War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2008, Pittsburgh (Tyre/Santiago/North Star), PA

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh (Tyre / Santiago / North Star) , PA

"Santiago", which is what the locals call the area where this monument is erected, was until about 1958 offically name Tyre by the U.S. Postal Service. A few locals also refer to the area as North Star, after the North Star Coal Company. Santiago is about 2 miles south west of Imperial, at coordinates 40.434614,-80.268368




World War I
Blussick, Peter
Collins, Matt
Corris, Steve
Hakos, John
Host, Steven
Jula, Mike
Jula, Peter
Kersnick, George F.
Mehalic, Andrew
Progar, Frank
Quinn, James A.
Robson, Joseph
Stefanski, John R.
Thompson, Sr. William A.

World War II
Andreini, Francis
Bartechko, Andrew
Bartechko, Joe
Bartechko, Steve
Bastaroli, John
Bastaroki, Joseph
Blazich, John
Borkoski, Edward C.
Borkoski, Leo
Borkoski, Tom
Bozick, Max
Bozick, Pete
Bugay, John
Bugay, Lesko
Burgoyne, Eugene
Cincola, Sr., Frank
Darabant, Frank
Desantis, Sr., John A.
Dzera, John
Dzera, Sr., Michael J.
Evanutz, Mike
Evanutz, Tom
Fornara John
Fryson, Walter
Gervas, Sr., Walter
Hanna III, Andrew
Homol, John
Kersnick, Jeorge J.
Kraszewski, Victor
Lesniak, Joseph P.
Lonchiek, John
Lonchiek, Perry
Maga, Sr., Robert
Matalik, George
McMichael, Wayne
Mehalic, Mike
Morgan, D. Stewart
Morgan, John J.
Mottiqua, Joseph
Page, James A.
Page, Joseph v.
APayda, Pete
Perko, John
Peroni, Albert
Pleskovich, Louis H.
Posel, John
Posel, Wilbert
Pozick, Victor
Preniczky, Andrew
Preniczky, Frank
Quinn, James J.
Ruschell, Jr., Maurice
Suchar, Peter
Thomas, Jim
Thomas, John
Thompson, Sr., Frank R.
Todd, John
Torhan, Harry
Ulanosky, Joe
Valenti, Gaston
Valenti, Isadore
Valenti, James M.
Valenti, Julius P.
Weibel, Frank E.
Yezski, Edward

Corris, Joe
Darabant, Andy
Deangelis, Armondo
Druga, Sam
Dzera, Andy
Fink, Vincent
Hootman, Ralph Oliver
Kersnick, Paul
Kisow, Ronald J.
Kubalak, Jr., Michael
Lonchiek, Robert
Marzzarella, Sr., Alfred D.
Maximovich, Valenti
Mehalic, Andrew
Mehalic, William
Mottiqua, Nunce
Page, James M.
Perko, Ray
Posel, Albert M.
Posel, Ray
Pradetto, Albert
Rupich, Frank
Ruschel, Regis
Stefanski, Frank
Stefanski, Henry
Stiffler, Charles
Todd, Clifford L.
Tokarski, Jacob
Williams, James
Wilson, Eugene
Wilson, William "Beaver"

Antoszecki, John "Jack"
Benson, Robert
Bray, John
Bugay, Leslie
Burgoyne, Donald K.
Evanutz, Steve - POW
Hootman, Jr., Charles
Lange, William P.
Lonchiek, John
Maga, Jr., Robert
Moore, Herb - MIA
Patterson, John "WAP"
Reynolds, Robert M.
Robson, Ralph
Suchar, George
Suchar, Jr., John
Thompson, Larry R.
Thompson, Paul R.
Thompson, Jr., Frank R.

Barrett, Benjamin

Peace Time
Cincola, Frank
Herrick, Roger
Maximovich, Jr., Edward
Mehalic, Fred
Ruschell, Harold
Selinsky, Nick

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