Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
of the
Aspinwall Evangelical Lutheran Church
(Aspinwall, PA)
1895 - 1920
(now, Good Shepherd Lutheran, Fox Chapel, PA)

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Yesterday vs. Today (2011)

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
1895 - 1920
Aspinwall Evangelical Lutheran Church








of the


of the

June 3rd to 7th

IN recognition of the Christian faith of the founders of the Aspinwall Evangelical Lutheran Church, in loving remembrance of our fellow
believers who have past to their rewards, in appreciation of the many, pastors and people, who have labored here together, in gratitude to
the Triune God, to the glory of our Lord and the future of His Church, we humbly inscribe these words on the occasion of the Twenty-Fifth

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TWENTY-FIVE Years have passed since the founding of the Aspinwall Evangelical Lutheran Church. The first move in this direction was a
meeting held at the home of Mr. H. R. Marshall, on April 17, 1894. The first service was held in the Aspinwall Presbyterian Church, April 22,
1894. The first effort at Sunday School Organization took place on April 29, 1894, with the selection of temporary officers. On June 3,
permanent Sunday School officers were chosen, Mr. L. Freidel being named as Superintendent; this organization, however, later disbanded.

On April 15, 1895, was held, a meeting in the Borough School, at which time the purchase of church lots was discussed. The charter
membership list of this date shows the following names: H. R. Marshall, Mrs. J. M. Beveridge, Mrs. John Adams, Mrs. Wm. Heerlein, Mrs. K.
Dillon, Annie K. Mowrey, W. L. Emerick, J. B. Hazlett, Mrs. S. E. Marshall, F. E. Emerick, Mrs. Elizabeth Illig, J. M. Beveridge, John Adams,
William Heerlein, Matthew Dillon, W. P. Lowrey, Charles P. Illig, Joseph L. Lytle, Mrs. Emma Lytle, Mrs. F. E. Emerick, C. H. Emerick, Miss
Margaret Emerick, Mrs. Margaret Emerick, Mrs. Anna Bell Anderson, W. J. Fleming, Miss Bessie Lowrey, Thomas M. Anderson, Mrs. Frances
E. Atkinson, Mrs. Ada Fleming, Mrs. James M. Sweeney.

Page Three

    On June 20, 1895, the present church lots were purchased. The church constitution was adopted on May 20, 1895. The first church officers were elected on May 26, on which date were also elected Sunday School officers; Mr. J. L. Lytle was elected Superintendent, and has served in this honorable capacity since that time.

    January 1, 1896, Rev. H. C. Reller assumed his duties as pastor. The church building, shown on this page was dedicated on June 14, 1896.

   The church became self-supporting on Oct. 1, 1904. On February 23, 1905, the mortgage was burned.  In 1906. extensive repairs were made.

    At a congregational meeting, Nov. 6, 1912, it was decided to enlarge and improve the church building. The contract was let on Feb. 24, to Mr. C. P. Illig; ground was broken on March 25, 1913. The new church was dedicated on Nov. 23, 1913, Revs. Turkle and Crouse preaching the sermons.

In September, 1916, Rev. Reller tendered his resignation, severing a relation which had lasted for twenty years.  For some time the congregation was without a leader.

Page  Four

   In the spring of 1917, Rev. Kinports was called to become pastor and assumed the work on June 24, 1917. For over two years he served the congregation and resigned to take effect September 7, 1919.

   Rev. Rudisill was called to the leadership of the congregation and took up the work October 1, 1920.

