African-American Military Cemetery, Cemetery Lane, Ross Twp., PA

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African-American Military Cemetery
Cemetery Lane, Ross Twp., PA


(Directions: From Babcock Blvd. heading south, make a right onto Cemetery Lane; up the hill approx. 1/4 mile, on your left is a dirt road.  You can drive up but not advised (rocky, uneven, narrow), the mud quickly turns into grass/ground cover.  There is a level spot in the middle of the hill that looks like a car could use it.  In 2006 this cemetery was reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to be owned by United Cemeteries where records may be available.

A related on-line article references this property and may be viewed at:

Viewer's Note: There are many obvious unmarked grave indentations and possibly a few more markers covered by overgrowth, it is very high.

Unless otherwise marked, listing contributed by Elizabeth Miller,
Photographs contributed by Rich Boyer,

Posted:  April 13, 2009       Last Update:  November 2, 2009

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other

Hill, Elizabeth, wife of William Hill, 18?? (hole in stone) - 1921, (photo)
Jones, Walter, (photo)
Horseshoer Supply Co., Co. 369th Inf
Enlisted 9-18-1917   Discharged 4-15-1919
Born 1891  Died 6-12-1932 
Payne, Josephine 1919-1995  (not a tombstone but a Behm Funeral Home Inc. marker), (photo)

Schroggins, Mary S.  1850-1910 Mother, (photo)

Schroggins, W. H., USS NANSEMOND, Dec. 21, 1916   (GAR plate 1861-1865), (photo)
Schroggins, Norman H., (photo)
Corp. Co. D Repl Tr. Centre
Enlisted 8-22-1918  Discharged 12-11-1918
Born 4-21-1893  Died 11-1-1938
Scroggins, Oliver L., (photo)
Pvt. 6th PION Inf
Enlisted 8-2-1918  Discharged 10-15-1919
Born 3-24-1889  Died 6-12-1942
Stephens, Christopher C., (photo)
Pvt. 565th Casual Det. US Army
Enlisted 9-24-1918  Discharged 12-7-1918
Born 11-6-1892  Died 9-9-1963
(this grave had been dug into, not recently, but probably a year or maybe more ago)

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