War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2002, Sturgeon

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Sturgeon, PA

                          STURGEON HONOR ROLL
                Rededicated Memorial Day, May 31, 1999

Located overlooking Noblestown Road as it passes through the village of
Sturgeon, PA

Stanley Alkamovich
Harold Delaney
Joseph Kowalchik
Edward Balmer
Robert Balmer
Ernest Benard
William Benard
Anthony Bicusky
Rene A. Blanc
Kenneth Blank
August Bonnaure
Gilbert Bonnaure
Bruce Boocks
Donald Boocks
Earl Boocks
Charles Bres
John Brown
Frank Buck
Joseph Burda
Adrian Cadoul
Norman Campbell
Rohy Cardillo
August Carly
Louis Catola
Louis Chauvet
Lee Conn
Wilson Conn
John Cook
Frank Csuhta
Robert Dams
Frank Danjou
Gene Danjou
Gilbert Darnley
William Darnley
Donald Delahaut
Herman Delahaut
Joseph Delahaut
Jules Delahaut, Jr.
Jules Delahaut, Sr.
Charles Delaney
Clarence Delaney
Hector Delaney
James Delaney
Melvin Delaney
James Deleuze
John Deleuze
Morse Deleuze, Jr.
Joseph Delmontague
John Dempe
Charles C. Devaney
Joseph Devaney
Paul Dhinaut, Jr.
Frederick Diamond
Alvin Dufour
Emile Dufour
Paul Dufour
James Falconer
Richard Falconer
William Falconer
John Findley
Leon Franklin, Jr.
John M. Furno
Michael Gaitens
Phillip Gaitens
James Gaston
Ralph Geisler
Harvey Johns
Walter A. Kadyk
James L. Kessler
Marcel J. Kessler
Melvin Kessler
Ralph Kessler
James Kirch
Benjamin F. Kish
Stephen R. Kish
Thomas Kish
Harold Kowalchik
Michael Kowalchik
Peter Kowalchik
Lawrence Kress
Harry J. Lacotte
Emmerson Leadbitter
Theodore Lebon
Floyd Leonard
Casper Karkovitz
Joseph May
Frank May
Francis McCaffrey
James McCaffrey
Carl McElhaney
Hugh Patrick McFalls
James McFalls
Benjamin McGinnis
Elmer McGinnis
William McGinnis
Peter McGraw
Thomas McGraw
Carl McGrogan
John McVicker
Kenneth K. McVicker
Glen Miller
Mathilda Miller
Victor Muggar
Chester Multunas
Louis Olshinsky
Aldolph Openbrier
Clyde Penberthy
Martin Penberty
Frank Peron
Anthony Petrovcic
Marcel Phillips
Theodore Piecuch
Leon Piecuch
Walter Piecuch
Robert Pierce
Frank Pieron
Phillip Joseph Pierrard
Emil Plashette
Donald Prevade
Michael Puskar
Emile Rank
Leonard A. Rank
Robert Rank
Roger A. Rank
Joseph Riley
James Rosser
Edward Rusciolelli
Herve Sabaton
Marcel P. Scheers
Albert Schollaert
Clarence Sholollaert
Raymond Schollaert
Walter Schollaert
Carl Schumacher
Archie E. Scott
Robert L. Scott
Clyde Seagle
Robert Seagle
Raymond C. Sefzik
Raymond C. Sefzik, Jr.
Benjamin Sinciline
Joseph Sinciline
Warren Sinciline
Robert Sack
Anthony Slovick
Charles Snatchko
George Snatchko
Howard Snatchko
Primus Snatchko
August Souffrant
Henry Souffrant
Kenneth Souffrant
Richard Souffrant
Wayne Souffrant
Edward Supinski
Albert Sylanski
Stanley Sylanski
Joseph Robert Szyjko
Richard Szyjko
Steven Tachovaka
Joseph Terensky
Michael Terensky
Steven Terensky
Joseph Torek
Frank Tropeck
James Tropeck
John Tropeck
Andrew Ulanosky
Herman Verelest Jr.
Octave Verelst
Stanley Voloskie
Lucien A. Voye
Lester Ward
Charle Weible
James Weible
William Weible
Gustave C. Winters
Joseph Winters
Siegfred Yost
Thomas Zafeya
Elmer Ziegler
Theodore Zierden

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