   On March 21, by a unanimous vote of the congregation, it was decided to build a parsonage on the lots beside the church. The balance of the $975 debt was subscribed on Easter Monday night and the mortgage will be burned at the Anniversary Service, Sunday, June 6, 1920

                    Parsonage Building Committee
J. L. Lytle    C. J. Fugh   G. H. Drumheller   C. H. Wamhoff   J. W. Snyder   Earl S. Rudisill

                   Anniversary Committee
Earl S. Rudisill    William Fischer    W. H. Ganster   J. W. Snyder

                  Parsonage Finance Committee
William Fischer    W. H. Ganster    J. A. Lubold   William Kromer    Adam Oertel   Earl S. Rudisill

                  Anniversary Book Committee
Earl S. Rudisill    Albert Kuder   W. J. Robbins    Carl Fugh    J. L. MacDonald   Charles Snyder
Page  Five


   Rev. Earl S. Rudisill was born at Gettysburg. Pennsylvania, 1891.  He received his early education in the public schools. Later he attended Gettysburg High School and completed his preparatory work in Gettysburg Academy. He entered Penna. College in the fell of 1908, and graduated with the Class of 1912, with the A. B. degree.  In the autumn of 1912, he began the theological course in the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg; he graduated in 1915, with the degree of B. D.

    Rev. Rudisill was licensed in 1914, at Hanover, Penna.  Upon graduation he was called to become pastor of the newly founded St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, of Chicago, and assumed this work June 1, 1915.  He was ordained at Lena. Ill., October 15, 1915. On August 20, 1915, he was united in marriage to Miss L. Grace Mehring, of Littlestown. Pa.

    During his pastorate at St. Stephen's, the congregation was built from thirteen to one hundred and seventy, the Sunday School from forty-two to four hundred and twenty-five, and the Brotherhood came to be recognized as one of the best among the Lutheran Churches of Chicago.  During a part of this time, Pastor Rudisill pursued postgraduate work in the Divinity School of the University of Chicago, while Mrs. Rudisill studied at the Moody Bible Institute and the Chicago Musical College.  Rev. Rudisill has continued postgraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh since here.

Page Six

   While in Chicago the Rudisill home was brightened by the advent on July 25, 1917, of Fred Luther, who has since been an inspiration to Pastor and Mrs. Rudisill in their efforts.

    In the early days of the work at St. Stephen's, Mrs. Rudisill carried a large part of the work, being the head of practically all organizations. Gradually this work was distributed, as workers were developed, as it should be in a well organized church.

    In August, 1919, Rev. Rudisill was called to become pastor of this congregation.  The call was accepted and he assumed the work October 1.

    He labors here now in the hope and prayer that God will see fit to lead the Aspinwall Lutheran Congregation into a thoroughly progressive life, a  larger  membership, a deeper spirituality, a Christian liberality and a thorough submission to God's will.

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Rev. Herman C. Keller, the first pastor of the Aspinwall Lutheran Church, was born in Miltonsburg, Ohio.  He attended the public school in that place until 1883, when he moved to Columbia, Penna. There he attended the high school.

In the fall of 1884, he entered Susquehanna University; he remained there two years.  In 1886, he entered Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., and graduated in the Class of 1890.  He graduated from the Theological Seminary in 1893.  He was ordained to the Gospel Ministry at Harrisburg, in the fall of 1893.

He served the Emanuel Lutheran Church of Freeport, from 1893 to 1901; the last five years in connection with the Aspinwall Church.  In 1901, the relationship between those two churches ceased, and the Aspinwall Church received the pastor's full time to September, 1916, thus serving our congregation for twenty years.  His was the privilege and joy of bringing the church from infancy to self-support, of building and enlarging the church edifice.

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   Rev. Paul M. Kinports, the second pastor of this church, was born at Annville, Penna., in 1892. He was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith in youth.  He attended Susquehanna University, graduating from that institution with the Class of 1914, taking the A. B. degree. His theological education was received at the Susquehanna Theological Seminary; he graduated there with the degree of A. M., in 1917.

    Rev. Kinports was ordained to the Gospel Ministry at Hughesville, Penna., May 11, 1917. He was called to become pastor of the Aspinwall Lutheran Church and began his ministry here June 24, 1917.

    He served as pastor of this congregation until September 7, 1919, when he accepted a call to become pastor of the Grace Lutheran Church of Monongahela, Penna., where he is now serving.

