Birth Records / 1875
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Pittsburgh, PA Birth Records / 1875
First 120 of 214 available

Pittsburgh, PA Birth Records / 1875
(Allegheny County)
Extracted & Compiled from
Archives of Industrial Society Original Records, December, 2000

PLEASE NOTE: This is ONLY the first 120 entries of 214 available.
Due to time constraints I am unable to complete this project.

None of the following information, partial or in total, may be used by any
person or organization, electronically or otherwise, for the purpose of
profiteering.  Copying is permitted only if this source is indicated as
the point of origin.

The AIS record book for 1875 Pittsburgh, PA births consists of a separate page for each entry. Each page has been manually "pencil-marked" with an entry number in the upper right hand corner.

To assist those who would choose to view/review this book in their own research at AIS, I've numbered these entries to match the numbers hand-written in the AIS book.

Two additional pieces of information, from the bottom of each page transcribed, has not been included, mostly due to illegibility. Those items are: "Attending Physician or mid-wife", and "Address" of same.

This listing includes: entry number; surname; first name (if given) / (nn) indicates "no name given"; sex; color; Fathers' name; Fathers' occupation; Mothers' name; date of birth; location of birth. Question marks are used in areas where the entry appears illegible to this transcriber. Original spelling has been maintained.

No., Surname, Given Name, Sex, Color, Fathers Name; Fathers Occupation; Mothers Name;
Date of Birth, Place of Birth

