War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2002, Scott Township

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Scott Township, PA

                           Our Lady of Victory
                             Scott Twp, PA
Located at the former Nixon Elementary School, Lindsay Road, Scott Twp., PA

        Statue of Our Lady of Victory, with names of church members

In Gratitude to our Blessed Mother for the happy return of our veterans
                         from World War II,
safe and victorious.  We dedicate this shrine to Our Lady of Victory.
                     Dec. 7, 1941-Aug. 14, 1945
                      Dedicated Oct. 24, 1954

Bronze plaque located on the memorial.

In loving memory of our beloved pastor,
the Right Reverend Monsignor Elias P. Basil
Born May 6, 1887-Ordained March 24, 1917

Pastor of
St. Ann Maronite R. C. Church from 1928-1950
When he founded Our Lady of Victory
Maronite R. C. Church, Brookline, and appointed
Pastor until his death August 14, 1957
Image of Msgr. Basil is on the plaque

Adisey, Anthony
Affie, Joseph
Amado, Harvey
Amado, James
Ashear, James
Ashear, Philip
Assif, Edward
Ayoob, George
Ayoob, Salem
Ayoob, Wilson
Barack, Anthony
Baraky, Fred
Baraky, James
Barket, Thomas
Basil, Joseph
Budway, Dewey
Budway, Leo
Budway, Michael
Caun, Joseph
Caun, Peter
Constantin, Eugene
Constantin, Robert
Corry, Thomas A.
Coury, Abraham
Coury, Fayez
Coury, George
Coury, Harry
Coury, John
Coury, Joseph
Coury, Walter
Coury, William
Dacey, Philip
Daood, Edward
Daood, John
Daood, Peter
Davis, Anthony
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Joseph N.?
Dominick, Anthony
Dominick, Joseph
Easton, Louis
Easton, Richard
Elias, Joseph
Gabriel, Elias
Gabriel, James
Gabriel, Peter
Gacal, William
Gedid, Camel
Gedid, Edwin
Gedid, Joseph
George, Anthony
George, Charles
George, Charles J.
George, Francis A.
George, George
George, James
George, John
George, Joseph W.
George, Michael
George, Philip F.
Haeck, William
Hager, George
Hager, Peter
Hannan, Emil
Hannan, Fred
Hannan, Richard
Harby, Edward
Harby, Fred
Heigle, Charles
Jabour, Mitchell
Jacob, Harry Jr.
Jacob, Meredith
Jacob, Philip
Johns, Henry
Johns, Victor
Joseph, Anthony
Joseph, Elias
Joseph, George
Joseph, James F.
Joseph, William
Kail, Francis
Kail, John
Kail, Joseph
Kail, Peter
Karam, Charles
Karam, Samuel Jr.
Korey, Anthony
Korey, Charles
Koury, Anthony
Koury, James
Koury, Moses
Lanood, Anthony
Lanood, Peter
Lewis, John
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Philip
Lewis, Richard
Lioon, Elias
Lioon, Joseph
Lioon, Leon
Lioon, Lucy
Lioon, Samuel
Mady, Jane M.
Mahfood, Samuel
Marpes, Edward
Marpes, Henry
Marawy, Phillip
Michaels, Edwin
Moses, David
Moses, Robert
Moses, William
Mosselam, Frank
Mosselam, Joseph
Mosselam, Kenneth
Mowod, George
Mowod, Joseph
McCarey, Fred
Nassif, George
Nassif, Halem
Owens, Fred, Jr.
Romah, John
Romah, Joseph
Romah, Nick
Romah, Ray
Saad, Edward
Samreny, James
Samreny, Joseph
Samreny, Nassif
Sarkis, Anthony
Sarkis, Charles
Sarkis, John
Shollito, John
Sodie, Amen
Sodie, Taylor
Solomon, Frank
Solomon, George
Solomon, James
Solomon, William
Tannous, Donald
Tannous, Kelly
Thomas, Eugene
Thomas, Shiben
Thomas, William
Toney, Joseph
Trapolsi, Michael
Whasy, Edward
Yimin, Carmen
Yimin, John
Yimin, Leo
Zaiden, John
Zaiden, Thomas
Zemr, Nasib
Ziter, Ziter M.
Simon, Fred

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