    It was his to serve the congregation during the trying days of the Great War, with all the extra burdens which the ministry was called upon to bear during that period. A good number of persons were added to the congregation during Rev. Kinport's pastorate.

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Since May 26, 1895, Mr. Joseph L. Lytle has served as Superintendent of the Aspiniwall Lutheran Sunday School. He is a charter member of the church. This is a long and splendid period of service, well worthy of emulation.

Mr. Lytle is now chairman of the Parsonage Building Committee.


Mr. Edgar Klingensmith has served as Church Organist for a period of fifteen years.

He is to be highly commended for the faithful work and willingness with which he has given himself to the church.



Page Ten


   Rev. James E. MacDonald, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. MacDonald, was born December 8, 1892.  He was confirmed in this Church in 1907.

    Rev. MacDonald attended the Aspinwall High School, graduating with the Class of 1912. He then entered Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Penna., and graduated from that institution with the A. B. Degree in 1916.  He received his theological education at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, graduating in 1919.

    He was called in August, 1919, to become pastor of the Fryburg, Pa., pastorate, and took up his work there September 1, 1919.  Rev. MacDonald is the first and only man this congregation has sent into the ministry, and he is an honor to the church.  May the Lord bless him in his work, and may the Aspinwall congregation send many more men into the Gospel Ministry. "The harvest indeed is plenteous, but the laborers are few." Matthew 9:37.


Our "Service Flag" Stars
Frank Marshall                         Wallace Riffle
Harry H. Lytle                          Charles F. Lytle
Howard Snyder                        Herbert Riffle
John Klingensmith                     Norman Prager
                          Albert Traggardh

Our "Gold Star"

John McCormick Marshall
(Mr. Marshall was killed by lightning, June 28, 1917, at the military camp at Oakmont).

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Page Twelve


J.  L. Lytle . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Superintendent
Harry Cook . .  . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Assistant Superintendent
W. H. Ganster . . .  . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Secretary
Harry Wertz . . . . . . . .. . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Assistant Secretary
J. L. MacDonald . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer
Mrs. Albert Kuder . . . .. . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Organist
Flossie Cook . . . . . . . .. .  . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . Assistant Organist
Katherine Kuder . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . Assistant Organist
Herbert  Heckel . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Librarian
Robert Sautter . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . Assistant Librarian
John McDonald . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Assistant Librarian
Harold Wamhoff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Assistant Librarian
Mrs. J. A. Lubold . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cradle Roll Superintendent


Harry Cook
J. A. Lubold
Mrs. J. A. Lubold
Mrs. T. M. Blakely
Margaret Snyder
Viola Ludwig
Ella Prager
G. H. Drumheller
Katherine Kuder
Mrs. Albert Kuder
Mrs. W. H. Ganster

(Not Including Officers and Teachers)

Mildred Clark
Frances Marshall
Elsie Downing
Dorothy Thompson
Howard Snyder
Charles Lytle
William Wertz
Marie Artzberger
Hazel Coulter
Olive Love
Edna Hamley
Jane Doran
Ruby ReMaley
Frank Marshall
Gertrude Kromer
Clara Yeager
Harry Hamley
Eleanor Love
Elizabeth Wick
Emma J. Robbins
Derland Johnson
Fred Rudisill
Wilbur Robbins
Walter Kromer
Earl Meyer
Louise Hoak
William Thompson
Louise Mowrey

