15-Bower-Hill, Scott Twp. War Memorial

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Bower Hill, Scott Twp., PA

This Memorial is located on Kane Blvd. just beyond Our Lady Of Grace RC Church and at the crest of the hill before Kane Regional Hospital.


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Community Honor Roll / 1941 - 1945

Abbott, Victor
Agatucci, Ervie
Appel, Ralph
Braun, Edward
Braun, Norman
Braun, Richard
Braun, Robert
Burke, David
Burke, Jack
Campbell, Lawrence
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, William C
Caraccia, Albert
Checlak, John
Choura, Joseph
Coder, Fred
Coder, William
Conforti Jr., Anthony
Cornell, Glenn
Cornell, William
Crawford, John F
Crawford, Ralph K
Crouch, Charles E
Crouch, Lee A
Crouch, R L
Dalesandro, Orlando
Dalesandro, Raymond
Dalesandro Jr., Zach
Dallas, Matthew
Daniel, Azerell
Daniel, James
DeVoss, Sioney
Dvorak, Alex
Dvorak, Edward
Dvorak, Theodore
Emling, Edward
Emling, Joseph
Emling, Raymond
Farrell, Richard L
Fishburn, Arthur
Fitzgerald, Wilbur J
Fogel, Joseph W
Fortunato, James
Fox, Richard
Fries, George F
Fujan, James
Gesselberty, John
Gesselberty, William
Gigliotti, Edward W
Gigliotti, Frank
Goheen, Gerald H
Good, Francis D
Good, Robert J
Hamilton, William
Hippert, William
Hoffman, Donald C
Keeley, Paul E
Kenny, Charles F
Kiukus, Vincent
Kirsopp, Donald
Knoll, Charles E
Kramer, Richard M
Kramer, Theodore S
Kramer, William E
Kraus, Rudolph
Krocker Jr., Louis
Kruluts, John
Landau Jr., Charles D
Levi, Fred
Levi, Guido
Liedegott, Henry A
Liebegott, John W
Lira, Andrew
Lutz, Frank
Malcolm Jr., James A
Mamula Jr., Nickolas
Marino, Ralph
Marino, Theresa W.A.C.
Mayless, George
McCullough, Warren
McElwee, James
Meagher, Patrick
Miller, Sherman W
Miner, William
Mincin, John
Mobecki, Raymond R
Janoski, Martin

Mould, Douglas
Mussill, Alvin
Oehm, Kenneth
Oelschlager, Carl
Padgelek, Frank
Padgelek, Sherman
Pantner Jr., Nicholas
Paolini, Frank
Paolini, John
Paolini, Sedo
Perrott, Robert
Plohr, Henry W
Radulovich, George
Radulovich, Nick
Reed Jr., George
Ricks, Robert
Sablo, Philip
Sargent, Arthur
Schaffnin, Edwin G
Seaman, Alfred
Sethner, Daniel
Shambo, Roy C
Sneicher, Russell
Stocker, Ernest
Sundy, Calvin
Sundy, Ralph
Tain, Bernard V
Urbanic, Andrew
Verich, Warren
Volkhar, Harry
Wagner Jr., John
Walnoha Jr., Charles
Walnoha, Charles
Walnoha, Edward
Werling, Fran
Whitegab, J D
Wittas, Michael
Wittas, Thomas
Woonicki, Casimer
Young, W A
Zellett, Daniel
Zellett, Samuel
Zombek, Frank
Zombek, Stanley M

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