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Cemetery Inscriptions from
St. Casimir RC Cemetery
Hamilton Road
Borough of Whitehall, PA
(Allegheny County)

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(Photos courtesy of Bill Bodkin)



NOTE: To maintain the integrity of interments recorded, this posting is NOT alphabetized! Surnames grouped together
indicate burials are within the same plot.

Some History:

ST. CASIMIR'S R. C. CEMETERY holds many of the remains of the South Side of Pittsburgh's Lithuanian community, members of
St. Casimir's Parish. Many of the tombstones display names in the original Lithuanian, and denote status - - Tevas(father),
Motina(mother) in the language. Others will show the original spelling, the variations, then the Americanization of the
surname(Vaisis/Wise). Many of the Lots have Footstones bearing the family/families Name/s, & hold the remains of relatives
with different surnames, i.e. Elvina Tarker is the daughter of George & Anna Young.


The cemetery is adjacent to the property owned by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Providence of God (Whitehall), and
close to another cemetery, Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox on Hamilton. It can be reached from Route 88 in Castle Shannon
onto Hamilton, or from Route 51 & Brownsville Rd.(South Hills Country Club), to Baptist, onto Hamilton.


Unless otherwise indicated, Recorded and Copyrighted by Doramae Greppi,, Sept. 2000

Updated: June 11, 2010

Section A
SURNAME, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
SCRABIS, Anthony T., 1908-1980, 1st. Lt. USArmy WWII

BALUKONIS-CICELA (on 1 large stone):
Karolis, d. 26 Nov 1950, father
Victoria, d. 16 Sep 1954, mother
Sophie, ---- wife
Henry, d. 18 Jun 1954, husband

CIKOSKI, John, b. 8 Oct 1917/16 Aug 1961, Pvt. 4099th. QM. RHD. Co. Aus, enl 12 May 1942, dis 30 Dec 1945

CHUBIS (large stone):
John, 1890-1962, father
Nellie, 1894-1979, mother

KATILIUS (on 1 large stone):
Theresa, 1893-1955, mother
Anthony E., 1879-1958, father
Edward J., 1922-1976
Helen Mae Cramer, 1924-1995

BARTASIUS, Pauline, 1913-1952, wife & mother
BARTASIUS, John, 1909-1987, husband
BUTCHNESS, Agnes, 1884-1957, mother
BUTCHNESS, Joseph, 1911 ---, husband
BUTCHNESS, Ann, 1910-1989, wife
ROSKOV, Frank, husband (no dates)
ROSKOV, Helen, wife (no dates)

BARSAUSKAS (on 1 large stone):
Bernard, 1886-1952
Antoinette, 1891-1952
Patricia, 1916-1969
Casimir, 1918-1968/also separate stone - 16 Sep 1918/9 Dec 1968, Pvt. 106th.Inf.Aus., enl 14 Feb 1942 dis 3 Oct 1945

STANEK (same stone as above)
Frank A., 10 Dec 1915/31 Jul 1986 USArmy

SHINKUS - - footstone
Alfred F., 5 Feb 1925/20 Sep 1972, Pa HA1 URNR WWII
Helen, 27 Jun 1985, mother
Frank, 27 Aug 1953, father
Makvitis, Vincent J., 1915-1990 WWII
Makvitis, Lillian (no dates)

SPAKAUSKAS-MASSLON (on 1 large stone):
MUSSLON, Christina, d. 1950

KVEDERIS, Klementas, Nov 1875/Sep 1967, father
KVEDERIS, Rosalya, Sep 1883/15 Feb 1963, mother

KAIRYS (on 1 large stone):
Leonas, 23 Mar 1892/24 Apr 1965, father
Helen, 10 May 1893/29 Jan 1990, mother
Leo R., M.D., 28 Jun 1931/19 Mar 1998, son
KAIRYS, Albert M., 10 Sep 1916/11 Oct 1971, Pa. Colonel USArmy Res, WWII, Korea, Vietnam

KAPSIS (on 1 stone):
KAPSIS, Levenora, 1895-1993, mother
KAPSIS, Dominic, 1887-1968, father
ANGLICKAS, John, 1881-1953