Page Thirteen

Edgar Klingensrnith
James Cook
M. C. Wick
C. A. Markle
Marie Fuchs
Emma Huffman
Mrs. Jane Duff
Mrs. Guy Cook
Mrs. Tygard
Ruth Ganster
Dorothy Rosenfelder
Adelaide Urban
Inelda Thorn
Grace Hickenbuttom
Harry Wertz
Russell Spilker
Harry Lytle
Charles Ganster
Albert Downing
Harry Wolfarth
Guy Cook
Mrs. C. A. Markle
Elizabeth Hoffman
Mrs. C. H. Wamhoff
Irene Coulter
Elmer Cook
Herbert Wertz
Charles Snyder
Ralph Heckel
William Corliss
C. H. Wamhoff
Wm. Coulter
Mrs. Wm. Coulter
Caroline Hoffman
Mrs. Mary Prager
Mrs. Adam Oertel
Clyde Irvin
Max Smith
Katherine Gosnell
Regina Shopene
Hannah Cook
Hazel Cook
Irene Snyder
Margaret Adams
Harry Cook
William Cook
Donald Heekel
Harold Wamhoff
Paul Wamhoff
Templeton Thompson
Thomas Bryan
Alva Hamley
Jane Jubb
Carl Urban
Walter Ringle
Fay Noel
Robert Hickenbottom
Alberta Kuder
Elsie Snyder
Margaret Breuninger
Madeline Downing
Clara Smith
Anna Thompson
Charles Brown, Jr.
Walter Clark
Paul Hamley
George Sautter
Harvey Cook
Robert Corliss
May Brown
Alice Ganster
Dorothy Snyder
Mrs. E. S. Rudisill
Paul Kromer
Rose Mary Hoak
Pearl Morgan
Roy Marsh
Elva Ringle
Elizabeth Riffle
Grace Jubb
Katherine Payne
Thelma Sautter
Margaret Thompson
Henry Gosnell
Blake Lytle
Walter Snyder
George Shopene
Albert Thorne
Mary Drumheller
Florence Emerick
Jane Sautter
Edgar Snyder
Robert Snyder
Betty Hoak
Anna Fugh
Henry Marshall
George Drumheller
Ellwood Fugh
Merle Wick
George Johnston
Mary Lois Marshall
Drucilla Emerick

Page Fourteen



Grace L. Jubb                                    Madeline F. Downing
Louise Mowrey                                  Margaret A. Breuninger
Alberta Kuder                                    Paul Hamley
                        Harold W. Wamhoff

Page Fifteen



Page Sixteen


Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Mrs. Charles
Anderson, Roy
Atkinson, Francis
Atkinson, Laura

Beck, Mrs. Caroline
Beck, Ethel
Bokerman, Mrs. Anna
Brenninger, Margaret A.
Bryan, Thomas J.
Bryan, Mrs. T. J.

Clark, William T.
Clark, Mrs. W. T.
Cook, Harry
Cook, Mrs. Harry
Cook, Hazel
Cook,  Flossie
Cook, Guy
Cook, Mrs. Guy
Cook, Hannah
Cook, Elmer
Cook, James
Cook, Mrs. James
Corliss, R. F.
Corliss, Mrs. R. F.
Coulter, William
Coulter, Mrs. William
Coulter, Irene
Coulter, Hazel

Davis, J. G.
Downing, Madeline F.
Drumheller, G. H.
Drumheller. Mrs. G. H.
Duff, Mrs. Jane
Duff, Gerald

Emerick, William  L.
Emeriek, Mrs. Win. L.
Emeriek, Frederick
Emerick, Wm.  B.

Feigert. John
Feigert,  Mrs. John
Fischer, William
Fischer, Mrs. Wm.
Fuchs, Marie
Fugh, Carl J.
Fugh, Mrs. C. J.

Ganster, Charles
Ganster, Mrs. Charles
Ganster, William H.
Ganster, Mrs. W. H.
Ganster, Ruth
Ganster, F. B.
Glasser, Frank, Jr.
Gosnell, Mrs. E. M.
Gosnell, Katherine

Hamley, Mrs. W. P.
Hamley,  Paul
Heckel, George
Heckel, Mrs.  George
Hoak, Mrs. J. H.
Hoffman, Emma
Hoffman, Caroline
Hotfman, Elizabeth
Hoon, Adah

Illig, C. P.
Illig, Mrs. C. P.
Illig, Minnie
Illig, George
Irvin, H. S.
Irvin, Mrs. H. S.
Irvin, Clyde

Jones, Thomas
Jones, Mrs. Thomas
Jubb, George
Jubb, Mrs. George
Jubb, Grace L.

