War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2002, Imperial

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World War II Memorial
Groveton, PA

Located outside of Coraopolis, the corner of Rt. 51 North and Lewis Avenue.

Erected as a lasting tribute to the men and women of this community who served their country and in sacred memory of these five who gave their lives in World War II

Vetovich, Michael     Peska, Frank     Landsittle, Roy    White, Phillip    Garheart, George

Allen, Wesley
Anderson, Melvin
Barnowski, Frank
Barnowski, John
Barnowski, William
Baxa, James
Belinger, Louis
Betsch, John
Bialowas, Harry
Bialowas, Joseph
Bialowas, Theodore
Bialowas, Zigmunt
Blatecky, Charles
Brogley, Frank
Brogley, George
Brogley, Stephen
Brogley, William
Bures, Henry
Bures, John
Bures, James
Bujaky, Martin
Celedonia, John
Clemmons, Norman
Clemmons, William
Comisak, John
Comisak, Mary Lee
Damits, Edward
Damits, Joseph
Damits, Robert
Davis, Kenneth
Davis, Robert
Delaney, William
Demedenko, Michael
Desko, George
Desko, John
Dorsek, John
Dorsek, Stephen
Duda, Andrew
Dupin, Isadore
Eaton, George
Edwards, Robert
Edwards, William
Elder, Edward
Elder, Frederick
Elder, Thomas
Evans, Melvin
Fisher, Frank A.
Gereg, Stephen
Gray, Harold
Gray, Iliver
Gray, Walter
Grega, Betty
Grega, Frederick
Grega, Stephen

Guzik, Charles
Hecht, Edwin
Hecht, Matthew
Hecht, Richard
Helm, L'Kenny
Hudac, Edward
Hughes, William
Jarsulic, John
Jarsulic, Nicholas
Jarsulic, William
Jerome, Daniel
Jurena, Michael
Jurena, William
Karipin, John
Kish, John
Kish, Michael
Knoll, Albert
Knoll, Louis
Krull, Alexander
Krull, Elmer
Krull, Joseph
Krull, William
Kubat, Milton
Kushner Nicholas
Law, Daniel
Leitner, Paul L.
Leitner, Paul S.
Leonard, Wilbur
Loftus, Esther
Loftus, James
Luttenauer, Paul
McAnulty, George
McCormick, Betty
McCormick, Thomas
McKee, George
Mariades, Andrew
Mariades, Christopher
Mariades, James
Marion, Joseph
Marion, Louis
Miller, Francis
Mochnick, Frank
Moore, Paul
Moore, Robert
Mullen, James
Musta, Cornelius
Musta, Russell
Mysliwiec, Frank
Mysliwiec, Thomas
Nosal, John
Nosal, Martin
Palsa, James
Peska, Edward
Peska, James

Petrowski, John
Petrowski, Paul
Placek, Frank
Pollack, James
Przygodski, Edward
Rak, Joseph
Rak, Michael
Rohal, Joseph
Sass, Francis
Sass, Richard
Sandusky, Peter
Senkbeil, Albert
Sheriff, Herbert
Sheriff, James
Shost, Andrew
Shost, Stanley
Shulin, Edward
Shulin, Joseph
Shulin, Stephen
Siezenga, Joseph
Stahl, Robert
Stahl, William
Story, Austin
Story, Harry
Story, Marvin
Story, Melvin
Swigunski, Ben
Swigunski, Edward
Swigunski, John
Swigunski, Raymond
Szost, Henry
Szost, Robert
Szost, Walter
Takach, Alex
Takach, Frank
Tarquinio, Albert
Tarquinio, James
Tarquinio, Thomas
Tranovich, Catherine
Tranovich, Peter
Venneri, Anthony
Vesta, Joseph
Vesta, Robert
Vetovich, George
Vetovich, Peter
Vetovich, Russell
Vomacha, James
Walz, Eugene
Walz, Joseph
White, Harold
White, Robert
Williams, Howard
Whoolery, Nicholas
Wydra, Michael
Zarna, George

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