Roger Cemetery, Pine Township, PA

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Roger Cemetery
a.k.a. - Rodgers Cemetery; a.k.a. - Mallerson Cemetery;
a.k.a. - McCullough Cemetery; a.k.a. - Osborne Cemetery
Twin Oaks Drive, Pine Township, PA

(Allegheny County)


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Some history . . .

  Transcribed from Wexford Then and Now, page 2,  written by Sue Page in 1950:

     THIS IS a brief history of a very small parcel of that Land Grant by
the King of England to William Penn, from a point in Eastern United States
"west to the Setting Sun," known as Wexford, Pennsylvania. Through
headstones, family records and residents who have lived in this community for
many years has come the information contained herein.
     There is evidence of settlers in this territory as early as possibly
1775 or before. The main trail traveled by the Indians was called the
"Kushkushkee Trail" from the Forks of the Ohio River (where Allegheny and
Monongahela meet) north to the Mahon-ing River to a large Indian Village
settlement there. This trail passed through Pine Township, in which the
Village of Wexford is located. Over this trail came the first settlers to
this section.
     Thomas Rogers is credited with being the first settler in the 1790's,
but records indicate that Thomas Mallerson settled here in the latter part of
the 18th century on what is now known as the Lurting farm on the Pearce Mill
     Both Mallerson and Rogers are buried in an old cemetery on a hill which
is part of the property now belonging to Frank Laklia of Wallace Road. A
headstone records the death of Thomas Rogers on May 8, 1808, at the age of
55. His wife. Elizabeth, who died June 16, 1813, was buried beside him. A
family whose name was Henry is recorded through a marker erected to the
memory of "Sarah, Wife of Samuel Henry," who died July 23, 1810, at the age
of 37 years. A descendant of Thomas Mallerson, Mrs. Harry N. Cupp of Mars,
Pa. reported that at one time the stones of a daughter of Thomas Rogers and
four of her children were in the same cemetery. They all died within a few
days of one another, leading to the supposition that a contagious disease had
stricken the entire family. These stones may have fallen over and are
probably covered by the thick growth of myrtle, lilac and iris which flourish
on the hilltop.
     Thomas Mallerson was born in Groton, Connecticut, in 1753, and migrated
to this territory of Wexford in his late twenties. Some of his descendants
remember hearing their parents and grandparents tell of his returning from
the Revolutionary War and being unable to find his home for awhile. He wag a
sergeant in that war in the Company of Captain Aaron Stevens in the 7th
Connecticut Regiment He enlisted on January 2, 1777, and was discharged
December 3, 1779. He and his wife Ame reared eight children: two boys,
Thomas, Jr., and Elisha; and six girls, Ame, Cynthia, Philinda, Thankful,
Permelia and Lucinda. Lucinda, the youngest daughter, married Robert Lurting.
Their son Alexander married Margaret English, who was the mother of Mrs.
Cupp, Mrs. John Williams (also of Mars), Mrs. Blanche Gracie, Pittsburgh, and
Dr. W. C. Lurting. also of Pittsburgh. Mrs. Merle Pinkerton of Crider's
Corner is a Mallerson descendant also but not of this particular line.
     The home of Thomas Rogers and his family still stands today, but it is
soon to be dismantled by the construction of the Pennsylvania Turnpike
through this area. It is the house off Pearce Mill and Wallace Roads
presently occupied by Mrs. Morton. The old fireplaces, floors and joists give
visual proof of its antiquity.

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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
Anderson, William, d. 10 Aug 1870, aged 12Y 8M
Henry, Sarah, w/o Samuel, d. 23 Jul 1849, aged 37Y 9M 7D
Laughead, Oliver, d. 02 Feb 1841, aged 33Y
Lurting, Elias, d. 17 Oct 1864, aged 25Y 6M 2D
Lurting, Elizabeth, d/o Robert & Lucinda, d. 19 Sep 1847, aged 2Y 1M 1D,
Lurting, Lucinda, w/o Robert, 16 Mar 1877, age 75Y, Our Mother
Lurting, Robert, d. 06 May 1872, in the 72 Year, Our Father
Mallerson, Ame, d. 03 Nov 1828, aged 66Y
Mallerson, Thomas, d. 13 Nov 1813, aged 60Y
Mallison, Thomas, 1753 - 1813, Revolutionary Soldier, Sergeant, Capt Aaron
Stevens Company, 7th Connecticut Regiment, 02 Jan 1777 - 31 Dec 1779
Rogers, Elizabeth, d. 16 Jun 1813, aged age 55Y, These Stones got by James Steel and Catherine Rogers A.D. 1847
Rogers, Thomas, d. 08 May 1808, aged 55Y, These Stones got by James Steel and Catherine Rogers A.D. 1847
Rogers, William, d. 12 Jun 1853, aged 76Y
Rundel, James, d. 13 Feb 1845, aged 42Y 6M 16D
Steel, Mary Ann, d/o James, d. 12 Dec 1821, aged 3Y 1M 9D
Steel, Unknown, d. ?? Nov 1821
Steel, William, s/o James, d. 20 Nov 1821, aged 7Y 3M 12D
Stinson, Mary Ann, consort of Joseph, d. 11 May 1848
Unknown #01, E. P.
Unknown #02
Unknown #03
Unknown #04
Unknown #05
Unknown #06
Unknown #07, S. H.
Unknown #08
Unknown #09
Unknown #10
Unknown #11
Unknown #12
Unknown #13, John (upside down)

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