1. MUTSHLER, Ema Barbara, F, W, Mihcal, Laborer, Katherine,
1-2-1875, 128 15th St., 28th Ward

2. WOODS, (nn), F, W, Geo., Mechanic, Sarah, 
1-5-1875, 6 Mercer St., 11th Ward

3. McGLAUGHLIN, (nn), F, W, Martin, Airbrake Maker, Bridget,
1-6-1875, 6th ward

4. RUSSELL, (nn), M, W, Robert, Millman, Mary
1-14-1875, Southern Ave., 32nd Ward

5. HUGHES, Millie, F, W, John, Coal Miner, Ellen
1-23-1875, Washington Ave., 32nd Ward

6. H???RTH, (nn), M, W, John, ?, Lizzie
1-23-1875, Sycamore St., 32nd Ward

7. MITCHELL, Eddie, M, W, Elisha, Carpenter, Eliza
1-23-1875, W. Carson St., 33rd Ward

8. SHEIDER, Michael, M, W, Michael, ?ortmaker, Anna
1-28-1875, 26th Ward

9. SU(CH)??, Charlie, M, W, William, Iron Worker, Jane
2-22-1875, Sycamore St., 32nd Ward

10. DANGERFIELD, (nn), M, W, Benjamin, ?, Amelia
2-25-1875, Virginia St., 32nd Ward

11. ZAFUSS, (nn), M, W, Michael, Laborer, Linise
3-4-1875, Mt. Washington Ave., 32nd Ward

12. MOORE, (nn), F, W, Ch??, Nailor, Nancy
3-4-1875, Garden St., 32nd Ward

13. CASTILLO, Peter, M, W, Peter, Riverman, Mary Jane
3-11-1875, Rd., 32nd Ward

14. DAUGHERTY, Bert, M, W, Albert, Glassblower, Carmella
3-20-1875, W.  Carson, 33rd Ward

15. NIVEN, (nn), M, W, A. Chas.?, Painter, Mary
3-??-1875, Bedford & Mason, 32nd Ward

16. SMITH, Clarence, M, W, Philip, Mouldmaker, Mary
3-27-1875, R. Rd. 32nd Ward

17. STOUT, Mary, F, W, Harry, Clerk, Maggie
4-2-1875, Washington Ave. & Sycamore, 32nd Ward

18. HASSETT, (nn), M, W, Edward, Millman, Mary E.
4-4-1875, W. Carson 33rd Ward

19. ZAFUSS, Chas., M, W, George, Millman, Jane
4-25-1875, Sycamore St., 32nd Ward

20. ORTELL, (nn), M, W, Linis, Musician, Barbara
5-3-1875, Garden St., 32nd Ward

21. STOKES, (nn), M, W, Isaac, Millman, Bertha
5-8-1875, Sycamore & Storing?, 32nd Ward

22. CONNOR, Thomas?, M, W, Thomas J., Teamster, Mary Ellen
6-1-1875, E. Carson, 30th Ward

23. ELLIS, (nn), M, W, Chas.?, Merchant, Murial E.
6-7-1875, Southern Ave., 32nd Ward

24. MILLER, George, M, W, Christ, Carpenter/Laborer, Catherine
7-14-1875, Maria Ave., 32nd Ward

25. TORRENCE, Robert, M, W, David, Clerk, Eliza
8-1-1875, Grandview Ave., 32nd Ward

26. WOODS, Oscar, M, W, Andrew, Millman, Ella Mary
9-8-1875, 14 W. Carson, 33rd Ward

27. MURDOCH, William, M, W, William, Clerk, Eliza
9-28-1875, Kirkpatrick St., 32nd Ward

28. SCHNEIDER, (nn), F, W, August, Carpenter, Dortha
10-17-1875, Maria Ave., 32nd Ward

29. BURREI, Veronika, Seraffina, F, W, Jacob, Glassblower, Veronika
10-18-1875, Pius, 27th Ward

30. ELKIN, John, M, W, John, Blacksmith, Catrina
10-25-1875, Laughlin Station, 24th Ward

31. WINTERS, (nn), F, W, Jno., Carpenter, Alice
11-19-1875, Maria & Sycamore, 32nd Ward

32. REESE, John, M, W, David, Laborer, Mary
12-1-1875, 2610 Mary St., 25th Ward

