -no marker-
ZELLER, Charles (child), 1915, (OTH)
ZELLER, Gustina, (d. 1913) -no marker-
ZELLER, Jacob, (d. 1936) -no marker-
ZELLER, L., (d. 1887 child) -no marker-
ZELLER, Martin, (d. 1887) -no marker-
ZELLER, Maryanne, (d. 1887 child) -no marker-
ZELLER, Walter ,(d. 1901 child) -no marker-
ZINEK, Jacob, (d. 1885) -no marker-

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Greentree Cemetery - Part 1b, pages 8 thru page 21.
Greentree Cemetery - Part 2, pages 22 thru 36.
Greentree Cemetery - Part 3, pages 37 thru 53, includes caretaker's records and Index.

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