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Tombstone Inscriptions

Merriman Family Cemetery
Glenfield, Aleppo Twp, PA
(near Hayesville, Allegheny County, Located off Merriman Rd.
in Glenfield, Pennsylvania)

Surveyed in 1988 and 1998 by James Blaine Hendricks, Jr. (great-grandson of Seth Hendricks and Lydia Merriman Hendricks) and Jean Vaughn Hendricks.

File contributed on August 27, 1999 by:
Jim and Jean Hendricks (Hendricks/Merriman researchers)
E-Mail: (remove "-nospam-" to send correctly).

Updated: November 5, 2008

Information below, in parentheses, is supported through research.


Matthias Hendrix - Co. E., 61st PA Inf. 1861-1865

3 unmarked graves (believe that these and/or some of the next four
unmarked graves are the other children of Matthias plus Matthias' wife,
Mary Merriman.)

George A. Hendrix - son of M. and M.E. Hendrix died Jun 18 ?;
age 1 yr, 5 mo, 16da.

Samuel Hendrix - son of M and M.E. Hendrix; Feb 15 age 1 yr, 13da.

4 unmarked graves

Lydia Hendricks 1851-1887
(1st wife of Seth Hendricks)

Seth Hendricks 1847-1927
(Husband of Lydia Merriman Hendricks)


Sara Hendricks 1855-1942
(believe this may be Seth Hendricks' second wife, Sarah Reisor Pryor)

1 unknown

Joe Hendricks 1906-1907

Seth Hendricks, Jr. 1874-1907
(marker is now missing in 1998, but was there in 1988)

unknown (probably Seth's wife, Florence Lovejoy Hendricks)


Florence Hendricks daughter 1907 (this is Seth and Florence's daughter)



Andrew Jack - departed this life the ? day of Jun 1878 in the ? of his age

4 unmarked graves

Thomas Roy Merriman, son of Thomas J. and Sarah; Oct 1, 1909-Apr 27, 1928

Thomas J. Merriman, husband of Sarah Elen, Dec 26, 1887-Oct 26,1950

Sarah Elen, wife of Thomas Jefferson Merriman, Mar 1, 1890-Dec. 28, 1965

Double Stone as follows: (and yes the mother and son are on a double stone)
Robert J. Woodson, son 1935-1871
Sarah L. Merriman, Mother 1912- no date


Kenneth Mounts Oct 24, 1904- Jan 19, 1989



Samuel Merriman Co. E. 61st PA VOL Jun 16 1863; 1861-1865 on Star

7 unmarked

1 stone with no inscription

Sarah, wife of Samuel Merriman died 1866 in her 55th year

Samuel Merriman died Feb 5, 1884 in his 80th year

1 stone with no inscription



2 unmarked

Double Stone as follows:
Francis R. Fuchs 1912-1986 (dates on this may be incorrect)
Ruth E. Trapp 1914-1984
Samuel M. Trapp 1889-1943
Walter S. Trapp 1915-1976 WWII Veteran
George M. Trapp PFC USArmy WWII May 31, 1918-Aug. 27, 1983
John Thomas Trapp Apr 19, 1990 - May 28, 1992

Double Stone as follows:
Mary M. Trapp 5-Jul-1925 / 1-Nov-1996
Clarence E. Trapp Veteran Feb 4, 1920-Jan 12, 1995
Edith Mae Merriman 1926-1988 (daughter of Joseph Perry Merriman)
Edna J. Merriman 1894-1980 (daughter of Joseph Perry. Merriman)
Grant Knoderer son of William and Margaret Knoderer
(Margaret is a sister to Lydia Merriman Hendricks)
Annie Knoderer daughter Feb 12, 1863-Aug 18, 1872 age 9 yrs.



3 unmarked

Thomas Merriman brother 1864-1878

Samuel Merriman, JR. 1873-1878

Double Stone as Follows:
Samuel Merriman d. Jun 15, 1893 age 55 years; Father
(son of Old Samuel Merriman)
Anna Merriman Apr 20, 1918 wife of Samuel Merriman
(daughter in law of old Samuel Merriman)
Sarah E. Merriman 1870-1952 Grandmother
Agnes J. Mounsey 1911-1973 (daughter of Joseph Perry Merriman)



Double Stone as Follows:
Clare Merriman 1870-1922
Thomas P. Merriman 1863-1925
(there has been an attempt to remove the name and dates from
Thomas' part of the tombstone only)
Ruth Merriman (this may be Lydia Merriman Hendricks' Step-Mother
as Samuel married a Ruth after Sarah's death)

2 unknowns

Bernice Reeher; 1922-1952 (daughter of Joseph Perry Merriman)

Carl L. Lins Feb. 23, 1863 - Aug 12, 1906

? Merriman d.1869

Thomas J. Merriman Jan 2, 1844-Oct 27, 1906
(This is son of Samuel and Sarah Merriman)

Mary E., wife of Thomas J. Merriman Jan 27, 1857-Apr 2, 1893
(daughter in law of old Samuel Merriman)

Joseph P. Merriman; Feb 22, 1880 - Apr 13, 1959
(son of Thomas J. Merriman)



Henrietta, Wife of John Merriman age 20 yr, 2 mo, 8 da.

2 unknowns

Alexander Merriman Father 1852-1906
(brother of Lydia Hendricks and Thomas J. Merriman)

Regina Merriman Mother 1858-1902
(wife of Alexander was a Trapp before marriage)

John C. Merriman, Son 1882-1921
(There is an emblem on this stone. It says FLT 343
and the emblem is 3 chains and a center with acanthus leaves)

Daisy Byer Merriman, wife of Theodore Apr. 14, 1883-Aug 30, 1940
(On the tombstone is an engraved clock marked 9:45)

David J. (Bud) Merriman 1907-1965, son of John C.

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