Etna High School - Student Body, 1921, Etna, PA
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Etna High School -- Student Body, 1921
Etna, PA

(Please see caption below picture for names)
Etna High School, 1921, Etna, PA
(Photo credit: Compliments of Edwin H. McQuaid, EHS Class of 1924,
 via his daughter Carolyn "Cari" J. McQuaid Thomas)

Etna High School Student Body
Etna, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; March 1921

Top Row, left to right: Jessie Smith; Anna Zigan; *John Hartman;
*Marvin Smith; **Edwin McQuaid; Florris Speer; Fransois (?) Fernery;
Howard Kraus; ??? Wilmot; Lola Seitz; *Lillian Smith; **Harry Metcalf.

2nd Row from Top, l to r: Margret Erlishman; Mabel Heckel; *Frank Mervic;
*Morrow Sample; *Clyde Detrude; Leona Schor; Harry Whitehill; Robert McKee;
Howard Kretzer; Norman Orluske; Henrietta Davidson; *Lyle Lee.

3rd Row from Top, l to r: Francis Kraus; Alma Sundae; Edward Baker;
*Katherine Hartung/Hartunge; Edgar Love; Grace Gagen; Lawrence Readal;
*Eddie Robison; *Violet Musselman; Vera Wasson; *Katherine Miller;
*William Stadler.

4th Row from Top, l to r: Stella Clark; Leslie Williams; *Earl Shack;
Mildred Kretzer; Edward Broge; Helen Seill; Mabel Mast; Albert Stall;
*Zola Zoerb; Florence Kinzey; Helen Harper; Charles Lipke.

3rd Row from Bottom, l to r: Grace Webber; Grace McBride; Walter Schor;
*Laura Broge; Edward Kraus; Dorothy Williams; Jean Thomas; Clarence Metsgar;
*Theodore Rice; Calvin Hunter; *Violet Shore/Schor; **Walter Schor.
Clarence Metzger, listed as Clarence Metsgar in the third row from bottom,  was born 1906 and may have been a Junior at this time.
He became a football coach and later the mayor of Etna. [Info from cousin Bill Obenauf ([email protected]) July 2006]

2nd Row from Bottom, l to r: Emma Jane Shuker; Emma Bagley; *George Kurtzrock;
Irene Grey; *Edward Foden; Helen Paulsen; Elizabeth Hartung; Earl Ray;
*Nickolos Erdeljac; Irvin Cobert; *Anna Irvine; **Alice Paulson.

Bottom Row, l to r: Victor Miller; Florence Lingusky; Herbert Janke;
*Lenard Meriman/Merrman; Erma Hartman; Esther Fitch; Leona Shoup;
George Schaefer; Robert Letterle; Irene Wills; Dorothy Holiday.


*Names with a single asterisk are members of the Etna High School Sophomore
Class in 1921, according to the photos of 26 such members which I have. If
you are interested in a copy of this photo, please contact me and I will
send you the scan.

**Pictures from the excellent-condition sophomore class photo have been
substituted when an individual photo has been torn or damaged. Pictures of
sophomores, Walter Schor and Alice Paulson, missing on this student body
picture, have been added at right of 2nd and 3rd rows from the bottom.

Minimal touch-up work has been done on many of the faces. Some remain as is,
due to difficulty in touch-up.

Names are spelled as my father, Edwin H. McQuaid - EHS Class of 1924, wrote
them on his "key" to the photos. If there are two spellings listed, one is
as written by my mother for the Sophomore Class picture. Please forgive if
there are misspellings.

If you can identify the unknown and/or add to the information on this photo,
please contact Carolyn McQuaid Thomas ....AND... the webmaster of
The Allegheny River Family Archives at the email address shown on the
Home Page (link below).