Gibsonton Cemetery, Fayette County, PA

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Gibsonton Cemetery
Belle Vernon, Pa.
(Fayette County)

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From the Contributor:

My husband and I visited Gibsonton Cemetery in Belle Vernon, Pa. We were looking for family
that is buried there and decided to write down the names from all the headstones we could read.
There are other stones there that we were unable to read and there were some stones over
the hillside. We did our very best in reading the names and dates. I am still an
amateur at this but am trying. Hopefully it will help someone.

Here is a list of the surnames that we were able to read and the details follow. If anyone
connects and would care to correct any mistakes please contact the webmaster of this page.

I personally am interested in the WORRELL AND NEIL SURNAMES.
(Contributed by Mary Rutherford,

Recorded: April 14, 2002. Posted: July 19, 2009

1911-1912 son of N. & M. J. Worrell
died Jan. 20, 1871
5-25-1911 to 2-7-1912 Henrietta WORRELL
(looks like)born June 21, 1877
Pearl MACKEY d/o N. & M.J. Worrell
Daughter died 1877
1892-1909 1 mo 19 days
William L. Mary d/o Jacob & Marg't SPEERS
1856-1914 who died 3-16-1838
Mother age 9 days
Marion 1860-1934
In memory of James SPEERS
Elizabeth BURWELL Who died 2-27-1832 age 19yrs. 4 mo 15 days
Unable to read anything
else on this stone In memory of Sarah d/o William Louis REEVES
died 11-10-1833 3yrs. 14 days
Elmer V. SMITH
1895-1931 Louis REEVES s/o Louisa
Ida May SMITH died 3-26-1838 age 6 yrs. 5 mo 15 days
Mirtle I. SMITH Noah SPEERS died 6-9-1832
1892-1893 63 yrs. 2mo 12 days
George L. SMITH
1888-1893 Nancy consort of Noah SPEERS
David V. SMITH died 5-12-1845
1860-1940 70 yrs 7 mo 26 days
1865-19XX ?? Lee CORBETT
Margaret Anna HOPES
1886-1973 Jack CORBETT

ELLER John DRAK died 18??
mother-Anna Mary 1867-1949
father-William H. 1864-1903 Hudson M. JOHNSTONE
There are stones nearby these 4-8-1874 to 5-6-1881
that just say mother, father Wm. T 12-10-1863 to 5-10-1884
John F. 9-1-1833 to Jan or Jun 8, 1888
REICHARD (one large stone) Agnes Daly
John W. 1844-1902 6-7-1835 to 11-29-1902
Eliza 1847-1910
Small ones behind it are: father-Gaspard A KOPP
Emie 1882-1969 3-15-1883 to 12-4-1956
Lizzie 1878-1961 mother-Mabel Wilkenson KOPP
William 1886-1958 2-15-1884 to 6-2-1966
Allen Q. 1907-1910
Rebecca J. WILKINSON 1845-1919
Frank MILLER John W. WILKINSON 1825-1901
Pvt. Co A 1st Reg. Elizabeth MACKEY d/o J. & A. MACALPINE
Va. CAV 5-12-1861 to 8-31-1900
Harry E. MILLER Oct. 21, 1815 to 1-14-1892
1876-1920 Jas MACALPINE
Oct. 19, 1828 to Dec. 28, 1907
Father-Samuel McKEAN In front of these stones is a stone that just says
died 3-11-1913
80 yrs. 1 mo. 28 days George R. WALTERS 1841-1919
CO. L. 2 WVa Private Cavalry
Our baby Stephen Paul ZAPERICK Emily P. WALTERS 1845-1932
Oct. 1 - Oct. 4, 1947 Violet 1869-1891

Stone that says PAXTON?? Harry HAYS 1876-1928
another one right next to it also a stone that says mother
can't read it
Joseph JOHNSTON Hannah 1908-1917
June 17, 1849 Robert 1913-1914
Nov. 25, 1909 Grandchildren of John & Hannah WATKINSON
Mary his wife
June 5, 1855 Mary N. BOWELL 1861-1917
Rebecca E. BOWELL 1847-1922
Edward M. ODY M. Edna BOWER 1884-1922
1843-1920 John M. 1846-1918
Amanda ODY Susan L. his wife 1849-1917
Joseph W. ODY Vernon Lee WEST 12-2-1927 to 12-5-1927
1869-1921 Irene Berle WEST 10-26-1924 to 10-29-1924
Ida T. Ody Eileen Frances WEST 12-6-1923 to 2-21-1924
Father-James R 10-5-1883 to 11-15-1956
KESSLER Mother-Florence M. 5-18-1893 to 7-18-1974
Francis M. (I believe these are WEST also)
b. 3-12-1838
d. 3-7-1904 There is a HAYS stone
Samuel A. unable to read any names
b. 5-8-1866
d. 5-12-1866 William E. NEIL 1884-1923
Frances 1912-1919
Flora Elmer w/o H.W. FROST
1874-1904 Father and Mother
Ulysses S. FROST Jacob IRONS 1830-1899
1879-1932 Elizabeth IRONS 1833-1915
Frank Leslie FROST
d. Aug. 18, 1886 or 1896 ??
hard to read the year wife of Samuel WILKINSON
age 5 yrs. 9mo. 17 days Nancy w/o J.W. WILKINSON
William E. FROST born 3-17-1820
1873-1930 died 4- 15 or 18 -1880
1841-1911 Willis HENDRICKSON 1876-1905
Mary A. FROST Edward HENDRICKSON b. 8-26-1843 father
1850-1933 d. Feb. 8, 1890
mother-no name
? KENNERY John ?
Mary M. IRONS 12-7-1860 to 1-24-1919
Hannah w/o COWLISHAW our son Joseph IRONS 10-2-1???
1840-1900 died 5-2-1850 or 1880

Father Maude M d/o SW & A GULLER or CULLER
William H. GAUL 1885-1898
to 9-19-1912 RUNYAN
Mother mother-Rhoda Bard/Burd 1869-1938
Isabelle GAUL father-Rev. Phinehas D. 1862-1944
to 7-29-1906 LANGE father- Henry 1850-1942
Josephine mother-Frances Billiter 1857-1907
w/o J.A. GAUL
1881-1917 Daughter-Jennie H. HASSEN 7-9-1881 to 6-19-1902
Father- Jacob HASSEN 4-21-1842 to 1-4-1908
WILLIAMS Mary Jane HASSEN 1-11-1860 to 1-9-1950
died 1883 Fred s/o WA & VK CURL
9-14-1881 to 8-16-1899
Sadie Paxton Wm. A 12-15-1857 to 1-30-1941
7-13-1860 to Violet w/o Wm. CURL
6-13-1889 Oct. 15, 1861? to 4-29-1928?
Father Wm. A CURL
Mother Violet
Son Fred

Harry MILLER There is also a stone that reads:
1876-1920 Enoch son of Jane CLEGG unable to
Frank MILLER read anything else on this stone
1838-1907 Pvt.

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