33. RYAN, James, M, W, Daniel, Laborer, Mary
12-1-1875, Forbes St., 14th Ward

34. DOLING, Mary, F, W, John, Laborer, Mary
12-1-1875, Tuskin St., 14th Ward

35. SMITH, Eugene, M, W, Ferd, Cigar Mfr., Kate
12-2-1875, Penn St., 10th Ward

36. BOYLE, Dennis, M, W, Dennis, Laborer, Mary
12-2-1875, Liberty St., 16th Ward

37. CANDRUES, James, M, W, John, Laborer, July?
12-2-1875, Second Ave., 6th Ward

38. PEEL, Wm., M, W, Louis, Railroad Lineman, Mary J.
12-2-1875, Homewood Ave., 21st Ward

39. ROSS, (nn), M, W, Henderson, Millman, Margaret
12-2-1875, 13 W. Carson, 33rd Ward

40. McDOWELL, Edwin, M, W, David, Glassblower, Lydia
12-3-1875, 1107 Bradford, 29th Ward

41. ALPERMANN, Herman August, M, W, Wilhelm, Karpenter, Mina
12-3-1875, Larimer Ave., 21st Ward

42. MURRAY, Stephen, M, W, Thomas, Laborer, Mary
12-3-1875, 35 Carson, 34th Ward

43. G?AGGART, (nn), M, W, M.G., Plumber, Anna M.
12-3-1875, Roberts-&-Bedford, 11th Ward

44. GARNITZKY, Heinrik Leopold, M, W, Julius?, Klerk, Josephin
12-3-1875, Pius, 27th Ward

45. METZ, Charle, M, W, Adam, Barber, Anna
12-3-1875, 1927 Fuh? Way, 26th Ward

46. NIASCH?, Jno. Wm., M, W, Jno., Helper-at-rolls, Kate Ann
12-4-1875, Arch St., 12th Ward

47. HAMILTON?, (nn), M, W, Geo. W., Stock Dealer, Felicia
12-4-1875, Frankstown, 21st Ward

48. PHILLIPS, Berdinard ?, M, W, Berdinard, Agent, Maria Dunlap
12-4-1875, 333 Fifth Ave.

49. COYLE, John Francis, M, W, John, Roller Helper, Mary Catharine
12-4-1875, Roston? St., 14th Ward

50. MONDSHEIN, Albert C., M, W, William F., Drover, Lizzie
12-5-1875, Shakespeare?, 23rd Ward

51. STEVENSON, Millie, F, W, William, Painter-Store Merchant, Helen?
12-5-1875, Homewood Ave., 21st Ward

52. DENNY, John, M, W, John, Laborer, Roseann
12-5-1875, Carson St., 34th Ward

53. OSWALD, Phillip, Jacob, M, W, Phillip, Dry Goods, Merchant, Mary Myen?
12-5-1875, Butler, 15th Ward

54. COCHRAN, (nn), M, W, Charles Carroll, (te)?acher, Annett Ann
12-5-1875, 220 Bedford, 11th Ward

55. LITTLE, Jas., M, W, James, Railroad Employee, Mary?
12-5-1875, Frankstown?, 21st Ward

56. FULTON, John, Wilson, M, W, Sam?, Lawyer, Annie
12-6-1875, Wylie, 11th Ward

57. DORN, Friedrich? Christian, M, W, Phillip, Laborer, Mina
12-6-1875, Thompson St., 21st Ward

58. SIMPSON, Harry, M, W, John A., Glassblower, A.J.
12-6-1875, 20th St., 26th Ward

59. MADDEN, John, M, W, John, Laborer, Mary Spilani?
12-6-1875, Carson St., 34th Ward

60. SHEHON, Michel, M, W, John, Laborer, Julia
12-6-1875, Brownsville Annex, 31st Ward

61. KEALY, Mary, F, W, William, German Bank Teller, Elizabeth Donahue
12-6-1875, Penn Ave. & 33rd St., 12th Ward

62. JPOKAVA, John, M, W, Mickal, Laborer, Catharen
12-6-1875, 597 Fren? St., 9th Ward

63. ?UEGRAW, John, M, W, Philip, Laborer, Alice
12-6-1875, Second Ave.-Eliz. Furnaces, 14th? Ward