Kalmeyer, Mrs. Catherine
Kalmeyer, Irene
Kalmeyer, Walter
Kaufmann, Lena
Klingensmith, Edgar
Klingensniith, John
Klingensmith, Joseph
Kromer, William
Kromer, Mrs. William
Kuder, Albert
Kuder, Mrs. Albert
Kuder, Katherine
Kuder, Alberta
Loeffert. Mrs. Martha

Page Seventeen

Love, Frank E.
Love, Mrs. F. E.
Lubold, Jesse A.
Lubold, Mrs. J. A.
Ludwig, Mrs. F. W.
Ludwig, Viola
Lytle, Mrs. J. L.
Lytle, J. L.
Lytle, Charles
Lytle, Harry

MacDonald, John L.
MacDonald, Mrs. Russel
MacDonald, Mazie
MacDonald, Mrs. J. L.
Marshall, Mrs. Harry
Marshall, Frank
Markle, C. A.
Markle, Mrs. C. A.
Meyer, Louis
Meyer, Mrs. Louis
Miller, John
Miller, Mrs. John
Mowrey, Louise

Oertel, Adam
Oertel, Mrs. Adam

Payne, A. D.
Payne, Mrs. A. D.
Payne, Katherine
Prager, George
Prager, Mrs. George
Prager, Mrs. Mary
Prager, Arthur
Prager, Norman
Prager, Ella

Riffle, Mrs. C. A.
Riffle, Herbert
Riffle, Wallace
Robbins, W. J.
Robbins, Mrs. W. J.
Romig, J. S.
Romig, Mrs. J. S.
Rudisill, Earl S.
Redisill, Mrs. E. S.
Russell, Mrs. M. C.

Sautter, Mrs. John
Sautter, Thelma
Sautter, Robert
Schilling, Adeline
Slomer, Mrs. Mary
Stonier, Anna
Smith, Clara
Snyder, John W.
Snyder, Mrs. J. W.
Snyder, Elsie
Snyder, Charles
Snyder, Margaret
Snyder, Howard
Snyder,  Irene
Succop, Joseph
Succop, Mrs. Joseph

Taylor, Mrs. William
Thompson, Mr. T. E.
Thompson, Anna
Toomey, Mrs. Elizabeth
Traggardh, Albert F.
Tygard, Mrs. George

Unversagt, L. J.
Unversagt, Mrs. L. J.
Unversagt, Caroline

Wall, Mrs. Nellie
Wamhoff, Charles H.
Wamhoff, Mrs. C. H.
Wamhoff, Harold
Wertz, Mrs. Louisa
Wertz, Herbert
Wertz, William, Jr.
Wertz, Harry
Wick, Merle C.
Wick, Mrs. M. C.
Wolfarth, Harry M.
Wright, Mrs. Jeannett


Page Eighteen


   The Church Council is the governing hoard of the Church. It consists of the pastor, who is President, ex-officio, and eight representatives of the congregation, half of whom are elected each autumn, and who serve two years. No Councilman may succeed himself more than once, after which he must he out of office one year before he is again eligible to the office. The Council re-organizes itself yearly. It handles all ordinary business of the congregation; matters of major importance are submitted to the congregation for action. This body meets the first Monday of each month.


