War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2002, Collier/Thoms Run

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Collier Township, PA

                   Thomís Run Section of Collier Township
Located at the intersection of Thomís Run Road and Dutch Hill Road

           A tribute from the people of Thomís Run to their boys
                 who answered their countryís call in the
                            World War 1917-1919

Barbisch, John
Baxter, Joseph
Bentram, John
Bergamasco, Peter
Bierman, Fred
Bronco, Frank
Bronco, John
Cairns, Thomas
Cairns, William
Cengia, Thomas
Coburn, George
Cochran, Robert 
Dean, Thomas
Deyak, Andrew
Eichenburg, John
Elsas, John, Navy
Falzetti, Dominick
Farrar, George C.
Farrar, John
Feck, George
Gabinsky, Stanley
Gerosky, John
Gordon, Thomas
Hafner, Anton
Harrer, Louis
Harrer, Konrad
Head, William
Klemencie, Anton
Klein, Felix
Klein, George
Knaflich, John 
Laing, Robert G.
Mayetis, Frank
McCartney, Walter *
Meyer, Leo
Midich, Charles
Mikus, August
Mondini, Michael
McCartney, James
McCartney, William
McDonald, Alexander
Park, George
Quinn, James
Quinn, Michael
Resek, Steve
Rinestadler, Charles
Schrupski, Teofill *
Sickle, Charles
Slovick, Charles
Snak, William
Solts, Edward
Solts, Samuel *
Taucher, Martin
Triebsch, Amile
Triebsch, Edward
Ursitz, Andrew
Valleny, Frank
Walk, Clarence
Walk, Joseph
Webster, Herbert
White, Thomas
Wichosky, Joseph *
Wichosky, Peter
Zierdan, John, Navy
Zolot, Frank

   In Memory of our boys who gave their lives to this great case
 Walter McCartney  Teofill Schrupski  Samuel Solts  Joseph Wichosky

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