RUSKIN (Large stone with no names); same lot - -
STANTON, Ann Mitchell, 1914-1961

ASTRAUSKAS, Mary, 1887-1964, mother
ASTRAUSKAS, Leonas M., 1875-1949, father
ASTRAUSKAS, Leon, 1904-1963, son
ASTRAUSKAS, John, 1912-1969, son
ASTRAUSKY, Brownie, 10 Jul 1924/28 Aug 1973, Pa. Y1 USNavy, WWII

PATRAUSKAS, Joseph, 1887-1981, father
PATRAUSKAS, Raphelia, 1893-1964, mother

POVILUNAS -BABSKI (headstone):
Charles, 1884-1950 - - and
Mother, 1895-1958 - - - on stone in ground

BABSKI (stone in ground):
Anna, 1914-1997
Harry, 1913-1978

SENUTA 1954 (on large stone):
Joseph, 1880-1954,father
Victoria, 1887-1975
Brownie, (no dates)
Alphonse, 1912-1982
Monica, (no dates)
Albin, (no dates)

WAINAUSKIS, Michael, 1878-1951, father
WAINAUSKIS, Marcella, 1884-1961, Mother
(new grave - - unmarked)

JEZNIS, Bertha, 1886-1950
JEZNIS, John, 1885-1964
JEZNIS, Helen Jeznis Ray, 1922-1955, daughter
JEZNIS, Joseph V., 1916-1974

SABALAUSKAS, Frank A., 1919-1980,father
SABALAUSKAS, Helene B., 1921-1969, mother
STOCKUS - - seems same lot - -
Vlade, 1892-1950, motina
Kazimieras, 1885-1952, tevas

DUBUS, Frank, 1914-1951

KIMUTIS, Simon M., 1884-1951,father
KIMUTIS, Anna M., 1888-1966,Mother
KIMUTIS, Anna T., 26 Jul 1913/7 Aug 1988
KIMUTIS, Joseph J., 1927-1974, son
KIMUTIS, Martha Louise, 1927-1944
MAKUH, John, 13 Feb 1912/20 Oct 1991, father
MAKUH, Valeria A., 5 Jun 1912/9 Apr 1981, mother

BOSKULIS, Anna Rose, 1895-1951, mother
BOSKULIS, Ignatz John, 1895-1976, father
BOSKULIS, Mary, 1899-1982, wife
BARKUS, Izadore, 1873-1962, father
BARKUS, Anna, 1872-1967
LEASE, Anthony P., 1903-1964, husband
LEASE, Frances B., 1906-1988, wife

WHITE (large monument):
WHITE, Stella, 1908-1982
WHITE, Michael, 1904-1959
SAVULONIS, Vincent, 1875-1955
SAVULONIS, Suzanna, 1887-1967

PUCKA 1953 (on large stone):
PUCKA, Jonas, 1881-1938, father
PUCKA, Veronika, 1881-1978, mother
GELUMBAUSKAS, Dominic, 1893-1960
ANDRUKAITIS, Gustavas, 1895-1964

YOKUBENAS, Joseph, 1887-1955, father
YOKUBENAS, Anne, 1882-1968, mother
JACOBS, Walter J., 1915-1995, USArmy WWI
KELLY, Thomas B., 21 Jul 1911/13 Dec 1992, Pvt. USMC, WWII

BARCZAUSKAS-LIGETTI (on 1 large stone):
Joseph, 1893-1956, father
Petronella, 1891-1983, mother
William, 1914-1983, father
Anne, 1920-1995, mother

GUSTAITIS, Jonas C., 1890-1949, father
GUSTAITIS, Ona M., 1893-1981, mother

KELLER - STROGA 1953 (Monument):
KELLER, George, 1895-1946, father
KELLER, Sally, 1889-1988, mother
KELLER, Vito F., 1927-1955, son
STROGA, Ursula, 1887-1951, mother
STROGA, Charles, 1890-1971, father
STROYER, Leo Stroga, 1921-1992, son
STROYER, Peter P. Stroga, 5 Feb 1919/10 Dec 1972

