War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2002, Oakmont, PA

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Mt. Lebanon Cemetery War Memorial

At the Mt Lebanon Cemetery, 555 Washington Rd., Mt Lebanon, PA 15228

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Adamson, Patrick M
Adamson, William J
Alderson, William Henry
Allison, Horace Ralph
Allison, William David
Amend, George Alvin
Bailey, Charles Ward
Ball, James
Ball, Jethro
Ball, William
Barrett, John W
Beadling, Wilford Arms
Beater, Orlando
Behen Jr., Edward M
Bennett, James Gordon
Bigley, Frank Michael
Bower, William Roy
Brautigam, Edwin D
Brautigam, Walter G
Brautigam, William O
Colhouer, Samuel Raymond
Colhouer, Thomas Howard
Cobbett, Earl Anthony
Costley, William Grant
Craig, William Harrison
Craig, Wesley Irwin
Czaja, Bernard J
Dalgleish, William M
Deane, William Valentine
Deere, H B
Delongo, Roy
Didion, Robert T
Donoval, Joseph
Douglass, Leo Francis

Doyle, Elmer Earl
Doyle, Norman W
Duff Jr., Edward E
Dyson, John Thomas
Edmundson, John C
Fergus, Clifford B
Fetterman, I Phillips
Fetterman, Joseph M
Fetterman, Nathaniel P
Fetterman, Yates D
Francis, Frank Tasker
Geary, Raymond Addy
Genis, Frank Sylvester
Genis, Jacob Peter
Genis, Philip Henry
Genis, Paul Albert
Gilfillan, William Floyd
Graves, John Hawley
Hackney, William George
Hadly, James SCott
Haller, Frederick Emron
Haller, Joseph Augustine
Haney, Andrew Joseph
Hasley, Casper Hobert
Haviland, Charles N
Hickman, John Albert
Holtz, William Mead
Hopper, George Sieaforth
Howell, Roger Hoffman
Jones, John Louis
Kirsopp, E G
Klick, R A C
Lackner, Emanuel M
Lackner, Sylvester

Lawrence, Albert
Lewis, William Weaver
Liken, Russell B
LOng, Bernard L
Long, Fred Carleton
LOng, Norman K
Long, Raymond C
LUxbacher, Frank
Luxbacher, William
Martin, George Charles
Martin, Francis L
Martin, Frank Joseph
Mayer, Hobson Joseph
Mayer, Ottmar Arthur
Meyers, Elmer Davis
Miller, Henry John
Miller, W Warren
Milligan, Ralph H
Morgan, Cyrill M
Morgan, Thomas Edward
Morelli, Carl Otto
Morris, Walter Aubrey
Mulert, Carl Justus
Mulinart, Robert Vincent
McCartney, Michael L
McCartney, James Patrick
McCaslin, George Carnahan
McCOrmick, J S F
McEwen, John Donald
McLean, William C
McNabe, Ferdinand
O'Melia, William A
Overcasier, C Stanley
Palmer, Chaungey L

Parker, Herbert Wyland
Parker, William Buchanan
Philp, Howard Mechlin
Phillis, William Brehm
Price, Benjamin
Puhlman, Ferdinand Edwin
Puhlman, Edmund Edward
Raup, Leonard Frank
Reese, Arthur Stanley
Reese, Robert Edgar
Reese, Walton Daniel
Reisker, Raymond C
Riehl, Roy Albert
Rose, Thomas P
Russell, Harry Wilford
Schweinebraten, Howard
Schweinebraten, Herbert
Schnuth, Walter Robert
Schreiner, Guthrie Reed
Scott, Frank
Snider, William Louis
Snider, Norman Lee
Stewart, Allan Fremont
Timothy, David Edgar
Troop, Charles Franklin
Underwood, Charles
Wagener, Arthur Henry
Wall, Alfred Ernest
Walters, Raymond Edson
Wedemeyer, Charles G
Wells, Frank Cyrus
Wolf, Ralph E
Yost, Albert D

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