14-Mt. Lebanon Park War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2014

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Mt. Lebanon Park War Memorial

At Cedar Blvd & Morgan Dr., Mt Lebanon, PA 15228

(The names are on each side of the vertical memorial at the base of the flag pole.)



Thomas Arnold Bird
William Clare Coltman
Christopher L Dellapina
David Stearns Easton

World War II
George Edward Abbott
William Churchill Arther Jr
Thomas Herbert Aston
Wallace Pattison Baker
Robert Warren Bamford
Stephen Bayard Bleecker
Rowland Dare Bowman
John Austin Boyd
Roy M Brahm Jr
Robert Dudley Campbell Jr
Roy Roberts Cappe Jr
John Carso
Charles Edward Casper
Richard L Cranston
Robert John Creps
Paul Edward Dean
Elmer Bernard Deiss Jr

World War I
Samuel Raymond Colhover
George Hackney


Richard Joseph Lacey
Richard Charles Mannery
William David Morgan
David Lamprey Nicholas

World War II
Norman Elliott Jr
Harold Edward Fry
Akex R Ganan Jr
Malvern Lester Hilliard
William Imbrie Hood
Burt Dickson Hogsett
Paul A Hughes Jr
Charles Joseph Hugus
Virgil Johnston Jr
Robert Stanley Lewis
Howard Richardson Long
Richard H Mager
Charles Oliver Markle Jr
Jack LeMoyne Marshall
James F Martin Jr
Robert Charles Mayfield
Lawrence Robert McCool


World War II
Robert Edward McElroy
John Richard McNally
Thomas William McSteen
James M McVayjames
Thomas Davis Meyers
Rolla Woods Miller Jr
Buchanan Mossman
Paul Mullen
William Jervis Murchison
Norman Ralph Opferman
John Irwin Orr Jr
William Jackman Parr


World War I
Robert E Pietsch
David Matthew Thompson
Harold Raymond Vogel
Gary Eugene Whipple

World War II
Charles Rentschler
E Ralph Sherrick Jr
George Dewey Shields Jr
Ugo Siconolfi
Walter Stanley Smith Jr
Earl Edward Smull
John Morgan Steward Jr
Charles H Stout
William Walter Sumner
Charles Edwin Swartz Jr
William Harvey Thomas Jr
Thomas Ralph Vollbrecht
Wesley Ridgway Welden

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