GUTAUSKAS, Felix, 1892-1952, father
KAVALAUSKAS, Marie, 1883-1966, mother
SPIRGIS, Anna G., 1906-1981, mother
SPIRGIS, Charles, 1911-1980, father
DIAK, Harry, 1916-1980, father
DIAK, Valeria A., (no dates)

DOWNS (large cross monument):
DOWNS, Charlers, 1885-1961, father
DOWNS, Stella, 1894-1967, mother
DOWNS, Charles C., Jr., 23 May 1909/13 Nov 1970
DOWNS, Edna M., 22 May 1913/2 Feb 1983

unmarked headstone

BALDASARY (on large stone)
Nicholas, 1896-1992 "Jack", husband
Adele, 1900-1989, wife
Robert, 31 Dec 1926/23 Feb 1956, Seaman 1/C USNR, enl 29 Dec 1944 dis 18 Jul 1946

KOLICIUS (on large monument):
Frank, 25 Dec 1895/17 Sep 1961, uncle
William, 1 Jan 1897/27 Aug 1964, father
Veronika, 28 May 1905/13 Oct 1982, mother

JENNINGS (cross monument):
JENNINGS, Michael Joseph, 16 Aug 1891/22 Aug 1948, husband
JENNINGS, Helene Rodgers Jennings, 3 Dec 1905/18 Sep 1975
RODGERS, Alexander, 1872-1962, father
RODGERS, Marcella, 1879-1954, mother
RODGERS, Joseph A., 12 Oct 1910/29 Aug 1984, husband
RODGERS, Pauline M., 23 Oct 1908/29 Jun 1996, wife
DARRAGH, Mary Rodgers, 1902-1978, daughter

STUCKA, Victoria, 1869-1959,mother
STUCKA, Anthony, 1894-1976,son
SLAN, George, 1894-1963
SLAN, Theophila, 1896-1986
WETTER, Theophila, 1917-1983
WETTER, Herbert (no dates)

KATELLA-CHINIK (on one stone):
John, 1911-1981, son
Barbara, 1879-1969, mother
Mildred, 1910-1996, wife
Walter, 1910-1961, husband
John P., 28 Nov 1911/23 Jan 1981, Tec4 USArmy WWII
Alphonse C., 1915-1988, father
Mary E., (no dates), mother

KERAITIS, Anthony, 1890-1979, father
KERAITIS, Mary, 1895-1981, mother
KERAITIS, Carl, 1892-1967, brother
SIPP, Anna, 1885-1962, mother
NAURA, Petras, 1898-1951

ANTHONY, Stanley F., 1 Jan 1914/30 Jan 1992
ANTHONY, Helen M., (no dates)

GALINOWSKI (on stone):
Louise, 1890-1949, mother
Vincent, (no dates), husband
Bertha, 1914-1972, wife

RODGERS, Peter, 26 Dec 1881/11 Apr 1966, father
RODGERS, Frances, 6 Jan 1883/29 Mar 1955, mother
* relatively new unmarked grave on lot

WISE-RATTAY - - monument
RATTY, John A., 23 Aug 1912/15 Aug 1980, S. Sgt. USArmy, WWII

KIZIK-LABA (on large stone):
KIZIK, Anne, 1933-1953, daughter
KIZIK, Ursula, 1896-1978, mother
KIZIK, Joseph, 1885-1967
LABA, Edward, (no dates)
LABA, Emily, (no dates)

GREBLIUNAS, John, 24 Dec 1890/15 Feb 1960
GREBLIUNAS, Marcella, 12 Jan 1904/3 Nov 1993

Section F
SURNAME, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
VAISIS-WISE / headstone
VAISIS, Mildred, 1916-1954, Daughter
VAISIS, Stella B., 1894-1961, Mother
VAISIS, Antenas J., 1889-1962, Father
WISE, Andrew J., 1918-1998, Husband, Veteran US Army
WISE, Stella J., 1918-1967, Mother