64. CAMPBELL, Ashley Bird, M, W, Harry Clay, Attorney, Mary S.
12-7-1875, Ridge St., 13th Ward

65. HANNAN, (nn), M, W, John, Car Driver, Caroline Elizabeth
12-7-1875, 9 Oakland Ave., 14th Ward

66. FLORIG, Friedrich Ludwig, M, W, Friedrich, Laborer, Mary
12-7-1875, Frankstown Ave., 19th Ward

67. WOLFGANG, Charlie, M, W, Charlie, Labber, Lizzie
12-7-1875, Center Ave., 11th Ward

68. HOLLAND, Thomas, M, F, Michael, Labor, Bridged
12-7-1875, Carson St., 23/33 Ward

69. SHARR, Albert, M, W, James Calven, ?, Mary Smith
12-7-1875, 33rd Ward

70. CARLIN, Peter, M, W, John, Labour, Mary Omahanoy?
12-7-1875, Soho, 14th Ward

71. DUTTON, Willie Richard, M, W, Joseph, Boiler, Annie
12-7-1875, Spring Alley, 10th Ward

72. RADCLIFF, James, M, W, Thomas, Clerk, Ella
12-8-1875, Cer?land? ?ox Aley?, 26th Ward

73. ROESER, Martin Joseph, M, W, Jacob, ??erter, Elizabeth
12-8-1875, Fulton St., 35th Ward

74. GERST, (nn), M, W, Louis, Glassblower, Harriett
12-8-1875, Chestnut St., 36th Ward

75. KILLGORE?, (nn), M, W, Robt. J., Bricklayer, Hannah Grant
12-8-1875, Penn & Pearl, 16th Ward

76. McCARTY, Edwin, M, W, Jno., Boiler, Mary
12-8-1875, 32 Twelfth St., 29th Ward

77. WELSH, (nn), M, W, Wm., Engineer, Margaret
12-8-1875, Spring St., 21st Ward

78. PERSELL?, Thomas, M, W, John, Laborer, Mary
12-8-1875, Calvin? St., 11th ? Ward

79. KENNEDY?, (nn), M, W, James, Grocer, Eliza
12-8-1875, 5 Jaurukill? St., 8th Ward

80. WHELAN, William, M, W, William, Iron Roter?, Anne
12-8-1875, Anne St., 19th Ward

81. SUMAS, William, M, W, William, Tailor, Louise
12-8-1875, 146 Cherry St., 3rd Ward

82. MALONE, John Thomas, M, W, Hugh, Boiler, Catherine
12-9-1875, Meiss? St., 36th Ward

83. RAITH, William, M, W, William, Laborer Steelwork, Elisabeth?
12-9-1875, 42nd St., 17th Ward

84. DAKER?, (nn), M, W, John, Puddler, ?
12-9-1875, Taylor St., 16th Ward

85. FROMAN, Joseph, M, W, Henry, Glass snipellar?, Sophia
12-9-1875, 136 Elm St., 6th Ward

86. HARRY?, Lawrence, M, W, Nathan, Carpenter, Mary
12-9-1875, Homewood Ave., 21st Ward

87. GRIM, (nn), M, W, Geo. I., Salesman, Leah
12-10-1875, 78 Logan St., 2nd ? Ward

88. GRAY, (nn), M, W, John, Coal weightman, Mary
12-10-1875, ?, 35th Ward

89. SCHWARZWALDER?, (nn), F, W, Gottlieb, Laborer, Anna
12-11-1875, 31 Mill??berger, 6th Ward

90. CLINEY, Lomas?, M, W, Frances, Laborer, Ann
12-11-1875, Comas? St., 14th Ward

91. DAVIES, John Henry, M, W, Abraham?, Helper, Virginia
12-11-1875, Carey? Alley, abv 28th, 24th Wd

92. SNIDER, Sysy, F, W, John, Laborer, Lisey
12-12-1875, Tuskin St., 19th ? Ward

93. BARKER, (nn), M, W, Richard Vance, Printer, Lilly Anderson
Sun. 4 am, 12-12-1875, Pussey Court, 9th St. 4th Wd

94. LEWIS, Walter, M, W, Thomas, Cork cutter, Margaret
12-12-1875, Ann St., 8th Ward

95. ROURKE?, (nn), M, W, Thomas, Painter, Nellie? Gallaher
12-12-1875, 5th Ave., 5th Ward

96. BERGER, Willey, M, W, Luis?, ?leasman, Kate
12-12-1875, 51 Wilely Ave., 11th Ward

97. EDMONDSON, John, M, W, John, Attorney, Mary
12-13-1875, Glenwood St., 23rd Ward

98. McPIKE?, Jas., M, W, Jas., Grocer, Elizabeth
12-13-1875, Butler/33rd St., 15th Ward

99. WORTY?, Jas., M, W, Patrick, Millhand, Mary
12-13-1875, Centre Alley, 24th Ward

100. HENNING, Fread?, M, W, John, Butcher, Mary
12-13-1875, Ann St., 6th Ward

101. HAYS, John Edward, M, W, Edward, Boiler, Mary
12-13-1875, Penn St., 12th Ward

102. BOWERS, Joseph George, M, W, Joseph, Britania Worker, Sarah Jane Gorley
12-13-1875, near 283 2nd Ave, 6th Ward

103. LYNAN?, (twins?) Thomas & Willie, M, M, W, W, Peter, Grocer, Ellen
12-13-1875, 42 Webster St., 5th Ward

104. HORNER?, (nn), M, W, Joseph, Methodist Minister, Margaret
7:45 am, 12-13-1875, 61 Chatham, 7th Ward

105. MITCHELL, Joseph, M, W, William, Carpenter, Maggie
12-13-1875, Eliz. Furnace & 2nd Av, 14th Ward

106. FELKER, (nn), M, W, Matthew McGeary, Barge builder, Sarah Maranda?
12-14-1875, 25th Ward

107. PUFF, Joseph, M, W, Frank, Gatherer?, Annie Marie
12-14-1875, Maloy's/York, 31st Ward

108. CURRY, (nn), M, W, Henry, Clerk, Harriet
12-14-1875, 44th St., 17th Wd

109. HERMAN, Joseph, M, W, Joseph, Steelmelter, Annie
12-14-1875, Fulton St., 11th Ward

110. McMANUS?, (nn), M, W, Geo. Davis, Barber, Mary Elizabeth
12-14-1875, 36th Ward

111. MARSHALL, C. Watson, M, W, Robert, Forman, Margaret J.
12-15-1875, 3 Hazel St., 7th Ward

112. PARK, Hugh Albert, M, W, Fred, Paver, Sarah Jane
12-15-1875, 34 Poplar Alley, 7th Ward

113. BRODERICK, John Francis, M, W, Thos., Carter, Bridget
12-15-1875, 230 Bedford, 11th Ward

114. GRANT, Thos? R., M, W, John, Laborer, Lucy
12-15-1875, 49th St. 17th Wd

115. O'DONNELL, Hannah Moledore, F, W, George, Engineer, Hannah Elizabeth
12-15-1875, 485 Fifth St., 11th Ward

116. KERSHBAUM?, Lisey, F, W, Charley, Gunmaker, Mary
12-15-1875, Locust St., 14th Ward

117. PERRY, Peter, M, W, Peter, Workman, Marie
12-16-1875, 496 5th Ave., 6th Ward

118. STOCKDALE, (nn), M, W, Clark, Carpenter, Mary
12-16-1875, Dallas Ave., 23rd Ward

119. FRIEL, John, M, W, Lime?, Labour, Mary
12-16-1875, 773 Mulbery Ally, 12th Ward

120. GARBER, Joseph, M, W, Ludwig, Laborhand, Mina
12-16-1875, 31st Ward

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