Rev. Earl S. Rudisill, President

M. C. Wick, Vice-President           G. H. Drumheller, Financial Secretary
J. A. Lubold, Secretary                             William H. Ganster, Treasurer
Charles Snyder         Adam Oertel          J. W. Snyder         Carl J. Fugh
Page  Nineteen




(Men's League)

James Cook . . . . . . . . . President
W. H. Ganster . . . . . . . Secretary
C. H. Wamhoff . . . . . . .Treasurer

J. L. Lytle                    Harry Lytle
Charles Lytle             Louis Meyer
Chas. H. Snyder         Merle Wick
Arthur Prager               Guy Cook
J. A. Lubold               Jos. Succop
Wm. Fischer             Adam Oertel
George Heckel               C. P. Illig
Earl S. Rudisill            A. D. Payne
C. A. Markle            C. J. Ganster
J. L. MacDonald         Harry Cook

Edgar Klingensmith
L. J. Unversagt
Russell Spiker
Harry Wertz
Jos. Klingensmith
H. M. Wolfarth
J. W. Snyder
Wm. Kromer
John Feigert
Herbert Riffle
Albert Traggardh                                             Wallace Riffle                                                          J. S. Romig

Page Twenty

Organized March  5, 1896

The Membership

Miss Lena Kaufmann . . . . . . . . . President
Mrs. Wm. Coulter . . . . . . . Vice-President
Mrs. C. A. Markle . . . . . . . . . . .Secretary
Mrs. Adam Oertel . . . . . . . . . . .Treasurer

Mrs. Jane Duff                  Mrs. J. L. Lytle
Mrs. C. H. Wamhoff          Mrs. J. Feigert
Miss L. Hoffman            Mrs. M. C. Wick
Mrs. J. W. Snyder        Mrs. Chas. Brown
Mrs. E. M. Gosnell       Mrs. Geo. Heckel
Mrs. Harry Cook           Miss C. Hoffman
Mrs. Albert Kuder        Mrs. E. S. Rudisill
Mrs. J. A. Lubold          Mrs. John Sautter
Mrs. G. H. Drumheller
Mrs. J. L. Lytle



Mrs. C. H. Wamhoff, President       Mrs. W. H. Ganster, Secretary       Mrs. Albert Kuder, Treas.
Mrs. J. L. Lytle
Mrs. Harry Cook
Mrs. E. S. Rudisill
Miss Hoffman
Mrs. Guy Cook
Mrs. J. A. Lubold
Mrs. C. A. Markel
Mrs. Adam Oertel
Miss Kaufmann
Mrs. Louis Meyer
Mrs. George Tygard
Mrs. J. W. Snyder
Mrs. Mary Prager

Page Twenty-One




   This splendid and active young organization came into existence in January of the present year. Its aims are to improve the social life of the Church, assist in missionary work, and contribute generally to the spiritual life of the Congregation.

    The Guild meets the second Tuesday of each month. 8 P. M., at the homes of the various members. Any young lady of good character, having attained the age of sixteen is eligible to membership.


Katherine Kuder, Secretary                                                                 Viola Ludwig, President                                                            Margaret Snyder, Treasurer
Irene Snyder
Flossie Cook
Hazel Cook
Grace Jubb
Irene Kalmeyer
Adah Hoon
Ella Prager, Vice-Pres.
Madeline Downing
Clara Smith
Irene Coulter
Mary E. Shaffer
Margaret Breuninger
Caroline Unversagt
Mrs. E. S. Rudisill
Hanna Cook
Margaret Adams
Katherine Gosnell
Katherine Payne
Ethel Prager
Thelma Sautter
Leona Shopene
Marie Fuchs

Page Twenty-Two


   This organization of girls, ten to sixteen years of age was formed in February of the current year. It is alive and promises to grow to good proportions.

    The society meets the fourth Monday of each month, 8 P. M.. at the various homes represented in the membership


Mrs. W. H. Ganster, Superintendent
Mrs. Albert Kuder, Assistant Superintendent
Elsie Snyder, Secretary
Ruth Ganster, President
Alberta Kuder, Vice-President
Elizabeth Riffle, Treasurer
Jane Bryan
Margaret Thompson
Louis Mowrey
Alice Ganster
Gertrude Kromer
Mary Drumheller
Katherine Gosnell
Regina Shopene
Dorothy Snyder
Mrs. E. S. Rudisill

Page Twenty-Three


   This youthful band was organized October 14, 1918.  Its purpose is to impart knowledge of the missionary work of the Church and to awaken an interest in this work.