LUBUSKES, John B., 1893-1956, Father
LUBUSKES, Anna, 1898-1977, Mother

SEELY, Marian, 1936-1993, Daughter

KALINOWSKI, Anthony R., 1929-1999, Father
KALINOWSKI, Frances L., (no dates), Mother

KUBIAK, John E. Jr.,"Kirby", 24-Feb-1930/ 21-Jul-1994

THOMAS, Frank P., 23-Aug-1916/ 18-Aug-1979 ----
THOMAS, Helen M., 2-Aug-1922/22-Jun-1987 > same lot
MC NASH, Margaret, 1900-1995, Mother ----

SADAUSKAS, Wallace, 1891-1960, Father
SADAUSKAS, Stella, 1895-1988, Mother

SOBKOWIAK, Anna M., 1907-1953, Mother
SOBKOWIAK, Valentine M., 1901-1975, Father ----> same lot
SOPKOWIAK, Sylvester, 28-Dec-1927/ 29-Jul-1998
SOPKOWIAK, Julann, (no dates)

GANSER, John T., 1913-1965, Father
GANSER, Marie C., 1910-1984, Mother

YASUDAVICH, William, 1888-1984, Father, (photo), (BB) ---->
YASUAVICH, Dorothy, 1890-1965, Mother
, (photo), (BB) 4 names on large Yasudavich headstone
BUCKHOLT, Tillie, 1918-1987
, (photo), (BB)
BUCKHOLT, Henry L., 29-Dec-1918/ 31-Jan-1967, Fireman 1/c USN enl. 30-May-1944, disc. 14-Feb-1946, (photo), (BB)

CUPKA, Eileen Buckholt, 1941-1989, wife, (photo), (BB) --->see below
Lot is marked with JASUDAVICIUS footstone

ANDRUNAS, Domicila, 1894-1981
ANDRUNAS, Ignas, 1886-1954

SALTENIS, Petras, 1887-1958
SALTENIS, Jonas, 1883-1959

PACIUS, Agnes E., 1886-1983, mother
PACIUS, Alexander, 1871-1954

NARDI, Dino, 1899-1987, father
NARDI, Amelia, 1907-1997, mother
NARDI, Remo J., no dates, husband
NARDI, Marilyn J., 1935-1972, wife

YABLONSKY, Joseph, 1893-1978
YABLONSKY, Mary Chapates, 1889-1972
BETANT, John C., 1911-1990
BETANT, Marcella, 27-Mar-1914/ 13-Feb-1963, wife
BETANT, Walter, 3-Jun-1913/ 14-Jun-1965,Pa. Pfc 2528 Base Unit AAF
BETANT, Alice, 28-Feb-1883/ 10-May-1965, mother

STANNY, Marie F., 1903-1954, mother

PETKUS, Charles, 1889-1954

HARKINS, John Joseph, 5-Jan-1879/ 22-Oct-1954, Cpl 28th MP, enl. 13-Jul-1917, dis. 19-May-1919

RUPSIC, Elizabeth, 5-Nov-1900/3-Mar-1981

RACHKAUSKAS, Mary, 1875-1956, mother

SENULIS, Anna, 1897-1953, mother
SENULIS, John L., 1892-1967, organist

SABAITIS, Petronilla, 1901-1954, wife
SABAITIS, Victor W., 1904-1968, husband

ZILIONIS, Frances, 1895-1961, wife
ZILIONIS, Francis, 1899-1971, husband

LOSCO, Ralph A., 4-Jul-1946/ 7-Apr-1954, son

ULIS, Anna, 1877-1955, mother
ULIS, Simon, 1915-1969, son

WAITKUS, Barbara Mary, 1873-1954, wife
WAITKUS, Joseph, 1887-1959, husband

KNEE, Helen M., 1908-1979
KNEE, John Clevenger, 1906-1955

KAKTA, Anton, 1902-1970

BERNOTAS - - Empty Monument, (no dates)

RESETAR, Helen, 1908-1977, mother

GEORGE, Victor 1921-1987, father ----- BURTOFT/GEORGE FAMILIES, stone
GEORGE, Virginia, 1919-1985, mother --

