War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2002, Baldwin Township

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Baldwin Township, PA

                            BALDWIN TOWNSHIP
                Option Fire Department, Streets Run Road
   Two brass monuments, side by side in front of the fire department


Averill, Eben O.
Averill, Roy J.
Averill, Thomas R.
Abbaiatici, Severino
Branks, Thomas D.
Bommer, Frank
Bonardini, Antonio
Bresciani, Angelo
Beatty, Robert A.
Bress, Harry
Conner, Elmer
Ciwefa, John
Chiarello, Saverio
Depretis, Batista
Deco, Giavanni
Duviglio, Nicoloi
Ersher, Edward
Erble, Herman
Filippo, Albino
Holmes, William J.
Hilderbrand, Charles
Hilderbrand, Richard A.
Holzer, John H.
Haupt, Herman
Jack, R. Ralph
Iones, Charles F.
Kraus, Frank
Kraus, Max
Kraus, John
*Faggiani, Guido
Knefelkanp, William
Knefelkamp, Frederick
Knefelkamp, Frank
Kaspary, William C.
Kaspar, John A.
Kohansky, Joseph J.
Lake, Dr. Harry S.
Leech, Charles H.
Moore, Stephen
Moore, John
Mazarello, Americo A.
Millanti, Ubaldo
Prass, Mathias Jr.
Panelli, Antonio
Roth, John A.
Simoni, Ludovico
Scandrole, Ernest P.
Soukup, Joseph Jr.
Schmidt, Henry
Smith, Edward
Schultz, Henry
Scherer, John W.
Salvi, Andrea A.
Taylor, Harry B.
Williams, John
Weightman, Thomas
Wagner, Wiliam N.
Wagner, Joseph J.
Werner, Howard


                               HONOR ROLL
               Dedicated to those who served in World War II
                          Willock Service Club

Abbiatici, Richard
Ambrose, Joseph
Bahur, Fred
Bahur, Harry
Bahur, Paul
Bahur, Adam
Bashel, Martin
Bashor, Robert
Bashor, Charles
Belich, Pete
Bergles, Rudy
Bergles, Jerone
Blosl, Edward
Blosl, Raymond
Blosl, Joseph
Blosl, William
Blosl, James
Blosl, Florence
Bommer, Carl
Bommer, Frank
Boni, Anibale
Boni, Aldine
Bonomi, Eugene
Bonomi, Victor
Boyle, Woods
Boyle, James
Bracco, Henry
*Brady, John
Brady, Charles
Bresciani, Lawrence
Bresciani, Herman
Bresciani, Albert
Burkhart, William
Burkhart, David
Burkhart, August
Bruce, W. L.
Bruce, William
Bruce, George
Bruce, Martin
Caponi, John
Corbin, George
Danko, Frank
Depretis, Robert
Depretis, Carl
Doyle, Robert
Draksler, Wilbert
Draksler, Edward
Erbel, David
Erbel, Andrew
Eroline, Walter
Ersher, David
Fedella, Ernest
Fedella, George
Fedella, Raymond
Gaburi, Aldo
Strum, Joseph
Herron, Eldson
Gillotte, Anthony
Sardineer, Jim
Gajewski, Louis
Rutkowski, William
Nasci, John
Gajewski, Julius
*Godec, Clarence
Gorse, Gilbert
Greaves, James
Greenway, Regis
Group, William
Sustashaw, Steve
Jonardi, Enzo
Klemenci, Edward
Kline, Betty
Kline, William
Kolosky, Michael
Koplink, Alvin
Kozak, Charles
Kratchoville, Jacob
*Kukan, John
Kukan, Charles
Leech, Richard
Litterini, Frank
Macek, Carl
Macek, John
Magner, Richard
Magner, John
Miklancic, Frank
Mirt, Charles
Mittenzwey, obert
Moore, Steve
Mosi, Leo
Mudron, William
Muelhman, Paul
Muelhman, Albert
Munzo, Anthony
Muse, Richard
Niccolai, Alfred
Niccolai, Remo
Niccolai, Robert
*O'Hara, John
Parrish, Damon
Parrish, Clark
Pauley, Henry
Pauley, Edward
Paulik, Joseph
Paulik, John
Paulik, Wendell
Peach, James
Petrovich, Alfred
Pinchero, Angelo
Pini, Sante
Pini, Michael
Pini, Achille
Podbelsky, Joseph
Price, Henry
Price, Louis
Reibel, Albert
Riccobelli, Everesto
Roccobelli, Annibale
Riddle, Frank
Rink, Albert
Rollin, Albert
Salvi, Carl
Satini, Weldon
Scharf, Edward
Schmidt, Robert
Schmidt, Lorraine
Seles, Albert
*Seles, John
Seles, Joseph
Seles, Rudolph
Seles, Charles
Sevick, Andrew
Sevick, George
Simoni, Joseph
Simoni, Matthew
Simoni, Valentine
Sinkovich, Joseph
Smith, Frank
Snead, Robert Sr.
Snead, Robert Jr.
Sotler, Arthur
Sotler, George
Stark, John
Stephenson, Harry
Taucher, Charles
Tomple, Norbert
Tomple, William
Tomshe, Edward
Trobovich, Michael
Trobovich, Pete
Tuschic, Edward
Udovich, Alfred
*Vargo, John
Vargo, Steve
Vargo, Frank
Vatrol, Mike
Vatrol, John
Vigliotte, Clem
Weisen, John
Weisen, Fred
Whitaker, Lester
Williams, George
Williams, John
Williams, Jack
Yauch, Leonare
Yoders, James
Yost, Ronald
Young, Clair
Young, Harry
Zebert, Edward
Zebert, Anthony
Zelena, Chuck
Zoler, Paul
Zupkow, Walter
Right is more precious than peace, we shall fight for the things we have
always carried nearest our hearts.  To such a task we dedicate our lives.

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