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Old Elizabeth Graveyard
Elizabeth, PA

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Contributed by Kathi L. Swan , [email protected], August, 2014

Posted: August 4, 2014   /  Last Update:  August 4, 2014

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other

Adair, Mary Irwin, (photo)
Bayard, Elizabeth Mackay, (Unknown location/Old Stone Pile marker indicates the town was named after her)
Carothers, Alexander, 1836-1863, (photo), (photo2)
Frew, Samuel, 1806-1851, (photo)
Griffith, James, (photo)
Laughlin, Eliza, 1817-1878, (photo)
Laughlin, Susanna, 1778-1951, (photo)
Laughlin, William W., 1808-1861, (photo)
Lynch, Robert K., 1820-1856, (photo)
Mitchell, Sarah E., 1849-1908, (photo)
Penniman, Sarah Walker, Nov. 28th, 1808 / April 11th, 1885, w/o Wm. A., (photo), (photo2), (photo3)
Penniman, William A., MD, October 18th, 1802 / March 10th, 1822, (photo), (photo2), (photo3)
Reed, Elizabeth, (photo)
Speer, Amanda Elizabeth, 1827-1953, (photo), (photo2)
Speer, Samuel, 1853-1853, (photo), (photo2)
Storer, Mary A., (photo)
Taylor, Henry G., 1805-1865, (photo)
Taylor, Marian, 1805-1864, (photo)
Van Horn, Alfred N., Sept. 29, 1828 / Aug. 28, 1871, (photo)
Van Horn, Nancy E., May 21, 1835 / Oct. 7, 1897, (photo)
Van Kirk, Matilda M., 1805-1874, (photo)
Van Kirk, William K., 1799-1881, (photo)
Walker, Diana, -1853, (photo)
Walker, FamilyHistory, (see top of this page)
Walker, John, -1856, (photo)
unknown1, (photo)
unknown2, (photo)
unknown3, (photo)
unknown4, (photo)
unknown5, (photo)

Additional markers within this graveyard . . .

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