MARCZIAK, Stanislaw, 13-Nov-1892/13-Dec-1954
MARCZIAK, Anna, 5-Feb-1894/7-Jul-1957

CHARLES, Joseph F., 1894-1985, son
CHARLES, Frances, died 1957, mother
CHARLES, Anthony F., 1897-1977, father, WWI Vet
CHARLES, Clara A., 1900-1968, mother

CUMBERLEDGE, Ruth T., 1925-1999
CUMBERLEDGE, Howare R., 1927-2000

CALDWELL, Stanley D. Sr., 19-Jun-1919/ 11-Jun-1994, Tec 4 USArmy WWII

BREZINSKY, Vincent, 5-Oct-1925/ 4-Sept-1964, Seaman 1/c USNavy, enl 18-Dec-1943, dis 2-May- 1946
BRAZINSKY, Anna, 1899-1984, mother
BRAZINSKY, John R., 1960-1961, grandson

BISCUS, Nancy E., 13-Aug-1938/ 27-Jul-1992

CEPULIS, Sally O., 1925-1997
CEPULIS/ZARONSKIS FAMILIES, (large headstone)with following:
Malvina, 1892-1950, motina
Vikte, 1884-1950, motina
Jonas, 1880-1936, tevas

WENSLOVAS, Helena A., 30-Sept-1895/ 12-Sept-1961, mother
WENSLOVAS, Anthony J., 15 Aug- 1885/ 22-Dec-1966, father

DURSH, Walter P., (no dates)
DURSH, Bernice W., 1925-1995 --wedding symbol, mar'd 29-May-1946

BUDNIK, Anna, 26-Jul-1889/ 16-Oct-1976, mother
BUDNIK, Viola, 11-Dec-1912/ 23-Feb-1993, daughter
BUDNIK, Jerome E., 30-Sep-1923/ 16-Sep- 1974, son

ARMIN, Joseph, 1880-1968, father
ARMIN, Mary, 1886-1969, mother

SAMOLOVITCH, Joseph, 1900-1967, father
SAMOLOVITCH, Stella, 1911-1995

SARACINSKAS, Alphonse, 1893-1953, father
SARACINSKAS, Margaret, 1900-1984, mother
SARAS, Paul A., 30-Sep-1920/20-Nov-1976, Sgt USArmy, WWII
SARAS, Bertha, 1-Aug-1919/31-May-1983

SLINSKEY, Constance G., 1908-1993, mother
SLINSKEY, Frank J., 1907-1988, father
SLINSKEY, Irene A., (no dates), daughter

SICKLE, Sam, 28-Jan-1894/22-Oct-1953, Cal Co H, 145th inf, enl 17-Aug-1917, dis 10-Sep-1920

DE BALDO, Andrew F., 15-Dec-1948/16-Dec-1948, Infant son
DE BALDO, Margaret A., 29-Apr-1955/29-Apr-1955, Infant daughter

LOSCO, Ezekiel F., 11-Oct-1916/23-Jun-1997, father, WWII Col. USAR
LOSCO, Eileen C., (no dates)

VALSKAS Monument on Lot:
WALSH, Walter P., 29-Nov-1920/29-Nov-1987, 1st. LT USArmy, WWII
WALSKI, Charles J., 1891-1977, father
WALSKI, Julia D., 1892-1980, mother
WALSKI, Charles Jr., 1914-1993
WALSKI, William G., 24-Mar-1918/16-Jun-1989,MOMM2 USN WWII
WALSKI, Margaret W., (no dates)

PETRAITIS, Joseph A., 1913-1952, son
PETRAITIS, Mary, 1887-1964, mother
PETRAITIS, Isidore, 1877-1954, father
PETRAITIS, Isidore J., 1908-1929, son
STASEVICIUS, Karolis, 1888-1971, father
STASEVICIUS, Beatrice, 1892-1968, mother

MC MILLIN, Charles E., 5-Feb-1895/16-Nov-1952, PFC QMC enl. 29-May-1918, disc. 8-May-1919
MC MILLIN, Frances B., 4-Dec-1898/15-Dec-1972, wife

