War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2002, Kennedy Township

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Kennedy Township, PA

                          Kennedy Township, PA
                           Veteran's Memorial
          Located at the corner of Fairhaven and Clever Roads
                       Set within Fairhaven Park

A "plaza" like arrangement.  With a circle of flagpoles surrounding a
large star-shaped structure which holds the American Flag.  A block-like
monument is located in front of the flags.  There is a dedication plaque
and a plaque listing the names.


             Donated by the Democratic Women's Organization

Adams, Edgar
Dawkins, George

Aug, Ernest
Barkley, Floyd
Barnes, Elmer R.
Bauer, John
Besseck, Daniel
Besseck, Raymond
Blazer, Henry
Bollinger, James H.
Boston, Jack
Bracken, Warren
Breedlove, Walter
Breedlove, William
*Brown, Burton
Bryant, William
Burdette, Ernest
Burns, Timothy
Busche, Thomas W.
Busha, George
Busha, John
Christiansen, Walter
Cleis, Earle F.
Cleis, George E.
Clements, Dr. Edmund   
Coulter, Charles W.
Crawford, Edward
Czeck, Archie
Czuijko, Edward   
Czuijko, John
Czuijko, Julius
*Daly, Walter
Daum, Fred
Davis, George
Dietzel, Carl
Dillinger, Ralph Jr.
Dines, Ernest
Dines, Dr. George
Downs, Alfred
Dryer, Norman
Ellis, James
Ellis, M. Ralph
Evans, William
Fairbanks, Clifford Jr.
Filipovitz, Frank
Flanhofer, Albert
Flanhofer, Carl
Franciscus, Anthony
Franciscus, Eugene
Franciscus, Regis
Franciscus, Robert
Gall, John
Gallay, Michael
Gallay, Stephen
Gallick, Paul John
Gastel, Melvin
Geisler, Albert
Geisler, Joseph
Gibson, Delmar
Gibson, Thomas
*Gibson, William
Glozzer, Joseph
Golembiewski, Harry
Graham, Elmer
Grogan, Gerald E.
Gruno, Michael
Gupp, Chester *
Hartz, Raymond
Hattman, Byron
Hattman, Ernest E.
Hattman, Samuel
Haubrick, Lawrence Jr. *
Healey, Joseph
Herbst, John
Herbst, Michael
Herbst, Walter
Hershberger, William E.
Hirschinger, Lawrence J.
Hirschinger, L. Wayne
Hirschinger, Raymond
Hohl, Dr. Anthony
Horner, Arnold
Hufnagel, George  G.
Hufnagel, William

Inman, Edward
Inman, Owen

Jakovac, F. J.
Java, John
Joniec, Joseph S.
Joseph, William

Kaiser, Edward T.
Kapinos, Clyde
Karger, Dale E.
Karger, Robert F.

Keefer, Harold J.
Kelly, Eugene
Kerecz, Carl
King, Walter
Kinsey, James Ralph
Kisak, Paul 
Kisak, Walter 
Knoll, Elmer
Knoll, Herbert
Kosak, George
Kranis, Frank
Krause, Elmer
Krull, Stephen
Kurtz, George, Jr.
Lakes, Raymond L.
Lapicki, Daniel L.
Larson, Robert
Ledgerwood, Arthur
Leon, Francis
Leslie, Clarence
Leslie, Harry E.
Lind, Cornelius
Losko, Edward
Losko, Michael
Lynch, Robert E.
Lynch, Thomas W.
Mahoney, Robert
Martin, John 
Martino, John
Masley, Andrew
Masley, Stephen
Matyaz, Charles
Matyaz, Louis
Mayes, Lewis
McClard, Frank
McFarland, Dr. Ken
McLaughlin, Florence
Meyers, Kenneth
Meyers, Thomas
Meyers, William *
Mikula, John
Mikula, Joseph 
Miller, Wesley W.
Milligan, Donald
Milligan, George Jr.
Minch, Julius
Minch, William
Mitchell, Alpheus P. Jr.
Mitchell, Samuel J.
Moore, William J.
Morgan, Donald
Myles, Harold
Nagel, Edward *
Nagy, James A.
Nickel, Nelle Belle C.
Nolte, Hubert
Nolte, Jacob
Nolte, Raymond
Nolte, Richard
Nolte, Robert G.
O'Donnell, Jack
Olszewski, Lewis
Oriolo, Frank
Osborne, Leslie
Osman, Louis
Osman, William
Oswald, Edward
Oswald, Frank
Oswald, George
Otte, Malcolm G.
Palfy, Robert
Parshall, Scott
Pasquarelli, Samuel
Patton, Vincent
Pearson, William
Phillips, Frank
Phillips, Thomas
Plazcek, Anthony
Pohaski, Stanley
Porta, Frederick
Porta, Thomas
Preforce, Charles
Quigley, Daniel
Ramsey, Harry
Ramsey, Robert
Ramsey, William J. Jr.
Rath, Charles W.
Reconnu, Harold
Reiss, Carl
Ridley, Robert
Ritenour, Roy
Ritenour, Walter
Rodgers, Kenneth
Rosenberger, Ludwig *
Rosko, Michael J.
Ruprecht, Harry
Schott, Carl
Schott, John
Schott, Rudolph
Schraeder, Glifford
Scott, Arthur J.
Seibert, Adolph A.
Seibert, Marshall P. Jr.
Sheets, John E.
Shiner, Boleslaw B.
Shriver, Frank
Sigmond, William
Simpson, Robert
Smathers, Robert E.
Smith, Richard
Sobeck, Thomas R.
Sommers, Andrew
Sonnett, John
Sonnett, Thomas
Speer, Gordon R.
Stanislaw, Joseph
Stanislaw, Robert
St. Clair, William Jr.
Stemler, Alfred
Stemler, Ralph
Stikarofsky, Jacob
Stokes, Albert
*Thomas, Robert
Timon, Steven T.
Truzel, James C. Jr.
Van Jura, George
Von Vecken, Raymond
Waldron, Clifford E. Jr.
Walker, Leonard
Way, James
Weber, Samuel
Weber, William
Weinel, George
Wiener, Frank
Wilczynski, Fred
*Wilson, Earle W.
Wurms, Sigmund
Yahner, James
Yahner, Richard
Yaksetio, Anthony
Yaksetio, Frank
Yost, Michael A.
Yost, William
Yurkovich, George
*Zelazny, Andrew J.
Zieger, Rudolph
Zinkhan, Jennings
Zinkhan, John B.
Zinkhan, Robert
Zinkhan, William
Zorowski, Elione A.

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