15-Chartiers Valley High School Mem

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Chartiers Valley High School, Collier Twp.,
Bridgeville PA 15017

Posted: June 12, 2015; Updated: June 13, 2015

This Memorial is located at Chartiers Valley High School, 50 Thoms Run Rd, Bridgeville PA 15017. Located in Collier Twp
between the Football Stadium and the High School adjacent to Door 20. Not accessible during school hours.


Killed during World War II - 1941 / 1945

George Trumpeter
Russell McConnell
Stanley Malinowski
Stanley Polanski
Charles McLaughlin
Kenneth Heasley
Leonard Facciotti
James McGrogan
John Turner
Joseph Garin
Owen Lewis
John King
Frank Wilson
George Woods
Harry Walls
John Stripp
Robert Yeager

Killed during the Korean War - 1950 / 1953

                                                            Amos Jones    Edward Kolessar    Robert Shipe    Harry Stringer

(Please Note) -- Although currently there is no Memorial plaque for the Vietnam War fatalities in place at this site, local researcher Mary Beerman has produced the following listing.

Killed during the Vietnam War - 1955 / 1975
These 6 young men went to Chartiers Valley High School.  There are many more men lost from Carnegie H.S. and at least one who lived in Bridgeville, but attended Canevin H.S. So this is a very incomplete list.
George T. Verdinek   8-8-1965    age 19    hostile gunfire   class of 1963
David A. Trinkala      5-11-1969   age 24    hostile gunfire   class of 1964
James J. Krolikowski   8-10-1969  age 20   undetermined   class of 1966
Clifford E. Haynes, Jr.   5-26-1969   age 19    land mine explosion    class of 1967
Thomas S. Jester        9-21-1968    age 19    hostile gunfire     class of 1967
Edgar C. Moran, III     5-13-1975    age 19     USAF helicopter crash    class of 1974

Contributed by:
JR Jamieson, ([email protected]-nospam-son.com), June 12, 2015, and
Mary Beerman, ([email protected]
-nospam-cast.net), June 13, 2015

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