CINTRON, Antonio, 13-Jun-1893/14-Jan-1972, husband
CINTRON, Hilda J., 2-Aug-1902/7-Mar-1975, wife

SZADZINSKI, Rev. Stanislaus, 1886-1955, Pastor of St. Joseph's Church, Fairpoint, Ohio
CZARNIEWSKI, Anna G., 11-Jul-1892/17-Apr-1974, sister
COLT, Josephine CZARNIEWSKI, 4-Aug-1900/14-Mar-1953
COLT, Charles P., 8-Mar-1896/19-Jan-1958, CDL CML WARFARE, SV 153rd DB enl 21-Sept-1917, disc 10-Feb-1919

UNNAMED, male (DAD decoration & flag)

ZAMULEVICIUS, Alexander, 1895-1951

GRAFAS, Rose S., 1882-1968

SKRABIS, Walter, 1887-1966, father
SKRABIS, Domencele, 1889-1981, mother

TUMSIS, Stanley, 1893-1966, father
TUMSIS, Josephine, 1903-1984, mother

JANASONIS, George, 1883-1967
ALELIUNAS, Tadausas, 1892-1963, father
ALELIUNAS, Marcella, 1899-1979, mother
ZIAUKAS-ALELUNAS FAMILIES, 1952 - - on large stone:
Anthony, 1892-1976
Anna, 1882-1958
Charles P. Allen, 1892-1951
Mary, 1916-1998
Margaret J. Allen, 1906-1970
BETTEN, Grace, 1883-1968 - - separate stone

KUNTZ, Alexander, 1874-1963
KUNTZ, Victoria, 1877-1961
KUNTZ, Alexander W., Jr., 1903-1940

ZLOKAS, Eli, (no dates), USN, WWII
ZLOKAS, Anna M., 1925-1988, wife

SMITH, Gordon F., 16-Jan-1922/13-Mar-1963, Seaman 1/c,
Coast Guard enl 2-Oct-1943 disc 14-Feb-1946
SMITH, Agnes B., 20-Jan-1922/22-Oct-1997

BAGURSKAS, Peter, 1896-1957, husband
BAGURSKAS, Edith, 1901-1977, wife

SIMONAVICIUS, Pius, 1876-1952, father
SIMONAVICIUS, Mary, 1881-1955, mother
SIMONAVICIUS, Joseph, 1915-1975
SATINSKY, Isabella, 1905-1986

Section G
NICCOLA, Guglielmo, 19-July-1903/ 11-Jun-1969, Husband
NICCOLA, Marzia, (no dates), Wife
NICCOLA, Fortunato, 17-Jul-1874/ 21-Feb-1953, Father
NICCOLA, Giovanniana, 4-Jun-1887/ 8-Feb-1956, Mother

YOUNG, George, 1891-1961, Father
YOUNG, Anna, 1895-1983, Mother
TARKER, Michael F., 20-Feb-1913/ 14-Apr-1992, Lt. USN, WWII, Korea
TARKER, Elvina L., 18-Oct-1920/ 22-Mar-1999, Mother

JABLUNSKY, John P., 15-Jul-1983/ 12-Apr-1968, Lithunia,PFC CO C III infantry, WWI PH.
JABLONSKY, Selma, died 8-Jun-1974

AGLINSKAS, Peter, 1891-1976, Father>---
AGLINSKAS, Sally, 1908-1988,>-----------these 3 on same stone
STASEVICH, John, 1891-1968, >-----------

SIMELIS, Bartholomew, 14-Jul-1945/ 19-Sept- 1996, Father>
SIMELIS, Rosemarie, (no dates), Mother > ---SEIMYNA --on footstone
SIMELIS, Bartholomew, 24-Jan-1916/27-Feb-1995 >
SIMELIS, Anna V., 12-Jan-1914/ 17-Apr-1995 >

SHUKES, Clemens, died 8-Aug-1968, Father
SHUKES, Helen, died 31-Oct-1987, Mother
BEAL, Thomas P., died 19-Jun-1984, Father, US Navy WWII