    There is one missionary meeting each month (the first Sunday of the month) and one social meeting (the second Friday).


Mrs. W. H. Ganster, Superintendent
George Sautter, President
Gertrude Kromer, Vice President
Ruth Ganster, Secretary
Henry Gosnell, Financial Secretary
Walter Clark, Treasurer

Charles Brown
William Cook
William Corliss
Albert Downing
Charles Ganster
Alva Hamley
Paul Kromer
Henry Marshall
Elizabeth Riffle
Elsie Snyder
Adelaid Urban
May Brown
James Cook
Robert Corliss
Mary Drumheller
Alice Ganster
Edna Hamley
Alberta Kuder
Eleanor McWhertor
Ruby ReMaley
Dorothy Snyder
Carl Urban
Jane Bryan
Harry Cook
Walter Clark
Jane Doran
Ralph Heckel
Paul Hamley
Olive Love
Louise Mowrey
Jane Sautter
Edgar Snyder
Paul Wamhoff
Thomas Bryan
Harvey Cook
Mildred Clark
Katherine Gosnell
Donald Heckel
Walter Kromer
Frances Marshall
Mrs. Rudisill
Walter Snyder
Robert Snyder
Merle Wick
Harold Wamhoff

Page Twenty-Four


THURSDAY, JUNE 3rd, 8 P. M. — Anniversary Praise Service. Music in charge of Mr, Kyle.

SUNDAY, JUNE 6th, 11 A. M.  -- Anniversary Sermon by the Pastor. Burning of the Mortgage.

SUNDAY, JUNE 6th, 7:30 P. M. — Union Anniversary Service. Speakers:  Rev. T. G. Hicks, Pastor of the Methodist Church; Rev. O. K. Walker,
Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, and the Representative of the United Presbyterian Church.

MONDAY, JUNE 7th, 8:30 P. M. — Congregational Social. Addresses by invited pastors. General program and refreshments.

Page Twenty-Five

Advertisers Ads

W. C. MEYER & SON, Carpets, Rugs, Wall Paper, 26

GEORGE VETTER, Real Estate; Insurance, 27
I. L. NOBLE, Groceries and Confectionery, 27
BECKERT'S SEED STORE, Horticultural Service, 27

F. LANZINO, Tonsorial Parlor, 28
W. L. THOMPSON, Tailor, 28


E. W. YOUNG, Hardware, 30
G. C. HUGHES, Coal, Coke, Ice and Building Supplies, 30
WILLIAM GANSTER, Shoe Repairing, 30

L. A. TROZZO, Shoe Repair, 31
S. R. McMORRAN, Real Estate, 31

R. H. LOVE, Real Estate; Insurance, 32
J. C. A. STEIN, Tailor, 32
DARBY & COMPANY, Real Estate; Insurance, 32

VALENTINE KIRCH, Bakery and Confectionery, 33
CHARLES YOOK, Laundry, 33
M. R. CONNOR, Grocery, 33

L. R. WERTZ, Butcher, 34

CHAS. P. ILLIG, Carpenter, 35
HENRY ROTE, Plumbing & Heating, 35

FOSS, Florist, 36
CHAS. SPEAR, 5 & 10 Cent Store, 36
CAMPBELL & STEPP, Funeral Director, 36

F. M. SLATER COMPANY, Caterer, 37

H. F. FISCHER, Ice, Coal, Moving, 38
TAMBE BROS., Confectionery, 38
W. T. COLLEDGE, Decorator, 38

FRANK WAGNER, Decorator, 39
W. J. COSS, Wall Paper, 39
HUMES BROS., Ford Dealer, 39

EDWARD A. SCHUETZ & SON, Hardware, 40
AUTENREITH'S, Dry Goods Store, 40

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