War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2002, East Carnegie

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
East Carnegie, PA

                              EAST CARNEGIE
                            East Carnegie, PA

                               HONOR ROLL

  Erected and dedicated by the citizens of East Carnegie in honor of the
     boys of this community who answered their country’s call in the
                          World War 1917-1919

Frank W. Algeo
C. D. Alton
Patrick D’Angelo
Angelo Burongiorno
Frank Balowsky
William W. Cable
Dominic Capatosta
James Casalo
Marshal Chapman
Marten E. Connell
Frederick Deller
*Peter J. A. Dominic
Walter W. Ecoff
Anthony Fisher
Samuel Fisher
Bert Gagliardo
Thomas S. Gilardi
Borton Grielle
E. D. Hammill
Edward J. Hilker
William R. Hilker
George M. Hopkins, Jr.
Fred L. Hufnagel
Allen Hughes
Oswell Hughes
Thomas Hughes
Carlo Iacobette
Earl R. King
*John B. Langwarsky
A. Lenninger
William J. Lovett
Sigmund Lucci
Frank Maxwell
*James H. Mercer
Alex Morrison
Archie Moss
Bert Moss
Carroll Moss
Robert B. Moss
*Patrick Mullaney
Charles P. McCarty
John McDonough
Thomas T. Neffley
James O’Conner
Norman E. Oram
Louis Panese
Gilbert N. Picard
William C. Pontins
Elmer E. Powell
Lawrence Ragni
Arthur G. Ramsay
Carl Rupprecht
Leo Pupprecht
William Scheib
C. G. Schonlan
Elmer Schleifer
Andrew Schweitzer
George Schweitzer
John Schweitzer
Toni Skripker
Edward T. Smith
Herbert J. Smith
Percy L. Smith
Lynn P. Snyder
C. Dewey Sprowl
Lawrence J. Stephens
Edward Stephenson
Josiah Stevenson
Clarence E. Thompson
Albert Thorn
Frank Tony
John Trautman
William W. Trautman
Peter Velensky
Frederick W. Weyle
+Marie Wilkinson
Lloyd R. Wright
Rolla R. Wright
Russel A. Wright

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