SMITH, Frank, 1910-1983
SMITH, Richard, 1931-1972

BALIONIS, Frank, 1885-1954, Husband
BALIONIS, Eleanor, 1890-1973

CHAKAUSKAS, George, 1891-1961, Father
CHAKAUSKAS, Mary, 1895-1970, Mother

DANSEVICH, Stanley, 1916-1984, Father
DANSEVICH, Anna, (no dates)

YUTZ, Paul, 1910-2000

ZALBA, Antanas, 1885-1960

LINARDI, Lisa F., 24-Apr-1959/ 14-Jul-1962, Our Baby

RADZIMINSKI, Stephen, 1916-1998
RADZIMINSKI, Adella, (no dates)

MAKSTUTIS, Nellie, died 18-Jun-1980, Mother
MAKSTUTIS, Frank, died 19-Jan-1966, Father

LUNCINSKI, Nellie, 1916-1977
LUNCINSKI, Frank, 1911-1971

RUDIS, Frank, 1891-????, Father
RUDIS, Ludovica, 1889-1967
MISKEVICS, La Verne Rudis, (no dates)
MISKEVICS, Aloysius G., 1910-1973
HAMILL, Anne Rudis, 1916-1975, Wife

VARGO, Margaret, 1890-1982, Mother
VARGO-MINICKAS > large headstone bearing first names only - - -
Nick, (no dates), Husband
Sally, (no dates), Wife
Paul, 1896- ????, Father
Sally, 1897-1976, Mother

VAINORIUS, Alexander, 1883-1980 -------------------> see below
VAINORIUS, Mary, 1890-1973
VAINORIUS, William A., 1921-1944
CONNOLLY, John R., 25-Dec-1920/ 14-Dec-1994 --> Wedding rings on stone
CONNOLLY, Constance, (no dates) ---->
LEWICKI, Eleanor M., 1928-1994, Wife ----> this group seem to be in same lot

POLI, Anthony, 3-Nov-1883/ 18-Mar-1954
POLI, Ada, 19-Oct-1891/ 11-Nov-1968
POLI, Henry, 28-Sept-1918/ 16-Oct-1961, T/Sgt. 1020th BU AAF, enl. 18-Jul-1942, disc. 21-Apr-1945

Unknown Section
SURNAME, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
Karuza, Agatha Takazauskas, 1865 - 1930, (KL, from photograph)
Karuza, John, 1863 - 1932, (KL, from photograph)
KUBIAK, Joseph A., 1936-????, (photo), (BB)
KUBIAK, Patricia L., 1936-1999,
(photo), (BB)
Sidlauskas, Charles A., 1915-1977 (Same marker as Rita), (photo), (CZ)
Sidlauskas, Charles A., US ARMY WORLD WAR II, b: Sep 29, 1915, d: Jun 2, 1977, (photo), (CZ)
Sidlauskas, Rita R., 1922-1994, (Same marker as Charles), (photo), (CZ)
Valukevich, Albert S., b; Nov 4, 1917, d: Aug 16, 1978 PVT US WORLD WAR II, (photo), (CZ)
Valukevich, Edna H., b: Nov 14, 1920, d: Feb 19, 2005 Mother, (photo), (CZ)
ZOKAS, Bronius, July 14, 1916 / Sept. 18, 2002, (photo), (BB)
ZOKAS, Luella, May 1, 1916 / Jan. 21, 2002
, (photo), (BB)
TAKAZAUSKAS, Albin, 1913-1976, s/o Francis & Magdalen, (photo), (ES)
TAKAZAUSKAS, Francis Sr., 1874-1923, Father, (photo), (ES)
TAKAZAUSKAS, Francis Jr., 1915-1958, s/o Francis & Magdalen, (photo), (ES)
TAKAZAUSKAS, Magdalen, 1877-1970, (photo), (ES)
WESTPHAL, Howard, 1910-1960, (photo), (ES)
WESTPHAL, Monica (Takazauskas), 1909-1966, d/o Magdalen, (photo), (ES)

Additional Contributors:

(BB) = Bill Bodkin,

(CZ) = Carol Zeiler,
(ES) = Eric Howard Shawula,
(KL) = Karen Lundholm,

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