War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2002, Imperial

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Imperial, PA

                          IMPERIAL WAR MEMORIAL
                             IMPERIAL, PA

A wide, stone wall with three bronze plates attached

                            WORLD WAR II
  Erected in honor of our country's defenders and dedicated to those who
         made the supreme sacrifice. Dedicated May 30, 1953

Matthew W. Collins				Herman Randolph
Llvan D. Cox			 		William Redick
Wayne Cowfer                                    Frank Rozman
Charles E. Eaton				Maurice L. Ruchell
Gilbert E. Engel				William H. Smith
Elmer D. Farkas                                 Peter Suchar
Walter B. Hergold				Walter L. Stevenson
Frank W. Kerin                                  Louis Swiridow
Lewis G. McElroy				Joseph Ulanosky
Eugene P. Meacci				August  Vehar
Dominick Peternel				Melvin J. West
Victor D. Pagliuca				George Wojtowicz


                 In honor of those who served in the
                              World War
      from Finley and Northern Part of North Fayette Townships.

*Wesoloski, John, Lieut.                    
Patterson, Dr. Fred, Capt.
Snyder, Rev. William J. Lt
Sprouls, Dr. Guy M. Lieut.
McMichael, Lawrence D.  Lt.
McMichael, Jennie, E A-N-
   Our Girls

*Hays, Vance, Corp.
*Ayres, Hayes
Purdy, Dr. Edwin, Lieut.
McMichael, Everett, Sgt.
Filadelphia, Dominecia, Cpl.
Mrenick, John, Corp.
Ahlborn, Charles W.
Alfred, John
Alloway, Noel B.
Aten, Eugene
Ayers, John
Bagrowski, Edward
Bastaroli, William
Bednar, Steve
Beers, Homer
Bell, Walter A.
Blussick, Peter
Boisga, John
Bonar, Edwin
Bonar, Eddie
Bostarok, William
Brassart, Clement
Burns, George
Burns, Mitchell
Busarello, Joseph
Britton, Thomas
Carlisle, Eugene
Cain, Carl
Caruso, Anthony
Catunzarite, Anthony
Chambers, Archie
Chambers. Roy
Cheesebrough, John
Chiccenelli, Emile
Cool, Willie
Cooney, Matthew
Cooper, Walter
Coulter, Eugene
Cox, Clark
Cox, Edward T.
Ceyrolles, Gabriel Jr.
Ceyrolles, William
Dandet, Albert
Daugherty, Wilbert
Depont, Louis
Devault, Harry
Dezolt, Louie
Doughty, Alvin
Dunn, Fredrick
Dice, Paul
Esia, Joseph
Evanoff, George
Garn, James
Gerstner, James
Gerstner, Michael
Gould, Edgar
Gould, Roy
Gould, Wayne
Gray, Frank
Greck, John
Hamilton, James
Honnock, Frank
Harber, Joseph
Heilder, Orlando
Herron, Andrew
Holmes, Walter
Hughes, Jacob
Jackson, Walter
Jones, Morgan
Kelly, George A.
King, Walter
Kroszewki, John
Kroszewki, Stonky
Kress, William H.
Kreslski, Sam
Kuninski, Joseph
Laughlin, Albert
Leonard, Michael
Lewis, Carl
Luterie, George
Maple, John
Marshall, Elmer
Marshall, Elmer I.
Mattes, William
Mattiqua, Joseph
Mattiqua, William
McBride, Carl
McCaslin, Elmer
McConell, Merle
McCullough, Herold
McCullough, Wilson
McCutcheon, Charlie
McElhaney, Charles
McGinnis, Reed
McGregor, William
McLaughlin, Robert
McMichael, John
Michael, Frank
Morris, Earl
Moore, Clarence
Nock, Joseph
Parkinson, C. W.
Pagliuca, Domenico
Peifer, Paul
Penberthy, Dewey
Podusok, John
Politi, Domenico
Pollard, Robert
Puskar, Joseph
Porter, George
Perock, Anthony
Proditto, Castulo
Purdy, Thomas
Quinn, Howard C.
Reese, Jacob
Reese, Joseph
Renda, Nick
Roberts, E. G.
Ross, John
Ryan, James
Ryan, Tom
Sanders, Ralph
Sauers, Albert
Sauers, William
Schmidt, Norman
Silverblatt, Heiman
Smerkal, Frank
Smith, George
Smith, Jesse
Smulski, Leon
Springer, James
Stefousni, John
Stewart, Rogert G.
Smoring, Roy
Thomas, Danier
Uffelman, John
Van Koski, Tofel
Venrock, Frank
Williamson, Fred
Wilmont, Charles
Wilson, Charles
Yanko, Joseph
Yecko, Alva

                            Korean Conflict

Erected in honor of our country's defenders, and dedicated to those who
made the supreme sacrifice.

      Medved, Walter R.     Boling, Lloyd D.    Page, James M.


                          Vietnam Conflict

Erected in honor of our country's defenders, and dedicated to those who
made the supreme sacrifice.

               Quinn, Raymond F.     Reynolds, Robert M.

                      Dedicated May 23, 1987
                           Imperial, PA

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